Poetry Familia #8-16

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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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“Ah, grasshopper has surpassed the teacher.” Michael remarked.
“But she’ll get herself killed.” Phoenix pointed out.
“No, she won’t.” Jordan sat back in his seat.
“How can you be sure of that?”
“Because she won’t get near her brother.”
“What?” Berls raised an eyebrow, confused a little.
“Look out the window.” Jordan responded.

So Berls, Pops and Phoenix did while Michael remained seated. He had a feeling what Jordan had done. I now walked down the driveway when out of nowhere I suddenly disappeared within a flash of light. Jon headed over to where I had been and looked up at Berls, Pops and, Phoenix.

“What have you done?” Michael questioned Jordan.
“She’s safe.” He replied.
“Where is she?”
“Look, we need to....”
“Can you guys leave us alone for a minute?” Michael said to Pops, Berls and, Phoenix.
“Yea sure.” Pops answered. “Come on girls, the boys need to talk.”

As soon as they left, Michael turned his attention back on Jordan.

“You can’t protect her from everything.” Michael calmly stated. “I even learned that.”
“So what then let her get killed?” Jordan argued. “I did what I had to. Besides, you said yourself she couldn’t fight Titan.”
“True, but I wouldn’t have had my brother send her to another place to keep her out of harm’s way either.”
“Yea, but.... you don’t understand.”
“You’re kidding, right?” Michael raised an eyebrow. “I’ve just oh I don’t know traveled with the woman over the centuries. Think of her as a little sister and still try my hardest not to be overprotective even though I made the same promise you did to her father to look out for his little girl. Yet, you’re right I don’t understand. Come on Richie-Rich, who do you think you’re fooling?”

Jordan just let out a low growl and all Michael could do was shake his head a little in response.

“Sorry.” Michael continued, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth. “I forget you only let Saturn call you that. Go figure, you and Uriel aren’t that different after all.”
“So what now?” Jordan changed the subject.
“Well, now we have to fight Titan. At least until Saturn gets back.” Michael answered, getting to his feet. “And when she does, I really don’t want to be you.”
“She’ll understand I only did it because I care about her as a friend.”
“Uh huh. You just keep telling yourself that when she tears you a new one. And she will.”

I was standing in the middle of what seemed to be the Antarctica. Miles and miles of snow and ice. No signs of human life what so ever. I had a feeling who had sent me here and of course who had put him up to it. I also had an idea as to why it was done. Was I happy about it was a whole other matter.

“Damn.” I lowered my head, letting out a sigh as I searched my jacket pocket for a lighter and a cigar.

I lit up the cigar and put the lighter away. Smoking as I continued to sit on the ice and contemplate a few things. Like how I was getting home for one. Metatron showed up around this time. Landing on his feet while folding his wings behind him. He cleared his throat trying to get my attention. I just ignored him.

“So what are you thinking?” He asked.
“How I’m gonna ring Richie-Rich’s neck for this.” I sharply responded.
“I see. So then you’re not going to help them?”
“Don’t know how. Seeing as I’ve got sent miles and miles away.”
“Hey, if Richie-Rich thinks he’s a big enough boy to handle it. Then so be it. Which reminds me is Ariel around?”
“Yea, why?”
“No reason. I just have something I need her to do.” I said with a sly smile.
“What are you up to, little Seraphim?” Metatron crossed his arms.
“Nothing.” I continued to smile.

Meanwhile in downtown Boston, Jordan and the others were getting their rears handed to them by Titan and his army so to speak. Funny thing is they really didn’t have a plan. Just went in fighting. Which is one thing that I’ve learned over the years that you don’t do. Spaz now stood face to face with Titan. Putting her life on the line as she protected some innocent kids from Titan’s wrath. Titan deviously grinned at her pathetic attempt to stop him. Before he could even attack Spaz however, Jon phased through her and knocked Titan to the ground. Titan quickly got to his feet and wiped the blood from the side of his mouth on his sleeve.

“Big mistake, mortal.” He snarled, grabbing Jon by his neck and lifting him off his feet.

Titan’s hand began to glow as a devious grin appeared on his face once again. The grin soon faded away when he heard the sound of something being unsheathed. He had an idea who it was. Jordan stood a few feet behind him with a set of claws pointed directly at him. Titan let go of Jon. Laughing somewhat as he did so.

“You’ll catch your death, Seal carrier.” Titan said, keeping his back turned.
“How did you...?” Jordan began to ask in a growl.
“My Seal was created with a little bit of what each of your Seals carries. Except for the Seventh one. Lucy couldn’t quite figure that one out.” Titan explained. “Anyway, my Seal like the fifth one can find and identify other carriers. Even the ones like your son and Athena carry.”
“You leave them alone.” Isis warned, speaking up.
“Oh don’t worry. I have no interest in them. Not now anyway.” Titan continued to deviously grin. “However, I just might need their parts of the Seventh Seal to go to heaven and see the look on God’s face after I’ve killed every human. I’d also like to see the look on my sister’s face when she realizes she has failed... Speaking of which where is she?”
“Safe.” Jordan continued to growl, as he kept his claws pointed at Titan. “And far the hell away from you.”
“I see. Then I take it you plan on stopping me?” Titan now faced Jordan.
“You could say that.”
“You’ll die.”
“So you think.”
“No, I know.” Titan’s being began to glow the dark aura it had before. “You’re out of your league here, human. If I were you I’d walk away.”
“Can’t do that.” Jordan responded, as his being started to glow a red hue. “Actually, I won’t.”
“Whoa, Seal fight.” Duchess remarked.

Before a fight could even break out. A bolt of lightning flew out of the sky and landed in between Jordan and Titan. Causing the ground to shake beneath their feet for a split second until finally dying out. After that the sound of heels clicking on the cement could be heard as someone approached.

“Saturn?” Ven said, rasing an eyebrow.
“Uh Saturn doesn’t wear heels.” Jeannie pointed out.
“Then who is it?”
“I know who it is.” Azrael smiled a little.
“The angel with the new list. The Seraphim of Love and Peace. And also my wife.”
“Wait Az, Ariel has the list?” Michael sounded surprised.
“Well thanks for telling us, bro. Keeping any other secrets we need to know about?”
“Why would she be here though? I thought Titan was no longer on the list.” Pops spoke up.
“You’re right. He isn’t.” Ariel replied, stepping out of the shadows as she walked closer to everyone.

The Texan couldn’t help but check her out and he wasn’t the only guy doing so. She was a petite blonde hair, blue-eyed angel with a sweet innocent glow about her. The kind of angel humans would think of when describing such a being. Case in point, Johnny-boy’s idea of what an angel should be. No matter how naive or narrow minded it sounds. But don’t let her looks fool you, folks. Under neath the exterior she’s a woman not to be reckoned with. She doesn’t take crap from anyone not even dear old Az. She also happens to be a dear friend of mine and I’ve known her as long as I’ve known Az. Which is pretty much all my life.

“Watch yourself, guys.” Az warned, noticing the stares she was getting. “That’s my wife.”
“Az, no offense.” Gordy answered. “But your wife is....”
“I know. Believe me, I know. Trust me though, live with her and you’d be singing a different tune.”

Ariel gave Az the “look” out of the corner of her eye. And he decided to shut up from that point on. The last thing he wanted to do was get on her bad side considering that they had just gotten over a fight.

“So what brings you here, Ariel?” Gabriel asked.
“Saturn asked me to keep on eye on things until she got back.”Ariel responded, now standing before Jordan and Titan. “Make sure that none of you get hurt by Titan or the other way around.”
“Titan just killed innocent people. He needs to be stopped.” E.T. argued. “Why would she...?”
“He’s still Saturn’s brother. We need to respect that.”
“Look lady, I don’t know what planet you fell from but around here we handle things differently.” Drew remarked.
“Wrong thing to say.” Az said under his breath, as he lowered his head and shook it.

Ariel walked over to Drew. She stood face to face with him noticing that he wasn’t afraid of her by no meanings. Which meant he was either stupid or didn’t really know who she was or what she was capable of.

“If you weren’t part of the Familia that Saturn cares about. You’d be dead.” She stared Drew down.
“Blah, blah, blah.” He rolled his eyes. “What could you possibly....”

Drew wasn’t even allowed to finish his sentence when a lightning bolt flew out of the sky again. Hitting him dead on and causing him to fly backwards and hit the ground. Ariel turned her attention back on the others while Dena rushed over to see if Drew was okay.

“Is he...?” Gilly was afraid to ask.
“Don’t worry.” Ariel assured her. “I didn’t kill him. I have rules to follow like everyone else.”
“You’re an angel. You can’t just go...” Bags began to say but got interrupted by Tom who covered his mouth.
“Their God’s creatures.” Tom responded, uncovering Bags mouth. “They can do what they please as long as God allows it.”
“Put those away.” Ariel now said to Jordan, pointing at his claws as she walked by. “Of course unless you want to be the one to tell Saturn that you killed her brother.”
“He almost killed her.” Jordan growled.
“And he’ll be punished for it. Now put them away.”

Jordan stood there for a minute before sheathing his claws and letting the red glow die out. But still making sure to keep an eye on Titan.

“Pathetic.” Titan sneered. “Humans are such a weak breed. Letting their morals and emotions get the best of them. Their biggest downfall if you ask me.”
“Apparently you forget where you come from.” Gabriel remarked. “As I recall there was a civilization just like mankind that was similar in more ways than one.”
“I never belonged to that species. I was raised by the fires of Hell.” Titan argued.
“True, but the blood of that species still runs in your veins. You can’t deny where you originally come from nor can you ignore it.”
“I can damn well try.”
“Really? Well then if you choose to why are you seeking supposed revenge for your family?”

Titan took a step back. Surprised somewhat that Gabriel knew of his plans.

“You think and He knows. You speak and He knows. You do and He knows.” Gabriel said flat out. “And I hate to tell you this, my friend. But you’ll fail.”

Fed up with Gabriel running his mouth, Titan went after him. Only to end up being knocked on his rear. Gabs hadn’t lifted a finger but was somehow able to defend himself. Titan quickly got back on his feet and tried to go after Gabriel again. The sky around this time grew dark which caused Titan to stop dead in his tracks.

“What the hell?” Nega remarked, looking up.

The sun soon became eclipsed as the moon blocked it. Which in turn caused a blinding white glow to light up the sky. The ground beneath everyone’s feet started to shake and split open. Swallowing Titan’s army in the process while doing so. After the last of Titan’s army was gone, the eclipse ended and the sun came out.

“Impossible.” Michael whispered under his breath. “She doesn’t have the ability on earth to... Unless...”
“Unless what?” Jay asked, overhearing.
“It wasn’t Saturn.” Uriel spoke up.
“Then who...?” Michael began to question.
“You know as well as I do who.”
“Yea, but why would...?”
“Because he’s pissed.” I interrupted, showing up out of nowhere with Metatron walking next to me as I smoked a cigar.
“You’re suppose to be in Antarctica.” Dena said, giggling. “I mean that’s where Richie-Rich had Jon send you.”
“So I figured.” I responded, looking over at Jordan out of the corner of my eye.
“What?” He asked, crossing his arms.

