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moonflowers highlights January - June 2007

Post by moonflower » Wed Jan 31, 2007 10:48 pm

hi everyone! :grin: well here it is..the end of another month already!..(at this rate the new year will be gone before i know it!) :grin: here in the Tribute forum there were 15 postings during January..thats so great!! :grin: thanks so much to everyone who stopped in to browse or post..i love the talent displayed in this forum..well, here are the three pieces that are to be highlighted for January.. :grin: :grin:


Unnamed....written by nekot

I know you cannot hear me
for your heartbeat stopped long ago.
I chose to stop your hearbeat.
I chose to stop your growth.
I never allowed you to know the breezes of fields
To see the beauty of the sun and snow.
In my ignorance I chose these things.
Were they right or wrong?
Honestly, I do not know.

Yet my pain runs deep today.
My heart it hurts.
My tears pour forth.
This grief it is for you
In it I honor the life that you once were
and the individual you may have been.

I can see you in my heart's eye..
An infant with dark hair..
Deep dark eyes...
Soft, smooth olive skin.
And if you were here now my love,
I would hold you at my heart...
I would stroke your dark hair...
I would kiss your forehead...
I would cradle you at my breast...
I would nourish you,
love you..
your essence I'd caress.

Oh God, please honor the grief I feel.
Thank you for forgiveness.
Thank you that wounds do heal.
Thank you for the life you have blessed me with,
in spite of my erring ways.
Thank you I can offer this grief
as a sacrifice of praise.

And now I set within this sacred place
of nature's beauty, freedom, and grace;
Among the rocks..
the sun..
the snow..
the ponies that run wild..
The memory and life
of this...
my unborn child.

PS: Since this writing, I named him Alex.


Forever and a Day....written by teardrop

I woke up this morning
thinking of you
reached for your warmth
as I always would do.
Your side of the bed
was empty with fold
pillows in place
untouched and cold.
I did not smell coffee
the news was not on
things seem so different
since you are gone.
Your sweet smelling scent
is fading away
so I cling to your memory
in every possible way.
Motivating myself
is a struggle to do
hard to see sunshine
when feeling so blue.
They say it gets better
as time goes by
to look for the good
at least give it a try.
Something happened
at work today
I started to call you
right away.
Sadly remembering
I hung up the phone
you were not there
God took you home.
My heart is hurting
my soul cries with pain
I've got nothing to lose
got nothing to gain.
Time is one asset
I have plenty to spare
holding on tight
going nowhere.
I'm looking for good
as I have been told
reaching for warmth
yet, shiver with cold.
Darling, I miss you
in every way
and still loving you
"Forever and a Day."


Tribute to Abused Children....written by Debbie

Children of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

It’s amazing how yesterday is soon forgot,
with each new sunrise,
Setting again, to become tomorrow,
with its many surprises.
The road of life is traveled on
and many people trek some weary miles,
They haven't an inner peace,
and they’ve forgotten how to smile.

Many tears are hidden away,
from hearts so filled with pain and fear,
They know not where to turn,
they want to disappear.
Opening their eyes in the morning
they begin their busy day,
With the question Why,
Why did life treat me this way?

Is it something that I’ve done
Why did it have to be me?
The victim of abuse,
a victim of shameful cruelty.
Too often they’ve kept silent,
and their secret went to the grave,
Filled with intimidation,
they withdrew and become societies slave.

It’s time to take off the legalistic labels
and start listening,
To Yesterday’s child, who,
Today is now suffering.
Tomorrow’s child can be spared,
by breaking the silence,
Of a violation which was committed
whether or not we think it makes sense.

Many victims have become perpetrators
because their silence turned to rage,
And the court rooms are filled today
with new victims of every age.
Men and woman young and old alike,
it’s time to endeavor to work together,
To prevent those who've been abused
from turning into tomorrows perpetrator.

It’s also time for citizens as a whole,
to extend the hand of humanity,
To those traumatized from a life situation,
so they’ll feel safe in our society.
Lets’ become a people,
who’ll embrace the hearts of victims today,
Protecting Tomorrow’s child
by assisting the children of Yesterday.
The news is filled today with violence,
and the exploitation of our children,
Without our support they’ll become tomorrow’s child,
living in a self made prison.
One way or another we all require the need
to feel safe and understood,
If we do our part we’ll begin having
safe cities and neighborhoods.

