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moonflowers favorites Oct 04-March 06

Post by moonflower » Sun Oct 31, 2004 11:27 pm

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October, 2004</a>

there were 22 pieces that were posted in here for the month of October..i couldnt pick only one to highlight so this time i picked 4 :lol: ..i want to thank everyone who posted these and i want to say that every one of the 22 tributes that were posted are winners!..i wish i could list them all!..these are the ones i chose to highlight..


Recipe for Creativity...written by Heinzs

Start with one part Berlie
for inception and inspiration,
sautee until brown on both sides.

Stir in a tablespoon each of
Jeannerene, Lil Gray,
Moonflower, and Burdick for full-bodied
flavor and richness.

Top this with a heaping helping
of Bags123 and Leysa
for that earthy texture.
Bring to a boil and simmer
for what seems like an eternity.

Spice it up with dashes of
The Quiet Poet and Candy_Cane,
and for the adventurous add a pinch
of Zero and BrightMindDarkHeart.

Don't forget the conscience.
Without Tom Watson
and HisBarbieDoll
the recipe cannot be complete.

Fold in a generous portion
of the colloquial wisdom
expressed by Negatvone,
and the sometimes perverse humor of
Thief of Dreams and Ven.

For the most poignant expressions
of melancholy and pain,
add a cup of Debab and a pinch of Ellie.
Stir gently so as not to further
bruise their tender hearts.

Blend in some Gillian for insight
and a really big portion of Jade
for the youthful energy
we all wish we still had.

Cover the brew with a layer of dough
and bake until thoroughly done.
Call the recipe,
enjoy, 'cause it's number one!

And to all those not individually named
ingredients of this marvelous stew,
without each and every one of you
adding your own unique flavor to the pot,
the mulligan would not be as savory.


(Sonnet XLIII)
Edna St. Vincent Millay...posted by Ven

What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why,
I have forgotten, and what arms have lain
Under my head till morning; but the rain
Is full of ghosts tonight, that tap and sigh
Upon the glass and listen for reply,
And in my heart there stirs a quiet pain
For unremembered lads that not again
Will turn to me at midnight with a cry.
Thus in winter stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one,
Yet knows its boughs more silent than before:
I cannot say what loves have come and gone,
I only know that summer sang in me
A little while, that in me sings no more.


MOM....written by laura ann

Mom, i'm trying to write you a letter to tell you how
much I love you, and i just want to say; that what I
have to tell you, will change our lives today.

I really am sorry for all the hurt that i've caused you
in the past. But I really need you Mom. I need your
friendship to last.

I remember the talk you gave me about sex and what
you said it could do. But Mom i never understood and
now I really wish I would've listened to you.

I know you don't understand yet, but I promise that
soon you will know, i'm going to be a mom, Mom. My
tears are about to over flow.

Mom i'm really scared and i don't know what to do.
But Mom right now I know I really need you.


written by friend forever

Just smell…
Smell the sweet scent of the earth after the pelting of the rain
Smell the wonderful fragrance of the flowers…
Oh! What a wonderful scent!
Now that is in my opinion
Mother Nature!

Just look…
Look at the leaves in the trees
With big raindrops
After a gentle shower
Look at the rainbow
… The seven most beautiful colours
Look at the plants so green…
The flowers blooming with life…
Look at the massive mountains
Its snow-clad peaks…
This is Mother Nature!

Just feel…
Feel the power of the waves…
The powerful waves of the ocean
The way they crash against the sand…
Feel the gentle winds
… Blowing across your face
Kissing your cheeks…
And playing with your hair…
Feel the chill of the wind
… On a hot day…
If this isnt mother nature…
What is?

Just taste…
Taste the fresh fruits of the season
Fresh out of their trees…
So sweet…
So succulent…
Mother Nature it is!

Just hear…
Hear the sounds of the insects moving,
The birds singing…
Hear the winds roaring
The leaves dancing to the tune of the wind
The chirping of the crickets…
… On a silent night
What wonders Mother Nature has…

Just touch…
Touch the smooth petals of the rose…
The thorns of the cactus…
The rough barks in the trees…
Even after the trees die…
...The usefulness remains…
This is the way God wanted it to be!!

Well… are you convinced?</center>


thanks again to everyone who posted in Tribute during October! :lol: ..come back in and post even more for November! :lol:
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moonflowers favorites..

Post by moonflower » Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:21 pm

November, 2004

there were 16 tributes posted here for the month of November! :lol: ..each one is beautiful and worthy of being highlighted..picking only a few is sooo hard!..thanks to all of you who came in and posted..and to all who took the time to read and leave replys..these are the ones i picked..

Timothy and the Shepard-type Dog

written by Sarah Jane Watson 1913-1994

posted by Tom Watson

because of its length, i didnt post it , but i have made a link for those who wish to go read it..which i heartily recommend!..its a wonderful,wonderful story about growing up.. Tom your mother was a very talented lady!..
CLICK HERE to read the story..


GOOD-BYE, I LOVE YOU!..written by Untamed Thunder

My eyes drown with tears
As I think upon the day
I shall kneel before a stone
Marking the place you lay

I've never seen this place before
Somehow it was so wrong
To visit a piece of land
Where I know you don't belong

I guess in some strange way I thought
You wouldn't really die
If I didn't go to see you there
If only I didn't say good-bye

The time has finally came
For me to face the fact
I have to let you go now
You're never coming back

I love you so very much sweetheart
How much you'll never know
I've tried to come so many times
It was just to hard to let you go

I'll say good-bye today my friend
But still hold each memory dear
I'll say I love you one last time
I only hope that you will hear!!!


Almost Lost..written by debab

Like a child again
almost lost,
scenes reverse as my mother squints
with one eye, searching
for the elusive single
vision, my face.
"I would like to go home"
as her eyes meet mine
slipping slowly off
the security of the seat
socks falling off her feet.
It's best to shush now
catch a sense of better
what's possible now; hard work
patience, maybe a miracle, ignoring the
malfeseance of an embolus that coasted
and carreened to a stop
in her brain stem's smallest arteriole.
Incidental Accidental
cause and effect
I help her sip a little cool water
and it slides crookedly
out the left corner,
a weakness that leads us
to link hands in truth and terror


to someone i may never get to know..written by despicability

I admire you, for all the truths you never said,
For all the lies you never gave.
You held your secret quietly,
For all the fights that it would save.

You cried quietly at night so no-one noticed.
And hid the bruises, so none would ask you why

And life continued.

You felt death, bereaved,
And pain, brutality...
And died a milion deaths
Till you could die no more.

And life continued.

And within life you continued in this death.
And fought.
You stood and faced the pain.
And even after all the right you had never experienced
You did no wrong.
And I admire you...

...And life continues


dad..written by Thief of Dreams

Am I just a
Fornicated misfortune of my father’s rebellion?
Stirring within a pupil, twinkling constellation
A career cratered around my own conception
Fleeing blindly from some
Passed down frustration
Try in vain for some conversation
From the heart father
Let me hear true words
Take from me this desperation
Take from this, this isolation
Give me something
That doesn’t sound like

Give me the welts
Let your hate ride me
Get it out, get it out
Let me see
Something other than
This emptiness of a dream
Carried around like a shroud
As you shrug me off
Never could I make proud
A father who wants only
A diamond for people to see
I forgive you father
For what you gave me
The only thing handed down
A recipe for the lonely


The Ghost of Woody Guthrie..written by bags123

When I hear a freight train howling in the distance, late at night;
Across the hills and palisades Migrating sound in flight

Its wail cuts through the tacit air, held beneath a pale moons’ light;
As the ghost of Woody Guthrie appears before my sight

Like a myth entombed forever. Riding spectral, red, boxcars
He’s traveled between places, that I haven’t been so far

With a hint of indignation, he steps down with his guitar
He heals me with his greeting, in a voice suffused with scars

Then he strums a simple anthem I've not heard in quite awhile
Still mixed with deep emotions bled within his vocal style

Backed by choruses of angels singing strains of lies denial
Conducted by his rebel soul which preachers have reviled

Now finally, Woody tips his hat, and re-boards this haunted train
Dissolving in the distance like the thunder follows rain

And I am left behind again with the wisdom words contain
Reminded by the howling, and well nurtured by his pain


Ode To A Classical Poet..written by Simon Templar

To read the works of history past
In rhyme and form of language old
I sit and read at length aghast
That I aspire to be so bold

My thoughts to words on paper new
To so inspire the minds of men
As do the words I read anew
Stir the blood as they did then

Time has given words their worth
And looked upon with great esteem
Though bones have passed into the earth
The spirit lives on so it would seem

So a tribute i do write
To legacies of wordsmiths past
That I could reach such lofty heights
For my work as long would last.


hey thanks again to all who took the time to stop in and post! :lol: and also, many thanks to everyone who came in and read the posts :lol:.. December is here so come on back and post and read even more! :lol:

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moonflowers highlights for December..

Post by moonflower » Sat Jan 01, 2005 9:48 am

<a name="#003">
December, 2004</a>

its that time again! :lol: ..and as every time before, its so hard to highlight just a few pieces!..there were 14 pieces posted for the month of December..all wonderful and all worthy of being thanks to all who took the time to stop in here and post, to read, and to comment...without those three things, there would be no forums at all! a moderator of Tribute id like to say its a real joy, and i feel really blessed, that i get to read every single post that you all post in thanks!..well here are the ones highlighted for December..


TSUNAMI....written by DJaries

Wall of water on a collision course
Along the way will pick up force.
Swallow land without any alarm
Come to shore presenting harm.
Horrific devastation
For those living there or were on vacation.
What started many miles out at sea,
Was the killer wave called Tsunami.
Families search for their loved ones
Unknowing of their fate
There is nothing they can do
Except for pray and wait.
The world has heard the cry
Every nation comes to help rescue
Helping all of those have suffered
Doing everything they can do.
But for those who lost loved ones
It will be hearts that need to mend
Nothing can replace their loss
Is lots of love we need to send.
Is so tragic all that happened
Was something unprepared for
It will never be forgotten
Put down in History to be part of
Forever more.


"Sisterly Shoving"....written by Rain

You make the word bitch,
and can be so damn hard.
Sometimes I wish you would just go,
and leave me to my misery,
but you're always there,
pushing, and shoving me out the door,
not letting me have my peace alone.
You growl, you hit and scream,
and drag me through this miserable world.
Go away! Leave me the Hell alone,
but you're always there, picking me up,
brushing me off, and pushing me on.
Always there, helping me through this world,
with your ever sisterly shoving.


Shelby Lee Webb....written by Lieagainstus

i missed you today
You set me free
you were my friend my brother
now your gone because of one mistake
you hung yourself now my heart hangs everyday
you were so against it but you did it anyway
when we meet again we'll party with the angels
sleep with the demons rock with jesus
and drink with the devil
we were brothers in life and death
you took your own life and i promised
i would follow but your last wish was for me
to be happy now i am
so for you i'll live and for you i'll be happy
Shelby Lee Webb i love you with all my heart
and when we meet agin we'll never seperate
maybe it was meant to be maybe god got lonely and needed you
but i'm lonely and i need you i need someone to talk to like I talked to you
we talked about everything from camels to life
but i know your better now and i'm happy
i just hope you'll remember me when i see you again


Two Lost souls....written by Friend Forever

Two souls
Wandering in the night

Two souls…
Whom should they tell their plight?