I just ignored him. Shaking my head a little while I focused my attention on Titan.

“So little brother, it seems your plan failed.”
“No, it hasn’t.” Titan sneered. “I’ve only just begun.”
“Good Lord, no one can possibly be this stupid.” Leysa rolled her eyes in disgust. “He doesn’t even have an army.”
“He doesn’t need one.” Azrael kept a sharp eye on Titan. “You forget he has a powerful weapon within himself.”
“So you figured out my plan?” Titan asked me.
“Yea.” I answered, continuing to smoke my cigar. “Not very original considering a few demons before you have tried.”
“Not to the extent as I though.” Titan deviously grinned.
“Um yea, okay.” I raised an eyebrow. “Any who, someone should have told you bro. That well trying to kill God indirectly by killing off what He’s created and cares for never works. It just pisses Him off.”
“Wait, how would killing off what God has created and care for kill God?” Tom asked, somewhat confused.
“There’s this silly little rumor in hell that if you kill off the one thing God loves and cares about most, which is humans, than it will emotionally destroy God to the point that He dies of heartache.” Ariel explained. “Which is of course absurd. Considering one God can’t die and two even though God is forgiving of humans who take other’s lives. Not so easy to do but He still does. He’s not so forgiving of demons killing humans. If anything He gets....”
“Pissed.” Nega said flat out before Ariel could finish.
“I wouldn’t say it like that but yea.”

Titan now took the opportunity to charge after me, getting ready to attack. I didn’t make a move. Just stood there smoking my cigar in a calm manner. Jordan quickly blocked Titan’s attack by standing in front of me. Holding his claws out at Titan as his hand began to glow a red hue.

“I can handle this, Richie-Rich.” I said still in a calm manner.
“I’m not letting him get near you.” Jordan growled in response, not keeping his eyes off of Titan.
“Huh. Go figure.” I remarked, sensing his temper. “Some thing tells me it’s your turn to be sent to Antarctica to cool off.”

Metatron chuckled a little. Knowing exactly what I was talking about.

“Saturn....” Berls tried to interrupt but I held up my hand. Preventing her from doing so.
“Jordan, please.” I said, putting the cigar out on the ground. “I can handle this.”
“I can’t let you fight him.” Jordan responded, still growling as he continued to stare at Titan. “He’ll kill you.”
“Oh, is that all?” I sarcastically remarked. “Have we forgotten I’m the Seraphim of Death. I can’t die.”
“Damn it, Saturn.”
“Jordan, he’s my brother. Please.”

Titan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as he noticed how protective Jordan was. And then he said something that made everyone take a step away from Jordan.

“Funny, how you’re so protective of my sister but when it came to your wife....” Titan began to say.

Before Titan knew what hit him, he was getting the crap beat out of him by Jordan.

“Damn.” I sighed, lowering my head.
“Saturn.” Gabriel said.
“Drew.” I responded, giving him the look out of the corner of my eye.
“On it.” Drew answered, holding his hand up as he stopped time.

Which in turn prevented Jordan from taking another swing at Titan.

“Ven.” I said.

She nodded in response. Using her telekinesis to move Jordan away from Titan. I now walked over to where Titan was laying on the ground and placed my hand on his forehead. My hand started to glow a white hue and Titan’s eyes slowly shut. I took my hand off his forehead and just lowered my head again, letting out another sigh.

“What did you do?” Duchess asked.
“He’s sleeping.” I answered. “We’re going to take him home.”
“What?!?” Preston exclaimed. “Have you lost your mind? He’ll kill you not to mention us.”
“No he won’t.” I calmly replied.
“What makes you so sure of that?”
“There’s a lot of things Gesu taught me when I was traveling with him. One of those things was that there’s good as well as bad in everyone and that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they’ve done. I’m trying to give him that second chance. Don’t ruin it, Texan.”
“Let it go, Preston.” Tom spoke up. “She needs to do this.”
“Look doll, I understand he’s your brother but this is nuts.” Azrael interrupted.
“Az, don’t.” I warned.
“Don’t what? It’s okay that you’re trying to apply what you’ve been taught by Gesu but do you know how crazy you sound?”
“And remember before they called you insane, they called me the same.” I bluntly responded.
“Who said that?” Gilly asked.
“Gesu.” I answered.
“That was never in the Bible.” E.T pointed out.
“Not every quote of His was.” I now walked over to where Ven had set Jordan down.
“You know he isn’t going to be thrilled by the idea.” Jay said.
“I know.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Drew, is there anyway you can start up time again without unfreezing him?” I questioned.
“No. I can’t. Sorry.” Drew shrugged his shoulders.
“It’s okay. I’ll just have Johnny-Boy over there help me with plan B.”
“Plan B?” Bags scratched his head. “Wait, you don’t mean....”
“I think it’s time Richie-Rich went some place to cool off for a bit.” I said with a sly grin. “Some place cold.”
“Uh, yea.” Michael responded, not liking the sound of it one bit. “How come I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about this later.”

An hour later, Jordan woke up in the middle of a snow covered wasteland known as Antarctica. He had an idea as to how he got there.

“SATURN!” He roared, clenching his fists.
“She can’t hear you.” Michael spoke up, appearing out of nowhere and handing Jordan a coat. “Here. She didn’t want you to freeze by the way.”
“Why did she...?”
“She said you needed to cool off.”
“Huh. And what about Titan?”
“He’s being taken care of.” Michael assured him. “You’re lucky she only sent you somewhere to cool off. Most people would have gotten their neck broken by her.”
“Hey, he said....”
“I know what was said. You have to remember though Saturn asked you not to attack her brother.”Michael pointed out. “And you did anyway.”
“Jordan please, I’m asking you to understand that this isn’t an easy time for Saturn right now. She’s torn between doing what’s right and saving her brother.” Michael explained. “I mean put yourself in her shoes, what would you do if Titan was Jon?”

Jordan stared at Michaell for a minute. Realizing that he had indeed screwed up by attacking Titan the way he did.

“Damn.” He cursed under his breath, lowering his head somewhat.

I now sat in a chair next to my bed as Titan continued to sleep. I had him restrained with chains because I knew he could easily break through rope. This way I had a split second to react if need be.

“You can’t save him.” Uriel spoke up, hiding within the shadows of the room. “He’s too far gone to even consider saving.”
“Or so you think.” I calmly stated.
“I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.”
“There not.”
“Could have fooled me. You forget I know you better than anyone else.”
“Or so you think.” I said again.

Uriel raised an eyebrow. Noticing the smile appearing out of the corner of my mouth.

“What could he possibly know that I don’t?” Uriel scoffed, lighting up a cigar as he smoked it. “He’s human, for God’s sake.”
“Well, according to the busted lock on my journal. A lot.” I continued to smile.
“Yea, but didn’t you tell me the Westie Boys were reading your journal as well.”
“The one I planted, yes. Richie-Rich however was able to find my real one and read it. Actually, I think he kept it for awhile because I could never find it.” I thought about it for a second. “But it’s more than just the journals.”
“What could...?”
“He’s been digging into my past. Asking people I know a bunch of questions and basically trying to figure out the puzzle with the pieces he has.” I interrupted Uriel.
“How do you know this?”
“I just do.”
“More than one person has told me what’s he’s been up to. That’s why....”
“Why what?”
“I have to distance myself from him.” I let out a sigh, lowering my head as I closed my eyes. “I can’t let him get too close.”
“But you already have, doll. You just don’t know it.” Uriel laughed a little.
“No, I haven’t.”
“Beg to differ. But then again, you’ve never let anyone get close to you. So I can see why you wouldn’t notice.”
“And you wonder why I didn’t stay married to you.” I bluntly retorted.
“Actually as of now I’m still wondering why you wouldn’t let me....” Uriel tried to say.
“Wouldn’t let you what?”
“Nothing. Forget it.”
“No, tell me. I’m curious to know how I could stop you from doing anything.”
“Look, I don’t want to fight about this.” Uriel felt a headache coming on.
“Too late.” I snapped at him.
“Fine. If you must know, we’ve never made... That is....”
“Spit it out.”
“While we were married we never....”
“Damn it, Uriel.” I interrupted, knowing what he was going to say. “I never thought of us like that. You were just a friend who needed someone to help him out. That’s it.”
“Um, as I recall there was a time when you fell for me.”
“Or so you thought.”
“Yea, and now you’re acting the same way with that human as you once did with me. Go figure.” Uriel remarked. “However, there is one difference.”
“And that would be?” I asked.
“You’ve let your guard down with him. You’re not as tough with him as you are with everyone else. Then again, that’s what happens when you let someone get close.”
“Look, I’m just as....” I began to argue.
“No, you’re not.”
“You know what, drop it.”
“Fine. I just thought....”
“Uriel.” I warned in a low growl.
“Okay.” He put his hands up in defense. “I’ll drop it.”

My phone around this time went off and I quickly answered it. I wanted to do anything but talk to Uriel more about Richie-Rich. Bags was on the other end and anything but happy. It seems there was a problem down at the Pub. The reason he called me is well because he had a feeling I was the only one the “problem” would listen to. After I had gotten off the phone, I told Uriel to keep an eye on my brother while I headed down to the Pub. It didn’t take me long to get there and when I did walk through the front door, I could tell the Westie Boys for once were glad to see me. Usually they’d cry and whine because I would bust their chops but not this time. No, this time someone else was the problem. He had picked a fight with the Westies and had won. Which was a total surprise to me. It also seemed that this certain someone had busted one of the front windows to the Pub as well. Which was another clear indication of a fight. A fight the Westies had lost. Which again, still surprises me.

“Where is he?” I asked Bags, who was behind the bar.

Bags pointed over towards a dark corner of the Pub where he was sitting in a booth and nursing his drink. I walked over and sat down across from him.

“I would expect this from Richie-Rich.” I calmly stated as I lit up a cigar. “Not from you.”

He didn’t respond. Just continued to drink from his glass a little at a time. I saw that his hand was wrapped up in a bar towel and I couldn’t help but look over at the busted window and then back at him.

“Busting windows and starting fights with my Westie Boys is no way to solve any problems. It just causes more.” I said, smoking my cigar.
“I saw it.” Joe finally replied.
“Saw what?”
“The war on Saturn. My Seal... it showed me things.”
“Huh. Well, you’re Seal is after all that of Death....”
“I saw you die.”

I fell silent. I didn’t know how to react. Granted, I had died during the war but I always tried to block that part out of my mind. Funny thing is, every time I tried to regain a memory I wanted, that part would always pop up. Thus the reason for my nightmares.

“I died once. You know that.” I shook it off.
“Yea, well knowing and seeing are two different things.” Joe said, taking another drink from his glass.

I raised an eyebrow as I stared at Joe for a minute. It never really did occur to me how someone would have viewed my death. Then again, I never thought anyone really would. Let alone be shown the hell that went on during the war on Saturn.

“I’m sorry.” I said, lowering my head as I let out a sigh. “No one deserves to see that.... mess.”

Joe sat back a little in his seat as he looked at me somewhat surprised.