It’s also time to come out of the closet,
if you’re a victim turned perpetrator,
Break your silence, kill the rage within,
better sooner than later.
And to all of our innocent souls,
it’s time to break your silence too,
Come out of your hiding place,
and reveal the torments which have been plaguing you.
VICTIM … a person, who without consent was infringed upon,
Against your will.. something you didn’t want.. it’s not your fault……
Our precious Child of Yesterday… so Misunderstood Today…You Did No Wrong!!!


well that wraps it up for January :grin: a big thanks once again to everyone who visited in the Tribute forum.. the door is always open and the light is on, so come on back and visit even more in February! :mrgreen:
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Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:58 pm

im so sorry these are getting posted so late! :darn: all, there were 7 postings for February..all of them touching and thanks so much to all of you who stopped in :grin: ..well, these are the ones to be highlighted for February.. :lol: :lol:


In Loving Memory....written by nekot
1922 - 1996

He was patient and kind, a man of his own;
who loved life to the fullest regardless of
what life sometimes dealt to him.

He loved the outdoors:
a hunter, a skier, a sailor, a golfer.
He enjoyed people
sharing his life the best he knew.
His will to live was strong.

Despite overwhelming odds he continued to strive to be his best.
We will miss him:
his smile, his laugh , his positive outlook on life, his quit wit.

Yet we well remember the joy he brought,
his example of patience and gratitude.
We will ever be thankful for the inspiration
he gave to continue to live life to the fullest;
to never give up.

february, 1996

My dad died 2/16/96.


Still Born....written by Katherine Graven

For my sister Edie
and her Star

Grieving whimper and lonely whine
Anticipated joy churns into endless sorrow
For in this transparent veil of earthly time
For four, there was never to be a tomorrow

Invisible wings are placed on downy newborns
As life was taken from your compassionate hands
Only leaving broken hearts to morn.
Shattering in pieces all of Star’s motherly plans

Leaving only confused unanswered reasons
No concept of understanding is to be found
For now there can never be another season
Leaving with it only great sadness falling around

But yes, your faith of love helps you to see beyond the crystal veil
While waiting patiently for the endless tomorrows to come
There you will be gazing with boundless pride into dark eyes with waging tails
While bathing in the warmth of

Heaven’s Golden Son


Doing Time in America (911)....written by crocbait

I was doing time in America
the country of my birth
I had enough experience
to know what that was worth.

I was thinking of our lives
and the meaning that they lacked
But it all came crystal clear
when my country was attacked.

The rain cried ash of bodies
and a darkness filled the sky
Some madman in the desert
wanted all of us to die.

I saw the Muslims crying
as they held onto to the Jews
And I knew we faced a battle
we could not afford to lose.

Christians held onto the lost ones
who were praying anyway
Yeah, the madman wanted anything
but the things he saw that day.

Children walked the streets in wonder
grabbing soldiers when they could
Knowing if they had to die
every soldier surely would.

To defend the very essence
to defend our very right
To wave our flag of freedom
and go to bed safe every night.

Just a madman in the desert
but it could have been the sea
There will always be one jealous
of a nation that lives free.

But that freedom bore the heros
that emerged that very day
And without it we'd be nothing
but a madman's easy prey...


well that's it for February.. :grin: thanks again to everybody who came in to visit during the month..hope to see all of you even more in March! :mrgreen:
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Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:58 pm

hi everyone :lol: sorry that these are late (again!!) in getting this, the Tribute forum, there were 10 postings for the month of March and they are all wonderful! :grin: ..thanks so much to all of you for stopping by to visit during the month :grin: ..well, like always, it was hard to choose, but here are the selections for March :lol:


The Reformer....written by Gbola Adiamoh

Close not your eyes
When you have not seen the dreams come real.
Continue to speak even when no one listens.
Live, breath, yearn for the people
Your goal is simple:
Reform the world.


Poet's Family....written by LostNight

Came to a land, a two-d screen
Friends made out of words
Though never seen

Poems I wrote, for all to read um
Accumulated family
The PP forum

Ones I’ve met, grown rather fond of
No matter the decorum
Can’t wait to add another post on
The popular Poet’s Page the PP forum

If you write from your comfortable side
Start a topic and post it for others to see
Check back often, while letting it ride
Caring people, at Poetry Page's community


Cyberfriends....written by nekot

If we ever meet
face to face
along our journey here...
I will embrace you and behold your eyes
Your heartbeat I'll take time to hear...
its beauty and its essence.
I will relish and I will savor
the pleasure of your presence.

I will grasp your hand
and share with you
my treasured places:
The woods,
The hills,
The ripple of the creek;
Wild ponies,
Rocks and dunes,
And dancing in the street....
The welcome breeze upon our faces,
Songs of birds and waves...
The magnificent majesty
and beauty of nature's graces.

