Poetry Familia #8-16

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Poetry Familia #8-16

Post by heinzs » Sat May 01, 2010 8:53 pm

Here are the next installments of Poetry Familia, enjoy them!
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-16

Post by heinzs » Sat May 01, 2010 8:58 pm

Poetry Familia 8

Jordan now pulled up to his house after being on the road for months. He had taken my bike and decided to hit the road in search of me. He came up with a few leads only to find out that they ended up going nowhere. He was now being called back home not because I had been found but because of some strange things happening within the familia and with Jay. Strange things that possibly had to do with those demon spirits that had escaped hell just before its destruction. Jordan shut off the motorcycle and put the kick stand down, lighting up a cigarette before he got off the bike and headed towards the front door. Usually he doesn’t smoke but with all that has happened lately in his life, he needed something to keep himself from going insane. I mean if you found out your son was the Seventh Seal carrier chances are you’d be picking up a habit. Jordan wasn’t even able to make it to the front door without being tackled to the ground. Normally his senses would have picked up on the attacker but seeing as he hadn’t slept in almost a week, he was feeling a little out of it to say the least. He shook his head somewhat and looked up at who had attacked him and now had him pinned to the ground with the end of a golden spear pointed at his throat. A spear that had a silver glow surrounding it and belonged to a very attractive young lady. She wore a very short black skirt, black knee high stilettos and a black leather mid-drift. Across her waist was a small silver chain rope with a small silver cross hanging on the side of it. Her blue eyes complimenting her golden locks of hair and porcelain skin. Jordan could tell off the bat she was no ordinary girl.
“Let me guess another demon hunter, Power perhaps?” He said, raising an eyebrow.
“Wrong.” The woman growled. “Who the hell are you?”
“I own the place, doll.” Jordan answered, calmly. “Got a problem with that?”
“ Berls didn’t mention anything about you.”
“A newbie. Cute. Look, my name is Jordan and this is my home. Has been for the past six years.”
“I don’t believe you.” She now held the spear closer to his throat.
Preston walked by only to back up, stop and stare. A smug look crossing his face as he did so.
“Spaz, what are you doing darlin? You’re not flirting with the Yankee are you cause I think he has the hots for Saturn.” Preston spoke up.
“You know who this guy is?” Spaz asked.
“Yea, it’s the Yankee.”
“Tell her my real name, Texan.” Jordan warned in a low growl.
“Fine. It’s Richie-Rich or is it King Jup..”
“Now, now Yankee don’t get your knickers in a knot.”
That’s when Jordan unsheathed his claws.
“Oh please, that doesn’t scare me.” Preston scoffed.
“Tell that to Saturn, she’s right behind you.”
“Where?” Preston quickly turned around.
“At least my women don’t run off on me.” Preston snapped back.
“No, you just leave them up in trees.” Gilly now joined the conversation as she came out of the front door.
“No one was talking to you, woman.” Preston argued.
Spaz now helped Jordan to his feet as Gilly and Preston began to have one of their many disputes.
“So what was that glow coming from your spear?” Jordan asked Spaz, curious to know.
“Part of my power also part of the spear.” Spaz now looked down at it in her hand.
The spear is part of her history and is part of her. It along with her both have a story. One that they’ve carried for centuries and has made Spaz immortal.
“Some call it the Holy Spear,” she continued.
“Wait, I thought...” Jordan began to say.
“Those other spears are fakes.” She interrupted him, knowing what he was going to ask.
“How did you know..?”
“The spear told me what you were going to say.”
“So like what it talks to you or something?”
“In a way, it does. It also keeps me immortal.” Spaz smiled somewhat.
“My life dates back during the times of Christ. I’m a.. I was a Roman soldier.” Spaz explained.
“I was also the one who pierced.... I was the one who carried out the order to.... Damn, all this time and I still can’t come to terms with what I did.”
Jordan knew what she was going to say but decided not to push the subject any further. Being around me like he has been has made him more sensitive about knowing someone’s past. Some times you just have to let things go. If the person wants to tell you, they will eventually.
“So what kind of name is Spaz anyway?” Jordan asked, changing the topic.
“It’s my pen name. Just like everyone else here who has one.”
“Uh huh.”
“So you know Saturn?”
“Yea, why?”
“No reason. I just heard she’s been missing. I also heard what happened with Lucifer.”
“Yea, that was pretty crazy.”
“So have you found her?” Spaz asked, having a feeling that Jordan had been looking for me.
“No.” He answered. “So what’s this strange thing that has happened to Jay and a few of the other familia members?”
“That’s something you have to ask Berls and Pops about. They could explain it better to you than I could. They’ve been talking to the Archangel Gabriel for like most of the day.”
“Where are they?”
“In their.. I mean your study.”
Jordan went inside with Spaz following right behind him as Gilly and Preston continued to argue. Jordan walked past Ven in the hallway who gave a quick wave as to say hi. He then entered the study noticing Heinzs sitting behind the desk while Gabriel stood near the window leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and wings folded. Berls on the other hand sat on the couch with her legs crossed, reading a book of some sort.
“We wondered when you would show up.” She said setting the book down beside her.
“What’s up?” Jordan asked.
“We have a problem. It seems some of the familia members have decided to switch sides and work for hell,” Berls began to explain. “Thanks in part to those demon spirits who have escaped. They somehow have tapped into the darker sides of some of our members. But that’s only part of it.”
“Okay, so what’s the other half of it?”
That’s when Pops and Berls looked over at Gabriel.
“Gabriel, would you like to tell him what you told us?” Pops finally said.
“You know how Q said Lucifer might run hell but doesn’t own it?” Gabriel responded.
“Yea.” Jordan answered.
“Well, he wasn’t lying. Before Beburos was King of hell, it was owned by Michael. God’s original plan for hell wasn’t what it was or is now.”
“It’s been rebuilt. Somewhat.”
“So what was God’s original plan?”
“God gave Michael hell as a place to repent those who broke God’s laws. Men and angels were sent there for a period of time much like a jail sentence. Only this place was suppose to be a place to cleanse yourself of evil.”
“What happened? I mean how did it get to be the way....”
“Thank Beburos for that one. He stole control over hell and made it his domain. Building an army along with it. He also put the idea in Lucy’s head to try to over throw God. Little did he realize he created his own downfall there.”
“Wait a minute, Michael explained once that originally hell was suppose to be a place where fallen angels couldn’t escape.”
“Yea, well let’s just say Mikey was trying to protect someone from the truth.” Gabriel bluntly answered.
“Let me guess Jay.” Jordan said.
“But why?”
“He wanted to protect his son from the influences hell can do to a person. That and there was a chance that it could have triggered the darker side of Jay. Which....”
“Which what?”
“Which it has. Jay has now switch sides and proclaimed himself King of hell. And with the help of the familia members who now have turned evil thanks to some demon spirits, hell is now slowly like I said before being rebuilt. Jay has even started his own little army....”
“I take it there’s more.” Jordan said.
“Yea, he wants what Lucifer tried to get.” Gabriel replied.
“So I’ll just make sure he doesn’t lay a hand on my son.”
“He isn’t after your son.”
“Then who?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“Who do you think.”
“No, why would he....”
“Because in order to get all the Seals, you need to have possession of the first one.”
“Saturn wouldn’t let that happen. She’d take care of him like she did Lucy.” Jordan pointed out.
“Well, there’s a problem. Saturn isn’t herself or hasn’t been lately.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s like this....”
Meanwhile, down at the Pub, Bags was working behind the bar while the others were scattered about. Some playing pool, others telling stories and limericks not for the ears of children, while the T.V. above the bar was turned on to a sports event. Thief was the only one sitting at the end of the bar in the dark shadows and keeping to himself. It had been only two weeks since his release from the hospital. His wounds had miraculously healed after a kiss from a strange visitor. The doctors were baffled at how fast he was healing that they wanted to study Thief but he refused.
Thief had an idea as to what happened but he mostly kept the idea to himself. The only thing that remained from his ordeal however was a scar on his face. A scar that was slowly disappearing day after day. Ninian now sat next to Thief, taking a drink of her beer every now and then. She
was a new member of the familia and the Westies. A very attractive woman in her forties with the looks of a goddess in her twenties. Her powers only compliment her beauty. She was blessed with the abilities of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She can make people fall in love and she can use her beauty to enchant her enemies long enough to kill them or leave them defenseless.
“What do you want?” Thief growled.
“You can’t hide from everybody forever,” she replied.
“I’m not.”
“Oh, then what would you call it sitting in the dark over here by yourself?”
“Solitude.” Thief now took a drink of his scotch.
“I’m worried about you, T.” Ninian put her hand on his.
He looked over at her with a raised eyebrow and in return she smiled back at him. A certain softness showing on her face, almost angelic. Thief’s heart couldn’t help but melt a little at the sight of this. After all he was starting to grow quite fond of Ninian. Considering when he was in the hospital she was by his side morning, noon and night. Even after he was released she was still there for him. She’s also been becoming best of friends with Isis and helping Isis with her pregnancy. Isis had now become as big as a house and to be frank had found it difficult to do things like she use to, so having Ninian around had been a major plus. As a matter of fact, in some way Ninian was sort of doing the things Ellie would have if she was still alive. God, how he had missed Ellie those first few months. Especially when that’s all he thought about laying up in that hospital bed. He made a promise to himself not to fall in love again. He had planned on keeping that promise but right now, right before his very own eyes the plan was falling apart.
“I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.” He finally grumbled, quickly pulling his hand away.
Ninian just kept on smiling somewhat as she leaned over to whisper in his ear.
“Even big boys need to be cared for. Shown a little T.L.C by the right woman of course.”
Thief could feel himself becoming flustered but he quickly tried to hide it.
“T, you okay man?” Fox asked, sitting at the other end of the bar.
“Yea, why?”
“No reason. It just looks like you’re blushing five shades of red there.”
“Shut up.”
Before Fox could reply, Joe walked in to the Pub with a frightened visitor standing right behind him.
“Hey Joe,” Bags greeted him, as he got a bottle of beer for him from under the bar. “Who’s your little friend there?”
“Well, I was in Sicily and um you guys aren’t gonna believe this...” Joe began to explain, as he stepped a side revealing the visitor.
Everyone’s eyes got big and no one could say a word at first.
“It can’t be.” Gilly broke the silence. “Saturn, is that you?”
I quickly hid behind Joe again somewhat frightened.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She seems to have amnesia.” Joe answered. “Chances are she got it after the battle with Lucy. She doesn’t remember who she is or what happened.”
Preston now got closer to me, staring at me with an eyebrow raised and a sly Texan grin. I tried my best to hide from him, staying behind Joe.
“Don’t try anything, Texan.” Joe warned.
“Or what?”
“Or Jordan will know about it.”
“So big deal. I’m not afraid of him.”
The sound of claws being unsheathed could be heard throughout the whole Pub. Everyone looked over at the entrance way to the Pub and saw Jordan standing there staring Preston down while Gabriel stood next to Jordan.
“So Berls’s vision was right, Saturn is here. I’ll be.” Gabriel said.
Preston saw the anger on Jordan’s face and began to back away slowly.
“Hey, no hard feelings, man. I was only jesting.” Preston laughed nervously.
“Dead Texan?” I.O asked Fox.
“Yup, dead Texan.” Fox replied.
“There is no fighting in me Pub.” Bags warned as his irish accent slipped out. “You boys want to fight that’s what the alley in the back is for.”
“Don’t worry, Bags.” Jordan growled in response. “We’re not gonna fight. I’ve got more important things to deal with than beating the crap out of a moonshine drinking hillbilly.”
“Please, I’m too tough for you to do anything.” Preston scoffed.
“Wanna bet? Someone slaps you and you cry like a.... I would say but there are ladies present.”
Quite a few of the female Westies began to giggle and whisper. This got Preston’s goat more than anything. He stormed off to the back of the Pub to the storage room, slamming the door behind him. Thief who had been watching suddenly felt something come over him. It’s like a bunch of voices were whispering in his ear. He quickly got up and left. Raising quite a few eyebrows and getting quite a few stares as he did so.
“What was that all about?” Kindred asked.
“Who knows.” Shawna answered.
Jordan now turned his attention back on me as I hid behind Joe.
“So how did she get amnesia? Can anyone answer that?” Bags spoke up.
“I can.” Gabriel responded, as he now sat at the bar. “When she used her Seal to it’s full potential against Lucy she also triggered a side effect.”
“A side effect?”
“Yea, funny thing about those Seals, they can cause a side effect on their carriers. Anyways, amnesia is the side effect and no one knows how long it lasts.”
“So does that mean every carrier....”
“No, no, no. The blast Saturn used from the power of her Seal triggered the side effect.”
“Yea, but she didn’t have it right after....”
“She did. It just took time to take it’s toll on her. That and her healing factor was probably doing some battling inside her body as well.”
“So how long do you think this will last?” Buttters questioned.
“Honestly, I don’t know. I do know however we need to protect her from Jay until she does get her memory back.”
In the very depths of hell, in a somewhat ruined kingdom, stood a throne made out of barb wire and steel. And a black winged being sat on that throne dressed as a General like that of a Roman. Except he isn’t Roman. Far from it. Actually, he has the blood of a great angelic warrior in him. After all his father was the Archangel of War. So it’s only fitting that he be just like his father, except for one and that is unlike his father he let the evil within influence him. He found out things he shouldn’t have and he let a group of demon spirits fill his mind with lies. And in the process, he left the gates of Heaven to rebuild hell, build an army and, have half of the familia join his side. All of heaven fears him and if you were to speak his name on earth, terror would wash over the faces of those around who would hear. In a short amount of time he’s become the most powerful and ruthless ruler of hell and that my dear friends scares heaven and earth alone. Well, the men mostly. As for the female population, he’s anything but something to fear. With most women he can talk his way into their beds. There’s a few however who don’t fall for his charm so easily. Those he don’t even bother wasting his time on. After all he has an army to run and a lot to conquer. Nega now walked in, standing before the throne with a status report on yours truly. Dressed in black and a sense of evil surrounding him, he was far from the Jimmy anyone knew. He was one of those who fell prey to the demon spirits who had released the evil side of him.
“What is it?” Jay asked in a growl.
“I know where Saturn is.” Nega replied.
“With the familia and....”
“And what?”
“She’s lost her memory. She doesn’t remember who she is or how to use her Seal. She’s become very timid.”
“Oh really.” A grin crossed Jay’s face. “I think I’ll pay a visit then.”
“I don’t think you should. What if....” Nega tried to finish but found himself floating in mid-air as his lungs began to close up.
“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK!” Jay roared, waving his hand to the side causing Nega to fly over and hit a wall.
Nega fell to the floor in great pain, unable to get up.
“You’re lucky I don’t kill you.” Jay snarled as a couple of demon spirits appeared, one on each side of Nega. “Get him out of my sight.”
They left in a ring of fire taking Nega with them. Jay sat back on his throne, spreading out his black wings as he began to conjure up his next move.
“Maybe I can be of assistance.” A dark figure shadow appeared before Jay, smelling of fire and brimstone.
Jay raised an eyebrow and an evil demonic grin crossed that dark figure’s mouth.
“How can you help?”
“I know how to get past the familia, the Westies, even that feral boy and get straight to Saturn.” The dark figure replied.
“I’m pretty sure my army let I alone could handle it.”
“I wouldn’t be too confident if I were you. There is something you’ve over looked, something any demon or a fallen angel such as yourself would have sensed.”
“And that is?”
“The powers of the Seals.”
“So? Look I can..”
“Listen to me, you foolish boy. The powers of the Seals have grown stronger since Saturn’s battle with Lucifer. You and your army step a foot near Saturn and the carriers can easily stop you from breathing.” The dark figure now growled in a stern voice. “I know however how to get past them and get to Saturn. I know the secrets of the Seals, even the weaknesses.”
Jay now stared at the dark figure seemingly interested in what this shady character had to say.
“Who are you?” Jay asked.
“I am the ruler of the Abyss and the older brother of Beburos...”
“Wait, Beburos never said he had a brother.”
“Yea, well we weren’t that close. Besides, we could never really agree on anything so we pretty much kept our distance from one another. Anyway, my name is Apollyon. Maybe you’ve heard of me.”
“Um no, not really.”
“Funny, considering my name is in the bible.”
A soldier by the name of Zero had now entered the room. He appeared before Jay and Apollyon dressed in army fatigue. Zero was once the muse of Lucifer but a long time ago Lucy had decided he no longer needed a muse. That and the fact that around that time his heart had began to turn cold and dark. And shortly after that well became Lucy’s banishment in to hell. Which lead to a lot of other things and blah, blah, blah. To make a long story short, afterwards Zero found himself wandering the earth looking for a young fresh writer to inspire. However, six years ago something happened. Something that I myself witnessed. Something that only happens when a Muse’s heart turns bitter cold and their spirit goes black. He fell. Like angels, muses can fall as well and become demons. But the kind of demons they do become is far worse. The powers they gain as demons are ten times more powerful than that of any other demon. I first hand got a taste of his power. I fought him once and almost didn’t walk away from the battle alive but, because of Michael I did. Zero respects Michael. Still does. He has to since Michael saved his life quite a few times from the wrath of Lucy. And because of that alone, he owes Michael. Which would explain why he would now team up with Michael’s son. Probably figures he’s paying off a major debt in some way or another. That’s the thing with Zero though, no one knows how his mind works. I mean he’s a very mysterious character and that by itself makes him more interesting.
“What is it, Zero?” Jay asked.
“I have the army ready for the invasion. We’re just waiting for your word, Sir.” Zero answered.
“Invasion?” Apollyon now raised an eyebrow. “Let me guess, you plan on taking over the world, am I right?”
“No. Actually, I plan on leaving my mark. Letting the world know who’s in charge.” Jay growled.
“Whoa, and I thought my brother was a nut.”
“I’m not crazy. I just know what I want.”
“And that is?”
“Complete power.”
“Uh yea. Well, you see for that you will need my help.”
“Why are you so eager to help me?” Jay questioned.
“Let’s just say it’s time for the Saturnite to pay for what her father did to me.” Apollyon’s eyes began to glow a bright red.
Jordan now sat behind his desk, staring at my journal which he had in front of him on the desk. Gabriel now appeared from across the desk, sitting in a chair.
“You know if you gave Saturn her journal, it would probably help her remember some things.” He now spoke up in a calm manner.
“I know.”
“Then why don’t you?”
“I was wondering that maybe this could be the chance for Saturn to....” Jordan hesitated.
“For Saturn to what?”
“To start over. A brand new life without the memories of a dreadful past. Without the nightmares. I could give her that if I got rid of this.” Jordan pointed at the journal.
“You know you do that and you run the risk of putting Saturn’s life in danger. She’d still have her Seal and all of hell would still be after her.”
“I’d protect her. Forever if need be.”
“Come on Jordan, get real. You probably could for awhile but not forever. Besides, you’ve got a love of your own and a son to take care of.”
“So if Saturn ever got her memory back, she’d beat the daylights out of you for doing such a thing. The last thing she’d ever want you to do is give up your life for hers. And anyway, her past has made her who she is. You take that away and you’re killing a part of her.”
I was now in my room looking through my things and trying to remember but having no such luck. Until I came across a photograph. I sat on the edge of the bed as I stared at it. It was a picture of a bunch of guys together raising beer bottles and glasses in a salute. Most of the guys I recognized from the Pub. One guy however, I didn’t. He was dressed in an army uniform of some sort. He seemed familiar but I just couldn’t remember who he was or where I’ve seen him before. I laid the photo next to me on the bed. That’s when I noticed the little photo album sitting on the desk. I went over and grabbed it, going back to the bed to sit down and flip through it. Some photos were recent while others were older than the hills. There were photos of people that seemed familiar, photos of winged figures and then I came across a picture of a planet. It looked like it had been clipped out a magazine or newspaper. The planet however struck my interest seeing as it had rings around it. My hand right there and then began to glow a bright white, illuminating the scar on my wrist. Along with the light came a flash of images I began to see. Images of a planet that had life. A planet that had gone to war and was now no more. As soon as my hand stopped glowing, the images vanished as well. Leaving me to wonder exactly what it was I saw and if maybe it had something to do with the picture.
“How is she doing?” Pops asked Berls as they sat on the front porch.
“She’s in her room looking through her things.” Berls answered. “Still doesn’t remember anything through, not even who we are. I’m afraid, Heinzs.”
“Afraid of what?”
“I’m afraid that she’ll never get her memory back. That she’ll stay like this forever.” Berls sounded worried.
“She won’t.”
“Yea, but what if she does. What if we never get her back. I know we’re a familia, I just don’t know if we could....”
“Berls, berls, berls.” Heinzs began to shake his head somewhat, letting out a sigh. “Whatever happens we have to be there for her and we will. And we will take care of her because we can. She’s a part of this familia, we can’t turn our backs on her because of this.”
“I know, I know. It’s just....forget it.”
Meanwhile in Preston’s room, the Texan was all dressed up in a tux whistling a tune and checking himself in the mirror. Bags walked by in the hallway, only to back up and look over at Preston.
“What the...?” Bags started to say with a confused look on his face.
“Out of my way, Bags.” Preston said, walking past him. “I have to see how my wife is doing.”
“Your wife?”
“Yea, Saturn.”
“Oh, this can’t be good.” Bags lowered his head, shaking it a little. “You realize if Jordan gets wind of this that you are a dead man.”
“By the time he gets word Saturn and I will legally be married.” Preston answered.
“Uh huh. So where do you want your body buried?”
Preston continued down the hall until he came upon my bedroom door, he entered my room only to be greeted by a few demons, Apollyon, and Jay. Jay had a hold of yours truly, covering my mouth so I couldn’t scream for help.
“Let her go!” Preston snarled.
He tried to go after Jay but Apollyon quickly stopped him. Lifting him up with one hand by his neck.
“Filthy mortal, if you value your life you will not interfere.” Apollyon warned in a hiss.
I bit down on Jay’s hand, causing him enough pain to react. As soon as he uncovered my mouth, I let out a scream that filled the walls of the house. Apollyon let go of Preston and covered his ears.
“Would you shut her up.” He growled to Jay.
“Keep your damn hands off of her.” Everyone in the room could hear someone snarl.
Jay, Apollyon, the two demons, Preston and I all looked over at the door to see Jordan standing there with his claws unsheathed and in total feral mode. He was the first one to hear the scream, however the others would soon show up. Only to bare witness to two demons flying in mid-air and across the hall.
“I take it Jordan has already arrived.” Tom remarked.
“You can’t kill me, boy.” Apollyon now faced Jordan, staring him down. “I’m immortal.”
“Another jackass who thinks he’s God. Go figure.” Jordan now sneered, as his claws began to glow a bright red.
“I see Saturn has rubbed off on you.” Apollyon sarcastically remarked. “Of course she has a way of influencing people just like her father use to.”
“Enough Apollyon.” Gabriel warned, appearing out of nowhere. “You respect the dead and hold your tongue.”
“Why should I respect him after what he did to me.” Apollyon argued back.
“What did he do?” Fox asked.
“You shouldn’t have asked, Fox.” Gabriel shook his head, letting out a sigh.
“What did he do?!?” Apollyon exclaimed in disgust that no one knew except Gabriel. “What did he do!?!”
“Here we go.” Gabriel grumbled, rolling his eyes.
“He stole the love of my life and my kingdom.”
“Saturn was never yours to rule to begin with.” Gabriel corrected him. “And as for the love of your life, Saturn’s mother never loved you. If anything you tried to steal her away from Saturn’s father.”
“Her father had me punished to rule the Abyss forever though. You can’t deny that.”
“No, you’re right I can’t. But you seem to forget you tried to kill God. And hadn’t her father stopped you, you probably would have succeeded. To put it bluntly Apollyon, you’re punishment was because of your doing not his.” Gabriel pointed out.
“Wait, wait, wait,” Leysa spoke up. “Are we missing something here? How did Saturn’s father stop....”
“He was an Archangel.” Gabriel interrupted her, reading her mind.
“Then that would mean Saturn is....”
“An angel.” Preston finished for Leysa, looking over in my direction.
I had now made my way over to Jordan, hiding behind him. Jay was looking for an opportunity to snatch me away but every time he tried to Jordan would stare him down letting out a low growl.
“She’s a half-breed.” Apollyon snarled. “She shouldn’t even be alive. I’d be doing God a favor by ending her miserable life.”
“YOU LAY A HAND ON HER AND GOD WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN!” Gabriel roared, shaking the walls of the house with his voice.
“Holy....” I.O began to say.
“Who the hell are you to make such threats anyway?” Ven now demanded to know from Apollyon.
“Foolish woman, many who hear my name tremble in fear. For they know Apollyon rules with an iron fist. After all, I am the King of the Abyss.”
“Wait did you say your name was Apollyon?” Tom asked as his eyes got big.
“Yea, that’s what he said.” Gabriel replied. “Don’t let him fool you though. He’s nothing but full of hot air.”
“If anyone has read the Bible...” Apollyon started to point out.
“They’d still know you’re full of it.”
“Jay, let’s go.” Apollyon sneered, getting sick of being made fun of.
“No, not without Saturn.” Jay protested.
“We’ll come back for her later. Right now, we have to get your army prepared. I mean you do want to go forth with your plan, do you not?”
“What plan?” Jordan questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh, you’ll see soon enough.” Apollyon responded as him and Jay vanished in a ring of fire. “You all will.”
“So what do you think their planning?” Spaz asked.
“Don’t know.” Gabriel answered. “But whatever it is, it isn’t be good.”
Jordan now turned around to see if I was okay, while noticing what Preston was wearing out of the corner of his eye but, ignoring it at the moment.
“I’m going to have Saturn stay in my room,” Jordan said. “That way I can keep an eye on her.”
“I could help.” Preston volunteered.
“I bet you could.” Jordan growled in response. “If Apollyon comes back he can just kick your ass again.”
“At least I did more than just act like an animal and bare claws.” Preston argued back.
“ENOUGH!” Berls interrupted, getting a headache. “We’ve got more important issues at hand. You boys want to tear each other apart later, that’s fine. Just not now.”
“I can’t believe Saturn is an angel.” Tom said, shaking his head somewhat.
“Half angel.” Gabriel corrected him.
Buttters and Barbs kept looking for wings on yours truly but couldn’t see any.
“How come she doesn’t have wings?” Barbs asked, sounding like a chipmunk.
“I don’t know but she should cause that would be so cool.” Buttters responded, sounding like a chipmunk as well. “A lot better than butterfly wings I bet.”
Pretty soon Dena, Phoenix and Blaze joined the conversation. Which lead to even more chipmunk chatter.
“Oh my god, it’s the freaking chipettes.” Ninian sarcastically remarked.
“I’m getting a headache.”Gilly replied.
“That makes two of us.” Leysa agreed.
“Girls.” Val started to interrupt the chipmunk chatter or at least try to. “Girls.”
They continued to chatter up a storm, ignoring Val.
“Well, that didn’t work.”
“Hey, what’s up?” Joe asked, as he entered the room.
As soon as he said that, the chatter stopped and all eyes were on him.
“I’ll be damned.” Fox responded.
“Well, well seems our little chattering chipmunks have a thing for a blue-eyed irish boy.” Bags pointed out. “Of course, then again us irish men can be quite irresistible to the ladies.”
“Oh for the love of..he’s married.” Preston stated.
“It doesn’t matter. Married or not we attract the ladies like flies.”
“Okay, what about the Yankee over there? He isn’t irish. You know what now that I think about it, I think it’s your damn Yankee-ism.”
“Yea, because you guys are Yankees, the girls fall for ya. It’s a shame though that the ladies don’t realize you Yankee men have no class. Not like us southern gentlemen.”
“Oh please.” Gilly scoffed. “Your idea of class is leaving someone stuck up in a tree.”
“How many times are you going to bring that up, woman?”
“Until the day you die. By the way, what’s up with the tux?”
“What tux?”
“The one your wearing, ace.”
“Oh this, it’s nothin.”
“Nothing my eye. He was going to try to get Saturn to marry him.” Bags spoke up.
Jordan now glared over at Preston.
“You what?!?” Jordan let out a low growl, not sounding human.
“Thanks Bags.” Preston grumbled.
“Sorry about that, Presty me boy. I guess my Yankee-ism got the best of me.” Bags grinned.
“Uh guys, where’s Saturn?” Jeannie asked, looking around.
“Uh oh.” Fox replied.
“Here we go.” Gabriel lowered his head, shaking it. “I knew I should have gone to Vegas.”
“Look, she couldn’t have gotten far. Everyone spread out and look for her.” Heinzs said.
Berls suddenly fell to her knees, holding her head in her hands. Spaz was the first to her aid.
“Berls, what is it?”
“It’s....it’s.... turn on the T.V. To the news.” Berls answered, clenching her teeth.
Ven using her telekinesis turned the T.V. on that was sitting in a corner of the room. She flipped through the stations until she came across the news. While Berls was slowly getting to her feet, the others couldn’t believe what they were seeing on the news. An army of demons had taken over every government in every country around the world and was now terrorizing every city, every state, every place they could. No man, woman or child was safe from the death and destruction. As to who was leading the army, it all came into play as the news camera focused in on Jay. Dressed as a man of power, he looked like he was on an ego trip and maybe he was. The camera then focused on those who joined forces with the likes of him and hell. Those who were now at both his sides, fighting along side him. Kupe, Drew, Nef, Nega, Sam, Libra, Zero, Duchess, William, Bright Mind, and even Thief. Along with a few others of course.
“So that’s what happened to Thief.” Kindred said.
Jay now got the camera’s attention once again as he prepared to give a speech.
“Today marks a new day.” He announced. “Today makes a day of triumph, a day of victory for hell.”
“Blah, blah, blah.” Preston rolled his eyes.
“Jordan, what is it?” Shawna asked, noticing the look on his face.
“Do you guys notice anything strange? Anyone missing even?” He replied, watching the T.V.
“No, not really.”
“Take a closer look.”
“Apollyon.” Gabriel finally answered when he figured no one else would.
“We’ve got to find Saturn.” Jordan stated in a low stern growl, “before he does.”
“Look, he doesn’t know she’s missing. So why don’t we just..” Preston began to suggest.
Before he could say another word however he found himself being held up against a wall and a set of claws pointed at his jugular.
“Or we could do things your way.” Preston quickly said, seeming somewhat scared.
I now wandered the woods behind the house. It was starting to snow and getting cold real quick. But for some strange reason it wasn’t effecting me at all. It was like I was immune to the weather in general. Halfway through the woods and I had decided to stop and look around to see where I was exactly. That’s when Apollyon appeared before me. He folded his black wings and stood there with an evil grin on his face. I took a step back, afraid of what he might do.
“You know your father said I’d die by your hands. He knew about your Seal before you did. He knew what was going to happen to you after the destruction on Saturn. However, I don’t think he knew this would happen. Don’t worry about your Seal. After you’re gone, I’ll make sure that the Napoleon wannabe brat of a king doesn’t get a hold of it. After all, there can only be one true ruler of evil.” Apollyon deviously smiled.
I tried to turn around and run but he quickly appeared in front of me again. I felt something un-sheath from my hands. Looking down I saw metallic claws sticking out of both of my hands.
Something came over me and I swiped at Apollyon, scratching the side of his face. I ran away before he could react.
“You little....” Apollyon wiped the side of his face only to reveal blood on his fingertips. “You’re dead.”
Erika had decided to wander away from the others as soon as they hit the streets of the city. Of course everyone by then made the decision to split up in groups. Knowing they could cover more ground quickly and probably find me sooner if they did. Erika entered the back alleyways, thinking that I may have hidden somewhere away from the army of demons that were now beginning to reign terror on the city. She had just started to explore the depths of the alleyway when she came across a familiar face. He stood there in his skeleton form, a devious grin crossing his face.
“Nega, what...”
Before she could say another word, she found herself pinned up against a wall. Being held up by her neck, unable to breath.
“War is hell.” Nega snarled. “Some of us have to die. The weak have to be annihilated to make way for the strong.”
“Nega, I don’t understand..” Erika cried, choking.
“You were given a chance and you blew it. You refused to fight for hell. Now, you’ll die.”
Nega let the smell of sulfur and brimstone fill Erika’s lungs. Poisoning her from the inside out. She tried to free herself as she struggled but that made things only worse. Her flesh began to rot from the inside out and fall off her bones. She screamed in agony as she felt her life slipping away. Her heart turned to dust along with her bones and whatever else remained. Nega walked away, whistling a tune as he did so. A hooded figure showed up after Nega left. Only to stand there, shaking his head.
“They have to be stopped.” He said to himself. “All of them.”
After running for what seemed like forever, I came across an abandon church or what seemed to be abandoned. I now knelt before the cross at the alter. Looking down at my hands and the claws that were still visible. Traces of blood could be seen on the tips of the claws which was no doubt that of Apollyon’s. Scared out of my mind, I began to pray as tears rolled down my face.
“God, what have I done to be punished like this?” I asked.
“Funny, you asked the same thing when you first started out as a Seal carrier.” Someone spoke up from behind me.
I quickly got to my feet and turned around only to come face to face with a hooded stranger that had wings of an angel.
“Who are you?” I questioned, sounding a little frightened.
“Come on, you mean to tell me you don’t remember an old friend when you see him.” The winged stranger answered.
“I don’t remember anything.”
“Yea, I heard you lost your memory. I guess you knew that chance when you used your Seal to it’s full potential against Lucy.”
“What do you want?”As I took another step back.
“God sent me.”
“To help.”
“I don’t believe you.” I now started to back away slowly.
The stranger now spread his wings.
“Come on, do you honestly think God just hands these out?” He pointed over his shoulder.
“I guess not.”
“All right then. Look, you need to go back.”
“If you don’t, a lot of people will die.”
“What can I do though?”
“Use your Seal.”
“I don’t know how. I don’t know if...”
“It’ll all come back to you when the time is right. Your memories, who you are, how to use your Seal. Trust me on this. You just have to go back. Your familia needs you and so does all of heaven and earth.”
“But... I’m scared.” I began to cry.
The stranger walked towards me, holding me in his arms as he tried his best to comfort me.
“I know.” He whispered, trying not to cry himself. “I know.”
The doors to the church around this time burst open as Sam and Zero walked in with a couple of demons behind them. The stranger quickly hid me behind him as he faced them down.
“We have orders, hand her over.” Sam demanded.
“Forget it.” The winged stranger growled. “You’ll have to get past me first.”
“So be it.” Sam deviously smiled. “Get them.”
“Run!” The stranger exclaimed, looking over his shoulder at me.
“What about you?” I asked.
“I’ll be fine. I can take care of them. Now RUN!”
So I ran with Zero following right behind me as I left out the back. While the stranger began to fight off the others. A few moments later, I found myself in the middle of the woods once again. Lost and running for my life. Trying to find a place to hide from Zero. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized he was no longer following me. Hearing only the sound of silence and the wind blowing in the trees. That however would soon change as the ground from beneath my feet started to shake and split open before me. Zero rose out from under the ground as a fiery red glow illuminated him. I went to swing at him using my claws I still had unsheathed but, he caught my arm before I could touch him.
“Now, now kitten, I saw the marks you put on Apollyon’s face. He was very mad about it too. I’m not about to let you do the same to me.”
“Let her go.” He heard someone growl from within the shadows of the night.
“And if I don’t?” Zero asked, with a devious grin.
That’s when he got knocked off his feet by a fireball, letting me go in the process. Causing me to fall as well. I would have hit the ground if someone hadn’t caught me.
“Thief.” Zero snarled, quickly getting to his feet.
“You okay?” Thief asked me, ignoring Zero.
“Yea.” I answered, realizing he still had a hold of me.
“Good. Now run.”
“What about....?”
“I’ll hold him off so you can get away.”
“Why are you helping me?”
He looked into my eyes for a minute before finally answering.
“I have my reasons. Now GO!”
So I did. Thief now turned his attention back on Zero.
“You son of a...” Thief started to say.
“I take it you found out about me and Apollyon’s plan.” Zero grinned.
“Oh yea, I did. Funny thing is, do you honestly think you two will get away with it? I mean when Saturn gets her memory back. I’d just hate to be you when that happens.” Thief responded. “Oh and by the way, it was pretty damn sneaky how you gave those demon spirits the power to screw with people’s heads. You forgot one thing though.”
“And that is?”
“You can’t screw with someone’s mind, when their already messed up to begin with.”
“But you forget, I already have.” Zero now sunk back into the ground.
“Dammit.” Thief snarled, clenching his fists.
He heard something rustle in the bushes behind him. Thinking it was Zero, he snuck over to bust him. Only to find me instead.
“I thought I told you to run.” He now crossed his arms.
“I wanted to but....”
“But what?”
“I didn’t know where to go.”
Thief lowered his head, letting out a sigh.
“Well, this is just great.”
The others had been caught and taken as hostages and were now standing before Jay as he sat on his throne. Apollyon was of course standing next to the throne, his black wings folded behind him.
“Psst... Shawna, could you do your pyroclastic flow thing?” Spaz asked her in a whisper.
“Not unless you want everyone to die.” Shawna bluntly whispered back.
Jay now got off of hist throne walking towards the others.
“Where’s Erika?” Jeannie asked, noticing she wasn’t around.
“Oh, don’t worry about her. She’s been taken care of.” Jay calmly answered, as he walked by each member of the familia before stopping in front of Buttters. “Like some of you will shortly be. However, a few of you I’d be willing to spare for a price.”
“Go to hell.” Buttters snapped at him.
“Hon, have you forgotten where you are? I mean take a look around. This is hell.”
“We have a problem.” Zero interrupted, coming up from the ground.
“Whoa, how did he do that?” Kindred asked.
“Can’t you see I’m busy.” Jay growled, keeping his eyes on Buttters.
“Thief is helping Saturn.” Zero bluntly stated.
“WHAT?!?” Jay now turned his attention on Zero.
“I just had a run in with Thief. Seems our boy is a traitor. Also, there was this winged creature...”
“That beat the tar out of us.” Sam stumbled into the room with the other two demons that were with them. “We were lucky to escape with our lives.”
“Winged creature you say.” Apollyon pondered for a minute. “Tell me what did this creature look like?”
“We don’t know. He was wearing a hooded robe.” Sam answered.
“I see. Jay, I think it would be wise if you got your defensives together.”
“Why?” Jay asked.
“Just trust me on this one.”
Thief and I wandered through the woods until we found the house again. I stopped dead in my tracks as I began to have images flashing through my mind again.
“Saturn?” Thief sounded worried.
I fell to my knees, holding my head in my hands while rocking back and forth in pain.
A few minutes passed before I got to my feet. I walked past Thief, heading for the driveway towards the main road. Ravyn flew out of nowhere landing on my shoulder as I continued to walk. Thief followed right behind me, not quite sure if he should.
“What the hell is going on?” He whispered under his breath.
“Look, I have everything under control.” Jay assured Apollyon as they argued about how to handle things. “No one will defeat me with the army I have.”
“Damn, someone has a Napoleon complex.” Bags sarcastically remarked.
“What was that, old man?” Jay now faced Bags down.
“Step off, boy. We both know I could kick your butt from here to earth and back again.” Bags responded in a stern tone.
“Kill him.” Jay ordered Nega.
“But Jay...” Nega hesitated, feeling his head spinning as he tried to collect his thoughts.
“If your alliance is with me you’ll do as I say. Now kill him.”
“You lay a hand on him..” Berls warned.
“What?” Jay challenged her. “What are you going to do about it? What are any of you going to do about it?”
The sound of claws quickly being unsheathed could be heard through out the room. Jay turned around and focused on Jordan who was now letting out a low growl and staring Jay down.
Jay walked over to him standing face to face with the feral man.
“Jealous you’re not part of this conversation?” Jay sneered. “Of course, how can you not be. You were always jealous of me.”
“Jealous my...” Jordan started to snarl back.
“Bull. It tore you up to see me kiss Saturn.” Jay deviously grinned.
“How could it? He has a girl of his own.” Fox pointed out.
“True but he’s also fighting with his feelings for the little saturnite. Has been for sometime. Isn’t that right?” Jay said, loving the fact that he could rub it in Jordan’s face.
Jordan let out a roar as he lunged at Jay, stabbing him with his claws. Jay stumbled backwards holding his hand to his chest. Only to laugh out loud a few seconds later as the wound healed itself.
“What the..?” I.O. began to say.
“You’re not the only one with a healing factor, you damn feral.” Jay snarled at Jordan, as he went after him.
Around this time, an arrow flew out of nowhere flying right in between Jordan and Jay. A familiar arrow that had once destroyed hell and killed Lucifer. Everyone looked over in the direction the arrow had come from. Only to see me standing there with Ravyn on my shoulder and Thief hiding in the shadows behind me.
“Just like a traitor to hide.” Nega spoke up.
“I’m not hiding.” Thief growled.
“Then what are you doing?”
“I’m staying the hell out of her way.”
“Saturn?” Leysa asked, not believing what she was seeing.
I ignored her, keeping my sight on Jay. Apollyon tried to sneak up on me but the hooded stranger tackled him to the ground from out of nowhere. Picking Apollyon up by his neck and tossing him before Jay’s feet.
“Who are you?” Jay demanded to know, staring at the hooded stranger.
“I know who he is.” Gabriel replied with a smile.
Zero held out a marble stone, trying to work his demonic magic. But before he could do anything an arrow hit the stone, going through it and turning it into dust. Which in turn destroyed the influence the demon spirits had on the familia members who had joined Jay’s army. Jay on the other hand was the only one who didn’t seem affected at all.
“What the...?” Nega shook his head. “What happened?”
“A lot. As a matter of fact, too much.” Tom answered.
Apollyon tried to move but the hooded stranger held him down with his foot on Apollyon’s chest.
“Stay.” The hooded stranger growled, spreading his wings.
Jay now noticed an arrow aimed for him.
“You wouldn’t.” He snarled, looking over at me.
“You lay a hand on Richie-Rich and I will.” I answered.
“You can’t do this. Do you honestly think the others will forgive you if you kill me?”
“Oh like they’d forgive you for having Erika killed or trying to have Bags killed.” I retorted in a growl. “Or for splitting the familia apart. And let’s not forget everyone one else in the world who you had tortured or murdered.”
“YOU OWE ME!” Jay yelled, clenching his fists.
“I owe you nothing.”
I now stood there, not saying a word. I knew who I was dealing with right now wasn’t the old Jay just a demon possessing his soul and trying to get the best of me but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t working, somewhat.
“Saturn, you owe me.” Jay said again. “Do you hear me? YOU OWE ME!”
“I hear you and you’re right I do owe you.” I replied, as an arrow hit Jay dead on in his chest. “But you’re not yourself, so forgive me.”
Jay passed out on to the floor as the arrow went through him. I watched on remembering how I once made a vow to never hurt another familia member. Seems now I had no choice but to break that vow and I hated myself for it.
“Saturn, is he?” Thief asked.
“He’s sleeping.” I answered. “I can’t kill the son of an Archangel. It would go against one of Heaven’s rules.”
“What’s going to happen to him?” Berls questioned.
“That’s where I come in.” The hooded stranger now revealed himself.
“Michael.” Slayer whispered, surprised to see him. “I thought you were dead?”
“Come on Slayer, you as a Power should know better than I. Death is like a cold for us, we eventually get over it. Besides, do you honestly think I could stay away from all this excitement?”
“So what are you going to do with Jay?”
“Take him back to Heaven. Try to get rid of the demon spirit that is hiding within him and maybe be able to get him back to his old self. Of course, we wouldn’t have to be doing any of this if Zero and Apollyon hadn’t plotted all of this to begin with. Speaking of which where is Zero?”
“He ran scared after Saturn destroyed his little stone.” Heinzs replied. “Was probably afraid Saturn would destroy him as well.”
“Well Apollyon, I guess that only leaves you.” I growled with a grin, now standing next to Michael.
“You forget Jay’s army of demons.” Apollyon laughed.
“Actually,” Michael interrupted. “Their being taken care of by a few winged friends of mine.”
“I see.” Apollyon stopped laughing.
“What’s the matter, Apollyon? Disappointed your plans didn’t work out?” Gabriel said with a sly smile. “I mean you had to have known Saturn would eventually get her memories back.”
“Not this soon she shouldn’t have.” Apollyon argued.
“Yea well, let’s just say she had some help.” Michael answered, smiling a little.
“Help? Mikey, what did you do?” I asked, demanding to know.
“I kept my promise to your father.”
“What promise?”
“To make sure you always remembered where you came from and who you are.”
“But how did you...?”
“When I held you I jolted your mind. Woke it up from it’s slumber, so to speak.”
“Michael.” I didn’t even know what to think.
“I help my friends.”
I stared at him, not sure what to say.
“Besides, all those times you saved my butt I thought I owed you one. Just don’t get use to it.” He continued.
“A Westie Angel I take it.” Bags remarked.
“Definitely.” Gabriel agreed. “And to think he was a Westie long before any of you. Wait, come to think of it, wouldn’t that make him leader of your little boys’s club?”
“Nah, he isn’t irish. You have to be irish in order to be leader.” Bags grinned. “Or Celtic.”
“I see.”
“Okay, this is making me sick.” Apollyon felt disgusted. “I think I’ll take my leave now.”
“You’re not going anywhere.” Michael growled at him.
“Oh, I beg to differ.” Apollyon smiled as he vanished before everyone’s eyes.
“Coward.” Gabriel retorted.
“We should go after him.” Ven suggested.
“No.” Michael responded. “Let him go. He’ll pay for all he’s done eventually but not now. Today good won, we’ll leave it at that.”
“But Michael..” I started to say.
“Saturn, you know as well as I do how dangerous Apollyon is. We go after him in the Abyss it would be suicide.” Michael pointed out. “We’ll wait until he makes his next move and go from there.”
“Not today, Saturn. Not today.”
“Fine.” I grumbled, lowering my head and shaking it.
“Besides, I have to take my son back to heaven with me. Gabs, make sure to get everyone out of here and safely home including Saturn.”
“Hey...” I protested.
“Watch her, she’s sneaky.”
“Ha ha, you got busted by an Archangel.” Preston laughed.
“Oh, just like you’ll get busted later for the little stunt you pulled trying to get Saturn to marry you.” Gilly snapped at him.
“What are you talking about?” Preston tried to act innocent.
“Uh huh.” Gilly responded, not at all amused by his behavior.
“Michael?” I said.
“What?” He now held his son in his arms, not looking at me.
“Did my father knew this was going to... That is did he know I was going to...?”
“He knew, Saturn. He knew.”
I stared at Michael for a minute before lowering my head, closing my eyes and, letting out a sigh.
“Saturn, are you okay?” Ven asked.
“I’m fine. Let’s go home.”
Later that night, Preston found himself trying to smooth things over with Gilly.
“YOU WERE WEARING A TUX!” Gilly exclaimed, yelling at him as they talked in his room.
“Baby, look I was being stupid. It meant nothing, you have to believe me. It’s you I want.” Preston tried to sweet talk his way out of trouble.
“But baby....” Preston now said as Gilly forced him into the hallway.
Preston didn’t have a chance to say a word before he had a blanket and pillow being thrown at him and the door being slammed in his face.
“It looks like someone is hitting the couch.” Bags said, walking by in the hallway as he entered Preston’s room to keep Gilly company. “I think I’ll comfort the heartbroken lady.”
“You’re dead.” Preston grumbled. “Oh, you’re so dead.”
“Don’t be jealous it’s not my fault she prefers an irish gentleman.” Bags grinned as he closed the door in Preston’s face.
Leaving Preston to stand there in the hallway and grumble a few chosen words under his breath.
Swearing like only a southern man would. And between you and I that’s a lot of swearing.
Meanwhile on the front porch, Nega was drowning himself with a bottle of scotch. Thief noticed him through the front window and decided to go outside and sit next to him. Not saying anything but just rather sit there. Nega looked over at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Can I help you with something?” He asked, somewhat half drunk from the scotch.
“I know you carried out the order to kill Erika.” Thief calmly answered.
“Great. So what you going to blab it to everyone else?” Nega remarked.
“No. Cause I know it wasn’t your fault. Your mind was being controlled. There was nothing you could have done.”
“I could have over come it.” Nega took another drink of the scotch.
“No, you couldn’t have. I barely did.”
“Look, don’t tell me what the hell I couldn’t or could have. You don’t know me.” Nega sneered, getting to his feet.
“Bro, all I’m saying is....”
“I know what you’re saying and you can go screw yourself.”
That’s when Nega tried to hit Thief. Thief blocked his punch and now got to his feet. A few seconds later, they were rolling around in the dirt fighting with one another. Throwing punches and trying to put each other in a head lock. They cause such a ruckus that the entire familia came outside to see what was going on. It took at least six or seven familia members to stop them from fighting.
“What is going on here?” Berls asked the both of them.
“Nothing.” Nega answered, as he turned around to walk away. “Not a damn thing.”
“Thief?” Berls now directed her attention to him.
Thief didn’t say a word, just used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe the blood from the side of his mouth.
“I see.” She crossed her arms, shaking her head, disappointed in how they were acting.
I laid on my bed in my room getting ready to fall asleep when I sensed someone sitting in the chair that was by the window. I closed my eyes, knowing who it was and trying my best to ignore him.
“Dammit Richie-Rich, I need sleep. What is it?”
“Why do you do that?” I got frustrated with him.
“Do what?” Jordan asked.
“Hide out in my room like I won’t know. Try to ask me something and then when I ask what you say nothing. You do realize that drives me nuts.”
“Then why do you do it?”
“Pay back.”
“For what?”
“For you doing the same thing to me.” Jordan smiled some.
“I never...” I began to argue.
“Look, what do you want?”
“It’s about your father...”
“What about him?” I now sat up in bed, looking at Jordan as he sat near the window not moving a muscle.
“I want to know who he was.” Jordan replied, staring directly at me.
“He was the King of Saturn....”
“I already know that I mean what was he like?”
“Why are you so curious to know?”
Jordan didn’t answer, just went back to staring out the window as the snow fell outside. I knew right there and then something was up.
“ I met your father.” He finally said, still looking out the window.
“How could you? He’s dead.”
“Well, when I met him he wasn’t.”
“Wait, wait, wait. How do you know it was my father?” I questioned.
“Because you look like him.” Jordan directed his attention back to me.
“Well, gee thanks.” I sarcastically remarked.
“I didn’t mean.... it’s just.... never mind. The point is I met him and when I did he told me about you. Actually, he warned me about you.” Jordan smiled some. “Said you had quite a temper.”
“Why would he talk to you about...?”
“He was trying to tell me of what was to come as far as the Seals and what not. What to expect basically. I didn’t believe him when he told me, though. Actually, I thought he was crazy at first.”
“So what made you change your mind?”
“I met you a year later.”
“ A year later? Wait, that would mean....”
“He’s alive, Saturn. Trust me. Probably wondering the streets of the city.”
“Why haven’t you told me this before?” I said.
“He asked me not to. He wanted to make sure you concentrated on what was important. Protecting the Seals and taking care of hell.” Jordan explained.
“So why now?”
“Because I know about Apollyon. I was told how powerful he is. I also know that your father and him never saw eye to eye on anything. And that Apollyon did threaten your father to kill you because you were born....different.”
“Huh. That’s new. Usually, everyone calls me a half-breed.” I scoffed crossing my arms as I sat back in bed.
“Yea, well I don’t think it’s right you should be labeled that. It’s not like you had a choice about who your parents were going to be.”
“So anyway, do you think if Apollyon finds out my father is alive he’d go after him?”
“To get to you, yea. I have no doubt he would considering now that your father was brought back as a...” Jordan hesitated, not wanting to say.
“Spit it out, Richie-Rich.” Knowing full well he was hiding something.
“Your father is human.”
“I had a feeling he would be.” I calmly responded.
“What makes you say that?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“My father always told me if he ever died and came back to life, he’d want to come back as a human.”
“Don’t know. I guess he wanted to experience what my mother was. That or his wings were driving him nuts.”
Jordan laughed a little.
“So the old man is alive. You know what this means don’t you?” I pointed out.
“That you’re going to look for him.” Jordan replied, as a smile crept out of the corner of his mouth.
“Yea. I have to. If he’s human, he’s defenseless against Apollyon. I have to find him before Apollyon knows. God, this is gonna be hell.” I let out a sigh, thinking about it.
“Well, if it makes you feel any better I could go beat up the Texan for trying to marry you.”
“Nah, I think Gilly is taking care of that.” I smiled
Meanwhile outside, on the other side of the gates that stood in front of the house. Zero was standing there looking up at the house. Clenching his fists and cursing under his breath.
“You may have stopped Jay and you may have scared off Apollyon but, you have yet to get rid of me.” He whispered under his breath, as he eyes began to glow a orange hue. “And I’m not that easy to get rid of. You’ll see. Soon all of you will....”