Two souls,
Looking for company

Two lost ones
Looking for loved ones…

Two souls,
Brought together by similar circumstances…
Two souls,
Torn between the two worlds

Two tired, helpless young ones
… Suffering from emotional disorders…
The domestic lives in chaotic disarrays…

Two saddened persons…
Living with terrible fathers
Tortures follow them throughout…

Two lost souls
… Wandering in the worlds…
Lost, tired and burnt out
With nobody to hear them out
Nobody to love them
To care for them
Or to cherish them

Two souls,
… Wandering in the night…


Choice Not Given....written by Red Hope

A knife in the heart
Could end many things
Loss and pain
Love and joy
For a knife in the heart
Will only hurt a minute
But last forever
In the minds and hearts
Of your friends and family
A knife in the heart
May be a way to die
But not by most
Some people are taken
Before a choice is given.....


shooting star....written by Lieagainstus

i wish upon you
to have returned my friend
but that night i felt shattered
to leave all of them behind
I will be telling my dreams to that shooting star
how i feel alone without him sitting here on my porch wishing it all back how it was
nowadays i cant sleep at night i cant breathe the air that i need
that night i wish i was there to save you that night i thought god would save u from doing it
how i wonder if this life is real or pretend but it keeps breaking me like a shattered mirrior
how i wonder if this dream that i havent awoken from will ever end
all I see is blue and black in my life the sadness thats upon me
that darkness that keeps my anger inside
today neither tomorrow i will never be happy
how i wish evryday well just burn away i wish upon this shooting star the only star in the sky for me


hey my heartfelt thanks again to everyone who took the time to stop by and read or post..ya'll make my job as moderator so enjoyable!..i really love it! :lol: i hope everyone will bring their talents back, and post even more for January! :lol:..Happy New Year everyone! :lol:

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moonflowers highlights for January

Post by moonflower » Tue Feb 01, 2005 9:27 am

<a name="#004">
January, 2005</a>

well here it is ..time to choose highlights again.. :lol: in this forum there were 29 postings for January!!.. :lol: thats so great!! :lol: each tribute posted in this forum is absolutely wonderful and so touching!.. they all deserve to be in the spotlight..if i could, i would highlight them all!.. i want to thank everybody who came in here and read or posted..without the talented postings and comments from ya'll, this forum would just fade away..well ,as ive said before..choosing just a few is very difficult, but here are the ones to be highlighted for the month of January..


"Daddy" .....written by Heinzs

In the darkness I sit,
sobbing uncontrollably,
My back against the bed,
my knees tight
against my chest.
I rock with each sob,
punctuating the dreadful pain.
I see his naked form,
bobbing on the pool surface
like a rubber toy.
I know he is gone -
nevermore to romp and frolic
in carefree childish joy.
Never again shall I hold him
tightly to my heart
as I now hug my knees.
In the midst of my family
I am alone
and lost.
Grief and memory
are all that remain.
Despair clouds my mind
and I consider ending it -
the truth is unbearable.
But something stays my hand,
and now, after twenty years,
the pain no longer stabs
quite so sharply.
At long last it is time
to let this aged scar
rest upon my soul.
I must forge ahead
towards life!
Too long ignored,
too many others hurt
in the process.
I must heal myself
before I can heal
my family.

he never called me


the last time.....written by Richard Taylor

Leaving the hospital we kissed. Returning
later we were led into a small side room were
they were struggling to insert the long tube into
her main vein. I smiled uneasily she having been
given diazepam, continually repeated our names and
relived childhood memories.
The doctor said she was sorry it had taken so long
but mother had fought them.
"I apologised stupidly" for what I did not know.
She would be fine now I told her, all the woman in
the ward had been through this. "I smiled again
embarrassed by seeing my mother for the first time
not in control, her head moving from side to side
awake but only to the past."
I told her again everything would be fine, she would be on the
machine in a few hours and I would return later.

I did not kiss her this time on leaving
I did not know if she had heard my words.
I did not know this was the last time.


I'll plant you a rose in your garden
and tend the new buds as they rise,
I'll bring them to you, all life will renew
and I'll meet you in heavens sunrise.

And I'll bring you a flower every day
I'll bring you a flower every day.
I'll love you untill, the last day I fill
and I'll bring you a flower every day.

I'll plant you a rose in your garden
And tend the new buds as they rise,
I'll bring them to you, all life will renew
and I'll meet you in heavens sunrise.

I'll bring them to you, all life will renew
And I'll meet you in heavens sunrise.


Grandmothers Prison.....written by RavenMoon

I can feel the sunlight upon my face,
yet I am not warmed,
I hear the birds sing their sweet songs
yet I am not moved,
I see the small children, at play so intense
yet I am not touched,
I smell the scent of fresh bread in morning
yet I am not hungry
I taste the wetness of your lips on my mouth
yet I am still parched
I long for a place to be free and alive
yet I am trapped here
My mind, not my own
My body is frail
My bones are all weakened
My heart is too heavy
My memories are all gone
Why can't I remember my past?
Why can't I recall my own life?
Why do I cry, silently so?
Has someone stolen my heart and my soul?
Can you answer these questions?
Can you free me from this place?
Can you enter my kingdom and be my saving grace?
Can you give my senses a stirring or two?
Can you open these eyes, that are closed?
well,....can you?


Ellen.....written by Heinzs

Weak joints
frail bones
struggle to remain erect.
Blue bruisese
decorate a once ivory complexion.
Your eyes tell me
"I'm going to die, you know."
Yes, I know... but not today...

But it was today
and as your light went out
the darkness gathered strength
in a diminshed world.

Together we shall mourn,
together we shall rejoice...
just as you would want us to
... until we shall once again
be together.


To All Those to Whom I can Relate.....written bynrip4life

to all the souls deprived of love
lost without direction
homeless and empty
forced by the law
to the ones who feel
no matter how
many people know you
to all those who stay
silent when they know
the answer
to the addicts who know
not to judge others
to the alcoholics you feel
you know my reasons
and ill dirnk to that
to the poets whos mind
are a lighthouse to those who
need to find land
to the kind
who understand life
is not made for hate
to the true
who let go of fear despite ridicule
to those who i can relate
Never give up!!


Daddy.....written by Debbie

I Love You Daddy

When I was a little girl
I imagined having a dad,
A loveable but tough guy
to protect me from those who were bad.

I wanted to feel special
in my somewhat painful world,
Have a knee to climb up on
and be daddy’s little girl.

Swimming or visiting a zoo
would be fun doing it together,
Or taking sleigh rides down the hill
in the cold of winter

Buying me a bike seemed interesting
and teaching me to ride,
Or father and daughter at the park
on the swings and slides.

I’d giggle if he pulled me in a wagon
and showed me off to all,
Smile if dad kissed my bruises
when I happened to fall.

I could listen to him
read me a story in bed,
Laugh when he tucked me under the covers,
and tap me on the head.

Most of all I wanted a daddy
who would hold me tight,
When the nightmares frightened me
in the middle of the night.

I Needed a daddy
to love me in such a bad way,
Instead of having a dad
who just turned me away.

God answered my prayers,
it broke His heart to see me cry,
And I accepted him as my Father,
as the years went by.

He loves me unconditionally
and hears me when I call,
And the greatest thing He taught me was,
How to forgive you most of all.
I love you Daddy…


His Grief.....written by Christine Magee

When I was told she was gone
I was stunned into silence,
but it was only a moment
before I let it escape;
the weeping and wailing
that was dammed in my throat.

There wasn’t much time
to be the child, I had to go to him,
and rebuking my emotions
that had all run amok,
I packed a suitcase
with comfort and condolences
and began my journey.
I reserved a seat
on a mourning train
for a later date.

I didn’t know what he needed now
for he was always a private man
and bore pain well.

But the moment he saw me
and I reached out my arms to him,
the colour drained from his eyes,
spilling over onto his cheeks.

And when I kissed him,
my lips were stained
a deep shade of blue.


For Cassie-RIP.....written by Broken Wings

Scratched into your arms
Wrist to shoulder
Drenched in your blood
Will your pain ever end?

Days move on
Passing you by
Never noticing the looks
Never hearing your cry

The 11-day counter
With each day a new etch
This dawn rose
The last of your days

Late one night
Your life vanished from time
Taken by your will
Never to be in this world again

This day had come
Ending your torment
This day has brought
Everlasting pain for those left

I walked through the hall
No noise seeping through my ears
Didn’t see you today

Your locker full of roses
We’ll miss you 4evur in sharpie
Your wake held tonight
Your funeral to come

I know you wanted this
I'm sad it ended this way
I wish you were here
I wish I didn't have to say goodbye...

<<Angels take her to her Utopia>>


once again my thanks to all who stopped by and read or posted.. or just browsed..the tributes in here always touch and move me..i love reading them.. well February is here so i hope everybody comes back and posts even more!! :mrgreen: :lol:

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moonflowers highlights for February

Post by moonflower » Tue Mar 01, 2005 12:16 am

<a name="#005">
February, 2005</a>

wow!!..once again i am amazed at the talent posted in here!..all of the tributes are absolutely wonderful!..there were 31 postings for February..incredible! :lol: ..i feel so lucky to be able to read each and every one!..once again, picking only a few to highlight is so difficult!..thanks to all of you who stopped in and shared your talents with the rest of us by posting these beautiful tributes..also many thanks to all those who stopped in and read and were moved to respond..all of you make this a great forum! :lol: :lol: well here are the highlights for February...


Christmas for Benjamin.....written by Heinzs

Twenty one empty stockings
unneeded reminders
vacant arms groping for a touch
your heartbeat next to mine
brown eyes sparkling
ageless, timeless
I have missed you, and will
to the end of my days.

Merry Christmas, son,
wherever you are.


LOST INNOCENCE.....written by Richard Taylor

Children playing, funny faces
singing laughing having fun,
each day new adventures waiting
making friends with everyone.
"What's that laying silent in the ground?
What new toy have we found"
Look it has prongs like stars,
don't stand on it you'll break it
here let me, let me take it.
Another life snubbed out today
one more child never more to play,
on the news just a line
land mine maims some friends of mine.
In a land far away,
far from were your children play.
But it was some mother's son
Innocence lost, no more fun.


