moonflowers highlights..July..

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moonflowers highlights..July..

Post by moonflower » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:35 pm

hello everyone! :hello: well here it is - another month gone by..cant believe its August already! in the Tribute Forum there were 10 postings for the month of July!..thats super great! thanks to all who came in to post or just to browse..i know summer is the busy time of year for us all..well, here are the highlights for July.. :grin: :grin:


My Worst Fear.....written by hockeychickkayla

Mother is sick
She is so sick
When she went to the doctor
He announced it was her worst fear
When she came home
I watched her eyes tear
And we started to cry
He said mother is going to die
The damage was done
I just wish I was the one
Her stomach has failed
She can't eat
She's a diabetic with celiac and thyroid disease
How can this be?
She's only 38
She doesn't deserve this horrible fate
I love you so much mom
I'm letting you know
I'm holding your hand
And I won't let go


Ed Hopper.....written by the quiet poet

In the bright light of night,
I sit, sorrowful in shadow.

My eyes stray into the street,
where paint dries on pavement.

The bald man behind the bar
arouses a dark desire for drink.

Coffee, heavy caffeine would do,
though beer is by far better.

Hopper is my heavenly host.
I, too, am a nighthawk.


well hey thanks again everyone for dropping by the tribute Forum to read or just come on back and visit even more in August! :mrgreen: :hello:
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