1. Lisa Marie Presley- "Now What", "Raven", "Idiot"
2. Enya- "Exile"
3. DMX- "Thank You"
4. Staind- "Outside"
5. The Killers- "All These Things I've Done"
6. Default- "Count on Me"
7. Tracy Bonham- "You Don't Know Me"
8. 3 Doors Down- "Here By Me"
9. Sarah Mclachlan- "Trust"
10. Foo Fighters- "D.O.A"
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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Poetry Familia 9

My god just when I thought, I’ve seen it all. I’m proven wrong once again. With Jay in heaven being taken care of, Zero took it upon himself to become the new ruler of Hell. But instead of waging war on earth or heaven for that matter. He focused his attention on Apollyon and the Abyss. Usually Apollyon would have had a standing chance to fight Zero but lately it seems Zero’s powers have mysteriously grown. So who does Apollyon turn to for help? Just take a wild guess. And if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking. Then, you’re right. Funny, how we turn to our enemies in time of need even if we go to them as a last resort. I got the surprise while working on my bike in the garage. I had left the garage door open while I worked. I always do just to have a little more light to see what I’m doing. Jordan came out of the house to find me. Which was fine because every time he’d come looking for me, usually in the garage, it was just to stand around and talk. This time however was different and I could sense it. I continued to work, totally ignoring the fact that he was standing a few feet away from my bike.
“You’re blocking my light.” I finally said, working on the engine.
“Saturn.... there’s someone.. You’ve just got to come see for yourself.” Jordan replied, feeling somewhat dumbfounded.
“Uh huh. I’ll be in, in a minute.” I continued to work, thinking nothing of it.
After all, I’ve seen and heard about anything and everything. Unlike Jordan.
“No Saturn, you don’t understand...”
“Look, what could possibly be so damn important that I need to...”
That’s when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I quickly stopped what I was doing and stood up, staring him down.
“Apollyon.” I growled, unsheathing my claws.
“Half-breed.” Apollyon deviously grinned in response.
Berls and Heinzs were both with Apollyon which puzzled me some but, knowing Apollyon it was probably one of his many tricks. Or so I had thought.
“What do you want?” I asked him, sneering. “And what are you doing with Berls and Pops?”
“We’re fine.” Berls tried to assure me.
“Still doesn’t answer why he’s here.”
“I need you’re help, half-breed.” Apollyon spoke up.
“Why the hell should I help you?” I growled.
“If you don’t, the Abyss will be unleashed on earth.” Apollyon calmly pointed out, crossing his arms.
“I thought that’s what you wanted.”
“I do but this won’t be caused by my hands.”
“Then who’s?”
“Wait, wait, wait,” I shook my head, confused. “How did Zero get a hold of the Abyss? How could he have possibly de-throne the supposed great Apollyon?”
“His power has grown.”
“Come on Apollyon, you don’t honestly expect me to....”
“He knows your father is alive.”
“Which means you do too.” I remarked, keeping my claws unsheathed.
“It’s not me you have to worry about right now, half-breed. I’m not the threat, Zero however is.”
“He’s right.” Michael appeared out of nowhere, folding his wings behind him.
“Michael....” I started to say.
“Saturn, look if we don’t help Apollyon we all will be in the grasp of death. Whatever happens on earth affects heaven, you know that. It’s a chain reaction.”
“But after what happened with your son and what about my father...” I argued.
“Saturn, we’ve got to bite the bullet on this one. God wants us to help Apollyon.” Michael
calmly answered.
“Well someone should remind Him that I don’t take orders.” I pointed out, clenching my fists. “Especially if it involves protecting someone who would rather see me dead than walking this earth.”
“You got it all wrong.” Apollyon spoke up. “I don’t want to see you dead, I just want your Seal. And the other six as well.”
“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let that happen.” I growled.
“Well, if you let Zero run around it will be.”
I now raised an eyebrow.
“You’ve got no choice, half-breed.” Apollyon continued. “Either you protect me or Zero wins. And if he wins, you lose.”
“Screw you.” I grumbled, storming off.
I walked out of the garage, taking a walk away from the house. Jordan tried to follow but Michael stopped him.
“Let her go.”
I now took a cigar out of my jacket pocket and was about to reach for my lighter when someone offered a light from their gold plated lighter.
“Tom.” I said, not amused at the person standing before me.
“Saturn.” Tom replied, with a smile.
“What do you want?” I bluntly asked.
“Well, I overheard the conversation in the garage....”
“So are you going to protect Apollyon?”
“I have no choice. I have to.” I sneered, not liking the idea.
“You know some of the familia aren’t going to be too happy about this.”
“I know.”
“They’ll still support you though.”
“I know.”
“We care about you, Saturn. We know it’s sometimes not easy for you especially with some of the decisions you have to make. Like with what happened to Jay or with Lucifer.”
“What are you getting at?” I raised an eyebrow.
“All I’m saying is you shouldn’t ever feel like you’re alone. We’re here for you no matter what.” Tom answered with a smile.
I looked at him for a minute before giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you.” I finally said, walking away.
Tom watched me shaking his head somewhat as he continued to smile.
“Lord, she’s definitely one of your creations.” He whispered under his breath.
“Tom, Tom, Tom!” Buttters ran up to him, trying to catch her breath as she stopped in front of him.
“Buttters my dear, what is it?” Tom asked.
“Isis is having her baby.” Buttters answered in between breaths.
“Then we better get her to the hospital. Where’s Thief?”
“With her. Where’s Saturn?”
Tom looked over at the path that I had walked.
Isis was in a great deal of pain as they rushed her to the hospital. She was about to pop, literally.
Seven hours later, after the pain and pushing, Athena came into the world kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs. I arrived shortly after at the hospital. I caught the news on the streets and rushed over to the hospital as fast as I could.
“So you’re a grandpa.” I said sarcastically to Thief, as I met up with and the others in the hall.
“Saturn, whatever you say just isn’t going to get to me right now.” Thief answered.
“So you wouldn’t mind if I had a shirt made up reading world’s number one grandpa?” I grinned.
“Shut up.”
“What? You could wear it when we visit you in the old folks home.”
“Fine. How’s Isis doing?”
“She’s okay. Sleeping right now, though.”
I looked around noticing Jordan was missing.
“He’s looking at the babies in the nursery.” Heinzs spoke up, reading my mind.
“I wasn’t thinking about him.” I replied.
“Sure, you weren’t.”
“Dammit Pops, stay out of my head.”
“Didn’t need to read your mind. Well, not fully.” Heinzs grinned.
“Whatever.” I grumbled, heading for the nursery.
Jordan was looking through the glass at the babies, when the nurses had put Athena’s crib right in front of the window. As soon as Athena saw Jordan she stopped crying and started to coo like babies do.
“Looks like someone likes you.” I said, standing next to Jordan.
“I wouldn’t mind having another one.” He responded, having that look on his face.
The same kind of look all men have when they want to settle down and have a family or in this case have another baby.
“Talk to your girl then.” I finally answered.
“I did.”
“She doesn’t want to. Not now anyway. She says I seem to be too busy as it is to even help with another baby.”
“Ouch. Well, she just has to understand that your music....”
“It wasn’t my career she was talking about.” He interrupted, looking out of the corner of his eye at me.
I didn’t say anything at first, just looked down at Athena.
“I better see how Isis is doing.” I now began to leave, turning around to walk away.
Wats now appeared before me, stopping me dead in my tracks.
“Dammit Wats, what do you want?” I growled, still remembering he was the reason I had to fix my bike.
“Aww, no kisses for me.” Wats responded in a sarcastic tone. “I’m hurt.”
Tom around this time showed up Doc and Dr. Watson right behind him.
“Tom, can’t you learn to control your other selves?” I snarled.
“Sorry my lady,” Tom apologized. “Something about hospitals gets them all riled up.”
“That’s not why I’m here though.” Wats spoke up with a wicked grin. “I found something out. Something evil. Something....”
I quickly slammed him up against a wall, unsheathing a set of claws inches away from his jugular.
“Ooh rough. I like that in my women.” Wats remarked, still grinning.
“Talk or else Tom is gonna have one less side to worry about.” I growled.
“Fine. Ruin all my fun....”
“Talk. NOW!”
“Erika is alive.”
“You’re lying. Nega killed her. There’s no way....”
“Who do you think is Athena’s muse.”
“But she’s a newborn, she can’t have one yet.” Jordan spoke up.
“Actually, yea she can.” I corrected him. “When someone is born into this world they are given one. How many they end up having is totally up to them later on in life.”
“Like you having two.” Jordan pointed out.
“Three actually.” I answered.
“What? Wait, you have three?”
“How come you never told me?”
“You never asked.”
“Uh, there’s more if anyone wants to hear it.” Wats interrupted.
“What could....”
Before I could finish a nurse ran by us screaming how a cat woman on fire was fighting a skeleton man.
“Damn it.” I swore under my breath, as I let go of Wats and headed in the direction of the fight.
Jordan and the others followed right behind me. Making sure to keep their distance from me. I quickly unsheathed my claws as I ran up to Erika, knocking her off of Nega who she had cornered. She got to her feet and turned to face me.
“Saturn, stay out of this.” Erika hissed in a warnful tone.
“I can’t do that.” I growled back. “We maybe familia but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stand by while you kill another familia member.”
“HE KILLED ME!” Erika yelled, pointing at Nega.
“ I know but he wasn’t himself when he did so. We both know that. Erika, you can’t do this. You have to forgive him.” I now explained in a softer tone, sheathing my claws.
Ravyn now flew out of nowhere landing in front of Erika and looking up at her.
“If anything,” I continued, “Ravyn, Ellie, Jay and Q should be examples of how quickly we can lose family and how we need to forgive, no matter what the other one has done. You take Nega’s life and you’ll destroy this familia.”
“Like Nega hasn’t already by taken hers.” Thief argued.
“Drop it, T.” I warned.
“No, I won’t. Saturn, he’s just as much to blame for what he did.” T snapped back. “This crap about him being under Zero or Apollyon’s influence is b.s. and you know it.”
“T.” I now said again.
“I’m just speaking the truth. Everyone else in the familia is afraid to say something but not me. He should pay for what he did to her.”
“TERRY!” I roared at him.
Everyone began to quickly step away from Terry, seeing the anger on my face.
“What?” he asked, not phased by my temper.
“Need I remind you that you tried to kill me once.” I sneered. “Do I also need to remind you I have never once held that over you or faulted you for it but if you don’t shut it right now I will.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Don’t test me.”
“Um if I were you Terrance, I’d shut it.” Bags advised. “It’s not wise to argue with a hot-headed woman.”
“Fine, whatever.” Thief grumbled, walking away.
Erika now started to cry, feeling somewhat confused and frustrated as she transformed back into her normal form. Ravyn flew up and landed on her shoulder, watching her. I know knelt beside her trying to stop her from falling over.
“Saturn, I just.. I’m sorry.” Erika cried.
“Don’t be.” I comforted her. “It’s not your fault.”
“Saturn, maybe we should....” Ven started to say but I just held up my hand to stop her.
Jordan’s cell phone went off and he walked away somewhere to the other end of the hall to answer it. Taking a chance of getting busted by the nurses, considering cells aren’t allowed to be on in the hospital. I could tell by the look on his face that his girl was chewing him out big time.
“Leysa, can you take Erika home?” I asked her.
“Saturn....” Erika started to protest.
“We’ll talk later, I promise. Right now, you need to go home and rest.”
I now turned my attention to Nega as Leysa helped Erika to the exit. Nega who looked somewhat roughed up but not all that bad. That however didn’t stop me from worrying about him.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Fine. Just... I’m fine. I need to go for a walk.”
“Let Fox go with you.” I suggested.
“No, I need to be alone.” Nega headed towards the exit door.
I looked over at Berls who could tell I was worried but trying to hide it from the others.
“Fox, Jeannie follow Nega.” She ordered.
“But he said he wanted to be....” Fox began to reply.
“Just do it.”
I tried to look for Jordan but he was gone. I headed for the door, having a feeling where he went but not wanting to say anything to anyone else.
“Where are you going?” Preston asked.
“Out.” I answered.
“But....” Preston tried to say as I left.
“Let her go.” Heinzs said to him. “She needs to take care of something.”
“Yea, a Yankee.” Preston grumbled, crossing his arms.
A loud scream came out of the nursery and made it’s way through the halls. Getting anyone and everyone’s attention. The familia quickly ran down to the nursery only to see nurses frantically trying to calm down all the crying babies. While a nurse sat outside of the nursery, next to the door and on the floor. Rocking back and forth while speaking in tongues.
“Athena’s missing.” Spaz noticed.
Tom was now trying to talk to the nurse who kept on speaking in tongues.
“Tom, do you understand her?” Gilly asked.
“Somewhat. She’s speaking Aramaic. Some I know but not all.” Tom answered.
“Maybe I can help.” The Archangel Gabriel appeared within a flash of light, folding his wings behind him.
I had followed Jordan’s scent to his girl’s place. It was all too easy to pick up on the smell of cheap cologne and cigarettes. I now stood next to the living room window out in the blistering cold. Making sure to stay hidden in the shadows as I used my heightened sense of hearing to listen in on the conversation.
“I can’t do this anymore.” I heard her say to Jordan. “I can’t keep on pretending everything is all right when it isn’t.”
“What do you want me to do? I can’t exactly give my Seal back and say thanks but no thanks.”
“Why not?”
“You know why not.”
“Because of her.” She snapped at him.
“No, because of our son.” Jordan growled.
“Bull. I’ve seen the way you look at her. And for god’s sake, I heard you two shared a bed. I
mean honestly what do you expect me to think when I hear that?”
“All we did was sleep, that’s it. Besides, I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship.”
“Oh really, then why is her and her little friends still living with you?”
“I can’t kick them out on the streets.” Jordan tried to keep his cool but finding it difficult.
“Funny, it’s easier for you to live with strangers than your own family.” She pointed out.
“Their not strangers. And you’re the one who didn’t want to live with me.” Jordan replied.
“Well, I never. Don’t you dare turn this around on me.”
“Look, I’m not going to deal with this right now. I can’t.” Jordan started to head for the front door. “There’s just no point in talking to you right now.”
“So what? You’re just going to walk away?”
“I’m not walking away. We can talk later.”
“I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
“I mean I don’t know. I have some things I need to take care of.”
“In other words, you’re chasing after her again.”
“It’s not like that.” Jordan lowered his head, shaking it somewhat as he felt a headache coming on.
“Bull. You’re obsessed with her. With who she is, where she came from, even her past. I can’t even be with you without you talking about her. And damn it, it’s getting on my last good nerve.”
“Hon...” Jordan tried to comfort her.
“Don’t. Just do what you have to.” She said, pushing him away. “And afterwards, we’ll talk. That’s if....”
“If what?”
“You know she was talking about you.” Michael appeared next to me, whispering.
“Really? I wouldn’t have guessed it.” I sarcastically responded. “So what brings you here?”
“Besides catching you play snoop?”
“Michael.” I warned in a low growl.
“It’s your father.”
“What about him?”
“I found out where he’s at.”
I looked at Michael.
“Where?” I asked.
“Saturn....” Michael hesitated to answer.
“Where?” I now demanded to know.
“Fine, I’ll show you.”
An hour later, Michael and I were at a cemetery standing in front of a gravestone.
“Michael?” I now looked over at him, somewhat confused.
“He’s here, Saturn.”
Without saying a word, Michael looked over at the grave in front of us, out of the corner of his eye. And that’s when I knew. I stood before the grave looking down at it.
“Saturn?” Michael said, breaking the silence.
“Who did this?” I questioned in a low growl, not sounding at all human.
“You can’t let.....”
“Who did this?!?” I demanded.
I walked away from the grave and Michael, unsheathing my claws. Michael just stood there afraid to stop me. He looked over at the gravestone, shaking his head a little.
“She definitely has your temper, old man.” He said letting out a sigh.
Apollyon was with everyone else back at Jordan’s place. Discussing what, I had no idea. My attention was focused on Apollyon. Not two seconds through the door and I had him held up against the wall with a set of glowing claws pointed at his jugular.
“Are you bloody mad?” Apollyon asked.
I let out a low non-human growl, literally foaming at the mouth.
“Oh sh....” Thief started to say.
Jordan walked in through the front door noticing what was going on.
“Saturn....” He stepped in, speaking up.
“Not now!” I snarled.
“Fine. I just thought we were suppose to protect him from Zero but if you don’t want to. That’s fine. I just wish you’d tell the rest of us.” Jordan sarcastically remarked, use to my temper. “Just promise me you won’t get blood on my carpet.”
“Look, she’s gone mad. Can someone please talk some sense into her.” Apollyon responded. “I feel like I’m being punished for something I didn’t do.”
“Well, you must have done something or else she wouldn’t want to kill you.” Leysa pointed out.
“I swear I did nothing.”
“You knew my father was dead and lied about it.” I snapped at him.
“I did no such thing.”
“Whoa.” Phoenix said, seeing the rage taking over in me.
“I didn’t kill your father.” Apollyon calmly replied.
“Then why is his blood on your hands?”
“It’s not.” He deviously grinned.
“YOU LIE!” As I went to stab him in his throat.
He vanished into thin air seconds before I made contact with his jugular. He reappeared behind me, trying to take me by surprise but the sound of something being unsheathed and the sight of something metallic being pointed at him made him think twice. I turned around and saw Jay standing there in his metallic form. His sword like hand pointed at Apollyon’s neck.
“Leave her alone.” Jay growled at him.
“Fine. Then I’ll just screw with your head again.” Apollyon remarked.
“No, you won’t.” Michael appeared out of nowhere. “You leave my boy alone. You did enough damage first time around.”
“Three against one. Is this really fair?” Apollyon pointed out.
“You tell me.” I growled, as my claws began to glow brighter.
“You kill me and I can’t help you find Athena.”
“What? Wait, what?”
“That’s right you haven’t been told yet. You probably would have if you hadn’t been so eager to break my neck.” Apollyon stated.
“What is he talking about?” Jordan asked, confused.
“Athena was kidnaped.” Tom spoke up.
“By who?”
“We don’t know exactly.” Tom explained. “But from what I got from the nurse, it’s a woman that looked very much like EE.”
“Wait, from what you got from the nurse? Was she speaking a foreign language or something?” Jay questioned.
“Aramaic actually.” Tom responded in a matter of fact tone.
I looked over at Thief, seeing if he was okay. After all him and EE did have some history together. And I do imagine hearing her name alone has to break him up from time to time.
“What?” He asked, noticing my stare.
“Nothing.” I said, turning my attention back on Apollyon.
“Okay why would someone want to kidnap Athena?” Jay asked, speaking up. “Does it have to do with Isis or what?”
That’s when a smile crept up out of the corner of Apollyon’s mouth. I quickly pounced on him, knocking him to the ground and having a set of claws pointed once again at his jugular.
“Saturn....” Berls started to say.
“He knows something,” I growled. “And he better start talking or else.”
“Why should I tell you anything?” Apollyon snapped at me.
“I’ll hand you over to Zero if you don’t.” I snarled.
Apollyon could sense I was in no mood for games and decided that it would be in his best interest if he started to talk.
“Athena carries the second half of the Seventh Seal.” Apollyon began to explain.
“What?” I responded, with a confused look on my face.
“Wait, I thought my son....” Jordan spoke up.
“He carries the first half of the Seventh Seal.” Apollyon interrupted. “God broke the Seventh Seal apart and gave it to two carriers as an extra precaution. That way if Lucifer or any other demon got a hold of one, they would still have to fight to get the other half in order to get into heaven.”
“Saturn, is this....” Ven tried to ask me.
“She wouldn’t know.” Apollyon replied. “There are only three people besides myself that would. God, the Archangel Gabriel and, well of course Saturn’s father.”
“Why would Saturn’s father....?”
“Who do you think was the original carrier of the first Seal.” Apollyon grinned.
“Hold up.” Jay said, shaking his head somewhat. “Saturn carrying the first Seal is punishment for the things she did for hell.”
“That’s only half of it, boy.” Apollyon remarked. “Actually, half of what you and Michael over there have been told. The other half is this, Saturn’s father was the original carrier of the first Seal.”
“You lie!” I growled.
“Do I? Then why else would He let a half-breed like yourself carry the first Seal? Granted, you are the writer but He could have found any writer. The fact that you’re father was the original carrier of the first Seal and the Archangel of...”
“Don’t you dare say it.”
“What? Afraid to face your fate. What you’ll one day become. Then again, I suppose that Seal you carry reminds you in one way or another. I bet it also won’t let you forget your past, where you came from. That’s why you have those flashbacks and nightmares. So I figure.”
“I don’t have nightmares,” I sneered.
“The point is as long as you carry the first Seal it won’t let you forget.”
“Why wasn’t I told any of this?” I questioned.
“That’s something you’ll have to ask God. Right Michael?” Apollyon deviously grinned.
“Go to hell.” Michael snarled.
The Archangel Gabriel now appeared within a flash of light with both an unconscious Jeannie and Fox in each arm.
“What happened to them?” Berls asked, sounding like a worried mother.
“A stranger jumped them. Knocking them out and kidnaping Nega.” Gabriel responded with a look of shock still present on his face.
“Gabs?” Michael said, noticing the shock.
“He had black wings, Mike.” Gabriel replied, remembering every detail of the stranger. “Like Saturn’s father....”
Gabriel stopped himself from continuing, realizing that I was in the room.
“Like Saturn’s father what?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Like your father had.”
“Are you saying...?”
“I don’t know. I did see EE with him, though. And she did mention to me she was the one who took Athena.”
“Didn’t say and I didn’t have time to ask. I was sort of knocked out.”
“You got your butt kicked, didn’t you?” Michael grinned somewhat.
“Heh, heh, heh.”
“Shut it.”
I now headed for the front door.
“Saturn.” Tom started to say.
I didn’t respond, just left. Jordan soon followed, catching up with me in the driveway.
“Saturn, wait.”
I stopped dead in my tracks. Not facing him.
“Go home.” I said.
“Saturn, um we’re already....”
“You know what I mean. She needs you. They both do. Go home to her and your son.”
“I can handle this mess without you. I am capable. Besides, it’s my mess not yours.”
“Dammit Saturn, I want to....”
“I’m not going to argue with you. Just go home.”
I started to walk away before he could even say another word. Preston who had been spying, saw his opportunity to follow me without feral boy to stop him. A sly grin quickly crossed his face.
“You know she’s just doing it cause she cares.” Michael spoke up, appearing next to Jordan.
“Yea, I know.” Jordan now watched as I disappeared around the corner. “I know.”
Gilly had decided to go check on Buttters seeing as she had gone to her room to lay down. What she walked in to shocked her. Jay and Buttters were literally making out on Buttters’s bed.
“What the..!” Gilly exclaimed.
Jay and Buttters quickly stopped, getting up off the bed. Buttters began to blush a brick red while Jay found a cigarette to light up trying to keep his cool. He is still after all a Westie even if he now works for heaven.
“Oh, I see the treatment in heaven did wonders for you.” Gilly pointed out to him. “Isn’t there a rule about you angels not having any physical relations with humans of the opposite gender.”
“Who told you that crap?” Jay raised an eyebrow.
“Your father.”
“Yea, the old man should talk. He couldn’t keep his paws off my mother.”
“Actually nephew.” Gabriel appeared, speaking up. “He was human at the time or did we forget that.”
“Kiss it.”
“Very mature.” Gabriel remarked, crossing his arms. “I suppose we can thank your father that you inherited his behavior. Then again, I guess being a Westie has something to do with it also.”
Berls and the rest of the familia were now discussing what to do. Zero right now didn’t seem no big threat and no one was really paying attention to Apollyon. They were more concerned about yours truly and also getting Nega and Athena back.
“I can find Athena.” Erika spoke up.
“How?” Phoenix raised an eyebrow.
“I still have my heightened senses, just one of my many powers I was able to keep. I can track her that way.” Erika explained.
Heinzs now got off his cell phone with a nurse at the hospital. It seems Isis was giving the staff hell so to speak.
“Well, we can’t keep the kidnaping of Athena from Isis much longer. She’s literally raising hell with the nurses, demanding to see her baby.” Heinzs said. “We better find Athena fast before Isis does find out.”
“What about Apollyon though?” Bags pointed out. “What do we do with him?”
“I say we do Saturn a favor.” Thief deviously grinned, as a ball of fire grew in his hand. “Take care of one problem for her.”
“I agree.” Drew spoke up, looking as devious as Thief.
“Thief. Drew.” Berls warned.
“But Berls....” Thief protested.
“Thief, don’t.”
“Damn it.” He grumbled, letting the fireball die out.
“Thank you, Berlie.” Apollyon said to her.
“Don’t thank me. I’m just not going to let Saturn’s chance of kicking your arse be robbed by Thief and Drew.” She hissed at him.
Apollyon took a step back seeing the anger on Berls’s face
“Hey, where’s Jordan?” Ven asked Michael, as he walked through the front door.
“Taking care of some business.” Michael answered. “By the way, surprised to see Apollyon still standing there. I thought for sure you’d be beating the tar out of him by now.”
“Berls doesn’t want us to rob Saturn of her chance.” Drew pouted.
“Well, I can understand why. He did kill the girl’s father.”
“Is no one willing to protect me from Zero?” Apollyon responded, not believing how fast everyone was turning on him.
“Not when you hurt one of our own.” Fox bluntly answered.
Apollyon now turned to Tom for support. Knowing what kind of man Tom is and how believes in doing what’s right.
“Tom, you’re a man of God. Talk some sense in to them.” Apollyon pleaded.
“Why not?”
“Because even though I am a man of God. You’re a demon. A demon who committed an act that goes against what I believe. I can not help you.”
“God will punish you if you....”
“Do not preach to me, demon. You have no right.” Tom growled, as his hand began to glow. “You’re lucky I don’t do God and Saturn a favor and get rid of you myself.”
“Then who would Michael and I get to make fun of?” Gabriel interrupted, coming down the stairs with Jay, Buttters and, Gilly right behind him.
Michael noticed how Jay and Butters were acting towards each other and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Especially when Jay whispered something in Buttters’s ear and she giggled a little in response.
“Nephew.” Gabriel coughed, warning Jay.
Jay quickly stopped and started to whistle, trying to act innocent. Around this time, the door bell rang. Everyone looked over at Thief who was closest to the door.
“What?” He asked.
“Get the door, Terrance.” Bags said.
“Keep calling me that, you old irish wind bag and I’ll....”
“ENOUGH!” Berls raised her voice. “I’m sick of you two fighting. It’s getting old real quick.”
“He started it.” Thief pointed out.
“I don’t care. Get the door.”
So Thief did, grumbling the whole way as a grin crossed Bags’s face. Thief opened the door and was surprised to see a very old man standing on the front porch. An old man that had been living his last days in Canada or so everyone thought. Even yours truly.
“E.T, what are you doing here?” Thief asked.
“Where’s Saturn? I need to talk to her.”
Jordan now walked through the front door of his girl’s place, only to find the place in disarray and his son and girl missing. A strange scent quickly filled his senses and he knew exactly who it belonged to. He let out a low growl and that’s when it hit him.
“Saturn.” He whispered under his breath.
He quickly left the house, trying to pick up on my scent. Cursing under his breath as he did so.
Nega meanwhile started to wake up to one hell of a headache. He could tell off the bat he was in an abandon house. Stumbling to his feet, he looked around and that’s when he noticed a shadowy hooded-figure standing in a corner of the room, spreading it’s black wings.
“You son of a.....” Nega went after the figure, turning in to his skeleton form and throwing his fist in mid-air.
He was inches away from connecting to the hooded figure’s face when the hooded figure held up his hand, blocking Nega’s punch but barely touching his fist. That however didn’t stop Nega from wincing in pain.
“How could you do this to her?” Nega clenched his teeth.
“I didn’t do a damn thing. She just didn’t need to know at the time. Besides, we both agreed on that. Do you remember Soul Stealer?” The hooded-figure snarled, letting go of Nega.
“I don’t do that anymore.” Nega replied, backing away and holding his hand still in pain somewhat.
“And it’s because of me, you don’t. Don’t you ever forget that. I saved your butt and you owe me. You need to keep her safe. Keep her away from the gates of hell.” The hooded figure responded, sounding non-human.
“What about Athena? When do you plan on returning her?”
“Not until I take care of what I need to in hell. Only then will I return Jordan’s son and Isis’s daughter.”
“Wait, you took Jordan’s kid. Why?”
“Because the boy has the first half of the Seventh Seal. He’s also....”
“Also what?”
“One of the two witnesses.”
“Lord, some people....” The hooded figure sighed. “The two Seventh Seal carriers are also the two witnesses. Their the ones that witness the end and the new beginning of everything. Their the ones that will lead Heaven’s army into Armageddon.”
“So why protect Saturn? Why not....”
“Because she’s the one that makes the way for the two witnesses. As a carrier of the first Seal, she is just not suppose to protect but, also pave the way for them.”
“What about the other carriers?”
“They’ll be part of the army. Fighting alongside the two witnesses and Yeshua.”
“I still don’t see why you can’t go to Jordan with this or any of the other Seal carriers.”
“Because they don’t know the ins and outs of hell like we do. They don’t know the secrets that it holds. The secrets it still has yet to reveal.”
Preston had now made sure to keep his distance so I couldn’t pick up on his scent. He thought he was at a safe distance, he thought wrong however. He could have never really hid his scent, no matter how much he wanted to. I could easily pick up the scent of moonshine and cheap southern cologne off of him from miles away.
“You want something?” I now asked loud enough so he could hear, as I stopped dead in my tracks.
Not a sound.
“Look, I don’t need to baby-sit. So go home.” I growled.
Still nothing.
“Fine, whatever. It’s your funeral.” I grumbled, walking away.
I entered the cemetery, figuring I could make a shortcut through there. That would soon turn out to be a bad decision on my part. Apollyon appeared before me in his demon form. I could tell something was wrong right off the bat by just the way he was looking at me.
“What is it?” I growled, still not at all to happy to see him.
“It’s Zero.” Apollyon answered, sounding scared. “He’s....he’s kidnaped the familia. We also found out that he does have Athena.”
“Where is he?”
“I’ll show you.”
Before we even got to take another step. Preston came out of nowhere. His hand glowing a green hue as he lunged at Apollyon, knocking him to the ground.
“Texan, what the hell....?” I started to ask, raising an eyebrow.
“He’s lying.” Preston growled, keeping his hand near Apollyon’s face as it continued to glow brighter.
“That’s absurd.” Apollyon argued.
“Is it? My hand started to glow when you spewed your lie to her.” Preston snarled.
“Saturn, you’re not going to....”
“Yea, I am.” I replied.
“Because his Seal wouldn’t lie seeing as it’s power is of judgement.”
“So it judged what you were saying and warned the Texan that you were lying.”
“What are you up to, Apollyon?” I bluntly asked. “I mean I’m starting to question wether or not to believe you, myself. Also, it’s kind of funny that Zero hasn’t made any attempt to show himself or try anything for that matter.”
“Nothing is going on.” Apollyon lied.
Preston’s hand now started to do pulsating glows of green.
“What the....?” Preston raised an eyebrow.
“It’s getting irritated with Apollyon’s lies.” I answered, reading the signs of his Seal.
That’s one thing my Seal allows me to do, is read the signs that the other Seals give off. And the Texan’s was getting very irritated with Apollyon.
“Tell one more lie and it’s gonna fry you.” I warned Apollyon.
“I don’t need this.” Apollyon argued. “You are just like your father. You know that.”
“So I’ve been told. Now what are you up to?”
“Naive half-breed, why should I tell you?”
I quickly unsheathed my claws as they began to glow a bright white.
“You nor this mortal can kill me.” Apollyon sneered. “I’m the Destroyer. The ruler of the Abyss.”
I just yawned in response.
“You little....”
“You bore me, Polly.” I remarked. “Besides, you’re not the only one with powers of destruction.”
My claws glowed even brighter as a devious grin crossed my face.
“I’ll be more than happy to show you, if need be.” I continued, in a low growl.
“Not wise, half-breed. I didn’t come alone.” Apollyon hissed, as demons surrounded us.
“Saturn....” Preston spoke up, letting go of Apollyon and looking around.
“Demons from the Abyss.” I answered, reading the Texan’s mind.
“What’s the difference?” He asked.
“Their more powerful and far worse than the ones from hell.”
“Oh, well that’s comforting.” Preston sarcastically remarked.
“Get out of here. I’ll take care of them.” I now went into feral mode.
“I’m not leaving.” Preston argued.
“Dammit Texan.”
“I’m not leaving you, Melissa.”
I looked over at Preston with a raised eyebrow. He stood there with a smile creeping up out of the corner of his mouth.
“The Yankee isn’t the only one who worries about you.” He pointed out.
“Fine. Do whatever you the hell you want.” I grumbled. “It’s your funeral anyway.”
I now turned my attention back on Apollyon who was laughing.
“What’s so damn funny?” I sneered.
“Nothing. It’s just amusing to see after all this time you still have men willing to die for you.” Apollyon replied. “Foolish but amusing none the same.”
Jordan now showed up, tossing a few demons in mid-air as he made his way towards us.
“The Yankee is here.” Preston sarcastically remarked. “Great.”
“APOLLYON!” Jordan roared, his claws gleaming in the moonlight.
“And another fool steps into the ring.” Apollyon retorted.
“Jordan?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Where are they?” He now demanded from Apollyon, ignoring Preston and I.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Apollyon brushed him off. “Don’t bother me with your nonsense, boy. I have better things to do with my time.”
“Your damn scent was all over my girl’s house. How the hell do you explain that?” Jordan growled.
“Wait....he was...” Preston started to say. “Uh oh.”
“He’s clearly lost his mind. I have no idea what he’s talking about.” Apollyon answered.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Jordan lunged at Apollyon.
I quickly stood in his way before he could do any real damage to Apollyon.
“Saturn, move.” He snarled.
“Like hell.” I responded. “You want to kill Apollyon, you’ve got to kill me.”
“Why are you defending him?”
“Because you don’t need his blood on your hands.” I bluntly responded.
“I know what I’m talking about. Trust me.”
“Saturn, I just want to thank you...” Apollyon began to speak up.
Before he had the chance to finish, he found himself on the ground, holding his nose as blood ran out of it.
“You broke my nose!” He exclaimed, looking at me.
“You’re lucky that’s all I broke.” I snarled, staring him down. “Now where is Jordan’s family? And no b.s. or the next thing I break will be your neck.”
“I don’t know. You might want to ask EE or who she’s working for now. Because whoever it is, he took them.”
“He?” Preston said with a puzzled look.
“Yes, it seems our black-winged friend, the one who took Nega and Athena, now has Jordan’s family.” Apollyon explained. “How do I know? Oh that’s quite simple. I met our feathered friend while at that house. We had a disagreement and needless to say I lost the discussion.”
“In other words, you got your ass kicked.” I stated, crossing my arms. “What you have failed to answer is why where you at that house.”
“I was worried Zero might try something. Not to mention our feathered friend. I was trying to save Jordan’s family.”
“Bull. The only thing you know how to save is your sorry ass when it’s on the verge of being kicked and even then you can’t do that right.”
Preston started to snicker some. Jordan however was still in his mood.
“Saturn, just give me five minutes. I promise to keep him breathing somewhat. Just five minutes is all I’m asking.” Jordan snarled.
“Jordan.” I warned.
“Not now.” I glared directly at him.
“Something he so often hears.” Preston sarcastically remarked, with a grin.
“Do you want to fly?” I snapped at him.
“No ma’am.” Preston replied in his deep southern accent, remembering the many times before he found himself flying in mid-air after making a remark of some sort to yours truly.
“Then shut it.”
“Yes ma’am.”
I focused my attention back on Apollyon as one of his demons came up to him. Whispering something in his ear.
“Seems our friend Zero has finally made a move.” Apollyon said, as the demon made himself scarce.
“Why? What has he done?” Preston asked.
“He’s kidnaped your precious familia. And he’s willing to let them go if we hand over....”
“Athena and Dante.” Jordan growled, interrupting.
“Not only them but something else.”
That’s when Apollyon looked over at me.
“Oh hell no.” Jordan spoke up. “There is no way. I’m not giving up my son to that crazy bastard. He can also forget about getting Athena and if he even looks at Saturn...”
“We’ll kill him.” Preston bluntly said, interrupting.
“Guys...” I began to respond.
“No, I’m not going to have you hand yourself over to him.” Preston argued. “Damn it Saturn, you’ve got too many people who care about you. You hand your life over and.... you just can’t do it.”
I looked over at Jordan, who just stood there with his arms crossed.
“I agree with the Texan.” He said, in a matter of fact tone.
I just shook my head a little as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.
“What?” Jordan asked.
“Nothing. It’s just amusing to see that the only thing you two can agree on is when something involves me.”
Michael, Jay and, Gabriel now appeared out of nowhere. All looking like they had been through hell.
“The familia....” Jay started to say.
“We know.” I answered, interrupting him.
“So what are we going to do?” Jordan asked.
“I’ll rescue the familia.” I explained. “While the rest of you except Apollyon, find Athena, Nega and Jordan’s family.”
“Why not Apollyon?” Gabriel questioned.
“Yea, why not me?” Apollyon was curious to know.
“Because as much as I hate to say it. Polly, I need you and your little Abyss of demons.” I responded, feeling sick to my stomach for even saying so.
“I knew it.” Apollyon deviously grinned. “I knew you couldn’t handle....”
“Don’t jump to conclusions, you ass. I need you and your pathetic little group of demons for bait.” I cut him off.
“I will not...” He started to protest.
Before Apollyon knew what hit him, he found himself being held up by his neck against a tree with a set of white glowing claws inches away from his jugular.
“I don’t give a damn what you will or will not do.” I snarled. “Right now, you have no say. Either you do what I tell you or I’ll make sure the Abyss has no ruler.”
“You can’t kill me.”
“Like hell I can’t. My father wasn’t the only one who knew your secrets.” I sneered.
Apollyon looked dead in to my eyes. Speechless. Knowing what I was talking about and also knowing I wasn’t bluffing. For a brief moment, I reminded him of my father. And my father always followed through with his threats.
“Fine. My army of demons and I will go.” He finally said, letting out a sigh. “Whatever you need me to do, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.”
“I’m going too.” Jordan spoke up.
“No. You’re going with the others to find your son, your family.” I replied, letting go of Apollyon.
“Dammit Saturn....”
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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“Can you guys excuse us for a minute. I want to talk to Jordan alone.” I said to the others.
“Sure. No problem.” Michael answered. “You heard her guys, let’s go.”
“Uh oh. Someone is in trouble.” Preston deviously grinned.
“Texan.” Michael warned. “Let’s go.”
“Well, I’m not going anywhere.” Apollyon said.
“Like hell you’re not.” Jay sneered. “You and your little army of demons are coming as well.”
“Or what?”
“I’ll make the fight you and my father had some thousand years ago look like a walk in the park.”
“Fine.” Apollyon waved his hand, dismissing his army of demons. “Happy now?”
“Why yes, thanks for asking.” Jay remarked, being a smartass.
Everyone soon left Jordan and I alone. I now found a cigar and my lighter in my jacket pocket. I lit the cigar up and began to smoke it, putting the lighter back in my pocket.
“Saturn....” Jordan started to say.
“Shut it.” I glared over at him, as I continued to smoke. “What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t possibly be so damn...”
“So what?”
“Nothing. Look, you have a chance to do something I never could with my own family. You have a chance to save yours. Don’t screw it up.”
“I can do both.” Jordan answered.
“Bull. No one can. I should know I’ve tired. You can’t be at two places at once. It’s impossible. You can’t save everyone.” I pointed out. “God, where did I hear that before? It really does come back to haunt you.”
“But what about you?” Jordan asked.
“What about me? Look Richie-Rich, I can take care of myself. Hell, I’ve been doing so long before you were born. I’m pretty sure I can handle whatever is thrown at me. You’ve got a little boy who needs you. Actually, they both do. Stop worrying about me and find them.” I now turned around to walk away. “Oh and if you follow me, I’ll kick your ass for being stupid.”
I left Jordan to stand there as it began to rain.
“So what did you two talk about?” Jay asked, as I joined up with him and the others.
“None of your damn business, smartass. Take the Texan, Gabriel and Michael and go help Richie-Rich find Nega, Athena and his family. Apollyon, you and your little army are coming with me.” I ordered. “We have a problem to go take care of.”
“God, she can be bossy sometimes.” Preston grumbled.
“Come again? Do you want to fly?”
“No ma’am.”
“Then shut it.”
“Ha ha, the Texan is in trouble.” Jay laughed.
“Keep it up and he won’t be the only one.” I pointed out.
“Hey, you have to lay off me. Remember because you feel guilty for shooting me with an arrow and what not.” Jay retorted.
“Oh, you wanna go there. That’s fine. I’ll just tell your father about that little secret you’ve been keeping. The one between buttters and you.” I deviously grinned. “I’m sure he’d be interested to hear what you two have been up to.”
“What secret?” Michael now looked over at Jay.
“Uh...um...uh.. We should get going.” Jay quickly changed the subject.
“Oh no, I think we’ve got time for this. Better yet, you can tell me on the way.” Michael replied, as they headed in the direction Jordan was.
Gabriel all the while just followed behind them, shaking his head and laughing a little. I looked over at the Texan who hadn’t made a move.
“I’m not leaving you.” Preston protested, seeing the look on my face. “Apollyon is still up to something and I don’t trust him to be alone with you.”
“I’m not up to anything.” Apollyon lied.
Preston’s hand started to glow.
“Wanna tell that to my hand?” Preston responded, letting his southern accent slip through.
“As a matter of fact....” Apollyon hissed. “I could tell you what you can do with that hand and where to go if you like.”
“ENOUGH!” I roared, shaking the earth beneath our feet.
“Whoa, what the hell was that?” Jay asked, feeling the earthquake.
“Saturn losing her temper.” Michael answered, shrugging his shoulders. “The Texan must have got on her last good nerve. Or maybe Apollyon did. Or probably both. Who knows.”
“Look, you want to come along. Fine.” I now said to Preston, trying to calm down. “Just behave.”
“I will as long as he does.” Preston pointed over his shoulder at Apollyon.
The familia were now locked up in a prison cell deep within the depths of hell.
“How do we end up in situations like this?” Fox asked, looking around the cell.
“Cause we think it’s fun.” Thief answered sarcastically.
“No, I’m serious. Why can’t things like this for once not happen. Why can’t everything just be normal. No demons, no fighting hell, no angels, no weirdness.”
“Bro, have you taken a good look at our familia. We’re anything but normal. I mean Tom is over there talking to himself....”
“Excuse you.” Dr. Watson replied, as him, Wats and, Doc made their presence known.
“My bad.” T said. “I thought Tom had finally lost it.”
“Maybe he has.” Wats deviously grinned.
“Hey, you screw with Tom’s head, that’s fine. Don’t mess with mine.” Thief warned.
“Ooh, someone is sensitive.” Wats hissed.
“Kiss my...”
“Hey, hey, hey.” Berls spoke up, shaking her head. “Don’t start. Either of you.”
Three demons dressed as guards had now entered the cell looking for someone.
“Can we help you?” Bags asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Out of our way, old man. We’re here to bring the Sixth Seal carrier to our boss.” The demon sneered, pushing Bags aside.
“I don’t think so.” Bags turned his hands into metal hammers.
The rest of the familia started to take a stand as well. As they powered up for a fight.
“You mess with my familia, you’re just asking for trouble.” Berls spoke up.
Tom’s hand began to glow a bright orange hue and the earth beneath their feet started to shake and split open. A pool of molten lava flowed up and out of the split, moving slowly towards the demons. The demons laughed at the sight of it.
“We’re immune to lava.” One of the demons retorted, still laughing. “See, I’ll show you.”
Now demons are usually immune to things like lava and fire, considering where they come from. But someone should have told this idiot, that this was no ordinary lava. Hey, but you live and learn, right? I mean Tom was just the Sixth Seal carrier, what damage could his Seal do really?
The only power it really possessed was that of geographical disasters. Meaning it could cause earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, lava flows, giant tsunamis that could wipe out an entire city, that sort of thing. As the demon was about to touch the lava with his foot, Ravyn flew out of nowhere letting out a caw as a force field was put up in front of the familia. Protecting and separating them from the lava and demons. The lava quickly consumed the demon who had now stepped his foot in. He sunk into the lava itself, letting out a horrid scream as the lava incinerated him in an instant. The other demons were soon handed the same fate. All the while, both Thief and Erika had noticed something about the lava before anyone else did.
“Did you see that?” Erika asked him.
“Yea, I did. Hell, I still do.” Thief answered, watching the lava as it now slowly receded in to the ground.
The others started to notice it as well. What they were seeing however, had made them speechless. Within the lava itself, it looked like millions of tiny fiery angels armed with swords and shields, ready to do battle at any moment.
“What the hell is this? Alice in freaking wonderland?” Drew shook his head, still not believing what he was seeing.
“Watch your language.” Berls warned him.
“This is messed up, you do realize this? I mean if you take a step back and think about it, it’s just freaking messed up.”
The lava was now gone and the ground had healed itself up. Ravyn let out another caw and the force field disappeared.
“Where’s Tom?” Ven asked, looking around. “You don’t think....”
Tom fell out of the shadows on his knees. Somewhat weak and in pain. Both Leysa and Val rushed to his aid.
“I’m fine.” He said, clenching his teeth.” Now I know how Saturn feels when she uses her Seal.”
“Wait, that was....” Phoenix began to ask.
“Yes.” Tom interrupted her. “It was me or my Seal rather.”
“Holy crap!” I.O. exclaimed. “Do you realize how cool that was? I mean those demons were all like blah, blah, blah but then the lava came and it was like.... That was so freaking cool! Do it again! Do it!”
“SHUT IT!” Drew yelled at him.
“Make me.” I.O. snapped back.
“Boys.” Heinzs spoke up.
They just ignored him and kept arguing with one another. A massive fireball flew in between them, causing both of them to quickly hit the ground.
“Thief!” Phoenix responded, crossing her arms and shaking her head.
“Hey, they stopped arguing.” Thief said, with a devious grin.
“You’re such an ass, sometimes. I swear.”
“You know you want me.”
“God, I swear....”
“That you do. And you do it so well. Just the way I like it.”
Phoenix walked away from Thief, grumbling.
“So how do we get out of here?” Kindred asked.
Everyone looked over at Shawna, who was minding her own business.
“What?” She asked.
“Could you like use your pyroclastic flow to blast the bars off?” Fox suggested.
“Oh, like I’m the only one here with powers. Give me a freaking break. Besides, you know I can’t use my powers in such tight areas. And this cell is one of those areas.” Shawna replied.
“Come on babe, do it for me.” Fox pleaded.
“Don’t start. You know I can’t. Not unless you wanna be a fried fox.”
“Uh, no thank you.”
“So does anybody else have any ideas?” Bags asked.
That’s when something blew up the bars to the cell. Everyone quickly ducked, avoiding any flying debris.
“What the...?” Bags said, getting to his feet and brushing the dust off of him.
“So what’s up?” Joe spoke up, acting rather mellow.
“How did you....that is.... how could you...?” Erika felt tongue tied.
“Someone told me you guys were in trouble.” Joe began to explain. “Even led me here. I figured I might as well save you guys, seeing as Saturn would probably have my ass if I didn’t.”
“Wait, who told you we were in trouble?” Gilly questioned.
That’s when Dena peeked her head out from behind Joe, giggling as she did so.
“What the...?” Bags raised an eyebrow. “Wait, how did you know we’d be here?”
“I have my connections.” Dena answered, as little light orbs floated around her.
“She’s been talking to the dead again.” Shawna shook her head, laughing a little. “Go figure.”
“Hi Drew.” Dena giggled, batting her lashes.
Drew felt his face become flush and he quickly tried to hide it from the familia but that attempt failed.
“What’s this? Little bro is blushing..could it be..” Thief started in. “Could little bro be in love.”
“Shut it.” Drew warned.
“Aww, little bro has a girlfriend.”
“You will die.”
Thief just grinned in response at Drew as he walked by him. Phoenix and a few of the other girls in the familia were now paying attention to Joe. Batting their eyelashes as they stared at Joe like he was an Adonis.
“Oh thank you so kindly for saving us.” Phoenix said in her southern accent and, basically throwing herself at Joe.
Thief couldn’t help but notice this and it quickly ruined his fun.
“Damn it woman, he’s married.” Thief interrupted.
“So it’s wrong to throw yourself at him like that.”
“Look, I’m not dead, so back off. Let me have my fun.”
Bags started to laugh some, knowing all to well why the women were after Joe.
“Bags?” E.T. asked.
“It’s an irish thing. You wouldn’t get it.” Bags replied. “Speaking of which, what is it you have to tell Saturn that you never told us?”
“I can’t say. Not until we find Saturn.”
“So let’s go find her.” Heinzs spoke up.
Jordan, Michael, Jay and Gabriel were now hot on the trail of finding Nega, Athena and, Jordan’s family. Or so they had thought. Halfway through a back alley, they ran in to Nega.
Who happened to be in his skeleton form.
“Jim?” Jay asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Where’s Saturn?” Nega asked.
“She’s going after Zero in hell. He kidnaped the familia. Um, speaking of which what the hell happened to you?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well aren’t you suppose to have been in trouble or something.”
“No. Look, it’s a long story. We have to stop Saturn.”
“What about Athena?” Jordan growled, now standing face to face with Nega. “Or my girl and son for that matter. We have to save them first.”
“No, you don’t.” Nega calmly answered. “I know who has them. Trust me, their safe.”
“But EE and....”
“Their on our side. Trust me. We have to find Saturn. If she goes through the gates of hell.... We just have to stop her before it’s too late.”
Preston, Apollyon and, I were now walking through the halls of the rebuilt kingdom of Hell. From the looks of it Zero had a lot of time on his hands since the last get together. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t look one hundred percent just somewhat decent.
“What’s the plan?” Preston asked, in a whisper. “We can’t exactly rush in there and demand he hand the familia over.”
“You’ve got a point.” Apollyon responded, looking around. “I say we split up. That way one of us is bound to catch him off guard. Saturn, what do you think?”
“You must think I’m a damn fool if I’m going to let you out of my sight.” I growled at Apollyon.
“Saturn, be reasonable.” Preston spoke up. “Besides, if he does try anything, I’ll break his neck for ya.”
I looked at him and then at Apollyon. Realizing I really didn’t have a choice and knowing damn well the familia did needed to be saved. I clenched my fists and went along with the idea.
“Fine.” I finally responded. “However, you try anything Apollyon....”
“I won’t.” He interrupted.
“For your sake, you better not.”
So we had split up or at least I thought. The Texan had decided to follow me. Why? Lord only knows. Texan men are crazy, that and I think it has to do with that little supposed crush he has on me. Never quite sure about that though. I mean one minute he’s following me around like a lost puppy dog and the next he’s charming the pants off of some other girl. However, I think ever since he found out I’m immune to his power of charm, he’s made it in to some sort of challenge or game. Trying his hardest to charm me but needing to take a break every now and then to regain himself. I think that’s why he goes after other girls like Gilly. All though, ever since a certain incident, Gilly isn’t so fallen for his charm. In fact, she’s starting to become quite immune to it as well.
“I can take care of myself.” I said, not facing him.
“I know you can, doll. I just don’t want the Yankee to blame me if something does happen to you.”
“He won’t.”
“Wanna bet. Have you met him lately? He hasn’t been exactly Mr. Happy let alone talkative. And the only one he has been talking to lately is you. Speaking of which, what is going on with you two?”
“What do you mean?”
“Like this bond him and you seem to have. It’s hard to describe but it’s like if one of you isn’t around, then the other one is miserable.”
“Funny, I never noticed it. I guess it’s a feral thing.”
“Yea right,” Preston deviously grinned. “Chances are it’s something else...”
“Look Texan, nothing is going on. Period. So drop it.”
“Drop it.”
“I just wanna know why all the girls flock to him.” Preston sounded hurt. “I just wanted to hear what you as a woman would think.”
“What I would think?” I now looked over at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Well yea, as a woman why do you think.. I mean that is...” Preston tried to word it, so I wouldn’t get offended.
“Look, speaking as a woman and off the record.” I interrupted. “I think it has to do with the way he carries himself and his attitude and...”
“Blah, blah, blah.” Preston responded, rolling his eyes.
“Fine. I’ll put it another way for you. If I came home to that. I’d be one happy woman.” I answered bluntly. “Then again, I’d never leave the house. Hell, I’d have no reason to.”
“So it’s because he’s good-looking, that’s it?”
“That and his Boston accent.”
“Oh great, nice to know I have no chance in hell when going up against him for a lady’s affection.” Preston retorted.
“Actually, some women do prefer a southern gentlemen over a Yankee.” I said, walking over towards him.
“Yea right.” Preston grumbled, crossing his arms.
“It’s true because you have one thing that the Yankee doesn’t.”
“What’s that?”
“Southern charm.” I purred in his ear.
Preston started to feel a little flush as he blushed a brick red.
“It was pretty brave of you to stand up to Apollyon like you did.” I continued to purr. “However....”
“However what?” He asked with a sly grin, feeling like he was on cloud nine.
“If you ever do something that stupid again,” I now turned on him, “I’ll kick your ass and then break your neck!”
I began to walk away, only to stop a few feet from him.
“And Texan?”
“What?” Preston responded, feeling hurt.
Preston began to blush again, trying to hide it from me by playing cool but I could sense it. I walked away as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth. I now quickly picked up on Zero’s scent but there was something else. Something I couldn’t put my finger on but something that caused me to fall over in pain.
“Saturn?” Preston said, rushing to my side.
“I’m fine, Texan.” I replied, through clenched teeth.
“Like hell you are. I’m getting you out of here.” Preston picked me up and carried me in his arms.
“We need to save the familia. Put me down.”
“Dammit Texan....” I argued.
“Don’t. This is one argument I’m not letting you win. I’m getting you out of here and that’s final.” Preston interrupted, heading towards the door.
“You’re not going anywhere.” A voice spoke up from behind us.
The doorway became blocked with a group of demons. Preston turned around and was now staring directly at Zero.
“You son of a....” Preston growled.
“Hey now, is that any way to talk to your host. I open my door to you and let you in my home and this is how you show your appreciation. I must say it’s not very southernly of you.” Zero responded, calmly.
“Go to hell.”
“Look around. Where do you think you are, my boy?”
“Funny, I thought we were in Disney Land.” Preston sarcastically remarked.
I laughed a little, still in pain. Clenching my teeth as the pain grew.
“What did you do to her?” Preston demanded to know.
“Nothing.” Zero answered.
Around this time, the demons who were blocking the door had become air born, to say the least. Flying across the room and hitting the wall before falling to the ground. Jordan stood in the doorway with his claws unsheathed. Michael, Gabriel, Jay and, Nega were right behind him.
“What are you guys doing here?” Preston asked.
Jordan couldn’t help but notice Preston was holding me. He could also sense something was wrong with me.
“Is she okay?”
“I don’t know.” Preston answered, looking down at me. “I really don’t know.”
“Where’s the familia?” Jay spoke up.
Just then the far left side of the wall exploded and Joe walked through with the familia behind him.
“The wall was in my way.” Joe remarked, with a sly grin.
“Could you people kindly act more civil than this.” Zero pointed out.
“This is as civil as we get. So deal with it.” Nega sneered.
E.T. noticed that Preston was carrying me. He also noticed how much pain I was in and that I was starting to cough up blood.
“Damn it, we have to get her out of here.” He said.
“”I’m on it.” Preston began to head for the door once again.
“NO ONE IS LEAVING!” Zero roared, as all the exits sealed up.
Jordan sniffed the air, realizing that something wasn’t quite right. There was a certain smell, an all too familiar smell. And that’s when it hit him.
“That isn’t Zero.” Jordan snarled.
“What?” Bags raised an eyebrow.
“Zero isn’t Zero.”
“Then who am I?” Zero deviously grinned. “Azazel? Q? Kris? Beburos? Lucifer? So many enemies to choose from.”
“Wrong. Only one, Apollyon.”
“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up, why would Apollyon go through all this? I mean what would he have to gain?” Fox asked.
“Her Seal.” E.T. answered.
“That’s absurd. She could easily kill him with her Seal.” Leysa pointed out.
“Not if her Seal is preparing her body for the next phase.” E.T. began to explain.
“How did you...?” Apollyon asked.
“Saturn’s father told me. He told me what Saturn’s fate will be in the Great War. What she’ll become but, the Seal has to prepare her body and soul first. Which will make her vulnerable and her Seal exposed to anyone and everyone. But you already knew that. That’s why you plotted all of this.” E.T. interrupted bluntly.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“But you do. You know all too well. You also know you’re running out of time.”
I let out a roar, shivering in Preston’s arms.
“What the hell?” Thief raised an eyebrow.
Preston held me tighter, trying his best to comfort me.
“She’s cold.” He finally answered, feeling my skin. “Something’s....God, what is happening to her? Is this suppose to be happening?”
Just then something came out of my hand and floated in mid-air. Giving off a illuminating bright light.
“What the hell is that?” Jay asked.
“It’s her Seal.” Michael uttered, in shock to see it.
“Oh my god.” Phoenix remarked.
Apollyon tried to go after the Seal but found himself being confronted by more than a few people.
“You’ll have to get past us if you want her Seal.” Berls pointed out. “She’s familia and we don’t let anyone hurt our familia.”
“So be it.” Apollyon sneered, fighting each and every familia member including Michael, Gabriel and, Joe.
One by one, everyone found themselves either picking themselves up off the ground or trying to at least. The only ones truly left standing were Jordan, Apollyon and, Preston who was trying to keep both myself and my Seal away from Apollyon’s grasp.
“Stay away from her!” Jordan growled, getting ready to attack Apollyon.
Apollyon raised his hand, lifting Jordan off his feet and cutting off the air to his lungs.
“I could kill you so easily.” Apollyon snarled. “This isn’t your fight, boy. Stay out of it.”
An arrow flew out of nowhere and hit Apollyon directly in his left shoulder, glowing a golden light and then turning black. Causing Apollyon to loose his hold on Jordan.
“Can’t be.” Apollyon looked up in pain, noticing someone floating in the air, black wings stretched out while Ravyn sat on this person’s shoulder.
Ravyn let out a caw as the hooded stranger revealed himself. The others had now noticed him as well and no one could say a word. His presence along brought fear to any demon that was around including Apollyon. However, it also brought out a lot of respect from any angel that just happened to be around as well.
“Who is that?” Jeannie asked.
“The Archangel of Death. The King of Saturn and...”Gabriel answered.
“Saturn’s father.” Berls interrupted, seeing flashes of my childhood and my father.
“Wait, her daddy is the..” Gilly’s eyes got big. “Oh my god.”
“Well, that explains a hell of a lot.” Bags responded.
“You son of a...” Apollyon growled at my father. “You’re suppose to be dead.”
“You should know by now, Apollyon.” My father sneered. “You can’t kill an angel.”
The first Seal now began to rapidly flash.
“What the hell?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“Get my daughter out of here!” My father said to him.
“No, I’m staying. If something happens to you, she won’t forgive me.” Jordan pointed out.
“And do you think it’ll be easier for me if something happens to you? Either way, she won’t be forgiving one of us. I’d rather have her mourn me. You have too much to lose.” My father replied.
“But she’s been looking for you....”
“I know. Just...get her out of here.”
“I can’t. You’re her father, she needs you.”
“And your son needs you.”
“Point taken. I guess we’re both staying then.”
“It looks that way.”
Zero who had hid himself the whole time, finally snuck up on Apollyon. Attacking him from behind.
“What the...?” Bags said, scratching his head.
“He’s human.” Michael spoke up.
Jordan looked over at him, somewhat confused.
“You’re not the only one with feral senses, Richie-Rich.” Michael responded with a grin, not looking back at him.
“Don’t.” Jordan warned.
“What Saturn is only allowed to call you that? Aww, I’m hurt.”
“Now I know where your kid gets his mouth.” Jordan growled.
“Like father like son.” Michael continued to grin, being a smartass.
“So now you’re taking others’s immortality. What next Apollyon, stealing candy from children?” My father sarcastically remarked.
“Now why would I do that when I can steal Seals.” Apollyon deviously grinned, tossing Zero a side like a rag doll. “Especially your daughter’s.”
“You stay away from her.” Jordan let out a low growl, not sounding human at all.
“Boy, I told you this fight isn’t yours.”Apollyon sneered back. “If you value your mortal life, step down.”
“Can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“I have my reasons.” As Jordan’s hand began to glow a bright red hue.
“You better be careful who you start a war with, mortal. You might just end up with more than you can handle.” Apollyon advised, still sneering.
“You haven’t changed, Apollyon.” My father calmly said. “Still flexing muscle you don’t have.”
“I defeated you once.” Apollyon stated.
“That time that we...well, it was around that one era...the one with the humans... Damn it, I don’t remember. I just know for a fact I defeated you once. Hell, I just recently killed you. So it was more than once.”
“You didn’t kill me. I made you think you did cause I knew what you were up to.” My father answered, crossing his arms. “Face it Apollyon, you’re getting senile in your old age.”
“Now I know where your daughter got her uh attitude.” Apollyon pointed out. “You must be real proud of that half-breed.”
“But of course. Still am because she’s going to do something no angel has been able to accomplish.”
“And that is?”
“Kill you.” My father’s eyes now started to glow a bright white.
“How can she..she’s....”
That’s when Apollyon noticed that the first Seal and yours truly were missing.
“Where did she go?” Jay asked Preston, noticing how he was standing there with his face frozen in shock.
“They....they....they....” Preston tried to answer.
“Spit it out, Texan.” Nega hit him in the back of the head.
“Ow, damn it! Why did you do that?” Preston exclaimed, snapping out of it.
“You were stuttering.” Nega replied, shrugging his shoulders.
At that moment, Preston’s, Jordan’s, Joe’s, and Tom’s hands began to glow their Seals colors. Ravyn’s little wing was even glowing in sync with the rest of them.
“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Joe asked, looking at his hand and then at the others. “Cause um it just went off by itself. Can it do that?”
The ground beneath began to shake and split open. Everyone looked over at Tom.
“It isn’t me.” He responded, having a feeling what they were thinking.
“It’s Saturn.” My father answered. “She’s waking up.”
“Oh, is that all. Thought it might be a freaking earthquake.” Thief sarcastically remarked.
“Why would she...?” Apollyon started to question.
“She told you, you weren’t the only one who could cause destruction.” My father replied. “You should have listened.”
“Wait, how did you...?”
“I was there when she told you.”
The ground began to shake even harder, causing the walls to crumble. The split in the middle of the room caved in, creating a hole which lead straight down into the Abyss.
“Damn, that’s a long way down.” Drew looked down the hole. “I wonder what’s at the bottom.”
“Why don’t you jump in and find out.” Thief remarked.
“Screw you.”
“Hey now, is that anyway to talk to your older Westie brother?”
“Who opened the gates to my Kingdom?” Apollyon demanded to know.
“Take a guess.” I now spoke up from behind Apollyon. “The Abyss is no longer yours. However, it shouldn’t stop you from dying in the place you once ruled.”
Apollyon turned around to come face to face with me. My claws unsheathed as little sparks of lightning run through them and off of them. I calmly stood there as my eyes glowed a bright white.
“You can’t take my kingdom from me.” Apollyon argued.
“I didn’t.” I grinned.
“Then who...?”
“You know who.”
“He can’t do that to me. I won’t allow it.” Apollyon went berserk. “I’ll kill Him.”
“Like hell you will.” I growled, slamming my claws into the ground causing another earthquake and Apollyon to fall flat on his butt.
I pulled my claws out of the ground, letting the earthquake stop as I walked over towards Apollyon.
“Get up.” I now looked down at him.
He stared up at me with fear in his eyes. Knowing that he was no match for me but not wanting to give up so easily.
“I won’t let you kill me.” He snarled, making a weak attempt to fight back.
“I’m not going to kill you.” I deviously grinned.
“But your father said....”
“I know. And he was right when he told you I was going to kill you but not the way you think.” I growled, in a non-human tone. “No, death is too good for you. I’m going to kill you another way. I’m going to take away the one thing you cherish.”
Apollyon thought about it for a minute before it hit him.
“You can’t do that.” He responded. “How can you....”
“Destruction can mean many things.” I calmly stated as my claws continued to glow.
Apollyon now got to his feet. Transforming into his true demon form and looking like a wolf with bat wings.
“Fine, you wanna play that game, little girl. So be it.” He snarled.
Another arrow flew out of nowhere, hitting Apollyon in the back.
“Stay out of this, old man.” He warned my father, using his telekinetic power to toss my father across the room.
Ven counter acted, using her power to safely land my father on the ground.
“You just made a big mistake.” I sneered at Apollyon, going after him.
Apollyon quickly grabbed me by my neck, lifting me off my feet.
“Damn half-breed,” Apollyon sneered. “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”
I now struggled to get free from his hold.
“What’s a matter, half-breed? Did your Seal quit on you?”
“Actually no.” I grinned, as I grabbed the arrow in his back, shoving it further into him as my whole arm began to glow along with my hand.
Apollyon let out a demon cry, sounding like a banshee. Everyone covered their ears from the deafening sound. Apollyon let me go as he stumbled away. His wings falling off and his skin turning from a demon’s in to that of a human. He was becoming human, literally.
“What have you done to me?!?” He yelled at me, demanding to know.
“I destroyed your immortality, your demon nature. And I turned you into the one thing you hate.” I glared at him. “Not bad for a half-breed with a Seal in her, wouldn’t you agree?”
“You made me....”
“But the first Seal....How can you.....”
“I borrowed some help from the other six Seals, you could say.”
“So that’s why....” Tom looked at his hand, noticing it had stopped glowing.
“Saturn, that’s dangerous. Not only that but you know you’re not allowed to do that unless....”Gabriel began to say.
“Not now, Gabs.” I growled, keeping my sight on Apollyon.
“But Saturn....”
“NOT NOW!” I roared at him.
Gabriel quickly backed away but he wasn’t the only one to do so.
“Damn, someone has PMS.” Jay remarked.
Everyone stepped away or at least made sure they were some distance away from Jay as I glared over at him.
“Did you say something?” I growled, as my eyes started to glow.
“Um...uh....um...no.” Jay finally managed to answer, trying to act innocent.
I turned my attention back on Apollyon as Jay whistled nervously to himself. Apollyon meanwhile was sweating with fear and I could sense it.
“Now where were we?” I asked with a grin, noticing Apollyon was near the hole.
Apollyon quickly caught on to what I was thinking and shook his head.
“You can’t send me to the Abyss like this. I’m human now, I’m defenseless.” Apollyon argued.
“Like I was when you locked me down there.” I pointed out.
“Whoa...what?” Nega asked.
“In my past life, I was locked in the Abyss by Apollyon for a short amount of time before my father and Mikey over there bailed me out.” I explained. “One of Apollyon’s many attempts to try to get rid of a half-breed. He tried to throw me to his wolves. What he didn’t realize is that the demons in the Abyss, his own army, has high respect for the Archangel of Death. For my father. And since I’m the daughter....”
“They helped you survive the unbearable conditions of the Abyss.” Berls continued.
“Ah, but if you send me to the Abyss, my loyal subjects will help me maybe even figure out a way to get my immortality back.” Apollyon deviously smiled.
“Wanna bet?”
Just then, Apollyon felt himself being pulled towards the hole. He looked down, noticing the evil aura that had a hold of them. At the same time, the laughter of demons could be heard throughout the room.
“GOD!” Apollyon yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Now you have the nerve to call for him. After all, He tried to do for you. Even after you helped Lucy try to kill Him, He still forgave you but you....You....Damn you for trying to call on Him now. Damn you for thinking He’d even help.”
Apollyon looked at me now not with fear in his eyes but remorse. Honest to god remorse. For all he had done to anyone he’s ever hurt. For any destruction he may have caused. For any lives he had took. I didn’t see the demon he was anymore. I no longer sensed the evil in his heart.
“Damn it.” I grumbled, running over to help him get loose from the evil aura.
“What is she doing?” Bags raised an eyebrow.
The evil aura tried to turn on me but got the taste of what a Seal can do and quickly retreated back into the hole, making a whimpering sound as it did so.
“Saturn, why didn’t you....”Ven began to ask.
“Everyone deserves a second chance.” I answered. “Anyway, if I let him banish into the Abyss it would be because of my revenge and I can’t do that. No one deserves that no matter who they are or what they’ve done. And if I did do it, I’d be no better than him. I refuse to sink to that level.”
“Saturn....” Michael spoke up.
“Don’t get me wrong.” I continued. “He’s not getting his immortality back, he just doesn’t deserve.... His punishment will be that he has to live the rest of his life on earth as a human. If God has a problem with it, He can come see me.”
“But Saturn....”
Gabriel looked around for my father, hoping he could talk some sense into me. Only to notice however that he was gone. Zero now tried to attack Apollyon again but I stopped him dead in his tracks.
“No.” I said to Zero. “He’s harmless now, there’s no point.”
“But he stole my immortality.” Zero argued.
“So you’ll live the rest of your life like he does.” I responded calmly.
“It’s a losing battle, Zero. So don’t even try.” I warned, as my claws began to glow once more.
Zero stared at me for a minute while clenching his fists. He finally lowered his head, letting out a sigh.
“You win.” He said, laughing somewhat. “It’s true after all.”
“What is?” I raised an eyebrow.
“That God’s greatest weapon happens to be a woman.” Zero smiled a little, bowing. “When the time comes, I’ll see you on the battlefield, my Lady.”
“Whoa... what the...?” Fox spoke up.
Zero turned around, walking away to leave. Walking right past Apollyon. Climbing over a crumbled wall as he left.
“Saturn, thank....” Apollyon tried to say.
“Save it.” I interrupted, turning on him. “This is the only chance I’m giving you. Mess it up in any way and I’ll hunt you down.”
Apollyon’s eyes got big, his heart beating a mile a minute in fear.
“Now get out of my face.” I growled. “Before I change my mind.”
Apollyon slowly backed away, finding his own way out of the room. I raised my hand over the hole in the middle of the room, causing another earthquake to seal it up.
“Saturn, are you okay?” Heinzs asked.
“Let’s go home.” I answered, not facing anyone.
Everyone looked at each other not sure what to say. Meanwhile, Isis received a visit in the hospital from the last person she ever expected to see.
“Huh? Who’s there?” She asked, waking up from her slumber.
EE walked out of the shadows with Athena in her arms.
“Mom?” Isis couldn’t believe her eyes.
“She’s beautiful, Isis.” EE responded as Athena slept. “She’s also special.”
“I know.” Isis answered. “Considering the family she comes from....”
“That’s not what I’m talking about, Isis.” EE interrupted. “Granted, she does have a very interesting family. However, she’s special in her own way with her own little gift.”
“You’ll see when she gets older. Just make sure.... make sure you’re there for her when she needs you.”
“Also know that you’ve got a group of people. Your familia. That will be there for you no matter what. You just gotta let them help.”
“Mom, I know.”
EE now handed Athena over to Isis as she sat in the chair next to the bed. She watched Isis holding Athena and a smile crept out of the corner of her mouth. Remembering when she use to hold Isis the same way.
“Mom, are you okay?” Isis asked.
“Huh...I was just.... yea, I’m fine.”
At that same time, somewhere in the cemetery, Michael found my father standing before his supposed grave.
“How is she?” My father asked.
“She’s resting.” Michael answered. “She wondered why you took off without saying anything to her.”
“It wasn’t my battle. Besides, I knew she could handle it.”
“She needs her father, though.” Michael pointed out. “Maybe not to fight her battles for her but, to be there for her.”
“Michael, I....”
“Damn it, she needs you. The only family she has left is you and Dena.”
“She has a familia.”
“You’re her father. You’re the only one who has the answers to her questions. You’re her blood.”
“I can’t. Not now anyway. It still isn’t safe.”
“But Apollyon....”
“There are other demons who are fighting with one another as we speak to take over where Apollyon left off. You and I both know that.” My father responded in a matter of fact tone.
“Michael, the Abyss and Hell are combining forces. The next ruler that they will have will start the Great War. Now is not the time, it’s too dangerous.”
“So when? When are you going to finally fill her in on what her fate is. What she’ll become.”
“Yea, well I just hope you know what you’re doing. For at least your daughter’s sake.”
I was sitting on top of the roof of Jordan’s house, smoking a cigar and trying to figure some things out. Until I noticed someone trying to climb the side of the house. It took him about five maybe ten minutes before he finally got on the roof and sat down next to me.
“Okay, how the hell did you get up here?” Jordan asked. “Cause I’m not doing that again.”
“Old age getting the best of you.” I remarked. “Better be careful might break a hip.”
“Do you really wanna go there about age?”
“No, guess not. So how’s your girl and son?” I asked.
“Their okay. What about you?” Jordan replied.
“What about me?”
“Saturn, come on. You let Apollyon walk. Which knowing you, wasn’t easy to do.”
“I didn’t let him walk.” I growled, glaring over at Jordan out of the corner of my eye.
“You know what I mean. You had the opportunity to get rid of Apollyon and instead.....”
“I saved his life.” I interrupted.
“Well, yea. I thought for sure you’d.... It’s just you surprise me sometimes.”
“Hon, I surprise myself. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to but, I saw something in Apollyon’s eyes that....” I stopped myself from finishing. “I’m getting too damn soft.”
“No, you’ve just a heart. You care about others and somehow always manage to do what’s right.”
“God, now you’re making me sound like a goody two shoes.”
Preston was now standing on the lawn, looking up at Jordan and I, raising an eyebrow somewhat.
“Hey, how did you guys get up there?” He hollered.
“Magic.” I hollered back, being sarcastic.
“Yea, well I need to talk to you. Alone.”
“I’ll be down in a minute.”
“I said I will be down in a minute!”
“Fine, whatever. Bite my damn head off.” Preston went inside, grumbling under his breath.
“So have you seen your dad?” Jordan asked.
“No. Michael is out there looking for him but well you know the old man. Always likes to make himself scarce. Would be nice to be able to talk to him, though.” I answered, thinking about it.
“Well, I better go see what the Texan wants.” I now got to my feet.
“Don’t worry about me, Richie-Rich. I’ll be fine. Besides, you’ve got a family of your own who needs you. Go spend some time with them.”
He looked up at me as I stood there, not looking at him. Just smoking my cigar.
“I’ll be fine.” I reassured him, knowing what he was thinking.
I now jumped off the roof, landing on my feet like a cat.
“Um okay, now how the hell am I suppose to get down?” Jordan yelled down at me.
“Jump.” I bluntly responded, walking away. “Just don’t break a hip.”
“Funny.” Jordan retorted.
A sly grin crept up on my face as I went inside. I went straight to Preston’s room. Making sure to knock on the door before entering, considering he’s been known in the past to entertain many women. When I didn’t get an answer, I just held my breath and went in. His room was lit up with candles and soft music was playing on a radio nearby. I knew right there and then something was up. The door slowly closed behind me and I could feel someone’s breath on the back of my neck. I turned around to come face to face with the Texan.
“Have you lost your mind?” I bluntly asked him.
“I just thought I’d make it easier for you and make the first move considering I did save your life.” Preston smiled a little.
“You’re delusional.”
“No, just under a spell.” He now grabbed me by my waist, pulling me closer to him.
“Well, I think I now how to break that.” I purred with a devious grin.
Bags and Gilly were walking down the hall when they noticed a certain Texan flying in mid-air over their heads and across the hall. Landing with a thud.
“He tried to get in Saturn’s pants again, didn’t he?” Gilly asked.
“Yup.” Bags replied.
Gilly walked over to Preston, staring directly at him as she crossed her arms and shook her head.
“What?” Preston responded, in a grumpy mood.
“Did you leave her up in a tree too?” Gilly grinned.
“Shut up.” Preston grumbled.
The next day, Jordan found an envelope addressed to him on his desk.
“She’s gone.” Michael spoke up, hiding within the shadows of the room.
“Why?” Jordan questioned.
“She needed time away. To think about things. I mean with all that has happened... She just needed time alone.”
“So when is she coming back?”
“Don’t know. She didn’t say.”
“Did you find her father?”
“He can’t see Saturn right now.”
“Why not? He’s her father, he should at least call her. He does owe her that.”
“Look Jordan, there’s just a lot going on right now. Some of it I don’t even understand. Not all of it anyway. Just be prepared because whatever will happen next will make fighting Apollyon look like a day in the park.” Michael explained. “And Saturn is gonna need all the help she can get.”
Meanwhile in Israel, a group of hooded figures gathered in a candle lit room somewhere. Each of them gathered for one reason. To discuss yours truly.
“So has she done it yet?” The one sitting at the head of the table asked.
“She has.” One of the others spoke up.
“Do we have the evidence we need then?”
“We do.”
“So when will she arrive?”
“Two hours and forty minutes from now. We’ll have a few of our people meet her at the airport.”
“Excellent. Finally, we’ll have the half-breed in our grasp.” The one sitting at the head of the table began to laugh. “Finally, we’ll have justice.”



