moonflowers highlights..January 2011..

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moonflowers highlights..January 2011..

Post by moonflower » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:00 am

hi everyone! :hello: i cant believe another month has sped by already! :grin: many thanks to those who stopped in and visited in the Tribute forum during january! :grin: so, here is the one to be highlighted for the month... :grin: :grin:


Goodbye....written by hockeychickkayla

Tears fall to silent speechless lips
My heart tears apart from all the rips
I wish you would care when I say that I love you
I want to help and get you to pull through
I may not be with you anymore and that I can see
But I don't deserve the Hell and hurt you put on me
When I talk to you, you never look me in the eyes
I hurt inside when I hear all your lies
How can I love you still, when I hate you so
My heart says yes but my mind says no
I miss you more than anything, but you push me away
Thinking that I will come back another day
I know that I don't want to say we're through
But deep inside, I know it's something I have to do
From now on, I won't even bother to try
I will no longer believe you, not one lie
I will close my eyes and release a big sigh
This has to be my final goodbye


well hey, my thanks again to all who stopped by during January! :grin: now come on back even more in February! :hello: :grin:
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