“What?” I asked, noticing the expression on his face.
“Nothing.” He shook his head.
“Joe, if you have something to say then say it.”
“It’s nothing just that.... It’s ironic that the Seraphim of Death is apologizing. Which you shouldn’t be doing by the way considering it’s not your fault.”
“Yea, well some would disagree with you.”
“Can I ask you something?” Joe now set his drink aside.
“What?” I replied.
“Those nightmares you have do they feel real? Like you’re re-living it over and over again?”
“Man, how do you keep yourself from going insane?”
“To be honest, I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders a little. “I do know this however, trying to drown it out with booze doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried. Lord knows I’ve tried.”

I now looked over again at the busted window and saw that Gilly was cleaning up the broken glass on the floor.

“So you gonna pay for that?” I asked, changing the subject.
“Yea, as soon as I can get in contact with the owner.” Joe deviously grinned, knowing who the owner was exactly. “I might have to find some other method of payment seeing as I don’t have cash on me.”
“Hold on, I didn’t turn my phone up loud enough so your wife could here.” I sarcastically remarked.
“I was talking about renting Jordan out to... but hey, if you’re not interested.”
“So I should tell your wife to make funeral arrangements for you, is that what you’re saying?”
“Good one.”
“Don’t screw with me, Irish boy. I deal with the Westies time and time again. Dealing with anyone besides them is a walk in the freaking park.”

Duchess ran into the Pub around this time. Out of breath and with the look of fear on her face.

“Saturn... it’s Titan... he’s up...” She tried to say, catching her breath.
“Crap.” I said, getting to my feet with Joe following my lead.
“There’s more.” Duchess continued. “Jordan is well... he’s back.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked over at Joe out of the corner of my eye.

“Hey, I’m not the one who sent him to Antarctica.” Joe backed away a little in defense.
“The house is also....” Duchess began to say. “It’s being torn apart.”
“Great.” I growled, unsheathing my claws as I headed for the door.

It didn’t take us long to get back to the house. Bags and the others from the Pub had followed behind Joe and I. I was hoping that neither Titan nor Jordan would end up killing the other one until I got there. But after the crack that Titan made about Richie-Rich’s wife, he probably was getting his butt handed to him. Can I blame Richie-Rich for wanting to beat the crap out of Titan? No. But I couldn’t let it happen either. I mean Titan is after all my brother. When I went to open the front door to the house it literally fell off it’s hinges and landed on the floor with a thud. I was the first to walk in and see the house had been torn up and that a few of the Familia members were hurt. Those who weren’t were attending to those who were and all the while I looked around for Titan and Jordan.

“They're not here, doll.” Michael said, walking towards me.
“What happened?” Joe asked.
“Pure hell.” Ven tried to describe it. “Titan woke up and all hell just broke out. And if Jordan hadn’t shown up when he did, we’d all be dead.”
“Speaking of which, I wonder how he got back so fast?” I now looked over at Michael.
“Come on, sis. You didn’t spend that much time there.” Michael explained. “It would have been unfair if you had him do so.”
“Yea. We’ll talk later. Where are they now?”
“Jordan thought it would be best if him and Titan fought somewhere else.” Pops interrupted. “Somewhere safe so no one else got hurt. And Jon helped him making that possible but not before....”
“Before what?”
“Saturn he got hurt.”
“How bad?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Real bad.” Pops flat out answered. “Spaz is upstairs taking care of him.”

I went upstairs without saying another word. I entered Jordan’s room to find Spaz sitting on the bedside and wiping away the blood from Jon’s face as he laid unconscious on the bed.

“Saturn.” I heard Uriel say from behind me.
“Not now.” I growled, entering the room.

Spaz looked up at me and a weary smile crossed her face.

“How’s he doing?” I asked.
“He’s alive. Thank God.” Spaz replied. “It might take some time for him to come around though. I mean he did get caught in the middle of the crossfire.”
“Wait, then he should be dead.” Uriel stated. “Any human can’t survive one Seal’s power attack let alone two.”
“Yea, well he did.” Spaz turned on Uriel. “Which means he’s not just any human.”
“Why so defensive? Don’t tell me you like him?” Uriel began to laugh. “That’s rich.”
“Uriel.” I warned in a low growl.
“No, she....”
“ENOUGH!” I roared, shaking the walls to the house.
“Whoa.” Gordy remarked. “Earthquake?”
“No, Saturn just lost her temper.” Azrael replied. “And I probably know with who.”

Uriel took a step back as he saw the anger on my face. He kept his mouth shut after that and didn’t say another word. I turned around and left. Punching my fist into the wall next to the door while walking out. Leaving a good size hole in it.

“What’s going on?” Berls said, noticing my behavior as I stormed out the front door.
“She just realized she can’t save Titan.” Michael answered.

I walked down the driveway, unsheathing my claws as I did so and sniffing the air for both Titan’s and Richie-Rich’s scents. Evil filth and cheap cologne couldn’t be too hard to pick up on. I was about to make my way across the street when a portal opened up in front of me and Titan walked towards me dragging something behind him with one hand. He threw it at my feet. Deviously grinning as he did so. What he threw was the lifeless body of Richie-Rich. I checked to see if he was breathing. And when I couldn’t find anything, my heart began to sink.

“I told you anyone gets in my way and they’ll die.” Titan said. “He got in my way.”
“You forget one thing, bro.” I smiled a little. “I’m the Seraphim of Death. I can bring him back from the dead.”
“No, you can’t. You do and you’d lose your status in Heaven as Seraphim.”
“So.” I shrugged it off.
“Wait, you’d be willing to risk all you have to bring him back. Why? Why would you do it for a human?”
“Because I made a promise long ago to protect all God has built and created and that includes life. Gesu died so others could live. And I’ll be damned if I’m going let a spoiled Saturnite child try to destroy that because he wants to throw a fit.” I calmly stated.
“God destroyed our family. If He hadn’t created Lucifer....”
“But He did so get over it. Besides, as I recall God sent a lot of his angels to fight in that war on Saturn. And a few of them died.”
“What’s your point?”
“My point, little bro. Is that not only did our own people die, our own family but angels as well. God also lost what He cared about that day too.”

Joe and a few of the Familia members now came out of the house to see Titan and yours truly standing in the middle of the street.

“I’m still going to kill God.” Titan snarled.
“Fine. If you’re serious about it then kill me.” I stretched my arms out.
“My Seal is part of God. You kill me, you kill Him in some sense.”
“Saturn have you lost your damn mind?” Phoenix shouted.
“Nope, perfectly fine.” I sarcastically responded. “Thanks for asking.”

Titan stood there. Trying to contemplate in his mind if killing me could actually work.

“What are you waiting for?” I growled. “Do it.”
“KILL ME!” I roared.

Titan charged after me. His entire being glowing that all too familiar dark aura. I stood still until he was an inch away from me. That’s when a bright blinding white light exploded out of nowhere. Lighting up the entire street and spreading out to every corner of the earth. The light quickly faded and everyone could see me standing there with something in my hand. Titan stepped back realizing that I had pulled something out of his chest. When I opened my hand a pile of black dust blew into the wind.

“What the hell was that?” Joe asked.
“Titan’s Seal.” Azrael answered, appearing out of nowhere. “She destroyed it.”

I took a couple of steps only to end up passing out. Titan all the while ran off scared. Not knowing who he was or what had happened. Richie-Rich around this time started to come to and began to cough up blood. The others rushed to both his aid and mine.

“Get them both to the house.” Azrael ordered.
“What just freaking happened?” Phoenix demanded to know.
“Saturn used every ounce of what she had to, to do what she did. Let’s just leave it at that.” Azrael answered.

A few days later, I woke up in my bed. Gasping for air as I came to. Both Uriel and Jordan had stayed in my room. Arguing with one another off and on about the normal stuff. I just so happened to wake up during one of those arguments.

“You two are worse than a freaking married couple.” I sarcastically remarked, still feeling groggy.
“How are you feeling?” Jordan asked.
“Like crap. Thanks for asking, Richie-Rich. How’s Jon?”
“He’s up.”
“And how the hell did you come back from the dead? I sure didn’t bring you back.”
“I figured out your little trick.” Jordan smiled some.
“Trick? What in....?”
“I know how to turn my healing factor on and off.”
“So wait, you weren’t really dead?”
“Nope. Just sleeping.”
“I’ll be...”
“You could have killed yourself with what you pulled.” Uriel spoke up, talking to me.
“I know.” I crawled out of bed, feeling sick to my stomach. “Hold on to that thought.”

I raced to the bathroom, closing the door behind me as I got physically sick in the toilet.

“Surprise, surprise.” Uriel remarked, shaking his head while crossing his arms.
“Leave her alone.” Jordan warned, in a low growl. “She’s been through enough.”
“I don’t take orders from humans.” Uriel sneered.

The sound of claws being unsheathed just made Uriel smirk.

“Do you honestly think that scares me? If Saturn wasn’t alive, I’d rip you to shreds. Heavenly law or no heavenly law.”
“Uriel.” I said, coming out of the bathroom just in time to hear him say it.

He quickly looked over at me. His face going ghost white.

“If you ever did fight him.” I continued. “I’d put my money on Richie-Rich.”
“He could kill you with his Seal. You and I both know that. So shut it.”
“I’m the greatest warrior angel there is...”
“Um, no that’s Michael. And last time I recalled you got your butt handed to you by me.” I pointed out. “And I wasn’t even a Seraphim then. So you wanna try again or are we done being egotistical?”
“Angels can’t be egotistical.” Uriel retorted.
“Doesn’t stop you though, now does it?”

Jordan laughed a little and Uriel disappeared into thin air. Grumbling a few words under his breath while he did so.

“And that’s why he’s my ex.” I remarked.
“Saturn about your brother.” Jordan brought up.
“Don’t go down that road, Richie-Rich.”
“I just want to know what happened.”
“I destroyed his Seal and probably part of him as well. And now he has amnesia for God knows how long. Enough said.”
“So you gave him a second chance?”
“Yea but not the one I wanted for him.” I let out a sigh. “I tried to save him but....”
“But what?” Jordan asked.
“He didn’t want to be saved. He was hell bent on what he wanted and there was nothing I could do but what I did.”
“And now you’re regretting it?
“I always regret what I do. I just learn to live with it.” I bluntly responded. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going down to the Pub. I need a drink, badly.”
“Don’t worry, Richie-Rich. I promise to behave myself.” I headed for the door.
“Still maybe I should come with you.”
“No, I need to be alone for awhile. Besides, you’re just as bad as getting into trouble as I am”
“I’ll be fine.”

After I left, Michael appeared next to Jordan. Jordan looked over at him out of the corner of his eye.

“She’s not fine.” Michael said. “She’s hurting.”
“I know.”
“So you’re just gonna let her....”
“She needs time alone, Mike.”
“Yea, that she does.”
“So did you find her brother?” Jordan changed the subject.
“No. It’s like he just vanished into thin air.” Michael answered. “Which is probably best if he did for everyone’s sake.”

I entered the Pub, taking a seat in the same booth that Joe had. I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. I needed time to think. I ordered my usual Jack before heading to the booth. I maybe sat there for about five minutes before someone decided that he was going to sit across from me.

