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moonflowers highlights December 08

Post by moonflower » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:53 pm

hi everyone! :hello: :grin: sorry im late posting these again..have had family house guests for the past few weeks, so havnt been able to spend much time on the 'puter' :grin: i hope the holidays passed by safely and were happy for all of in the Tribute forum there were 5 postings in December..hey, thanks so much for taking time to stop by! :grin: ..well, here is the one to be in the spotlight... :grin: :grin:


A Child’s Silent Tears.....written by Debbie

For many years a little boy wished upon a voice,
To say the words, STOP IT,
he was too small to know he had a choice.
Far too young to understand,
what was right or wrong,
A little boy couldn’t say NO,
the perpetrator was too big and strong.

Afraid to call for help,
he cried his many Silent Tears,
And endured the pain and torment in his heart
for seven long years.
Every waking moment he asks the question
WHY until this very day,
WHY, didn’t someone tell me,
shouting STOP was okay?

Yesterday’s child
never discovered someone with a voice,
To teach him real love,
and what it meant to have free choice.
Today’s child will have the chance,
because the child of yesterday,
Is breaking the hidden silence,
and revealing the perpetrators today.

If the hearts of yesterdays children
are embraced by todays society,There won't be as many of
Tomorrow’s children crying silently.
In every child’s ear, the words
“To Say Stop Is Okay,”Must be permeated in their minds,
to free children from being raped today.

Children are trusting;
they follow what they're taught,
So it’s time to help them break the silence..
and the perpetrators caught.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a childs laughter
echoing in your ears,
So please welcome our victimized children with open arms,
and end another CHILD’S SILENT TEARS.


well hey, thanks again for coming in to browse or post during December! :grin: now come on back and visit even more during this month of January! :mrgreen: :hello:
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