moonflowers highlights November 07

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moonflowers highlights November 07

Post by moonflower » Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:41 pm

well did November fly by or what!?! :mrgreen:, it just zoomed through sooo fast! here in the funny forum there were 13 postings for the month..a big thank you to everybody who stopped by! :grin: well, here are the two to be in the spotlight for November.. :grin: :grin:


A Woman Who Reads....written by Heinzs

Her husband caught his limit
returned and moored the boat
an opportunity she took
upon the lake to gently float
and quietly read her book.

The ranger came alongside
accosted her across the bow
"Fishing without permit", he wrote
she closed her book and asked him how –
"The equipment’s all there in the boat."

She raised her brows and looked at him
"I’ll charge you, then, with savage rape!"
"A foul!" he cried, "I’ve laid no hand
upon you!", looking for escape.
"You’ve all the tools..." she took her stand.

The moral of the story pleads
"Don’t mess with a woman who reads."


My Corporate Friends....written by Sailor55

(hint: for full effect, sing along to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Hey Betty Crocker and Doublemint Twins!
What say we get naked and go for a spin?
I think Mr. Peanut can come along too
And Morris the Cat, he’s got nothing to do

Ronald McDonald and Charlie the Tuna
Riding along as we cruise through Laguna
Cartoon Joe Camel and Smokey the Bear
Call me their buddy and act like they care

Bring Colonel Sanders and Tony the Tiger
Dear Aunt Jemima can cook over fire
The Pillsbury Doughboy and Michelin Man
Will get us home safely if anyone can

Snap, Crackle, Pop and the Coppertone Girl
Will ride in the back seat, I hope they don’t hurl
The Jolly Green Giant and Marlboro Man
Will steer us down Wall Street according to plan


well hey thanks again for dropping in to visit :grin: know what i always say..come on back even more now that a new month has started! :mrgreen: :grin:
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