moonflowers highlights August 08

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moonflowers highlights August 08

Post by moonflower » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:47 pm

hey everybody! :hello: can you believe its September???..this year will be gone in a blink!..well, here in the Briefs forum there were 21 postings for the month of August! thats a super great thing!!.. :grin: really great!..thanks to all of you that came make this a fun place!..well, here are the highlighted ones for August.. :grin: :grin: ..


Morning Glory.....written by PaulaSedai

purple trumpet
heralding the sun--
morning glory


Inspiration-vs.-Conversation .....written by gordy

Things that I like to think about
I talk about.

Things I wish I could forget
I write.


SPF 30.....written by Leysa

The pudgy earthworms
inched onto the sidewalk
driven by the rain unfurled.

The storm ended and
stranded in the sun
they died, neat and curled.

Tis a shame there’s
no sunscreen
in their annelid world.


Nobody in particular.....written by Moushka

Wither them all
You psychotic king
Break down the wall
Let freedom ring


well, i thank all of you who visited during August..come and visit even more now that its September! :mrgreen: :hello:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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