Mothers Silent Tears.....written by Debbie

Looking out a window into the distance, sitting in her rocking chair,
A mother remembers her love of yester year, when he was young and fair.
The good old days were fun; families enjoyed doing things together,
After working hard all day, they’d enjoy a meal cooked by mother.
Life was simpler back then, you were rich without having money,
And there was a special love and friendship amongst the family.
The laughter of her loved ones is ringing, in the back of her wondering mind,
Where pictures of each one of her children, are hidden readily to find.
All grown up now with families of their own,
Each of them gone in different directions, and now mother sits alone.
Father left one day with the angels, through the blue colored skies,
As she pictures his face, you see a tear fall from her eye.
Her partner and best friend, her one and only true love,
Patiently waits for her in his new heavenly home above.
Longing to be with him, and to see his smile once more,
Today she longs to hear if but one knock at her door.
Maybe today the family will visit, and bring the grandchildren along,
And she’ll have some company and maybe sing the little ones a song.
Loneliness grips her heart waiting for the telephone to ring,
To hear the simplest word hello what a big smile it would bring.
Day is done the sun is gone and now darkness fills the sky,
A mother sits in her rocking chair as another lonely days gone by.
Feebly she slips out of her favorite rocking chair,
To fall asleep once more to dream of her love who’s no longer there.
Silent tears fall down her cheeks as loneliness grips her heart,
For she knows one day she and this world will one day have to part.
One can only hope and pray families every where,
Would come to realize their treasure sitting alone in a rocking chair.
Don’t wait until the lord decides to take this dear gem home,
And you realize too late she’s gone and you are left alone.
It’s today she sits wearily with all of her silent tears,
Longing more and more for her family to draw near.


To Jackie Kennedy.....written by Nancy

She watched, smiled...
proud once more
her children
kissed marble,
stories told...

Thirty one years past
Caroline, first
touched the flag
before her Mother
"kiss Daddy good-bye"

Watching from above
smiling a familiar
grin... as her love
passed on to children
strong, pausing at
the pillar of their

As in time, a light
forever lit a hill
for one, then two
as lovers meet...
Forever, glow for all
to know
dignity asleep below.

Written after Jackie Kennedys Death, before Johns Death.


tribute to the fatherless ones.....written by foreverflame

This is for the younger boys who had to become a man
on their own. Had to teach themselves to fight and make a stand
all alone. Had to earn their manhood by their very hand,
while they know they hold a struggle very few will understand.

This is for the younger girls, forced a brittle world
with no dad. Never got to be “daddies little girl”
and it’s sad. No protection when their boyfriends punches hurl
when he’s mad. Forced to have a strength beyond a normal girl.

Going to PTA’s with only 1 parent to show.
Living day by day being short of what you’re owed.
Always helping mama whenever things would get too tough.
Always protecting mama from men that weren’t good enough.
Shying away when people talked about their family trips.
Hiding away with constant grip of strengthened self-defense.
Losing care to listen when people try to help you out…
…’Cause they don’t see it’s hard to miss something you know nothing about.
Forced to keep a sadness deep so no one ever saw it.
Forced to make a “dad” out of drug dealers and alcoholics.
Forced of never feeling the love that comes from manly caring.
Forced of having “daddy” omitted from your vocabulary.
Forced to isolate from those that think your life is odd.
Forced to conversate with the only father you know……God…

I honor you in your struggle,
In your pain that never heals…
Because not only do I understand…
…I know just how that feels…

Stay strong…


A Mothers Advice.....written by Debbie

In Memory Of Mom June 15, 1970

When ever I was lonely, and thought no one cares,
I’ d give my mom a call, in no time she was there.

It isn’t easy growing up, mother would often say,
Each sunrise is the same, but it rises to another new day.

It's always darkest she'd say especially before the dawn,
Then comes the sun shine, and the early bird with its song.

In every day life, if you ever hope to gain,
Treat your neighbor well and you’ll receive the same.

Learn by your mistakes, and give yourself a chance,
To live life with adventure, and even some romance.

She’d tell me to keep the faith, and never forget to pray,
Jesus is the one, He is the truth the light the way.

Mom always said, pass unto others kindness and love.
In hopes for a better tomorrow, and a new home above.

Be strong, be firm, yet gentle,
in the things that you believe,
Rejoice when you give, rather than receive.

Having an open mind, and respect,
mom taught me to send me on way,
While I was growing up, and until her dying day.

Now I tell my children
all she shared with kindness and love,
In hopes they too will learn,
and live a life they can be proud of.

I pray as life goes on, they will carry on through,
The golden nuggets they were taught,
into the next generation too.

Maybe then, this world, will be a better place to grow up in,
And mankind will love each other,
through the lessons taught from,
a Mother with love and wisdom.


"Wake Up!".....written by Rain

You think you're not worthy of love.
Thinking you've done so much wrong
that you don't deserve tenderness.
Life's braught so many lows.
Sinking you deeper underground.
With your self-inflicted feelings
you've been digging your own grave.
Taking yourself deeper into worthlessness.
Unconciencely wanting enternal slumber.
I wish you would wake up,
and realize how much you're worth.
How many people love you.
Can't you see that we care?
That everyday we pray for your happiness.
Always wishing to see you smile,
and to hear you laugh.
Don't you realize that when we hug you
we're showing you tenderness?

Wake up! Before you lose us.
Wake up! Before we lose you.
This it to my mother...She's someone who deservers love, and gets love...but is to busy wanting love from someone else, who doesn't give it to her like she deserves, and she's always beating herself up about it...

Ah Mommy! If only you could see...


"Just one Last Hug Before I go".....written by Bags123

Dad was always
there for me
Patient, strong, and kind

His advice
was tempered, to the point
few words to mix or grind

I still see him like its yesterday
while I prepped myself for school
"Just one last hug before I go"
was his unbroken rule.

I'd watch his shape
arrange his coat
move briskly through the doors

A sparkling wink
and he'd be gone
commencing daily chores

Evenings, we'd have time to talk
before he finally said
"Just one last hug before I go"
It's time we're both in bed

Dad was never pushy,
yet he taught me
right from wrong

A stalwart soul
who wished his son
to grow up proud and strong.

He helped me learn the facts of life
How people plot and scheme
"Just one last hug before I go"
Wasn't always what it seemed

He told me that my future
would depend
on choices made

"Be careful
when the devils due,
he's always promptly paid"

College closed my tme at home
It took me far away
"Just one last hug before I go"
was all my Dad could say.

He stood with me a moment
as a tear traced down
his face

Walked to the car
and left the curb
in some unseemly haste

I'll have that picture etched in me
Alone, and forced to stand
"Just one last hug before I go"
revealing natures plan.

And as I took
those first few steps
into my adulthood

I imagined
what my Dad had felt
near parting , where we stood

I think he may have had regrets
that time had gone so fast
"Just one last hug before I go"
to make our memories last.

At 19
I was married
Mistaking need for love

At 22
My first son was born
a blessing form above

I saw him thru my fathers eyes
As once he had seen me
"Just one last hug before I go"
became Dad's legacy.

Then one Spring day
my mother called
distraught over the phone

She said that Dad
was very sick
She thought I should fly home

My Mom sat right beside him
As I entered in the room
near unconscious lay my father
in the twilights sullen gloom

I kissed my Mom
then went to him
hands tightly held in mine

I told him not to worry
everthing would be
just fine.

By some chance he looked at me
his breath a labored sigh
"Just one last hug before I go"
"It's time for me to die"

"I'm proud to have you
for my son,
I wish that I could see"

"Your children raised
and you content,
as you have made me be"

Dad said, "Don't be troubled,
I'm at peace, you need'nt cry"
"Just one last hug before I go"
"We'll meet in pure blue skys"

Dad was always
there for me
Patient, strong, and kind

His advice
was tempered, to the point,
few words to mix or grind.

His abscence leaves a hole inside
thats difficult to fill, but...
"Just one last hug before I go"
has kept him near me still


well once again thanks to all who popped in here during February! :lol:...without ya'll's input there wouldnt be any tribute forum! so everybody come on back and share some more talent with us in March!! :mrgreen: :lol:

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moonflowers March Highlights

Post by moonflower » Thu Mar 31, 2005 11:23 am

<a name="#006">
March, 2005</a>

its that time again and i usually dont post these til after midnight on the last day of the month, but im going to be in and out and busy (we have daughters dance competition coming up! :lol: :roll: ) so thought id go ahead and post now (while i have the chance! :lol: )..
as always, the pieces posted in here are all moving and so touching!..there were some really heartcatching ones.. there were 37 tributes posted in March and because a goodly amount of these were ones that were bumped up from the back pages, some of these may have been highlighted before..but its always wonderful to read them again! :lol: ..all of the pieces posted are excellent and worthy of being highlighted..i wish i could pick them all!..
it was difficult to choose just a few, but these are the March ones to be highlighted..

Mommies Little Girl......written by crocbait

Moms look forward to little girls
thier angels from above
They dress them up in frills an lace
and shower them with love.

But you got me and weren't you worried
about the girl you had to scrub
When at long last you chased me down
and threw me in the tub.

You bought me dolls and baby beds
I played with GI Joes
I loved to stomp around the creek
with mud between my toes.

My sisters thought that I was weird
'cause I thought girls were icky
All they knew was I was gross
my fingers always sticky.

But you loved me despite those things
and you love me still
And I thanked God that I had you
and I always will.


A Glimpse of Mother......written by Debbie

Every once in a while when I tip toe down the stairs,
I manage to get a glimpse of mother in her rocking chair.
The fireplace is lit and the flames are burning low,
There’s a bible opened on her lap, and her head is bent low.
With her hands clasped together, and her eyes shut tight,
I’ve caught her in a moment of prayer, to me a precious sight.
Her silver hair is glistening, and etched lines upon her face,
Reveal signs of weariness yet exhibits distinction and much grace.
Those long slender fingers polished with a hint of pink to day,
Is a resting-place for her head, making it easier to pray.
Her elbows are poised on the bible, her feet firmly on the floor,
Make for a picture perfect photo, of a mother I adore.
Sometimes I know she feels not so helpful in many ways,
But little does she know how, she helps to brighten up my days.
She’s a classy kind of woman; I admire the way she looks,
I envy the how she’s capable of reading so many books.
Many times I visualize her when she was young and free,
And picture this fair beauty, when glancing at her carefully.
Even though some lines have hidden, which was once smooth tight skin,
She’s now softer than silk to touch and even more beautiful within.
Those etched lines tell stories of what mothers been through,
The wisdom she’s captured in her life makes her a precious jewel.
Her frail hands folded in prayer, have worked hard over the years,
Those tired eyes of hers have shed many silent tears.
Today she prays for loved ones; God hears her every plea,
With a thankful heart I’m happy she remembers me.
Even though her knees are frail, she manages from day to day,
To clasp her hands together, and bow her head to pray.
She’s my constant reminder to press forward in my calling,
And trust in God continually, to prevent myself from falling.
As long as I live I shall never forget when I tip toed down the stairs,
And got a glimpse of my dear mother praying in her rocking chair.

This is about my dear Maman who used to live with us.


For my friends…written by Friend forever

As I walk down the halls
Looking at the graffiti on the walls
As I approach various rooms
I watch the flowers bloom
I see a variety of people
All very very special

Berlie, Heinzs, Ven and Tom Watson
All have suites in the top floor
The conference room reserved for elders
That’s where they mostly are…
Important discussions, family squabbles and general enemy attacks
They sort out all the serious issues

Tom’s suite is done in whites
And he has a special place in our hearts
He advises us when we are wrong
And boosts us up in spirits when we loose faith in ourselves.

Heinzs turned half his set of rooms into his lab
He is the one you go to when you loose your key to the house
He is the one who has extra sets of keys to all the rooms
A very busy man, but always around when you need anything done
He is our pops, loving, strict, friendly and wise.