“I want to be left alone.” I calmly remarked.
“Tough.” Jon replied. “We need to talk.”
“Like hell we do. Just because you’re Richie-Rich’s brother, don’t think I won’t throw your butt across this Pub, Johnny-Boy.”

Drew now sat down next to Jon and I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

“What the hell is this? A freaking get together?” I remarked.
“I need twenty bucks.” Drew replied.
“For what?”
“I just need twenty bucks.”
“Tough. I’m not your mother.”
“I know but I need it.”
“Fine” I grumbled, going into my wallet and handing Drew a twenty. “Now get lost.”
“Um since you have your wallet out....”
“Do you want to fly?” I bluntly asked.
“Um, no.” Drew answered.
“Then get lost.”

Drew took that as his cue to quickly leave. I shook my head, letting out a sigh.

“Damn Westies.” I grumbled under my breath.

That’s when I noticed Jon had stolen my drink.

“What the hell, man?” I exclaimed. “I don’t go taking anything of yours.”
“I wanted a drink.” Jon shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t believe this. You just pulled a freaking Westie on me.”
“A what?”

Bags who was overhearing the conversation from the bar, let out a laugh.

“Forget it.” I shook my head. “What did you want to talk about?”
“Your brother.” Jon answered, lighting up a cigarette.
“Look, I told Richie-Rich I really don’t want to travel down that road. So drop it.”
“Huh. Well, if you don’t want an apology....”
“Apology for what?”
“If I would have known what your brother was like. I would have never shown you that scroll.”
“You couldn’t have known.” I bluntly responded. “And besides, even if you hadn’t, what happened still would have happened no matter what. So it’s not your fault. My brother was what he was.”
“And now?” Jon asked.
“Now he’s a human with amnesia. Who will probably one day get his memories back and come looking for me.”
“Do you think you’ll be ready to deal with him then?”
“I don’t know.”

The Texan sat down next to Jon. Staring directly at me and smiling a little. Trying to put his charm on yours truly.

“What is it, Texan?” I tried not to lose my patience.
“I heard you’re handing out money.” Preston continued to smile.
“I swear to God, if you don’t leave....”
“Fine. Sheesh, talk about temperamental.” Preston got up and left.

Gilly brought me another drink and I quickly snatched it up before Jon could steal it. Spaz entered the Pub all dolled up and it didn’t take Jon long to notice. I couldn’t help but snicker while she sat down next to Jon.

“Uh, I think I’ll leave you two alone.” I said, getting up and taking my drink with me.

I sat down at the bar watching the T.V. in the corner of the bar. It was on the news. I really wasn’t paying much attention to the story until something caught my eye. For a moment I thought I had seen something out of the ordinary.

“Saturn?” Bags asked, noticing the look on my face.

I didn’t respond. Joe sat down next to me and tried to order a drink until he saw the same thing I did.

“What the hell?” He said.
“It can’t be.” Tom spoke up from the other end of the bar, seeing the same.
“What is...?” Bags asked, but stopped himself when he looked up at the T.V.

Back at the Familia household, Berls and Pops were going over some Familia business when Ravyn flew in through the open window. Landing on Berls’s desk and looking straight up at her as she let out a caw. Images of what Joe, Bags, Tom and I had seen earlier began to flood Berls’s mind.

“Berlie, what is it?” Pops asked.
“It’s..” Before Berls could finish she let out a horrible scream as more images ran through her mind, causing her to eventually black out.

It didn’t take the world long before everyone noticed the all too familiar face. The one that humans had feared and still do. The same one I thought I’d never see again. I knew whatever was about to happen would test the Familia, the carriers and, myself in more ways than one....

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

Post by heinzs » Sat May 01, 2010 9:20 pm

by LadySaturn » 25 Apr 2009 11:22:pm

Music List for Poetry Familia 14:

1. The Fray- “Hundred” (Saturn and Uriel’s Theme Song), “You Found Me”
2. ShineDown- “Sound of Madness”
3. 30 Seconds to Mars- “Welcome to the Universe”, “Savior”
4. ColdPlay- “Viva La Vida” (Theme song for War on Saturn)
5. GodSmack- “No Rest For The Wicked” (Titan’s Theme Song)
6. 3 Doors Down- “My World”
7. NickelBack- “I’d Come For You”
8. Foo Fighters- “Come Alive”
9. Linkin Park- “Somewhere I Belong”
10. Staind- “Falling”
11. Within Temptation- “Stand My Ground” (Theme Song for Flashbacks of War on Saturn)
12. The Killers- “Good Night, Travel Well”
13. FlyLeaf- “There For You”
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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Six months had past since the incident on the news. And the person who had shown their face had yet to make any sort of move. It however hadn’t stopped my nightmares from getting worse. Which in turn had caused me to hardly sleep at all. And because of it, I had to move out of Richie-Rich’s place and reside in my private cabin. The last thing I wanted him to notice was what kind of shape I was in. He had enough of his own problems to worry about. If I had stuck around, I would have only been one more on his list. I didn’t even tell the Familia. No one knew except for Michael but not by choice. He had witnessed one of my episodes during a nightmare I had. He had showed up while I was sleeping and caught me during one of my nightmare hells, as I like to call it. Michael promised to keep quiet but knowing him and the way he’s grown attach to the Familia and a few other folks. I would soon find out, he did anything but.....

It was quarter past three and I found myself sitting at the kitchen table, staring at a half empty bottle of Jack directly in front of me. I continued to smoke my cigar while trying to calm my nerves. I had yet gone through another one of my hellish episodes and going back to sleep right now just wasn’t an option. As I put my cigar out in the ashtray, I headed for the bathroom to take a shower. A few seconds later, I came out of the bathroom, swearing like a sailor under my breath. The hot water was out again and I didn’t feel like tampering with the heater. So I got on my bike and headed over to Jordan’s place. I snuck in and tried my best to keep quiet. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up Richie-Rich. Wake him up and al hell would break loose, trust me on that one folks. He’s anything but a morning person. I entered my old room and noticed he hadn’t changed a thing. Then again, I didn’t give much of a warning that I was leaving and he probably thought I’d come back. I headed for the bathroom and forgot to lock the door. A mistake that would never happen again. No sooner had I started taking a shower, then the curtain was quickly pulled back and I had a knife pointed at me.

“Saturn?!?” Jon exclaimed, somewhat surprised and yet at the same time trying to look away.
“I didn’t.... I’ll be waiting outside.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I just stood there with a raised eyebrow, trying to register in my mind what had just happened. I got dressed and walked into the bedroom. Trying to avoid eye contact with Johnny-Boy as I went through my backpack that was on the bed.

“Forget it, it’s not your fault. I should have remembered to lock the door,” I interrupted. “Besides, you’re not the first guy in this house to see me.... well at my most vulnerable.”
“Wait, Jordan has seen you...? When? How?”
“I’d rather not talk about it,” I continued to go through my backpack. “What are you doing here anyway?”
“My place is getting remodeled, so I needed a place to stay,” Jon answered, looking out the bedroom window. “Thanks for leaving a few cigars and the bottle of Jack behind in the night stand by the way.”

I just grumbled a few words under my breath as a grin crossed Jon’s face. Jordan entered the room around this time with a baseball bat in hand.

“What the....?” I raised an eyebrow. “You carry a Seal and have claws but somehow you choose a bat as your weapon of choice. Why is that?”
“I thought I heard an intruder,” Jordan responded.

I just shook my head and didn’t say another word.

“What?” He asked.
“Nothing,” I grumbled.
“So what’s going on here?” He said, noticing how quiet Jon was.
“Well Richie-Rich, if you must know you’ve got a new member for your “I saw Saturn naked” club,” I sarcastically remarked, while walking by him and out the door.

I went downstairs and straight for the kitchen. I opened a cupboard and moved a piece of the wall behind it and out of the way. Grabbing a bottle of Jack from my hidden stash. I sat down at the kitchen table and opened the bottle. Taking a drink while I did so. Jordan soon walked into the kitchen and raised an eyebrow when he saw how heavy I was hitting the bottle, so to speak.

“I thought you were cutting back,” He said, taking a seat across from me.
“Yea, well crap happens,” I remarked, drinking down the Jack like it was water.
“So why did you leave?” He asked. “Was it something I did?”
“Then why?”
“It was time for me to move on.”
“Bull. Michael told me you were having those nightmares again.”
“I’ve always had nightmares.”
“Yea, but I’ve heard that they have gotten worse.”
“Huh. Seems I’ve gotta have a talk with Mikey about keeping his trap shut,” I calmly responded, putting the bottle of Jack on the table.
“Saturn, what the hell is going on?” Jordan now slid the bottle away from me, so I couldn’t take another drink.

I looked at him for a minute before looking over at the bottle and then back at him.

“I’ve cut hands off for touching my Jack,” I finally answered.
“Damn it, Saturn,” Jordan started to grow impatient.
“He’s back,” I lowered my head a little and let out a sigh.
“Are you sure?”
“Uh, let’s see the nightmares are getting worse and the only time that happens is... Let’s see, when he’s around.”
“He can’t be alive. You killed him.”
“Uh huh. Well, six months ago he made his presence known.”
“Which was probably a fluke. We’ve seen his soul...” Jordan started to say.
“Demons don’t have souls,” I cut him off. “It was his essence.”
“Whatever he was, we’ve seen it wander around before. Remember in Israel?”
“It wasn’t his essence. It was him in the flesh.”
“Or you could have thought you saw him and it might have been someone else. I mean why would he be in the background of a newscast? If he is around why not just I don’t know attack one of us or something?” Jordan suggested.
“What a nice way of calling me crazy,” I retorted. “Hey, why not call Joe and Tom and tell them that they’re crazy as well. Seeing as they saw the same damn thing. Actually, come to think of it Bags did too. Might want to have us all locked up, Richie-Rich. Seeing as we’re nut jobs and what not.”
“I’m not calling you or anyone crazy. I’m just saying....”
“I know what you’re saying. And I’ll tell you why he didn’t do any of those things you named off. Because he likes to play mind games. You know that.”
“Okay, so hypothetically what could have brought him back?” Jordan asked. “You killed him with a Seal that has part of God in it. What could possibly bring him back from death after that?”
“My brother’s Seal,” I bluntly replied.
“Do you know this or just think....?”
“I’m just guessing. But it’s the only thing I can think of. There must have been something in that Seal and when I destroyed it, it brought... Damn, I almost said his name. I thought I’d never have to say it again.”

I now grabbed the bottle and took another drink. Jordan this time around didn’t stop me from doing so. Jon entered the kitchen with Buttters right behind him.

“What the...?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Saturn, there’s a problem. The Familia... the house...you’ve just got come see,” Buttters said, sounding somewhat out of breath, like she had ran a million miles.
“Damn it,” I responded under my breath.

Twenty minutes later, Jon, Jordan, Buttters and I had arrived at the Poetry house or what was left of it. The fire department had tried to put the blaze out but it was so out of control that they couldn’t even contain it. Jordan, Jon and Buttters found Berls and the Familia standing across the street. While I headed for what was now the rubble of the Familia home.

