moonflowers highlights December 07

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moonflowers highlights December 07

Post by moonflower » Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:20 pm

wow the month (and the year!) have really whizzed by! :grin: here in the briefs forum there were 16 postings..many thanks to those of you who came in to visit during December! :grin: here are the highlighted ones for that month :grin: :grin:


Procrastination phd.....written by nekot

another month passed
tasks unheeded
in a heap
just like the month before
except now,
it's piled higher and deeper


A four-letter attitude.....written by Milk White Chocolate

Is like the usage of four-letter words.
It denotes insecurity,
And is lavishly applied,
Like a veil behind which to hide.


The Kite (for ninian).....written by Eternum 1

a poem
the winds write
upon a kite

no strings
or lies

a soul
is like a kite
that flies

loosen your
from the skies

it will
return to you
by and by


untitled 13.....written by psychotic pretender

Moonbeams shower down on me
slowly kissing my hair and face
softly as the touch
of a butterflies wing
upon my index finger.


hey i want to again thank everyone for their wonderful input during December! :grin: now that its January i hope all of you return here even more! :mrgreen: Happy New Year to everyone!! :grin:
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