1. Simple Plan- "Untitled" (Accoustic Version)
2. U2- "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"
3. Natalie Merchant- "Building a Levee"
4. Sia- "Breathe Me"
5. ShineDown- "Some Day", "Heroes"
6. Goo Goo Dolls- "We'll Be Here"
7. Foo Fighters- "Halo"
8. AudioSlave- "Set It Off"
9. Fiona Apple- "Get Him Back"
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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Poetry Familia 10

So after the little battle with Apollyon, I had decided to go away for a bit. Just to be alone and try to get my head clear. I knew my father wouldn’t come to see me. I just had that gut feeling about it. That and the old man was always the type that figured his kid could find out things on her own. Better to handle things like an adult then have your parent hold your hand. Sometimes though, I wish he had. Maybe then I wouldn’t have had to struggle so much. Maybe then I wouldn’t have had so many nightmares. I try not to let it get to me though. I have more important things to worry about. And finding some peace and quiet in Jerusalem just happened to be one of them. Funny thing is, I should know by now where ever I go, peace and quiet are highly unlikely. Not just because of what I carry in my hand but because of my past as well. A lot of ghosts I’ve kept hidden from everyone including the familia. All for one reason or another but mainly because I wanted to forget. I didn’t want to re-live my past by telling the story over and over again. Living it once was enough for me. And if it wasn’t for this Seal in my hand, maybe I could forget. But as long as I have this thing, it won’t let me forget.

The plane landed in Tel Aviv around one in the afternoon. Plenty of time to travel through the desert to Jerusalem with a backpack of supplies. Granted it might take me two or three days to get there by walking but I had nothing else to do. So I figured why not. Camping out in the desert under the stars. Alone. No one trying to pull a fast one on you, no one trying to get inside your head, no one trying to walk in while you change, no familia drama. Lord, no familia drama. Don’t get me wrong, I love the familia like it’s my own. I just need my peace and quiet from time to time. I need to be by myself to sort things out and spend time with God. I also need to hang on to whatever sanity I have left. Because living in a house full of people will make you lose your mind. Now some would have you believe that the deserts of Israel are humid and hot. Far from it. Actually there hardly is any humidity. And as for the hot factor, yea I admit it can get a little warm but not as bad as the summers in the States. Especially in the deep south. As for wildlife such as snakes, scorpions, what have you. Hell, they don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. An hour before nightfall and I had decided to set up camp. Build a fire, that sort of thing. I thought I’d be able to get some sleep before I’d have to get up the next day and start walking again. I thought wrong. Not a half an hour into my sleep and they showed up riding on horseback. I didn’t know exactly who they were. They wore robes and concealed their faces pretty good. Whatever they wanted however, I knew it wasn’t good. I got to my feet and lit a cigar with my lighter. Putting it back in my jacket pocket.
“Just what I need.” I remarked, grumbling. “The freaking welcome committee.”
The leader of the pack stopped his horse a few feet before me as the others soon followed.
“Are you Lady Saturn?” The leader asked me.
I smoked my cigar. Not saying a word.
“Well are you?” He asked again, sounding somewhat demanding.
Still no answer.
“Are you deaf or what?”
Still nothing. One of his friends started to speak to me in Aramaic and I answered back. Laughing along with his friend as we carried on a conversation.
“Oh, so she doesn’t speak English.” The leader spoke up.
“She does.” His friend corrected him. “She doesn’t answer to an egotistical jackass.”
The leader looked over at his friend with a raised eyebrow.
“Her words not mine.” The friend responded.
“Fine. We’ll do things the hard way.” The leader sighed. “Get her.”
Two of his buddies got off their horses and walked towards me. With what appeared to be stun guns in their hands. The sound of something metal being unsheathed quickly broke the silence.
“What was that?” The leader asked, looking around.
“Idiots.” I growled, as his two buddies flew over his head.
The leader looked over at me. Noticing my claws were unsheathed and that they were glowing a white hue.
“My turn.” I continued to growl, as a smile crept up out of the corner of my mouth.
I slammed my claws into the sand causing a massive sand storm to swirl up all around the supposed welcoming committee. Giving me enough time to disappear. The storm quickly died out as soon as I had left.
“Where did she go?” The leader looked around. “Better yet, where is Alex?”
I now lit up a cigar again and began to grumble from the lack of sleep and the visit with the not so friendly company. Until I picked up on a scent. Not one hundred percent human but not demon either.
“What the...?” I whispered under my breath, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
“Is it true?” I heard someone whisper in the night air.
I stopped dead in my tracks and raised an eyebrow. Turning around. Only to find no one there.
“Who in...?”I shook my head a bit. “Damn old age.”
I turned back around just to come face to face with a winged being. His green eyes piercing into mine as he smiled somewhat.
“So you didn’t answer my question.” He said.
“Is what true?” I asked.
“Are you a half-breed?”
“All depends on what your definition of half-breed would be.”
“They say you’re half-human half-angel.”
“Then they’re right.”
“Aren’t you afraid of what others might think or say?”
“Not really.” I calmly replied. “What’s your name, kid?”
“Alex.” He answered.. “And I’m not a kid.”
“My bad. Well, Alex can you answer me something?” I continued to smoke my cigar.
“Why are your friends after me?”
“I can’t say.”
“Why not?” I raised an eyebrow.
“I took a vow.” Alex now tried to avoid eye contact with me.
“I see. Well, judging how you’ve got wings. I assume you belong to a group of angels.”
“You’re somewhat right.”
That’s when it hit me out of nowhere.
“Wait.... can’t be....” I shook my head a little. “Why would you boys be after me?”
“They’re after you because you’re a half-breed.” Alex replied.
“They? Aren’t you part of they?”
“Somewhat. I have different reasons to find you.”
“If you want the first Seal....” I began to warn.
“No, I don’t. There’s something else I need from you.” Alex interrupted.
I now raised an eyebrow.
“So have you heard from Saturn?” Jordan asked Berls, as he caught up with her in the hallway.
“No. You?” Berls responded.
“No. This isn’t like her.”
“Come on. When have you ever known her to call?”
“Well, she does call Joe from time to time....”
“To check up on us. Look, I’m sure she’s fine. She just needs....”
Before Berls could finish, she felt a sharp pain running through her mind. She fell to her knees. Holding her head in her hands.
“Berls?” Jordan asked, kneeling beside her to see if she was okay.
“Something’s wrong.” Berl answered, through clenched teeth.
“With who? Saturn?”
“No....her father.” Berls now began to glow a golden hue. “We have to go to Jerusalem.”
Gabriel now appeared out of nowhere in front of Nega. Folding his wings behind him. Nega was lifting weights in the basement. Trying to get his mind off of things for awhile.
“What do you want?” Nega asked, as he continued to bench press.
“It’s time.” Gabriel replied.
Nega stopped lifting in mid-air. Putting the weights back as he laid on the bench. Not saying a word.
“I can’t.” Nega finally said.
“You made a promise to her father. You made a promise to God. Now is not the time to back out.” Gabriel disagreed in a calm manner.
“I can’t. What if Saturn finds out. She’d hate me for keeping something like this from her.”
“She wouldn’t hate you. She’d understand.”
Nega looked over at Gabriel out of the corner of his eye. Raising an eyebrow somewhat.
“Have you ever met Saturn?” He remarked. “She’d kill me.”
“No, she wouldn’t. There’s another side to her. A caring, understanding, compassionate side. You’ve seen it a couple of times before. You just didn’t know what it was.”
“Yea, well if she’s so understanding then why hasn’t her father told her?” Nega questioned.
“You know the answer.” Gabriel bluntly responded. “As a father yourself, you should now that better than anyone else.”
Nega laid there. Thinking about it for a minute. Realizing that Gabriel was right.
“I give up. So where is Saturn’s father?” Nega asked.
“Um....that’s the thing. We have a problem.” Gabriel began to explain. “Saturn’s father is in trouble.”
“What sort of trouble?”
“Big trouble.”
Preston was wandering through the desert looking for yours truly. He had waited a half a day before deciding to get on a plane to go find me. Why? You got me. He’s a Texan. Texan men do crazy things. He now stopped in the middle of the desert to look at his hand. He found out that not only could his Seal tell the difference between lies and truths but it was also a tracker. It could sort of sense the other six Seals. No matter where they were. He noticed this the last time I sort of got close to him. Right before we were confronted by Apollyon.
“Okay, so where is she?” He asked his hand.
His Seal began to glow a bright green hue. Glowing brighter with every step Preston seemed to take. It would soon take him to find my camp. Or whatever was left of it. From there he’d be on the same trail that I had walked but not before meeting a very unusual character. Preston felt like he was being followed but wasn’t quite sure. He’d take a few steps and swear he was hearing someone take a few steps behind him. Taking a couple more of steps and continuing to listen. He did this for about five maybe ten minutes before deciding to confront whoever or whatever was following him. He turned around to come face to face with a camel. A drooling, slobbering, dumbfounded camel.
“What do you want?” Preston asked.
It just smiled at him. Making a sound that somewhat resembled laughter.
“What’s so....?”
That’s when Preston smelled something and looked down at his shoes.
“Oh man. I don’t suppose it’s yours?” Preston took off his shoes while trying not touch the fowl substance.
The camel just made the same laughing sound.
“Yea, real funny.” Preston grumbled, tossing his shoes a side. “Guess I have to go barefoot.”
The camel started to nudge him. Almost knocking him flat on his rear.
“Isn’t it bad enough I stepped in it?” Preston began to argue. “What do you want me to sit in it as well?”
The camel continued to nudge. Trying to push him over to something. Causing him to trip over it but not fall. Preston noticed a black strap sticking out of the sand and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He bent down to pick it up. Only to pull out a sand covered backpack. An all too familiar backpack.
“This is Saturn’s. But where is she?” Preston looked around.
My cell phone went off in my bag and Preston answered it. It was Jordan calling.
“What Yankee?” Preston asked.
“Why do you have Saturn’s phone?” Jordan replied. “Where’s Saturn?”
“Sleeping. Can you believe I wore the poor thing out.” Preston deviously lied. “Why do you ask?”
“You’ve what?!?” Jordan growled.
“She said I was the best. Called me an Adonis. A Southern Adonis, I do believe.”
“Bull. Saturn wouldn’t say crap like that.”
“How would you know?”
“I’ve read her journal. I know.”
“Hey, I’ve read her journal too.” Preston argued.
“The black one?” Jordan pointed out.
“Well....uh no.”
“Thought so. So where is she?”
“I don’t know where she is. I did however find her camp or what was left of it. Why what’s going on? Is she in any kind of trouble I should know about?”
“Not that we know of. However, her father might be.”
“What?” Preston sounded surprised.
“Look, just stay where you are till we get there.” Jordan quickly changed the subject.
“I am capable of finding Saturn on my own.” Preston argued.
“Like hell you are. Just stay put.” Jordan growled, trying not to lose his patience.
“What afraid she might actually enjoy my company for once?” Preston remarked, sounding devious.
“No, I just don’t feel like bringing back a body.” Jordan bluntly replied.
“A body? Whose body?”
“Guess. You try anything with her and she’d break your neck.”
“No, she wouldn’t. You’re just jealous.”
“Saturn wants me. I can tell.”
“Yea. She wants you like a cat wants a flea.” Thief spoke up in the background, over hearing the conversation.
“Please you’re all just jealous.” Preston scoffed.
“You’re so full of....” Jordan began to say before Berls said something that Preston couldn’t hear.
A few seconds had gone by and Jordan started to laugh.
“What? What’s so funny?” Preston asked.
“Nothing. Berls just told me I should bring ya some shoes.” Jordan answered. “Said you stepped in something. Man, your life is just full of....”
“Don’t go there.” Preston growled.
“Look Texan, just stay put.” Jordan responded, ignoring his poor attempt to threaten. “We’ll be there as soon as we can.”
“I’m looking for Saturn.” Preston said, speaking slower. “Do you understand you damn Yankee?”
“What did you call me? Wait, Saturn taught you that didn’t she?”
“No. I know she taught because she always says it. Now what does it mean? I demand to know. Tell me.” Preston snapped at him.
“Look it up.” Jordan calmly responded before hanging up on Preston.
Preston threw my phone across the desert sand. Grumbling under his breath and looking around. Until my phone went off again. Preston raised an eyebrow as he went over and picked it up. Brushing the sand off of it, he answered.
“Where is she?” The person on the other end demanded.
“Who is this?” Preston asked.
“Answer my question you mere mortal.” The person now snarled.
“Answer mine first.” Preston responded in his deep southern accent.
“I’m the one whose gonna save her from death. Now where is she?”
“Death? What the hell are you talking about?”
“I can’t say.”
“Why not?”
“Because I made a promise.”
“A promise to who?” Preston sounded puzzled.
“Her father.” The person flatly answered.

Meanwhile, Alex and I were walking through the desert. Heading for the city of Jerusalem. I was still thinking about what Alex had asked of me. I was also surprised that he was Zero’s older brother. Who would have thought a muse would have a brother. Especially if that muse happens to be Zero. Which made me start to question how that could even be possible. I was always told muses were created from the minds of writers, poets, singers, actors, etc. That they had no family.
“He was an angel at one point.” Alex spoke up, reading my mind. “He lost that privilege along with his wings when he became Lucifer’s muse.”
“But how....?”
“He fell like Lucifer did. He just fell for different reasons.”
“So did your brother tell you about me?” I asked.
“No. I knew about your existence since the day you were born. I’ve even heard the tales of your travels. And of course, your battles as well. My father even told me of the time when you were a baby and he was watching you. Said you found out you had wings and decided to fly around naked throughout the planet of Saturn. He told me it was a pain and a half trying to catch you.”
“Wait, your father? You don’t mean....”
Azrael for those of you who don’t know, is the Angel of Death. Not an archangel like my father. Azrael is the one who assists or use to assist my father when it came to collecting souls for Heaven. Their the ones that fought the soul Collectors and probably Stealers as well from Hell. He was also my father’s best friend and even fought in the war on Saturn. He was one of the few that did survive. And I also think he was the one who convinced God to bring me back from the dead. To even give me the First Seal. Granted, God was probably going to do it anyway but, I think Azrael gave God the assurance he needed. Because let’s face it folks, I was no saint in my past life. Even though my father was an archangel, it didn’t stop me from getting into trouble.
“Azrael never told me he had a son much less two of them.” I pointed out.
“You’re kidding. I ‘m surprised you don’t remember. We use to play together when we were little. You punched me when I took your doll.” Alex replied.
“Yea, well I don’t remember. I guess it’s something I blocked.”
“I heard you’ve been trying to forget your past but your Seal won’t let you.”
“It won’t let me forget the war on Saturn.” I corrected him. “I can choose to forget other things if I want to.”
“Even our first kiss.” Alex deviously grinned, as he looked at me out of the corner of his eye.
I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him like he had lost his mind. He turned to look at me as a smug expression crossed his face.
“You don’t remember, do you?” He asked.
“No, I don’t.”
“Funny, because I do.”
“For the love of.... not another one.” I grumbled, lowering my head and shaking it somewhat. “And I thought it was bad when I had to deal with the Texan.”
“Oh yes, the Texan. Or I should say Preston. I’ve heard about him also. Along with your Poetry Familia, Westies, the Seal carriers and of course your boy toy. Jordan I believe it is.”
“What!?! Who the hell told you that?” I growled.
“Rumor has it.”
“Well, it’s a lie. He’s married. I don’t mess with married men. And besides, we’re only friends.” I pointed out.
“Wait, he got married? When did that happen?”
“Right before that thing with Apollyon went down.”
“And he’s not living with his wife. For shame.”
“Well, he’s helping the familia out by letting us stay with him. But him and Berls talked and he might give up the house to the familia. Seeing as the one that Berls is trying to get built keeps having problems. Anyway, if he does he then can go move in with his girl and son.” I began to explain. “And....wait, why the hell am I telling you all of this? Look, let’s just get to Jerusalem.”
“Fine with me.” Alex shrugged his shoulders as he turned around and started to walk away.
“Lord, I swear every man in my life....” I whisper under my breath, feeling a headache coming on.
Jordan sat back in his plane seat. Trying to get some sleep. Him and the others were now on a private plane to Jerusalem. While the familia sat up front in first class so to speak, Jordan took a seat in the back. Away from everybody else. He had a lot to deal with and right now he felt like being alone. His eyes were closed only for a few minutes before Michael sat down in the seat next to him. Tossing a folder in Jordan’s lap.
“Wake up sunshine, we’ve gotta talk.” Michael said.
“What’s this?” Jordan yawned, flipping through the pages in the folder.
“They call themselves The Brothers of Hierarchy. They are sons of Seraphims. They however have fallen and because of it their own fathers have had no choice but to turn their backs.”
“And why are you telling me this?” Jordan asked, looking over the pictures of each member.
“They fell because they helped Lucifer supposedly win the war on Saturn.”
Jordan raised an eyebrow. Looking at Michael out of the corner of his eye.
“Their after her.” Michael continued, knowing what he was thinking. “And not only because she carries the First Seal but, because she’s a half-breed.”
“I don’t....”
“They think all half-breeds are imperfections. Well, the females anyway.”
“So how many female half-breeds are there?”Jordan questioned, closing the folder.
“Only one.”
“That explains a lot.”
“There’s more however.” Michael stated. “Saturn’s father was the Seraphim of Death before he stepped down as Archangel. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t have been able to fully rule the planet of Saturn or stay with his family.”
“Because Seraphims are suppose to stay in Heaven.”
“But Isis....”
“She’s a different story. God has plans for her on earth. You and I both know that.”
“Wait, wait, wait. I thought God gave Saturn’s dad the planet to rule as reward for saving Him and Heaven.” Jordan pointed out.
“He did.” Michael calmly replied.
“Then how could....”
“God gave Saturn’s father two options. To either watch over Saturn and stay a Seraphim or to rule Saturn and become the Archangel of Death.”
“So what made him decide to step down?” Jordan asked.
“He had his eye on a little Saturnite girl.” Michael grinned some. “Actually, half of the male angel population had their eyes on her.”
“Let me guess, Saturn’s mom.”
“Yup. She was a little over nineteen and the leader of the Saturnite colony. Before Saturn’s father ruled, the place was a wasteland. And the only one in charge was Saturn’s mother.” Michael started to remember. “Her mother was a fighter and packed a punch. When she met Saturn’s father, she slugged him pretty good.”
“Nothing like true love.” Jordan sarcastically remarked.
“Hey, he shouldn’t have spied on her while she was bathing. He had it coming.” Michael pointed out. “Besides her father sometimes had a way of being a....”
“A smartass.” Jordan knew what he was going to say.
“Uh, you could put it that way.”
“Now I know where Saturn gets it from.”
“Yea, like father like daughter.”
“So does Saturn know her father was a Seraphim at one point?” Jordan asked.
“No. She was never told. As a matter of fact, there’s a reason why she wasn’t.” Michael answered, thinking about it.
“Let me guess because she’s suppose to take over where her father left off.” Jordan bluntly responded. “Become the next Archangel of Death.”
“Ah, grasshopper learns quick.” Michael remarked, with a sly grin.
“I’ve put bits and pieces of what was told me together. That and....”
“And what?”
“I observe.”
“Ah, that’s why grasshopper stays quiet sometimes. I always did wonder about that.”
“Yea, well Saturn isn’t easy to work with either.” Jordan shrugged his shoulders.
“Tell me about it.” Michael shook his head. “I have to be careful what I say around her. Or I end up picking myself up off the ground.”
That’s when Slayer cleared her throat. Both Jordan and Michael looked up to see her standing in the aisle in front of them with her arms crossed. Shaking her head in disappointment.
“If she heard you two right now....” Slayer started to say.
“Hey, we still love her.” Michael interrupted. “It’s just she’s difficult to deal with sometimes.”
“It’s no picnic working with you.” Slayer retorted. “Nor your son.”
“You leave the boy out of this, woman.” Michael warned.
“Or what? Did we forget I do out rank you.” Slayer remarked.
“What do you want?” Michael quickly changed the subject.
“Did you tell him yet?” She asked.
“Tell him what? About the Hierarchy. Yea.”
“Saturn’s father?”
Oh, that thing I thought Gabriel was going to.” Michael said.
“Gabriel is busy with Nega. Their talking about something.” Slayer answered. “Gabs assures me it’s important though.”
“Well, when did it become my job....”
“Would someone just tell me!” Jordan exclaimed, getting a headache.
“Nega has been working for Saturn’s father.” Michael replied.
“Not that.....for the love of....and you talk about Saturn.” Slayer shook her head.
“Then you tell him, woman.”
“I’ll tell him.” A hooded figure spoke up, sitting across the aisle from Jordan and Michael.
“Azrael.” Slayer blushed, giggling.
“For all that is....” Michael began to say. “Do you have to be so dramatic when you make an entrance?”
“Jealous, Michael?” Azrael remarked.
“Bite me.”
“Such language coming from an Archangel.”
“Hey, I’ve head some pretty harsh words come out of your mouth. So don’t go there.”
“Slayer, you’re looking lovely as always.” Azrael now decided to ignore Michael.
“Typical. I’m out of here.” Michael said, vanishing into thin air.
Azrael finally pulled his hood back. Lighting up a cigar with the tip of his finger as he smoked. Slayer couldn’t help but stare. And who could blame her. The guy looked like he could be Matthew McConaughey’s twin brother. I mean with the soulful eyes and the rough bad boy look who would have thought the Angel of Death could be a Romeo.
“Slayer hon, do you mind?” Azrael asked. “I wanna talk to Jordan alone.”
“Yea, sure.” She agreed, continuing to giggle as she went up front, closing the curtain behind her.
“I tried to talk to the Texan.” Azrael stated. “Didn’t get nowhere with him. So I’m hoping you’ll listen to what I have to tell you.”
“I’m listening.” Jordan looked over at him.
“I use to work with Saturn’s father a long time ago. We were friends and have remained so since. I made a promise to him. I think we all have in one way or another.” Azrael laughed a bit. “He loves his daughter. And I guess knowing how he is, he’d do anything to make sure she was safe. Even have everyone he knows or has come across and trust promise to protect his little girl.”
“Why hasn’t he seen her?” Jordan bluntly questioned.
“He couldn’t. He wanted to.”Azrael answered. “But he couldn’t. Not with what’s going on and is about to happen. The leader of the Hierarchy isn’t just the son of a Seraphim.”
“Then what....?”
“He’s the next ruler of Hell. The one that will start the Great War. You humans refer to him as the Anti-Christ.” Azrael explained, continuing to smoke his cigar. “He’s also Lucy’s son.”
Wait, I thought....” Jordan sounded confused
“You thought wrong.” Azrael quickly interrupted, reading his mind. “He’s using Saturn’s father as bait to lure Saturn. Because as long as she’s alive, he can’t touch the rest of you Seals. He’s using the Hierarchy’s hate for half-breeds especially for Saturn as fuel. Not only to get rid of her but in some way to get revenge as well.”
“For his father’s death.” Jordan interrupted.
“Bingo.” Azrael replied.
“So what’s his name?”
“Satan but he likes to be called Cain.”
“Wait, wait, wait. I thought Lucy was Satan?”
“Uh. You humans need to study things more clearly.” Azrael pointed out, not surprised one bit. “No, Lucifer was Lucifer. Even though you humans like to call him Satan sometimes. Something I’ll never truly understand because it states clearly in Revelations.... Oh that’s right, I forgot mankind mis-translated that part. Anyway, Satan is Lucifer’s son. And very dangerous. More dangerous than his father.”
Phoenix now peeked through the curtain to get a look at Azrael. She didn’t believe Slayer when she told her that he looked like Matthew McConaughey. She had to see it for herself.
“Oh my god. He is!” Phoenix exclaimed, sounding like a high school girl. “He’s so cute.”
“I told you.” Slayer replied, somewhere behind her.
Jordan and Azrael just looked at each other and then over at the curtain as Phoenix walked through. Making her way towards Azrael and sitting down next to him.
“So what’s your name?” She asked, in her southern belle accent.
“Azrael.” He answered. “Phoenix doll, do you mind? I need to talk to Jordan alone.”
Wait, how do you know my name?”
“ I know everyone’s name. It’s part of my job.”
“Huh? What kind of job do you....”
“I’m the Angel of Death.”Azrael bluntly interrupted. “And yes, I’m married.”
“How did you...?” Phoenix was shocked.
“I read your sweet southern belle mind.”
Phoenix giggled and began to bat her eyelashes.
“I’m sure your wife wouldn’t mind if you were just doing a little bit of harmless flirting.” She said, being coy.
“You don’t know my wife.” Azrael remarked.
“Please what could she do?”
“She’s a high rank angel. So high rank that if someone was to mess with her husband, she could have them sent to the Abyss with the snap of her fingers.”
“She wouldn’t....”
“She would.” Azrael smoked his cigar. “Question is, would you be willing to take that risk?”
“I think I hear Slayer calling me.” Phoenix responded, getting up and leaving.
“Works every time.” Azrael grinned.
“Your wife wouldn’t really do that to her?” Jordan asked.
“Yea, she would. She gets jealous easily.”
“I thought angels weren’t suppose to get jealous.”
“Well, she does. Has been that way for one-hundred and thirty thousand years.”
“Tell me about it. You think being married that long, she would stop harping about wet towels on the floor.”
“Has she?”
“So what do I have to do to get rid of Satan?” Jordan asked, changing the subject.
“It’s not what you have to do.” Azrael corrected him. “It’s what you and the other four need to do.”
“Other four?”
“Joe, Ravyn, Preston and, Tom.”
“Are you sure about this?” Alex asked me, as we entered the city of Jerusalem.
“Yea.” I answered, smoking a cigar.
“Are you positive? I mean we’re getting looks.”
“We’re getting looks because you refuse to hide your wings.” I growled. “And don’t ever question what I do. I fought demons in the depths of hell while you were playing golf with Gesu on a course somewhere. I know what I’m doing.”
“Yea, but this is suicide. What if one of the members of the Hierarchy sees us?” Alex pointed out.
“Look, I’m not going to hide in fear from a group of spoiled brats. Who think that just because their daddies are Seraphims it gives them a right to pass judgement or even scare others.” I continued to growl.
“There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you about the leader, Saturn.”
“I know.”
“What, you know?”
“But how?”
“I sensed it.” Looking down at my hand as it began to glow.
“Oh. Can I ask you something?” Alex questioned.
“Why did you let Apollyon go? Why didn’t you kill him like the others?”
“Because everyone deserves a second chance.”
“But you didn’t do the same for Azazel, Berburos or, Lucifer.”
I stopped dead in my tracks. Not looking at Alex as I continued to smoke my cigar.
“Apollyon showed the one thing they didn’t.” I finally responded
“Which is?” Alex asked.
“What does that have do to with....” Alex started to say.
“It’s rare for a demon to show remorse.” I explained. “When they do, the least anyone can do is give them a chance.”
“Sounds to me like you were showing mercy. If I were you I would have let the Abyss have him.”
That’s when Alex found himself being slammed up against a wall. With a set of claws pointed at his jugular.
“Don’t ever tell me what the hell you would have done. You weren’t there.” I growled, in a low tone. “And if you think it was easy for me to make the decision that I did. Then you’re nothing more than a damn fool. Who needs to keep his mouth shut.”
“Saturn, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to....” Alex tried to apologize, scared out of his mind.
I quickly let him go.
“Forget it.” I responded, walking away as I sheathed my claws.
We wandered through the streets. Looked in alleyways. Almost anywhere and everywhere. Trying to find a member of the Hierarchy. I figured if we could find one we could follow them back to their hideout.
“So you never had those claws on Saturn.” Alex brought up.
“People change.” I replied.
“Yea, I heard you’ve become a famous writer.”
“Famous? That’s funny, I never think of it like that.”
“Well, others do.”
“Uh-huh. I could care less what others think.” I retorted.
“So I’ve noticed.” Alex grinned a little. “Just like your father.”
“Nothing. It’s just you....”
“I what?” I now turned on him.
“Forget it. Never mind.” He took a step back, afraid of what I might do.
I focused my attention once again on finding a Hierarchy member. A few seconds passed before a roaring sound filled the air of the city.
“What’s that?” Alex asked.
I sniffed the air a little. Picking up on a all too familiar scent.
“Damn it.” I swore in a low growl.
“Let’s go.” I quickly unsheathed my claws.
Beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is where the Hierarchy dwelled. They had made their
community complete with passageways upon passageways. Cain now sat at the head of a dining table in the dining hall. The table could have easily extended to the size of a football field, give or take. At the other end of the table was his second in command. The one who had lead the group against me earlier. His name was Leviathan. And he was not only the son of a Seraphim but a fallen angel as well. Most of the Hierarchy is. Most. That’s why God disapproves of what they do because He knows exactly who they are and what their about. Which is anything but good. Leviathan is the supposed Grand Admiral of Hell. Meaning he’s the one that makes sure the army of hell trains non-stop and is in tip top shape. He rarely fights in any battle however. He likes to remain on the sidelines and watch. Besides, that’s Baal’s job. After all, he is the Commanding General. Not to mention a fellow member of the Hierarchy as well. What ever order Leviathan gives him. Baal has to follow. It can get quite confusing with sixty-four legions though. Too many Generals and Commanders and not enough soldiers, if you ask me. Maybe that’s why they keep losing their battles because everyone feels the need to flex their muscle rather than actually fight.
“I failed to capture her.” Leviathan said. “However, there are reports that she’s in the city. If you give the word, I’ll....”
“No, you won’t.”Cain cut him off. “Have her find us.”
“”But if she does.... you remembered what happens when she corners her enemies.” Leviathan pointed out.
“I know.”
“And her Seal....”
“I KNOW!” Cain roared, shaking the walls of the room.
Leviathan sat back a little in his chair. Trying to hide his fear from Cain. Usually he wasn’t afraid of anything but Cain was something to fear. He couldn’t quite figure him out like Lucifer or any of the other high powered demons of the past. And that alone scared him.
“My dear friend, we have an advantage over her.” Cain now said, in a calm demeanor.
“And that would be?” Leviathan asked.
“Bring him in.” Cain ordered a demon, standing guard at the door.
The demon brought my father in. Having him take a seat at the table, in between Leviathan and Cain. It looked like he had the tar beaten out of him. Bloody and bruised, Leviathan could tell this was anything but good.
“Yosef” Leviathan said in Aramaic.
My father looked over at him out of the corner of his eye with a slight smile.
“Long time no see, Levi.” My father responded in a rasp voice, trying not to cough up any more blood. “Never thought you’d work for junior over here.”
“I had no choice. I wanted to keep my position in hell.” Leviathan answered.
“I see. Politics then.”
“ENOUGH!” Cain roared, shaking the walls again.
“Look Cain....” Leviathan began to speak up.
“No, you’ll do as I say. I did not hire you as an advisor.” Cain sneered.
“No, but you need one. Badly.” Leviathan grinned some. “Or is that a babysitter? I get those two confused.”
“Good old Levy.” My father started to chuckle a little, coughing as he did so.
“I can kill you as easily as I let you live, Leviathan.” Cain growled, baring his fangs. “If I didn’t need you, you’d be dead.”
“And I’m trying to tell you what you just did with kidnaping Saturn’s father over there. Only a fool would attempt.” Leviathan remarked. “If there’s one thing any demon learned from the mistakes of Berburos, Apollyon and, your father. It’s not to go after Saturn’s family. You put his life in danger or use him as a pawn for your sick plan and Saturn will have your head.”
“That’s absurd.”
“Oh is it? Have you seen the ways she had re-acted when someone threatened the lives of those in the Poetry Familia?” Leviathan stated. “Mark my words Cain, screw with her bloodline and you’re asking for death.”
“You give her too much credit.” Cain snarled.
“And you give her too little. Don’t under estimate her. The others did including your father.”
“I’m not like the others.” Cain pounded his fist on the table in anger. “ I know what I’m doing.”
“For your sake, I hope so. Or we’re all dead.”
“I thought the Grand Admiral of Hell feared nothing or no one.” Cain mocked.
“I don’t but Saturn isn’t no one. She’s something.” Leviathan corrected him.
Preston and the camel were a few miles away from Jerusalem when a plane landed before them. Kicking up sand as it did so. When everything had finally settled, Preston was literally inches away from the nose of the plane.
“Now there’s something you don’t see every day.” He sarcastically remarked.
“So did you find Saturn?” He heard someone speak up from behind him.
Preston turned around only to see Michael standing a few feet away.
“So did you?” Michael asked again.
“No. I was about to when all of ya showed up.” Preston answered, in his southern accent.
The others were now getting off the plane. Walking over towards Preston and Michael.
“Hey, who’s your girlfriend?” Bags asked Preston, noticing the camel.
“Funny.” Preston replied, not the least bit amused.
“Saturn might get jealous if she found out.” Jordan said, with a sly grin.
“Oh, like your wife does when you’re flirting with Saturn.” Preston retorted.
Jordan just let out a low growl.
“It cuts both ways, Yankee.” Preston pointed out.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Jordan continued to growl. “So shut the hell up.”
“Oh, but I think I do.”
“No, you don’t. You’re just jealous because she’d rather confide in me than you.”
“Hey, she talks to me.”
“About her past? About her family? About her?”
“Well no but...I never understood why she would always want to talk to you anyway.”
“Because unlike you, I actually listen and I don’t try to get in her pants.”
“Ouch.” Thief remarked, shaking his head.
“Yea, but you’ve stolen her journal.” Preston brought up.
“So have you.” Jordan calmly responded. “And every other damn Westie boy here.”
“Hey, how does he....” Drew started to say.
“Saturn isn’t stupid.” Michael interrupted him. “She knew you guys were reading her journal. That’s why she planted a fake one for you boys. The only one who was reading the real deal was Jordan.”
“But why would she....” Fox began to ask
“Because she knew that unlike you boys, Jordan wouldn’t use what he read against her. Or try to black mail her.” Michael replied.
“Hey, we wouldn’t do that!” Bags protested.
“Yea, we have more class than that.” E.T. said.
“Bull. My son told me you guys would black mail your own mothers for beer.” Michael crossed his arms.
“Only if we needed to.” I.O. corrected him. “And it wouldn’t be our mothers. Maybe a family member but not our mothers.”
“Uh huh.”
“Speaking of Jay. Didn’t he get on the plane with us?” Bags asked.
“Yea, he did. But I had him go take care of something for me.” Michael explained.
Preston noticed Azrael and couldn’t help but wonder. And like any good old Texan boy he was going to insert his foot in his mouth once again.
“Who the hell are you?” He questioned Azrael.
“Someone you’ll get to know real well in about twenty years.” Azrael sarcastically remarked.
“Wait, what?”
“He’s the Angel of Death, you dip.” Leysa rolled her eyes.
“I knew that.” Preston replied.
“Of course you did.”
“So what are you doing here?” Preston asked Azrael, ignoring Leysa.
“He’s going to help.” Jordan spoke up.
“Sure he isn’t after Saturn? Maybe even has a thing for her.” Preston raised an eyebrow, somewhat suspicious.
“No, I’m not.” Azrael bluntly answered.
“Yea right. You probably....”
Before Preston could finish, he found himself being lifted off the ground. Floating in mid-air as the pressure to his lungs felt like they were going to implode.
“Listen carefully you mere mortal.” Azrael growled in a non-human tone. “Saturn’s father is my best friend. He’s almost like a brother to me. I think of his daughter as one of my own. So before you open your big mouth, you should think twice. Or else you’ll find out first hand how fast death can come.”
“Azrael.” Michael sounded worried, noticing that Preston was turning blue in the face.
“Yea, yea.” Azrael sneered, waving his hand and allowing Preston to breathe again as he fell to the ground. “He’s lucky he’s a Seal carrier or I would have done worse.”
Jay had been following Alex and I through the streets of Jerusalem. All the while, making sure to keep a look out for any Hierarchy member. He knew all to well what they were about long before anyone else. When he had become a full fledge angel he was told the whole story of the Hierarchy. Not only by Michael but by Metatron as well. Who is Metatron you ask. Let’s just say he’s a very powerful Seraphim. The highest ranked as a matter of fact. He’s the only Seraphim that has thirty-six wings and he also knows the secrets of Creation, the duration of time the world has and what will happen after that time is up. He has a brother Sandalphon. Who happens to be the Archangel of Life. Other than that, Metatron’s life including his past is somewhat of a mystery. Except however for a rumor. One started by mankind. Apparently, Metatron and Sandalphon were human before they had become angels and that they had gone by different names back then. It has yet to be proven wether or not it’s true. But I’m sure in time it will be. Just like everything else. Oh by the way, did I forget to mention that Metatron and I met once. We didn’t exactly see eye to eye when we did. And we’ve pretty much kept our distance from one another ever since. Jay knew what happened between Metatron and I. That’s something a lot of other angels had told him. He just has never once ever let me know that he knew. He was always to afraid to even say Metatron’s name around me. But I knew that he knew. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I mean once you become a full fledge angel you know all the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and, why’s in heaven. Including all that happens on earth.
“Can I ask you something?”Alex spoke up, as we continued to walk through the streets.
“Hasn’t stopped you before.” I replied.
“What exactly did happen between you and Metatron?”
“Dead man.” Jay thought to himself, shaking his head.
“What do you mean?” I asked, playing dumb.
“Well, everyone in heaven has heard the story about you and Metatron in a fight. So what happened?” Alex questioned.
“Why do you want to know?” Sniffing the air for Hierarchy members.
“Just curious.”
“What has Metatron said?”
“He isn’t saying anything.”
“I see. Well, it’s just like the old man to stay quiet. Probably holding a grudge.”
“Angels don’t hold grudges.” Alex pointed out.
“Metatron isn’t no ordinary angel.” I replied. “He can hold a grudge. Trust me.”
“So what was the fight about?”
“You’ll have to ask him.”
“But he won’t....”
A Hierarchy member now made his presence known as he walked past Alex and I. Staring directly back at us before continuing on his way.
“Saturn?” Alex asked, noticing the look on my face.
“We need to follow him.” I said, keeping my eyes fixed on the member.
“What if it’s a trap?”
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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Music for Poetry Familia 10:

1. James Blunt- "Out Of My Mind"
2. Gary Jules- "Mad World"
3. Tori Amos- "Angels"
4. Death Cab For Cutie- "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"
5. U2- "Window In The Skies", " Running To Stand Still"
6. Pink- "Who Knew"
7. AudioSlave- "Revelations"
8. 30 Seconds To Mars- "The Kill"
9. Pink Floyd- "Wish You Were Here"
10. Dashboard Confessional- "Don't Wait"
11. Damone- "When You Live"
12. Jordan Knight- "Drive"
13. Mat Kearney- "Nothing Left To Lose"
14. The Killers- "ExitLude"
15. Foo Fighters- "My Hero" (Skin And Bones Live Album Version)
16. Stone Sour- "Through The Glass"
17. Sia- "Breathe Me" (Radio Edit)
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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(Side note: Before I post the story I would like to explain there are a couple of scenes in the story that most people are gonna find as though I wish death on someone. I don't. Believe me, I don't. There was a certain scene in this story that took me four weeks to write. Reason being was because to be honest I didn't want to write it. It actually brought me to tears everytime I tried to put it down on paper. I tried to find alternatives but in order for the Second Seal to go forward as a character, this was the only way. Not only that but the rest of the story would have went down the crapper, so to speak. In all my years of writing the certain scene in this story was the most hardest for me. And if I was to ever give an interview down the road, I'd say the same thing. To be quite frank, I don't like writing death scenes and for me they are the hardest to do but this one was especially hard considering I have much respect for the Second Seal carrier *he knows who he is* As always I do tend to bring characters back from the dead, so who knows. Maybe my muses have something planned and they haven't quite told me yet. And yes as of now I'm writing Poetry Familia 12. So who knows. Anyway, enjoy and as always I love feedback.)


This is my life. No matter how I look at it. This will always be my life. The Seraphim of Death. The Seal carrier of God’s Wrath a.k.a Destruction. The Lady of Saturn. The daughter of a Saturnite and Angel. No matter how I look at it. This right here is it. This is where I’m suppose to protect what God has built and what Hell is trying to destroy. This is where I’m suppose to find the answers I’ve long searched for. So why is it that the first place I started on my journey would be the one I’d end up returning to.

It was a late Sunday night when I pulled up in the driveway on my bike. The house was quiet, which meant either everyone was sleeping or out. I headed for Jordan’s bedroom, hoping to find him there. When I didn’t I headed for his office. He was at his desk, typing away at the computer. I snuck in, trying not to get noticed.

“Didn’t expect you back so soon.” Jordan said, not leaving his eyes from the screen as he picked up on my scent.

I quietly cursed myself out for forgetting that along with my Seal powers getting stronger the other carriers’ powers have also gotten stronger. Which in turn caused the powers they got from their muses to grow as well.

“It’s been a couple of months.” I replied, staying hidden in the shadows of the room as I lit up a cigar.
“So did you find anything?” Jordan continued to type.
“Funny thing, you should ask.” I answered, as I took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. “I found out you’ve been holding out on me.”

Jordan stopped typing and just stared dead on at the screen.

“When I first discovered it,” I continued, “I thought there was no way in hell you’d be capable of doing something like that to me. Especially since you know how long I’ve been looking.”
“Where is it?”
“I can’t give you the journal.” Jordan now looked over at me.
“Like hell you can’t. That was my father’s. You have no right to it.” I argued.
“I have every right to it. Your father gave it to me to hold on to until....” Jordan stopped himself from finishing.
“Until what?”

Val who was now walking down the hallway to the bathroom, stopped near Jordan’s office door. Keeping herself out of sight as she overheard the conversation.

“Until you over come the battle with yourself.” Jordan flatly responded.
“You are the last damn person who should be talking about over coming battles.” I pointed out. “You’re married to your girl but you’re still living with us. Which isn’t right considering your girl just gave birth to your second child....”
“I spend time with my family.” Jordan growled in defense.
“I’m not saying you don’t. All I’m saying it’s strange that you’re living with us rather than them. I also heard you’ve been spending a little more time down at the Pub.”
“Saturn, don’t.” Jordan warned.
“It cuts both ways, Richie-Rich. Unlike you I know how to handle my issues.”
“Yea, you get drunk and past out. Or you get on that damn bike of yours and run away.”

I didn’t say a word. Just continued to smoke my cigar, trying to act like what he said didn’t bother me one bit.

“It cuts both ways.” Jordan deviously grinned, seeing through my facade.
“I want that journal.” I bluntly demanded.
“Not gonna happen.”
“Either you give me the journal or I’ll break your neck.” I now unsheathed my claws. “Your choice.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Wanna bet?”
“Saturn, I know you. You wouldn’t.”
“Don’t tell me what I would or wouldn’t do.” I growled.
“You forget I read your journal. And you and I both know why you wouldn’t.” Jordan replied, sitting back in his chair.
“Wait, you thought that was about you?” I tried not to laugh. “Full of ourselves, I see.”
“I don’t know, am I?” Jordan answered, as a sly smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Yea, you are. Now give me my father’s journal.”
“I’m not asking you. I’m telling you to give me the journal. Now.”
“You’re truly gonna be an ass about this, aren’t you?”
“Well Saturn, I’ll give you two options to either get this journal or not.” Jordan responded rather calmly.
“What are they?” I asked, still growling.
“Either you admit your feelings for me and I give you the journal. Or say nothing and basically get nothing.”
“You forget there’s a third option.”
“And that is?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“You can go to hell.” I flat out answered.
“No thanks, I’ve already been there.” Jordan sarcastically remarked. “I don’t understand why it’s so hard for you to admit it.”
“Because there is nothing to admit!” I exclaimed. “What the hell, am I suppose to lie?”
“You’re lying now. So what’s your point?”
“I’m not.... Look, there’s no need for me....” I tried to say. “Damn it, you can be an ass sometimes.”

Michael now appeared before both of us. Looking at Jordan and then over at me. Noticing the expression on my face.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

Jordan and I stared at each other for a moment.

“Nothing.” Jordan finally answered.
“Okay, weird.” Michael stated.
“What do you want?” I questioned him.
“We have a problem.”
“What sort of problem?”
“A major problem. A demon problem as a matter of fact.”
“Is it Cain?” I sheathed my claws.
“No.” Michael shook his head.
“Leviathan then?”
“Then who?”

I didn’t say a word but my hand began to nervously shake.

“Saturn, what...?” Jordan started to ask.
“She knows him all to well. Don’t you, Saturn?” Michael said with a smug expression.
“Eurynomus is a demon who use to eat corpses in the days before Gesu’s time.” I explained. “He ate the dead because back then Hell had no Soul Collectors or Stealers. They used flesh eating demons to try to steal souls. They believed if the flesh of the dead was eaten then they had also devoured the soul.”
“So what happened?” Jordan questioned.
“They found out their methods weren’t working especially after the crucifixion. So they changed their ways. Well, at that point Eury no longer craved flesh. Instead, he craved something else.”
“The souls of the Seal carriers. I should know he almost had my soul at one point.”
Wait, what do you mean almost had?”
“Let’s put it this way, if Michael hadn’t saved me I wouldn’t be sitting here.”
“Eurynomus scares the hell out of me. He’s the only demon that does. Any other demon even Cain I could handle but Eury is different. When Hell was created he was born.” I pointed out. “He hides behind a human disguise but if you saw his true demon form, you’d go insane.”
“He also has a thing for Saturn.” Michael brought up. “Normally he’d kill the Seal carrier with his bare hands and take the soul but with her it was different.”
“Michael.” I warned.
“What? I’m just telling the truth.” He replied.
“He doesn’t need to know the details.”
“For god’s sake woman, he wooed you. It can happen to anyone.”
“Wooed?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“It was long ago.” I said, shaking my head while I let out a sigh. “I fell for his human charm.”
“Fell, ha. You were more like a love sick puppy dog.” Michael remarked.
“Michael.” I snarled.
“Wait, why would you...? Jordan began to bring up.
“Eury lied about who he was. He also hid his scent well so I couldn’t detect it.” I interrupted. “So I’m not your first crush. I’m hurt.” Jordan deviously grinned.
“For the love of....” I grumbled, feeling a headache coming on. “Not every woman wants you, Richie-Rich.”
“No, but you do.”
“I don’t mess with married men!”
“Yea true but if I wasn’t married or had a girlfriend, admit it you’d want me.”
“Wait, what?” I looked at Jordan like he had lost his mind. “Have you and the Texan switched brains? Better yet, are you drunk?”
“No, I can just tell when a woman is falling for my charms.” Jordan said, with a sly smile.
“Is that what you call it.” I sarcastically remarked. “That’s funny, I thought you were full of....”
“Can we get back to the matter at hand.” Michael intervined, not letting me finish.
“I need some air.” I responded, getting up and leaving.

Val who was still listening in, quickly hid from me as I came out into the hallway and headed for the front door.

“Why did you do that?” Michael asked Jordan, after I had left.
“I wanted to know.” Jordan answered.
“So of all the times to ask her, you do it now. Why?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, you’re lucky I showed up when I did.” Michael remarked. “Or I would’ve had to explain to your wife why she would have had to bury you six feet under. Jordan, you should know better than anyone not to corner Saturn like that. I mean you know how she is.”
“Yea, I do.”
“Do you have some sort of death wish then or what?”Michael asked, confused.
“I just wanted to know” Jordan shrugged his shoulders.
“Well, the next time you want to ask her something, you better think long and hard about the question. That’s if you enjoy breathing.” Michael advised.
“I’ll remember that next time. So does she...?”
“That’s something you have to ask her. And if I were you I’d wait a very long, long, long time before asking her. Like maybe after the world has come to an end.”

I now sat on the porch. Smoking a cigar and trying to calm my nerves. The fact that Eury was running loose didn’t so much scare me as it crept me out. I thought for sure when Eury was locked up in the Abyss that I had seen the last of him. And now he was somewhere in the world causing chaos. Probably looking for me in the progress.

“Long time no see, love.” I heard someone say from behind me.

I quickly got to my feet and turned around to see Eury standing there in his human form. Looking like a Hugh Jackman wannabe, only a younger version.

“Coward.” I growled. “You can’t even face me in your true form.”
“I would but you’re scared of it.” Eury replied, with a grin.
“Try more along the lines of disgusted.”
“You weren’t when I kissed you.”
“No, I just almost lost my soul is all. How did you get out of the Abyss?”
“Funny thing,” he said laughed a little, “when you opened the Abyss during your battle with Apollyon, I took the opportunity to escape unnoticed.”
“How could you? You were powerless when you were thrown in the Abyss. Unless you....”
“I stole the powers of the other demons.”

I let out a low growl as Eury got closer to me.

“You’re not getting the Seals.” I continued to growl.
“That’s not the only reason I’m here.” Eury responded, standing face to face with me. “Granted, I want the Seals but there’s something else I want more.”
“Forget it.”
“Come on, Saturn. You can’t honestly tell me you had no feelings for me.” Eury acted like he was hurt. “We even talked about marriage or did you forget that?”
“That’s before I found out who and what you really are.” I snarled.
“I still love you, Saturn.”
“Funny, demons like yourself have no feelings.”
“Well, I do. I want you as my wife.”

I crossed my arms, shaking my head in disbelief.

“What?” He asked.
“I’m not the half-breed you once knew, Eury.” As my wings appeared.
“So the story is true. You are the Seraphim of Death. Good for you.” He replied.
“Yea, it means you can’t kill me so easily this time, Eury.” I pointed out. “I’m not falling for your tricks.”
“What tricks?”
“You never did love me. You even tried to kill me.”
“I had no choice back then. I was following Lucy’s orders. If I didn’t do what he said he would have killed me.” Eury explained. “I never wanted to hurt you.”
“Why should I believe you? You still want the Seals.” I retorted.
“Yes, but for different reasons now. If I devour the Seals alone I can cut ties with Hell, become human and be with you.”
“Those Seals are attached to lives I care about!” I sneered.
“No, I’m not having lives destroyed so you can start yours over.”
“You don’t understand....” Eury shook his head.
“No, you don’t.” I interrupted. “There are children that carry Seals. I’m not letting innocent lives end for your selfishness.”
“I’d be doing it for you.”
“Actually, you’d be doing it for yourself. If you really loved me, you’d forget about the Seals.”

I now turned around and walked away. Eury tried to follow but Alex appeared before him. Stopping him from doing so.

“She doesn’t need you following her.” Alex growled. “She doesn’t want you.”
“Oh, and like she wants you, Alex.” Eury snarled back.
“I knew her long before you did. I know for a fact she doesn’t want anything to do with a demon.”
“And I know she doesn’t want anything to do with an angel.” Eury growled back, as his eyes began to glow a crimson red.

Alex was about to make a move when Gabriel showed up.

“Gabs.” Eury said.
“Eurynomus.” Gabriel replied. “Alive and well, I see.”
“I was about to tell junior here that Saturn isn’t interested in him.” Eury explained.
“I already heard. And she isn’t interested in you either.”
“Eury, if I were you I would leave while I still had the chance.”
“Or what?”
“Or Hell will have one less demon to worry about.”

Eury stood there for a minute. Staring at Gabriel and realizing that he was serious.

“Fine.” Eury finally gave up. “I’ll leave.”

As soon as he left, Gabs went inside.

“Where are you going?” Alex asked.
“To warn the others.” Gabriel answered.

I was now entering the cemetery, looking for my father’s headstone. Even though there was no body for the coffin, there still had been a funeral for him. Jordan and Berls planned it, hoping it would ease the pain I was feeling. However, I never did go. I stayed on the road and kept my distance. Actually, the day they had the funeral I was somewhere in a pub in some small town somewhere. Drinking and trying to forget all at the same time. Anyway, it didn’t take me long to find his headstone. It was far from the others, under the statue of the Angel of the Death. The statue had it’s sword pointing down towards my father’s grave. Which kind of made me smile a little.

“Ironic.” I thought to myself.
“Saturn?” I heard someone say from behind me.

I knew who it was. I didn’t have to turn around to see. That and I didn’t want to. I wanted if anything to be left alone.

“Saturn.” He said again.
“Leave me alone.” I answered, keeping my back turned.
“Saturn, it isn’t your fault.”
“Damn it, Azrael. Stay out of my head.” I warned, in a low growl.
“I didn’t have to read your mind.” Azrael replied. “You know your father wanted it this way. It had to be this way.”
“It could have been different. If only I had gotten there sooner.... If only I had found him earlier maybe I could have talked him out of it. Maybe things could have....” I began to say.
“Saturn doll, don’t do this to yourself. You keep wondering what if and it will eventually drive you insane.” Azrael pointed out. “Besides, you’ve got some other issues that need your attention.”
“I can handle Eury.”
“It’s not Eury.”

I turned around and looked Azrael dead in the eye.

“It’s Levi. He’s loose.” Azrael continued. “And he’s looking for you.”
“Surprise, surprise.” I sarcastically remarked.
“So what are you going to do?”
“That’s right, nothing. Let him come to me.” I deviously grinned.
“Oh boy.” Azrael grumbled, feeling a headache coming on.

Nega had been out all night drinking and flirting with the little hotties that had come into the Pub. He was now halfway home when Levi decided to pay him an unexpected visit. Nega quickly turned himself into his skeleton form. Cursing himself out as he did so, realizing that he still felt a little out of it from the booze.

“I don’t want to fight you.” Levi held up his hands, taking a step back.
“You’re suppose to be stone.” Nega snarled. “How did you get free?”
“I have my ways.” Levi calmly responded.
“You lay a hand on Saturn....”
“I don’t plan to. If anything I need to warn her.”
“About what?”
“About Eury.”
“Uh huh.” Nega now crossed his arms.
“Look, if I don’t warn her she’s good as dead.” Levi pointed out, knowing Nega wasn’t believing him.
“And why should I trust a word you say?”
“Because I owe her father.”

Nega took a step back as a look of surprise crossed his face.

“You’re a demon.” He said. “How could you possibly...?”
“Even demons from Hell owe Saturn’s father one way or another.” Levi explained. “Besides, her father was my brother.”
“Then that would mean Saturn is your niece.” Nega answered, somewhat confused.
“I’m also Dena’s father.”
“Wait, how come Saturn or Dena haven’t said anything?”
“They don’t know. I left after Dena was born.”
“Why? I don’t understand. How could you....”
“I wasn’t always a demon. I was at one point a Seraphim like my brother. Unlike my brother though I was young, dumb and stubborn. I thought I knew it all and in the process I damned myself. Hell, to be honest I’m still paying for it.”
“Yea, and I’m sure you’re paying more since you killed Saturn’s father.” Nega bluntly remarked.
“Your own brother for god’s sake.”
“I didn’t kill him, Cain did.” Levi corrected Nega.
“You could have stopped him.” Nega retorted.
“No, I couldn’t have. Cain would have had thrown me in a sulfur pit if I had tried. Besides, if Cain knew Dena was my daughter. He could have used that against Saturn and myself. Causing us to fight one another while he went ahead with his evil doing. He would have used us as puppets for his entertainment. I couldn’t let that happen.”
“But you work for hell.”
“True. It doesn’t give me a right to turn my back on my family though. Those girls are my family and their all I have. I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone or anything harm them.”
“But you’re going to lead the Legions of Hell on the battlefield during the Great War.” Nega pointed out. “How can you...?”
“I’m not the one whose going to. I will be replaced, eventually. I’ve seen my fate and I accept it.” Levi calmly replied. “I just don’t want those girls being robbed of the lives they deserve.”

Preston had now gotten up from his bed after trying to sleep off the massive headache he had gotten from drinking a bit too much. His stomach was grumbling and he knew he had to go to the kitchen and raid the fridge. Most people couldn’t handle a hangover, let alone food after drinking the night before. But not the Texan. When Preston entered the kitchen, he could see Berls sitting at the table with Ven, reading a book. While Ven sipped on some herbal tea, flipping through the pages of the morning newspaper. Ravyn flew in through the opened kitchen window. Landing on top of the fridge as she let out a caw.

“Something’s wrong with the bird.” Preston said, as he stuck his head in the fridge.

Joe walked into the kitchen looking around.

“Can we help you?” Ven asked, still reading her paper.
“I’m looking for Saturn.” Joe answered. “Have you seen her?”
“She left about a few hours ago but I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” Ven responded, putting her paper down. “You can sit with us until then if you want. I promise we don’t bite.”
“For the love of....” Preston grumbled from the fridge. “He’s married.”
“Back off, Texan.” Ven hissed at Preston.
“Fine. Whatever.”

I came home and headed straight for my room. Crashing on my bed as soon as I entered through the door.

“I’m sorry.” I heard someone speak up from the dark corner of the room, sitting in a chair.

I knew who it was. He didn’t bother to hide his scent.

“Forget it.” I grumbled.
“I need sleep.”
“I heard Levi is loose and looking for you.” Jordan brought up.
“Yea, just another problem to deal with.” I continued to grumble, yawning. “Can we talk later? I’m tired.”
“Fine, we’ll talk later.”

Joe entered my room, looking over at Jordan and then at me.

“Saturn, we’ve gotta talk. It’s important.” He said.
“Damn it.” I groaned. “Why me?”
“It’s about Eury.” Joe remarked.
“And the drama continues.” I retorted, still crashed on the bed. “Heaven forbid, I should get any sleep. I’m gonna start asking God to pay me overtime.”
“Fine. What about Eury?”

Nega came into the room closing the door behind him as he cleared his throat.

“What the hell?” I started to go off. “What part of I need sleep don’t you people get?”
“Someone needs to talk to you.” Nega replied.
“But of course, everybody wants to talk to me while I’m trying to sleep. I’m just so freaking popular.” I sarcastically remarked.

Jordan started to laugh a little. Nega now let whoever was waiting in the hallway into the room.
When I realized it was Levi, I quickly got to my feet unsheathing my claws. While both Jordan and Joe stood their ground as well.

“Jim, have you lost your damn mind?” I growled.
“Saturn, he just wants to talk to you.” Nega tried explain. “Please, just listen to him.”
“Saturn, please doll.” Nega pleaded with me. “I’ve never asked of anything from you before. Just do this for me.”

I stood there for a minute. Not saying a word.

“Saturn?” Joe asked, noticing the look on my face.
“It’s okay.” I let out a sigh. “Let Levi talk.”
“I know, Joe. I don’t like it either but everyone deserves a chance. No matter how damned they are.” I growled. “That’s what my father taught me and it’s something I honor.”

Joe looked over at Jordan who had sheathed his claws.

“She’s right, Joe.” He agreed, lowering his head somewhat as he closed his eyes. “Besides if anyone has a right to break Levi’s neck right now it’s her. You and I both know that.”

Joe looked back at me for a minute before finally backing off.

“Saturn, thank....” Levi began to speak.
“State your business.” I cut him off.
“I want to talk to you about your father.” Levi replied, taking a step closer to me. “But I need to talk to you alone.”
“Not gonna happen.” Jordan stared Levi down. “Whatever you have to tell her, you can also tell us.”
“Uh huh.” Levi raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms. “So you haven’t read her father’s journal? I’ll be. I thought for sure you would.”

I glanced over at Jordan out of the corner of my eye with a puzzled look.

“I respect his wishes not to.” Jordan answered. “I gave my word and I plan on keeping it.”
“Yet, you read mine like it’s a tabloid.” I pointed out.
“You never told me not to.” Jordan responded, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth all the while keeping his eye on Levi. “And last time I knew you thought it was okay for me to read it and not your Westie Boys. Because you knew I wouldn’t use anything I read against you or try to blackmail you.”
“Who told you that crap?” I exclaimed.
“Go figure.”
“So what you don’t trust me?” Jordan now looked over at me.
“I didn’t say that.” I replied. “It’s just well with what has happened recently....”
“Still you reminded me of the Texan earlier. Hell, I thought for a minute he had rubbed off on you. Or you two had become buddies....”
“I also thought that maybe just maybe you had joined the Westies without my knowledge.” I continued to go on. “But then why would you do something that stupid? I mean considering you know what their like.”
“I didn’t join the Westies.” Jordan shook his head, grumbling.
“How can I be sure of that? I mean I thought I knew you and then you pulled a Westie on me.”
“I pulled a what? What the hell are you talking about?”
“You were acting like them.”
“How come I feel as though I should be offended?” Nega spoke up, raising an eyebrow.
“Sorry Jimmy.” I responded.
“No prob.” He shrugged it off.

Levi cleared his throat, trying to get our attention. I quickly looked over at him.

“What?” I growled.
“Can I say what I have to or are you going to continue bickering with Richie-Rich over there?”

Jordan was getting ready to go after Levi but I stopped him by standing in between him and Levi.

“Don’t.” I said to him, keeping my eyes fixed on Levi. “He isn’t worth it.”
“Saturn, is that any way to talk to family?” Levi said with a grin.
“Family?” Joe looked at him puzzled. “You’re not her family.”
“Wanna bet? Her father was my brother.” Levi explained.
“You lie.” I snarled, clenching my fists as my claws extended a little further.
“Do I? Dena is my daughter.”
“Impossible. Her father is dead.”
“Oh that. That was told so Dena wouldn’t try to find me.”
“Why now then? Why come forward if you never wanted to be found?” I questioned.
“Because you and Dena are in danger.” Levi bluntly answered.
“We can take care of ourselves.”
“I know you can. I’m just....”
“Just what?”
“Funny, considering you weren’t too damn worried about killing my father.” I snarled.
“I was.” Levi disagreed, shaking his head a little. “I didn’t kill your father. Cain did.”
“True but you didn’t stop him.”
“No, as far as I’m concerned you’re no part of my family.”
“You can’t stop me from seeing my own daughter.” Levi argued. “I have a right to protect her.”
“That you do but to be quite honest I think it’s a little too late for you to start playing the worried father. Let alone acting like one at all.” I snapped back. “Whatever danger there is we can handle.”
“Even if it has to do with Eury?”
“I can handle Eury.”
“Are you sure about that? I mean Eury isn’t the same as you once knew him. He’s changed.”
“I know, I know.” I grumbled. “He supposedly still loves me and wants to become human.”
“Uh no. I’m not talking about that. Actually, he’s Cain’s.... Let’s say demon hitman.” Levi replied bluntly.
“Demon what?” I raised my eyebrow, not believing what I was hearing.
“He’s a hitman for Cain basically. He was the one that did all of Cain’s dirty work so Cain wouldn’t have blood on his hands. He was also the one who helped Cain kill your father.”
“Cain gave the order and Eury followed it.”
“I don’t believe you.” I growled in a non-human tone. “Eury wouldn’t allow himself to be Cain’s puppet.”
“He would if Cain had major dirt on him.” Levi pointed out.
“What sort of dirt?” Nega asked.
“Well, let’s just say like Heaven, Hell has it’s own rules too. And falling in love with the daughter of a Seraphim is asking for death.” Levi explained. “If the other demons had found out, Eury would be dead and Cain knew this. So he blackmailed Eury with it.”
“Wait, Cain is stone. Why would Eury...?” I began to say.
“Eury isn’t working for him now. If anything he wants the Seals so he can destroy Cain in his stone form. Amongst other things of course.” Levi looked directly at me.
“He’s not getting the Seals.” I snarled. “I already told him that. There are lives attached to those Seals. Lives I....”
“Lives you what?” Jordan asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Nothing. Forget it.”
“No, no you were about to say something. So say it.” Jordan grinned a little.
“Correction.” I said to Levi. “If Eury wants I’ll be more than willing to hand him over one Seal.”
“Which one?” Levi questioned.
“Take a guess.”

That’s when everyone looked over at Jordan.

“You wouldn’t.” He shook his head.
“Really? You’re skating on very thin ice with me right now.” I snapped at him. “If I were you I’d keep your mouth shut.”

Nega and Joe began to slowly back away. Noticing the look I was giving him. Jordan didn’t say another word. Just hid within the shadows of the room.

“So what are we going to do about Eury?” Nega changed the subject.
“We aren’t going to do anything. I am.” I flatly answered. “Besides, I need someone to keep an eye on Levi over here while I check things out.”
“Saturn, I’m telling the truth.” Levi began to argue.
“Funny, Lucy use to say the same thing.” I retorted. “Before he’d pull his crap.”

A smirk crossed Jordan’s face.

“Still skating on thin ice.” I warned, keeping my back turned.

The smirk quickly faded. I left without saying another word.

“Man, you’re in deep.” Nega remarked to Jordan.

Jordan just let out a low growl in response.

“Hey, I’ve never seen Saturn mad like that at someone before. Not even if the Texan tinks her off that bad. If I were you, I’d find a way of getting on her good side again.” Nega advised.

I now began my hunt for Eury as I road through the streets on my bike. Smoking a cigar and keeping all senses open to a hint or even a sign of Eury. I had a lot going on in the back of my mind and I needed answers. Without even realizing it, I had ended up at the cemetery. Parking my bike, I shut the engine off and got to my feet. While walking through the gates to the entrance way, I put out my cigar. Eury’s scent started to fill my lungs from that point on. I slowly and quietly unsheathed my claws as I hunted him down. It didn’t take me long to find him. He was standing in front of my father’s grave. Before he knew what had happened to him. Eury found himself being held up against a tree with a set of glowing claws pointed at his jugular.

“Saturn, what the...?” He started to ask, surprised to see me.
“What are you doing at my father’s grave?” I snarled.
“Paying my respects.” Eury answered.
“Murderers don’t respect those they kill.” I continued to snarl, getting close to piercing his skin with my claws.
“What are you talking about?” Eury asked, trying to hide his fear.
“Levi told me everything.” I answered, continuing to growl. “Tell me the truth, did you kill my father?”
“Wait, what? No.”
“YOU LIE!” I roared, slamming him up against the tree again.

It began to rain as thunder rumbled in the distance. Eury tried to catch his breath, seeing as I literally knocked the wind out of him. And that’s when I noticed it. A trickle of blood running down the side of his mouth. It’s wasn’t the purplish color of blood that a demon has but rather red.

“You’re human.” I said, shocked and wide-eyed.
“Nothing gets past you.” Eury remarked, still trying to catch his breath.
“Then why would....”
“I had to lie to cover my tracks. All though, I still want the Seals. Not to become human however.”
“Then for what?”
“To stop Levi from destroying Cain.”
“So are you working for him? For Cain?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Yes.... I mean I use to but not anymore.” Eury answered.

I let go of Eury as it started to downpour.

“So everything Levi told me was a lie” I said, sheathing my claws.
“Did he mention he was Dena’s father?” Eury asked.
“Then everything he told you wasn’t a lie. Did he ever tell you why he left or I should say was thrown out?”
“Seems your father and him never saw eye to eye. And when Levi tried to kill you after you were born. Well, basically your father beat the crap out of Levi and told him never to come back to Saturn. If he did then that would have been the end of Levi.”
“Why would he try to kill me?”
“The same reason Lucy attempted once. Because as a baby you were defenseless. Everyone knew you were the future carrier of the first Seal. They figured if you weren’t around after your father’s demise, then the Seals were up for grabs. Funny, how everyone forgot about God. But then again, Hell was foolish back in those days.”
“So how does Levi plan on getting the Seals?” I questioned.
“He needs your father’s journal.” Eury answered.
“What? Why would he...?”
“The Seals all have one weakness in common and your father knew this. He wrote it down in his journal.”
“Wait, wait, wait, if you’re talking about killing someone to get their Seal....”
“I’m not talking about that. Seeing as that wouldn’t affect you. All of Hell knows that by now. No, no I’m talking about something totally different. Something I’ve only heard bits and pieces about.”
“The Seals can be made evil.”
“Bull. There’s no way....” I began to protest, not believing.
“Oh, there’s a way. The reason your father wrote it down was so you could be warned. That much I do know. So where’s the journal?” Eury responded.
“Richie-Rich has it.”
“What? Why?”
“Because my father felt I still had some issues to solve within myself. Therefore, I wasn’t ready to have the journal handed to me. Bunch of crap if you ask me.” I scoffed.
“Actually, that does sound like you.” Eury smiled a little.
“Why he would trust your boy toy with it, is another question entirely.”
“Look, Richie-Rich is married. He’s not I repeat not my boy toy.”
“Could have fooled me. I mean the way you act around him.”
“What the....” I shook my head a little. “You still haven’t told me how you became human.”
“I’d rather not talk about it.” Eury bluntly replied.
“Ah, Cain got to you.”
“No, Levi did. Saturn, don’t underestimate him....”
“Too late.” I interrupted, remembering where Levi was. “I think I have.”
“What?” Eury raised an eyebrow.
“He’s back at the house with the others. And the journal is there too. Damn it, let’s go.”

Jordan sat at his desk as Levi sat across from it. Joe and Nega had decided to go tell the others exactly what was going on. However, they were making sure Dena wasn’t around when they did so. Neither of them wanted the wrath of Saturn to fall on them, so to speak.

“So where’s the journal?” Levi asked Jordan.
“I’m not stupid.” Jordan answered, as he wrote in his notebook.
“Are you recording our conversation?” Levi raised an eyebrow.
“Then what are you doing exactly?”
“Working on something.”
“I see. So when do you think Saturn will be back?”
“When she realizes you’re lying.” Jordan stopped writing, putting the pen down. “It was one hell of a show you put on, I’ll give you that. Funny, that it never crossed your mind that I could have been warned as to what you were up to.”
“By who?” Levi asked, in a snarl. “Who would possibly tell you about...?”
“I did.” Metatron answered, making himself known as he stepped out of the shadows with Gabriel, Michael and, Azrael right behind him. “You’re a fool, Levi. To even think you could get away with this.”
“Can’t I, Met?” Levi deviously grinned. “What makes you so sure I haven’t already?”
“Because Eury is working for us.” Michael pointed out.
“Actually Mikey, he was.”
“What do you mean was?”
“Oh, did I forget to mention Eury has betrayed you. He’s now working for me. Seems he couldn’t refuse the offer I was so willing to give.”
“What sort of offer?” Jordan questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Saturn.” Levi continued to deviously grin.
“You can’t do that!”
“But I did. It’s just too bad I won’t fulfill my part of the deal. Seeing as I need Saturn to get her father’s journal.”
“But Jordan has the journal.” Gabriel replied.
“Exactly.” Levi now looked over at Jordan. “So Richie-Rich, what do you value more? The journal or Saturn?”
“I don’t break my word to anyone.” Jordan unsheathed his claws. “Besides, Saturn is a Seraphim. She could take you on without any trouble.”
“Not if I know a Seraphim’s weakness.” Levi remarked.
“How would you know...?”
“I was once a Seraphim. I know the weakness.”
“Which is?”
“Well, it’s not cutting off their wings because that would mean death. And Saturn would be no good to me dead. No, I need her alive.”
“Levi.” Metatron warned.
“Don’t go there, Met.” Levi sneered. “You should have told them by now what it was. Seeing as you know the weakness as well as I do.”
“You’re right I should have. And just so you know, unlike you I wouldn’t use it for personal gain. I’m not sick nor demented.”

Michael and Azrael chuckled a little. Gabriel gave them a look out of the corner of his eye and they quickly stopped. Only to end up snickering a few seconds later.

“Enough.” Metatron sternly warned.
“What? We’re not doing anything.” Michael tried to act innocent.
“So what’s the weakness?” Jordan questioned, running very short on patience.
“Ah, the weakness.” Levi grinned. “Well, a Seraphim in Heaven wouldn’t have to worry about the weakness but, one on earth however would. Considering it involves human life. Innocent human life. And since there’s no way I could touch the Familia because let’s face it even without Saturn, they’ve grown powerful themselves. Their muses have grown since Lucy’s death which in turn makes them stronger.”
“Wait, what?”
“Lucy liked to kill muses for fun. Destroying creativity you could say.” Levi explained. “When he died those still around grew more as a muse and a million more were born.”
“Levi, what are you up to?” Gabriel asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Since Saturn cares about her precious Familia, I’m going to emotionally attack them by taking the ones they love. The weak, the innocent, the helpless. Which in turn will hurt Saturn. Seeing as the Seraphim of Death can’t stand to see the innocent die. No Seraphim on earth can and that’s the weakness.”
“You’re nuts!” Michael said flat out.
“But you’ve heard only half of my plan.” Levi responded, with an evil laugh. “Any one who carries a Seal will be subject to the same thing, not just those in the Familia. Which reminds me, how’s the wife doing, Richie-Rich? She must still be recovering after having what your second child? I should go visit her and see if she’s okay.”

Jordan quickly unsheathed his claws. Letting out a low growl as he went after Levi. Before he could even reach Levi, he stopped dead in his tracks. Dena had appeared in between him and Levi with little orbs of light buzzing around her.

“Dena?” Azrael said, surprised to see her.

Dena looked at Jordan and then over at Levi.

“I know.” She said to him. “I know everything about you.”
“Let me guess one of these angels told you.” Levi sarcastically remarked.
“No, my uncle told me.” Dena answered.
“How can she....” Michael began to say.
“She can talk to the dead, you dolt.” Azrael remarked.
“I know that. I just didn’t think she could talk to angels that have died. By the way, where do we go when we die? I mean if humans have Heaven after death, what do we have?”
“We become spirits. You know that.”
“Yea, but....”
“Look, not in front of the humans.” Azrael warned. “Remember the rules.”
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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“So what do you honestly think you can do?” Levi now asked Dena. “You try and stop me and you’ll end up like your ungrateful uncle.”
“Some father.” Someone from within the shadows of the room remarked. “To threaten your own daughter. Man, you really deserve to be father of the year.”

Eury stepped out into the light as he clapped his hands.

“By the way, you might not want to turn around.” He continued, advising Levi.

So Levi did. Only to meet my fist in his face. Knocking him right off his feet.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you.” Eury pointed out.

I unsheathed my claws as Levi slowly got to his feet.

“Saturn.” He began to say.
“Shut it.” I growled in a non-human tone. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you hurt those I care about. Let alone those that they care and love. You’re an idiot, Levi. Just like the others before you.”
“I want your father’s journal.” Levi demanded. “As his brother I have a right to it.”
“I’d watch your tone, if I were you.” I continued to growl.
“Or what?”

That’s when my entire being began to glow a bright white hue as the pupils in my eyes faded away. Only to be replaced with a white glow.

“Oh crap.” Azrael said, lowering his head as he shook it. “This can’t be good.”

Levi found himself being lifted off the ground by some force. As the air to his lungs slowly left his body causing him to gasp for air.

“Metatron, stop her!” Gabriel exclaimed.
“And how am I suppose to do that exactly?” Metatron asked, being quite frank. “I do after all enjoy living.”
“Saturn.” Dena started to say. “Don’t hurt him.”
“I’d listen to her if I were you.” Levi choked.
“Why?” I snarled.

A devious grin crossed Levi’s face as he spread his black wings. Breaking the hold I had on him.

“What have you done?” I kept on growling.
“I made an example of someone.” He answered in a demon tone.
“What? Who?”
“You’ll find out, my Seraphim of Death. You harm me though or attempt any such other act and others will die.”

And before anyone could stop him, Levi disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Where did he go?” Michael questioned, looking around.
“He ran.” Metatron answered.

I now calm downed. Not really paying attention to anyone. Some ill-feeling had come over me and I quickly knew what it was.

“Saturn....” Azrael spoke up, noticing how the color in my face washed away completely.

I looked over at Jordan.

“What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Go to her. Now.” I felt my chest tighten up.
“Why? What’s wrong?”

So he did.

“Saturn.” Michael started to question.
“We need to talk to the others.” I said, ignoring what he was going to ask. “Get their families somewhere safe. Some where Levi can’t find them.”

It didn’t take Jordan long to reach his family’s home. When he did, he was careful to enter the house. Not to sure of what to expect, let alone find. As soon as he entered through the front door, his senses quickly informed him that something was wrong. He found a trail of blood leading from the living room to the master bedroom. It looked as though someone was trying to run for safety and losing a lot of blood in the process. He began to walk halfway down the hall before he heard the sound of a soft cry coming from the closet next to him. He slowly opened the door to the closet, only to find both his sons hiding. His eldest son holding the newborn in his arms.

“Where’s mommy?”Jordan asked.

He followed his son’s glance as he stared over at the master bedroom door.

“Stay here.” Jordan said to his son, as he moved toward the room.

He opened the door and it didn’t take him long to find her on the floor in a pool of her own blood. From the looks of it her heart had been ripped right out of her. What’s worse is those who had killed her, had taken her blood and written a message on the wall. A message in a language Jordan didn’t understand at all. He felt a hand on his shoulder and quickly turned around. Unsheathing his claws as he did so.

“Hey, it’s me.” Jay said, holding up his hands in defense. “Saturn sent me to see if everything was.... What happened?”
“They got to her.” Jordan answered. “They killed my.... Get my kids out of here. Take them back to Saturn and the others. They don’t need to see this.”
“And what about you?” Jay asked. “I mean are you going to be okay?”

Jordan didn’t respond. Jay looked over at the wall, noticing the message.

“Do you understand it?” Jordan questioned.
“No, I don’t.” Jay lied. “What do you want me to tell Saturn is she asks....”
“Right now I don’t give a damn.” Jordan turned his back on Jay.

Jay took this as his cue to leave. After he closed the door, he could hear Jordan starting to cry. He could only imagine how he would feel in that situation if it was his wife. He’d probably go insane if someone harmed Butters. Jay got Jordan’s sons out of the closet and brought them back to a rather quiet house. Berls, Pops, Dena and, Butters were the only ones sitting in the living room.

“Where is everyone?” Jay questioned.
“Getting their loved ones to the safe haven.” Berls replied.
“What about you and Pop’s loved....”
“Their already there. They were the first ones to get settled in.” Pops interrupted. “So where’s Jordan and his lovely wife?”
“He’s taken care of.... that is....”

Isis now came down the steps after putting Athena down for a nap. She noticed Jordan’s sons right off the bat. Ravyn flew in through the window around the same time and landed on Isis’s shoulder. Isis walked over to the eldest boy who was still holding on to his newborn brother. Refusing to let him go no matter what.

“Can I see your baby brother?” Isis asked, as she knelt before him.

He looked at her and then at Ravyn. The Seal on Ravyn’s little bird head began to show itself as it glowed a grayish almost silver hue. A very lighter color than usual.

“What the...?” Jay raised an eyebrow.
“She’s communicating with him telepathically.” Berls explained.
“How do you...?”
“Who do you think you’re talking to? Hello?”
“Oh yea, forgot.”

The boy finally handed over his baby brother to Isis. She was surprised by his actions. She however had an idea as to what Ravyn had told the boy.

“She said I could trust you.” He finally responded.

I now came downstairs with Joe, Eury and, Thief right behind me.

“I thought you guys were helping with the safe haven.” Berls spoke up.
“Metatron and Gabriel are handling it.” Eury replied.

Isis took the newborn upstairs to put him down. She planned on using Athena’s old crib. Seeing as Athena had grown out of it.

“It has a pink blanket.” Thief pointed out, shaking his head.
“So?” Isis shrugged her shoulders.
“So pink isn’t exactly a boy’s color. It’s just wrong.”
“No, I know what I’m talking about. You’ll scar him for life you have him sleep with a pink blanket.” Thief continued, as he followed her upstairs.

Joe just raised an eyebrow and shook his head a little.

“Tell me about it.”I said, reading the expression on his face. “I have to live with these people.”

I felt someone tap me on my arm. I went to look down and saw the boy staring right back up at me.

“Dante, what is it?” I asked. “Better yet where’s your parents, kiddo?”
“Saturn....” Jay began to interrupt but couldn’t find the words to say anything else.

The way he was acting and the look on his face pretty much confirmed what I had felt earlier.

“He’s with her.” Jay finally managed to say.
“I see.” I calmly responded. “Can you guys....”
“Go.” Berls responded, knowing what I was going to ask. “We’ll watch the kids.”

I headed out the front door with Joe and Eury following right behind me.

“Saturn!” Jay hollered, catching up with us halfway down the driveway.
“What?” I now turned to face him.
“We’ve got a problem.”
“What sort of problem?”
“There was something written on the wall in the master bedroom. It was written in her blood....”
“Jay.” I said, crossing my arms. “Get to it.”
“Saturn, it was perfect Angelic Script written upside-down.”
“Angelic Script?” Joe raised an eyebrow. “What the hell is that?”
“It’s a number of symbols used as a language by and amongst angels. It was first created by Michael when he fought Lucy and the rogue angels. He used it to communicate with the angels in the army he was leading for Heaven at the time. He did it so the enemy wouldn’t know what he was saying. However....” Jay paused.
“However what?”
“If Angelic Script is written right side up, it’s coming from Heaven. But upside-down means it’s a message from Hell. And the only ones who know how to do such a thing and write it perfectly is a group of demons called the Legion. The elite of Hell’s army. Some would even call them a task force, considering the way they operate. The worst of the worst.”
“Aren’t they the ones who helped Lucifer and the Brothers of Hierarchy with the war on Saturn?” Eury brought up.