Mama Berlie is the head of the house
She is always around,
Has own set of rooms, that’s always unlocked
Knock before you enter though,
She is mostly on her computer,
Earning bread to keep up the home

Ven is the chief of all those police people around
She monitors the people who monitor the home
Make sure nobody is up to any kind of mischief
She makes sure that there is no kind of unfair play
And sometimes gets into mischief of her own.

Darkness approaches the dimly lit halls
I catch a glimpse of thief of dreams
Walking in and out of rooms
Taking away the nightmares,
Replacing them with pleasant, sweet dreams

Butterflies’s room is close by…
As I peek in, I see a rainbow of colors
All different colored wings
Yellow walls, Blue ceiling
With her baby alligators… And her weird reptiles
She is happy in her own sweet worlds…

Oh, I glimpse Preston disappearing into the Lady’s room
Wonder what he wants from that pretty one’s home
Oh, I get it now, her secret stash of beer hidden under her bed?
Or does he want to steal her stick again?

VivaldiFall’s room is almost always empty
He is in the army, you see…
A man in uniform
With a good heart and soul
He is around sometimes
To check up on how well behaved we all are

Blaze’s door is colored blue, with silver stars stuck on them
Her room is full of faerie dust *cough*
Seems like she is cleaning the stars again in her room
Silently waving a goodbye, I close the doors and walk by

Debbie, She’s just joined the home
She’s all the way from Canada
She has a great style of words
And her head is always bowed in prayer
She prays for all of us, and is closer to God.

Haroo is another lost, wandering soul
He is around, never leaving his room
His heart aches, His soul pains
Yet, he is a great friend, one you would wish you had.

Moonflower, what would I do without you
You love reading a lot, and writing Haiku
She lives near the end of the hallway
Her room has paintings of beautiful flowers
Orchids, roses and moonflowers

And the list would be incomplete
If I fail to mention Gillian
She shapes up poetry, keeps it really sexy
She is the chancellor of the pages
Gives the Great LadyS a run for her money.

People come, people go
But friends come, take your heart
And leave footsteps in your life forever

Great huge hugs to each and every one of you…
Nine hundred members, all so special
All so precious…
Its true, what would I have done without you
What would I have been, had I not met you all…
A mad human, living in a cell with padded walls
Love you all.


Crystal......written by poetrysoul17

She had no plans for the future,
she knew nothing of real love.
she was often used,
by those who wanted more.
she had no friends at all,
yet everyone faked to be one.
the one's that stood by her side,
she never turned to ask for help or a shoulder where to cry.
she cried everyday at lunch time,
but everyone ignored her at once.
now that she's gone,
everyone feels sorry they never had the chance to say"i'm sorry".
and now she's gone and she can't come back.
why then do they fake,
that they loved her and miss her very much?!
when back in the days when she was alive,
they disliked her more than shit.
to them she was worthless,
she was a piece of rag they onften cleaned their feet on.
she was only 17,
she was but another lost soul.
she had no intention of learning,
she only wanted to experience real love.
no one seemed to notice,
at least at the right time,
that she needed love more than the help they faked to give.
now she's gone
and i miss her.
but i know that she can't come back.
i cried on her shoulder once,
but she never cried on mine.
she was crazy like the wind,
that takes us dreaming everyday.
she was pure as a crystal,
the ones we adore and desire so much.
but she was lonely,
just like the rest of us are...


goodbye......written by kendra

You left me,
Without a word
Without a goodbye kiss
Or promises of times to come.
You took half of my heart with you
And that little locket I had lent you
With a picture of you on the one side
And me on the other.

Sometimes you wrote to me -
Hard, cold words - empty of your love for me.
But what a fuss I made over those letters -
How I longed for one to come.
Then I got a different letter.
How I wish it never came.
You were missing in action, it said.
I burnt it.

I pined for you -
I needed you to strengthen me.
But I still stared at the empty doorway -
Waiting for you to come.
You never said goodbye -
You took the only picture.
So the bright-eyed youth will never change.
He is preserved in my memory.

I watched my life as though it were not mine.
A secluded life.
Always waiting for the impossible.
Always waiting for you to come.
My hair changed colour from brown to grey.
But still your face was emblazoned in my memory.
I will never forget.
I will never let the world forget what you did for them.

But sometimes when I'm lonely,
When I'm sitting alone in my house,
I dream a long-forgotten dream -
And through the door you come.
I dreamt you came back to tell me
Of the marching,
Of the way you refused to die.
And that you wish most of all you'd said goodbye


some thoughts......written by alternativelogic

again.. not so much a poem, just sadness that in no way could be written as fast as the thoughts came. rip buddy..

..just like that a man is gone
what is left is memories and a void,
one that cannot be filled.
it seems surreal, and the emotions flood me.
the broken dam watches the sadness engulf me.
life is precious, but this means nothing to the living.
do i wallow within the emptyness
or live like theres no tomorrow?


9-11 Remembered......written by Heinzs

Proud and stately they once stood -
symbols of achievement and cooperation.
But the sons of Chaos, in their spite,
struck a savage blow deep into our hearts.
The pain and grief will not be assuaged,
but ever remembered in infamy.

Out of this darkness let us mold
our finest hour - brave and bold!

We have this opportunity to seize -
to rise above our baser instincts
and show the world our true nature.
Honor our fallen brethren
not in vengeful escalation,
but by forging a lasting peace!

From the cold ashes let us build
the utopian Eden God has willed!


I Love You Dad......written by redrobin

There are so many things
I never got the chance to say
Too busy waiting for the right time
Or for you to meet me halfway
If I had known yesterday
That today you would be gone
I would have been a better daughter
Instead of causing you to feel so alone
I look at your picture every night
Tears filling my eyes
I'm sorry I caused you so much pain
I'm sorry I told so many lies
Trying to be indendpent
I turned my back on you
I finally realize the truth
That your love was so true
I wish I could hug you
Saying "I love you so much dad"
Please forgive me
For always making you feel sad
I hope that you can hear me
As I whisper these words today
I send them up to you
Everynight as I pray

I love you dad


Raven Rose......written by thief of dreams

Gathering crowds of alone,
Wind whistles through cracked windows,
We have gathered here to be shown,
The tale of one, Ravyn Rose.

The candles flame, shudders and sighs,
Calms itself, as the wax rolls down,
Clouds roll apart, an owl takes to the skies,
A ghost sits outside,
Wrapped in her wedding gown.

Yellowed with age,
Browned in dried blood,
Still wet, with tears of rage,
Drowned in the cyclone flood.

Your hearts will not be free,
Her tale is one that will bleed to break,
And leave you all in some degree,
Feeling alone, burning upon a stake.

For it is our fault that this took place,
That a trail of life was left,
From Bakersfield, to Colorado, retrace,
We are the ones, who stayed the theft,
And denied her embrace.

A little girl screamed, but we never cared,
A little girl bled, be we never dared,
A child was lost, and we were the cost.

A million people, passing by,
We only saw a whore, an addict,
She probably did it herself, so why,
Should I stop to help some convict?

You shake your head,
Deny your own thought,
We all made this bed,
With lessons we were taught.

Imagine for a second, a cold night,
A young girl, wanting nothing but life,
Hiding from every car, from ever light,
Fearing the devil would find her, make her his wife,
That’s where your thought stops,
Too cruel to go on,
She couldn’t go to the cops,
But the devil did find her,
Raped her as you sipped coffee that dawn.

Yes your tears come now,
Too late and too little to help,
We all disavow,
That this could be so true,
But I tell you,
Even now,
These tears are not new.

The ghost outside, with phantom fears,
Walks inside and sits down,
Next to us, her peers,
For she is not dead, look around,
She will live for many years

Gathered crowds of alone,
Embrace and swear to those,
That before the night has grown,
We will all embrace her, Ravyn Rose.

a rose is a flower that is beautiful beyond belief, even when the hardest winters tear its tangled branches apart, it will flower once again after the sun has shined...
you are loved Jen... by many more than you know...


well once again i want to thank all who took the time to stop in here to post or read or reply..without all of you there couldnt be a tribute forum! now, April is here and i hope everyone will come on back and post even more!.. :mrgreen:

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moonflowers April highlights..

Post by moonflower » Sat Apr 30, 2005 10:23 pm

<a name="#007">
April, 2005</a>

cant believe this month flew by so fast! :lol: ..all the tributes posted here for April , as always, are simply wonderful!..because of the many bumps from the back pages it was a bit difficult tho to find all the actual 'new postings' for if i missed replying to yours i apologise..a big thank-you to everyone who came in and took the time to read or post or just browse..there were 43 tributes posted for April..i wish they could all be put in the spotlight!!..all of them are deserving ..well here are the ones to be highlighted.. :lol: :lol:


Driving to Obsession......written by Aschmutt

You consume my mind
entering my thoughts and dreams
every waking moment
every passing hour

Your gaze,
distant in thought
yet so close it reaches
the depths of my unspoken soul

Eyes, crystal blue
like the sparkling waters of the sea
like the morning sky being kissed by the first light of day
Your eyes, burning into mine
watching my every move and expression
as if not to forget

Hands, adorned with tasteful silver
sure and confident in their movements
yet hesitant to move in closer
Your hands, producing a touch
light yet firm,
sending warmth racing through my body
leaving me hungry, yearning for more
aching inside

A heart, tender yet cynical
hidden behind a protective barrier
slowly being chipped away
(by me)
Your heart,
searching for something
which can’t be found
yet yielding to the love
I offer to you

You consume my mind
Every sleepless moment
Every minute ticking by
What is it that keeps you here with me?
What is it that drives me to this obsession?


Dear Mother, My Beloved........written by theLight

The Eternal thou shall embrace
the coming of the Light--
thy love shall not be but become
of infinite insight.

Thou shall unveil the ascension
reborn into a life
rising unto the ardent Sun
upon that Dawn's goodnight.

Thou shall never cast a Shadow
in that path of midnight,
for thou shall embark with the Truth
against the Winds of Time.

The everlasting sleep shall be
a journey through the Sky
'til the awakening Robins
Sing a hymn of goodbyes.


For Toby, My Son........written by Leysa

His hair, a statement of defiance,
now pulled back
out of reach of tiny hands.

Where an eyebrow stud once challenged,
his face has smoothed,
a welcoming spot
for her soft head.

His closet – a living advertisement
for Michael Jordan and Nike,
now overflows,
not with shoes,
but with diapers,
and a stroller,
and teddy bears.

Nights filled with parties and clubs
convert to playing peek-a-boo
on the floor,
his attention focused
on tiny toes and fingers,
on coos and smiles.

He is in love,
not only with the woman
who shares his bed,
but with the child
they created.

The years of rebellious seeking
led him to find his heart
in home and family.

From boy to man to father to Dad.

I see my father in the eyes of my son
and I am blessed..

Prayer [in rememberance]......written by Richard Taylor

[for R]

Tis- midnight, through dreams mystic flow
beneath a bright and lovely moon,
and drowsily by that clear dark sky
this slumber, which always seams to try,
to take me home to soon.

And deep I go into the night
resisting mornings dawn.
In my chamber I slumber by the wall
shadow's rising lifting, then gently fall
lost in these lovely dreams reborn.