My friend I trust you,
I reverence who you are.
Please know full well
That you are valued...
And at anytime, anyplace, anywhere
You hold a special recess
and honored seat within my heart.


so that about wraps it up for March :lol: ..hey thanks again to all who visited here during the month..i hope all of you come back even more in April! :mrgreen: :lol:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:58 pm

well its me ..late again in posting the highlights :mrgreen: ..sorry to be 'tardy' yet again! :darn: in the Tribute forum there were 17 postings for the month of April..thats really great!! :lol: my thanks to all of you who took the time to stop in ..well it was hard to choose only a few, but here are the ones to be highlighted for April.. :grin: :grin:


Benjamin....written by Heinzs

Twenty five years ago
your brown eyes opened upon this world
and your arms reached towards mine
to clutch a piece of my heart
that I so gladly gave
for you to keep forever.
I know you still hold it
for I can feel its separate beat
next to those of your siblings
and your sweet mother...
pieces of my heart
beating together as one
sustaining my life.
I live through all of you...
I am nothing by myself
but a quivering empty shell
devoid of spirit.
An angel holds you in its arms
making sure I can feel
that piece of my heart
waiting for reunion
when I shall once again be whole
and our arms entwine.


"Fictional Reunion"....written by decadence

I tread a little harder than perhaps was taught to me how to do.
I let the years ease by without any inkling,
of just what all of this would come to mean,
after all was said,
and after all was over with.
I can see you in my head,
a dancing dervish of "what could have been",
and I go quiet,
in the midnight of my afternoons.

there are photographs of you, in boxes, on some shelf.
they crawl, and claw, their way up and out into the light of day,
never stopping to ask my memories how they feel,
never glancing backwards to the time when they were made.
I ache for those times before now,
when I had no knowledge of men and their designs,
and I go quiet,
my innocence as dead as you now have become.

To a world that is ever-moving,
and a line of slobbering fools who are ever pushing,
my missing of you is only matched
by the unshakable reality I never got to say goodbye...

-Written for my mother


Chestnut Tree....written by Lurking Shadow

“Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me:
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree.”

Past came lurking for eyes to see
I saw truth and truth saw me:
It hunt me, and I hunt thee
Present lurks for eyes to plea.

History dwells by voice of He
Telling lies, and telling me:
Party engraves your life to be.

Only he holds expert key
I know him and he knows me:
I blamed you, and I was free.
As were you, by the same cruel need

I then thought in the Chestnut Tree:
Two plus two is five... and I agreed.

“Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me:
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree.”


I Wonder....written by RayKaylee

His pets wiggled free in his house,
snakes, none were poisonous.
They slept in bed with him.
His wife left him.

Too much booze for too long
brought him in for visits
to the free clinic in Houston,
where I volunteered once a week, at 8:PM.
He dreams he walks in rubble, desperately
trying to rewind the day, and save his comrades,
buried under dark open sky, never meant to be.

What glue could he mend Twin Towers fallen into one
dark infinity, of a thousand pieces? The innocent
dead will not rise, to fill the emptiness that shrouds
the space between their dying last gasp for life,
and his guilt for not dying with them.

After viewing his X-rays, he
looked like the bionic man from New Your City.
When ever we talked in our weekly therapy sessions,
he sat between me and the door. In case of a terrorist
attack, he told me. A planned escape was essential
for this retired fireman, in this new warfare.

When the clinic closed,
he was in jail somewhere across the state. I couldn't
say goobye, so I wrote him a letter.

A colleague said she never heard from him again.

I wonder is he still lives with those snakes?
I wonder if he still knows I still think of him, as a hero?


"The Misbegotten"....written by decadence

They have faces in the windows of our lives.
They peer out,
lost to all but themselves.
Their pain is a reflection of our apathy.
Black diamonds spill from their tortured glances,
and the winds hush in moments of silence for those departed.

Like a magic-marker on a lotto ticket,
we all calculate the odds.
Each one of us has a one spark,
one finite flame in an eternally dark and cold cosmos.
The galaxy spins, despite our bursting veins.
It cannot, and will not, wait for any of us.

But I can.
In a poem, I can take a snapshot, of those lost to the day.
The day will come again, and another batch will become a tragedy.
They are the misbegotten,
and they are staring you and myself down,
through the pages of time,
a book with no chapters,
no publication date,
and no editor.

Typos are beautiful.