“Saturn?” I heard Nega behind me.
“What?” I kept my back turned.
“He’s back, isn’t he?”
“Why is he doing this? Does he want the Seals? What is it?”
“I don’t know, Jim.” I now lit up a cigar and started to smoke. “Was anyone hurt?”
“No. Everyone lucky got out in time,” Nega answered, letting out a sigh. “Saturn, I saw him.”

I turned my head to look at Nega out of the corner of my eye.

“Before the fire I saw the bastard wander the halls. It was like he was looking for you. He went through every room and when he couldn’t find you, he started the fire.”
“I tried to stop him but by then everything was just out of control and of course I had to make sure everyone got up and out alive.”
“Jim, do me a favor?” I said, now looking back at the rubble.
“Anything. Just name it,” He quickly responded
“Get the Familia somewhere safe. And make sure they stay there.”
“What about you?”
“You should know by now not to worry about me.” I began to walk away.
“But....Where are you going?” He questioned.

I didn’t answer, just kept on walking. I headed for the worst part of town and entered a busted down apartment building. I sniffed a little and it didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. I quietly snuck in to one of the apartments and looked around. The place was trashed and empty liquor bottles were scattered about. And that’s when I found him. Sprawled out on his bed, stinking of booze and surrounded by empty bottles.

“Huh. So this is what became of the supposed former “Great Muse of Hell,” I remarked.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me as I stood at the end of the bed with my arms folded.

“And what do I owe the honor of being blessed with a visit from the lovely Seraphim of Death?” Zero answered.
“Well, play your cards right and you might die of alcohol poisoning. But that’s not why I’m here. He’s back.”
“So I thought since you were once his muse, you would know what he’s up to.”
“I don’t know anything. Go away.”

Before Zero knew what hit him, he found himself being slammed up against a wall with a set of white glowing claws pointed at his jugular.

“Look, he about killed my Familia and is screwing with my head,” I growled. “So forgive me if I happen to be short on patience. Now what is he up to?”
“I don’t know,” Zero said slowly, looking me dead in the eyes. “I do know this however, whatever he’s up to your uncle Levi would know.”
“How would Levi...?”
“Oh, you didn’t get the memo, My Lady? Your uncle is working for Hell again. Seems he started around the same time that....”
“Don’t you dare say his name!” I snarled, slamming Zero up against the wall again.
“What afraid he might appear if I do?” Zero remarked with a devious grin.
“I don’t fear him.”
“No, of course not. From what I’ve heard you supposedly feel nothing. Not even for a certain human.”

No sooner had Zero said that, then I sheathed my claws and punched him in the stomach. He fell over in pain while I let him go. He started to cough up blood.

“You forget. You now bleed like he does,” I growled.
“Saturn.” I heard someone speak up from behind me.

I knew who it was but I could care less.

“This isn’t your fight,” I continued to growl.
“Maybe not but we’ve been through Hell and back,” The person answered, staying hidden within the shadows of the room.
“So do you honestly think I’d let you do this alone?”
“You’d get in the way, Michael.”
“Wait, no Mikey?” He said, stepping out of the shadows. “And after all these centuries of traveling together....”
“Don’t.” I warned him. “I’m not in the mood for you pulling a Westie.”
“I’m not....”
“You’re being a smartass.”
“Touche. Still though, I can’t let you face him alone. Considering you’re not the only one who still harbors memories of what happened on Saturn.”
“I don’t harbor anything.”
“Huh, really? So you no longer have those nightmares then?” He questioned.
“Damn it, Mikey,” I argued. “This isn’t up for debate. I need to face him alone.”
“I can’t let you do it, little sis.” He shook his head. “There are too many people who care about you and if something was to happen to you....”
“Nothing will.”
“How can you be so sure of that? Granted, you’re the Seraphim of Death but you even have your limits.”
“I know my limits,” I sneered.
“Do you? Because you’re about to commit suicide,” He pointed out.
“Huh. You’ve been hanging around Richie-Rich too much.”
“Maybe. But you know he’d say the same thing. And you always seem to listen to him.”
“And yet again, you don’t know when to shut up.”

My cell phone went off around this time. As soon as I saw the number, I sent the call to voice mail.

“Saturn, what is it?” Michael asked.
“Nothing,” I answered..
“Who was it?”
“No one.”
“Bull. Who was it?”
Here find out your damn self,” I tossed my phone at Michael and then left.

Michael caught it in his hands. Shaking his head a little while he let out a sigh.

Jordan now stood on the front porch of his house. Slipping his cell phone back in his pocket while looking out towards the front yard. He had let the Familia come back to his place to stay for a bit. As he watched The Texan and Jay fight over the last beer, he was wondering if he had made a wise decision in doing so. Nega had of course protested to the idea. Afraid that Lucy might show up and do the same thing to Jordan’s place that he had done to the Familia home. Jordan however was willing to take that risk. Besides, Richie-Rich was more than willing to take a shot at Lucy. Actually, come to think of it everyone wanted a shot at Lucy.

“She has to do this alone,” Someone spoke up from the shadows of the porch.

Azrael quickly appeared next to Jordan, smoking a cigarette and folding his wings. Jordan looked over at him out of the corner of his eye.

“It’s her past and her ghosts. Not yours.” Azrael continued.
“She can’t fight him alone,” Jordan calmly responded. “She just got over the whole ordeal with her brother. I don’t want her....”
“It’s not up for you to decide,” Azrael interrupted him. “Lucy is one of Saturn’s ghosts and part of her past. It’s something she has to deal with.”

Jordan headed for his car without saying a word.

“Where are you going?” Azrael asked.
“To confront some ghosts,” Jordan answered.

Berls and Pops were both in the study, talking about yours truly. When Nega and Jay came into the room.

“Tell them,” Jay said to Nega.

Nega just glared over at Jay in response.
“Tell them,” Jay repeated himself. “Or I will.”
“Tell us what?” Pops asked.
“There’s something you need to know. Well, actually I think the we should get the whole Familia,” Nega began to hesitate.
“Spill it,” Jay warned.
“Fine.” Nega lowered his head and closed his eyes. “God, I thought I’d never have to.... Back in the days when I was working for Hell, I overheard Lucy once talk about a Seal. The same one that Saturn’s brother had carried. Seems when Lucy created it he attached a part of his demon essence to it. Just in case something ever happened to him, he’d have a way to return so to speak. But there’s more.....”
“Jim?” Berls said, sounding worried.
“Anyway,” He replied, continuing on. “Lucy put a curse on the Seal. If it was ever destroyed by one of his enemies, the curse would spill over onto them.”
“What sort of curse?” Pops questioned.
“The kind that would give Lucy total rights to invade and control his enemy’s mind once he returned from the grave. They would be defenseless against his attacks and if he wanted to he could drive them to the brink of insanity.”
“Oh my god, Saturn!” Berls responded, feeling her chest tighten from fear and worry about yours truly.
“Does she know?” Pops asked Nega.
“No,” Jay answered. “Apparently, it was another one of those things she was never told about.”
“Get everyone in the living room now,” Pops ordered.
“But....” Jay started to say.

So Nega and Jay quickly left. Pops looked over at Berls and noticed a stream of tears coming down her face.

“He won’t kill her,” Pops assured her, knowing what she was thinking.”We won’t let that happen. She’s part of this Familia and I’ll be damned if we just sit back and let this demon win.”
“If he kills her Pops, does that mean he can get her Seal as well?” Berls asked. “Do you think...?”
“I don’t know.” He shook his head, letting out a sigh. “But if he can, I have a feeling God will be shedding tears for us as well”
“Lucy killed her once. If she has to go through that again....”
“She won’t.”

I sat on a park bench, smoking a cigar and trying to figure out what Lucy could be up to. No sooner had I put my cigar out on the ground then I felt a sharp pain in my head. I tried to shake it off as I stood up but the pain was so unbearable that I ended up on my knees, holding my head in my hands. The pain quickly subsided and I felt weak getting to my feet. It was clear something had happened. As to what, I had no clue. Until I felt something dripping from the side of my face. I wiped it with my fingers to see that it was blood. My blood. I checked for a wound and felt a deep cut on the side of my forehead that was quickly healing.

“What the hell?” I whispered under my breath, still feeling a little out of it.

I stumbled my way out of the park and started to head for home. And as I did so, I thought I had heard laughter.

Zero sat down at his kitchen table with a glass of water. He was trying to shake off the encounter he had with me earlier. No sooner had he set the glass down on his table, his front door came crashing down. Before Zero could react, he found himself once again being held up against a wall with a set of claws pointed at his jugular.

“Don’t you people knock anymore?” Zero remarked, choking for air.
“Where did she go?” Jordan growled, not sounding human.
“Who? Saturn?” Zero tried to play dumb.

Jordan’s claws began to glow a bright red hue and Zero knew he was in over his head. Jordan could easily end his life if he wanted to. Which scared the hell out of Zero.

“Fine. If you must know, she went after Lucy,” Zero said.
“And where is he?” Jordan demanded.
“That I don’t know. However, I’m sure if you went and talked to Uncle Levi he could tell you.”
“Why? What does Levi....?”
“He’s working for Lucy again,” Zero deviously grinned. “Seems the temptation was too strong for him to stay away. Then again, if you have a niece that has gone insane, you’d do anything to keep your daughter away from that.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.

Jordan’s cell phone began to ring before Zero could respond.

“I’d get that if I were you,” Zero continued to deviously grin.
“Stay,” Jordan growled, letting go of Zero as he answered his phone.

Berls was on the other end and soon filled Jordan in on what Nega had told her and Pops. Zero tried his best to listen in on the conversation and had a feeling what Jordan was being told. After about a ten minute conversation, Jordan finally got off his phone. Putting it back in his pocket while letting out a sigh.

“I take it you’ve been informed,” Zero said, sitting on the floor.

Jordan looked down at him out of the corner of his eye.

“You do realize she’s good as dead, my friend,” He continued. “If I were you, I’d figure out where to bury the body. Providing there is one to bury.”

Jordan grabbed Zero by his neck, with one hand, picking him up off the ground and threw him across the room. No sooner had he done so, then his phone went off again. This time it was Joe. It seems a little surprise had shown up on his front porch. Luckily, his wife and kids were in Maine visiting her folks. So they didn’t have to bare witness to the surprise.

“Is she breathing?” Jordan asked.
“Yea, but you don’t understand Jordan. She’s.... covered in blood,” Joe answered. “It looks like she got her ass handed to her.”
“I’m on my way.”

It didn’t take Jordan long to reach Joe’s place. When he walked in through the front door, he noticed that Michael and Azrael were already there.

“Where is she?” He asked Joe, as they stood in the hallway.
“Mikey and I cleaned her up a bit and then laid her out on the bed,” Azrael answered from the kitchen, going through the fridge. “She’s still out of it.”
“What the hell happened?”
“Lucy attacked her from the inside out,” Michael spoke up.
“Meaning he used her mind to physically attack her.”
“But he didn’t kill me,” I growled, trying to make my way into the living room, stumbling a little while I did so.

