moonflowers highlights December 07

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moonflowers highlights December 07

Post by moonflower » Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:05 pm

hi everyone..well i cant believe the month, (as well as the whole year!) is over already! :grin: here in the tribute forum during December there were 16 posts..thats so great!! my thanks to everyone who came are the ones in the spotlight for the month of December.. :grin: :grin:


Why?...Because.....written by Queen

The thought of you sends me reeling
for reasons why you left me dealing
with unresolved and empty feelings
why were
you taken,
from us

The rage encapsulates my bliss
thrust into wraths abyss
my understanding, quite remiss
WHY were
you taken
from us

And now we live without a purpose
shielding love so it won’t hurt us
finding comfort in utter disgust
Oh Why
were you
from us

This question keeps me in constant ponder
absence did not make my heart grow fonder
it dooms my faith to hopelessly wander
Searching for an answer infinitely yonder


Mom.....written by laura ann

Mom, i'm trying to write you a letter to tell you how
much I love you, and i just want to say; that what I
have to tell you, will change our lives today.

I really am sorry for all the hurt that i've caused you
in the past. But I really need you Mom. I need your
friendship to last.

I remember the talk you gave me about sex and what
you said it could do. But Mom i never understood and
now I really wish I would've listened to you.

I know you don't understand yet, but I promise that
soon you will know, i'm going to be a mom, Mom. My
tears are about to over flow.

Mom i'm really scared and i don't know what to do.
But Mom right now I know I really need you.

Laura Ann


Death Rolls In.....written by Graeme

Death rolls in
On the current of Life's tide
Driven by forces outside man's realm
It relentlessly crashes against the shore

Death stretches its icy fingers
Into the hearts of the living
As it carries loved ones out to sea
Beyond earthly reach

Only gentle etchings in the sand
Remain for those left behind
To cling to... until they, too,
Are washed away in the tide


well, thanks again to all of you who stopped in during December! :grin: i hope you all come back even more now that its January! :mrgreen: Happy New Year to you all! :grin:
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Re: moonflowers highlights December 07

Post by Queen » Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:28 pm

wow i didn't even check here! thank you so much it's an honnor to be noticed by you especialy amongs so many great poets
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