Written for the victims at Virginia Tech


hey thanks again to all of you who dropped in during April :lol: ..its great to see so many touching pieces in here every May is here..(yay!..i love May! means summertime! :lol: ) everybody come on back even more! :mrgreen: :lol:
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Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:59 pm

hi to everyone! :grin: im so sorry these are late! two daughters graduated from highschool last week and this week was the final performance of our spring dance recital, so its been really crazy around here this whole month! :lol: thankfully things are settleing back down a bit now tho..soooo glad of that! :mrgreen: :grin:

here in the Tribute forum there were 14 postings for May..all of them very touching!..its such a joy and a privalege to get to read all the moving tributes that get posted here..and i thank each one of you who took the time to stop in and post during May..its a treat for me to read all of them..well here are the ones to be highlighted ... :grin: :grin:


Dear John (The Real Thing) ....written by nekot
To my husband........

You've tended my soul gently,
how can I repay
the goodness you infuse in me
the trust your heart conveys?

We've been through hell and back again
weathered tempestuous storms,
internal bruises, wrenching pains
through conflict courage forged.

You saw beyond my weaknesses
horizons I couldn't see
through buffets, trials, sicknesses,
endurance, forgiveness, mercy.

My heart forever devoted
with you I'll always stay,
love of my life, my soul
until our dying day.

And then throughout eternity
our lives continue to unfold,
with peace and perfect harmony
the stories yet untold.

may 17, 2007

I love you John.
With all my heart,


My Promise....written by thief of dreams

I wish I could falter
Father Time
From his throne
And reverse this breath
To take back your death
In exchange
For my own

You meant so much more than I ever will. You had more reason to breathe, more love to embrace. You had so much more to say. So much more to share with the world.
I will never forget tomorrow as the day I truly prayed. I begged God and the devil, I was desperate to give away everything I could. But no one answered. No one brought you back to life.
There better not be a god. There better not be anything. If he is real, if he let you die, no amount of happiness, bliss or entrance into heaven will derail me from tearing it all down. Every happy little soul will burn, every cloud will be torn from the heavens and set a flame. I will find a way to destroy every soul that ever was, I will drown every smiling angel in puddles of blood as their wings smolder and flap uselessly.
If there is a god, then there may well be a devil who is laughing and cheering me on. But even he ignored me and from him I will take everything as well.
This I swear as the one and only thing I promise.
If there is a heaven and hell, I will destroy it all.


Just the way I taught you....written by Juzjon

I want to go play baseball
I want to ride my scooter
I want to play some marbles
for I am quite the shooter

But Dad say's Son not yet
you've got a lawn to mow
do it just the way I taught you
not too high nor low

And after it's all mowed
you must trim the edges fine
do it just the way I taught you
I want a perfect line

Then I want my car washed
better than last time
do it just the way I taught you
I don't want tar and grime

When finished take the trash out
this time get it right
do it just the way I taught you
make sure the lid's on tight

OK Dad, it's all done
can I now go out and play?
I'll do it just the way Mom taught me
before she passed away


well hey thanks again to each and everyone who stopped by to visit in the Tribute forum during May! :grin: now that June is here i hope you all come back and visit (and post! :mrgreen: ) even more! :grin: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:59 pm

hi to everyone :grin: man, did June go by fast or what??? :grin: here in the tribute forum there were only 8 postings for the month..but its summertime and i know everyone is probably just like me.. tooooooo busy!! :mrgreen: but i do thank those who took a time-out to stop in and visit here are the ones to be highlighted for June.. :grin: :grin:


throwaway girl.....written by jolo

I hope that you are in the stars
No longer in tears in peace at last
The pain, anger hurt you lived
You did your best no more to give

No one knows where we will be
In years to come what we will see
Doesn't matter colour or creed
United by an evil breed

Throwaway girl I hurt inside
knowing that he let you die
Your pain so raw your heart on fire
I believe you babe he was a liar.


The Wind That Shakes The Barley.....written by Ambra

I hear their marching drums
The hoarse cries from his mouth
Same blood running through our veins
Yet never binding us as the same

Black empty barrells facing me now
Bitter rope biting my hands
All rushing to fast for me to catch
Clutching courage in my shreaded hands

My last taste is my own salty tears
Last feel is the warm metal in my hand
The last sound blood rushing in my ears
The last sight is him in his heart broken stance

But my last memory is you
And your heartbeat ‘neath my hand


well thanks again everyone for popping in to visit the tribute forum..its July now so come on back real soon! :mrgreen: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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