I looked over at Eury out of the corner of my eye. Letting out a snarl.

“And weren’t you part of the Legion at one point? Oh wait, that’s right you got rejected because you couldn’t cut it as a demon.” I retorted.
“Why would the Legion...?” Jay tried to figure it out. “I mean I thought they were a group of demons who only took orders from Lucy.”
“They did but with Lucy gone and his next of kin Cain imprisoned in stone, that leaves Levi in charge. But knowing the Legion like I do, it wouldn’t make sense that they’d be so willing to take orders from Levi. Unless of course, their going after the same thing he is and using Levi to get it.”
“Actually that and then some.” Jay said.
“I didn’t understand it all because I’m still learning Angelic Script but from what I was able to read they want the Seals.”
“So does everybody else.” Joe remarked.
“Yea, well there’s one in particular they want before they try to get the others.” Azrael spoke up, appearing before us. “And in order to get it, they need that journal to find out how to turn it evil along with the others eventually.”
“Spying again, for shame.” Jay shook his head.
“Don’t go there, you’re still wet behind the wings.” Azrael warned.
“So they want Saturn’s Seal....” Eury began to reply.
“No.” I interrupted.. “Not mine. But I know whose.”

I turned around and walked away. Heading further down the driveway while the others stood around looking at each other. Not knowing wether to stay or follow. All of them except Joe. He followed me, lowering his head and shaking it a little as he did so. He pretty much had an idea which Seal I was talking about. He was surprised however that the others hadn’t figured it out.

“Joe....” Azrael started to say.

Joe just put his hand up as it glowed a bright blue hue, continuing to follow right behind me.
When we finally reached the home of Jordan’s family, I stopped dead on the porch. The smell of blood and death quickly filled my senses. Making me almost sick to my stomach as I began to think of what might have happened. Let alone what I might actually find.

“Saturn?” Joe asked.
“Stay here.” I answered, going inside.

I found the same blood trail that Jordan had earlier and followed it right to the master bedroom. I slowly opened the door and saw Jordan kneeling on the floor with his girl in his arms. I also happened to notice the writing on the walls.

“Bring her back.” He finally said, not looking at me.
“I can’t.” I replied, knowing all too well what he was going through.
“You’re the Seraphim of Death. You can use your Seal to....”
“No, I can’t.”
“Then answer me this, you knew didn’t you?”
“Jordan, I....”
“You knew she was dead and yet you had me come here.” He growled, in a non-human tone. “You could have stopped this.”
“I’m not God.” I pointed out. “I can’t stop death.”
“No, but you could have talked to Him. Interfered in some way and stopped this.”
“Don’t go blaming me because you feel guilty for not spending as much time with her as you should have.” I brought up.
“I don’t.” He responded, continuing to growl.
“Bull. You’re looking for someone else to take it out on so you don’t feel no damn guilt. Let alone face the fact that maybe if you were here you could have stopped this yourself.”

Before I knew what hit me, I found myself being held up against the wall by my neck with a set of claws pointed at my side. I started to laugh and Jordan looked at me like I had lost my mind.

“Get mad!” I said. “Go ahead. As long as you stay like that, the rest of us live.”
“What the hell are you...? Have you been drinking?”

That’s when Jordan’s hand began to glow a bright red hue.

“Saturn, what the...?” He let me go, staring at his hand.
“We have bigger problems than Levi.” I started to explain. “The Legion wants your Seal.”
“I know.”
“Wait, how do you...?”
“You’re not the only one who can read Angelic Script. First time, I’ve seen it upside down though. Threw me off a bit when I first saw it.” Jordan replied, as his hand continued to glow.
“Wait, you’re Seal can translate Angelic Script?” I raised an eyebrow.
“No. I learned from reading your father’s journal. I also know the Legion is the only ones who can write it like that.”
“So you know about the Legion?”
“Oh yea. Your dad was real good at describing them especially the fact that they like to rip the heart out of their victims. It’s some sort of sick thing they enjoy doing.”
“Yea, their cold heartless bastards.” I remarked. “Which would now come to think of it explain why they’d work for someone like Levi.”
“True, but I’ve read that they love using fellow demons to get what they want.”
“That they do. That’s why their using Levi. They need him to get the journal and your Seal.”
“Well, it’s gonna be pretty hard to get either. Especially the journal.” Jordan sheathed his claws.
“Yea, I know. You have part of your Seal guarding it.”
“How do you...?”
“After you left, I went into your desk to get the journal. When I touched it, I almost went flying.” I sighed, remembering how I got zapped. “And not by my own will, mind you.”
“Why my Seal?” Jordan asked, looking over at the writing on the wall. “Why not you or any of the others?”
“Because none of us carry the Seal of War.” I flat out answered. “I have a feeling they want to use your Seal to start Armageddon a little early. Granted, they will come after the other Seals including mine but right now they want yours.”
“Look, you can’t grieve now. That’s what their counting on. Hell, it’s what they feed on.” I interrupted. “Their trying to distract you from what their doing and by doing so they’ve killed..... You can grieve for her after this is all over with but not now. You do and you might as well give them your Seal. Along with everyone’s life including your sons.”
“What do you mean my sons? You don’t think...?”
“No, I know. I’ve seen the Legion kill families including women and children. They spare no one and get their thrills out of seeing the fear on the face of their victims.”
“How come you know so much about the Legion?”

I didn’t respond at first. Just remained quiet and somewhat distant as I stared over at the writing.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“They killed your family, didn’t they?”
“I told you I didn’t want to....” I stopped myself from finishing after I noticed the look Jordan was giving me.

It was like he wanted more than to know. He was looking for some kind of approval to do something. But what? Then it hit me.

“No way.” I shook my head, reading his thoughts. “You’re not going after them alone.”
“You really need to stay out of my head.”
“Don’t change the subject. Dammit Richie-Rich, going after them is suicide. Besides, I don’t want to tell your kids why you’re no longer around.” I crossed my arms.
“You won’t have to.” Jordan remarked.
“You’re not Superman.”
“I know.”
“For the love of.... No, it’s out of the question. You even make any attempt to do so and I’ll kick your ass.”

Michael appeared before us, just in time to hear me threaten Jordan.

“Who’s kicking what now?” He asked.
“Nothing.” I answered. “What do you want?”
“Well, nice to see you too.” Michael raised an eyebrow. “We have a problem.”
“What sort of problem?”
“Levi is dead and Dena is missing.”

I let out a low growl, knowing exactly who was behind it all.

“There’s more. Berls and Pops are missing as well.” Michael continued. “Saturn, from the looks of it their targeting people you or Richie-Rich over there care about.”
“But of course, they could never come up with their own original plan from scratch.” I sarcastically remarked. “Their using Levi’s plan and adding a twist to it.”
“Why would they kill Levi though? It makes no sense.”
“Probably got sick of waiting for him to make a move. You know as well as I do they were never a patient bunch, Mikey.”
“Yea, well Ven has called a meeting and wants everyone there.” Michael crossed his arms, sounding frank. “They’ve been told about the Legion. You can thank my son for that one. He can keep a so called Westie secret to himself but anything he finds out that has to do with Heaven or Hell and he’s willing to tell the whole freaking world. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son. He just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Anyway, are you guys coming?”
“Michael.” I said, nodding over at Jordan who had his attention focused back on the body of his girl.
“Gotcha.” Michael replied, catching on. “I’ll be waiting outside with Joe.”

As Michael vanished in to thin air, I began to walk over toward Jordan.

“Don’t.” He said, not looking up at me.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“I know what you’re going to say.” He continued.
“Just go. You don’t need to worry about me going after the Legion. I won’t. You have my word.”
“That’s not what I’m worried about.” I replied.
“Saturn.” Jordan lowered his head, letting out a sigh. “I’ll be fine. Now go.”

I stood there for a minute. Not wanting to move but knowing that I’d have to sooner or later. When I finally headed for the door, I stopped in the doorway.

“I’m sorry, Richie-Rich.” I started to apologize, not looking over at him. “I didn’t mean to....”
“Forget it.” He responded, knowing what I was going to say.
“Just so you know, there was nothing you could have done even if you were here. Seal or no Seal they would have killed you too.”
“I know, doll. Trust me I exactly know how you feel and what your thinking. And I promise you they will not get away with this.”

I left before he could say another word. Leaving the house and walking right past Joe and Michael. When they saw that I wasn’t heading back for the meeting, they looked at each other and then followed me.

“Saturn, we’re suppose to go to the....” Michael began to say.
“Then go.” I interrupted. “I’ve got some business to take care of.”

Michael looked over at Joe for help. Joe however knew better than to get in my way let alone interfere.

“Well thanks for the help.” Michael remarked, as I continued to walk away, lighting up a cigar.
“No prob.” Joe smiled a little.

Michael caught up with me. Standing before me and preventing me from taking another step.

“You can’t do this.” Michael protested.
“You’re just so cute when you make that face, Mikey.” I sarcastically responded.
“You’ve got to let the others help.”
“Why so they can end up dead like Levi or Jordan’s wife.” I growled, continuing to smoke my cigar. “And while we’re on the subject, how come I couldn’t sense Levi’s death?”
“Because they killed him in Hell. A place they knew you couldn’t sense his death.” Michael explained.
“Okay, then answer me this why didn’t they go after the boys?”
“You know the answer to that.”
“Yea, I do.” Remembering Dante carried half of the Seventh Seal.
“Well, I don’t.” Joe spoke up. “Would someone tell me.”

I looked over at Michael and he looked back at me. Neither of us didn’t have to talk to know what the other was thinking.

“What? What is it?” Joe asked.
“Nothing.” I replied. “Just that members of the Legion fear the two carriers of the Seventh Seal.”
“Because Seals protect the carriers if they are children especially in highly dangerous situations.”
“Yea, but his little baby brother isn’t a....”
“Dante was holding him. The Seal protected them both.” Michael interrupted, speaking up. “It’s an extra insurance policy God created when He made the Seals because He knew some of the carriers would be children such as Dante and Athena.”
“Why would....”
“Because their powers aren’t fully developed yet.” I bluntly replied. “Look, I gotta go. If you two want to chit chat about what God did or didn’t do when He created the Seals, be my guest.”
“Saturn, you can’t go after them. You didn’t see what they did to Levi.” Michael said.
“What did they do?” I raised an eyebrow, not facing him.
“Well, they did more than rip his heart out. They fed his body to the demon dogs of the Abyss. They did save his head as a trophy however.”
“Surprise, surprise.” I remarked.
“Look Michael, how long have you know me?”
“A long time. A very long time.”
“Point being.” I sighed. “I have to do this.”
“Michael, please.”

I could sense the worry in Michael and I smiled a bit. Remembering all the times before he had worried about me.

“I’ll be fine.” I tried to assure him.
“I know you will be. Just be careful.”
“Will do.”

I began to walk away as Joe started to laugh a little. Michael glared over at him.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“You can’t protect her. No one can.” Joe answered. “If there’s one thing I learned from Saturn it’s she’s gonna do what she wants to. And there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to stop her.”
“Yea, that’s what I’m afraid of.” Michael said, watching me as I turned the corner.

A half an hour later, Jordan walked away from a burning house as his hand kept glowing a bright red. Sirens could be heard in the distance as emergency vehicles sped by toward the burning house. Jordan just smoked a cigarette as he continued to walk.

“What do you mean she went after the Legion?!?” Ven exclaimed, after Michael had told her and the others.
“She didn’t want you guys to risk your lives.” Michael calmly explained. “Especially since what happened to Jordan’s wife.”
“But Val could....” Tom started to say.
“They ripped the poor girl’s heart out. Val can’t bring her back. Trust me.”
“We can’t just let Saturn fight the Legion alone.” Jeannie argued. “Well, we could seeing that she does have that temper and the feral thing. But still what she’s doing is suicide.”

Gilly looked around noticing that the Westie Boys were missing.

“Um, hate to point this out,” She spoke up, “but where are the boys?”
“You don’t think....” Erika began to reply.
“Damn them.” Ven cursed under her breath, having a feeling what they were up to.

Jordan entered through the front door, looking around as he did so.

“Where’s Saturn?” He questioned.

Everyone went dead silent. Afraid to even breathe. Spaz’s spear started to drip blood and everyone looked over at her.

“Spaz?” Tom asked.
“We need to find Saturn.” Spaz answered. “And fast.”

The Westies around this time were searching through the streets of downtown Boston for yours truly as well as the Legion.

“Saturn doesn’t need our help.” Preston said, in his deep southern accent. “She’s fought demons before. She can handle the Legion.”
“I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Bags spoke up.
“And what makes you so sure...?”
“Because I know the Legion. I also know they have the power to kill a Seraphim without ripping off any wings. It’s a power Cain gave them.”
“But Saturn has her healing factor.” I.O. pointed out.
“Don’t matter. They could easily get around that with the power.” Bags shook his head.
“So you’re basically saying they could kill Saturn? They could kill the Seraphim of Death?”
“Yea, I am.”
“Wait, wait, wait.” Jay said, not believing what he was hearing. “Angels have tried for ages to understand and know the secrets of the Legion. How of you of all people know this?”

Bags stopped dead in his tracks, not facing the boys.

“You might as well tell them.” E.T. said to him. “They’ll eventually find out.”
“Let me guess, you were part of the Legion.” Thief remarked, crossing his arms.
“No, my father was, you smartass.” Bags replied.
“Wait, you’re father was a demon?”
“Wouldn’t that make you at least a half-demon?”
“No, my father was kicked out of the Legion long before I was thought of. And as a result he became human. Actually, they made sure of it by taking away any demon powers he had along with his immortality. They didn’t want him to come back and seek revenge. They had bigger fish to take care of and fry like Saturn’s father.”
“Hold up. I was told the Legion would kill their own if they betrayed the rules of the Legion.” Jay pointed out. “If your dad was kicked out, it would mean he betrayed the Legion and should have been killed. So why would they let him live?”
“Because he didn’t betray the Legion, genius.” Bags answered, shaking his head. “He was an Irish demon who apparently by their standards drank a little too much. Which is so absurd considering my father was a saint.”
“Wait, he got kicked out for drinking too much?”
“That and he got caught messing around with the Leader of the Legion’s daughter. I think her name was Belial.”
“Wait a minute, the Leader of the Legion now is named Belial.” Jay replied. “You don’t think....”
“Probably is the same one.” Bags said, thinking about it. “I mean from what I was told she’s as fiery as Saturn is. Doesn’t take no for an answer and gets what she wants even if she has to knock a few heads around.”
“Holy crap!” I.O. exclaimed.
“What?” Drew asked.
“Well, if Belial is just like Saturn. Wouldn’t that make her Saturn’s twin?”
“Crap. Just when we thought one was bad enough.”
“Crap nothing.” Preston deviously grinned. “It doubles my odds.”
“Man, you need a hobby.” Nega lowered his head, shaking it.
“He has one. It’s called Saturn.” Jay responded.
“Come on guys.” E.T. said, getting back to the subject at hand. “Saturn isn’t that bad. She has helped us out of trouble many times before.”
“True.” I.O. agreed. “But she’s also beaten the tar out of us as well.”
“Only to teach you boys a lesson. And I have to admit there were times that you boys needed to be taught.”
“So throwing me across the room or what have you, time and time again was teaching me a lesson?” Preston looked puzzled.
“Which was?”
“Not to attempt fate by trying to get in her pants.” Nega responded with a sly grin.
“And to think he still has yet to learn.” Thief sarcastically remarked.

Preston’s hand began to glow as he let out a low growl. Thief quickly created a fireball within his hand.

“Your move, Texan.” Thief snarled.

Before either one could make a move, E.T. interfered. Using his power to make Thief and Preston swap minds as well as bodies.

“What the...?!?” Thief exclaimed, realizing he was in Preston’s body.
“Ah, I see you’ve learned to master your power a little better.” Gordy said to E.T.
“Nah. It’s just a part of my power I rarely use.” E.T. shrugged.
“Change us back.” Preston demanded.
“Not until you two learn to control yourselves in public.” E.T. snapped back. “You both know it’s stupid to draw attention especially considering what’s going on now.”
“Don’t tell me you’re going to leave us like this forever.” Thief replied. “I can’t spend the rest of my life as a Texan. I’d rather get piss drunk and end up in a dress than to have to hang out with Billy Bob and Bubba.”
“Screw you!” Preston yelled at Thief.
“Not forever.” E.T. ignored Preston’s outburst. “Just until I think you two have learned your lesson.”
“Wait, their powers....” Drew started to say.
“Will be useless to them as long as their in each other’s bodies.” E.T. answered calmly. “An extra bonus. All though, I highly doubt it applies to Preston’s Seal. Seeing as that is something part of a higher power.”

A devious grin crossed Thief’s face.

“Don’t get too excited, butt head.” Preston said, noticing Thief’s reaction. “My Seal can tell if someone is lying or locate another Seal. That’s it.”
“We’ll see.” T continued to grin as he tried to get the Seal to glow. “What the hell?”

Preston’s hand began to glow and Bags started to chuckle.

“What’s so funny, you old Irish fart?” Thief sneered.
“Oh, nothing really.” Bags replied. “However, this right here proves the rumor is true.”
“What rumor?”
“The one about where ever a carrier goes the Seal follows.”
“Bite me.”

It didn’t take me long to find out where the Legion was hiding. Their scent was easy to pick up on, considering that it differed from any other demon. Instead of the usual sulfur and death, the Legion has a scent that is hard to describe. And the only way I could even put it in words would be a rotting corpse soaking in a bath of acid and urine topped with a smell no human or anyone else for that matter could pinpoint. Let alone want to. So you could pretty much imagine what it’s like for me considering my feral senses. Anyway, the Legion had decided to use an abandon part of the subway that lead deep into the sewers. It had been blocked off for years from the public and if anything long forgotten. Usually I’d make my grand surprise entrance but when I found Belial, she had some unusual company. One person I knew would have sooner or later gone to her and another who took me by total surprise. But I wasn’t the only one.

“What is he doing here?” Eury snarled, pointing over at Alex.
“I was about to ask the same thing.” Alex snapped back.
“Alex.” Belial warned.

Alex looked over at her for a minute before stepping down.

“If you must know.” Belial now said to Eury. “He’s one of my few good spies. I have yet to see how good he is in bed, however.”
“I told you there was no way in hell.” Alex growled, clenching his fists.
“It’s fine, Alex. Saturn can have you. That’s if she wants you.” Belial retorted. “I have my eyes on a bigger prize.”
“And that’s why I’m here.” Eury spoke up. “To warn you.”
“Warn me about what?” Belial responded in a sarcastic tone.
“You screwed up.” Eury said. “By killing an innocent human, you screwed up. And now Saturn is the least of your problems.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about Jordan.”
“Please, what could...?”
“You and I both know what happens when a human has something dramatic happen to them. We’ve seen it time and time again, Belial. Especially when death was involved.” Eury pointed out.
“What are you getting at?” Belial sounded bored.
“You killed his wife. Do you honestly think he won’t find out it was you? Do you honestly believe he won’t seek revenge?”
“Have you forgotten, Eury? Seals can’t seek revenge. God looks down on it.”
“He also looks down on the murder of the innocent by demons. Besides you forget, we both know Jordan carries the Seal of War.”
“Meaning he has a right to claim war against you. Especially considering what you did.”
“He won’t, Eury.”
“How do you know?”
“I’ll seduce him.” Belial transformed into her human disguise. “Shouldn’t be too difficult.”
“Saturn will break your neck.”
“That’s why I have something special planned for her.” Belial deviously grinned.

Before I could hear another word, I felt someone grab me from around my waist while covering my mouth with their other hand.

“You scream and we die.” I heard the person whisper in my ear.

The person uncovered my mouth when they realized I wasn’t going to draw attention. I quickly got free from their grasp as I turned around without giving it a thought. Only to come face to face with Jordan. He looked different and I could sense something wasn’t quite right. That’s when I noticed his black wings.

“When the hell did you get those?” I asked, in a whisper.
“You’ve got to let him fight this one.” He whispered back.
“What are you...?”
“Just listen to me.” He covered my mouth again with his hand. “You can’t fight this one. This is his battle. Granted, she may have your cousin, Heinzs and Berlie but it’s still his fight.”

I now raised an eyebrow and looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“I’m not crazy.” He now uncovered my mouth.
“Like hell you’re not.” I argued. “By the way, who is he?”
“Kay, so do you want the straight jacket or padded room?”
“I’m serious. I’m not who you think I am.”
“Really? Then who are you?”
“Look, if you don’t believe me, then turn around and see for yourself.”

So I did. Jordan and the others were confronting Belial around this time. The Westie boys showed up a few seconds later. Each group had used their own way of finding the place. Jordan with his feral senses and Preston with his Seal. Which meant of course they had followed my trail.

“What the...?” I whispered under my breath.
“You’re not the only one who has an identical muse.” I heard him whisper in my ear.
“Where’s Berls, Pops and, Dena?” Ven demanded to know from Belial.
“Their somewhere.” Belial waved her hand, annoyed at Ven for disturbing her while she checked out Jordan. “How’s the wifey?”

Jordan quickly unsheathed his claws as they started to glow a bright red hue. Alex stood in front of him. Preventing him from going after Belial. Azrael appeared at Alex’s right side, pointing the tip of his sword right at his son.

“Let him pass.” Azrael growled.
“You dare point your weapon at your own son?” Alex responded, shaking his head. “Isn’t there a law in Heaven about this?”
“You’re not my son. My son wouldn’t break his mother’s heart and betray God. Now let Jordan pass.”
“I’d listen to him if I were you.” Michael spoke up, standing at Alex’s left side.

The ground began to shake and crack open as an army of demons appeared from within.

“ I see the Legion has grown.” Gabriel remarked, showing up out of nowhere.
“We’re outnumbered.” Gilly spoke up, looking around.
“Good.” Tom grinned, as Wats, Dr. Watson and, Doc appeared beside him.

The rest of the familia started to power up. Getting ready to fight the Legion.

“Don’t make a move until they do!” Ven ordered.

Jordan pushed Alex aside as he walked towards Belial. She sat up on her throne with a devious grin on her face. He was about five feet away from her before she put her hand up, stopping him dead in his tracks. She got to her feet and seductively walked over towards him.

“Now why would you want to hurt little old me?” She whispered in his ear. “When we could have some fun instead.”
“Do you honestly think you’re the first female demon to try to get in his pants?” Michael retorted.
“Azazel was a hag.” Belial responded.
“So are you. I dare you to show your true form to him.”
“This is my true form.”
“Bull. If that’s your true form than I’m Jesus.”
“Wait, are you...?” Tom tried to ask.
“No.” Michael interrupted him. “Geez, give mankind a book and they misinterpret it.”

Gabriel started to chuckle a little. Spaz’s spear began to glow. Dripping even more blood as it did so.

“Ah, Saturn is nearby.” Belial said with a devious grin.
“How do you know that?” Spaz questioned.
“Simple. My trap is with her.” Belial answered.

I quickly turned around to face Jordan’s so-called muse, only to be greeted with a gun pointed at me.

“Won’t work.” I growled, unsheathing my claws.
“Ah, but this one will. It’s filled with a special kind of poison dart. A certain poison you find deep in the bellies of the Abyss. A poison that can turn a Seraphim into nothing more than dust.”
He replied.
“It still won’t work.”
“Yes, it will.”
“No, it won’t.” I shook my head. “Maybe if you had read the fine print while doing your research, you’d discover it only works on certain Seraphims. And being that I’m the Seraphim of Death, it’s useless.”
“You lie.”
“Do I? Okay then, shoot me.” I stretched my arms out. “Go ahead.”
“You’re crazy.”
“Do it.”

His hand began to shake and I knew he was scared. I also knew that a muse could never become evil. They might be born evil but never become evil not unless of course the one they inspire does and the last time I checked Jordan was far from switching sides. I had a feeling Belial had done something to this muse and now he was doing her dirty work for it.

“Who the hell are you?” I questioned, keeping my stand.
“I told you I’m Jordan’s muse.” He answered.
“Bull. He only has one that I know of and you’re not it.”
“Actually, thanks to you he has two.”
“When you wrote King Jupiter, you created me. I become Jordan’s second muse seeing as we all know who you wrote it about.” Jupiter explained. “That and you already have three muses as it is. I didn’t want to be a burden.”
“Okay, understandable. So why are you working for Belial if you’re supposedly Jordan’s muse?”
“I had no choice. If I didn’t, she would have killed everyone I care about.” He began to cry. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.... God, you must think I’m weak.”
“No, I don’t.” I sheathed my claws, letting out a sigh. “You’re just scared is all. If I were you I probably would have done the same thing.”
“Look, if you help me stop Belial and the Legion, I’ll make sure she can’t lay a hand on those you care about.”
“I was honest earlier when I said this is Jordan’s battle.”
“You should know, muse. I don’t take orders from no one except from a higher power up above.

And even then, it’s only if I feel like listening to Him.”

“What happens when you don’t?”
“I learn a lesson.”
The muse raised an eyebrow as he stared at me.
“Don’t ask.” I lowered my head, shaking it.

I could hear Belial demanding my father’s journal and putting up a fit for it. I could also sense something else. I just couldn’t pin point what it is. I would soon however find out.

“I want that journal.” Belial continued to demand from Jordan. “Give it to me and I’ll spare you for my own personal entertainment.”
“No.” Jordan calmly responded, as his entire being started to glow a bright red hue.
“Crap.” I.O. said, noticing the look on Jordan’s face.

Bags saw me out of the corner of his eye. I nodded and he knew what to do.

“Tell everyone to be ready.” He whispered to Jay.
“Why? What...?”

That’s when Jay saw me as well and knew. The blood from Spaz’s spear had stopped dripping and Belial had caught on and was now looking around.

“Where is she?” Belial roared. “Oh Saturn, sweet innocent little Saturn where are you? Come out and play.”
“Stay out of this.” Jordan said, directing it towards me. “This doesn’t involve you. She killed my wife.”
“And you promised me you wouldn’t go after the Legion for your girl’s death.” I spoke up, as my voice bounced off the walls. “I can’t let you do this, Richie-Rich. I don’t want you to have blood on your hands. You don’t need to go through what I’ve been through.”
“But I already have.”
“No, you haven’t. Not to the full extent anyway. If you do this however you will. You will live with this moment for the rest of your life.”
“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” Jordan argued.
“Really? Have you forgotten what I’ve been through? Have you forgotten what you’ve been told?”

Jordan let out a low growl as he clenched his fists.

“She’s not worth it.” I continued. “Besides, you still have family.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You still have your sons. And I’ll be damned if I’m the one that tells them their daddy snapped or worse that you’ve been killed.”
“You won’t have to.” Jordan said, still staring Belial down.
“Yea, I will. There will come a day when they will ask me.”
“She’s not worth it, Jordan.”

He stood there for a minute before finally stepping down. Still glowing a bright red hue however.

“Coward.” Belial said to him. “LEGION ATTACK!”
Michael began to laugh out loud.
“What’s so funny?” She asked him.
“Um, forgot to tell you, I had backup on the way.” Michael grinned.

A tiny demon ran passed Belial, shouting something in tongues. Belial looked over at what he had been running from and noticed an army of angels. Each one of them decked out in battle armor with light illuminating off of them and frying any demon that came near them.

“Meet God’s Legion.” Michael still grinned. “You could say He made improvements after the war on Saturn.”
“Damn.” Thief remarked still in Preston’s body, noticing a demon literally frying up into dust after trying to attack one of the angels.
“Hey, save some of them for us to fight.” Preston retorted still in Thief’s body.

Ven now looked over at E.T.

“What?” E.T. asked, trying to act innocent.
“What happened?” Ven questioned “You know what I don’t care. Just switch them back.”
“Yes ma’am.”

So E.T. raised one hand, using his power to switch back Thief and Preston into their own bodies.

“Whoo-hoo, I got my own body back. Hey, what the hell? Can someone take care of this little bugger?” Preston looked down at the little demon still hanging onto his leg.
“Hold still.” Thief deviously grinned, creating a fireball in his hand.
“Screw you. If you even think about throwing it....”
“You’ll what?”
“I’ll tell Saturn.”
“ENOUGH!” Ven yelled, getting a headache.
“Sorry Ven.” They both said in unison.

Spaz took her spear and stabbed the little demon. Lifting it off of Preston’s leg and tossing it a side. Belial turned around to escape but she came face to face with yours truly as I crossed my arms and stretched out my wings. Jordan’s muse stood beside me, staring Belial down as well.

“Who the hell is that?” Bags asked, raising an eyebrow.
“He looks like Jordan.” Phoenix giggled like a school girl.
“Oh no.” Nega lowered his head, shaking it. “Not again.”
“Get out of my way, Seraphim.” Belial snarled at me.

I unsheathed my claws as they glowed a bright white hue.

“I said....”
“If I were you, I’d keep your damn mouth shut.” I growled in a non-human tone.
“Make me, you wannabe angel!” Belial bared her fangs.
“Oh great, here we go.” Azrael grumbled, lowering his head and shaking it.
“I don’t have to.” I responded to Belial. “Jupiter.”

The muse held up a gun in front of Belial. The same gun he had tried to use against me.

“Funny thing about the supposed poison that kills Seraphim, it also kills demons.” I continued. “I guess that’s why no demon was ever brave enough to use it themselves.”

Whatever was left of the Legion of demons was trying to make their move against yours truly but the familia stopped them before they could reach me.

“Don’t worry, Saturn.” Nega assured me, slamming a couple of demons up a wall. “We’ll take care of them.”
“No, this will not happen.” Belial roared, changing back into her demon form. “I will not be defeated.”
“Now there’s her true form of ugly.” Michael sarcastically remarked. “She can make a grown man go blind.”
“Or sick.” Azrael added. “Sometimes both.”
“Now?” Jupiter asked.
“No. Not yet.” I answered in a calm manner, watching Belial throw a fit like a child.
“I was suppose to have it all.” She continued. “And you ruined it for me.”
“You did it to yourself.” I responded. “Your first mistake was killing Jordan’s wife. Your second killing Levi and your third screwing with my familia.”
“You can’t kill me.” Belial argued. “Neither can that muse.”
“Wanna bet?” Jupiter sneered.
“Don’t do it.” I ordered him. “Just wait.”
“Wait for what?”

Just then an arrow flew out of nowhere, hitting Belial dead on in the chest. She began to scream and holler in pain before turning into nothing more than dust. Everyone looked over at where the arrow had come from. Only to see Metatron standing there with bow in hand and his wings stretched out.

“Oops.” He said. “It slipped.”
“About damn time you showed up.” I replied. “I was getting sick of hearing that crap.”
“Sorry. Traffic was brutal.” He said, in a sarcastic tone.
“What is he doing here?” Jordan asked, as the red hue that surrounded his body died off.
“Passing judgement on a certain Legion demon.” I smiled a little. “Seems God doesn’t take to kindly to those who hurt His Seal carriers, let alone innocent people who know or are in some way related to the Seal carriers.”
“In other words?”
“He gets pissed off and anything goes. Which in this case, since Met is also the Seraphim of Judgement, God sent him to take care of Belial.”
“But why would...?”
“If you or I or any of the other Seals had killed Belial it would have looked like revenge. And I’m pretty sure that’s one of the things that can turn a Seal evil.”
“Yea, you’re probably right.”
“Oh, get off it. I was told that, I didn’t have to read the journal. Lord knows, you still probably have your Seal protecting it.”

Jordan just grinned some.

“Men I swear.” I grumbled.
“Hey, where is Pops, Berls and Dena by the way?” Drew brought up.

A muffling noise could be heard through a wall. I looked at Jordan and he looked at me. We both had the same puzzled look on our faces.

“Joe doll, do me a favor.” I said, now looking back at the wall.
“Name it.” Joe answered.
“Blow a hole in that freaking wall.”
“Way ahead of ya.” Joe’s eyes began to glow a bright blue hue.

A few seconds later, the wall had a massive hole blown into it. Once the dust had settled, Dena, Pops and Berls crawled through. Coughing and trying to wave whatever was left of dust in the air away from them.

“What the...?” Pops started to say. “Normal people would have just found a door.”
“You should know by now, Pops. We’re anything but normal.” Drew replied.

I looked around for any surviving members of the demon Legion including Alex.. When I couldn’t find any, I let out a sigh of relief. I wasn’t the only one.

“Saturn?” Jordan asked.
“Yea.” I answered.
“Is the Legion.... That is are they...?”
“Their gone.” I assured him. “I just wish I could bring back your wife, Richie-Rich.”
“I know.” He responded. “You’re not the only one.”

The next day, all the family members and friends of the familia had been able to return to their homes without the fear of any demons hunting them down. I also thanked the priests who had provided the safe haven until I had gotten everything taken care of. Funny thing, being the Seraphim of Death means a lot of priests, rabbis and what have you within man made churches seem to always be afraid of you. And so to stay on your good side, they’d make sure to do anything they can including hiding a large number of people from a Legion of demons. I truly think the reason that these rabbis, priests and what have you are afraid is because they know that what they’ve been telling society probably hasn’t been all to kosher with God. And seeing the Seraphim of Death means that there’s a good chance their out of time to fix their mistakes. But that’s just how I see it. After taking care of getting everyone back home where they belonged, I decided I need to talk to Jordan. However, not only did I discover he was gone but my bike was as well. I sort of knew then that he had left for awhile. The same way I always use to. I couldn’t really blame him considering that he had lost his wife. Not to mention, I think he knew his Seal was growing in strength and that was something else he had to figure out on his own. Hell, I even sensed it when he went head to head with Belial. I didn’t know what it was at the time but I sort of put two and two together. It’s only a matter of time before the other Seals catch up to where I am. Granted, their powers might have grown stronger but they still have yet to come full circle. Let alone discover what they are truly capable of. I was now in my room when Jupiter decided to stop in and say hi, so to speak.

“So Jordan left.” He said.
“I know. I’m gonna watch his boys for him till he gets back.” I answered, folding up some of my clothes that were on the bed.
“Do you even know how to take care of kids?”
“Shouldn’t be too hard. I took care of my little brother on Saturn.”
“Wait, you had a little brother?”
“Yea. Look what do you want?”
“Jordan wanted me to give this to you.” He handed me my father’s journal.

I slowly took it from him. Afraid of getting zapped again.

“Don’t worry.” Jupiter noticed. “He took the protection of his Seal off of it.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the cover of the journal.
“I’ll leave you alone.” Jupiter said, as he disappeared.

I kept looking at the journal as tears ran down my face.

“Aren’t you going to read it?” Michael asked from a dark corner of the room.
“No.” I finally answered, wiping my eyes.
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not ready.”
“Wait, you’ve been on Jordan all this time about your father’s journal. And now you say you’re not ready?”
“I just can’t figure you out sometimes, Saturn.”
“That makes two of us.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in the desert of Egypt, in the depths of the sand laid a stone statue of a familiar demon. A statue that was now shaking violently, cracking open just a little as it spit out fire. Evil laughter would soon be heard throughout the land and neighboring villages. A laughter that would make people drop to their knees and pray to God for help. From the evil that is about to come.

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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Music for Poetry Familia 11

1. Foo Fighters- "Another Round"
2. James Blunt- "Cry"
3. KT Tunstall- "Through The Dark"
4. SuperTramp- "Don't Leave Me Now"
5. My Chemical Romance- "Famous Last Words"
6. The Killers- "Reasons Unknown", "My List"
7. 3 Doors Down- "Here By Me", "Going Down In Flames"
8. Nelly Furtado- "All Good Things (Come To An End)"
9. Evanescence- "Weight Of The World"
10. Tori Amos- "Digital Ghost"
11. NickelBack- "If Everyone Cared"
12. Secondhand Serenade- "Vulnerable"
13. Finger Eleven- "I'll Keep Your Memory Vague"
14. The Fray- "Look After You"
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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A year has past since the battle with Belial and before Jordan finally decided to return home. When he walked through the front door, no one could really recognize him. He hadn’t shaved for a while and just looked like a total mess. He headed for his room, not wanting to talk to anyone. Tossing the keys to my bike on the night stand, he crashed on his bed.

“Normally I’d break a person’s neck for stealing my bike.” I spoke up from a dark corner of the room.
“Not now.” He grumbled in response. “I’m not in the mood for a speech.”

That’s when he felt something hit him in the forehead. He opened his eyes and looked over at what was half of a cigar.

“What the...?” He started to say.
“Be lucky it wasn’t lit.” I remarked, lighting up another cigar.
“I hope you haven’t been smoking around my kids.”
“Oh, you take off for a year, only to come back and now have the nerve to worry about your kids.”
“Their fine, Richie-Rich. I took care of them.”
“Wait, how can you...?”
“I use to take care of my little brother on Saturn.”
“You had a brother? How come you never told me?” Jordan flicked the half cigar off his bed.
“You never asked.” I shrugged my shoulders. “So where did you go?”
“Look. I don’t ever ask you where you go when you take off.”
“True, because you know I’d break your neck if you did. So where did you go?”
“Nowhere.” Jordan yawned.
“So where’s this nowhere?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Damn it, Saturn.”
“I just wanted to know where you’ve been is all.”
“Because I’ve heard a rumor.”
“What sort of rumor?” Jordan asked, as he sat up in bed and looked over in my direction.
“Something about a man with red glowing claws starting bar fights.” I calmly replied, as I smoked my cigar. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”
“No, not really.”
“I see.” Knowing he was lying but not wanting to push the subject any further. “Well, I better see how my bike is doing.”

I now got up and grabbed the keys off the night stand as I headed for the door. I left before Jordan could say another word. I went to the garage, only to find Thief there looking for a can of spray paint. I raised an eyebrow as I watched him from the kitchen doorway that lead into the garage.

“Need help?” I spoke up, almost startling him.
“I’m tagging Bags’s car.” He answered, as he found a can of florescent pink. “This will do.”
“And why are we tagging Bags’s car?” I questioned, feeling a headache coming on.
“He ruined my date the other night.”
“I see. Well, have fun.”
“I have a.... Wait, what gives? Usually you’d tear me a new one for doing stuff like this.” Thief pointed out.
“Nothing gives.” I walked over to my bike and began to work on it.
“He’s home, isn’t he?”
“If you mean Richie-Rich, then yea.”
“So what’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong.”
“Bull. I know you better than you know yourself, Saturn. Something’s wrong.”
“I’d rather not talk about it!” I snapped at him.
“Whoa, all I’m trying to do is help.” Thief took a step back. “I’m a friend, not an enemy.”
“Sorry.” I apologized, lowing my head and letting out a sigh. “I’ve just had a lot to deal with.”
“Understandable. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a car that needs some bright pink paint.” He deviously grinned as he left.

I continued to work on my bike while smoking my cigar. Not the brightest thing to do considering I was working right next to the gas tank. But like I told Thief before I had a lot to deal with and my mind was preoccupied, so to speak. Amongst other things.

Meanwhile, in the deserts of the Middle East, word was spreading of a demon causing terror. Killing anyone who stood in it’s way and sparing no one. A demon that had destroyed every city in its path. All except one. Jerusalem. It had conquered and taken over the city. Holding the Prime Minister of Israel along with the people in the city hostage. Building a throne for itself and claiming to be the ruler of Heaven, Hell and, earth. The Prime Minister had now befriended a guard to sneak a message out to a waiting messenger. From there the messenger would creep out of the city and head for America. While the Prime Minister would spend the next few days fasting and praying. Believing that his prayers would soon be answered.

“Saturn, we need to talk.” I heard someone say from behind me as I continued to work on my bike.
“No, we don’t, Mikey.” I grumbled, cursing under my breath as I tried to adjust the gears. “Richie-Rich takes my bike and he thinks it gives him a right to mess with it.”
“Saturn.” Michael said again, getting impatient.
“I’m busy.”
“Cain is back.”

I stopped what I was doing. Dropping the wrench and looking over at Michael.

“He’s in Israel. He’s been killing and destroying city after city.” Michael explained.
“That’s why I kept having that feeling.” I replied. “Where is he now?”
“Saturn, you don’t want to....”
“Jerusalem. He’s taken the city over. Holding everyone including the Prime Minister hostage.”

I now headed for the door with my fists clenched.

“You can’t go alone.” Michael quickly stood in front of me.
“I’m not risking their lives. I can handle Cain alone.” I growled.
“It’s always one step forward, and two steps back with you. Look, you know they’ll want to help. Not only that, but you’re not the only one who carries a Seal.”
“Yea, but I’m the only sane one right now.”
“That’s debatable.”
“I can’t let them, Mikey.”
“You can’t protect them forever. Besides, Cain isn’t just after you. He wants all the Seals and he’s sort of made it known that he wants Jordan dead.”
“What, why?” I sounded puzzled.
“Well, remember how Richie-Rich stood up to him last time?” Michael responded.
“So does Cain. And he doesn’t take too kindly to humans testing him.”
“So he’s like throwing a tantrum?”

Nega and Jay were watching Thief from the front porch as he spray painted Bags’s car. Or what he thought was Bags’s car.

“Should we tell him?” Jay asked Nega.
“Nah. Let him figure it out for himself.” Nega answered, taking a sip from his bottle of beer. “Besides, I don’t know what makes him think Bagsy-boy can afford a car like that.”

Bags around this time rolled up in his car. Parking it behind the one Thief was spray painting. Thief stopped for a minute, looking at the car he had just trashed. A confused look washing over his face as he tried to figure it out.

“That’s Jordan’s car, genius.” Bags said, walking by Thief.
“You’re dead.” Nega spoke up, taking another sip of beer.
“I’m not dead.” Thief shrugged it off. “There’s nothing he can do to me.”
“He can tell Saturn.”
“We need to hide the car.”
“What’s this “we” crap?” Jay stated, raising an eyebrow. “We didn’t trash the car. You did.”
“Bull. You guys are bonded by the same Westie code as I. And the code states to help a fellow Westie Brother out.” Thief reminded them.
“True, but there’s also something in there about every Westie for himself.”
“So in other words, you guys would save your own asses before you’d save mine.”
“Exactly. But only if the situation also hints that we might get in trouble as well.” Nega bluntly pointed out.
“You guys suck.” Thief cursed them out.
“Bro, it’s like this....” Jay tried to explain the best he could. “We’d usually risk our own butts to save one another including you but this is Saturn we’re talking about. And well you know how she can get especially with that temper of hers. Some of us sleep with one eye open because we’re scared of what she might do.”
“I know I do.” I.O. interrupted from the open living room window. “By the way Bags, Berls wants to see you.”
“Why?” Bags questioned, heading inside.
“I don’t know. Something about mysterious charges showing up on one of her credit card bills. Charges from some Westie hang outs.”
“Westie hang outs? We only have the Pub.” Jay scratched his head.
“Um, Jay actually we do have a few others.” Nega hinted.
“What...? Oh wait, never mind. I know which ones now. The few I’m not allowed in due to these.” Jay pointed over his shoulder at his wings.
“That and Buttters would kill you if you ever did.” Thief retorted, trying to cover the car with leaves and twigs.
“Dude, that’s not gonna work.” Nega shook his head.
“Screw you. I’ll make it work.”
“Hey, knock yourself out. It still isn’t gonna work.”

Michael came outside and noticed what Thief was doing. He also noticed Jordan’s car and the pink paint.

“Well, at least you have ten more minutes to live.” Michael sarcastically remarked.
“Why? What happens in ten minutes?” Nega raised an eyebrow.
“Saturn gets done with her shower.”

Preston who had just happened to be walking the path in front of the house from the backyard, stopped and looked over at Michael.

“Don’t even think about it, Texan.” Michael warned, reading his mind.
“What? I was just going to see if she needed help.” Preston tried to act innocent. “Maybe wash her back for her.”
“Leave her alone!” Michael snarled.
“Oh, don’t tell me you have a thing for her too.”
“Then why...?”
“She’s like a sister to me. You mess with her and big brother will be after you.”
“Kay, I respect that.” Preston backed off, heading for the backyard. “I’ll go find something to do.”

Nega, Thief and, Jay all looked at each other. They knew the Texan was up to something. However, they weren’t about to rat out a fellow Westie brother. They’d be breaking one of their silly little Westie rules if they did. That and they figured he’d get himself busted, so why bother. Preston had made his way to my room and now stood before my bathroom door. He saw the steam coming out from underneath the door and a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.

“Go in there and she’ll break your neck, Texan.” Azrael spoke up, sitting in a chair, in a dark corner of the room.
“Please, she wouldn’t....” Preston started to dispute.
“She’s the Seraphim of Death. If she wants you to drop dead, you will. Besides, every male angel respects her privacy and you should do the same.”
“I’m not an angel.”
“True. But if you were smart, you wouldn’t go in.”

I now came out of the bathroom in my bathrobe. Stopping dead in the doorway as I stared at the Texan.

“So you wearing anything underneath that?” Preston asked, in his deep southern accent.
“Dead man.” Azrael coughed.

I unsheathed my claws in response to his question. Letting out a low growl as I did so.

“Give me a break. That doesn’t scare me anymore.” Preston blew me off.

A minute later, Preston found himself flying in midair across the hall. Spaz and Buttters were walking down the hall around the same time, when they saw the Texan take flight. They both giggled as they walked on by. Leaving him to sit on the floor and grumble under his breath. After closing my bedroom door, I headed back to the bathroom. Only to come back out as quickly as I had gone in. Standing in front of Azrael with my arms crossed.

“What?” He asked, noticing the look I was giving him.
“Why aren’t you keeping an eye on Richie-Rich?” I responded.
“We’ve got a problem.”
“What sort of problem?”
“He’s gone to the cemetery.”
“And you didn’t stop him?”
“I tried but well you know how he is. Stubborn as a bull. The same way you are, as a matter of fact.”
“I swear to God, Azrael.” I began to look for clothes to put on. “I ask you to do one thing....”
“I know.” Azrael sighed, lowering his head as he felt a headache coming on. “It’s bad enough I hear it from my wife though. Can’t you just....”
“Just what?” I snapped back at him.

I went into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me and leaving Azrael with his thoughts.

“I could really use a vacation.” He whispered under his breath, looking up. “Anytime soon would be nice.”

Jordan stood before the gates of the cemetery. Not wanting to go in but having this feeling inside of him that he had to sooner or later. He looked around for twenty minutes until he finally came across the headstone he was searching for.

“She didn’t want you to know about this.” Michael said, appearing next to Jordan out of nowhere. “She wanted to give your boys a chance to say good-bye and to never forget who their mother was.”
“I didn’t ask her....”
“I know. But you of all people should know how Saturn is.”
“Yea, I know.” Jordan started to walk away.
“Where are you going?”
“I need to go do something.”
“Well, just so you know Cain is back.”

Jordan stopped dead in his tracks. Keeping his back turned.

“What do you mean back?”
“He’s terrorizing the Middle East.” Michael explained. “He’s in Jerusalem. Holding the people of the city and the Prime Minister of Israel hostage.”
“Does Saturn know?” Jordan questioned.
“Yea, she does.”

Jordan didn’t say another word. Just kept on walking.

“So did Michael tell you guys?” Ven asked Pops and Berls who were sitting on the couch in the living room.
“Yea.” Pops answered. “Everyone in the familia knows. We’re just waiting to see what Saturn wants to do.”
“Speaking of which, where is she?”
“Her and Azrael left awhile ago.” Berls replied, flipping through the stations on the T.V. “Something about looking for Jordan. Or as Saturn put it Richie-Rich.”
“What is going on with those two? I mean one minute their at each other’s throat and the next, ever thing seems to be cool between them.”
“That’s just the way they are.” Pops responded, shrugging his shoulders. “Stubborn and hard-headed.”
“And they always think their right while the other one is wrong, don’t forget that.” Berls pointed out.
“Yea, that too. I don’t know I think deep down they really care and respect one another. It’s just they tend to get on each other’s nerves from time to time. Just like everybody else.” Pops explained. “All though, there have been times they do act like their married.”
“You better not let Saturn hear you say that.” Berls warned.
“Don’t worry, I’m too smart to get caught for saying something like that.” Pops grinned.

At that moment a scream could be heard from the kitchen. Berls, Ven and, Pops rushed into the kitchen to see Jeannie standing on a chair with her baseball bat in hand. Trying to hit the little demon that kept circling the chair and terrorizing her.

“Seraph, Seraph, Seraph.” It kept saying, trying to jump on the chair.

Ven used her telekinesis to toss it across the room. The demon quickly got back on it’s feet and started to go after her. Before it could reach Ven, a spear went through it. Turning it into nothing more than dust.

“Damn demons.” Spaz cursed under her breath as she held onto the other end of the spear.
“Okay, what was that all about?” Ven asked Jeannie.
“I don’t know.” Jeannie answered. “I was minding my own business when that demon jumped out of nowhere. It scared the crap out of me. And all it was saying was what you guys heard.”
“Seraph, Seraph, Seraph.” Berls spoke up, remembering. “Short for Seraphim I would imagine.”
“Yea, it is.” Pops responded, thinking it over. “And the only one we know who is, is Saturn.”
“Correction. There’s Gabriel, Michael and Metatron.”
“True, but it seems Saturn has been the popular target with Hell. Not to mention Cain has returned.”
“Point taken.”

Jeannie noticed a piece of paper laying underneath her chair. She stepped down and picked it up, reading it as she did so.

“Jeannie?” Berls said, seeing the expression on her face. “Is it Cain?”
“No.” Jeannie shook her head, looking up at Berls, Ven, Pops and, Spaz. “It’s Levi.”
“It can’t be. He’s dead.”
“No, he’s alive. And he wants to talk to Saturn.”
“What could he possibly...?”
“It’s about Cain.”

Azrael and I had gone to the cemetery. Only to find Michael standing in front of the same grave Jordan had earlier. He was staring down at the headstone and I could sense something was wrong.

“Michael....” Azrael started to say.
“He knows.” Michael interrupted Azrael. “Didn’t say much. He also knows Cain is back.”
“Where is he now?” I questioned.
“Don’t know. He just took off. Saturn, there’s something I have to tell you.”
“Belial didn’t order the murder of Jordan’s wife. She carried it out because she had a thing for a certain Seal. And I think you know who I’m talking about.”
“Good God.” Azrael remarked. “Well, that just proves she was a nut job.”
“Anyway.” Michael continued, letting out a sigh. “Before Cain was turned into stone, he gave Levi, Belial and the rest of the Legion orders.”
“What sort of orders?” I raised an eyebrow.
“To go after those who may have gone against or imprisoned him in any way. Not just that but to also go after those that they care about. And to basically get the Seals at any cost. May it be innocent lives or the carriers themselves. Saturn, Cain was set on destroying lives. You know that as well I do. But I’ll be....” Michael stopped himself from finishing. “Jordan didn’t deserve what happened to him. Neither did his kids. Whatever Cain has coming to him, he deserves it ten times over. He deserves worse than what his father got.”

I took a step back, surprised to hear Michael speak that way. Considering he didn’t care too much for Lucy.

“Does Jordan know?” I finally managed to ask.
“No, and you can’t tell him. You have to promise me, Saturn.” Michael now looked over at me.
“Michael, I....”
“For the sake of his kids, Saturn. If he finds out Cain was behind it, you and I both know he’ll snap. Please, I’m asking you as a friend.”
“Okay.” I finally agreed. “But if he asks....”
“I know.” Michael looked back at the headstone.

Just then my cell phone went off. I got a text message from E.T. He was working at the Pub for the night and thought I’d like to know that a certain someone was there. Drinking himself under the table, so to speak.

“Saturn, what is it?” Azrael asked.
“Nothing.” I replied. “I’ve got to go to the Pub.”
“We’ll go with you.”
“No, I’ve got to go alone. I need to.”
“Drop it, Azrael.” Michael spoke up. “She doesn’t need us tagging along.”

I stared at Michael for a minute. Not knowing what to say.

“Go.” He said, feeling the stare. “Make sure he’s not drinking himself into oblivion.”
“Mikey....” I began to reply.
“I know, doll. Now go.”

So I left. Thinking over what I had just been told.

“Why can’t we...?” Azrael started to ask.
“She needs to do this alone, Azrael.”
“Just trust me on this.”

