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Post by Debbie » Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:10 am

Moonflower I was surprised to see one of mine in here...I thank you very much and Congratulate the others...


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moonflowers January highlights

Post by moonflower » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:22 pm

<a name="#016">January, 2006</a>

hey everyone! :lol: cant believe another month has whizzed by! in the tribute forum there were 23 postings for the month of fantastic! :lol: ..a big thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and always difficult to chose only a few to highlight ..all the posts are simply amazing!..(and worthy of highlights!) i was touched by them all...well these are the ones to be in the spotlight for January :grin:


Eyes.....written by kcompton

I thought of you today
remembering times past
our first child
her first breath

you held her close
and stopped her cries
you calmed her fears
with your loving eyes

watched her grow
you and me
guessing her future
and what will be

always thought you'd be there
but God had other plans
he reached down from heaven
and took you by the hand

we held onto the other
but couldn't win the fight
our lives changed forever
that cold, rainy night

I thought of you today
but that isn't anything new
I think of you everyday
she has the same eyes as you


The Rose by Lois Ruth Kuper.....posted by Kuperian4ever

How lovely is the rose that buds
In chill and dew of lengthening fall
When gone the way of warmer summer
The violets and pansies and impatients to
That bordered the walk and gardens wall
Gone to are the gayer colors that bloomed
The morning glories and climatis vines
And peonies that showed around the town
And merigolds that grew in signs
That spelled the name of Idaho
On Capital grounds for all to see
For all of this in bud and bloom
Was such a lovely sight for me
Autumns crisp and cooler air now stirs
Among the peach, the cherry, and the apple leaves
The summers dew has turned so oft to frost
And a catching chill is on the breeze
But still the lovely rose is there
Budding still in brilliant hue
Ah yes! The air is crisp and night is cold
And time has grown into years
But in my heart there is buds'n blooms
My love a rose for you.


She Slept Beautifully.....written by CWM

She loved to parade around the daisies
And made sure food was cooked-
And that the house was cleaned.

She was a wife, Mother, daughter, aunt and a sister.
Her children was annoyed of her over protection-
And her husband wished he fully appreciated her.

The mountains is were she felt alive
Boxer's was her favorite pet-
The thrills of suspense captivated her mind!

Her smile would light up a Christmas tree
And her ambition was fifty stories long-
To most she was the community queen!

Pass along the lilies
Shed along those cries.

Toll the bells
On this solemn yet consoling day.

Gently, gracefully she lays
As the eulogy already stated-
She slept beautifully.


Daniel Johnathon Lammons.....written by jasonlammons
(R.I.P. 1983-2002)

My baby brother
Sunshine & Harmony
Beautiful & Sweet Soul
Strong like the Indian Brave
but tender & simple like breathing
a jester for those in need
but a quiet genius
a heart filled with passion
a love most could not even comprehend
Precious Daniel
always a great listener
always compassionate
a brother to all
the greatest brother to me
a teacher
Gold in the truest sense
a real angel


Thursday Oct. 24, 2002.....written by The Lonely Stranger
(the day they caught that monster who was
shooting innocent people in the DC/Virginia area.)

The sun came up again today
The crimson cloud now gone away.

People out to run and jog
Maybe just to walk the dog.

Standing still to pump the gas
The walk inside need not be fast

But in the sun some now sit sad
Lost are mothers, sons and dads

The sun came up again today
The kids came out again to play.


well hey thanks again to all who ventured in here and browsed or posted in January..please come back and visit even more in February! :lol:
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moonflower picks

Post by Debbie » Wed Feb 01, 2006 10:02 am

Beautiful choices..........Congratulations to everyone..

Reach Out And Love Someone
Slow Down And Look around
You Will Find Someone Who Needs You.....

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Post by heinzs » Sat Feb 18, 2006 7:30 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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moonflowers February highlights

Post by moonflower » Wed Mar 01, 2006 5:07 pm

<a name="#017">February, 2006</a>

well last month flew by so fast!..cant believe its March already!..and almost Spring! :mrgreen: ( yay!! ):mrgreen:
here in 'Tribute' there were 22 postings for the month of great is that?!? :lol: my thanks to all who came in and browsed or posted..all of you make this a really great forum! always it was hard to pick just a few poems to highlight, but these are the ones for February :grin:


To My Mother....written by sparklyshellie

Thank you mother
For all that you do
Love me each day
As I love you

Thank you mother
For all that you've done
Loved me even when
Things got quite tough

I love you mamma
And I won't ever stop
You're precious, you're beautiful
And you're in my heart


Patches....written by burdick

Patches, a small mostly white cat,
With black fur placed
On her body without artistic charm.
She lived under a summer cabin
And raised litter after litter
Of kittens
On mice from the woods.

In summer,
The summer people fed her well
And she lay happily in the sun.
In winter,
She took care of herself
But looked forward to
My offerings of food.

The summer people
Had her “fixed”
(and one of her daughters)
and so
she no longer needed
to frantically hunt for food
for her young.

Slowly she and I came to
Know one another,
And while she couldn’t quite
Let me pet her…
She would squirm happily
Just out of reach
On the wooden porch.
Her movements were always
Full of life and the love of it!

