moonflowers highlights August-December 09

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moonflowers highlights August-December 09

Post by moonflower » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:05 pm

hi to all of you! :hello: yaay!! so happy to be back! :grin: because ive been gone since early September i have decided to combine all the highlights from August-December into this one heartfelt thanks to everyone who came in to visit while i was gone..well, here are the highlights.. :grin: :grin:


Myia Ann Marcroft....written by hockeychickkayla

My friend, My love, My sister
The world has so quickly changed
You disappeared and I fell apart
One moment we're laughing and talking
The next you're gone
An eternal sleep
One that I wish I could wake you from
Remembering us in the past
Sitting in the corner talking
You look at me and smile, then hug me and say I love you
I miss your soft beautiful face
Thoughts of you are easy to trace
I keep telling myself that this isn't real, you're still alive
It's almost your birthday, finally 19!
Eleven days before, He knocks on your door and takes you from us
It was just your time to sadly die
Wishing us a final goodbye
All I ask is for you to remember one thing that's true
Just know that forever and ever, I'll always love you

Love Kayla Lynn Ackley

You'll always be my best friend Myia, forever until the end. We are only at the beginning. We will have our crazy fun adventures, I promise.


Still Becoming....written by nrip4life

heres to the ones i have forgotten
and the ones i wish i wouldnt have
the ones i was too selfish to call
those who deserved a hello
all the lives that touched me
and never knew
if it werent for them
i wouldnt be typing
you all loved me
and im eternally grateful
for the ones who grew to hate me
who lost faith and belief in me
even my enemies
thank you
i am quick to point quick to blame
slow to realize the teachers
all the fears, darkness, wars, and loneliness
you made me who i am...
and it is what has become


untitled....written by blues

I have known her for all my life
she was the one that taught me how to write
helped me to tell things wrong from right
I love her, but still I'm scared of meeting her again

When she looks at me and smiles
it is not because she is glad to see me again
walking up to me she still looks the same
then she says 'Hi There', before she asks me for my name

I feel torn apart, longing for a hug
but knowing that she wouldn't understand
so instead I settle for reaching out my hand
before I tell her my name

it kills me to see her like this
nothing but a shaddow of herself
life can be so cruel
how must it feel to forget yourself


Monterrey 1967....written by bags123

People gathered
All the tribes attending
the ceremony
hadn't arrived yet
didn't predominate
Black and white
still had issues,
they came

What were they expecting
I wonder?

How did they know
about the unveiling?

Did Janis really resurrect the dead
that night?

Was that The Who
administering CPR to our souls?

and Jimi...

who could forget
the way he played?

Electirfying the night,
burning it slowly
Starting over


once again, thanks to all who stopped by from August through December :grin: that 2010 is here i hope everyone will come back even more! :hello: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

visit my poets page


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