And fitfully as the shadows fill my head
again she seams to smile for me.
And I reach once more to meet her embrace,
the skies open now but I must wait Gods grace
Two Angels will fly high and free.


Fire Eater........written by Heinzs

protector of homes
belonging to other people
laying your life on the line...
who will hug your children tonight?
Your spirit will be watching the backs
of the fire eaters left behind
to carry on your legacy.
The demon flame
will never be conquered,
but will be held in check
and controlled.
You will not go unavenged
or unremembered.

Albino Rodriguez (1937-2005)
Goodbye Grandpa........written by thaguitarslayer

February 9th, 2005
is when you said good bye
I never got
the chance
to give you my good bye
I wish I spent more time
with you
I wish I told you
that I loved you more often
I remember the first
day I saw you
at that moment then
I grew so attached to you
I wouldnt let go of you
I would stick to you
like glue
I never, never knew
this would happen to you
at least
not this soon
I will never forget you,
you will always
live in my heart
forever and ever
thank you
for raising me
protecting me
keeping a roof over my head
and feeding me
we will all miss you
especially me
these tears I shed
this blood I bled
just to see you there
lifeless in your bed
in front of me...
just seeing you there...
brings me to my knees
and I start to weep
this pain is deep,
and has left a scar
that will never heal
you were more than
a grandparent to me
you were
a father to me...



For The Curious Mind........written by Debbie

Behind the rugged mountains,
a crimson sun is sinking low,
The day is almost done;
I wonder where did it go.
Robins and sparrows hush their singing
they’ve fallen fast asleep,
Crickets chirp, and toad’s croon
a song down by the creek.

Dusty blue skies have vanished
ushering in the darkest night,
And Mr. Moon with his smile
sheds a little light.
Fireflies flickering everywhere
put on a fireworks display,
Looks like they might be
celebrating Victoria Day.

Like the sands of the sea,
twinkling stars fill the blackened sky,
While moths promenade around
a lit up lamp close by.
Bats appear out of no where,
giving me a fright,
So difficult to see with their camouflage
the color of the night.

An old wise owl
is perched up in a tree waiting patiently,
For a tender morsel
to fill his aching tummy.
Wolves howling at the moon
create and eerie echo,
I can easily see the hand of God
everywhere I go.
The night is an adventurous time,
when creatures great and small,
Are awakened from their sleep,
as nighttime comes to call,

When the stars become dim
and Mr. Moon gives a big yawn,
‘Tis when the sun peeks over the mountain,
bringing with it the dawn.

Through out the day, whether sunshine or rain,
A busy day lies ahead for all,
until nighttime comes again.
And for those who’ll peer into
the mysteries of God, time after time.
Each day brings more surprises and wonderment
for their curious mind

well thanks again everybody for stopping by the Tribute forum ..its May now so i hope all of you will stop by and visit even more! :lol: :lol:

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moonflowers May highlights..

Post by moonflower » Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:01 am

<a name="#008">
May 2005</a>

well the tribute pieces posted here are all just so wonderful!..each one is worthy of special recognition..there were 23 pieces posted in Tribute for the month of May!! :lol: ..thats just truly wonderful!..i love them all! :lol: ..many are about mothers because of Mothers Day..picking just a few of them to highlight, as always, was very difficult..but these are the ones to be in the spotlight this time.. :lol: :lol:


Her Blue Leysa

This is dedicated to my parents -- both have passed, but their genuine love for each other continue to bless our family. This is their story:

Chestnut hair gleamed
auburn in the midday light
while her laughing blue eyes
crowned a smile that offered
friendship’s delight.

Yet he most recalled
her dancing blue shoes …

She married another
unaware of his adoration;
he sailed to the Pacific
a patriot fighting
for her and his nation.

In the jungle heat he thought
of her dancing blue shoes …

A black veil covered
her young face, hiding tears,
from two small children.
A widow facing the world
bearing life’s hard-earned souvenirs.

He saw her pain and
remembered sadly the dancing blue shoes …

In haste and fear, she married again
still unaware of his deep affection.
Another child was born
before she discovered her husband’s
and best friend’s defection.

He longed to see her happy again
in her dancing blue shoes …

With courage born of desire
he offered friendship (and love unstated)
until she realized the depth
of her feelings for the gentle man
who had so patiently waited.

She wore her dancing blue shoes
to their wedding …

Decades passed, their union strong
and blessed by four darling girls.
Happiness filled their home as
they danced through life --
her blue shoes in graceful twirls.

And he loved her until the day he died.


Wither Thou Eternum1

Wither thou goest
I cannot follow....

Ruth, my mother,
my friend.
I still try to reason why,
your journey had to end.

I try not to get angry.
at your detractor and her bitchy lies
I've tried to see your anguish
and the pain you felt inside.

But I miss you mother
despite your suicide
Though it's hard to trust another
won't leave me here, alive

If you stayed
you would have seen
some beautiful grandchildren
arrive upon the scene

Chloe is a spunky girl
she's the apple of my eye
So much like your grandaughter Jess
it almost makes me cry

You taught me to love
the classics
from the ravens quill
to a Bard named Will

I'm writing still

It's my way of saying
be done thy will

your loving son


Flowers For Debbie

Dear Mommy:

When I think of you,
I picture flowers,
In a garden you so loved,
and would tend to for hours.

I see you bent over picking weeds
with strategy and care,
So not to up root tiny plants,
tangled with them in there.

Every once in awhile you'd brush away a fly,
and then move along,
Humming all the while
one of your favorite songs.

I see your tanned face,
as you look up to blue colored skies,
Thanking God for the day,
while brushing the hair from your eyes.

As you busily dig with bare hands
getting dirt under your nails,
You'd toss away now and again
some rocks or slimy snails.

I giggled every time I saw you
chase our neighbors cat,
Your garden wasn’t the place for him,
and you sure made him scat.

Sitting on the grass to rest a while,
you’d sip on your favorite soft drink,
Gazing at your colorful display of flowers
and taking a moment to think.

I often wondered what thoughts
permeated your mind in your quiet place,
Because sometimes I’d see a frown,
other times a smile on your face.

Your smile mom, was it the pride you held,
for your garden so rare,
And the frown because of
a few flowers missing here and there?

Were you reminiscing on the times
when every once in a while,
I’d venture into your garden
and pick flowers to bring you a smile?

Were you remembering the way I looked
with tiny hands behind me,
Holding a bunch of drooped flowers
held ever so tightly.

Was your frown because I made you guess
what I had hidden there,
And the smile the joy you felt when I
handed them to you with care?

Were all those smiles for when
I giggled with glee,
Because I received a thank you
along with kisses and hugs from mommy?

Was your smile and frown a mixture of
hearing my laughter.
And after I grew up,
could you hear it long after?

I do believe Mommy,
you held on to every one of those precious memories,
And when you cared for that garden of yours,
I believe you thought of me.

Those flowers flourished,
and grew back from where I had taken a few,
But you never really minded at all,
because I picked them just for you.

Today you’re in heaven
and have a garden with no weeds to clear away,
Filled with breath taking flowers,
to make for a beautiful bouquet.

So until we meet again Mommy,
please keep growing lots of flowers so lovely to view,
Because when I get to heaven
I’ll be picking some just for you.

Happy Mothers Day Mommy..I love you..


for my guardian Friend forever

Every time I try,
Thinking surely I deserve a second shot
I fail…on the spot
I don’t really know why

I don’t really care now anymore
I will probably just stay here and grieve over
From deep underneath, from the core of my being…
No more chances… I swear, no more

Every smile that I give
Bring more and more angst
Every relationship I make
Turns sour, and many hearts break

Any word spoken by my cursed lips
Tears you apart…
My guardian angel it kills…

Oh why… why do I say stuff
Why cant I just f***kin be silent?
As tears cloud my sight
And I finally begin seeing clearly…
It’s not their fault… it is more than likely me

Frustrated, tired and beaten…
With my head down…
With my teary eyes and saddened soul
I move away, silently into my shell

Disheartened and desolate…
I wait for my guardian angel
To make it all right…
To bring me back to life…


Her Final redrobin

Her final plea in life
As she was set free
Was written with such love
"Please Remember Me.
Remember the good times
That we so often shared
Remember the bad times
But realize that I did care"
This plea was made by me sister
Written by her own hand
To help me through her death
So I could strongly stand
Remember I have always
The times that we had
The good, the bad,
The times that were so sad
A plea from an Angel
On a cold, rainy day
"Please remember me
And I'll always show you the way
The way from the darkness you abide
To a bright, peaceful day"

My Mothers Pretty Blue Bird

"To My Precious Children"

You give me red roses,
On most special days,
You know I love roses,
So roses you give.
Roses for my birthday,
For Mother's Day, too,
Roses when I was sad
And when I was blue.
Roses make me happy,
But like a gift from above,
To me you're my roses,
My Bouquet of Love.

I Love You,


hey thanks once more to everyone who took the time to stop in and visit in May :lol: :lol: ..all the tributes are simply awesome! i hope you all come on back in June and post some more! :mrgreen:

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moonflowers June highlights

Post by moonflower » Thu Jun 30, 2005 11:41 pm

<a name="#009">
June 2005</a>

well its July (already!!) :lol: and time to select pieces to highlight :lol: ..there were 41 postings in June!..thats so wonderful!..but since my computer decided to take a 'vacation' for most of the month i wasnt able to be on i havnt been able to read all the postings yet, so, because of that, ive only highlighted a few pieces right now, but in July i will choose the highlights from the combined ones that were posted in both June and July..a big thank-you to all of you who stopped by and visited..your talented pieces are a joy to read!..well here are the highlights for June.. :lol: :lol:


To My raindownonu

To Mommy,

If only you could be here now
To see me at my glory
And even my falls
If I could have been able to know you
To see what they all tell me
And know if its true
If only you were standing before me
To prove how much I really do care
And help take care of us
If only I could show how much I miss you
I’d demonstrate it to the world and more
And show how much I love you
If only they could see that I haven’t forgotten
To show that I still remember your voice
And I even remember your face
If only Nathan could remember you as I do
I’d give anything to show him to you again
And maybe he’ll remember
If only we had more time with you here
I’d tell John he could have you for that time
And maybe he’ll be ok again
If only you where here again to stay with us
I’d tell daddy that you are his forever more
And maybe he’ll forget the bad
If only you where here with me and the family
I’d tell you everything and hold on to you tight
And maybe you’ll stay this time…

Your Daughter,


She Came Phoenix J. Star

After being away on a
binge of selfishness and
false euphoria...
she came home.

After giving up all
the things that really
mattered for some
fake friends and
a hit here and there...
she came home.

After hitting the rock
bottom of the well
only to realize what
life is all about,
realize what she wants,
and its not this life...
she came home.

She came home tired,
she came home sick,
probably a bit delusional,
head still probably a bit thick.
But she's home now,
in safe hands,
she knows she's alive,
she knows where she stands.

The little boy that was
constantly in the back
of her mind helped
to bring her back to Earth.
The family that loves her so dear
makes sure she knows that they
all are there, through thick and
through thin, they're there...

and she came home.