It didn’t take me long to get to the Pub. Considering it was only four blocks away from the cemetery. And when you have wings, it’s a two second flight. Granted, I was still trying to get use to the wings and being a Seraphim. I also didn’t like showing them off that much. Just for the simple fact, that the public tends to freak out at the sight of someone with wings. Yet, they have demons among them every day and they could care less. Go figure. Then again, demons do have a way of disguising themselves as humans. Anyway, I walked into the Pub and saw E.T. behind the bar. The Pub was empty except for E.T., Gilly and, a certain someone sitting in a booth, in a dark corner.

“He’s been downing the drinks.” E.T. informed me, as I sat at the bar.
“How long has he been here?” I asked.
“An hour, maybe a little more. Saturn, something’s not right.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Because it’s like he’s trying to drink himself to death.”
“Not only that.” Gilly joined the conversation. “But he doesn’t show any emotion. It’s like he’s.... Well, you know when you were....”
“Gilly.” E.T. interrupted, shaking his head.
“Well, it is.”

I just shook my head as I got up and walked over towards his table. While Gilly and E.T. continued to bicker with one another.

“So what’s up, Richie-Rich?” I said, as I sat in the seat across from him. “I heard you’ve been trying to catch your death.”
“Go home.” He growled, taking another drink of scotch.

I raised an eyebrow at the sound of his voice.

“You must be drunk.” I remarked. “Because if you were in a right state of mind, you’d know better than to talk to me like that.”
“I’m not in the mood.” He continued to growl.
“Funny, I planned on getting you totally wasted, take you home and hopefully take advantage of you. Make the Texan jealous even. But if you’re not in the mood....”
“You need someone to rescue you, Richie-Rich.” I said, noticing how he was downing the scotch. “You can’t keep wallowing in your own personal hell you’ve created for yourself.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’ve done and it does no good.”
“You have no idea what I’m going through. You ‘ve never really lost anyone you truly cared about.”

I sat back, not saying a word. Just staring at him like he had gone crazy for saying such a thing.

“What?” He asked, feeling the stare.
“Nothing.” I responded, as I got up to leave. “You want to feel sorry for yourself, be my guest. I refuse to have any part of it.”

And I left before he could stop me. Gilly and E.T. looked over at him, both shaking their heads.

“Damn.” He cursed under his breath, realizing what he had just said.
“Way to go, Richie-Rich.” E.T. retorted. “You’ve royally stuck your foot in your mouth.”
“You’re not the only one who’s lost someone to Hell.” Gilly pointed out. “She’s lost her family, Kris, her father and recently Alex.”
“Gilly.” E.T. began to interfere.
“Back off, mountain man.” Gilly snapped back at him.

He did just that. Going back to drying the glasses in front of him as he began to whistle a tune. Jordan around this time, got up to leave. Only to stumble to a few feet back. Feeling a little light headed from the booze.

“Are you okay?” E.T. asked.
“Fine.” Jordan grumbled, heading for the door.

He got about half way, when he saw flashes of light passing in front of his eyes. Only to end up falling to the floor and blacking out.

“CALL SATURN!” Gilly yelled at E.T. as she rushed over to Jordan to check on him.

An hour later, Jordan awoke in his own bed. Feeling a headache coming on as he sat up, looking around..

“Morning sunshine.” Michael sarcastically remarked, sitting in a chair, in a corner of the room.
“What happened?” Jordan asked.
“You past out. E.T. called Saturn and she had me go get you and bring you home.”
“Why didn’t.... Oh yea, I remember.”
“I hope you do because if I have to remind you that you stuck your foot in your mouth. Well, we’d be here for a while.”
“Where is she?”
“She told me not to say. As a matter of fact, she wants nothing to do with you right now. However, she did tell me to tell you that you can go to hell. So at least she is thinking about you.”
“She can’t be that mad.”
“Wanna bet. She said it in Aramaic.”
“Yea, she didn’t go into detail what you said to her but I have a feeling whatever you said. You’re gonna end up paying for it dearly.”
“Damn. Well, can you tell her....” Jordan stopped himself when he noticed Michael shaking his head no. “What?”
“As long as I’m breathing, I’m not getting involved. She can stay mad at you all she wants. I however like to keep on living.” Michael responded.

The messenger had been lucky enough to get the last flight out of Tele-Aviv. The governments from all of the other countries were now cutting off flights to the Middle East until the terrorist problem, as they put it, was taken care of. Which was next to impossible for any of their armies. Seeing as each one that had went in had been defeated by Cain and his army of demons. And of course, the whole thing was being broadcasted on the news twenty-four; seven. Just like any other war before it. Little did mankind now this was anything but like any other war. Jay and Buttters were sitting on the couch when the latest news report flashed on the T.V. screen. They were both in utter horror and shock at what they saw. The demons were literally tearing people apart. The ground stained with blood and the sound of screaming heard throughout the sky. Jay quickly turned the T.V. off before Buttters saw any more of it.

“Son of a....” Jay cursed under his breath, as he tossed the remote a side.
“We need to tell Saturn.” Butters said, sounding frightened. “She needs to see that.”
“I think she already has, doll.” Jay lit up a cigarette. “You on the other hand, shouldn’t have. It’s just not right.”
“You can’t protect me from everything, Jay.”
“True, but I can damn well try. Both you and our little one sleeping upstairs mean the world to me. I’ll fight to keep you both safe if I have to.”

Buttters giggled as she kissed Jay on the cheek. He just blushed a little but tried to hid it from her.

“Well, I’ve gotta go check on something.” Jay quickly got to his feet, leaving the room. Trying to act tough.

Ven had told me of the visit earlier from the little demon. She also told me that Levi was alive and looking for me. So I decided to find him before he found me. Which wasn’t hard to do considering there was a place all outcasts from Hell go. They hide it as a Pub for humans, even hiding behind human disguises. But I knew better. I sniffed the place out a while back and go there if I need information that most of the time has to deal with Hell. Trust me, any demon that has been kicked out of Hell would be more than willing to talk. How else do you think I was always able to stay one step ahead of Lucy and the others. These demons though won’t harm humans or angels. No their more preoccupied with getting back at those that got them kicked out in the first place. They also look forward to the day that Hell is finally defeated. By the way, to them I’m a celebrity. I took out the one demon they all hated. Lucy himself. And ever since then, whenever I walk through the front door I’m greeted with a wave or a smile or even a free drink. Now why did I think Levi was in a place like this? Simple, his note spelled out clearly that he had gone against Cain and if he needed a place to hide. Well, this would be it. As soon as I entered the Pub, I quickly spotted him. He was sitting in a booth by himself. Drinking and trying desperately to hid his scent from anyone he didn’t want sniffing him out. I sat down across from him as the Pub continued with it’s usual business. A few demons waving at me from time to time.

“I wondered if you’d come.” Levi said, not taking his sight off the glass he was holding in his hands. “I now I’m probably the last person you want to see.”
“That’s an understatement.” I sharply replied. “What do you want to tell me about Cain?”
“I know what he’s planning.”

I raised an eyebrow as Levi sat back in his seat.

“Cain thought by kicking me out I wouldn’t know what he was up to.” Levi continued. “But I have my sources like he does. How else do you think I was able to fake my death when Belial and the Legion tried to kill me. I have demons who would do anything for me, even take my place in death.”
“Speaking of which, why were you supposedly killed?” I questioned.
“Belial didn’t tell you?”
“She never gave a straight answer.”
“I see. Well, I was killed because I wouldn’t carry out the order Cain had given. That and I refused to be part of the killing of the Second Seal carrier’s wife.”
“But you...?”
“I know what I’ve said to you before. Don’t get me wrong, I would have done the kidnaping just not the killing.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’ve lost a wife and I know what that feeling is like. I didn’t want to put your friend through that. I also know it would have had affected you in some way as well.”
“Funny, you weren’t afraid to hurt me as you so kindly put it before.” I retorted.
“I was playing chicken with you. Trying to scare you into giving me the Seals, so to speak.” Levi explained. “I forgot however that you being my brother’s child would of course have his stubborn side as well.”
“I’m nothing like my father.”
“Oh really? You know your father had a thing for always wanting to play the hero just like you. He also kept a mystique about him like you do. And he always kept Hell wondering. No one could quite figure him out. Now to me that sounds very much like you but what do I know I’m just your father’s brother.”
“So what’s up with Cain?” I changed the subject, not wanting to hear it.

Levi just smiled a little. Realizing that I could care less what he thought of me. Or what anyone else did for that matter. Which reminded him even more of my father.

“So are you going to answer my question?” I said, having no patience what so ever.
“Cain is planning on opening the Mercy Gate.” Levi responded, snapping out of it. “That’s why he’s in Jerusalem.”
“He can’t. The only one who can is....” I began to say. “If he tries, he’ll be unleashing....”
“Destruction and chaos?” Levi guessed.
“Yea, Armageddon basically.”
“A tad bit early if you ask me. Saturn, you’ve got to stop him. If you don’t, not only will Heaven and earth suffer but Hell as well. There are demons who aren’t ready for this. If anything they don’t want it to happen.
“Huh.” I said, not sounding surprised.
“Saturn, please.” Levi began to cry. “There are people I care about. If Cain opens the gate, they’re good as dead.”
“One of the people being Dena I hope.”
“Whatever has happened between my daughter and myself doesn’t concern you.”
“Oh, but it does, dear sweet uncle.” I snarled. “Seeing as everyone else in our family is dead and you took off. I was left to look out for her.”
“You didn’t have to.” Levi snapped back at me.
“Like hell I didn’t. She’s family and I don’t desert my family.”
“And what about me?”
“I disowned you. There’s a difference.”
“I see.” Levi took another drink from his glass.

Jordan walked out of the house to get into his car. There was a problem however. His car was missing. He didn’t take it before when he left the house because he needed the walk. But now, it was missing and he had started to have ideas on who took it.

“It’s being taken care of.” Berls spoke up, sitting down on the front porch step.

He looked over at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Your car was accidentally caught in a Westie battle and it’s now being repainted, as we speak.” Berls continued to explain.
“Surprise, surprise.” Jordan sarcastically remarked, as he headed for the garage.
“If you’re thinking about using Saturn’s bike, she took it to go meet with Levi.”
“What? Wait, he’s dead.”
“Nope. He’s alive and breathing. He wanted to talk to Saturn about Cain.”

Jordan quickly turned around and began to head down the driveway.

“Where are you going?” Berls asked.
“Nowhere.” As he continued to walk on.
“Damn it, when did we become twenty-four; seven babysitters?” Preston complained through the open living room window. “I’m sick of watching these kids. I don’t get paid to....”
“Shut it.” Ven warned him, using her telekinesis to make him float upside-down.
“Put me down!”
“I do and you’ll break your neck.”

Berls just lowered her head as she shook it. Letting out a sigh as she did so.

“Kids.” She grumbled.

Jordan had only gotten a few blocks away from the house when Azrael appeared before him.

“What do you want?” Jordan asked.
“We need to talk.” Azrael answered, folding his wings behind him.
“I’m listening.”
“Not here. Saturn might spot us on her way home.”
“Where then?”
“The church a few blocks away.”
“Why a...?” Jordan looked at him puzzled.
“Just meet me there.” Azrael quickly vanished into thin air.

Nega had just gotten up from bed. He couldn’t sleep because his mind was working overtime, trying to figure things out. He headed for the kitchen to get something to eat when he noticed a bright light coming from underneath Dena’s bedroom door. He walked slowly towards the door, gently pushing it open. Only to see Dena talking to a very bright orb of red light. The orb quickly took off when it sensed Nega nearby. Going through Dena’s bedroom wall as it did so.

“What the...?” Nega started to ask. “Don’t tell me that was Saturn’s father?”
“No, it was Lucy.” Dena bluntly responded, staring at the wall the orb had gone through.
“WHAT?!?” Nega looked dumbfounded. “How can he...?”
“He isn’t alive. He’s good as dead.”
“So what does he want?”
“He wants to help with Cain.”

Jordan entered the church, walking up to the front and taking a seat in the first row pews. Azrael showed up out of nowhere, sitting next to him. The church was lit up with candles and seemed pretty quiet. The only real sounds were the occasional church mouse scattering across the floor and the rustling of tree branches outside as the wind blew.

“So what do you want to talk about?” Jordan questioned Azrael.
“Your wife.” Azrael replied.
“What about her?”
“There’s something she kept from you. Something about herself.”
“And you’re gonna tell me that Saturn has kept it from me, am I right?”
“Actually, no. Saturn doesn’t even know.” Azrael said flat out. “Granted, she was close to finding out. Lord knows she has ways of finding out. Some that still amaze me. She probably would have if Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, myself and basically every other angel there is hadn’t thrown her off track.”
“Why? What was my wife...?” Jordan looked at Azrael puzzled.
“She was the Seraphim of Birth and the sister of an Apostle.” Azrael explained. “Judas I do believe.”
“Wait, not the same Judas that...?”
“He was just doing what God order him to. You humans were the one that made him in to something he was not.” Azrael pointed out. “Anyway, as I recall your wife devoted her life to God and never married because of it. She loved children though and always helped out any family with a new mother who would get overwhelmed. Because of that after her death God had made her the Seraphim of Birth. Seeing as the human population was growing quickly and He needed a helping hand to make sure He received all the prayers of those who wanted children. Basically it was her job to deliver the prayers to God’s ears and to make sure the babies were protected by any demon interference during the time they spent in their mother’s womb until birth. Well, she was happy doing that for awhile but she wanted more. Like any other angel, she wanted a family, children, etc. However, she didn’t want to be married in Heaven to another angel. She wanted to be married to a human and live a normal human life again. She missed being human, you could tell. She went to God and asked. He of course said yes, seeing as she had been so loyal and obedient. There was a stipulation though. She had to be reborn again since she had died in her previous human life. She agreed and from there Ariel became the new Seraphim of Birth. After that, well you pretty much know the rest.”

Jordan sat there. Speechless if anything.

“You okay, Richie-Rich?” Azrael asked, looking over at him.
“How come she didn’t tell me?” Jordan replied.
“She was afraid of how you would have reacted. Considering some humans don’t think too kindly of us angels. To them we’re the demons and the demons are angels.”
“Then why wasn’t Saturn told?”
“Are you kidding me? She knew if Saturn had been told, Saturn would have probably turn around and told you. Or you would have read it in Saturn’s journal like you do about everything else. She also asked us to make sure Saturn never found out.”
“Wait, wait, wait. I thought you were suppose to be loyal to Saturn?”
“Loyal? The only one I’m loyal to is God and my wife.” Azrael remarked. “Especially my wife. My lovely, sweet angelic wife.”
“I take it we’re in hot water with the Mrs.” Jordan said, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Don’t even ask, man. You don’t want to know.” Azrael shook his head. “Anyway, Saturn and her father are and were good friends of mine but they aren’t and weren’t the only ones. Besides, I owed your wife a favor. She helped my wife with Alex when he was first born. And believe me, that boy was a handful.”
“Yea before I forget, I’m sorry about your son....”
“Don’t. He knew what he was doing when he switched sides. Granted, it hurts like hell to loose him, I won’t lie about that. But I’ve gotta stay focused on what God wants me to do.”
“Bravo, Azrael. Way to hide your feelings.” They heard someone sarcastically remark from in back of the church as the person clapped their hands.

Both Jordan and Azrael turned to look and see yours truly heading to the front of the church. Smoking a cigar as I did so.

“Saturn, you can’t smoke in here.” Azrael pointed out. “This is a house of God.”
“Who says?” I asked, not really caring.
“The priests.”
“Go figure.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Azrael sounded offended.
“You know exactly what I mean. You and both know not every church really serves God let alone acknowledges Him.”
“Then don’t tell me what I can and can not do in a church. Besides, these priests are afraid of me. Come on, I’m the Seraphim of Death. What human wouldn’t be afraid?”
“I’m not.” Jordan spoke up.
“Can you kindly tell Jordan I’m not talking to him.” I said to Azrael.
“Saturn said she isn’t....” Azrael began to relay the message to Jordan.
“I heard her.”

Azrael just lowered his head as he shook it. Trying not to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Nothing, nothing.” He answered. “So you already knew the history about Jordan’s wife?”
“You could say that.” I continued to smoke.
“How did you....”
“I have my sources.”
“Of course you do. You always do.”
“Can you excuse us, Azrael.” Jordan said. “I want to talk to Saturn alone.”
“She doesn’t want to....”
“Fine. But you’re just gonna end up talking to yourself. You’d probably get more conversation out of the wall over there.” Azrael continued on as he vanished into thin air.

I walked over and sat down at the other end of the pew. Not saying a word as I still continued to smoke my cigar.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I didn’t mean what I said to you at the Pub.”
“If you hadn’t meant it then you wouldn’t have said it in the first place.” I sharply responded.
“As soon as this business with Cain is taking care of I’m leaving.”
“Leaving? Like for a little while?”
“No, forever.”
“I see. So you’re running again.”
“Do you really wanna go there?” I growled.
“No.” Jordan answered, as he moved down towards me. “I don’t want you to leave though.”
“Tough, I’ve made up my mind.”
“Huh. Well, I guess some other poor girl will have to get me drunk and take advantage of me then.” Jordan sarcastically remarked.
“Smartass.” I grumbled, lowering my head as I shook it.
“Hey, you said....”
“It was a joke!”
“I know.” He smiled a little.
“Typical.” I just shook my head.
“So why didn’t you tell me?” Jordan now changed the subject.
“Tell you what?” I replied in a puzzled manner.
“You know what.”
“Oh, that. I made a promise to someone not to.”
“You know who.”
“Wait, when did you and her...?” Jordan began to ask.
“Two months before her death. I went to see her and tell her that I knew about her past. Also, to reassure her that I wouldn’t tell you. Considering how she tried so hard to keep it a secret. Which I can relate with why she would.” I explained.
“Wait, what?”
“Azrael was right when he told you that some humans think of us as the demons and the demons as angels. That’s not why she didn’t tell you though.”
“Then why...?”
“She was afraid you’d never look at her the same. Let alone love her anymore.” I interrupted him. “And she had every right to be considering most marriages between angels/use to be angels and humans rarely work.”
“She knew me though. I wouldn’t have looked at her differently or stopped loving her. I don’t understand...?”
“She also wanted to protect you and the boys. As an angel she had many enemies. She knew if they found out she had a family, they’d come after you and the boys. Trust me, it was best you didn’t know seeing as who her enemies were.”
“Why? Who were they?” Jordan asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I’d rather not say.” I answered, knowing how he’d react to one certain name.
“You don’t want to know.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Damn it, tell me.”

I lowered my head, letting out a sigh as cigar smoke circled above my head like a halo.

“If I tell you, do you promise to remain calm?” I asked him.
“Yea.” Jordan replied.
“No, seriously. Because if you fly off the handle....”
“I won’t.”
“You say that but I’ve seen the way you....”
“Saturn.” Jordan growled, losing his patience.
“Fine, one of them was Cain.” I flat out responded.
“I see.” Jordan tried to keep his cool.

My cell phone went off and I answered it. Only to get off a few minutes later with some very interesting news.

“What is it?” Jordan asked, noticing the look on my face.
“Huh, that was Gordy.” I said, putting my phone back in my jacket pocket. “Seems we have a visitor.”

Back at the house, Gabriel had shown up with a visitor a half an hour before. The visitor just happened to be the messenger from Jerusalem. Apparently, Cain had sent a few of his demons to crash the plane into the ocean. And they would have succeeded if Gabriel and Jay hadn’t shown up to stop them. Making sure the plane landed safely in Boston and the demons were taken care of.

“What is he saying?” Val asked, not understanding the messenger as he spoke Hebrew.
“He wants to see the Seraphim of Death.” Tom responded, capable of making out the language. “He says it’s important.”

Jay’s wings had been ruffled up a bit during the fight with the demons on the plane. And he was now being comforted by Buttters as they sat on the couch. He had his head in her lap and she was running her fingers through his hair. Michael saw this and began to cough. Or at least acted to.

“Chill, old man.” Jay said. “Could be worse. You could have walked in on us having relations.”
“Oh my....” Gilly started to say, while Nega laughed out loud.

As soon as Jordan and I had walked in through the front door, the messenger threw himself at Jordan’s feet. I raised an eyebrow as the messenger spoke in his Hebrew tongue.

“Saturn?” Jordan said, looking over at me.
“He thinks you’re the Seraphim of Death.” I tried not to laugh. “Funny, cause if he knew you....”
“Would you just....” Jordan responded, through clenched teeth.
“Fine.” I grumbled, spreading my wings out and almost knocking Jordan over in the process.
“Oh yea, duck.”

The messenger saw my wings and quickly bowed at my feet. Trying to apologize for the mistaken identity as he did so. I growled in disgust and he quickly got to his feet while I asked him something he Hebrew.

“Yes, I speak some English.” The messenger answered in a thick accent.
“Good, because I’m not the one you should be bowing to.” I pointed out.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to....”
“Forget it. How’s the Prime Minister doing?”
“Not good. Ever since he’s been locked up his health has been fading. Which is why I’m here. He sent me to give you this.” The messenger handed me the envelope.

I took it. Opening it up and reading the letter. Looking at the second piece of paper as well with the map drawn on it. Shaking my head as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.

“Saturn, what is it?” Ven asked.
“The key to the city.” I replied, with the same smile.

Cain sat on his throne that was located in the main room of the Prime Minister’s home. He was waiting for word about the plane crash. Little did he realize he’d receive anything but.

“Their not returning.” Someone spoke up from the dark corners of the room.
“Show yourself!” Cain snarled, sniffing for a scent.
“I’d rather not, you might kill me. And don’t bother trying to pick up my scent. I know how to hid it.”
“Who are you?”
“I was once your father’s muse.”
“So you do remember me.”
“I remember how you betrayed my father.” Cain continued to snarl.
“Funny, because as I recall your father no longer needed me.” Zero retorted.
“How do you know their not coming back?” Cain quickly changed the subject.
“Oh trust me, I know. I also know Saturn and her little familia are on their way here to stop you. And if I were you, I’d start praying for mercy.”
“I don’t pray. Praying is for the weak.”
“That’s right. I forgot. You’re the strong and powerful ruler of Hell. Blah, blah, blah. Your father said the same thing and now he’s dead. I take it you want to follow the same road.”
“I can take on Saturn.” Cain sneered.
“He use to say that too.” Zero sarcastically remarked. “Saturn isn’t the only one you have to worry about. Granted, that was your father’s main concern but with you however, you have more to be afraid of.”
“I can easily take care of the other Seals and her familia.”
“Probably but there’s one Seal in particular that you’ve crossed. And I think we both know who I’m talking about.”
“A mere mortal is no threat to....”
“You gave an order. His wife was killed. He found out it was you and now he’s on a plane with Saturn and the others to confront you. I’m surprised you’re not looking for a place to hide.”
“I fear no one.” Cain sat back on his throne in a calm demeanor.
“You truly are an idiot.”

The others and I had taken Joe’s private plane to Israel. Seeing as no commercial airline would fly across the ocean to the country let alone near it. The flight the messenger had gotten before was the very last one out of the country before all ties were cut off. From the sounds of it, it was becoming a world wide disaster. I sat in the back of the plane. Away from every one else. I needed time alone to think about a lot of things.

“You can’t let him confront Cain.” I heard someone say.

I looked over and saw a hooded figure sitting next to me. I knew who it was. His scent was a dead give away. That and it’s hard to forget someone who once tried to kill you.

“Jupiter.” I said. “What brings you around?”
“Jordan knows Cain gave the order. If he confronts Cain....”
“I know.”
“And you’re still going to let him come along?”
“I don’t understand....”
“I trust him.” I interrupted Jupiter flat out.
“But why would...?”
“Because I know him. He wouldn’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. If he wanted to go after Cain, he would have done it by now.”
“Listen muse, I know what I’m doing. If I thought for a minute..., I trust him. Let’s leave it at that.”
“Are you sure it’s trust or hope?” Jupiter questioned.
“What are you getting at muse?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing. Just that everyone knows how you feel about him. And could it possibly be that you’re letting your emotions get the best of you rather than thinking rationally?”
“Everyone doesn’t know crap.” I growled. “I don’t know how many times I’ve said it but I don’t have feelings for him. Not in the way everyone is supposedly thinking.”
“Are you sure about that? I’ve seen the way you look at him....” Jupiter began to point out.
“Are you calling me a liar?”
“No. Look you just need to stop fooling yourself. I’m sure if....”

Jupiter quickly stopped himself from saying another word when he heard the sound of claws being unsheathed. I could sense the fear rising off of him and a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.

“You better be careful what you say.” I warned him, before sheathing my claws. “And who you say it to.”

It was silent for a minute before Joe walked through the curtain. Taking a seat across from Jupiter and I as he calmly took a sip from his drink.

“Joe, what’s...?” I started to ask until I heard the commotion going on up front.
“Oh yea.” Joe finally spoke up, still in a calm manner. “Nega and Thief are killing each other. Just so you know.”
“WHAT!” I exclaimed, as I got up and headed to the front.

I pulled the curtain back to find Nega and Thief fighting one another on the floor near the cockpit door of the plane. While everyone else sat in the way back of first class, out of harm’s way. I walked right up to the both of them. Spreading my wings out as I did so.

“ENOUGH!” I roared, causing, everyone to cover their ears as they cringed in pain.

Thief and Nega quickly got to their feet. Looking for a place to hid or at least escape my wrath.

“He started it.” Thief pointed at Nega.
“Oh, very mature, T.” Nega remarked.
“I don’t’ care who started it.” I interrupted both of them. “It ends now.”
“But Nega is at fault.” Drew spoke up. “He betrayed us.”
“I did no such thing.” Nega felt offended. “True, I did work for Hell a long time ago but I no longer do. I gave that up.”
“How do we know that? How do we know you didn’t rat us out to Cain?”
“Yea, and come to think of it wasn’t Bagsy part of Hell at one point?” Val brought up.
“Oh, don’t forget Thief.” Phoenix replied.

I stood there with my wings and arms folded as I heard everyone accusing each other for being a traitor.

“I see Cain has worked his magic!” I yelled. “Boy, and I thought for sure the familia was stronger than this!”

Everyone stopped talking and looked over at me.

“If we go in like this.” I continued now in a calm manner. “We’re not only committing suicide but signing the death certificate for every breathing soul on this planet and above. I really don’t think you guys get how serious this is. Cain isn’t like any of the other demons we’ve fought before. He’s stronger and more powerful than his father ever was. Or any of them for that matter. You know what if you want to bicker than be my guest. Just stay the hell out of my way when I confront Cain. Unlike the rest of you, I give a damn about innocent lives.”
“Saturn....” Berls tried to speak up.

I walked to the very back of the plane. Taking my seat across from Joe and noticing that Jupiter was gone. But at that moment not really caring.

“Drink.” Joe said, offering me his glass.

Jordan closed the curtain behind him as he approached me.

“Not good.” Azrael said, appearing in the seat next to Joe.
“Uh huh.” Joe responded, taking another sip of his drink.
“Who the hell do you think you are?” Jordan cursed me out. “Those people in there care about you and would go to the edge of the world for you. How can you just...?”
“I meant what I said in there.” I interrupted him flat out.
“Can you excuse us?” I now spoke to Azrael and Joe, while keeping my sights on Jordan.

They both got up and walked past Jordan. Shaking their heads as they did so. They didn’t have to say a word to express what they were thinking. It was pretty obvious. As soon as they were up front, I turned on Jordan.

“I’ll be damned if I watch those I care about die.” I growled. “I’ve been through that hell before or have we forgotten.”
“No, I remember.” Jordan calmly replied.
“Then listen closely. In order to defeat Cain we all need to be in the right state of mind. So any disputes the Familia or Westies have with each other or within themselves has to be set aside until this is over with. That also includes any thoughts of revenge.”
“Saturn, I wasn’t....”
“Save it. Who do you think you’re talking to anyway? I don’t have to read your thoughts to know what you’re thinking.”
“He killed my wife!” Jordan argued.
“I know and he’ll pay for it. But you seek revenge and not only do you risk everyone’s life but you also put everything God has built at risk.”
“I won’t. You have my word.”
“Still when we confront Cain, I want you to let me deal with him.”
“This isn’t up for debate. You stay back and let me take care of the demon brat.”
“Fine.” Jordan gave in, not wanting to argue.

As he turned to leave, he stopped dead in his tracks. Keeping his back turned from me.

“If you get hurt though, all bets are off.”
“Richie-Rich, you don’t....”
“Cain hurts you and his ass is mine.”

I sat there. Stunned at what he just said. I was actually taken back a little by it. As soon as Jordan went up front, Michael appeared in the seat next to me.

“He cares about you.” Michael calmly said. “They all do.”
“Mikey....” I began to respond.
“Don’t be too hard on them, doll. Their hearts are in the right place. Granted, they may drive you crazy but they mean well.”
“I know.” I let out a sigh as I looked out the window.

The plane had landed in Tel Aviv-Yafo or what was left of it. Cain and his army had destroyed the city. Leaving it basically in rubble. As soon as we got off the plane, we noticed first hand just how bad it really was. Walking through the streets of Tel-Aviv and looking around at all Cain had done. He had definitely left his mark on everything and everyone. I looked over at the others, realizing that a majority of them had never seen the ruins of a war. To them this was a brutal reality. Gilly noticed a couple of U.S. army tanks flipped over and those that had preoccupied the vehicles were now way past deceased. Their bodies had been burnt to a crisp and the look of horror stayed frozen on what was ever left of their faces. The smell of death filled the air and I started to have flashbacks of an all too familiar war I had gone through before. A war I didn’t survive. I closed my eyes and tried to get the memories to stop playing in my mind.

“Saturn.” I heard someone say, snapping me back into the present.
“I’m fine.” I responded, looking around again.
“This isn’t a war.” I.O. remarked. “It’s a massacre.”
“It’s worse than that.” I said bluntly. “But what it is, you don’t want to know.”
“Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

At that moment, a blood curdling scream could be heard throughout the streets of Tel-Aviv as it filled the air. The others and I went to find where the scream had come from. And hopefully help whoever was in trouble. When we reached the one who caused it, she was being terrorized by a couple of Cain’s buddies. The girl’s clothes were torn and she was covered in dirt and blood. Blood that happened to not be her own. The girl mind you looked no more than nineteen and was scared out of her mind.

“Ready to play.” One of the demons deviously grinned, whispering in the girl’s ear as he held on to her by her arm.

By the expression on her face I could tell what she was thinking. And by reading the minds of the demons, I had a pretty good idea what they wanted to do with her. Now the demons probably would have succeeded with their evil plot. If they hadn’t felt a presence behind them and if they hadn’t turned around. I stood there smoking a cigar with my arms folded, my claws unsheathed, my wings spread out and my entire being glowing. The others were right behind me. Ready to fight if need be. The demons turned to run and were greeted by Spaz and Slayer.

“Going somewhere, boys?” Slayer sarcastically asked.
“I....I. We were.... we....” One of the demons stuttered.
“Don’t leave.” Spaz replied. “We’re gonna have some fun.”
“WE’RE NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” The other demon roared.
“Nice to know, ugly. But now we’re bleeding from the ears.” I.O. remarked. “So if you could tone it down. Yea, would be much appreciated.”
“Cain will win. Cain will kill you all.”
“And in the meantime, we’ll kick your....”
“I.O.” I warned.
“What?” He tried to act innocent
“You know what.”

One of the demons tried to make an attempt against Slayer when Tom with his three other sides (Doc, Dr. Watson and, Wats) stopped the demon from doing so. Confusing the demon as he saw four Toms.
“So when are we gonna have some fun?” Wats deviously grinned.
“Tom.” I said, noticing how Wats was acting.
“I’ve got him under control.” Tom assured me.
“I hope so. Because dead demons don’t talk.”
“What makes you think we’ll talk, Seraphim.” The other demon hissed at me.

Jordan grabbed the demon by his throat. Lifting him off the ground to dangle in the air like a rag doll.

“You’ll tell her what she wants to know.” Jordan growled.
“Richie-Rich.” I shook my head a little.
“Talk about someone who needs control.” Wats retorted.
“You’re that mortal whose wife we killed.” The demon choked, remembering Jordan.
“You killed?” Berls replied. “That’s impossible all the Legion members are dead.”
“Not all of them.” The other demon laughed.

I could tell by the look on Jordan’s face that he was about to snap.

“What happened?” He continued to growl, asking the demon he was holding.
“Jordan, look I’m sure whatever happened....” I tried to say.
“Shut it. I want to hear this.”
“Are you sure? Because if you do, you might not like what you hear.”

Jordan stood there for what seemed like hours before finally letting the demon go.

“Major mistake.” The demon hissed.

No sooner had he said that, then an arrow flew out of nowhere. Hitting him dead on in the chest and turning him into dust. Everyone looked over at where the arrow had come from to see Metatron standing there with bow in hand.

“Where have you been?” I asked him. “We could have used you five minutes ago.”
“Traffic.” He responded with a grin.
“Always something with you, isn’t it Mets.”
“Well, you know.”
“And where’s Gabriel?”

That’s when Gabriel showed up with his feathers a little bit ruffled.

“Can you tell me when you’re gonna do that?” He said to Metatron, trying to get himself together. “I mean yelling watch out doesn’t exactly count.”
“So what do you want me to do with this other demon, Saturn?” Metatron asked, ignoring Gabriel.
“Nothing yet.” I answered. “We need information.”
“Go to hell!” The demon hissed at me. “I won’t tell you a damn thing.”
“Look. Don’t make me....” I began to threaten.
“I’ll tell you what you need to know.” The young girl interrupted, speaking up.

I looked over at the young girl and then back at the demon.

“Metatron.” I said.
“On it.” He responded, preparing an arrow to go through the demon.

No sooner had I approached the young girl than the demon was turned to dust. The young girl quickly got to her knees to bow before my feet but I stopped her from doing so.

“Don’t.” I assured her. “I’m not the one you need to bow to.”
“You saved my life. You all did.” She replied in tears.
“Hey, it’s what we do. So can you tell us if Cain is in Jerusalem right now?”
“Yes. He’s set a throne for himself in my father’s house.”
“Your father’s hou.... Holy crap, you’re the Prime Minister’s daughter.” Preston’s sounded surprised, as his jaw dropped..
“Yes.” She blushed at the sight of the Preston.
“Turn your charm off, Texan.” I warned.
“Turn it off. Now.”
“It’s not something I can control, woman.”
“Like hell it isn’t. Turn it off.”
“Fine.” He grumbled, doing so.
“Forgive him.” I said to the young girl. “He’s a Westie.”
“It’s okay.” The young girl answered. “We have them here as well.”
“Wait, you guys have Westies?” Preston’s eyes started to glow with excitement.
“So what’s your name?” I asked the young girl, ignoring the Texan.
“Hanah.”She replied.
“Well Hanah, I’m....”
“I know who you are. You’re Lady Saturn. I’ve read everything you’ve ever wrote. I also know you’re the daughter of the original Seraphim of Death. And that you’ve taken over for your father.”
“Whoa, okay. I take it you read a lot.”
“Yea, but my father told me some of it. He mentioned how you saved his life when he was a young boy.”

Everyone looked over at me and I ignored their stares. I could care less what they were thinking.

“You saved the Prime Minister of Israel?” Tom scratched his head.
“He wasn’t the Prime Minister back then.” I corrected him. “So Hanah, how is your father doing? I heard his health was fading.”
“Actually....” She didn’t want to say.
“He’s dying, isn’t he?”
“So how did you leave Jerusalem?” Azrael questioned. “I heard no one can get out of the gates.”
“I snuck out the same way as the messenger had.” Hanah answered. “My father sent me after he had sent the messenger. Just in case, Cain found out what the messenger was up to and tried to kill him.”
“Well, I got your father’s letter and the map.” I responded in a matter of fact tone. “I just hope Cain doesn’t know about this tunnel. Or we’re all screwed.”
“Tunnel?” I.O. looked at me puzzled. “What tunnel?”
“There’s a secret tunnel under the city that only the Prime Minister knows about. It doesn’t connect with any of the other tunnels or passageways but it does lead to the Prime Minister’s home.” I explained. “That’s how we are going to get in.”
“Wait, why can’t we just....”
“We bust in there and millions of lives will be lost. Not only that but Cain has ordered his army to kill any of us if we even lay a hand on the gate to the city. It’s better if we take the tunnel.”
“But can’t we just....” Nega started to suggest.
“I’m not gonna risk it.” I cut him off. “There’s too much at stake.”
“So when does Cain plan on opening the Mercy Gates?” Azrael asked Hanah, wanting to know.
“Tomorrow morning.” She responded.
“Then we don’t have time to lose.” I began to walk. “Let’s go.”

The sun started to set and I could tell we only had a short amount of time. Which meant no stops and no distractions. I made sure to keep way ahead of the others as I walked. I needed time to think. I couldn’t afford to have flashbacks of what happened on Saturn during the war but for some reason I was beginning to. And I was wondering if I could possibly keep it together long enough to stop Cain.

“Can’t we stop for a break?” Preston complained.
“No.” Ven answered.
“But my feet hurt.”

Jordan noticed Joe looking out toward the right of the desert. And he had a hunch what it was.

“You’re not the only one who sees it.” Jordan said to him.
“What?” Joe replied, shaking his head a bit.
“I’m just saying you’re not the only one. I’ve seen it too. And I’m pretty sure the other Seals have as well.”
“If you’re talking about Gesu.” I spoke up. “What you’re seeing is part of a past long ago.”
“Saturn, how can we.... Does it have something to do with our Seals?” Joe asked.
“Yea, it does.” I answered. “In order to understand our Seals, they show us the past they were part of.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The Seals were around long before any of you were born.” I explained. “For me it was different because I was alive back then but for you guys.... Let’s just say God had a plan. And it involved fooling good old Lucy.”
“Saturn, are you saying what I think you are.” Tom caught on. “Are you telling us Gesu was the original carrier of the six Seals.”
“No, actually He’s a part of the Seals. All seven of them. If it wasn’t for Him, they wouldn’t exist.”
“But your father....”
“Gesu was around long before He became human. He gave my father the First Seal because He trusted my father. And when it was my turn I was given the same trust.”
“Hold on, so what does this have to do with....”
“You guys were not only chosen because of what you do as far as poet or actor.” I continued to explain. “You were chosen because you are each related to an Apostle.”
“When Gesu was human He gave five of the Seals to five of His Apostles. Peter, Thomas, John, James and, Simon. The last Seal He broke into two. Which would later be given to the two witnesses before their birth. To be honest, the reason they did things that way was because they were trying their best to keep Lucy off guard. And it worked until we all got together. Which after that well you know what happened.”
“So do you know who is related to who?” Pops questioned.
“No. Gesu never told me what He had planned on doing. Neither did God. I was just told to find those who carried the Seals. I wasn’t told the whole story until after a good amount of time had lapsed. I’ve only know this for the past forty years. And the reason I wasn’t told in the beginning was because let’s just say Lucy was constantly riding on my tail end and God knew if I was told, Lucy would find out.”
“Yea, but forty years. Lucy could have found out just as easily in that amount of time as in the beginning.”
“Not really. He would have had to map out a family tree for each and find out who was related to who. Which takes time and knowing Lucy he’d rather have things now than waste his time getting.”
“So basically we’re seeing what our ancestors saw.” Tom said, rubbing his chin. “Interesting.”
“So were you there when He was you know.” Val asked.

I looked over at Nega, Slayer and, Spaz and they both nodded their head.

“Yea. But I wasn’t the only one.” I finally answered.
“Saturn, why didn’t....”
“Let’s go. We’re losing time.” I interrupted Val as I started to walk again.
“I didn’t mean to offend her.” Ven whispered to Spaz.
“You didn’t. There’s just some things she can’t talk about.” Spaz replied.
“Mike....” Jordan began to say.
“If it was up to her it wouldn’t have happened, Richie-Rich.” Michael cut him off, knowing what he was going to ask.
“Then why didn’t she?”
“Because God told her if she did, He’d banish her from Heaven and send her to the Abyss.”
“That’s harsh.”
“He wouldn’t have really done it. He knows Saturn though and He had to do something to stop her from interfering. Besides, do you really think He wanted to send His only child to die. It hurt Him as much as it hurt anyone else to watch what happened.”

Meanwhile, a few of Cain’s spies were now reporting back to him about the latest news.

“Their not far from the city.” One of his spies informed him. “We’ve also seen a strange hooded figure lurking around outside of the city walls. When we tried to approach him, he’d disappear.”
“Don’t worry about him.” Cain responded, thinking it was Zero. “The others however, if they come near the walls of the city. Well, you know what to do. Leave me the carriers though. I personally want to deal with them myself.”
“Yes sir.”

It didn’t take long to reach Jerusalem, especially if you have a Seraphim with you that power walks. We can be very fast on our feet if need be. We also happened to find the door to the tunnel beneath the sand only a mile away from the city. What we found in the tunnels however were nothing but spiders, rats and the occasional scorpion.

“Eww, eww, eww.” Phoenix started to freak out at the sight of a spider. “Someone kill it.”

E.T. went over and killed it with his bare hand. Showing what was left of the spider to her.

“See all taken care of.” E.T. deviously grinned.
“Gross, get it away from me.” Phoenix continued to freak out. “Seriously, what is wrong with you? You’re suppose to kill it and then wipe it on something.”
“Kay.” As he wiped it on her arm.
“Shh.” Gilly quickly covered her mouth. “Do you want to let them know we’re here.”
“But.... but.... he wiped it on me.”

Gilly turned around and smacked E.T. upside the head.

“Hey!” He said, rubbing the back of his head.
“Behave yourself.” She warned him.
“Yes ma’am.”

I sniffed the air as I walked ahead of everyone. It was pretty easy to find my way through the tunnels. Not much to them. That and Cain’s scent was too obvious to pick up. Chances were he wasn’t trying very hard to hid it. Cain was now outside near the Mercy Gate. Getting ready for the big opening so to speak. He had everyone in Jerusalem gathered around to watch including the Prime Minister of Israel.

“That son of a....” I growled under my breath.
“Saturn, what is it?” Nega asked.
“He’s using them as a shield. He’s using innocent lives as human shields just in case.” I still growled.
“So what do we do?”
“We blend in with the crowd. Come on.”

Which is exactly what we did as Cain got prepared to give a speech to the crowd. He was acting pompous and very prideful. I hated that.

“Today marks a new day.” He announced. “A day that will never be forgotten. A day that will forever be a part of history. Hell will finally rule earth and everything on it.”
“And you’ll still be a jackass.” I heard someone whisper under their breath.

I looked over at Thief and he just smiled back at me.

“Quiet.” I warned him in a whisper.
“Get ready to open the Mercy Gates!” Cain hollered at one of his demon buddies.
“Saturn.” Azrael said.
“NOW!” I yelled, unsheathing my claws and showing my wings. “METATRON PROTECT THE PEOPLE!”

Metatron created a wall of protection that surrounded the innocent lives from the demons. Ravyn flew out of nowhere. Chasing the demons away from the Mercy Gates. The rest of the familia started to fight with Cain’s army. As Joe, Tom and Preston took their stand in front of the gates while Ravyn landed on Tom’s shoulder. I went after Cain and realized I wasn’t the only one. Jordan unsheathed his claws and reached Cain before I could.

“Damn it, Richie-Rich!” I swore as I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and tried to pull him away from Cain.

He spun around to face me. The look of anger washing over his face as his entire being glowed a bright red.

“Don’t.” I said, reading his mind.
“This is my fight.” He growled.
“Like hell it is. You either back down or I’ll have no choice.”

Everyone stopped fighting to see the two Seals argue. It was somewhat a surprise to everyone.

“You wouldn’t do it.” He blew me off as he turned around to face Cain again.

I let out a sigh before lowering my head, shaking it. I finally reached out and grabbed Jordan’s shoulder. When I did I was thrown backwards by a jolt of red electricity. Landing a few yards away and passing out.

“No way.” Jay shook his head. “He just.... Did you see that?”
“His Seal is at it’s maximum force.” Azrael spoke up. “He’s as powerful as Saturn now.”
“Tell me about it. We’ve got to stop him somehow. If he confronts Cain....”
“Are you crazy! We’ll end up like Saturn.”

Michael ran over to where I was laying to see if I was okay.

“Saturn, wake up.” He kept saying, as he held me in his arms. “Wake up.”
“She’s fine.” Jordan said to Michael, as he kept his sights on Cain.
“Way to go. You defeated a Seraphim.” Cain sarcastically remarked. “Not to many people can say that, human. I on the other hand am not easily beatable.”
“We’ll see.” Jordan snarled, as he went after Cain.

Before he could reach Cain, a small glowing orb came out of nowhere and literally pushed him away from Cain. The orb then entered Dena. Everyone looked over at her, afraid of what might happen. She lowered her head and then lifted it as she opened her eyes.

“Father.” Cain whispered under his breath, recognizing the glow in her eyes.
“What the?!?” Bags exclaimed. “Is that Lucy inside Dena?”
“Yea.” Azrael growled.
“My fight isn’t with you, Azrael.” Lucy spoke through Dena.
“Could be. As I recall you tried to hit on my wife.” Azrael continued to growl.
“I’m a lady’s man, what can I say.” Lucy sarcastically remarked.
“Why couldn’t you stay dead? Or at least wander around in the Abyss.”
“Aww, and miss out irritating you? Now what fun would that be?”
“What do you want, Lucy?” Metatron interrupted.
“To help you guys of course.”
“Oh, I have my reasons. Such as my son is a nut job if he thinks opening the Mercy Gates will bring Hell onto earth.”
“What are you talking about, father?” Cain asked.
“You foolish boy. You open those gates and you seal Hell’s fate not just mankind’s and not just Heaven’s.” Lucy informed him. “And there are a lot of friends in Hell I care about to let you do so. Besides, you crossed the line with the Second Seal carrier.”
“I was just doing what you did with the war on Saturn.”
“Yes, but unlike me. You now have two carriers after you. I never ran that risk.”
“I’m doing what....”
“You always want to do.” Lucy interrupted him. “Saturn is right. You are a spoiled demon brat. I thought I raised my son better than this. I thought wrong. If there was one thing you lack, boy. It’s common sense.”
“So what you plan on stopping me?”
“If I have to.”
“Bring it, old man.”

So Lucy using Dena’s body went after Cain. And from there a massive fight among the two went on. Like two orbs of red and orange light. They fought in the sky and on the ground. Chasing after each other and pounding the tar out of one another.

“So that’s what a demon fight looks like.” Bags commented, watching on.

The fight finally ended when one of them hit the ground hard. When the dust settled, Dena laid motionless. Drew ran over to check on her while Cain floated down from the sky. Landing softly on his feet.

“You should have stay dead, old man.” Cain snarled.

Cain felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around his face met Jordan’s fist. Cain flew backwards a few yards. Catching himself as he landed on his feet once more and leapt after Jordan. Jordan got ready to defend himself as a ring of fire surrounded the both of them. Around this time, a bolt of lightning flew out of the sky. Breaking the ring of fire apart. Jordan and Cain stopped fighting long enough to look over and see a hooded figure making his way through the path that both the Familia and the army of demons had created for him to get through. Gabriel of course walking with him as Ravyn flew out of nowhere and perched herself on the hooded man’s shoulder. The demons knew who the stranger was and all of them were looking for some place to hide. Afraid to even go near this stranger. The stranger stopped near Drew and Dena. Placing his hand on Dena’s forehead. The orb that had entered her quickly left and she awoke.

“No freaking way.” Sam’s jaw dropped. “Did anybody else see that or am I losing my mind?”
“We saw.” Berls answered, having a feeling as to who the stranger could be.
“Wait a minute is that....” Leysa began to say.
“My boss.” Azrael responded, interrupting her.

The people of Jerusalem quickly got to their knees and began to bow. Metatron knelt as the stranger came near him.

“My king.” He said, lowering his head as he folded his wings behind him.
“Metatron, my friend. How are you doing?” The stranger asked.
“Fine. Except for the recent events that are taking place.”
“So I’ve noticed.”

The stranger walked over where Jordan and Cain were as the ring of fire completely died out. He first looked at Cain and then over at Jordan.

“Just like John. Always willing to fight till the end. Too stubborn to see the mistakes being made though.” The stranger said. “Revenge turns a heart black. Don’t let it get the best of you, my friend.”
“He killed my....” Jordan tried to dispute.
“I know what Cain did. He won’t go unpunished for it. But what you’re doing now, my Father did not authorize.”
“You don’t understand....”
“Don’t I?” The stranger now showed Jordan his wrists as he pulled up his sleeves to show a hole in each wrist.

Jordan didn’t know what to say. He just stood there wide eyed and somewhat surprised.

“What I went through I did out of love.” The stranger continued. “So that you and the rest of the world could live. And now all you want to do is hold on to death?”
“She was my wife.”
“I understand but you have a life of your own to live. You also have two young boys who need a father. I’m pretty sure Saturn has already told you this. Speaking of which, where is she?”

Michael walked over towards the stranger with me in his arms.

“Who did this?” The stranger asked.

That’s when everyone looked over at Jordan. Cain took a few steps away from him. Not wanting to get hit by whatever would fall out of the sky.

“I see. You could have killed her with your Seal.” The stranger said to Jordan.
“I wasn’t planning to. I just wanted her to stay out of the fight.” Jordan answered.
“Still using your Seal against another is not acceptable.” The stranger now laid his hand on my forehead. “She’ll be fine. Lucky for you she’s just in a deep sleep.”

The stranger now turned on Cain. Cain tried to back away but there was something stopping him from doing so.

“I’m not afraid of you!” Cain exclaimed.
“Then why do you feel the need to run?” The stranger pointed out.
“I’ll have my army deal with you.”
“Really? You might want to take a look.”

So Cain did and amongst the demons were an army of angels out numbering them and getting ready to fight if need be.

“You were saying?” The stranger asked Cain, noticing the expression on his face.
“Are you going to kill me?” Cain replied, scared to.
“No. You’re punishment is that you will remain in the Abyss for seven years. You will not be allowed out or be able to escape before then. During this time, your throne will be up for rule by any demon who wants it. However, whatever demon decides to take over for you will fail miserably. Leaving Hell in nothing more than shambles.”
“Yes, I can. Also, if you decide to head back here after the seven years are up. Know this, you open these gates or step foot inside of Israel and you will catch your death.”
“Whoa.” Azrael responded.

Cain and his army started to vanish before everyone’s eyes.

“NO!” Cain roared. “THIS ISN’T OVER!”
“You’re right.” The stranger responded calmly. “It isn’t. I’ll see you in seven years.”

A few days later, I awoke with a massive headache. Looking around, I realized that I was home. Which made me raise an eyebrow. Then I remembered what Richie-Rich had done and I quickly got to my feet to find him. Unsheathing my claws as I did so.

“I’m sorry.” I heard someone speak up from a dark corner of the room.
“You could have killed us both, Richie-Rich.” I growled. “What were you thinking?”
“I know. I already got the speech from him.”
“You know who.”
“Oh, he showed up. Wait the only time he shows up.... What did you do?”
“I lost control.”
“Whoa. You didn’t kill Cain did you?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“No.” Jordan answered. “He locked Cain up in the Abyss for seven years.”
“Wait, for seven years?”
“Yea. Why?”
“Crap. I should have known.” I lowered my head, letting out a sigh.
“Saturn?” Jordan responded, looking puzzled.
“In seven years Richie-Rich the world won’t be the same.”
“What are you talking about?”
“In seven years, God plans to unleash Armageddon. Judgement Day. Whatever you want to call it. It’ll happen.”
“So that’s what He meant when He told Cain, He’ll see him in seven years.”
“Good God, I need a vacation.” I grumbled.
“That reminds me, when are you leaving?” Jordan brought up.
“Yea, you said after this thing with Cain was over that you’d be leaving.”
“Oh, I forgot about that.”
“So what? I leave when I leave. What do you care.” I shrugged my shoulders as I looked for my backpack. “I mean you almost fried me to death so....”
“I already said I was sorry.” Jordan pointed out.
“I know but you broke your promise. You went after Cain and almost risked lives in the process.”
“When we face Cain in seven years I pray you don’t make the same mistake.”
“I won’t.”
“I hope so because there will be a lot more at risk then just Israel.”
“Can I ask you something?”
“What?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Why didn’t He kill Cain?” Jordan questioned flat out. “Why didn’t He just get rid of him?”
“If He had that little book that people have been reading for centuries would have been nothing more than a lie and God would have been the liar.” I answered. “There’s a reason why He planned it out the way He did. If Gesu had killed Cain right there and then Hell could have had an advantage by saying an eye for an eye. Considering they would have looked at it as Gesu seeking out revenge for you for the death of your wife. And God couldn’t say they were wrong because that’s exactly what it would be.”
“I still don’t get....”
“They would have asked for the death of Gesu again. This time however, they would make sure He didn’t rise. Therefore, we wouldn’t have no one on the battlefield on Armageddon day to lead the army of Heaven against Hell. Hell would win and everyone else would lose.”

