moonflowers highlights August 07

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moonflowers highlights August 07

Post by moonflower » Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:40 pm

hi everyone! :grin: well, another month has whizzed past at warp speed! :lol: here in the tribute forum there were only 7 postings for August..(but hey its summertime and i know what a busy time that is for everybody!.. :grin:) my thanks to all who visited here during the month. well these are the highlights for August.. :grin: :grin:


My Only Daddy....written by Katherine Graven

Dedicated to a very special man
David Hennion

You were my only Daddy
But I called you by your name
For I was your little shadow
And you were my shelter from the rain

I looked up to you with more pride
Than you could ever realize
No other man will ever stand taller
Within a lost little girl’s untrusting eyes

Because if it wasn’t for you
I would have never felt that I belonged
I have always loved you as my Daddy
This is something I think you need to know

So if you think you are not loved by me
You need not think such sadden things
Because when it comes to fatherly love
A loving vision of you is all I have ever seen

I do not take these words for granted
Because you have always meant the world to me
Even though I haven’t really showed you
Deep within my guarded heart

You are the only Daddy I have ever claimed

I Love You


NO ONE....written by Twinkly jaan

Need someone to talk to,
But the people around me are so few;
Need a listning ear,
One who'l understand my fears;
Need a shoulder to cry on,
But i found none;
Need someone to hold my hand,
Yet i haven't found a true friend;
I look around with pain and tears,
But am greeted with merciless sneers;
Looking for a pal throughout the years,
But all i see is jibes and jeers...
No caring peers,
No outstretched hand to clutch unto,
No shoulder to cry on,
No listening ear...
No palm to wipe my tears,
Noone to whisper, "I am heres,"
No buddy to help me through life,
Noone to ease the strife;
No love as a protecting shield,
No helper on the battlefield;
Noone to double the joys and divide the sorrows,
None to undo the ploys and cast lively tomorrows;
Noone to lean against,
Not a soul to share the angst;
-No welcoming smiles,
No outstreched fingers,
Yet i still search alll the whiles,
In the midst of the pain, that still lingers...

-To my best buddy, Naush...I miss, Twinx..


well hey thanks again to those who stopped by in come on back even more in September! :mrgreen: :lol:
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Post by reasonrhymer » Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:47 pm

Well said about Daddy's, Mine was to me although he is gone like you described. He will always be in my mind and heart.

Nice job,


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