moonflowers highlights January 08

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moonflowers highlights January 08

Post by moonflower » Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:54 am

what!?..the month of January is gone already?? :lol: ..where did it go! fast!!..well here in the Briefs forum, there were 23 postings during the month!! great is that?! :lol: ..i sooo happy!! :lol: ..many, many thanks to all who came in and posted or just browsed are the highlights for January.. :grin: :grin:


Misty Kiss.....written by Tom Watson

Drift upon me fog.
Grey and mist wrap me softly...
Wetly plant your kiss.


just so you know.....written by heinzs

just so you know
reality is a dream
but whose?


Reflections.....written by frozentears

even in a new mirror
reflections of me
seem shattered


the wicked shall perish.....written by Queen

Blessings come down
Falling on the shaking heads
Of skeptics and nay-sayers

You don’t have to believe
To receive
Blessings come down…..
even on me


* * *.....written by OriOnpheOnix

Muted storms surround the sphere.
The newest numbness is captivating.
Furious seas enthralled in spirals.
The stillness of paintings in intervals.

The latest alone in assertions of freeze.
Castle of mind on an immovable foundation.
Withholding all of the secrets bound.
All the times of lost were times of found.

Serpentine skins toughened by the seasons.
Omnipresent expression down upon this imperfect.
Tomorrow once more footsteps upon the path.
Remnants of infinity gilded by winds and breezes.

We could have been all of the things that we are.


well hey, my heartfelt thanks to everybody again for stopping by :lol: ..i love getting to read all the amazing talent in this, my very favorite forum! :lol: so anyways, come on back and visit lots more, now that its February! :mrgreen: :grin:
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