Jordan didn’t say a word. I knew however what he was thinking. Any human I would imagine would think the same.

“What’s going on is way deeper than what is printed in that book.” I continued. “And if your man made churches hadn’t messed with the book to begin with mankind would know exactly the deeper part of it.”

I started to pack some clothes and began looking for my journal. Leaving Jordan to sit there and think about what I said. I went into the bathroom to grab something for a brief moment and when I came back out I noticed Jordan had the keys to my bike in his hands. Ravyn around this time flew in through my open bedroom window and landed on the top of the dresser.

“What the...?” I began to ask Jordan. “Look Richie-Rich, I’ve gotta go. So if you can hand over my keys....”
“I want to know more.” He replied. “I need to.”
“I don’t have all the answers.” I remarked.
“I know but you personally know those who do. Besides, how am I suppose to be prepared to face Cain again if you’re not around to teach me. Or any of the other Seals for that matter.”
“You need to spend time with your boys first.” I pointed out.
“And then I’ll teach you and of course the others.”

Jordan looked at me for a minute with a raised eyebrow.

“What gives?” He asked. “Usually you’d fight tooth and nail with me.”
“I know.” I grumbled. “I guess I’m getting old.”
“Or you’re going soft.”
“Shut it. I’m getting old.”
“Funny, I thought....”
“You thought wrong.” I growled.

As I began to give Jordan the third degree on why I wasn’t going soft and why he was wrong. Ravyn flew out the window and landed on the shoulder of a hooded stranger who was standing below the second story window. Both Michael and Azrael soon appeared. Michael on the left side of the stranger and Azrael on the right.

“Their never gonna learn.” Michael shook his head.
“They already have.” The hooded stranger responded.
“How can you say....”
“Michael.” Azrael warned. “You know better than to question the boss.”
“I know but I don’t see....”
“You eventually will, Michael.” The hooded stranger interrupted him.
“I hope so.” Michael sighed, as he heard me continuing to give Jordan the third degree. “I truly hope so.”

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

Post by heinzs » Sat May 01, 2010 9:13 pm

by LadySaturn » 31 Dec 2007 11:45:am

Music list for Poetry Familia 12:

1. *Incubus- "Dig"* (The winner of the contest: David Conkle from Miami, Florida *By the way the fact that people in Florida even read my stories amaze me.*)
2.Foo Fighters- "Long Road To Ruin", "The Pretender"
3. MatchBox Twenty- "How Far We've Come", "Long Day"
4. James Blunt- "Same Mistake", "No Bravery" (Cain's Theme), "I'll Take Everything"
5. 3 Doors Down- "Live For Today"
6. AudioSlave- "The Curse"
7. 30 Seconds To Mars- "The Story", "From Yesterday"
8. Daughtry- "Crashed"
9. Linkin Park- "Leave Out All The Rest"
10. Rob Thomas- "Little Wonders"

*Note: I didn't realize I had a list of male singers or some of the songs were from the same group, till I looked at the list after I got done with Poetry Familia 12 so yea.. No female singers on the music list is the first for me. Also the player for these songs should be up on my myspace page soon. And finally I hope you all enjoyed the story it took forever. Every time I tried to finish it my muses kept adding more. At some point we had to come to an agreement that some stuff would be better left for Poetry Familia 13. Not before they flipped me off however and demanded raises.*
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

Post by heinzs » Sat May 01, 2010 9:14 pm


The last time I left you everything seemed okay between Jordan and I. Well, that changed pretty quickly. The feeling I had awhile back about his Seal came true. His Seal had turned evil and late one night while everyone else was sleeping, he took off. Not so much as leaving a clue behind as to where he could have gone. He did however take my bike. Again. Which to say the least made me anything but happy. But I had more concerned matters at hand and I was more worried about the safety of the other Seals and the rest of the Familia. With Jordan’s Seal turning evil that meant it affected him in the same way. Poisoning his mind so to speak. So in order to get everyone prepared to defend themselves for fighting a Seal, I had to train them. They couldn’t rely on their powers so much. Because truth be told, when it comes to fighting a Seal you have to have more than just powers. You have to have know how to be quick on your feet and knowledge of what you’re doing. If not, you’re good as dead. Training them brought back memories of the days I use to train in the Saturnite army along side my father. Those were good times. It also brought back the memories of the War on Saturn. To this day, it’s still something I can’t shake. Not fully. I was now training Phoenix, Preston, E.T. and, Ven deep within the woods behind the house. Phoenix had Preston in a headlock and literally flipped him a little too hard. As soon as the Texan hit the ground something cracked in his back.

“Son of a...!” Preston clenched his teeth in pain. “She broke my back!”
“No, she didn’t.” I replied, smoking a cigar. “She just cracked it. Get up and try again.”
“Can’t I use my Seal this time? Or at least some of my power?”
“No. You like the others can’t rely on your powers all the time. If you do then the enemy will always know what you’re doing. Now try again.”
“Fine. Sheesh, talk about someone who needs to....”

Before the Texan could finish his sentence, he found himself being lifted off the ground and held up by his throat. Not able to breath as the air to his lungs was cut off. I just snarled as I stared dead in his eyes.

“Saturn.” E.T. said, noticing Preston was turning blue.

I looked over at E.T. and then back at Preston.

“Consider yourself lucky.” I continued snarling, before tossing him a side like a rag doll.

I stormed off deep into the woods and away from everyone else. Punching a tree and knocking it down as I walked by it.

“Preston, Preston, Preston.” Ven shook her head as he got to his feet.
“What? What did I say?” He asked, trying to act innocent.

That’s when Phoenix smacked him in the back of his head.

“Ow woman!” Preston reacted in his southern accent.
“Idiot.” She responded.

I came across a creek and sat down on the edge of the bank. Tossing my cigar in the creek as I put my head in my hands.

“You know it’s not your fault.” I heard someone say.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Heinzs sitting next to me. Usually I’d hear someone approaching in the distance but my mind was so distracted with other things. I pretty much couldn’t sense anything.

“You didn’t know his Seal was going to....” Pops started to assure me.
“Yea, I did.” I interrupted him. “I just forgot even if he hadn’t sought revenge he’d still have anger inside of him. I should have known better.”
“Don’t do this to yourself. You’re not to blame for any of this. You didn’t kill his wife, Cain did.”
“I know but if only I had done something.”
“You did do something. You were there for him.”
“Yea, but I could have done more.”
“Saturn, please don’t do this to yourself.” Pops shook his head letting out a sigh. “Look, you’re doing everything you can now. You’ve got Michael, Azrael and, Jay looking for Jordan. You’re training the others to defend themselves without relying on their powers. You’re taking care of Jordan’s kids....”
“What are you getting at?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“How long have I know you?” Pops answered.
“Um, a while.”
“But how long?”
“I don’t know I’ve lost track. What does this have to do with...?”
“My point is for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve changed.” Pops explained in a matter of fact tone. “In the beginning, you were a loner and never truly cared about anyone else. But now, even though you don’t try to let anyone get too close, you still help others. You think about others before you think about yourself. You’ve grown, Saturn. But there’s one thing you always keep holding on to.”
“Don’t say it.” I warned him.
“Every time something happens you go and blame yourself.” Pops ignored my warning.
“And you say it anyway.” I sarcastically remarked, shaking my head.
“You can’t prevent everything from happening. You’re not a super hero.”
“But I’m the Seraphim of Death....”
“And you bleed like the rest of us. No one is going to blame you if something that is beyond your control happens.”
“Are you sure about that, Pops? The world can be so unforgiving.”
“Screw the world. Let them think what they want to. You’re not God. You can only handle so much like any other being.”
“I know. I know.”
“No, I don’t think you do. You’ve got a lot of people who care about you and hate to see you beat yourself up over and over again.” Pops pointed out. “The others won’t tell you but I will. We’ve recently been worried about you.”
“I don’t want you to.” I said flat out.
“It’s hard not to. You’re part of the Familia, you know that. We’d go to the edge of the world for you.”
“I wish you guys wouldn’t. I don’t want you risking your lives for me.”
“Saturn, you can’t fight all the battles alone. And you can’t protect us forever.”
“I can try my damndest though.”
“Yea, but like I said before you’re like the rest of us. You can only do so much.”

I didn’t say a word because I knew he was right. I got up to walk away but, not before he grabbed my hand. I looked down over at him as he did so.

“We’re here for you no matter what and we’ll always will be.” Pops said, letting go of my hand. “You don’t have to go through this alone.”

I let out a sigh as I continued to walk away. Trying to hide my emotions for Pops. He knew though. I walked through the woods, heading back to the house when my senses went off. It was pretty much like an alarm going off in my head. I quickly turned around to come face to face with a wall of fire. I backed up a little trying not to get burn. I felt someone breathing down the back of my neck and I turned around to face Jordan. I could tell he wasn’t himself. There was this dark aura surrounding him and I knew the evil must be having a major influence on him. Because what he was doing as of now was anything but him.

“Richie-Ri...?” I started to say.

Before I could finish I found myself flying in mid-air through the flames. Landing a few yards away as I hit the ground with a thud. Phoenix, E.T., Preston and, Ven who were all still training nearby saw me take to the air and rushed to my aid.

“GET BACK!” I warned them, trying to get to my feet.

They looked over and saw Jordan. E.T. tried to approach him but Ven stopped E.T. from doing so. She was seeing the same thing in Jordan that I had saw a few minutes before.

“He’s not himself.” She explained while E.T. gave her a confused look. “It’s the evil of the Seal, not him.”
“We need to do something!” Phoenix spoke up. “Or he’ll kill Saturn.”

Jordan surrounded himself and I in a ring of fire so the others couldn’t interfere.

“Holy crap.” Preston remarked, seeing how high the flames were getting.
“I’m not fighting you!” I sneered at Jordan, still feeling the sting of being thrown.

A devious grin crossed his face as his eyes began to glow a bright red. The ring of fire slowly moved in. Edging me closer to Jordan.

“Come on, Richie-Rich.” I tried to joke. “You don’t want to kill little old me. We’re friends not enemies.”

The grin deepened across his face and I knew I was in major trouble.

“I’m not going to fight you.” I said again, standing my ground. “No matter what you do, I won’t.”
“Uh Saturn dear, usually I’d applaud you for what you’re doing right about now.” Ven responded. “But I don’t think you have a choice. There’s no doubt he wants to kill you.”
“I’m not going to, Ven. I can’t.”

As the ring of fire kept closing in, I kept trying to find a way out. A weak spot that I might have over looked. The Texan on the other hand had a different idea as he ran through the fire. Standing in front of me so Jordan couldn’t get to me.

“Are you stupid?” I asked him. “Wait, why didn’t you burn up?”
“Must have been my Seal.” Preston shrugged his shoulders. “Hold on, let me try something.”

He ran through the fire and back again. Laughing like an idiot as he did so.

“Cool!” He exclaimed.
“Are you done?” I asked him, losing my patience.
“Hold on.” He thought for a minute. “If I can run in and out and in, then you can....”
“No, I can’t.” I interrupted him. “Our Seals are different.”
“So different kind of powers. What works for one may not work for the other.”
“Oh. Then how about flying out?”
“If he can make a ring of fire shrink. He can also make it taller, genius.”
“Then I’ll protect you from him.” Preston replied, as his entire being began to glow a bright green hue.
“And what the hell are you going to do? Charm him to death?” I looked at the Texan like he had lost his mind.
“I can protect you with my Seal.”
“Yea. Cute but I don’t think so. Actually I know you can’t.”
“Bah, what can he possibly do?” Preston scoffed.

That’s when it hit him like a ton of bricks. He felt himself burning up on the inside. Falling over in pain as he continued to heat up. At the same time the ring of fire stopped closing in as Jordan concentrated on the Texan.

“SATURN!” Phoenix sounded scared.
“Damn.” I cursed under my breath as I went after Jordan.

The ring of fire quickly died out as I tackled Jordan to the ground. Causing him to lose his concentration on Preston. Which in turned stopped the Texan from burning up. Ven and Phoenix quickly ran to his aid as he collapsed to the ground.

“Is he...?” Phoenix asked.
“No, he’s alive.” Ven answered. “We need to get him to the house so Val can heal him.”
“She’s right.” I spoke up, still struggling with Jordan. “Get him out of here.”
“What about...?” E.T. started to question.

So they did. Leaving Jordan and I alone. I sat on top of him as he tried to get free. Which I wasn’t going to let happen. I got right in his face. Staring him dead in the eyes as I glowed a bright white hue.

“You need to snap out of this.” I said. “You need to get rid of the anger you feel. Or this will kill you.”
“Go to hell.” He replied, in a tone of voice that sent shivers down my spine.

The ring of fire appeared once again as I felt myself being thrown off of Jordan by some force. I ended up landing a few feet away. Only inches from getting my face burnt off by the flames. As quickly as I got to my feet Jordan did the same.

“I don’t want to fight you.” I tried to get it through his head.

A flame reached out and almost touched me. Before it could though, I backed away.

“SATURN!” I heard Nega shout as him and Bags ran through the woods towards us.
“What in the name of Bailey...?” Bags remarked, seeing the ring of fire.

Nega turned into his skeleton form as Bags turned his hands into hammers.

“Don’t!” I shook my head, stopping them from going after Jordan.
“But....” Bags began to dispute.
“Just trust me. The Texan got hurt by Richie-Rich over here. I don’t want the same to happen to you two.”
“Stay out of it.”
“Let me handle this.”
“And what’s your plan?” Nega asked.
“Don’t know. But I won’t fight him.” I answered.
“Aww, why not?” Jordan sarcastically remarked, sounding dark and evil. Almost demon like. “I was hoping to see what your Seal was made of.”
“No.” I shook my head.
“Well, I look at it this way. Either you use your Seal or I could burn you to death.”
“You can’t kill her. She’s the Seraphim of Death.” Bags pointed out.
“Actually, he can.” Nega replied. “A Seal can kill another no matter what. That’s why God never wanted the Seals fighting with one another.”

I was now literally inches away from Jordan as the ring of fire kept closing in. At this point, I had no choice.

“God, forgive me.” I whispered under my breath, as I started to glow an even brighter white hue.
“What the...?” Bags said, rubbing his eyes. “I’m blind.”
“Look away, you old irish fart.” Nega retorted, with his head turned away as he tried to cover his eyes.

The ring of fire blew out as the sky turned black and crystal clear lightning crackled. The ground beneath our feet shook, only to die out and be replaced with a white ring of fire that surrounded Jordan.

“Cute. I guess conquering means you can also use other Seals’s powers as well as your own.” He retorted, causing the flames to die out.
“Actually, you may want to look up.” I calmly answered.

So he did. At that moment a lightning bolt flew out of the sky and hit him dead on. He quickly fell to the ground as I lowered my head and let out a sigh. Bags crept up to take Jordan’s pulse.

“Is he?” Nega asked.
“No.” Bags replied, while the sky cleared up.

I turned around and began to walk away. Nega quickly stopped me dead in my tracks as he stood before me.

“Move.” I growled.
“Saturn....” He tried to say as sympathy showed on his face.
“Move.” I said again.

So he did. Not really wanting to but not wanting to fight with me either.

“Take Richie-Rich back to the house.” I ordered both Bags and Nega while I continued to walk away.

I went as far as I could in the woods before falling to my knees and slamming my fists in the ground. Tears running down my face as I did so. Michael and Azrael looked on from a distance. Both feeling the pain that I was feeling.

“Michael.” Azrael said.
“She doesn’t want to do it.” Michael responded. “And I don’t blame her.”
“What? Come on, it’s an order that if one of the Seals turns evil that the First Seal carrier has to destroy it. And by doing so they have to....” Azrael stopped himself from finishing. “God, I didn’t realize.”
“So now you know why she can’t.”
“Yea, but if she doesn’t you know God will send Uriel.”
“I know.”
“So what?” Michael crossed his arms as he leaned up against the tree.
“So what do we do?” Azrael questioned.
“We help Saturn any way we can.”
“Look Az, I’d risk everything for Saturn. Even my life if need be. She’s like a sister to me and I don’t want to see her get hurt again. She’s already lost so much as it is. Besides, you’ve seen how close her and Richie-Rich have been getting.”
“Yea, I’ve noticed.” Azrael thought about it. “You’re a good friend, Mike. She’s lucky to have someone like you looking out for her.”
“Hey, I’m not the only one. I know you Az, you’d do the same thing.” Michael stated.
“You’re right. I would.” Azrael shook his head a little as a smile crept out of the corner of his mouth.

Meanwhile back at the house, Val was using her power of healing on Preston as he laid on the couch. Phoenix, E.T. and, Ven were in the middle of telling everyone what happened when Bags and Nega came through the front door. Both dragging Richie-Rich into the house.

“Boy, could stand to lose some weight.” Bags remarked.
“Hey, you’re no damn light weight yourself, Bagsy boy.” Nega retorted. “Maybe if you learned to work out once in awhile.”
“Bite me, skeleton man.”
“Don’t go through, you irish windbag.”

Berls looked at Nega and then at Bags. She stood there with her arms folded and not the least bit surprised that these two would be fighting.

“What happened?” She asked.
“He got hit by lightning.” Nega answered, as him and Bags let go of Richie-Rich. “He’s fine though.”
“What the...?” Jay began to sarcastically say. “If that isn’t some.... Oh, he got hit by lightning but he’s fine. Maybe a little fried in the head but he should be okay. Come on.”
“Jay.” Pops warned as Berls gave the look.

Jay quickly backed down. Knowing better than to push any buttons when Berls gives the look. The last thing he wanted was to get on her bad side.

“Where’s Saturn? Did she get hit too?” Berls continued to question Nega.
“Um.... No.”
“Then what....?”
“That’s the thing. The lightning that hit Richie-Rich over there Saturn caused it.” Bags spoke up.
“What?!?” Drew exclaimed, as his eyes got big. “No way!”
“Yes way. Look, we’ll explain everything. We promise. But first, we should find some way of restraining Richie-Rich over here. Because I have a feeling once he wakes up he’s going to be pissed.”

An hour later, I arrived home to silence and stares. And it wasn’t because I had just been out drinking either. Bags and Nega were the only ones who weren’t giving me the silent treatment.
Which made me start to wonder.

“What’s going on?” I asked Nega, as I stopped him in the hallway.
“Bags told everyone how you used your Seal against Jordan.” Nega answered.
“So their afraid of you. Their scared you might snap and use your Seal on them.”
“You know me. I wouldn’t....”
“I know but still.”
“So what? They wanted me to stand by and let Richie-Rich kill me or worse them.” I now raised my voice in anger. “Because once he got rid of me he would have went after the rest of the Seals and the Familia. I had no choice. He had already hurt the Texan. I couldn’t let him....”
“I know, doll.” Nega calmly responded.
“Speaking of which, how is the Texan doing?”
“Fine. He’s resting now though.”
“And Richie-Rich?”
“Maybe you should take a look for yourself.” Nega headed towards Jordan’s bedroom as I followed.

Nega opened the door as we both stepped into the room. Jordan was still unconscious and tied down to his bed with chains.

“Bags and I figured he’d burn through rope. So we used chains instead. Granted, he might cut through them but at least they’d last a little bit longer than the rope.” Nega explained.
“Uh huh.” I replied, looking the chains over and knowing they wouldn’t hold him.
“So what do you plan on doing?”
“Well, I can’t kill him.”
“Wait, kill him? Why would you want to kill him?”
“I don’t but I have orders to.”
“Orders? Saturn, I don’t understand.” Nega looked confused.
“When the Seals were created God ordered that if any of the Seals besides the First Seal turned evil they needed to be destroyed by the First Seal carrier.” I said, feeling a headache coming on. “And in order to destroy the Seal I’d have to kill the carrier it belongs to.”
“Wait, what happens if your Seal turns evil?” Nega questioned, somewhat curious.
“Well, seeing that it’s a part of God if it turns evil...”
“We’re screwed.”
“Oh, that’s lovely.”
“That won’t happen though.” I assured Nega.
“How do you know that?”
“Trust me, I just know.”
“So if your not going to kill Jordan. Then what?” Nega asked.
“I’m going to have to find a way to take the evil out of the Seal. Without hurting him or damaging the Seal.” I answered, thinking it over. “I’m also going to have to make sure Uriel doesn’t kill Richie-Rich.”
“Wait, Uriel? You don’t mean the Seraphim that carries out tasks other angels can’t or won’t do?”
“Yea, how do you know about him?” I looked puzzled.
“We’ve met. We had a disagreement a long time ago which lead in to an all out fight.” Nega shook his head a bit as he remembered. “Neither of us did win. God interfered before we could tear each other apart.”
“And where was I when this was all happening?”
“On the other side of the world traveling with Michael as I recall.”
“I see. Well then Nega, I need to ask you a favor.”
“What sort of favor?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I need you to keep Uriel away from Richie-Rich.”
“And how the hell am I suppose to do that?”
“I don’t know. But you know I wouldn’t ask unless it was important.”
“Uh-huh.” Nega sighed, not liking the idea. “Fine, I’ll do it. But you owe me big, Saturnite.”

A smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth as he walked out of the room grumbling. I sat in a chair across the room and in front of the bed. I lit up a cigar and began to smoke. Waiting for Richie-Rich to wake up, I looked over and out the window as it began to snow. My mind drifting off in various directions as I tried to come up with a plan.

“You know once he wakes up he’s going to want to kill you.” Michael spoke up, appearing out of nowhere.
“I know.” I calmly responded, still smoking.
“Then I have this to say. You’re either brave or really stupid.”
“And which one do you think I am?”
“I haven’t decided yet. Ask me after Richie-Rich wakes up.”
“Smart ass.”
“Who me?” Michael tried to act innocent. “I’m the Seraphim of War. I’d never....”
“Uh-huh.” I interrupted him, shaking my head. “I can see where Jay gets it from.”
“I told his mother not to teach him those bad habits.”
“I’m not talking about his mother, Mikey.” I stated in a matter of fact tone.

Michael just grinned in response. I lowered my head as I let out a sigh. Trying not to laugh a little.

“Saturn?” Tom said, as he peaked his head into the room.
“What?” I asked, looking up.
“Joe brought over a visitor.” He replied.
“So. He’s a grown man. He can bring over whoever he wants.”
“No, Saturn. You need to see who it is.”
“Why who is it?”
“Just go see.”

I looked over at Michael. And he knew what I was thinking without me having to say it.

“I’ll stay with Richie-Rich.” Michael assured me. “Go.”
“If he wakes up....”
“I’ll get you. Now go.”

So I left. Heading downstairs to meet the visitor Joe had brought over. Tom followed right behind me. There was an argument going on between the stranger and Berls, that much I could hear. And as I casually came into the room I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the sound of Berls raising her voice.

“It’s too dangerous.” Berl shook her head, explaining to the stranger.
“He’s my brother!” The stranger argued . “I have a right to see him!”

Before Berls could say another word I stepped in.

“Look Johnny-Boy, right now seeing your brother is out of the question. So don’t push it.” I remarked, still smoking my cigar.
“Who the hell are you?” He questioned me.
“I’m someone you don’t wanna screw with. Ask Joe.”

Jon looked over at Joe and Joe nodded his head in response.

“So you’re the one that my brother talks about.” Jon turned his attention back on to me. “Funny, I always pictured the Angel of Death to be something totally different. Maybe, I don’t know a cute little blonde.”

A few of the Westie boys started to laugh a little until Berls gave them the look. They quickly got quiet after that.

“Uh huh.” I said, not sounding the least bit amused. “Actually the Angel of Death is a cute little blonde as you put it. I’m the Seraphim of Death.”
“What’s the difference?” Jon shrugged his shoulders.
“Difference is she can have you drop dead if she wanted to.” Azrael responded, appearing out of nowhere. “So if you wanna keep on making jokes, be my guest. It’s your funeral.”
“And who are you?”
“He’s the Archangel of Death.” I calmly stated. “And someone else you wouldn’t want to screw with. Any more questions or would you like to know what’s wrong with your brother?”
“Joe already told me.” Jon said, noticing Azrael staring him down.
“Huh. And you thought by coming over here you could help how?” I remarked.
“I can talk to him. I know my brother he’ll listen.”
“Exactly what did you tell him, Joe?” I now crossed my arms with a puzzled look.
“He told me Jordan had a minor breakdown.” Jon replied.
“Huh.” I lowered my head a little as I closed my eyes, feeling a headache coming on.
“What? What is it?”
“Your brother didn’t have a minor breakdown. The Seal he carries has been infested with evil and in turn has poisoned his mind.”
“What the hell are you talking about? What Seal?”

I looked at Berls and Azrael and then back at Jon.

“You’re kidding, right?” I now put my cigar out in my hand. “You mean to tell me he never told you about the Seals?”
Well yea. I know Joe carries one. Jordan never told me he did though.”
“Huh. Seems Richie-Rich likes to keep secrets as well.”
“So what happened? How did it become infested?”
“It was created by your brother’s hate towards Cain. Or anger. Maybe both, who knows.” I explained. “I do know though that because Richie-Rich can’t let go of what he feels towards Cain it only fuels the evil in the Seal. Making it stronger and more determine to carry out it’s plans. Poisoning Richie-Rich’s mind and using him for it’s own gain.”
“And what is it’s plans?” Berls looked at me confused.
“It wants power and the only way to get it is by getting the other six Seals including mine. Especially mine. As long as I’m around, it can’t get to the others. So in order to succeed....”
“It has to kill you.” Jay responded, knowing what I was going to say.
“Wait, why would it kill you?” Jon asked.
“Because I carry the First Seal. The one that has a part of God in it.” I answered. “Anyone gets a hold of that and they can easily get the other Seals. In order to do so though, you have to kill the carrier. I’m surprised Richie-Rich didn’t tell you, then again.”

That’s when the sound of a crash came from upstairs. Along with someone yelling out in pain.

“MICHAEL!” I exclaimed, as I ran upstairs.

Everyone else followed right behind me. I couldn’t have made it to Jordan’s room any quicker if I wanted to. What I walked in on scared the hell out of me. Michael was laying in the corner of the room bloody and beaten. As Jordan walked over towards him with his claws unsheathed and glowing a bright red hue. I acted on instinct, leaping towards him and, knocking him to the ground.

“Get Michael out of here!” I yelled at the others while trying to restrain Jordan.
“Saturn....” Spaz tried to say.
“Go now! Make sure no one comes in this room!”

Jon was about to intervene but Azrael stopped him.

“Trust me, she knows what she’s doing.” Azrael said, as Tom and Joe helped Michael out of the room.
“He’s my brother.” Jon disputed.
“Not right now he isn’t.”
“And what the hell is that suppose to mean?”
“Take a good look at him and you’ll know what I mean.”
“AZRAEL!” I hollered, still struggling with Jordan.
“Going.” He responded, as him and Jon were the last ones to leave the room.

The door quickly slammed shut and locked itself. Leaving the others to wonder what was going on inside the room.

“What the...?” Bags tried to open the door but couldn’t. “She was serious when she said to stay out.”
“She didn’t do it.” Preston now walked over to the others trying to maintain his balance. “It was him.”
“You need to snap out of it.” I said to Jordan, as I had him pinned to the floor. “There are too many people who care about you to let you be killed by this.”

Jordan just let out a low growl in response. I knew getting through to him was next to impossible but I had to try.

“I’m not going to fight you.” I got up off of him. “But if you want to kill me. Then go ahead.”

Jordan got to his feet as a devious grin crossed his face. I stood there holding out my arms and making no attempt to defend myself while he walked closer. He stopped only a few inches away. Coming face to face with me.

“How stupid do you think I am?” He continued to growl, not sounding human let alone himself. “I know what you’re up to. I know the way you think.”
“Really?” I replied, as I put my arms down. “Okay then, what am I thinking?”
“You’re thinking of putting me to sleep like you almost did in Jerusalem.”
“I’m not....”
“Don’t lie! You want to take my Seal from me.”
“Yea okay. Sure we’re not just a bit paranoid there, Richie-Rich.” I sarcastically pointed out.
“I don’t want your Seal. And even if I did, I’d have to kill you for it and that’s not something I’m about to do.”
“But you were planning on putting me to sleep.” He replied.
“Yea, just for a little while though. Until we find some way to get the evil out of your Seal and get you back to well somewhat sane.”
“I am sane!”
“No, you’ve pretty much lost your damn mind. I just want to help you get it back.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Yes, you do.”
“Why would you...?” He started to ask.
“Because I owe you.” I interrupted him. “And because I don’t leave friends high and dry.”

I thought for a minute I saw the old Richie-Rich. But as quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared again.

“You’re a damn fool.” He growled. “You’ve gone soft.”
“No, I just care.” I answered.
“Well, if you care so much you’d give me your Seal.”
“And again, you’ve lost your damn mind.”
“True I do but I’m not stupid. You want my Seal then take it.”

Jordan took a step back as I held my hand out.

“You can’t honestly tell me you’re afraid of little old me?” I sarcastically remarked. “How in the world do you even plan on killing me if you can’t lay a finger on me?”
“I don’t need to.” Jordan deviously grinned. “You and I both know what I can do.”

I saw Jordan’s claws glowing even brighter and I knew I was in deep unless I thought of something quick. Let’s face it even with my Seal and everything else I had. I couldn’t last forever in a battle with Richie-Rich. I mean I got use to fighting demons. This on the other hand was something in a ballpark all by itself, so to speak. Ravyn now flew in through the open window. Distracting Jordan long enough for me to tackle him to the ground again. Making sure he couldn’t get free as Ravyn landed on the edge of bed and watched on.

“Sorry Richie-Rich, but until we can get you back to normal you’ll have to take a nap.” I said, restraining him the best I could.

Before I knew what hit me, I felt a blast of heat knock me off of Jordan and across the room. Jordan got up on to his feet around the same time I hit the floor with a thud. He walked over towards me. Getting ready to pounce when Ravyn flew in front of him letting out a caw and blocking him from reaching me.

“Move.” He snarled at her.

Ravyn let out another caw in response as her entire being began to glow a bright grayish-purple hue. Jordan grabbed at his chest and started to feel violently sick. It felt like something was attacking at his heart. He looked at his hands and noticed sores breaking out and his skin literally bleeding. Jordan jumped out of the window, landing on his feet as the bleeding stopped and the sores began to heal. He quickly took off into the woods before anyone could follow.
Ravyn meanwhile flew down next to me as I laid unconscious on the floor. She nudged her head against my hand trying to get me to wake up. Around the same time, the door unlocked itself and swung open as the others entered the room. Azrael was the first to see me and rushed to my aid.

“Is she...?” Jeannie asked, sounding worried.
“No, she’s still breathing. Barely.” Azrael answered, as he picked me up and held me in his arms.

Ravyn flew up and landed on Azrael’s shoulder as he walked by the others.

“So where’s Richie-Rich?” E.T. asked, looking around.
“Something tells me he made his great escape.” Spaz pointed over her shoulder at the window.

Nega had now found Uriel or I should say they sort of ran into each other. They were in an alley behind the Pub. Nega in his skeleton form and Uriel dressed like a hitman. Of course if you knew exactly what he does you could say he was dressed correctly for the job. I still laugh when I see a painting of what an artist thinks he looks like. Truth be told any painting about Uriel is far from the real deal. He isn’t blue eyed and blonde hair. Not all angels are. No matter what you humans may think. Actually, if I had to describe Uriel I’d probably say he could be the twin of Richie-Rich or Richie-Rich’s muse. Unlike the both of them however, Uriel has green emerald eyes and an irish accent he carried over with him when he was human. That’s right before Uriel was a Seraphim he was human. The story goes that he had come across Michael and Lucy battling it out on the open lands of Ireland. Which is probably right considering all the times I’ve witnessed Lucy and Michael go at it with one another. Anyway, when Uriel saw how close Michael was to being killed, he sacrificed his own life. And in return for his selfless act God made him a Seraphim. Ironically, he became as I like to call it a Seraphim Hitman. Carrying out tasks that other angels won’t or can’t do. He basically takes care of unfinished business so God can move ahead with His plans.

“Jim.” Uriel said, as he stretched out his wings.
“Uriel.” Nega calmly responded.
“I see she’s sent you to distract me.”
“She doesn’t want you killing him. She’s going to find a way to get rid of the evil without hurting him or damaging the Seal.”
“There’s no way she could possibly....” Uriel began to say.
“She cares about him, Uriel. You kill him and she won’t ever be the same.” Nega interrupted him. “You and I both know how she was when she lost her father second time around. Do you really want to put her through that kind of hell again?”
“I have a job to do.”
“Damn it, Uriel. I’m asking you not to do this. To let Saturn do what she has to. Give her time.”
“And if I don’t?”
“If you don’t then you can explain to his kids why you killed their father. Because I’ll be damned if Saturn should have to.”

Uriel folded his arms as he stood there staring at Nega. He knew Nega was right but he also had his orders. The whole time he had been a Seraphim he had never once disregarded his orders. But now he was being asked to.

“Look, if you won’t listen to me,” Nega spoke up. “then talk to Saturn.”

Just then Nega’s cell phone went off. Uriel raised an eyebrow as Nega answered it. Just by the look on Nega’s face, Uriel could tell the news was anything but good.

Michael had woke up and was now sitting by my bedside as I remained unconscious. Jon walked in to the room. Not saying a word as he made his way over towards the bedroom window. Looking through the blinds before sitting in the chair next to the window.

“Something on your mind, boy?” Michael bluntly asked him.
“Is she going to be okay?” Jon answered.
“I don’t know. Your brother fried her on the inside. So you tell me.”
“Doesn’t she have that healing thing though? I mean it’ll heal her, right?”
“Man, you’re kidding me, right? Do you honestly think it’s just that easy? She fought another Seal carrier just as powerful as her. Her healing factor can’t help her when it comes to that.”
“So what happens to my brother if Saturn doesn’t wake up or can’t stop him if she does?”
“He dies.”
“So what now?” Buttters asked, as her and the rest of the Familia were gathered in the living room.
“We wait until Saturn wakes up.” Pops calmly responded.
“And if she doesn’t, what then? We can’t exactly just sit on our butts while the Yankee runs around like a mad man.” Preston pointed out, in his southern accent. “We have to stop him.”
“I agree but you saw what he did to Saturn. Do you honestly want to end up like that?”
“Val could heal....”
“There’s no amount of healing that can fix what a Seal carrier does.” Azrael said. “Even Saturn’s healing factor can’t help her now.”
“So what do we do?” Gilly questioned.
“We pray.” Azrael replied. “That’s all we can do. And not just for Saturn but for Jordan as well because if Uriel gets a hold of him.... We just need to pray.”
“Hey, where’s Thief?” Leysa asked, looking around. “And while we’re at it where’s Fox and Slayer?”

Something quickly hit Berls and she screamed out in pain. Both Ven and Bags rushed to her aid as she passed out.

“What the...?” Drew started to say.

Around the same time, Nega and Uriel were walking through the cemetery and entered the woods. Taking the back way to the house without being noticed. They were about halfway through when they came across three scorched bodies that at first couldn’t be recognized. It wasn’t until Nega got closer that he knew who they were.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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“Damn.” He whispered under his breath, as he lowered his head.

As the snow switched over to rain, the smell of death filled the air. Making it’s way back to the house. Berls had finally come to as Azrael’s senses noticed the fowl stench of death.

“Azrael, what is it?” Tom asked, seeing the look on his face.
“Their dead.” Berls replied, before Azrael could say a word.

The lights flickered as lightning hit the ground outside. The rain now came down in sheets while a siren went off in the distance. Everyone looked at each other before rushing outside to see what it was. A tornado bigger than a mile wide was on the edge of the city and closing in.

“This isn’t tornado alley territory.” Preston remarked.
“Why don’t you go tell it that, Texan.” Bags sarcastically responded. “You might want to draw it a map while you’re at it.”
“I thought it was.”
“Oh shi...” Nega began to say as him and Uriel saw the same thing while only being a few feet away from reaching the end of the woods.
“Oh my god, we’re so going to die!” Phoenix freaked out. “We need to go to the basement.”
“No.” Berls calmly said. “We need to save the city.”
“Are you crazy?!? Do you see the size of that thing?”
“Yea, I do.” Berls powered up and headed for the tornado.
“She’s nuts!” Phoenix exclaimed.
“But she’s right.” Pops answered, following Berls.

The others soon followed and Phoenix finally gave in. Throwing her hands up in the air as she tried to catch up to the others. Nega went after the tornado as well while Uriel walked the rest of the way to the house. Michael and Jon were watching the tornado slowly make it’s way towards the city when it turned from a cyclone of wind into fire. The rain dying out in the process as it did so.

“It isn’t...?” Jon began to ask.
“I don’t know.” Michael interrupted him.
“I’ve gotta go find out.”
“No, you stay here. I’ll find out.”
“Look, if Saturn finds out I let a human walk into the line of fire, she’ll have my wings for it. Not to mention some other things.”

Uriel now entered the room and walked over to my bedside. Not saying a word as he did so.

“Bro?” Jon spoke up. “What are you...?”
“It isn’t your brother.” Michael responded. “That’s Uriel.”
“But he looks like....”
“I know.”
“You two should be out there helping the others.” Uriel finally said, as he looked down at me.
“You’re kidding, right? Richie-Rich might come back and finish the job.” Michael pointed out. “And as for Johnny-Boy over here. He’d be more of a target than anything.”
“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” Jon snapped back.
“Nothing just that everyone knows how you lost your powers when you abandoned your muse.”
Michael stated.
“I didn’t abandon my muse.”
“That’s funny because I heard otherwise.”
“You’ve heard wrong.”
“Okay, if that’s the case stop your brother.” Michael bluntly replied.
“I can’t.” Jon shook his head.
“You can’t or you won’t?”
“I can’t. I go up against him now and I’ll end up like your friend over there. Besides as Azrael mentioned Jordan isn’t himself right now.”
“So you’d rather save your own skin than anyone else’s. I see.” Michael remarked.
“That’s not what I meant.” Jon argued.
“No, but it sure sounds like it.”
“ENOUGH!” Uriel yelled at the both of them.

Jon and Michael looked over at Uriel as he went back to staring at me.

“Ur....” Michael tried to say.
“Leave. Now.” Uriel cut him off.
“But what about...?”
“I’ll watch her. Now go.”
“I don’t see why....” Jon began to argue again.
“Better do what he says, my friend.” Michael headed for the door. “He’s one angel you don’t want to mess with.”

As soon as they left, Uriel lowered his head and let out a sigh.

Ven was now using her telekinetic powers to hold back the cyclone of fire from reaching the city. While everyone else tried to get the innocent bystanders to safety. Nega still in his skeleton form caught up with the others as he looked around at the chaos.

“Nice of you to show up.” Sam sarcastically remarked. “We were just having tea and chit-chatting. Oh, and wondering when the hell you’d get here.”
“Yea, yea.” Nega grumbled. “I get it, tinman. Where’s Saturn?”
“You don’t know?”
“Know what?”
“Richie-Rich has put Saturn in some sort of a coma.”
“Great.” Nega stated in a sarcastic tone. “Then in that case, where is he?”
“No clue.”
“Um guys.” Spaz interrupted, pointing over at the cyclone as it died out and Jordan emerged from it. “Is that normal?”
“We’re screwed.” I.O. said.
“No, we’re past screwed.” Sam responded, shaking his head.

Ven who was exhausted from using her powers, collapsed to the ground. Gilly and Duchess quickly ran over to check on her.

“Crap.” Jay said, noticing Jordan’s wings. “We’re dead.”
“Always the bearer of good news, aren’t we Jaybird?” Drew remarked.
“You’re not gonna get away with this.” Preston stood up to Jordan.

A smile appeared out of the corner of Jordan’s mouth as fire began to fall from the sky.

“What the...?” E.T. looked up along with the others. “How in God’s name is that even possible?”
“Not again.” Azrael whispered under his breath.

He had once before witnessed fire fall from the sky and destroy not only one but two cities. The smell of death and the sound of screams still haunt him in his sleep to this day. And now fear raced through his veins as he realized what he was hoping to never see again was about to happen.

“God help us.” Tom uttered the words.

As quickly as the fire had appeared it vanished into puffs of smoke. Like it had hit something before reaching the city. That’s when everyone noticed Jon and Michael in the distance as they walked over. Jordan let out a growl. Realizing what his brother had done. You see Jon’s power actually powers is kind of hard to explain but here it goes. The first of his powers is well something like that of controlling the astral plane. Meaning he can open portals to other dimensions, worlds, etc. He can also send things to those other places, even travel through himself. I know because he had shown up at the front door of Heaven once. He was just a kid back then but still you could imagine God’s surprise. He had to have Jon’s mind erased of the incident or else the boy would have probably been locked up by the world for talking like a madman. I mean knowing the world if someone talked about being able to travel and show up at the front door of Heaven without dying and be able to meet God. Yea, not to many folks are likely to believe that tale. If anything they’d rather lock you up and feel safe in their little bubble world. Jon also has a second power that ties in with his first. Due to the high level of his astral power, he’s able to phase through solid objects as well as humans, animals, angels, demons, etc. However, when he does phase through a being he can also read not so much their thoughts but their memories. Basically any secret you have, you better not let him phase through you or he’ll know about it. When I heard he was what I like to call a Phaser. I had Richie-Rich promise me that his brother would never phase through yours truly. Because one, it’s just creepy. Two, I really didn’t want his brother getting a hold of my memories. There were some things I just wanted to keep to myself. And three, did I mention that it’s just freaking creepy.

“Stay out of my way.” Jordan warned Jon.
“I can’t, bro.” Jon answered, staring Jordan down.
“Why not?”
“You tell me. You’ve hurt a lot of people. And I can’t just stand by and watch you destroy even more lives.”
“Funny, you sound like someone else I know.” Jordan deviously grinned. “By the way, how is she doing?”
“YOU BASTARD!” Duchess cursed at the top of her lungs as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

The Westie Boys clenched their fists while the air filled with growls and snarls. They however weren’t the only ones that wanted to tear into Richie-Rich.

“Don’t.” Berls warned the Boys. “Saturn, wouldn’t want you guys to.”
“Saturn isn’t here....” Sam started to protest.
“I know but at least.... Just don’t for her.”
“I’d listen to her.” Jordan spoke up. “Or you could end up like your other three familia members.”
“Bags, tell your boys to back off.” Berls said, noticing that they were moving closer to Jordan.
“My boys do what they want to.” Bags flatly answered. “I have no control over them.”

That’s when the earth began to shake beneath their feet. As soon as it stopped, everyone looked at each other and then over at Jordan.

“It wasn’t me.” He said, knowing what they were thinking.
“Then who was it?”Jay questioned. “If not you, then who? Because you’re the only one that’s been....”
“I know who.” Dena giggled.
“Who is it, doll?” Nega asked her.

Joe noticed a flash of someone or something nearby as his hand glowed a bright blue hue. He wasn’t the only one to notice the flash though.

“Uriel.’ Azrael whispered under his breath, as he felt something brush by him.

Jordan quickly dodged as his senses went off. A flash of light flew by his head seconds later. Nearly missing him an inch if that. At that moment, Uriel made himself known. Standing before Jordan and the others as he stretched out his wings and smoked a cigar.

“How come I have a feeling he knows Saturn.” Bags raised an eyebrow.
“He’s her ex-husband.” Michael replied.
“Come again?” Bags couldn’t believe what he just heard.
“Well, that explains a lot.” Phoenix spoke up, as she looked at Uriel and then Jordan and back again. “A hell of a lot.”
“Wait, Saturn was married? Holy crap.” I.O. sounded surprised..
“I can’t stand it anymore!” Drew exclaimed. “I mean come on Richie-Rich has a muse that looks like him and now this. How many are there, seriously?”
“Everyone has a twin.” E.T. answered. “It’s just that twin has a twin as well.”
“Funny.” Drew rolled his eyes.
“Hold up. I thought Kris was Saturn’s.... How.... That is what....” Preston scratched his head, somewhat confused if not baffled.
“It’s simple, Texan.” Michael explained. “Uriel was in a situation long ago where he needed to get married and quick. Since Saturn isn’t the kind to leave a friend high and dry, she decided to help. They got married and stayed that way until the situation was taken care of.”
“So how long were they married?” Pops asked.
“A year.” Uriel responded, in his sexy irish accent that made the women in the familia giggle and blush like school girls.
“Good God, here we go again.” Jay grumbled, as he lowered his head and shook it.
“Let me guess,” Jordan said to Uriel, “she sent you to kill me.”
“No, thanks to you she’s still fighting to stay alive.” Uriel calmly replied, while staring Jordan down. “I was sent to kill you, though.”
“Then do it.” Jordan stretched his arms out. “I dare you.”
“Why not?”
“You know why not.”
“Wait Uriel, if Saturn is still.... whose watching her?” Michael asked.
“Tell us Uriel, who is watching her?” Jordan responded, being cocky. “Her safety could be at risk, as we speak.”
“What are you up to?” Uriel raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing really.” Jordan answered with a devious grin. “I was just thinking about checking on her is all.”
“You stay the hell away from her. You’ve done enough damage.”
“You know I can’t do that. She’s my friend.” Jordan vanished before everyone.
“What the...?” Nega began to say.
“It was a decoy.” Pops started picking up on Jordan’s thought waves. “He did it so he could.... We need to get back to the house. NOW!”

Without saying another word, everyone headed back to the house. Afraid of what they might walk into let alone find.

“You’re not going near her.” Gabriel said to Jordan, as he guarded my bed. “You’ve hurt her enough.”

Jordan let out a low growl as he unsheathed his claws.

“You plan on killing me boy, you better make sure I stay dead.” Gabriel warned. “I’m one angel you don’t want coming after you.”

Jordan lunged after Gabriel. Knocking him to the ground as he did so. Gabriel quickly threw Jordan off of him and across the room as he got to his feet. What Gabriel didn’t realize is that he had actually helped Jordan get closer to the bed. Jordan slowly got to his feet as he placed his hand on the edge of the bed for support. Little did he realize what was about to happen next. Some call it a vision. Others nothing more than an illusion. Right before his very eyes though, he saw the life story of the Seal or the one who at least carried it before him. From beginning to end he was shown the life of the Apostle John. He even saw yours truly along with Gesu, the other Apostles, Spaz, Nega, Michael, Azrael, Gabriel and, many others leading up to certain places and events. All playing out like scenes to some long lost movie. As soon as the movie ended playing, he passed out. A little while later, the others would show up back at the house. They would find Gabriel sitting in a chair next to my bed. Acting very cool and calm. They also would notice Jordan past out on the floor. Jon being the first to quickly rush to his brother’s aid.

“He isn’t dead.” Gabriel assured Jon.
“What happened?” Berls asked.
“His Seal is fighting with itself and he’s been dragged into it.” Gabriel calmly explained.
“Wait a minute.” Tom interrupted. “Saturn said before that Gesu created the Six Seals, right?”
“So why would they turn evil like this? Why would they do this? I mean if Gesu put a part of Himself in those Seals....”
“Humans.” Michael said under his breath.
“No, I want to know. What exactly is the story behind these Seals? How can they turn evil if they were made by the hands of Heaven?”
“Because a part is just that a part. Only one half of the Seal. The other half was filled with emotions and characteristics of the carrier. Gesu wanted to give them human qualities as well as heavenly.”
“Are you saying my brother is evil?” Jon glared over at Gabriel.
“No. The anger he felt somehow created the evil that festers inside part of the Seal. All though, Cain did play a part in it as well.” Gabriel pointed out.
“But Saturn said her Seal would never turn evil.” Nega brought up. “Because it had a part of God in it.”
“Yea, she did say that unlike the other six hers was created by God.” Buttters remembered.
“All true. And because of that it was never given human qualities.”
“Then what does it have?”
“Angelic qualities.”
“But angels can turn evil. Look at Lucy.” Tom retorted. “He fell from Heaven.”
“Actually,” Michael interrupted, “he was kicked out.”
“You still can’t let it die, can you man?” Azrael looked over at Michael.

Michael just smiled in response.

“True, but when angels turn evil they become demons at that point.” Gabriel explained, still in a calm manner.
“So wether humans are good or evil they remain human. Saturn’s Seal wouldn’t respond if she became a demon. It would much less kill her for becoming one. Sort of like a self-destructive button. It’s only if God Himself turned evil that then.... Well, just thank the heavens it will never happen.”
“So what has happened to Jordan could happen to myself, Joe, Ravyn, Preston or, the kids.” Tom remarked. “Am I hearing you right?”
“No, the evil in his Seal has more to do with than just his anger. Even though, that did add fuel. Like I said before Cain played a part in it as well.” Gabriel continued to explain. “Let’s not forget he had the man’s wife killed. Don’t get me wrong however any of the six Seals can turn evil given the right amount of ingredients, so to speak. Just not to the extreme like Jordan’s has. It’s like that saying goes you can’t have good without evil and you can’t have evil without good. It’s just up to the carrier which one they’ll choose in the end.”
“So what’s going to happen to my brother?” Jon questioned.
“Right now, he’s in a deep sleep while his Seal is battling with itself. The good is trying to show him it’s past and the life of the Apostle that once carried it. And the evil.... Well, we all know it’s plans.” Gabriel bluntly answered.

Jon started to pick up his brother as Joe, Sam and, Jay helped.

“You can’t move him.” Gabriel advised.
“And why not?” Jon sharply responded.

Gabriel looked over at me without saying a word. Michael and Azrael knew but they kept silent as well. Uriel on the other hand refused to keep his mouth shut.

“She’s using her Seal to help fight off the evil.” Uriel spoke up, as he leaned up against the wall looking out the bedroom window. “You move him and it weakens her chances. He has to be in the same room.”
“Hold on, I thought she was fighting for her life.” Preston pointed out.
“She is but she’s also trying to save his.”
“She should let him waste.” Drew blurted out.
“Drew.” Leysa said, sounding shocked.
“ Look, he killed three of our familia members and almost killed Saturn. And yet everyone is worried about him. He should be left to rot in Hell.” Drew retorted.
“Drew, it wasn’t his fault what happened. He’s been under the control of the....” Michael began to respond.
“Save it. Of everyone here Michael, you’re her closest friend. You shouldn’t be making excuses for him.”
“I’m not.”
“Really? Because that’s what it sounds like to me.”
“Okay then, Drew. When Saturn wakes up you can tell her what you just said. I’m sure she’ll love to hear it.” Michael argued back. “Especially about the part where you think Richie-Rich should rot in Hell. Considering that I don’t know she just cares about him.”

Drew looked at Michael for a minute. Realizing he wasn’t going to get any where and that Michael was in fact right. He finally gave in.

“You’re right.” Drew threw his hands up in the air. “You’re right and I get it.”
“Do you? Because I don’t think you do.” Michael stated in a matter of fact tone. “She’s disobeyed a direct order from God and has literally put her butt on the line to save him. If we are truly her friends and familia, we should honor her decision and help her in any way that we can. That also includes helping him. Of course unless you want to turn your back and let Uriel over there do what he’s been sent to. If you do though, you’ll be the one to explain to Saturn what happened because I refuse to.”
“What could she possibly...?” Drew began to state.
“Before you finish that sentence,” Michael interrupted, “I’d like to kindly remind you of the many times someone has crossed Saturn and how she’s “taken care” of that problem. Or has angered Saturn past the point of being able to save their own skin.”
“She does have a hell of a temper.” Bags remarked.

Drew looked over at me laying in my bed and then back at Michael.

“So what do we do?” He asked.

Jordan opened his eyes and looked around. He was standing in the middle of a desert that lead into a forest on his right. Not knowing what happened or where he was exactly. His head feeling like it had been hit by a two by four. He began to wonder if maybe his Seal was up to something. And that’s when he noticed it in the distance. Someone dressed in a hooded cloak approaching him. He didn’t know who the person was because they had the hood over their head and covering their identity. As the stranger got closer, Jordan could quickly sense danger. He tried to un-sheath his claws but couldn’t. He then tried to power up his Seal but nothing happened. The stranger now stood before him and let out a demonic laugh. Jordan put two and two together and realized who the stranger was.

