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moonflowers highlights May 2010

Post by moonflower » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:03 pm

hello everyone! :hello: ..well, another month bites the dust in record time! :grin: ..and now its June already! here in the Tribute forum there were 11 posts made in May..that is so great!! :grin: thanks so much to all who stopped in..well here are the highlighted ones for the month of May.... :grin: :grin:


Red Rose for Robert Frost .....written by Laverne Pacquire

Of lily white and deep red rose
Of pure delight and plum symbols
April-May brings the showers here
A red, red, red in nature’s soul

The sad it brings vermillion tears
Red flowers splendour color leers
The sadness it grows and it grows
A sad red color stems in years

The sight, a thousand visions ache
In red fullness a voice awaits
To make a petal flowered speech
My single breath it takes away

A painted rose in gone release
When new tears swell and throws its seeds
An old red lover dies in peace
A new lover springs in release


Mother.....written by TehMandaboo

Mother, you bore me,
You held me,
You loved me.
And I said nothing.

Mother, you clothed me,
You fed me,
You bathed me.
And I said nothing.

Mother, you spoke to me,
You hugged me,
You rocked me.
And I said nothing.

Mother, you taught me,
You showed me,
You sheltered me.
And I said nothing.

Mother, I thank you,
I need you,
I love you.
And now I wish to show you.

For as each passing day makes its mark on my past, it brings me nearer to understanding.
And as the understanding dawns, my respect for you grows and matures.
As I draw closer to this day, the day when it is my turn to show you my love in the most constant way possible,
I learn. I watch. I feel. And I weep.
I could only ever hope to be half the woman, the mother, the friend, the listener, the wife, the human being you are.

You have made me unafraid to be myself.
You have taught me to love others for who they are.
You have guided me through hard times and simple.
You have loved without condition.

You yell at me when I do stupid things, out of love and fear.
I remember the time you were so worried; I fell down the stairs and you ran and grabbed me and shook me seeing if I was ok. Your nails hurt worse than the wood on my back. But I didn't mind, it meant you loved me.
You weren't always a person, you were a dream, a mystery, a worthy foe, a protector, a legend, a hero.
Now I see that you are not. You are mortal after all.
It makes you all the more impressive, Mom.

Mommy, I love you.
I always have.
I always will.
After all, I learned from the best.


well hey, thanks again to each and everyone of you who stopped by to visit in the tribute forum during May ..i invite all of you to come on back and visit some more in June! :hello: :grin:
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