One day she came for her food
…but slower…
and I saw death standing
on the corner of the cabin porch.

The cabin stands
Cold and empty this winter.
As I walk by it
The snow falls silently
And the nights seem a little longer.


Mother....written by nrip4life

that beautiful smile
in youthful pictures
as your son admired
the old house the family
the sunsets the memories
as your spirit rests
oh mother
your free spirit
taught me to be
your touch
taught me what soft is
your dedication
taught me the love of passion
that never lived a full life
so i may never know
how great you are
but i will always rest here
in my heart


Grampa....written by blondebrit06

You've fought off the wardrobe monster,
you've battled a baddie or two,
you took me deepest,darkest Africa
and weve sailed to band eye Kazoo.

When I was 4 we flew to space and back,
when I was 5 we both made tea,
we burned down half the kitchen,
mum wasn't happy with me!

When I was 6 we became wizards,
and turned Uncle Dean into a frog,
when I was 7 we battled monsters
from a big smelly bog.

But now youre with the angels,
mum said you just went to bed,
you left me all alone grampa,
apart from the memorys in my head.

You said youd never leave me,
but you still went anyway,
no more battaling monsters,
no goodbye you just went away.

But I forgive you now grampa,
I know you didnt want to go,
I'm all grown up now grampa,
but theres something I want you to know.

Ill always love you grampa,
and i'll see you soon,
maybe in deepest,darkest Africa,
or maybe on the moon!


Ode to a Small Brown Friend....written by just jen

Rest you where the oak tress sway
and waves lap gently through the day.
Where whiporwhils and finches sing
to ease you in your slumbering.

This patch of sun, that favorite chair
though both still covered in your hair
are empty now, without you there;
No more to sit at top of stair.

We sadly miss your wise, brown ways,
your cudddling, and cat-nip plays
your loving nature and will to please.
We miss you greatly, Mestopholes.

So, rest you where the oak trees sway
and waves lap gently through the day.
When our time comes on angel's wing,
we'll join you in your slumbering.


well hey thanks again to each of you who stopped by to visit in February..its such a joy to read all your talents :grin: ..i hope you all come back and visit even more in March! :mrgreen:
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moonflowers March highlights

Post by moonflower » Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:09 pm

<a name="#018">March, 2006</a>

well March has whizzed by, just like January and February did..but yay! so glad that spring is finally here! :lol: in the Tribute forum there were 34 postings for the month of March!!..that is just so absolutely awesome!! :grin: ..a great big thank you to all who came in and browsed among the beautiful and moving always, it was hard to pick only a few to highlight, but here are the ones to be spotlighted for the month of March :grin: :grin: ..


Stolen.....written by the quiet poet

Today, a life was stolen,
spirited away,
before we had a chance
to say goodbye.
And though our eyes
may fill with tears,
we must remember
better years.
Teacher, friend,
yet so much more.
You shall live on,

In memory of my former teacher, Mr. Jones, who lost his battle with cancer yesterday. May God smile upon you.


My Shining Star.....written by Dorismary

Your words touch on my happiness
Brings warmth abundant from within
My mood enlightened and caressed
When I look at you… sweet darling

It seems like only yesterday
I held you, wrapped and cosy-warm
God always keep you safe, I prayed,
The day that you were born

Here we are with years gone by
You’re the lining of my silver cloud
So precious is a daughter’s love
In your presence I’m so proud

I’ll take the love, to me, from you
And plant it in my heart
Water it with dreams come true
Grow bonds no-one can part

Thank you for showing appreciation
I’m not always the best of mothers
I sometimes need a little direction
Doing what’s best for you and your brother

Michelle you’ll always be my shining star
All you’ve given I will treasure
Wondrous and precious that’s what you are
My love for you no-one can measure

Be happy Michelle, love you
Mam xxxxxxxxxx


someone hit rewind.....written by Rae Of Sunshine

You've been gone for almost 15 years
your sons are now grown men
I wonder if they look like their dad

You taught me how unfair life is
I know it's a lesson you never intended
Man, I miss you Robert
How could one so peaceful be murdered?

You were the intellectual of the group
shaggy black hair always falling in your eyes
full lips with a crooked smile

You drank too much
we all did then
we had such hopes you and I
our lives were just about to begin

It seems like yesterday
we were just two teens sitting on my front porch
wearing flannel shirts and torn jeans
smoking and talking and debating until dawn
Did you even know how much I cared?

You were the only guy who never hit on me
the only one who really just wanted to talk
Thank you so much for that
Thank you for that respect

I walk through the park, where that bastard took your life
just a block from my house
I still see you laying there dying alone
If only I had known
I still feel so helpless
I want you back
Please, someone, hit rewind


Angels (for R).....written by richie

Being told some dreadful news of a Incident which happened to a fellow poet and internet friends family I wrote this for her.

[for R]

Tis-midnight, through dreams mystic flow
Beneath a bright and lovely moon.
Drowsily by that clear dark sky
this slumber which always seems to try
to take me home to soon.

