moonflowers highlights July 07

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moonflowers highlights July 07

Post by moonflower » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:14 pm

hello everybody! :lol: im amazed at how fast July sped by! :lol: here in the tribute forum there were 11 postings for the month..hey, my thanks to all of you who stopped by to browse or post..or just to visit.. :lol: well here are the ones that are in the spotlight for July.. :grin: :grin:


Richard Taylor....written by Debbie

My Fellow Poet And Friend

You are my dear friend Richard
because I chose you to be,
This friendship all started,
when I read your poetry.

Your words were full of meaning
and so eloquently written,
Some were full of emotion,
speaking of a heart so smitten.

Much of your work was spiritual,
you shared with us God Almighty above,
Your faith shone brightly,
as you expressed His love.

How many times I wished
you were back in the pages writing,
I enjoyed each new poem,
and your many comments so encouraging.

For as long as this world turns,
I’ll have a gift greater than wealth,
That gift is you Richie,
a lasting friendship that I gave to myself.

While family, friends and fellow poets,
hold in their hearts your memory,
The gift of you Richard that I gave myself that day,
will forever be cherished by me,

I’ll not say good by to you Richard Taylor,
my fellow poet and friend,
Only a farewell will be uttered by me,
for I know we shall meet again.

Today I pray Richie,
the same faith you shared with us,
Will be unwavering in the days to come,
as you prepare to meet the welcoming arms of Jesus.

© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie R. Forest July 6, 2007

For those who know and love you Richard Taylor,
you leave a legacy and you shall live forever in our hearts and your poetry.


The American Dream....written by bernie shelton

He played them all, just for fun
guitar, sax and drums,
never living nor hoping for
The American Dream
his dream was in the
songs he sang, the music he played,
my old mate from Kansas
Typhoon Willie,
God Bless His Soul.


well hey thanks again everyone for stopping in during July! :grin: now i hope all of you come back even more in August.. :mrgreen: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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Post by Debbie » Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:02 am

Thank you Moonflower for selecting my poem...and I enjoyed Bernie's poem the American always Moonflower you are on top of things...bless you.. :hello:

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