moonflowers highlights June 08

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moonflowers highlights June 08

Post by moonflower » Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:04 pm

hey everybody! :grin: well, summer has sneaked up on me this year! :grin: in the Briefs forum there were 19 postings for June..thats really great! :lol: my thanks to all who stopped in during the, here are the highlighted ones for June.. :grin: :grin:


The Facts.....written by heinzs

There is really
only one true "end"...
the rest is just
more of the same.


Rain Falls.....written by Tom Watson

Rain falls…tiny drops
Puddle, pond, lake, river…sea
Drown me in Your flood


Clutter.....written by inspired8

Old forgotten


Left abandoned

Collect debris

Piled up

Atop another

Tossed away

Into this attic's clutter


Jumbled Thoughts.....written by thief of dreams

I regret being relieved
When we parted ways
Without saying a word
I am relieved to regret
To know that something
Matters to me
That I am not completely
Without a soul

Thank you
For walking away

The moon
Lifts gingerly upon the burden
Its attempt to help ease the weight
Each day races to pile on

I tried once
To be what you wanted
But I failed you
And every day now I wonder
If there will ever be a time
Where I don’t avert my eyes
From every reflective surface
I pass

I envy those
With the ability
To want so badly
That they try
Knowing there may be a chance
That every card
They spent so much energy in placing perfectly
Will come crashing down
Leaving only the joker
Standing alone laughing

I am and forever will be
So very sorry
That I never answered truthfully
That I never had the courage
To tell you everything
I know I can trust you to understand
Not to laugh
I know that you will always be there
Embrace at the ready
But there is no easy way
To tell someone
You never loved them

I hope and pray
Your house of cards
Will stay strong
At least one more day

I don’t understand how we could
Do so much damage
Without ever having known
What we were doing


well once again, my thanks to everyone who came in to visit during June :grin: hey everyone have a safe 4th of July!..come back and visit real soon! :hello: :grin:
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Re: moonflowers highlights June 08

Post by heinzs » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:46 pm

Thanks Val!

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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