moonflowers highlights January 2010

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moonflowers highlights January 2010

Post by moonflower » Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:06 pm

hi everybody! :hello: ..well these highlights are late getting posted, but better late than never i guess :grin: in the Briefs forum there were 24 postings for the month!! how great is that!.. :lol: sending hugs to all those of you who stopped in during all make the moderating of this (my favorite forum) so rewarding!..its really a joy to read the talent contained, my sincere thanks to all of you..well, here are the highlights for January..... :grin: :grin:

moonlight haiku....written by Serenem

white paper
moonlight inches closer
drawn by my pen


Haiku Hot Sun....written by Level 36

Laugh in the hot sun
In a sense sleeping through war
One day you will learn.


Lost Words....written by Tom Watson

I would like to say
some words but can't find my way.
I can only pray...


Haiku-Pearls of Word....written by P K Padhy

Roof descends to floor
beyond numeric six
earthquake arrives.

Cow runs and screams
distance widens
orphan calf.

Fractured earth
life metamorphosed
under the darkened rubbles.

Vast value of life
creation is mystical
it is a compressed seed.


Her dream scripts
word divides
she is divorced.


Up the tree
a better place to dwell
flood swells.


Brown sky arrives
birds fly nest ward
twilight sprinkles

Silence manuscripts
loneliness surrounds
storms in spring.


Tiny words sail
gathering point
a haiku whale.


Rich enjoys
starvation rains
poor under the tree.


Queues of legs
magical display
physically challenged.


Distance departs
race against reality
catches the sun.


Mirror wonders
reflects alike
twin sweet sisters.


Windows open
darkness dissolves
a sunny solution.


Apple from the tree
a common fall
Newton’s law.


petals swell
honey reaches hives.
Bees muse.


Dawn sizzles a bath
sun shines on forehead
warm womanhood.

Dog is misspelled
the child discovered
the Great.

The night celebrates
new star arrival
cracking firework.


Morning freshness
orange sun
sunflower face.

Red hot sun
mud cracks
thirsty ground.

Candle lights
welcome new age
birthday party.


Star descends
white chalk streak
meteorite visits.


Sweetest smile
silently parks
doll show point.


Shore line receives
messages from the sea
wavy language.


Big world
no address
refugees await.


Hope resides
life in space
sister earth.
Wings of freedom
openness spreads
birds in the sky.


Anomalous climate
mournful silence
sea dances in the land.


I move around
Sunflower smiles
I discover east.

Showers of rain
street lights blink
moths sacrifice.


Leave....written by M J Pease

leaves never fall
they are pushed
tumbling into
gravity's hold
and merciless


Pearls....written by wblogan

Alchemy of snow
Softly drifts on broken walls
Wresting pearl from stone


Seeing is Believing....written by soular

Nothing is what it seems.


well, once again i want to thank everyone for stopping by during January :grin: ..come on back even more in February! :mrgreen: :hello:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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Re: moonflowers highlights January 2010

Post by heinzs » Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:13 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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