To My Buddy Debbie

Happy Fathers Day To My
Buddy Dad
People think I’m different, because I like climbing trees,
Sail boating is fun, and surfing is a breeze.
Fishing from morning until night,to me is really great,
It’s fun hanging out with dad, and canoeing on the lake.
All these things I like to do, with my favorite guy,
Of course he's my dad, we're great buddies him and I.
The thing that makes me different is, I’m a girl and not a boy,
And dad thinks I’m great, and I give him so much joy.
I am so grateful, to have him as my dad,
As far as I’m concerned, he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.
So Happy Fathers Day, to my best buddy and Father,
From your little Tomboy, your ever loving daughter.


well again, many thanks to everyone who visited this forum :lol: ..i cant wait to read all the wonderful postings for this month!..July has arrived so i hope all of you will return and post even more!.. :lol: :lol:

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moonflowers July highlights

Post by moonflower » Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:46 am

<a name="#010">July 2005</a>

hi everyone..well here it is time for highlights again :lol: ..the highlights selected here are from the combined months of June and July..there was a total of 52 posts for the two months..thats really great!.. :lol: each post is a wonderful tribute and i wish they could all be highlighted..a big thanks to all who came in and browsed or posted..all of you make this forum a wonderful place!.. :lol: :lol: well here are the selections.. :lol: :lol:


Painting on the Wall:......written by Lurking Shadow

Painting on the wall, tell me what you mean
With those hypnotizing colors, dark blues and forest greens
I see you tell a story, by the dancing winds and standing tree
The dead grass, full moon and the night’s mysterious breeze
Your tree casts a shadow, and falls upon the grass
Forming a skeleton like hand, with sharp ends like broken glass

I do not understand what all of this demands
Such complicated painting, painted by simple shaping hands
You try to tell me something, I can assure that is your chore
By the way I stopped in the hall, to admire your living soul
Represented in the painting, by the colors and hidden fears
And the troubling mystical meaning, I find nowhere clear

I walked two steps closer, and faced the painting with a frown
Then I realized I had known what the painting was about
I knew it all along, but expected something strong
Like a dream or fancy story, yet I was right nor wrong
To my eyes this painting meant, nature’s dark form and shape
Perhaps a night outdoors, or a somber land scape

Well now I shall conclude, my nightly visits through these halls
I’ll stroll again tomorrow, when I hear a painting call


the ravyn......written by Miyu

flying at the age of five
was quite the imagination
and my body
even though small
felt like a thousand jeans
in the pouring rain

paper wings
weren't much of a cost
but the effort put into it
not all can afford
and i for one, treasure it
even though my attempt
turned out to be a failure
i learned after every fall
bruises never seem to stall

then twelve and thirteen
by now i'm fourteen
i seem to have figured
humans can't fly
no matter the attempts

i met her one night
a couple of miles away
but she touched me
her conscience and nature
and enagement to life
she've seen it all

her sparks still shine
and every now and then
she's on my mind
now, i for one can say
i knew a woman
her name was Jennifer
and she flew


Ode to a Woman Before her Time.....written by Tom Watson

In a land far away
A girl was born before her day.
When others were held by quiet demure,
She walked in steps strong and assured.

In a place torn by war,
While most cowered from the abhorred,
Her eyes never flinched from the sights,
As she learned a talent to fight.

Through anger and frustration she fought,
Even when skin on knife and razor were caught,
She still stood on broken leg and ankle, bare boned;
Not ready to quit until she was standing alone.

After a war of immense terror
Life can be rough, and very unfair…
Even though money was plentiful in her family place,
She continued to fight the darkness that crossed her face.

Soon, the enemy became friend and lover;
A comfort, a shelter, peaceful cover
That would remove her from her land of the past,
Taking her to a new world, where she fit in at last.

As a woman of strength born of necessity,
In place of her time and personality,
She would continually grow and thrive,
Using her talents and intelligence to survive.

She was born apart from the norm of her home;
A fighter, lover, friend of many, feared by some,
She carried love openly for the old and the young;
A wife of whom I am proud, with a love holding strong.


Her Blue Shoes......written by Leysa

This is dedicated to my parents -- both have passed, but their genuine love for each other continue to bless our family. This is their story:

Chestnut hair gleamed
auburn in the midday light
while her laughing blue eyes
crowned a smile that offered
friendship’s delight.

Yet he most recalled
her dancing blue shoes …

She married another
unaware of his adoration;
he sailed to the Pacific
a patriot fighting
for her and his nation.

In the jungle heat he thought
of her dancing blue shoes …

A black veil covered
her young face, hiding tears,
from two small children.
A widow facing the world
bearing life’s hard-earned souvenirs.

He saw her pain and
remembered sadly the dancing blue shoes …

In haste and fear, she married again
still unaware of his deep affection.
Another child was born
before she discovered her husband’s
and best friend’s defection.

He longed to see her happy again
in her dancing blue shoes …

With courage born of desire
he offered friendship (and love unstated)
until she realized the depth
of her feelings for the gentle man
who had so patiently waited.

She wore her dancing blue shoes
to their wedding …

Decades passed, their union strong
and blessed by four darling girls.
Happiness filled their home as
they danced through life --
her blue shoes in graceful twirls.

And he loved her until the day he died.


Just a Word from Daddy.....written by Negatvone

I thought you should know I love the way you pass
Just to hold you high and shelter your pain
Looking at the pictures of your youth and the limitless class
The endless memories cloud my mind like downpours of rain

My heart stops every time I gander at what you left me. The token
Tokens of love at first sight balance my mind on an instant
Even though you are so close, my heart is still broken
I just hope you deem my simple words to have subsistence

I never wished for anything more than you to find light
In every instance without giving up this simple fight
The fight was my own to duel within myself for you
Notice I have never stopped this unending duel and stayed true

I don’t feel right when you have gone away
Not for a moment and not on this day
In my mind, we still go out for hours and play

Fields of green grass with us pummeling each other
Thoughts of you and your younger brother
My two children holding my hands covered in love
You two are truly my only gifts from above

Just remember how much daddy loves you till the day that I die
When this happens, I hope you never start to cry

Remember, love is eternal. I’ll always be there


Little Starfire......written by Friend_Forever

Little starfire sitting up a tree
Wondering why the hell she isn’t heard at thirteen
Acting all grown up and big
She’s just a little bird waiting to be freed

Please listen to the younger one,
Don’t disregard the lost little girl
Treat her with respect; our starfire’s grown
Don’t ignore her comments; she is our own

Full of fire and youthful energy
Came our dear young lady
Brought rejuvenated liveliness
Made the pages a little more interesting

“Grass is always greener on the other side”
Listen well, dear starfire to what I say
Act like yourself dearest one…
Be your age; share with us your adolescence

Don’t shed tears today…
There are no guarantees about tomorrow
Live your life to the fullest
This moment’s all you have…

As you get older, you will look back, Sarah
… The words I say, will ring in your ears
Don’t make the mistakes I have made young one
Live today like there’s no tomorrow.


A Poets Place......written by quillspeak

A gift of expression, on page life unfolds
Of style and elegance, pagentry, bold
Visions explored, reminiscent within
Life's song in verse, words poetic begin

Tears from tragedy, sadness from loss
Two lovers quarrel, words in haste cross
Splendours of nature, beloved sounds
Places of wonder, true friendship found

Emotions poured out, our true feelings shared
Touching accounts, our heart and soul bared
For love of the poem, words crafted with grace
A beloved journey, this poet's place


thank you for giving me back my life......written by nrip4life

it was dark and i couldnt see anything
i felt i was on the edge of realities cliff
the only life i knew was in a bottle
i heard the stories
i projected my past my words my all
i thought the thoughts that would change everything
i was alone and you made me feel like i could go on
i had nothing and you gave me a sliver of vision
the moment the tears
and none will ever know the miracles i saw
i can only keep them as inspiration
so to the stranger that showed me love
thank you for my life;
silker, larson, jessica*, lisa, jim, dan, krystal, charles, mary, lisa thompson, tiana, Lord of all Lords, and all addicts around the world..
oh yes and i forgot one person..the man in the mirror whom i ignore so well...andrew john skinner...thank you for pullin through...


In tribute to my friend......written by VivaldiFall

Short, stocky and Bald
Boxer, won a golden glove I recall
Beautiful wife and amazing new child
Your kid hasn't even seen his daddy smile.

All of us were fine when the bomb blew
The bomb wasn't big and the armor protected us too
I couldn't hear after your scream
Everything was in slow motion like a dream.

I remember your head in my lap yelling
I barely heard "Am I okay?" through the ring
I saw blood, but not a lot covering your eyes
"Dude, you're good just a scratch" was my reply.

"You better not be lying" you said
With small trickles of blood from your head
But don't worry and tell your wife not to cry
January 18 was not your day to die.


Please......written by Nocturne005

Please don't look so sad, even though you feel so bad.
Please doen't look so sad, just wear a smile.
Please....just for a little while.
Please give out a little laugh,
Even though you feel a little sad.
Please know that when you're gone,
Please....say it won't be for long.
Know that you will be missed
And please remember this:
"The more we laugh, the less we cry. The more we live, the less we die."
"Life is not counted by the breaths we take,
but by the moments that leave us breathless.
The which we make"
So please remember these words in which I say
And please know that I'll be here every day,
To help you in any kind of way.
So Please don't look so sad.
And please don't feel so bad.
Please, my friend of mine.
Please know....that everything will be fine.


Dont......written by Beth

Don't leave me,
don't leave me now.
After all we've
been through, how?
Just last July,
you were doing fine,
you didn't even mind
the pain.
Don't you ever leave me,
can't you see that I
need you and you need me?
I guess you gave papaw
a real good present,
because you hung on
until his birthday then
you went to be with him.
Don't you ever forget,
whatever you do,
I Love You.


Druggy Friend......written by Xx mistik xX

I remember how we used to hang out,
Run around and scream and shout,
We’d laugh and tell each other secretes,
Everyone said that we were misfits.

Then I remember that thing that we did on the spot,
When you took out that bag of pot,
Set it out and rolled some joints,
Gave one to me and said “life has no point.”
I light it up and took a toke,
I gagged and reeled and started to choke,
But I hit it again and felt much better,
I was in a new world and felt as light as a feather.
I remember how we ran around,
Screaming and yelling while the others frowned,
But I didn’t care cause I was on top of the world,
That’s when I thrown over and about to hurl.
Depression got the best of me,
Of what I was and used to be,
I followed you because I thought you were my friend,
But somehow I knew that because of you my life would end.
You got a boyfriend and so did I,
But all we ever did was get high,
When we weren’t together all we did was fight,
I knew that I wanted you out of my sight.
I remember again when you started to choke,
I remember the day when you took out the coke,
Told me it was safe and I should snort some,
To this day I know that it was dumb.
I remember all that dumb stuff I did,
I lost my better friends so in my room I had hid,
I thought up ways to fix my broken dreams,
And all of this was because of you it seems.
I stopped hanging with you because you had a different idea of fun,
You and your bf were thinking about having a son,
I couldn’t believe it cause you’re only 15,
I knew the drugs had gotten to you and life was a dream.
I left you there with you’re druggy friends,
And with my old ones I made amends,
Holy sh*t I was close to being so far gone,
I’m glad I realized that it wouldn’t be long.

