moonflowers highlights..April 2011..

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moonflowers highlights..April 2011..

Post by moonflower » Tue May 10, 2011 1:31 pm

hello out there! :hello: wow..its May already!..Summer is fast approaching! :grin: well, here are the highlights for the month of April.. :grin: :grin:


Impressions From Renoir....written by bags123

The last light of the evening lumbers gradually away
Horizons dappled red, and orange reflecting off the bay
Across the water pleasure boats are moored upon the quay
While waiting for the sun's return from where it's always strayed

And soon the night will intervene to blanket them with stars
Nestled safely in their harbor like impressions from Renoir
Who understood that darkness cloaks in layers black as tar
When light recedes from waters edge, like smoke from his cigar


For my son (at age 7)....written by sojourner

Every time I look away
I wonder how you’ll change
I hang on tight to the image
burned in my mind’s eye
as I realize that version of you
won’t ever look back at me again

I file it away
with all the mental snapshots
of who you used to be
some, nearly unrecognizable
make me look twice
in the light of who you’ve become

Did you really tip the scales
at less than three pounds
when you arrived?
Could I really cradle you
in the crook of one arm
as I paced and rocked you to sleep?

Your unsteady first steps seem improbable
as now I watch you sprint and leap
But your laugh remains the same, constant
in each day’s incarnation of you
I know each one is fleeting
and there will come a time

when you’ll stop asking questions
or rather, you’ll stop coming to me for answers
The gap between those mental snapshots will grow
and months or years will pass
instead of minutes or hours
until I see you again

Every time I look away
you grow and stretch and change
and I hope that who I am
helps guide your journey
helps you become everything
you might want to be


well hey, thanks to everyone for stopping by during April :grin: that May is here come back and visit even more! :hello: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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