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moonflowers highlights August-December 09

Post by moonflower » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:27 pm

hey everyone! :hello: well as most of you know, my hubby had a stroke and so ive been away since early September..(happy to say that now he's much improved and doing well! :grin: )..anyways, since ive been gone for so long, i decided to combine all the highlights from August through December into this one posting..i truly want to thank all of you who visited here in my very favorite forum during all those months :grin: ..and a special thanks to heinzs and those who took up the slack for me!..well, so here are the highlights.. :grin:


High Gravity....written by nrip4life

simplicity is overlooked
by a certain many
but how greatly painful it is
to realize one has been
deceived by the truth


My Daddy ....written by gordy

My daddy was always reading
(even during dinner)
or lunch time, day or night
so now as I'm older
(it's not hard to figure)
why I always wanted to write


Arboretum....written by wblogan

Poems written to lovers are like cedar trees thick with bees
Some will go where sight is beyond the small uphill rhyme
Where a dream of beauty shines clear and love leaves lines of rhyming pines


It....written by nrip4life

principle above emotion
heaven above sky
love above reason...............


Haiku #1....written by nacona

hole-punched snow
waterfall plunges striking
down chunks of ice


A Note To Whom It May Concern....written by Eternum 1

In a vacant apartment
there's a note upon a wall

It reads, "I won't be here,
when you don't call"


caterpillar....written by Berlie

doomed from journeys start
a caterpillar creeps up
the garden's bird bath


Haiku #6....written by jeannerene

child who holds this hand
bloom of orchid mine to tend
each are my love


Memory....written by Eternum 1

Let your memory
of me
be a feather
in air


christmas at home....written by blues

happy faces
beautiful lights
joyful laughter

remembering loved ones
not able to join
but in our hearts

good times
by the tree
spending christmas at home


Christmas and the New Year....written by wblogan

A stifled sob
a sleet wet dog
a sprig of wilted green

An unused smile
an untied bow
an empty house between


well, thanks again everyone for visiting here in the Briefs forum during the months August through December :grin: that the new year is here, i invite all to come back and visit even more! :hello: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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