“Useless without your powers.” The stranger hissed. “Surprise, surprise.”
“What have you done with Saturn?” Jordan asked, not showing any fear.
“She’s been taken care of.” The stranger continued to hiss. “Enough about her though. Let’s talk about what you’re going to do.”
“I’m not doing a damn thing.” Jordan sneered.
“No point in playing hero now. You already have blood on your hands.”
“Not by my choice, though. You messed with my mind and made me do it.”
“Really? And do you think the others would be sympathetic to that excuse or want your head on a platter just like John the Baptist? Face it, you’re good as dead to them.”
“I know them. They’d understand.”
“Yea, I’m sure they would.” The stranger sarcastically remarked. “Just like they’d understand why you killed Saturn.”
“She’s dead, isn’t she?” Jordan questioned, not really wanting to know.
“Dead? Hmm.... I guess you could say that.”

Around the same time back in my room, I began to cough up blood as my skin turned a ghost white.

“What the hell?!?” Nega exclaimed. “What’s happening?”
“She’s dying.” Jay answered, as tears filled his eyes. “She’s dying.”
“No, she can’t. Val could....”
“There’s nothing no one can do.”
“Impossible. She’s the Seraphim of Death....” Bags argued.
“And the power of a Seal is stronger than any Seraphim. Even that of death.” Gabriel calmly stated. “But if I know God like I do....”
“What? What is it?”
“We have to go in.” Preston spoke up.
“Uh, don’t want to ask because there might be a Westie joke behind it.” Gilly sighed. “But go in where?”
“Into where ever they are.”
“Which is where?”
“Dreamy-dream land.”
“Uh, Dreamy-Dream land, eh? Are you drunk by any chance?” E.T. raised an eyebrow.
“I’m not drunk!” Preston protested. “I’m just saying if their in Dreamy-Dream land maybe there’s some way we could get to them and help.”
“Their not in Dreamy-Dream land.” Joe spoke up. “Now I need a freaking drink for saying that.”
“Joe....” Michael began to ask.
“Saturn is gonna kill me for saying anything but I know where they are.”
“Say what?” Azrael shook his head a little, not believing it. “Why would she...?”
“Because she knew if she told any of you, you would either try to stop her or follow.” Joe interrupted Azrael.
“Come on, that’s a lame excuse. You would do the same. Not only that but you’re human. Why didn’t she tell either myself, Michael, Gabriel or, any other angel for that matter?”
“Because we could have easily gotten to the place before the others, Az.” Uriel said, thinking about it.
“Wait, how do you...?” Michael started to respond.
“She’s figured out a way to separate the evil from Jordan and the Seal. Am I right, Joe?” Azrael kept thinking about it as he put the pieces together in his head.
“So far, yea.” Joe calmly answered.
“Hold on, how could she have told you if she’s..., you know.” Tom said.
“Um, Joe’s Seal is of Death. Saturn is the Seraphim of Death. Two plus two is four.” Azrael responded.
“And I shoot rainbows out of my bum.” Bags interrupted. “Still doesn’t explain how Saturn could have been able to tell Joe over here....”

Joe’s hand started to glow a bright blue hue and Bags quickly stopped himself from finishing.

“It’s that Death thing, isn’t it?” He asked Joe.
“Yea.” Joe answered, with a sly smile.
“Okay then. So where is Saturn and Richie-Rich?”
“On the outskirts of Heaven.” Uriel said, not taking his eyes off of me as I laid lifeless.
“Wait, Purgatory?” Bags responded.
“No. That’s cute that a Catholic would automatically jump to that but no.”
“Then where?”
“It’s a place where angels can spend time alone. Sort of like a vacation spot.”
“Why would angels need vacations?” Preston remarked.
“You’re kidding, right?” Michael retorted, raising an eyebrow as he looked over at Preston.
“No. I always thought you angels had a pretty easy job watching us humans.”
“And again, you’re kidding, right?”
“Why would Saturn pick that place? It makes no sense.” Tom said.
“Yes, it would.” Pops spoke up, thinking it over. “I remember hearing stories about it. Never thought it was true but it would explain a lot.”
“Pops, what are you talking about?” Berls asked.
“I’ve heard that Heaven and any extended part of Heaven has the power within itself to separate evil from any soul that comes near or even steps foot on the grounds. They did this long before the days of Christ and I guess still use it as an extra precaution just in cause someone tries to sneak through the gates that shouldn’t. Anyway, from there the evil is either cast into Hell or destroyed by a Seraphim.”
“But Saturn’s dead. She can’t....” Nega stopped himself from saying and looked over at Gabriel.
“God has a plan for everything.” Gabriel said, reading Nega’s mind. “You should know that as well as anyone else.”
“We have to find a way to get to this place.” Nega replied, knowing exactly what Gabriel meant.
“The only way I know is if someone dies. I mean hello this is Heaven or close to it.” Duchess pointed out. “Souls and angels are the only ones allowed.”
“She has a point.” I.O. agreed. “Unless we die and I doubt anyone wants to go sooner than they have to. We’re basically screwed.”
“Not so.” Gabriel spoke up, looking over at Jon. “There’s someone here who might be able to help.”

Jon didn’t respond. He just keep staring Gabriel down, cursing him under his breath.

“Hold on, what is your power?” Phoenix asked, sounding somewhat demanding.
“Phoenix.” Gilly warned, noticing her attitude. “Remember we ladies need to remain civil.”
“Screw that. I”ve been curious about this man’s power since that little episode earlier.” Phoenix retorted. “So what is it?

Before Phoenix could flinch, Jon phased through her. Appearing on the other side in his solid form.

“AGGH!” She screamed. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?”
“I so want that power!” Drew exclaimed.
“What did you do?” Phoenix snapped at Jon.
“It’s called Phasing.” Jon calmly answered. “By the way, how’s your husband doing?”
“How did you.... You can read minds?”
“Actually, I see memories when I phase through someone.”
“That’s not all you can do though.” Spaz pointed out. “I saw something else.”
“He can somewhat control the astral plane. Opening portals to other worlds and dimensions. He can also send things or travel to those places.” Gabriel answered for him.

Jon glared over at Gabriel and he just ignored it.

“There’s a reason you were blessed with those gifts, Jon.” Gabriel continued. “Do you honestly think you came over here because you wanted to? Somebody had to put the idea in your head. Granted Saturn may have her plans but God also has His.”
“I’m not a hero.” Jon responded with a bit of anger.
“Join the club.” Berls bluntly said. “None of us are. Not even Saturn or your brother. But we do what we have to. If we don’t, then we’ve not only failed ourselves but everyone else around us.”
“Yea, but this is just.... it’s crazy.”
“Yea, well we’re not exactly normal. So are you gonna help or not?”
“Joe...?” Jon looked over at him.
“Don’t look at me, man.” Joe responded, shaking his head a little. “I’m not about to be put in the middle of this.”
“Jon, please.” Berls said. “If you won’t do it for us or for Saturn. Then at least do it for your brother.”
“Don’t use my brother as a reason.” Jon argued.
“Fine then. Let me put it as bluntly as possible. Are you willing to let his boys, your nephews become orphans? Because that’s what is about to happen.”
“He doesn’t care, Berls.” Michael interrupted. “He’s to busy saving his own skin, isn’t that right Johnny-Boy?”
“Michael.” Uriel warned, not wanting to hear it again.
“No, it has to be said.” Michael cut Uriel off. “Johnny-boy would rather save himself before anyone else because heaven forbid anything should interfere with his little bubble world.”
“Wow.” Ven said, taking a step away from Michael as he vent.
“You don’t know a damn thing about me.” Jon clenched his fist as a look of anger washed over his face.
“I know you’re selfish.” Michael remarked.

Jon took a swing at Michael and he dodged out of the way. Before Michael could take a swing back, the house began to shake. And then as quickly as it had done so, it stopped.

“What the...?” Jay said.
“It’s God.” Azrael answered. “Michael, you know the rules.”
“He swung at me first!” Michael disputed.
“Doesn’t matter. He’s an innocent human.”
“Innocent? Are you mad? If he’s so innocent, he wouldn’t have taken a swing at me.”
“Let it go, Mikey.”
“Just let it go.”
“Consider yourself lucky.” Michael growled at Jon before backing away.
“So I guess we have to find another way to get to Richie-Rich and Saturn.” Bags spoke up.
“No, you won’t.” Jon said, looking over at me and then down at his brother.
“Jon....” Berls began to respond.
“I’ll help.” He interrupted her, letting out a sigh.
“Are you sure?”
“Yea. If it’s the only way. Then yea.”

Jordan and the stranger were now fighting with one another. The stranger was of course by all means winning. Kicking Richie-Rich around like a rag doll while he laid on the ground in pain. Badly beaten and bloody, Jordan was trying to gain the strength to fight back.

“You’re little Saturnite can’t save you now.” The stranger hissed.
“I don’t need her to.” Jordan replied through clenched teeth, trying to deal with the pain.
“You’re a fool!” The stranger continued to hiss, kicking Jordan again. “You’re God has abandon you. Give up, human.”

That’s when thunder rumbled in the distance. The stranger looked over in the direction of the sound, somewhat confused.

“What the...?” The stranger started to say, turning around to look back at Jordan and find a fist in his face instead.

Which in turn knocked him off his feet and right onto the ground. The stranger shook his head a little and stared up at who had hit him.

“If there’s one thing I learned from Saturn.” Jordan growled, wiping the blood from the side of his mouth onto his shirt sleeve. “It’s that God doesn’t abandon anyone.”
“You’re stupid to believe that.” The stranger sneered, quickly throwing sand in Jordan’s eyes.

Jordan backed off as he tried to get the sand out of his eyes. The stranger got to his feet and was about to attack Jordan but got tackled to the ground in the process by someone else. When the stranger looked up at the person who had tackled him, a look of shock crossed his face.

“You okay, Richie-Rich?” I asked Jordan, as I held the stranger down.
“Saturn, how did you...?” Jordan answered.
“I’ll explain later.” I now focused my attention on the stranger. “First, I have some unfinished business to take care of.”
“This isn’t your fight, Seraphim.” The stranger snarled.
“Wanna bet.” I growled, as I stretched out my wings. “God’s pissed and guess what so am I.”

I picked up the stranger by his neck with one hand. Throwing him up against a tree nearby as I did so. At that same moment, the thunder in the distance rumbled even louder. The stranger just laughed as I held onto him by his throat.

“You can’t kill me. I’m still a part of Jordan. Kill me and he dies as well.” The stranger pointed out.
“On earth that would have been true.” I snarled, as my entire being started to glow a bright white hue. “But we’re no longer on earth. Look around. You’re on my playground now.”
“You sure about that, Seraphim?” The stranger grinned deviously, vanishing in thin air.

I looked around, sniffing the air. I quickly unsheathed my claws when I realized what he was up to.
“Big mistake.” I growled, as I swung around and stabbed the air behind me.

The stranger became visible as he hit the ground. Holding onto his chest as he did so.

“Pathetic.” I said, as I turned around to walk away.
“Saturn.” Jordan spoke up, sensing something.
“He’s dead.” I assured him.
“Um, you might want to look again.”

I turned back around to see the stranger floating in mid-air. His entire being on fire as he let out a roar and flew directly at me. Grab me and taking me to the sky with him. Around the same time, the others showed up through some sort of portal.

“What the...?” Preston began to say, noticing the stranger had me in a choke hold in mid-air.
“Oh my god!” Phoenix exclaimed. “We have to do something!”
“Again this isn’t your fight, Seraphim!” The stranger roared, blasting me into the ground with some sort of telekinetic force.
“SATURN!” Ven cried out.

The stranger now focused his attention on the familia. Landing safely on his feet while blocking anyone from trying to see if I was okay.

“Like sheep to the slaughter.” He deviously laughed.
“You leave them alone.” Jordan growled. “This is between you and I. Not them.”
“I told you it’s too late to play hero. Besides, after what you did do you honestly think they want your help?”
“What is he talking about?” Jeannie raised an eyebrow.
“I know.” Pops answered. “And if you think about it, you’d know to.”
“We don’t blame him for what has happened.” Berls stood up to the stranger. “It wasn’t his fault.”
“Really. And is that how you’re entire familia feels?”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Drew.” Nega warned.
“Isn’t him.” The stranger corrected Nega. “But thanks for playing along. No, there’s quite a few of you who....”
“Don’t listen to him.” Michael interrupted. “He’s just trying to turn everyone against each other.”
“Michael, Michael, Michael.” The stranger laughed. “You’re one of them.”
“You lie.” Michael sneered.
“Do I? Let’s face it if it wasn’t for Saturn you would have killed Jordan by now. Or at least helped Uriel in doing so.”
“Wait, how did you know about Uriel...?”
“I know everything.”
“Oh great, another one who thinks he’s God. Wow.” Sam retorted. “How many does that make?”
“Roughly six hundred. Give or take.” Jay replied, shrugging his shoulders.
“Awful quiet, Michael. Then again if someone was speaking the truth....” The stranger began to point out.
“Shut it.” Michael warned. “You’re nothing but a liar.”
“I have a right to speak....”
“No, you have a right to shut your trap.” Leysa interrupted.
“And who’s gonna stop me if I don’t?”
“We are.”
“You’re all weak!” The stranger exclaimed.
“You underestimate us, my friend.” Tom responded as Wats, Doc and, Dr. Watson appeared next to him.

The others began to power up as they went after the stranger. Azrael quickly pulled Jon a side. Not letting him take part in the fight.

“What the...?” Jon began to ask.
“I need you to do something.” Azrael quickly responded.
“Open a portal to the Abyss.”
“I can’t....”
“Look, it’s the only way to stop this thing.”
“Um, what about killing it.” Jon brought up.
“It’s too powerful even for your brother right now.” Azrael explained. “This is the only way. At least for now.”
“Why can’t God just....”
“If He didn’t think it would affect your brother in some way, He would have killed it by now. Jon please, I’m asking you.”
“I don’t know how to open a portal to the Abyss.”
“Yea, you do. You did it before. Just like with Heaven.”
“Let’s just say you were an adventurous boy when you were young.” Azrael remarked. “Look, just try.”
“Fine.” Jon shook his head a little, not liking the thought of opening a portal to the Abyss.

The others were being tossed around like rag dolls while the stranger just laughed hysterically. The laughter quickly ended when he came face to face with Jordan. A smirk however did appear on his face.

“Something funny.” Jordan sneered, as his claws started to glow a bright red hue.
“Yea. Watching your poor little Saturnite die. The Seraphim of Death isn’t suppose to die but she did. Funny.”

Jordan stabbed right through the stranger. Letting out a roar as he did so. A ring of fire quickly surrounded the both of them as the stranger stumbled a little with laughter. The wound quickly healing.

“You can’t play fire with fire, boy.” The stranger hissed. “You’ll lose.”
“We’ll see.” Jordan responded, going after the stranger.
“What do we do?” Phoenix freaked out.
“Jon.” Azrael said.
“Way ahead of you.” Jon answered, as he concentrated on opening a portal to the Abyss.
“Uh, hate to bring this up but what’s going on?” Michael asked Azrael.
“Just trust me on this. I know what I’m doing.”
“Really. Just like you knew what you were doing during that war with the Romans.”
“Not now!”
“Fine. Whatever. But opening a portal to the Abyss near Heaven isn’t exactly too bright. But hey, if you want to get us all killed. Then go for it. Just don’t come crying to me when it all blows up in your face.” Michael remarked.
“It’s a risk that has to be taken.” Azrael snapped back. “Trust me.”

Jordan now flew backwards out of the ring of fire. Landing a few yards away. The stranger stepped through without a scratch while the ring of fire died out.

“Oh crap.” Preston said. “We’re dead.”
“Get him near the portal.” Azrael ordered as Jon got the portal opened.
“Uh, easier said than done. I mean Richie-Rich just went flying and....”

The others went after the stranger again. Fighting and trying to edge him closer to the portal. But once more he tossed them around like rag dolls. Granted, they put up a good fight. It’s just he was a tad bit stronger than they were. Jordan around this time slowly got to his feet.

“Weak. Every one of you.” The stranger deviously laughed.

His laughter was soon cut short when he found himself being grabbed and flown up to the sky. Only to be let go of, falling to the ground. I landed a few feet away. Folding my wings behind me as I did so.

“You’re suppose to be dead.” The stranger snarled, slowly getting to his feet.
“You can’t kill a soul. You moron.” Nega pointed out. “You can however knock it back into it’s body.”
“Wait, I was battling her....” The stranger stopped himself from finishing.
“Surprise, surprise.” I growled while my entire being started to glow a bright white hue. “ Say bye-bye.”

Before the stranger could react, a lightning bolt flew out of the sky and threw him into the portal to the Abyss. The portal closed up after that.

“SATURN!” Phoenix exclaimed, as she saw me pass out.

Uriel rushed over to me as I laid unconscious on the ground.

“Is she...?” Bags was afraid to ask.
“No.” Uriel answered, taking my pulse. “She just needs rest.”

Around the same time, Jordan began to vanish into thin air.

“What the...?” Joe started to say.
“Don’t worry. He’s just returning to his body.” Gabriel said, while thunder rumbled over head. “Speaking of which you guys better get going.”
“Let me guess, that would be God.” Tom remarked, looking up.
“In some ways, yea.”

A few days later, I awoke to my body feeling like it had been through a war as I slowly got out of bed.

“Morning, sunshine.” Uriel remarked, sitting in a chair next to my bed.
“Where’s Richie-Rich?” I asked.
“Nice to see you too.”
“He’s in his office.”

I headed for the door but not before Uriel grabbed my arm.

“Saturn....” He began to say.
“We’ll talk later. I promise.” I answered.

Uriel let go of my arm as he let out a sigh. He knew there was no way he could win, even if he wanted to.

“Uriel.” I said before leaving.
“Thank you.”
“For what?”
“You know what.”

I left before he could say another word. I headed straight for Jordan’s office. Still somewhat feeling like crap but trying to shake it off the best I knew how. Jordan was sitting behind his desk with his chair facing the window as he looked out at the on coming storm that was approaching. I sat down in the chair across from the desk and couldn’t help but notice a half empty bottle of scotch sitting on the desk.

“So where is everybody?” I asked.
“Berls and the others are planning funerals for....” Jordan stopped himself from saying.
“It wasn’t your fault, Richie-Rich.” I responded, knowing all too well what he was going through. “None of it was.”
“Trust me, there was nothing you could have done to stop what was going to happen.” I assured him. “It’s not your fault nor will it ever be.”

He now turned around in his chair and stared at me for a minute before taking a sip from his glass. I knew what he was thinking but I really didn’t want to push the subject any further then need be. Seeing as I was once down that road.

“So yea I’ve gotta....” I started to say.
“I saw things, Saturn.” Jordan interrupted.
“What sort of things?”
“I think you know what sort of things.”
“I see.” I calmly answered. “So who was the original carrier of your Seal?”
“Huh. Go figure.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Speaking of people named John. Where’s your brother?” I raised an eyebrow.
“He’s around.” Jordan deviously grinned, knowing I would easily get freaked out if Jon phased through me.
“Where exactly?”
“Don’t worry. He isn’t in the room. Speaking of which, I have something to ask you.”
“Crap. Kay, what is it?”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were married?”
“You never asked.”
“Was it that or were you afraid to tell me considering Uriel looks exactly like me.”
“Wait, Uriel looks like you? I’ve never noticed.”

Jordan sat back in his chair, not saying a word.

“What?” I asked with a confused look.
“Nothing.” He replied, as he took another drink from his glass.
“Well, I better get....” I stopped myself from finishing.
“Saturn, what is it?”
“I thought I heard something.”

Just then, Buttters busted through the room. Almost out of breath from running.

“The Westie Boys are at it again.” She said.
“Where are they?” I sighed, having a feeling what they were up to.
“Down at the Pub.”
“I’m coming.”

I got up to leave but not before looking back at Jordan.

“You gonna be okay, Richie-Rich?” I asked, worried about him but trying not to show it.
“I’ll be fine.” He slyly responded. “Go.”
“Don’t worry. I promise not to do anything stupid. I’m not a Westie.”
“That’s debatable.” I remarked as I left, shaking my head a little.

A few days later, the funerals for Thief, Slayer and, Fox took place. No one said a word at the funeral. Neither did anyone point the finger at Richie-Rich. They really couldn’t considering all that had happened and who was really behind it. I could sense that a few in the familia were still doubtful about how innocent he really was though. But I also knew nothing major would come from those doubts. Not only that but I had to focus on the fact that the evil being would sooner or later return. Along with Cain and any other demon looking to get a hold of the Seals and control everything and anything. And as usual, I needed to be ready for everything and anything.

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Poetry Familia 13 Music List:

1. Foo Fighters- "Home"
2. Three Days Grace- "Animal I Have Become"
3. James Blunt- "Carry You Home"
4. John Mayer- "Say"
5. AudioSlave- "Man Or Animal"
6. 3 Doors Down- "It's Not My Time"
7. Goo Goo Dolls- "Here Is Gone"
8. Seether- "Rise Above This"
9. Puddle Of Mudd- "Psycho"
10. Sarah Mclachlan- "Last Dance" *Instrumental Only*
11. Tori Amos- "1000 Oceans"
12. ***Bonus Track*** Staind-"Epiphany"
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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So it’s been awhile and to be honest I’ve actually missed writing about the Familia. You should know things have changed since the last time. Berls finally finished the last of the business with the new Familia home. Meaning we were able to move out of Jordan’s house. Well everyone except yours truly. After all that had happened, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Richie-Rich alone. I figured if something was going to happen like let’s say Cain appearing out of nowhere, then I wanted to be there just in case. Berls and the rest of the Familia understood where I was coming from. Almost everyone. The Texan tried to voice his opinion about the situation but it fell on deaf ears as usual. Uriel also didn’t care for the idea either and I could tell it bothered him somewhat. But I had more important things on my mind to deal with.

It was around one in the morning and I just had laid down to go to sleep when my cell phone went off. Now usually the only time I get a call late at night is when the Westie Boys are in trouble with the law. Either for public intoxication or fighting. However, this wasn’t one of those times. I recognized the number because I had seen it on Richie-Rich’s phone many times before. What puzzled me is why this person would be calling me. Unless of course something was wrong with Richie-Rich and last I knew he was sound asleep in his room.

“What?” I answered my phone, not in the best of moods.
“Saturn?” Jon asked.
“What do you want?”
“I need to talk to you.”
“So talk.”
“Not over the phone. I need to see you in person.”
“Dude, seriously if you’re trying to....”
“Saturn, this is important. It has something to do with your past.”

I didn’t respond at first. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. I thought after going through everything I had overcome my past. I should have know better. I mean hell with a closet full of skeletons, anything and everything could appear out of nowhere when it comes to my past.

“Saturn?” Jon asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Where do you want to meet?” I calmly responded.

Ven and Berls were now locking the house up as the last of the Familia members went to bed. Everyone had a busy day of unpacking and organizing and Berls couldn’t stop from yawning. Ven walked by the empty room that was suppose to be mine and let out a sigh.

“It’s not the same.” She said under her breath. “She should be here with the Familia.”
“You know why she stayed.” Berls spoke up, over hearing Ven.
“But he’s a grown man . . . ” Ven began to protest.
“True. But you know Saturn.”
“Yea, I do. She still shouldn’t stay though. He has a Seal, he can take care . . . ”
“Ven, she cares. And if it was one of us, she’d do the same thing. You and I both know that. She just wants to be sure he’s safe.”
“I guess.” Ven shrugged her shoulders. “It just doesn’t feel the same without her here.”
“I know.” Berls assured her. “But she’ll come home eventually.”

I now sat down on the park bench waiting for Jon while trying to stay warm from the chilly night air. Of all the places to meet, good old Johnny boy wanted to meet in a park. Mind you it’s the middle of winter. And I sort of wished that he had picked some place out of the cold to meet so I wouldn’t freeze to death. I lit up a cigar and began to smoke as I continued to wait. I knew whatever he had to tell me must be important because to call me in the middle of the night was a death wish on his part.

“About damn time you showed.” I said, noticing Jon sitting down next to me out of the corner of my eye.
“Wait, how did you . . . ? I was quiet as a mouse.” He replied.
“Even mice make noise. That and your scent gave you away.”

Jon looked at me somewhat puzzled before it finally hit him.

“I forgot you have that feral thing.” He said, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Yea, so what do you want to talk about?” I got to the point.
“You don’t like me, do you?” Jon asked, noticing my attitude.
“You tell me. After all you thought the Angel of Death was a cute little blonde.”
“I was kidding.”
“Uh huh.”

Jon looked over at me with a raised eyebrow as I continued to smoke my cigar.

“Wait, I didn’t step on your toes did I?” He asked.
“If you had, you would’ve been picking yourself up off the ground.” I calmly stated.
“Then I hurt your feelings . . . ”
“I don’t feel.”
“Funny, that’s not what I heard.” Jon remarked, with a sly grin. “I heard you care about people close to you. My sources also tell me that you have some certain feelings for my brother.”
“Your sources are wrong.” I flat out denied.
“Really. Well, from what I’ve seen my sources may not be to far from the truth.” Jon calmly pointed out.
“It’s not what you think.”
“So you don’t want my brother?”
“Um, no.”
“Sure about that?”
“Huh. Could have fooled me with the way you act around him.”
“With the way I what?” I looked at Jon like he had lost his mind, not believing what I was hearing.
“Look, I’m just saying . . . ” Jon noticed the look I was giving him.
“I know what you’re saying and if I were you I wouldn’t start opening doors unless I knew what was on the other side.” I warned him.

Jon looked at me for a minute before lowering his head and letting out a chuckle.

“What’s so damn funny?” I sneered.
“Nothing.” He answered. “Look, the reason I called you here is because I have a friend who happens to be an archeologist and well she found something . . . Hold on.”

He started to dig around in the backpack he brought only to produce a scroll a few seconds later. Handing it over to me as he set the backpack aside. I unrolled the scroll and began noticing a few things.

“She couldn’t make out the writing let alone the symbols.” He continued.
“It’s Angelic Script.” I responded, still reading it. “It’s the language that angels use in Heaven to communicate with one another. If written upside down though then the message comes from Hell. No human could be able to read let alone understand this.”

That’s when I noticed a word written in Aramaic. It stuck out like a sore thumb next to another word.

“My friend was able to translate that word however.” Jon spoke up, seeing the look on my face. “That’s why I called you. She says it’s the word for Saturn. Is it true?”
“Yea.” I tried to answer as my voice almost broke.
“What is it?”
“It’s a list of those who escaped the Abyss.”
“Hold on, didn’t you spend time in the Abyss?”

I raised an eyebrow as I looked over at Jon. Somewhat curious as to how he knew.

“Jordan told me.” He responded, knowing what I was going to ask.
“I see. Yea, I did.” I went back to looking at the scroll.
“So that has to be your name on the list. Am I right?”
“No, it isn’t.”
“Then whose...?”
“You can open portals to other worlds, right?”
“Yea, why?”
“Because I need a favor.”

Heinzs a.k.a. Pops was reading in the study when Gabriel showed up out of nowhere. Pops could tell something was wrong before Gabriel even said a word. He you could say had a feeling.

“It’s Saturn, isn’t it?” He asked Gabriel.
“Yea, but how did you...?” Michael seemed puzzled.
“I know her, Michael. Nothing with her surprises me.”
“Well, this might.”

Pops raised an eyebrow as he stared at Gabriel for a minute. Setting his book down and getting to his feet while he did so.

“I’ll get the Familia.” He said in a rather calm manner as he headed for the door.

Jon pulled into his driveway. Sitting in his car, thoughts ran through his mind. Like how he was going to tell his brother along with the others why I was missing. He knew that whatever happened he couldn’t tell them the truth. After all, he had promised not to. Jon finally got out of his car and headed into his house. As soon as he turned on the living room lights he saw his brother sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. While Joe, Azrael and the Westie Boys stood around in the room. All eyes were on him and he had a feeling why they had shown up.

“Where is she?” Jordan asked.
“Wait, how did you guys...?” Jon began to say.
“Az saw her leaving.” Sam spoke up. “And your brother found your number on her phone. So where is she?”
“I don’t know.” Jon flat out lied.

Preston’s hand began to glow. Everyone now looked at Jon. Getting somewhat impatient with him.

“He’s lying.” The Texan said while his hand continued to glow.
“I know he is.” Jordan responded calmly, sensing Jon’s fear. “What I want to know is why he would call her to begin with? So Jon why?”

Jon lowered his head and let out a sigh as he closed his eyes.

“She got to you didn’t she?” Jordan asked, noticing the emotion on Jon’s face.
“I owe her.” He answered.
“You don’t owe her anything.”
“She saved your ass. I owe her.”
“Damn it Jon, what is going on?”
“I was given something that I thought she’d be interested in.”
“What was it exactly?” Nega questioned.
“I can’t say. I promised I wouldn’t....” Jon replied.
“Spill it.” Jordan now demanded to know.

Jon knew that none of them was willing to drop this. He also knew that these guys had my back no matter what and if I was in any danger they’d want to know. Which made him begin to wonder exactly what kind of person I was in order to make grown men such as these guys want to watch my back.

“Her father made a majority of us promise to protect her.” Azrael spoke up, reading his mind. “You have to understand, we are only honoring her father’s wishes and looking out for a good friend as well. If she’s in trouble we need to know.”

Jon looked over at Jordan who now sat there quietly but none the less staring at him. Jon didn’t even have to ask him. He knew that his brother had made the same kind of promise. He didn’t know how he knew but he knew none the same.

“Jon, please. Where is she?” Gordy asked.
“She’s looking for her brother.” Jon let out a sigh while lowering his head.
“Her brother is dead. How can she...?” E.T. shook his head in disbelief.
“What have you done?” Azrael stared Jon down.
“It wasn’t me. There was this scroll....” Jon began to say.
“Which you shouldn’t have shown her.”

Everyone now focused their attention on Azrael. He knew he would have to explain but he really didn’t want to. This was one secret he wished had stayed buried.

“What do you know?” Jordan questioned Azrael.
“Lucy didn’t kill Saturn’s brother.” Azrael responded, feeling a headache coming on. “He kidnaped the boy and raised him as one of his own.”
“So wait, would that mean that Cain is....” Jay jumped to conclusions.
“No.” Azrael shook his head. “His name.... Well, he’s changed his name. He calls himself Titan.”
“You mean after one of Saturn’s moons?” Bags spoke up. “Why would he...? Ah, got it.”
“Yea, and there’s more.”
“Really? I thought that was it.”
“Funny but no. Lucy decided to create a Seal of his own and give it to Titan. That way, Titan could hunt down the Seven Seal carriers for good old Lucy.” Azrael replied, remembering the days he had confronted Titan. “The Seal he carries is just as powerful as Saturn’s. If she was ever told and they had met, there’s no doubt he would have killed her.”
“So why was his name on a list of demons who escaped the Abyss?” Jon brought up.
“Because like Saturn, Titan eventually turned on Lucy. But not for good. Titan wanted to be in control of Hell. Lucy of course had him thrown in the Abyss for it. What Lucy forgot to do was take away the Seal which allowed Titan to escape.”
“Still doesn’t explain the list.”
“Actually, I can explain that.” Uriel appeared out of nowhere, folding his wings behind him.

Jordan looked over at Uriel out of the corner of his eye while Preston grumbled under his breath. Uriel just ignored the both of them.

“Wow, how come I have a feeling a few people here want to beat the crap out of Uriel.” Jay remarked.
“Jay.” Bags said, shaking his head.
“So what do you know about this list?” Nega questioned Uriel.
“I know more than any of you.” Uriel grinned.
“If you’re trying to be smart. This isn’t the group to be smart with.”
“Actually, he isn’t.” Jordan spoke up. “Part of his job is to hunt down the demons that escape from the Abyss. And the list is a way of keeping track, am I right?”
“How did you know...?” Uriel began to ask.
“Saturn probably told him.” Preston rolled his eyes. “She tells him everything.”
“She doesn’t tell me everything.” Jordan growled.
“That’s right, what she doesn’t tell you, you just go and read in her journal.”
“Screw you.”
“So why was the list buried in the desert?” Jon questioned Uriel, trying to get back on topic. Also knowing if he didn’t, his brother would have thrown the Texan out the front window.
“I know why.” Azrael spoke up, smiling a little.

Uriel just lowered his head and let out a sigh. The fact that him and I were married at one point seems to be something that Azrael won’t let him forget. Not that he would but Azrael always makes sure just in case.

“He buried the list because not only did he no longer want the job but also because he didn’t want to hurt Saturn. Seeing as they were married at the time that he was doing what he was doing.”
“Enough, Az.” Uriel warned, clenching his teeth.
“So did Saturn ever tell you she felt the same way about you? Or was that a one way road?” Azrael remarked.
“Funny, by the way I’m surprised no one has found your list in the desert. Remind me again, why you quit?” Uriel pointed out.

Azrael shut up after that. Just staring Uriel down the whole time.

“It goes both ways.” Uriel crossed his arms with a smug look.
“Wait, there’s more than one list?” Nega said, sounding somewhat confused.
“Yea. A new list for every angel that replaces the one that quits.” Uriel answered.
“I don’t understand why not just use the same list?”
“Because it’s always being updated.”
“Then why not just give the old one back?”

Uriel looked over at Azrael. Neither one wanted to tell the others but they knew that sooner or later they would have to.

“Because once an angel quits that job, they have to bury the list.” Azrael finally replied. “They aren’t allowed to give it back to God.”
“Why not?” Drew interrupted. “I mean if God created the list....”
“That’s just it. Once He creates something it can’t be returned. No matter what it is.”
“If things could be returned, humans would be trading in their lives everyday for new ones.” Uriel retorted. “There are reasons for laws in Heaven and if you humans only knew.... Just know God has his reasons. And some of those reasons can’t be explained to you humans.”
“So is Saturn’s brother on the new list?” Sam asked.

Azrael and Uriel looked at each other again.

“Actually.” Azrael said. “God decided to leave his name off the new list. Again, to protect Saturn of course.”
“So where did she go, Jon?” Jordan asked in a rather calm demeanor.
“Let me guess, she probably went to the Abyss to look for answers.” Uriel spoke up. “Which she shouldn’t have considering....”
“She didn’t go the Abyss.” Jon interrupted, clenching his fist. “She went home.”
“Home? You mean she’s at the house....” Bags started to reply.
“No. She went home.”

That’s when everyone caught on to what Jon meant by “home”.

“Impossible.” Azrael shook his head in disbelief. “Before she died, she put up barriers. She changed the atmosphere. She changed the weather....”
“She found out what God did.” Uriel laughed a little. “Good old Saturn.”

Uriel lit up a cigar and began to smoke while everyone looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“God never took away her control over the elements.” He continued, knowing what they were thinking. “He just hid it within her Seal. It seems though, she found out. Which is pretty obvious considering her Seal is that of Conquering and Destruction.”
“So wait, she’s actually on the planet?” Drew asked.
“Yea.” Azrael answered.
“No, not cool. If Titan is on the planet then Saturn is in trouble.”
“But her Seal has grown....”
“So has his.”
“We need to find her.” Nega said, not wanting to imagine what would happen if Titan found me.
“We can’t. She’s on another planet.” Preston retorted. “If we step foot on Saturn, we’d die from the lack of air.”
“Actually,” Uriel interrupted “You wouldn’t.”

Back at the Poetry home, Gabriel had just finished telling the Familia what Azrael and Uriel had told the boys. No one knew what to say. They were surprised at what they had been told. The fact that my brother was alive all this time and carried a Seal boggled their minds. The fact that I was also looking for him didn’t help matters any. They knew they had to do something to help but they didn’t know what. Berls phone went off. Breaking the silence that had filled the room. She went into the other room to answer it as the others began to talk amongst themselves until she returned.

“Berls, what is it?” Buttters asked, noticing the look on her face.
“That was E.T. The boys are going to find Saturn.” Berls replied. “And we should do the same.”
“She’s family. We need to help her no matter what.”

I now walked the grounds of my home planet. Looking around at what appeared to be nothing but a wasteland. Having flashbacks of the war played in my head and the smell of death filled my lungs once more. I didn’t even want to be there, let alone stand on the grounds. And I had thought a long time ago that I never would be. I was once again proven wrong. A beeping sound had snapped me out of my thoughts as I looked up and saw one of NASA’s infamous satellites taking pictures of my planet.

“Cute.” I growled, as I raised my hand and blasted the satellite out of the sky.

It landed a few feet away and I walked over. Unsheathing my claws, I sliced through the satellite. Causing it’s signal and everything in it to die out. Something told me the boys at NASA would be running around in a panic but I could care less. They needed to learn to respect the dead and stay away from my planet. Sacred grounds are just that. Sacred. Then again, I never expected humans to understand. Well maybe one. But that’s only because he’s read my journal. Anyway, humans can’t even take care of what God has given them. How could they even comprehend let alone understand that something is sacred. I now continued to walk on. Looking around for any fragments left of the war but knowing chances were next to nothing of finding anything. I had to try though. Something just told me my brother was part of that war. It was just something I couldn’t remember. And even if he wasn’t, Lucy would have still left a clue of some sort. I walked for what seemed like hours only to have my feral senses pick up on something not so ordinary. Something that carried the scent of a demon but not quite a demon itself. I quickly hunt down the source of the scent and came face to face with someone who had apparently been waiting for me. He looked familiar almost identical to my father with the chiseled looks. He had green eyes and short dirty blonde hair and wore a uniform I had once wore back in the days when I was in the Saturn army. There was one thing that did stand out the most. He didn’t have wings like an angel or even a demon but more like that of a dragon. The bones of the wings were covered by what looked like human flesh that had been stretched out. He stood there looking at me with a devious smile. Which if anything did scare me a little.

“Who the hell are you?” I growled in a demanding tone. “And why are you on my planet?”
“Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing.” The stranger continued to deviously smile.
“Wait, you’re my...?” It started to dawn on me who he was.
“I’m you’re what?” He stopped himself, when he realized who I was. “You’re my sister?”
“Yea. So little bro, you’re suppose to be dead? Why aren’t you?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Lucy kidnaped me and raised me as one of his own. He also tried to turn me against you.” He began to explain. “He didn’t count on me finding out the truth. He also didn’t count on his plans backfiring in his face.”
“Huh. Yea but you got sent to the Abyss for it didn’t you?” I questioned.

He looked at me for a minute like he was surprised I knew.

“Your name was on the list.” I said, reading his mind.
“I see.” He calmly responded. “You should know I no longer go by that name.”
“Then what do you call yourself?”
“Ah, after the moon. Clever.”
“I thought so. So tell me sis, do you really carry the First Seal our father once did?”
“Meaning you also carry the royal title I assume. Considering what supposedly happened to me.”
“You’re not getting either.” I growled a little, knowing he was up to something but not exactly sure what it was.
“I don’t want either. I just want your word that neither you or those other Seal carriers won’t try to stop me from killing God.”
“Why would you want to kill God?”
“Because he destroyed our family.”
“Um, no. Lucy did.”
“True, but if He hadn’t created Lucy....”
“Do you know how crazy you sound.” I tried to make sense of it. “You can’t honestly be serious about this?”
“I am.” Titan flat out replied. “And I don’t need you or any of those other Seal carriers interfering in my plans. I need your word.”
“I can’t.” I clenched my fists. “I will defend God and all He’s created until my last dying breath. I’ve pledge my life to that promise. And I will not stand by and just let anyone destroy or kill God or what He’s created. So don’t ask me to.”
“You’re a fool then.” Titan sneered, as his being began to glow a very dark aura. The blackest of black. “Just like the old man.”

Before I could respond I was blasted across the wasteland. Landing a hundred feet away.

“What a shame.” Titan sarcastically remarked with a snicker.

He turned around and walked away. Whistling a tune as he did so. Ten minutes earlier, the others had showed up on Saturn looking for yours truly. What they saw blew their minds. All the ideas and pictures they had in their heads didn’t prepare them for what they were seeing. A total wasteland with little evidence of a war that had once been. There were still little signs of it though. You just had to look hard enough to see it.

“She’s close.” Jordan sniffed the air, picking up on my scent. “And she isn’t alone.”
“It’s probably Titan.”Gabriel responded, looking around.

That’s when he noticed something sticking out of the ground. He went over and bent down to pick it up. When he realized what it was he quickly dropped it.

“Gabs, what is it?” Ven asked.
“We have to get off this area.” He answered.
“But why...?”
“Look, we just have to. This is sacred ground and we’re violating it by standing here.”

Just then Joe’s whole being began to glow a bright blue hue as a rush of pain over came him. What he saw next could have drove anyone to the brink of insanity.

“What the hell?” Bags uttered. “What’s happening?”
“He’s seeing the dead.” Azrael calmly replied.
“Wait, he can see the dead?” Dena said, sounding a little too excited.
“Not like you can, princess. He doesn’t see them as little illuminations of light. He can’t even communicate with them.”Azrael explained. “Only witnessed how they died. Sort of like a history lesson.”
“But how...?”
“His Seal is not only the cause of but also of death. The greatest tragedies that have brought death he sees. Just as easily as his Seal could bring death to others it can also show the carrier the dead itself.”
“Holy crap.” Duchess shook her head in disbelief.

The blue hue surrounding Joe’s being quickly died out while he tried to shake off what he saw. But finding it hard to do so.

“Joe, are you okay?” Phoenix asked, sounding worried.
“Let’s just go.” He muttered, walking away.
“Damn Yankees, you’re all nuts.” Preston remarked.
“Watch yourself, Texan.” Bags warned, noticing the looks Preston was getting. “You might be bargaining for more than you can handle.”
“Please what could these Yanks do to me?” Preston scoffed. “I carry a Seal.”
“Um, so do a few of the Yanks as you call them.” Leysa pointed out.
“Big deal. I still could take these Yanks on.”
“Uh, some of your Westie brothers are Yanks.”
“True, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about those three.” He nodded over at Jordan, Jon and, Joe.
“Are you serious?” Ven interrupted, getting sick of hearing him run his mouth. “Saturn is in trouble and now you decide you want to pick a fight.”
“Uh...” Buttters tried to say, noticing something in the sky.
“What is wrong with you?” Ven continued to chew out Preston. “I swear you’ve lost your mind.”
“Um...” Buttters tried to say again, watching something hit the ground.

The ground beneath everyone soon began to shake and rumble for a second before dying out.

“What the hell was that?!?” Nega exclaimed.
“That was Saturn.” Buttters answered, pointing over to where I had landed.

The others quickly rushed to my aid. Jordan was of course the first one to reach me before anyone else. And what he saw stunned him. It looked as though a meteor had crashed into the ground as smoke rose up from the scorched circle that surrounded my body. He checked my pulse and breathed a silent sigh of relief when he felt a faint heartbeat.

“Is she...?” Gilly was scared to ask.
“No, she’s still alive.” He answered as he picked me up and held me in his arms. “But we have to get her home.”

Uriel made a move to take me away from Jordan but he gave Uriel a look that caused him to back off.

“She’s my wife.” Uriel calmly pointed out.
“She was your wife.” Jordan corrected him, letting out a low growl. “Besides for someone whose shown up to the game a little damn late. You have no say what so ever.”
“That’s what you think.”
“That’s what I know.”
“Why you pathetic....” Uriel started to snarl.
“Don’t.” Azrael got in between Uriel and Jordan. Stopping Uriel from making any attempt. “Remember he’s human, Uriel. You can’t lay a finger on him.”
“I’m not going to let him talk to me like that.” Uriel argued.
“You’re going to have to. Besides, if Saturn saw you two fighting you know it would break her heart. That and she’d have my butt for not breaking you two up.”
“Uriel, please. I have my wife mad at me right now. I don’t need to have another woman after me as well. Especially Saturn.”
“Fine.” Uriel gave up. “But take note, I’m doing it for Saturn.”
“I know.”
“Good. Now that’s settled, Jon...” Val began to say.
“Already done.” He responded, creating a portal home.

As quickly as the portal had opened however it closed twice as fast. Leaving the others to stand around and scratch their heads.

“Um, what gives Johnny-Boy?” Phoenix asked.
“Isn’t me.” Jon replied, trying again but to no avail. “What the hell?”
“It’s him.” Azrael spoke up, picking up on Titan’s presence. “He wants us to stay.”
“Who...? What are you talking about?” E.T. sounded confused.
“Titan.” Jay answered, picking up on his presence as well. “He’s watching us as we speak.”
“Really? So if I gave him a finger would he see it?” Nega remarked.
“Jimmy!” Berls shook her head in disapproval.
“Hey, I didn’t say which one.”
“Um guys.” Tom interrupted. “We have company.”

In the distance, Titan and an army of demons behind him walked towards the others. They didn’t seem to be in any hurry and it looked as though some were laughing at the Familia. Calling them nothing but mere and weak humans. Around the same time, Michael and an army of angels appeared out of nowhere. Blocking Titan and his army from getting any closer to the Familia.

“Mikey, what’s going on?” Uriel asked.
“God sent the boys and I here to hold off Titan and his army.” Michael replied. “So you guys can go home.”
“He wants you to get Saturn out of here.”
“Uriel, we have to.” Gabriel interrupted, looking over at me as I laid lifeless in Jordan’s arms. “We have to get her as far away from Titan as possible.”
“Jon, I think you know what to do.” Michael said.
“I tried before...” Jon began to explain.
“Try again.”

So he did. And this time the portal stayed open as the others rushed into it. Michael and the army of angels turned on Titan and the demons.

“Get ready boys!” Michael exclaimed, unsheathing his sword and spreading out his wings.

Jordan was the last one through the portal and right before it closed he glanced back and saw the weather quickly changing. He looked down at me as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.

“I’ll be damned.” He said, under his breath.

Titan and Michael now clashed with one another while the demons and angels fought amongst each other. It started to look similar to a war that had once took place on the same grounds. And for a minute, Michael felt himself having a flashback to that day but he shook it off.

“You can’t stop me.” Titan snarled. “I’ll defeat you.”
“I don’t think so, boy.” Michael retorted. “Look around, the weather is changing.”
“So you’ll die before you even get the chance to kill me.”

Titan knew he was right and called off his army. A second later, Titan and his army vanished into thin air. Michael and the boys watched without so much as moving a muscle. Granted, they could have gone after them but at that moment there was no point to do so. Michael began to look around, the flashbacks coming back once more to haunt his mind.

“Michael?” One of the angels asked, noticing the expression on his face.
“We should have done more.” Michael said out of the clear blue.
“It made no sense going after them.”
“I’m not talking about them.”
“Let’s get out of here.” Michael shook his head, ignoring the worried looks.

An hour later, Jordan was sitting by my bedside. Waiting for yours truly to wake up. Uriel who had now snuck into the room, couldn’t help but watch from within the shadows of the room. Jordan of course picked up on his scent but could care less that he was there.

“So are you going to ask me?” Uriel finally broke the silence.
“Ask you what?” Jordan responded.
“What happened between Saturn and I.”
“I already know. You got married because she was trying to help you out with something And then you two went your separate ways after you were out of whatever mess you had been in.”
“Wow, you actually remember that?” Uriel laughed nervously. “And all this time I thought humans had a lack of....”
“Of what?” Jordan growled.
“Nothing. Look, you only know part of it. All the first half of what you said was true the second part not so much.” Uriel not lit up a cigar and began to smoke. “It’s true that after about a year, I was out of the situation I had gotten into to but as for Saturn and I.... Let’s just say there was a choice of staying married and she pretty much didn’t want to.”
“And let me guess, you wanted to.” Jordan bluntly responded.
“Well yea. Any man would be crazy not to. I mean spend time with that pretty little thing and you’ll find yourself falling.... Come to think of it, you’ve spent time with her. Lord knows, you’re around her everyday.” Uriel remarked. “So are you?”
“Am I what?”
“Falling for her?
“She’s a friend. That’s it.”
“Huh.” Uriel chuckled a little.
“What’s so funny?” Jordan sneered.
“Nothing really. It’s just I use to say the same thing.”

Michael showed up before Jordan could say another word. He had overhead the conversation and decided it would be best to intrude before a fight broke out.

“So what have I missed?” He asked, noticing that Uriel was getting under Jordan’s skin.
“Nothing.” Jordan answered, trying to ignore Uriel. “Did you take care of Titan?”
“Nope. The atmosphere kind of changed and well they ran. So how’s Saturn?”
“Still out of it.”
“So I take it we’re going to ignore the fact I was having a talk with Jordan.” Uriel interrupted.
“Uriel, whatever conversation you were having just drop it.” Michael strongly advised.
“Actually kind of hard to, Mikey. Considering it was about Saturn oh and I don’t know that human over there.”
“Uriel, don’t start man.”
“Why Mikey? I mean come on it’s so obvious what’s going on with those two. Yet, no one wants to talk about it except me. Why is that?”
“Maybe because everyone realizes that they just have a friendship and nothing more.”
“Really? Could have fooled me.”
“Jealous much.” Michael retorted. “Look, Saturn will never be in love with you. So get over it, Uriel.”
“He’s human though. Why would she...?”
“I swear to the Almighty. Either drop it Uriel or else.” Michael said, trying not to lose it.
“Fine. I’ve got better things to do anyway.” Uriel vanished in thin air.
“Unbelievable.” Michael said under his breath, shaking his head at the way Uriel was acting.
“So do you know where Titan is?” Jordan asked, changing the subject.
“No.” Michael shrugged. “I’ve got a few of my people trying to find out for me though.”

Just then Phoenix ran into the room. Almost out of breath with a look of fear on her face.

“Phoenix, what is it?” Michael asked, sounding concerned.
“It’s... It’s....” She tried to answer, turning my T.V. on and trying to find a channel.

When she found the news she left it. Titan’s face soon appeared as a camera man zoomed in on him and his army of demons terrorizing all of downtown Boston. People were running away in fear of what he’ll do next. He just stood there with a devious grin and blood on his hands.

“Great. Just what we need.” Michael sarcastically remarked, hearing me wake up.

Jordan and Phoenix noticed as well. Phoenix quickly turned the T.V. off so I wouldn’t see.

“What the...?” I began to say, feeling somewhat groggy. “How did I...?”
“We found you.” Jordan bluntly replied.
“Wait, how did you...?”
“Jon told us where you were.”
“Well, so much for trusting Johnny-Boy on keeping his mouth shut.” I grumbled.
“Hey, if he hadn’t you would have been dead.” Jordan pointed out.
“You don’t know that.”
“You’re right I don’t.”
“How were you able to get on Saturn anyway?”
“The same way you did.”
“You shouldn’t have.” I now got out of bed. “I can take care of myself.”
“So lying unconscious on the ground is all part of taking care of yourself then?” Jordan remarked.

I just let out a low growl in response. Berls and Pops around this time entered my room. They wanted to see if Phoenix had told Jordan and Michael about Titan. However, they quickly decided not to say anything when they saw I was up. The others were downstairs watching the news on the T.V. and Pops shut my door so I couldn’t hear.

“Saturn, you’re up.” Berls said, sounding a little surprised.

Something in her voice was off. Like she was hiding a secret of some sort. I looked over at Michael and he looked away. Which raised even more red flags in my mind.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking back at Berls and Pops.
“Nothing. What makes you ask that?” Berls now sounded even more off.
“It’s about Titan, isn’t it?”

They both didn’t want to say it and they didn’t have to look at each other without knowing what the other was thinking. That’s when my feral hearing kicked in and I could over hear the news on the T.V. downstairs.

“Phoenix.” I said.
“Yes, Saturn?” She answered.
“Turn the T.V. on.”
“Do it. Now.”

So she did. Images of Titan appeared on the screen while he continued to terrorize and kill more innocent people.

“So that’s his plan.” I sighed, lowering my head.
“Saturn?” Berls looked worried. “Are you okay?”
“Why wasn’t I told, Michael?” I asked, looking over at him out of the corner of my eye.
“About what?” He tried to play dumb.
“You know what.”
“Saturn doll, you don’t understand. He’s more powerful than you. If you were told you would have gotten yourself killed. God didn’t want that.”
“And now?”
“You can’t fight him. There’s no way you’d be able to stop him. Look, maybe you should let the others take care of this.”
“He’s my brother.” I growled. “Therefore, he’s my problem. No one else’s. Besides, if you think I don’t stand a chance what the hell makes you so sure they will?”
“She’s got you there.” Phoenix spoke up.

Jordan coughed. Acting like he wasn’t the least bit amused by my temper. He had seen it so many times before it no longer phased him.

“You have something to say.” I snapped at him, noticing the smug look on his face.
“No.” He calmly replied.

I unsheathed my claws as I left without saying another word. I was determined to go after my brother and not have anyone get in my way. After all like I said before, he was my problem.

“What the hell was that?!?” Phoenix exclaimed, turning on Jordan. “Why didn’t you stop her?”
“I learned long ago not to argue with a temperamental woman.” He answered, still in a calm manner.

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An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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