Michael was the first to rush to my side to try and help me but I pushed him away.

“I need to go.” As I headed for the front door. “I need to stop the bastard.”

Jordan quickly stood in front of the door, blocking me and any chance I had of getting out. I raised an eyebrow at his boldness but at the same time wasn’t too thrilled by it.

“Move,” I continued to growl, unsheathing my claws.
“No,” He replied, not budging.
“Either move or I’ll move you.”
“I’d move if I were you,” Azrael spoke up, now standing in the hallway next to Joe and watching on. “I’ve seen her wipe out five hundred men in a war. Throwing you across the room would be a walk in the freaking park.”

Jordan didn’t listen, just kept staring me down. Joe was about to interfere but Azrael quickly stopped him.

“Not wise, carrier. Two carriers standing off is a battle, three is a war,” Azrael shook his head. “Besides, neither Michael nor I feel like explaining to your wife why you’re in the hospital.”
“Don’t try to play hero,” I warned Jordan.
“I’m not. I’m trying to stop you from getting yourself killed,” He replied
“Saturn, he’s just....” Michael tried to interfere but I held my hand up to shut him up.
“Not too wise on your part, Mikey,” Azrael commented.
“Hey, if you truly wanted to help why don’t you stop with the wisecracks and talk some sense into her,” Michael retorted.
“Can’t. You know as well as I do she won’t listen.”

Uriel showed up around this time within a flash of light. Getting between Jordan and I while he folded his wings.

“Oh, that makes the situation even better,” Azrael sarcastically remarked, lighting up a cigarette. “Hey Joe, got any scotch?”
“I thought you quit drinking?” Joe started to point out.
“You thought wrong. Now where’s the scotch?”
“Saturn, please.” Uriel now pleaded with me. “You don’t want to do this.”
“Move,” I growled, still not sounding human.

Before Uriel could respond, I swiped at him, scratching the side of his face. He wiped his face with his hand, saw the blood and, looked at me wide-eyed.

“You scratched me!” He said in bewilderment.
“You don’t move and I’ll do worse.” I warned.

Uriel stepped out of the way while giving me a look like I had lost my mind. Jordan still however was standing his ground.

“I can do the same to you.” I growled.
“You owe me.” He calmly replied.
“I don’t owe you anything.”
“Like hell you don’t. You owe me.”
“It might not be any of my business, but owe you what exactly?” Uriel asked.
“Saturn knows.”
“Just because you saved my ass once, doesn’t mean a damn thing. NOW MOVE!” I roared.

The house began to shake beneath everyone’s feet. Joe tried to make sure nothing fell off his shelves as he grumbled a few chosen words under his breathe.

“Jordan, man let her go.” Joe said. “I don’t need her destroying my house.”
“No.” Jordan answered.
“Dude, I don’t really need my wife coming home to...”
“I’m not letting her go, Joe.” Jordan sneered, looking away for a split second.

The biggest mistake Richie-Rich could have done was look away for that second because it gave me a window of opportunity to pounce on him. He ended up landing backwards, flat on his back with a set of glowing claws at his neck. Pops and Berls showed up just in time, entering through the back door to witness what had just happened.

“Don’t follow,” I whispered in Jordan’s ear before disappearing within a flash of light.
“Well, can’t say I didn’t see that coming,” Azrael spoke up in a sarcastic tone.
“Where did she go?” Berls demanded to know from Azrael.
“Where do you think? She’s looking for Lucy, you know that.”

Gabriel showed up out of nowhere, looking around frantically while Jordan got to his feet.

“Where is she?” He questioned everyone.
“You just missed her,” Michael answered. “Why what’s wrong?”
“Lucy just left Saturn a note.”
“So let’s see it.”
“No, you don’t understand. He left it on a grave.”
“Who’s do you think?”

Berls was the first to react by getting out her cell phone and making a call.

“Who are you calling?” Azrael asked.
“The Familia,” She answered. “Saturn needs us.”
“If you go after Lucy, you’ll get yourself killed.”
“So be it. We don’t abandon family. And the last time I checked she was part of the Familia.”

Jordan walked out the front door and straight for his car. Joe, Michael and Uriel followed right behind him. Trying their best to stop him but Richie-Rich already had his mind made up and no one was going to stop him. He was a few blocks away from Joe’s house when Michael appeared in the passenger seat next to Jordan.

“Could you possibly slow down?” Michael said. “I don’t feel like kissing glass.”
“I can’t,” Jordan replied, keeping his eyes on the road.
“She told you not to follow.”
“She can’t fight him alone. He’s screwed with her head so bad she’s not thinking straight.”
“The same could be said about you.”
“I’m going after the bastard myself.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. If Saturn knew I’d let you go after Lucy, she’d kill me.” Michael shook his head. “There’s no way, man.”

Jordan didn’t respond, just pulled over to the side of the road.

“Get out.” He calmly said to Michael, not looking at him.
“Jordan, come on. I’m worried about her just like you are,” Michael retorted. “For God’s sake, I made the same promise to her father as you did. I refuse however to act like a raging lunatic and go kicking down doors. Because we’re not helping Saturn one bit if we do.”

Jordan again didn’t respond, just sat there in stone cold silence.

“Stubborn and bull headed. God, who does that remind me of?” Michael sarcastically remarked.
“Get out.” Jordan growled.
“You want me out, you’re going to have physically throw me out, Carrier.”

Jordan looked over at Michael out of the corner of his eye. Raising his eyebrow a little as he did so.

“Her father isn’t the only one I’ve made a promise to,” Michael calmly pointed out. “You’re right, she does owe you. And she’s paying you back by making sure others have your back. But you didn’t hear that from me. If Saturn found out I told you.... Well, let’s just say I enjoy breathing.”

I stood before my father’s grave. My fist clenched at the sight of the Aramaic words etched on the headstone.

“Saturn?” I heard someone speak up from behind me.
“What are you doing here, Mets?” I asked, keeping my back turned.
“He’s killed the Soul Stealers. All except Nega.” Metatron answered. “Saturn, he’s taken over Hell again. Everyone who use to work for him has either gone back out of loyalty or fear. But mostly because of fear.”
“And you’re telling me this why?”
“He’s stronger now. The destruction of your brother’s Seal made sure of that.”
“So you go up against him and you’ll die.”
“Thanks for the support, Mets.” I remarked.
“I’m trying to save you....” Metatron began to argue.
“I don’t need saving.” I sneered.
“One could beg to differ. There’s been an order for you to hand over your Seal to Michael.”
“By who? Because God wouldn’t....”
“Saturn, you don’t understand, you go after Lucy it’ll be out of revenge and you know that’s wrong.”
“If I don’t stop him, Mets. He’ll continue to kill and go after the other Seals. I was given a job to do and I’m gonna do it.”

Around this time, Ravyn flew out of nowhere and landed on my shoulder. I pet her on her little head and gave her some sunflower seeds I had in my pocket.

“Saturn....” Metatron started to say.
“I’m not going to let what God has created and what Gesu sacrificed for be destroyed by that bastard.” I lowered my head and let out a sigh. “If it means my own death than so be it. I gave my word a long time ago and I plan on keeping it.”

I walked away before Mets could get another word in edge wise. Not soon after, someone disguised in a hooded robe showed up beside him.

“She refuses to listen,” Metatron said to the hooded stranger.
“And that surprises you how, my friend?” The hooded stranger answered. “She has always been like that even during my days on earth. Besides, He knew she would refuse....”
“Then why....?”
“God has His reasons but mostly it was to fuel her strength. He knows how Lucifer is when it comes to playing games with someone’s mind and He thought she could use a little bit more strength than she has. Being the oldest and wisest of Seraphims, I thought for sure you’d know that.”

A smile crept up out of the corner of the hooded stranger’s mouth.

“It seems I still have a lot to learn.” Mets responded, shaking his head..

Jon, Buttters and Duchess were all told to stay put at Jordan’s house in case I decided to show up. In the meantime, everyone else under the blue moon was looking for either yours truly or Lucy or, well hell both of us. Jon was now crashed on the bed in my old room, while Butters and Duchess were downstairs in the living room. Sitting on the couch and chit-chatting like a couple of squirrels. Actually, they were so busy chit-chatting that they didn’t even know a few visitors making their way into the house. Jon on the other hand wasn’t too far into sleep until he heard a hissing sound which made him sit straight up in bed. About three to four demons were in the room and they were closing in on Jon.

“What the hell?” He whispered under his breath.
“Where’s your leader now, Seal Carrier?” One demon hissed.
“Um, hate to disappoint you but chances are you’ve mistaken me for my brother,” Jon sarcastically pointed out.
“DIE HUMAN!” One of the demon screamed as it went after Jon.

Jon quickly created a portal and leapt through it. Ending up coming out through the other end of the portal in the living room. Duchess and Buttters quickly let out little shrieks as Jon dropped to their feet.

“Hate to break up the little gossip session, but we’ve got company,” Jon said, slowly getting to his feet. “Son of a.... note to self not to do that crap ever again.”
“The kids!” Buttters exclaimed, thinking about it for a split second before getting to her feet.

They all rushed down the hall where Jordan’s boys, her baby and Isis’s daughter Athena were all sleeping. No sooner had they reached the end of the hall, the door opened up and demons started being tossed out one by one, flying over their heads and landing on the other side.. The demons quickly got up and vanished into thin air. Ariel and Raphael stepped out from the room, brushing themselves off as they did so.

“I haven’t been in a fight like that since... well since Michael sent Lucy to Hell,” Ariel said.
“What are you...?” Duchess began to ask.
“We were sent to watch the little ones in there,” Raphael answered.
“By who?”
“Who do you think.”
“What the hell is going on?” Jon questioned Ariel. “Why are these demons...?”
“Now that Lucy has gotten inside Saturn’s head ,”Ariel began to explain. “It leaves the other Carriers vulnerable. He’s always wanted the Seals and now he has a chance to get them.”
“But doesn’t the Carrier have to die in order....” Buttters started to respond.

Jon quickly pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started to dial.

“You’re not going to get a hold of him,” Raphael spoke up, knowing who he was calling. “He’s gone after Lucy.”
“I thought he was going after Saturn.” Jon said, still on his cell phone.
“Yea, well he decided to change plans. Don’t worry, he isn’t alone, Michael is with him.”

Jon didn’t say a word, just gave up on calling and put his cell phone back in his pocket as he headed for the front door.

“You’re gonna get yourself killed.” Raphael spoke up.

Jon didn’t respond, just continued for the front door. Buttters quickly got in his way and tried to stop him.

“Move.” He said, staring her down.
“No.” She shook her head. “Your brother and Saturn know what they’re doing You on the other hand would get yourself killed and I don’t feel like explaining to Richie-Rich why you’re dead.”
“Move,” He repeated, not interested in hearing what she had to say.

Buttters didn’t budge. She stood before Jon with her arms crossed and determined to make sure he stayed put.

“Have it your way.” He shook his head a little as he phased through her and the front door.
“Damn it!” Buttters exclaimed while turning around to open the door.

