moonflowers highlights..October 2010..

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moonflowers highlights..October 2010..

Post by moonflower » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:23 am

hi everyone! :hello: cant believe its November already!..winter will be here before we know it! :grin: my thanks to everyone who stopped in during the month..well, here are the highlights for October.. :grin: :grin:


Wrinkles of Gold....written by BeeJay

A face has character when wrinkles unfold
Crows feet give the wearer wisdom of the old
A dimpled chin with cleft of folds within
Give the face looks of comfort & peace within.

Lines on the forehead creased & rumpled
A touch of curly strands falls like a trickle
The eyes so soft have a merry twinkle
A ready smile brings forth a rare chuckle.

Reflections carry the radiance of the old
Roots spread to anchor them with security
A shade they provide like leaves of a tree
Bring words of comfort, a blessing that’s free.

Their gait be now an uneven sway
Hides not within them a shining ray
A path for us to be drawn to them
Share they will the warmth of the sun.


Lies....written by hockeychickkayla

You hurt me so much everyday
The pain hurts so much that I can't say
Everytime I look at you
I can't help but to cry knowing we're through
I thought you were the one
The one that made me see
That I don't need to be anyone but me
You became another person
And that was a disguise
You filled my mind with nothing but lies
I was put through Hell
So far under your spell
Real life I wanted to see
But you refused to set me free
You were never that person
Even you believed your disguise
You've filled not just everyone's, but also your mind with lies


well hey, thanks again to all of you who came by during October :grin: come back even more now that November is here! :mrgreen: :hello:
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