Lost friend I hope you remember me,
And everything and what used to be,
I don’t miss you a lot because you deserve it,
Everything that you do, after every one little hit.


Childhood Swing......written by Lurking Shadow

I ran from my house, not sure where I would go
When such an urge took over, as I watched my candle glow
The candle lit on my table, as I so calmly sowed
Now as I run, as my feet pound the snow
I realize where I’m going, as my memory comes by slow
I run down a hill, low each step low
But then I come to a stop, as I see a lonely swing
Tied up to a tree, swaying by the memories it brings
I use to sit here at nights, years ago as a child
Thinking about time, so endless yet so mild
I knew I’d be a grown up, soon losing her smile
But as I find myself old and tired, I then think for a short while
That I haven’t changed but a bit, I’m still the same except for age
I kept my smile and curiosity, both in the same stage
I then sat on my swing and swayed as I closed my eyes
Thinking about time, and how all fits and ties
I was here long ago, thinking the same as today
I then stand as I realize I truly want to stay
I lightly touch the swing with my old hands, and forget all my sorrows
I must go for I’m cold, but I’ll see you dear swing tomorrow.


well thats it for July :mrgreen:... i want to thank everybody once again for making this such a wonderful forum..its August so i hope everyone comes back and posts even more!!.. :mrgreen:(it seems impossible that it could be August already!)..back to school days!.. :lol: :lol:
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moonflowers August highlights

Post by moonflower » Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:23 am

<a name="#011">August, 2005</a>

well here it is September already..time for posting August highlights :lol: there were 36 postings in the tribute forum for August..thats really great!.. :lol: a big thank you to all who came in and read or usual, it was very hard to pick just a few but these are the ones being highlighted.. :lol: :lol:


Eugene, a Good Man......written by Jeannerene

He sat on the edge of the bed,
What it meant to his body
To throw his legs over the side.
And he sat
Taking a deep breath.

I massaged his shoulders,
Wincing at the yellowing skin.
We talked.

And I listened
To his combat memories,
As I had always done.
Over many years
He made a home for me
In this part of his life.
We thumbed once more
Through the album.
My favorite
Has always been
Dad at the wheel of a jeep
In New Guinea.
He looks about nineteen.

I massaged his legs,
Swollen so that my
Fingers barely made
An impression.

We established our routine.
A massage.
A talk
About the repairs
Left to be done on my house.
Walking up my driveway
Toolbox in hand.
He had built his house
In his spare time.

We talked.
About my boys.
About my sister's girls.
About history,
A passion shared.

One day,
As we talked
He slipped his Navy ring
Off his finger.
A ring I'd seen him wear
Without mentioning it
He placed it in my hand,
The filigree worn
Completely smooth.
Thirty years given
To his country.

He asked me,
Did I fulfill the purpose
Of my life?
I have been a good man?
Yes, Dad
You have been a good man.
I held his hand.
The anguished tears rising
From our shared soul
Would not let us talk.

I want a tour, he said.
And managing only
To reach the door
His arm pushed me away.
And he stood there,
His eyes moving
Over the room.

His voice caught,
I built this house.
Yes, you did Dad.

I had to find it.
A picture of dad,
My infant sister
Cradled in one arm,
My six year-old self
Hoisted in the other,
Standing in front
Of a half-built house.
My dad beaming.



by the stereo he said
why does it have to be this way?
in the morning I woke
and wondered
Why does he have to be dead?
all these dreams and pictures of you
going around in my mind
all these memories
and future plans
flashing right on by
I scream and I cry
but it brings you nowhere nearer
I breathe and I try
but I just seem to keep on falling now
and now that you're gone,
now that you're free
I just hope you don't forget me
just hope that you get everything
of which you dreamed
and I hope to see you one day soon
I love you


Young Roses......the quiet poet

Upon the field of rotting death,
Lie souls of lives forgotten.
No one knows their story,
No one sees their tears.

Roses bloom, fed by their marrow,
Admired for their beauty.
Picked by lovers in Spring,
Carried home to die.

So does turn the wheel of the year,
Again, lives return to dust.
All one day forgotten,
But for now, revered.

Saying Goodbye......written by Red Robin

Saying goodbye to my mother
As I kneel by her side
Pain and turmoil
I could not hide
Saying goodbye to my mother
Asking the question "why"
A gentle breeze blowing
Causing me to look to the sky
Seven white doves flying
Peacefully over her grave
Giving me the strength
To stand so strong and so brave
A sign from the Heavens
Sent from someone above
To give me a ray of hope
To give me a sign of love
The doves sent a message
From my mother so dear
"With you I will always be
I will always be so near
When the pain of my departure is strong
And you feel you can not take anymore
Remember, as the doves fly freely
So does my spirit soar"


once again i want to thank everyone who came by and took the time to read or post..its all of you that makes this forum so now that September is here i invite everyone to come back and post even more!.. :mrgreen: :lol:
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moonflowers September highlights

Post by moonflower » Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:02 am

<a name="#012">September, 2005</a>

hi everybody :lol: really sorry to be so late posting these! :roll: ..had a major computer problem this past week and plus, i was out of town unexpectedly for a few days..i hope things are more settled in my 'other life' now :lol: ..

i simply cant believe September is over and its October already!..there were 25 postings in the 'Tribute' forum this time :lol: ..isnt that great?!?..i want to thank all of you who dropped in and visited the Tribute forum in September ..its all of your talents and postings that make this the great forum that it usual, its always hard to pick just a few pieces to highlight..because all of the postings are worthy of being in the limelight..well, these are the ones to be highlighted :lol: :lol: ..


LADY KATRINA......written by Lady Saturn

Lady Katrina
came with force beyond anyone's imagination.
She was a raging mistress
bent on destruction.
No one would have a clue though
as to how the aftermath would be even worse.
It's kind of sad when the people of America
care more about human life
than their supposed leader.
Maybe we made a mistake
when we voted for that man.
But we can't think about that now.
Not when our fellow brother needs us.
Not when we have people dying,
you name it their doing it.
And someone should remind those
who are complaining of petty things.
That they should be grateful for what they have.
Unlike those who now have nothing.
Unlike those who now have to fight in order to survive.
help those in need.
bless those who lend a hand.
And God,
forgive those who know no better.
Their just doing what they think is right.
To Lady Katrina,
your a lesson we have to learn.
And you're something we'll never forget.
No matter if we want to or not.
We'll never forget...


My Hero......written by **missyann**

You’ve always been there for me when I needed
you. Somehow you always had the answers to my
questions, you always knew what to do.
You were there when I was upset and crying to
tell me things would be okay. Everything would
get better tomorrow’s a brand new day.
You told me that you loved me and you always
would; when I thought no one knew, you always
I love all the things you give me but the thing
I care about most is all the love you send,
you’re not just my grandma, you’re my best friend.
I don’t know what I’d do without all the love we
You’ve always been there to show me how much you
You tell me how pretty I am and that you hope I’ll
be the best person I can be, but I am who I am
because you loved me.
It hurts so much to think of what life will be
like when we are forever apart; but I’ll always
have you in my dreams and in my heart.
Grandma I’ll always be there for you and I want
you to know, from the bottom of my heart, you’re
my hero.


dedicated to Ritchie ......written by Debbie

Walk on walk on,
even though it seems you’re going no where,
Keep going
even if you’re walking at a snails pace you’ll get there.

No matter what the obstacle,
no matter what the trial,
Keep focused on your goal
don’t count the miles.

Don’t worry about how long it’ll take,
discouragement will fill your head,
Cheer yourself at the end of each day,
at how far you’ve come instead.

You can and will accomplish
anything you set your mind to do,
Even if the world mocks and laughs at you.

Walk on walk on don’t give up so easily,
Keep going even if you’re at a turtles pace,
you’ll soon see victory.

No matter what you’ve been told,
I know your dreams can come true,
Just believe you can do it,
but mostly BELIEVE IN YOU.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world
yet many made it to the top,
They had determination, quit wasn’t in their vocabulary,
at the peak is where they stopped.

Walk on walk on,
even if you’re the only one,
Hang in there,
and one day you will run.

You're only a failure
when you give up completely,
So Walk on Walk on
even if you have to crawl on your knees..



Reflections in Photographs...written by GoddessErika

Someday, time will fade the memories
Blending them together as it bends
Soon, the days will become years
And the details will unknowingly be forgotten

But you will forever remain unchanged
Always smiling back at me,
As you were then

Old "what's her name" and "that one guy"
Will have disappeared into the background
With the others

And though the pages have begun to curl
And the colors don't quite shine like yesterdays
That sparkle still remains in your eyes

While I reminisce in the years past
My thoughts escape under my breath...
"It was always you"

Shyly, I look up
Half hoping you heard me yet,
Half scared to death that you didn't

But the look on your face
Clearly showed that you had
So quickly, I shift my gaze back to the photograph

I hang my head
Letting my hair sweep across my face
Hoping it will hide my fear

Slowly, I feel you brush it back
Tucking it gently behind my ear
I draw my gaze upward

Just in time to catch a glimpse
Of that familiar sparkle
In the camera's blinding flash

Just in time to catch
Another memory of us
Fuzed in the reflection of a photograph


The Poet (an ode)......written by Shane

The poet dreams of sweet born days
nights crystal clear and still
The mourning of desired age
and iron laden will

The poet sees an image bare
Ripe with polished prose
You cannot see ... but it is there
then all at once it goes

The poet cries with angered heart
a pain intense and burning
Empathic life so wild and free
and full of ancient yearning

The poet dies... a wound so deep
but is he really gone?
his words roll by unhindered now
and the dream will e'er live on


Abandoned Treasures......written by AlluraD

It was a solitary path she walked.
Her years of life flew by like sifted sand
Through fingers spread not made to house a day.
To heaven’s eye she raised her empty hand.

Surrendering to numbing, mindless pain
She lay exhausted on a storm strewn beach.
Dissolved and blown away by time’s harsh breath,
Then swallowed by a sea beyond her reach.

The turbulence of teeming wind and waves
Yields polished glass the lonely dreamer saves.


Goodnight Grandpa......written by Starfire

No longer shall I see your face,
Your blood shot eyes or withered skin,
Smell the saw dust on your shirt,
Or stand on my toes to kiss you goodbye.

Your ruler suspenders hang limp in your closet,
The shop in which your creations lie,
Closed and left alone,
Darkness falls upon you house tonight.

Though your favorite chair remains empty in the corner,
And your hat and shoes are packed away,
I know that you always loved this family,
I know you always will.

So sleep in peace Grandpa George,
Today, you are with Him,
And I won’t cry because you’re gone,
I will cry because you’re home.

Goodnight Grandpa,
Sleep well.

well thanks again everyone for stopping in and posting such wonderful tributes in September :lol: ..Octobers here, so come on back and post even more! :mrgreen:
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moonflowers October highlights

Post by moonflower » Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:14 am

<a name="#013">October, 2005</a>

well this month has simply flown by so fast!..Novembers here already! the 'tribute' forum there were 28 postings for October..that is so great! :lol: a hearty thank you to all who stopped by to read or post..all the postings are simply wasnt easy picking just a few to highlight but these are the ones..


