moonflowers highlights January 08

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moonflowers highlights January 08

Post by moonflower » Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:20 am

hey everyone! :grin: where did January go?? always amazed at how fast the months speed by!..(a sure sign of 'old age!!') here in the Tribute forum there were 12 postings for thanks to all who stopped in to read or post :lol: ..well here are the highlights for the month.. :grin: :grin:


Benjamin 2008.....written by heinzs

Time eats stone and flesh
and all becomes dust
spreading on the wind
until it covers the entire planet
with a single thin layer

That is where you reside
as I carry a mote of your spirit
deep within myself
in constant contact
with your liberated atoms
and I yearn
to reconstitute you.

My heart wishes
and my thoughts tell me
we are never apart
and will rejoin our lives
sooner or later
when Time eats my flesh
and I become part of the dust
to which I have always


a little bit more.....written by nrip4life

today, the air seemed to smell
a little bit more like spring
the sun came out
for a little while longer
and set a little softer
today the truth came out
and it seemed a little more free
today i knew
you were in my heart
thanx for the time ma...


Tears never dry.....written by BeeJay

Under the skin of a twenty year old
Lies the mind of a child, yet to be man
Delighting in roaches shaking hands
In drains of infinite lands.

A mind that loves a mother
In simplicity rests a giant arm
On a tigress whose shoulders sag with care
While eyes forever wear a haunted stare.

Seeing his peers grow from child to man
Himself a giant with simple taste
Partakes a meal when asked to take
Dresses with care, yet goes nowhere.

How much a child this giant be
When hurts reach deep inside
Quick to anger, quick to love
Some fear the smoldering rage inside.

But he with mystic understanding
Reads the minds of those who bleat
And clasps the pillow on the bed
Counting sheep that wore wolf's clothing t'day.

This child, a giant, a man, a boy
Seeks praise from others fine & strong
Life’s wave slowly dim and glow
In streams, where Gods’ have forsaken the wronged.


well, thanks again to everyone who took time to come in and visit during January! :lol: i hope all of you can come back even more now that February's here! :mrgreen: :grin:
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