By that time however, Jon was gone. Duchess started to giggle while Ariel and Raphael tried not to laugh. Buttters closed the door and grumbled a few words under her breath.

“Hey, look at it this way at least now you and Phoenix can start a little club.” Duchess remarked.
“Shut it,” Buttters warned. “We need to call Berls.”

Jordan now found himself on the other side of town. The scent of Lucy filled the air like death and every bone in his body told him he was on the right track. Michael got out of the passenger side and sniffed the air a little.

“He’s here.” Michael closed the passenger door and looked around. “And he’s close.”
“Question is, if he’s here. Who’s taking care of Hell?” Jordan asked.
“Probably Levi.”

Michael noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye and it didn’t take him long to pick up on the demon stench.

“We’ve got company,” He said, while demons started to come out of the wood work.
“Mike....” Jordan began to say.
“Way ahead of you, Richie-Rich,” Michael answered, quickly getting back into the car along with Jordan.

Jordan slammed the car in reverse, only to suddenly stop as demons started to come up from behind them.

“Don’t you have an army of angels to call on?” He asked Michael.
“Normally yes. But they’re kind of busy at the moment,” Michael replied. “We could try to fight them.”
“Are you serious? There’s like a hundred of those damn things and only two of us.”
“Point taken. Well, Saturn did tell you not to follow. I didn’t want to say I told you so but....”
“Not the time to bringing it up, Mike.”

No sooner had the words left Jordan’s lips than an explosion could be heard behind them. Shaking the ground and car at the same time. Both Michael and Jordan looked out the back window to see Joe standing there with Berls and the rest of the Familia. Fighting off demons and tossing them around like rag dolls. Someone knocked on the passenger side window and Michael jumped a little. Both him and Richie-Rich looked over and saw Jay standing there. Michael rolled down the window.

“Nice to know I can scare you, old man.” Jay remarked, noticing the look on Michael’s face.
“Bite your tongue, boy. I was fighting demons long before you were even born,” Michael retorted.
“So I take it we’ve decided to retire then, seeing as you’re not helping.”
“Keep it up and I’ll pull your wings out one feather at a time.”
“Yea, yea idle threats. So what’s his excuse? Can’t tell me he decided to retire too.”
“Leave him alone.”
“Boy, if I were you I’d learn when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut,” Michael warned.
“Look, all I’m saying is you two could....” Jay began to say.

Before he could finish the sentence, the fighting had stopped as everyone turned their attention to someone walking down the middle of the street. Jordan and Michael got out of the car while also watching this person. He was hiding himself as a human but Jordan and everyone else knew who he was. He was dressed in black from head to toe and wore a pair of sunglasses to hide his eyes. The stench of sulfur and death rose off of him and polluted the air around everyone else. The stranger stopped and stood a few yards away from everyone. Looking around at the mess from the fight, a devious smile crossed his face.

“Missed me?” He asked everyone.
“Go to Hell!” Nega exclaimed.
“Been there. Thanks for the suggestion though.”
“Where’s your partner in crime, Lucy?” Michael questioned.
“Taking care of things in Hell while I’m gone, I suppose,” Lucifer now took the sunglasses off and looked over at both Michael and Jordan. “Can’t reveal too much of his whereabouts however, it might give away my plan.”

Jordan unsheathed his claws while he started to glow a bright red hue.

“I wouldn’t if I were you, Carrier,” Lucy warned. “From what I hear, you’ll have enough of a fight on your hands when my son returns. So where’s Saturn?”
“You son of a...” Jordan started to go after him but Michael quickly stopped him.
“Not smart, Richie-Rich. He’s more powerful than you right now. If anything he’d kill you with a thought.”

Both Uriel and Azrael appeared on either side of Lucy, taking a swing at him. Lucy quickly vanished, appearing a few feet away as Uriel and Azrael hit each other dead on.

“What the..? Dude, I told you to let me hit him,” Azrael remarked, holding his nose.
“And I told you to duck,” Uriel responded, trying to shake off the punch.
“So where’s Saturn?” Lucy questioned everyone again.
“Why don’t you leave her alone,” Bags spoke up. “You’ve done enough damage as it is.”
“On the contrary, I’m only getting started.”

Lucy was about to attack the Familia until I came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground.

“You leave them the hell alone!” I growled, holding a set claws pointed at his throat.
“Go for it, Seraphim. However, you might find it a little more difficult to kill me,” He deviously grinned. “Seeing as what your brother’s Seal gave me. Thanks for destroying it by the way. I always had a feeling it would be you, that’s why I put the curse on it. I mean how could I possibly pass the chance up of driving my greatest enemy insane.”
“You don’t have complete control of my mind.”
“Oh, really?”

Just then I felt myself floating off of Lucy and the ground, hanging in mid-air while the air in my lungs literally left my body. I began to gasp and choke, trying to breathe.

“I’ll let you watch as I destroy this planet and all you care about,” Lucy calmly stated.
“Don’t you need the Seals to do that?” Azrael pointed out.
“Not really. I just need them to get into Heaven. But first things first, Carriers have to die, mortals have to die and oh yes, this planet needs to become like...Well, like the one I destroyed so long ago. What was the name of it?”
“Don’t you dare.” Michael warned.
“Or what, you’re gonna banish me to Hell? Face it, Mikey, you’re even to weak to fight me,” Lucy laughed, as he floated up to face me. “So who do you want to die first?”
“Screw you,” I choked, finally being able to breathe a little.
“Oh, come on Saturn...”
“I won’t let you kill off another planet. I won’t let you kill off another innocent race and if you touch a hair on anyone I care about...”
“You’ll what? You’re in no position to make threats. Besides, as I recall I may have done the killing but you sealed your planet’s fate and everyone on it.”
“Don’t even put the blame on me....”
“No, you’re right. I mean it’s not your fault you chose to save a handful of angels rather than your family and anyone else for that matter.”
“Mikey, what is he talking about?” Berls asked.
“You don’t want to know,” Michael answered, remembering how he was one of the few I had saved that day.
“I had a decision to make. You left me no choice,” I argued, still choking. “Besides, as I remember it you took my life too, you bastard.”
“I had to. You were a murderer,” Lucy grinned even more. “You still are. The blood on your hands is proof of that. I was doing God a favor.”
“You weren’t doing God any favors, demon.” Gabriel spoke up, clenching his fists.
“Maybe I wasn’t, Gabs. But somebody had to stop her, she was out of control.”
“As I remember it, you were the one out of control,” Azrael interrupted. “I also recall that Saturn didn’t start the war, you did. So if you want to blame someone for what happened, point the finger at yourself. Saturn is right, you didn’t give her a choice and if anything the blood is on your hands not hers.”
“You know something, Az. You’re absolutely right. So instead of putting Saturn through the hell of choosing this time around, I’ll have...” Lucy stopped short from finishing before looking over at the Familia and the rest of the Seal Carriers.
“Don’t even think about it, Samael.” I sneered, still trying to breathe fully.

Lucy quickly looked back over at me and raised an eyebrow. Somewhat shocked that I would even say that name.

“Oh, I know the name that was given to you when you were a Seraphim. I bet this is the first time you’ve heard it since those days,” I deviously grinned.
“Wait, Lucy was a Seraphim?” Drew scratched his head, confused.
“Yea, he was,” Gabriel replied, secretly wishing I hadn’t brought up the name.
“You have no right to speak that name,” Lucy growled.
“Actually, I do.” I continued to grin. “You’ve pushed me to that point. So really how do you want this to play out?”
“You’ve lost your mind.”
“All thanks to you. So what’s next, Samael?”
“ENOUGH!” Lucy roared, grabbing me by my throat as his hand began to glow a dark aura. “You were never worthy of your father’s title. To me you’re still nothing more than a half-breed who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.”
“Same could be said about you,” I choked, trying to laugh.
“You’re about to die and you’re laughing. Ironic.”
“No, what’s ironic is you thinking you can kill the Seraphim of Death.” My eyes started to glow a bright white.

No sooner had Lucy blinked than he found himself being blasted across the sky by a white flash of light, letting go of my neck in the process. I fell to the ground with a thud, only to try and get back on my feet a few seconds later.

“Saturn!” Ven tried to see if I was okay but Gabriel stopped her from getting close.
“Don’t,” He responded, shaking his head.
“Oh Samael!” I shouted, heading in the direction he had landed with the others cautiously following behind me. “Come out, come out where ever you are? Where are you? Come on, I didn’t kill you. Not yet anyway.”

Lucy flew out of nowhere, snatching me off my feet as he took to the sky. And as quickly as he did, both him and I vanished into thin air.

“Where did they go?” Drew asked, looking around.
“Hell,” Michael bluntly responded, hearing something in the distance.
“Um, okay what was that?” Spaz asked, hearing it also along with everyone else.

Michael spread out his wings and flew straight up into the sky, looking around. In the distance, there was a gap in the ground on the outskirts of the city and an army of demons lined in front of the gap. Not making a move but looking like they were waiting for an order to be given.

“What do you think is going on?” Preston spoke up from behind Michael, scaring the crap out of him.
“What the...? How did you...?” That’s when Michael noticed the grey wings. “So I take it the rest of you Seal carriers are starting to get your wings?”
“Starting... Uh no, I’ve had these for awhile. Can’t speak for the others though. I’m pretty sure by now however...”
“Good Lord, a flying Texan.” Michael grumbled, shaking his head.
“Question, why grey?” Preston asked.
“What? What are you talking about?” Michael looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Why grey wings? Why can’t they be white?”
“Because you’re Carriers not angels.”
“But Saturn...”
“Look, not now Texan.”
“So how does it look up there?” E.T. shouted.
“All depends,” Michael shouted back. “Do you want the truth or do you want the truth with a little bit of sugar coating?”
“Mikey,” Gabriel warned.
“Honestly, boys and girls we’re in trouble,” Michael answered. “There’s an army of demons standing on the edge of the city and chances are they aren’t here to chit chat and have a beer.”
“Big deal, we can handle an army of demons.” Jay brushed it off.

Just then Pops cell phone went off and he quickly answered it. Buttters and Duchess were on the other end and not only did they tell Pops about Jon and the demons but they just happened to turn on the news and what was happening on the edge of Boston was happening all around the world. As soon as Pops got off the phone, he let out a heavy sigh while he lowered his head and closed his eyes.