Farewell Richard Taylor....written by Maid of Iron

Farewell Kindred Soul
An ocean distant is no boundary
We’ll oft recall your goodness
Your noble thoughts and finery

Thank you for the words you gave
The righteous works, the thoughts of praise
For all the Light you brought to bear:
Thank you Sir, your breed is rare

Fair your words and fair your heart
Your poets pen your sacred art
Let silence fall as now you part
As every fellow feels this dart

Let each one reflect a moment:
Why such a valiant walked away

Let silence wield her answer
As the medley ceases play
For a finer of the dancer's
We've lost on this sad day

The Muses stand aside
At your taking of your leave
To make way for their pride
A child whom they bequeathed
And many furrowed brows
Show hearts that are a’grieved

As silently, we bid thee:

Farewell, Kindred Soul;
Thank you, your words have touched us all.


My Superhero....written by Phoenix J Star

She's always worked at least
three jobs to keep dinner on
the table and clothes on
the kids.
She's always been there when
one was sick,
adhearing to every wish,
always right at their bedside.
She made a promise to her
mother to never let anyone
but her take care of her in her
old age.
She's always promised the kids
she'd always be there to pick them
up when they fall down.
She's always made sure each
Christmas was one to always be
She was at every football game,
every band competition,
every dance recital,
every piano recital,
and she was always front and center
with her camera to capture
each precious moment of
her little darlings at their
moments to shine.
She's kept every promise she's
ever made.
And now in her time of need,
stubborn as a mule,
she still tries to take care of
At holidays she's right there over
your shoulder making sure
you get that stuffing just right,
making sure the turkey isin't
too dry,
making sure you make that
sweet potato caserole to perfection.
still making sure that everyone
gets what they want for
making sure the little ones have
christmas's they'll remember
for years to come,
treating each day as if it were
her last on earth.
Now in her time of need,
I make sure she has everything
she wants and gets to do the things
she loves to do.
She knows it won't be long,
but she's holding on for as
long as she can,
savoring each and every moment
spent with each and every one of
her children and their children.
She tells me to be prepared,
but when its her time to go,
a part of me will die with her.
She's my gran, and I love her dearly,
and as long as she's still here,
I"ll make sure I take care of her
when she's sick,
adhere to her every wish and demand.
She's always been there fore me,
now its time for me to be there for her.
And I will do so.


(This Time)
"dedicated to all members"....written by Cure

Perhaps I may stay for a while
Adore your love from a thousand miles
As we connect in different styles

But I cannot promise you forever
Though our hearts would synchronize together
In our most delightful home ever

It is a long road that I must climb
But I will visit you, from time to time
As you are my precious rhythm and rhyme


Remember ....written by Asher

remember the last kiss given to you
by your child who is only two
remember the times you spent telling a tale
by the fire, when plans for going outside, fail
remember those who have given you a soul
those of whom have made you whole

Remember the woman who gave her life
to love you, and to be your wife
remember how she gave you those smiles
how you hugged, made up, after the trials
remember when you dreamt of her all night
even the times before you went there to fight

Remember the people who depend on you
those of them that are even new
remember how you wished that you would be
everything you wanted your son to see
Remember the anthem they all would sing
and all the strength and courage they would bring

Remember that kid who calls you dad
those times you wish that you still had
remember the tears you shed a bit ago
over the angels made in all the snow
remember the excitement when you arrive
their tears and joy knowing your alive.


hey thanks again to everybody who took the time to come in and read or post..its always such a joy to me, to get to read all the wonderful tributes ..well November is now upon us so i hope all of you come back and post even more! :mrgreen:

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moonflowers November highlights

Post by moonflower » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:08 pm

<a name="#014">November, 2005</a>

wow Novembers gone already! :grin: i cant believe that!!..there were 29 tributes posted for the month..thats so great!! :thumbsup: ..all of them beautiful and worthy of highlighting..i want to thank everyone who popped in during November..ya'll make this forum really wonderful! :lol: well here are the highlights for the month..


Mountain Wind....written by Territorial Hawk

grasses stir
beneath her passing
snowgums bend
before her
roaming high
over the mountains
cattle shift
seeking sparse
and the snowflurries
dance in the sky
to meet her
as the mountain wind
returns home


Miracle....written by frozentears

I've never seen beauty
in the depth that I see in you.
A baby...our baby
You are a miracle;
one created by a love so pure and true.

A single glance at you, and I can't help but wonder
How could anything or anyone be more wonderful?
from the way you grip my finger
to the sound of your cry
and even your dirty diapers.

Sweet child of mine,
you are the most remarkable gift...
Truly the greatest miracle imaginable.


Two Lost souls ....written by Friend_forever

Two souls
Wandering in the night

Two souls…
Whom should they tell their plight?

Two souls,
Looking for company

Two lost ones
Looking for loved ones…

Two souls,
Brought together by similar circumstances…
Two souls,
Torn between the two worlds

Two tired, helpless young ones
… Suffering from emotional disorders…
The domestic lives in chaotic disarrays…

Two saddened persons…
Living with terrible fathers
Tortures follow them throughout…

Two lost souls
… Wandering in the worlds…
Lost, tired and burnt out
With nobody to hear them out
Nobody to love them
To care for them
Or to cherish them

Two souls,
… Wandering in the night…


To My Daughter With Love....written by FLJFAA

I look at you lying here
asleep next to me,
And I realize how very lucky
I am to have you here.
At the same time
as I look at you,
I am scared when I think
about how much you
depend on my and daddy
to teach you everything
you need to know.

There are so many questions
racing through my mind
as I look at you.
Doubts as to which path
we should take as you grow.
Hopes that no matter what
you will grow into a well
rounded individual, free of
sorrow and prejuces...

I look at what I went through
growing up, and I know
that I want better for you.
I don't want you to suffer
the pain of my past mistakes.
At the same time, I hope
that you come to know
how those mistakes have
made me the person I am today....


Bliss....written by kelti

(This is a poem of my mothers)

To watch the waves on the sea,
Rushing along, coming towards me,
To feel the tranquil of the night
Telling me what i did was right.

To run my fingers through the sand.
Trying to keep my thoughts in hand,
I don't look at it as running away
Even when loved ones ask me to stay.

The thought of walking along the beach,
Trying to find, trying to reach,
An answer to all the questions.

I never seem to be on my own,
There's always someone in my home.
All i want is a break away
From all the things that make me stay.


well once again, a big, big thank you to all who stopped in during November :grin: ..come on back and browse or post some more, now that its december! :mrgreen:
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moonflowers December highlights

Post by moonflower » Sun Jan 01, 2006 6:22 pm

<a name="#015">December, 2005</a>

i just cant believe its a new year already!!!..December just whizzed by!..there were 28 posts in the Tribute forum this time..thats really terrific! :lol: a big thank you to everyone who stopped by and posted or always, it was hard to pick only a few but these are the ones to be highlighted.. :lol:


Kayley Ann....written by Ellie

From your first day in the womb
I knew you were special to me,
I never imagined loving you so
I never thought I would have to set you free.
I think of you everyday
the way you used to laugh,
I cry everytime
I look at your photograph.
Your picture sits in my car
while your in my heart,
your beautiful eyes
enough to inspire my art.
I remember your first steps
and how we played together on the floor,
I'll never forget the way you looked at me
that last time I walked out the door.
I never thought it would be the last time
I would see your precious face,
or hear your laughter
when it was you I would embrace.
I wonder if you remember me
and how very much I love you,
I wish I could be there for your first boyfriend
your first prom date too.
Your first four years were mine
the stories I can tell would make you blush in the face,
everyday a fresh lilly sits for you
on my table in a vase.
Your future I'm not there
just a faded memory in your heart,
You were just so young
and from my arms you were ripped apart.
With a promise to see you
when ever it would please,
no phone calls, no forwarding address
just a whisper once for a tease.
Everyday I love you
and think of how you might be,
I hope that your happy
and pray you don't forget me.


Glenwood....written by YankeeChick

G - Grace
L - Love
E - Empathy
N - Nonplus
W - Will Power
O - Opportunity
O - Operative
D - Dignity


I'm Proud Of My Children....written by Debbie

Today as I was sitting here
I began to think of many things,
One by one I was picturing
each one of my children,
And all of there kindness
to others they bring.

My oldest daughter is a light
where darkness covers so many lives,
Angela ventures out
sowing the love of God to those she meets everyday,
She’s determined to
wipe the tears from the helpless ones eyes.

Baking and creating gifts
she tries hard not to forget anyone,
From cross guards, teachers,
her children’s friends, and neighbors,
Carefully she packages her homemade gift,
and delivers each one.

Along with other friends she’ll gather
as many toys and clothing that their able,
The cloths are new and the toys not used,
and given to the less fortunate,
With Love From Gods angels is written
on the tags for each individual.

My second oldest, my son, my miracle,
the one Doctors said wouldn’t live,
Goes out on the streets in the cold of night,
picking up the homeless,
He takes them home, where they sleep, eat,
and learn that Jesus forgives.

He tells them of the Savior
and Robert is a true example of,
How Jesus reached out to the lost,
the lonely, and those suffering,
He freely gives of himself everyday
from a heart full of love,

Many times the cupboards are bear,
from feeding and caring for so many,
But that doesn’t deter him,
he trusts in God to take care of his needs,
With out a doubt,
someone stops by in no time at all with food and money.

My third child shops in second hand stores
where she finds goodies,
From toys to cloths, you name it,
most of it with price tags on them,
She carefully wraps up gifts
and hands them out to the needy.

Her heart is so big when it comes to children
she can’t bear to see them suffer,
Norma-Lynn will go the extra mile
and do with out to help them,
And purchases items required,
she has so much love to offer.

She desires to work with the elderly,
who haven’t a family,
Spread her love around
like Jesus would,
Take time
if just to sit a while and keep them company.

My youngest daughter Sara writes, plays music, and sings,
she has a heart for the lost,
When she sees someone
suffering with pain or broken heart,
She’s the first to offer them
a shoulder to lean on, no matter the cost.

Giving to children in other countries
is one thing she’s pleased to do,
Soon her and her husband plan
to adopt rather than have another child,
There’s so many children in this world
who require love too.

When someone comes along
and asks for money,
She’ll dig deep,
and gives them a hand out or food,
And doesn’t forget to mention to each one
“Jesus Loves You”

With much delight I sit here
tears flowing from my eyes,
I’m proud of my children,
for what and who they have become,
With trials of their own,
they can still bring happiness in other lives.

Today as I reflect on them,
I thank the Lord for each one and pray,
He will continue to use my children
as He always has,
And may they be blessed
with His peace on this Christmas Day.


New Years Resolution....written by Naomi

A new beginning again
As another year comes to an end.
So it is time
For my New Years resolution.
It's burned to ashes
That are scattered on the wind.
That's how we send
The old year off and make room for the new.

That's how I'd spent New Years with you.
How many years ago? Now it's been two.
I'd like you to know
That I kept our tradition.
Even in a new year
Our ways from the old won't die.
So like the phoenix who
Is reborn from its ashes a new year is born with ours.


hey thanks again to everyone who visited in December! :lol: ..come back and visit even more now that its January! :mrgreen:
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