And deep I go into the night
Resisting mornings dawn.
In my chamber, I slumber by the wall
shadow's rising, lifting, then gently fall
in these lovely dreams reborn.

And fitfuly the shadow's fill my head
Then she smiles a smile for me.
And I reach again to meet her embrace,
The skies open now, but I must wait God's grace
Then two Angels will fly high and free.


I'm Not Faraway.....written by Debbie

I just came across this poem and felt to share it with my friends in the Pages..I wrote it for my step daughter..her and I were so close.. we were took some terrible twists and she went out into the world.. it is a very personal story so I can't go into details..because of circumstances my girl has turned against me.. because she'd rather believe a lie..this is my thorn in the flesh.. my tears have never stopped in my soul..I long for her company.. we used to play this game..she'd say ma where are you.. and I'd answer her this way.... I wish she would come home is my daily prayer ....

she always called me MA

I’m Not Far Away

Where are you ma?
I’m over here.
Where, over there?
I’m over here under a leaf.
What leaf?
I’m under the red one.
What red one?
The one glistening in the sun.
Where in the sun?
Underneath a tree.
What tree?
The one near the rock.
Where is the rock.
It’s near the sea Tina, where the water rushes to shore,
Where the sun is always shining, and the eagles soar.

I’m where the waves are clapping, and waving hello,
Where the tree branches sway, when the wind blows.

I’m in the fluffy white clouds, that change formation everyday,
And resemble big planes balloons, or sometimes kittens at play.

I’m in the little birds singing high in the lofty trees,
When you think I’m not around,
take a walk and you’ll find me.

I’m in Gods beauty because;
they’re the things my thoughts are made of,
If you search your heart Tina you’ll find me,
I’m in the hearts of those I love.

I’m not far away, I’m the whistling sound in the wind,
I’ve never left you Tina girl,
and I’ve always been your friend.

The only thing different is, I haven’t your company,
Walking through the forest, with you and our family.

Maybe one day my prayer will be granted,
and you’ll come back to stay,
Your Dad and I will smile once more,
and I won’t seem so far away.


"Just one last Hug before I go".....written by bags123

Dad was always
there for me
Patient, strong, and kind

His advice
was tempered, to the point
few words to mix or grind

I still see him like it’s yesterday
while I prepped myself for school
"Just one last hug before I go"
was his unbroken rule.

I'd watch his shape
arrange his coat
move briskly thru the doors

A sparkling wink
and he'd be gone
commencing daily chores

Evenings, we'd have time to talk
Then he finally said
"Just one last hug before I go
It's time we're both in bed”

Dad was never pushy
Yet he taught me
right from wrong

A stalwart soul
who wished his son
to grow up proud and strong.

He helped me learn the facts of life
How people plot and scheme
"Just one last hug before I go"
Wasn't always what it seemed

He told me that my future
would depend
on choices made

"Be careful
when the devils due
he's always promptly paid"

College closed my time at home
It took me far away
"Just one last hug before I go"
was all my Dad could say.

He stood with me a moment
as a tear traced down
his face

Walked to the car
and left the curb
in some unseemly haste

I'll have that picture etched in me
Alone, and forced to stand
"Just one last hug before I go"
revealing natures plan.

So as I took
those first few steps
into my adulthood

I imagined
what my Dad had felt
near parting , where we stood

I think he may have had regrets
that time had gone so fast
"Just one last hug before I go"
to make our memories last.

At 19
I was married,
mistaking need for love

At 22
My first son was born
a blessing from above

I saw him thru my fathers eyes
As once he had seen me
"Just one last hug before I go"
became Dad's legacy.

Then one day
my mother called
distraught over the phone

She said that Dad
was very sick
she thought I should fly home

My Mom sat right beside him
As I entered in the room
near unconscious lay my father
in the twilights sullen gloom

I kissed my Mom
then went to him
hands tightly held in mine

I told him not to worry
everything would be
just fine.

By some chance he looked at me
His breath a labored sigh
"Just one last hug before I go"
"It's time for me to die"

"I'm proud to have you
for my son,
I wish that I could see"

"Your children raised
and you content,
as you have made me be"

Dad said, "Don't be troubled,
I'm at peace, you need not cry"
"Just one last hug before I go"
"We'll meet in pure blue skies"

Dad was always
there for me
Patient, strong, and kind

His advice
was tempered, to the point,
few words to mix or grind.

His absence leaves a hole inside
that’s difficult to fill, but...
"Just one last hug before I go"
has kept him near me still


well again, my thanks to all of you who took the time to stop by during the month of March..i hope you all come back and visit some more in April! :mrgreen: (dont forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour tomorrow night! :grin: )
:grin: :grin:
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Post by nrip4life » Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:53 am

thank you so very much moonflower...its amazing i see so many divine pieces of soul here.. :hello: :bow:
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Re: moonflowers favorites Oct 04-March 06

Post by Tom Watson » Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:27 pm

Moonflower, you truly represent the best qualities of a "Moderator". Thank you for your patience and efforts on behalf of those who visit and contribute to those sites you moderate.
:bow: :bow: :hugs: :bow: :bow:

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