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Henry Chidubem
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Post by Henry Chidubem » Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:13 am


These sparkling faces
From many races
These mugs from different lands
Bearing different tribal marks
These visages that live a thousand miles
With a countenance that smiles
Never know anything like riles
These messages
Without massages
I awake with these phizes gliding in and out my head
Am besieged by many ghost lasses and buddies
That I even forget my evening masses and rosaries
I coast from page to page
As a journeying sage
In search of further education
Of which I have found many information
I wheel through your sheet to get companions
Of which I have made many reunions
When I violate your lay down rules
You frustrate my all moves
Some folks make slick statements that I wish to give a slap
But my irk dies and ebb away as I take my nap
Am encapsulated by your gifts that I don’t rest
All I want to be is just the best
When the energy on my laps dies
I resort to the energy in my hand
In you lost friends I have found
Friendship and love reassured
Without you there shouldn’t be enough happiness
In this Godforsaken place of loneliness
I am upset
Am put out
These people I can’t see
Their voices I can’t hear
And these bodies that I can’t feel
In me buried so much longings

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Post by Queen » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:26 am

this poem is also interesting if its read from the bottom to the top :cool:
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