“Pops?” Leysa asked, sounding worried.
“Apparently, what’s happening here is happening all over,” He calmly replied. “It’s all over the news.”
“Oh, my god.” Phoenix whispered under her breathe.
“There’s more.” Pops now looked over at Jordan. “Seems your brother and the girls were attacked by demons. Everyone’s okay thanks to Ariel and Raphael but....”
“But what?” Jordan asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Your brother has gone out looking for you and now with these armies of demons showing up... Well, I don’t need to tell you to put two and two together.”
“If he ran into Levi....” Sam thought about it.
“Levi would be picking himself up off the floor,” Uriel responded, cracking up.
“Uriel.” Gabriel shook his head.
“What? They need to know. Well, I’m pretty sure Richie-Rich knows but the rest of them...”
“Drop it, Uriel,” Michael warned. “This isn’t the time nor the place.”
“Oh, but I think it is. So Richie-Rich would you like to tell the others or should I?”
“What gives you a damn right to say anything,” Nega spoke up, getting in the middle of it. “If Saturn was here...”
“But she’s not,” Uriel responded, with a sly smile.
“Now I can see why Saturn left you,” Jordan calmly stated.
“Hey, she didn’t leave me.”
“That’s not what she said.”
“Shouldn’t you be worried about your brother?” Uriel pointed out.
“He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself,” Jordan shrugged his shoulders. “Besides, you’re right. If he runs into Levi, Levi will be picking himself up off the floor. If anything we should stop Lucy and save Saturn.”
“And who the hell made you leader?” Drew protested.
“Drew,” Berls said, giving him a look.
“No, what gives him the right to...”
“Watch yourself, boy,” Bags warned. “God hears everything.”
“So I don’t think now is the time to be arguing with one of His Carriers. Not when the world is literally going to Hell.”
“Um...Hate to bring this up,” Jeannie kept looking around. “But where’s Joe?”

Jon now found himself in the cemetery and had somehow ended up in front of my father’s grave.
He noticed the words etched on the headstone and couldn’t help but stare at it for a minute.

“I know you can read that.” He heard someone speak up from behind him.

Jon didn’t bother to turn around. He knew who it was.

“I could kill you if I wanted to, “He calmly stated. “Hell, I’d be doing Saturn a favor if I did.”
“Funny,” Levi smirked. “But I highly doubt you could kill me. You don’t hold a candle to what Saturn could do.”
“Or so you think.”
“Actually, I know you can’t because you don’t carry a Seal.”
“Don’t need to and from what I’ve seen and heard neither does Saturn. Even without her Seal, she could do some major damage. You and I both know that and, anyone who thinks differently is just fooling themselves.”
“What could you possibly....?” Levi began to question.
“I know that she took out five hundred men in a war without using her Seal and back then she was a half-breed,” Jon answered. “I also know that amongst the team of Seraphims that God assembled to stop Lucy from destroying the Astral Plane, she was part of that team and she was a half-breed then as well.”
“What are you getting at?”
“Nothing, it just seems to me half-breeds are underestimated a little too damn much.”
“For someone who showed up to the game late, you know more than you should.”
“I have my sources.” Jon lit up a cigarette and began to smoke. “Now be a good little demon and run back to your boss before you get hurt.”

Levi tried to attack Jon from behind but he quickly phased and Levi went right through him. In turn causing Levi to land on his face. Jon continued to calmly smoke his cigarette. No sooner had a smirk crossed his face, he felt something hit him in the back of the head. Before he could find out what hit him, everything went black.

In the depths of Hell, the Kingdom that once was destroyed by yours truly had slowly been rebuilt out of the souls of the damned and those who had fallen or betrayed Lucy in some way. And in the lower portion of this place that would be considered the basement was a dungeon of some sort with cells to hold prisoners or those about to meet their fate with the Abyss. And in one of those cells was yours truly and Joe. He had gotten caught by a couple of demons and I had lost my fight with Lucy, only to end up in a disgusting and foul smelling place. Granted, you think being Seal Carriers we could bust out but Lucy had enforced the bars with his own powers, which made it next to impossible. And even if we broke out, we’d have a lot of demons to fight. Two against at least close to a million isn’t the best of odds.

“So Richie-Rich is acting as leader? Huh,” I said hearing the news while I smoked a cigar. “Makes sense I guess considering he’s the Second Seal Carrier.”
“So how do we order room service? “ Joe sarcastically asked.

I began to chuckle a little as I lit up a cigar. I needed something to calm my nerves because they were shot to hell. No pun intended.

“So is your head okay?” He changed the subject.
“Oh yea, that.” I chuckled again somewhat.
“Yea that. You almost destroyed my house.”
“Huh. Well, I guess I did let Lucy get under my skin a little.”
“You lost your damn mind.”
“So what else is new?”
“Saturn...” Joe started to say.
“New subject.” I interrupted, not wanting to talk about it.

Just then the cage door flung open and Jon was thrown in as the door slammed behind him. He was still unconscious and I had an idea as to who he ran into.

“Okay, so how does it help me any if you guys keep getting yourselves locked up?” I sarcastically remarked, checking for Jon’s pulse.
“Is he?” Joe asked.
“He’s fine. Gonna have one hell of a headache though.”

Jordan and the others now wandered the streets of downtown Boston, looking for any signs of yours truly, Lucy, Joe or, even Jon for that matter. However, someone they’d least expect would end up finding them. Levi appeared only feet away from Jordan.

“Well, well, if isn’t my niece’s boy toy,” Levi remarked. “And her little Familia.”
“What do you want demon?” Gabriel questioned.
“Nothing really. I was sent to deliver a message.”
“Wow, amazing how the Grand Admiral of Hell has turned into Lucy’s errand boy so quickly.” Michael responded, in a sarcastic tone. “So tell me Levi, when did you start wearing a skirt?”
“Damn.” Sam coughed, trying not to laugh.
“Funny. By the way Mikey, as I recall the last time we fought I won.” Levi pointed out.
“Only because I didn’t want to hit a chick.” Michael answered back.

That’s when the Westie Boys and a few of the Familia members began to snicker and chuckle.

“What’s the message?” Jordan interrupted, changing the subject.
“Yes, well Lucy... I mean Lucifer is giving you, the other Carriers and, the Familia a choice.” Levi deviously grinned.
“Oh, here we go again.” Azrael shook his head. “Last time, he gave someone a supposed choice he declared war on a planet.”
“Well, this is different. He’s giving the choice of wether to save everyone on earth from total destruction or Saturn’s life.”
“Screw you,” Nega remarked. “That’s no kind of choice. I mean the lives of everyone on this planet or Saturn’s. What kind of twisted....?”
“Those are you’re only options, deal with it. Either the lives of the people and your loved ones or Saturn’s. Oh, and he’s giving you twenty-four hours to decide and if by chance you should make any rescue attempt than you forfeit your choice and he will attack.”
“And if we don’t make a decision before the twenty- four is up, what then?”
“Isn’t it obvious,” Levi pointed over towards the army of demons.
“You’d kill your own family? That’s cold.” Azrael spoke up.
“Im not...,” Levi stopped himself from finishing when he saw Dena staring at him. “Of course I wouldn’t, Lucifer promised me that Dena wouldn’t get hurt.”
“And you believed him? Huh, well I guess demons can even be fools.”

Dena walked over towards Levi as everyone got out of her way including Jordan.

“Dena...” Levi began to say.

A small orb of light flew by and hit Levi on his left cheek, almost like a slap in the face. He looked at her in bewilderment and she stared at him with anger.

“If Saturn dies,” Dena said, balling up her hands into fists. “Then you die.”
“But I’m your father.”
“I have no father.”

Levi took a step back, surprised at how Dena was acting but also sensing the hurt that she was feeling.

“I see,” He responded in a calm manner. “Well, I better go. I’ll be back later however for the decision.”

And before anyone could stop him, he vanished like smoke in the wind. Dena fell to her knees and started to cry. While the others were left to wonder what to do next.

Jon woke up in time to hear Joe and I talk about sports. We had nothing better to do considering we were passing time till Johnny-Boy got up.

“I’m telling you the Raiders are gonna go to the playoffs this year.” I disputed. “For once they finally got their crap together both offense and defense wise.”
“Dude, come on. Their quarterback sucks and their defense is weak. I’m telling you the Patriots.”
“Freaking typical. You’re from Boston of course you’d pick the cheating Pansies.”
“They don’t cheat.”
“Like hell they don’t. All Brady knows how to do is cheat.”
“This coming from a Raiders fan.”
“Bite your tongue.... Hey, Johnny-Boy’s up. Morning Sunshine.”
“Where are we?” Jon asked, looking around.
“Detroit,” I sarcastically remarked. “Where do you think?”
“Why aren’t you guys looking for a way out?”
“We tried. Believe me, we tried but Lucy has his power guarding every inch of this cell including the bars.”

Jon began to create a portal only to have it close up as fast as he was creating them. I looked over at Joe and he looked back at me. Both of us just shaking our heads at Jon’s attempts.

“Um, won’t work,” I spoke up, looking back at Jon. “I mean what part of Lucy’s power is guarding every inch of this cell don’t you understand, half-breed.”

He looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. Wondering how I could possibly know.

“Seriously, did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?” I continued.
“So what Jordan told you?” Jon responded.
“Actually, no. I knew who your mother was and I put two and two together. I figured if Richie-Rich wasn’t the half-breed than you had to be. I’ll give you credit for trying to hide it though.”
“Um, hate to interrupt but what the hell are you talking about?” Joe asked.
“Johnny-Boy here has been keeping a secret or trying to. Seems his mama was a Seraphim.”
“Before his mama became human she was a Seraphim.”
“And you would know this how?”
“Because a long time ago, God organized a team of Seraphims and she was one of them. He called her back into duty so to speak but only for a year, the same year that she found out she was carrying Johnny-Boy over there. I know because I was part of that team.”
“But you weren’t a Seraphim then, so why would you....?”
“Lucy wanted control of the Astral Plane. He thought by controlling the A.P. he could destroy whatever planets or universes the Seal Carriers were on or in. Thus, getting a hold of the Seals. I was part of the team because I carried the First Seal and it was my job to find the Carriers and protect them. God needed the best of the best, that’s also why he called Johnny-Boy and Richie-Rich’s mama back into action. And the only way she could be a part of the team is if she returned as a Seraphim, which she agreed to. It took almost a year to stop Lucy and when we did she was able to return as a human but not before having Johnny-Boy over there.”
“So wait that means that Jon and Jordan aren’t....”
“Oh, they’re related one hundred percent. Same folks and all. Which surprises me how understanding their father was seeing as most people would freak out. I mean how would you react if your wife came home and told you she was going to fight a demon on some Astral Plane with a team of Seraphims and a half-breed that carries the First Seal.”
“So how long have you known that it was me?” Jon questioned.
“When I found out about your little power of controlling the Astral Plane somewhat. You don’t honestly think you got that power just because of your muse? Come on, God needed someone to be able to guard the portals to the A.P and what better way than to pick a child of a Seraphim. I mean why not, if it worked once with yours truly and this whole Seal business. Why not try again.”
“Why not give it to you? Why me though?”
“That’s something you have to ask God. He made that decision, I didn’t. Besides, with the little Seal I carry and half the crap I was going through, I’m pretty sure He figured I had enough to deal with.”
“Okay then if you knew then why didn’t you say anything?”
“It wasn’t my business to do so. As far as I was concerned, if you wanted to say something you would have.”
“Not only that but dealing with your brother is a twenty-four, seven job and I wasn’t looking for any over time.”

Joe started to laugh a little while Jon just shook his head. I just sat there smoking my cigar with a grin on my face.

“Smartass.” Jon remarked.

A female demon appeared out of nowhere in front of the bars to the cell. Almost scaring the crap out of Joe and Jon. I on the other hand didn’t move a muscle.

“Seraphim.” She said.

No response.

“Seraphim of Death.”

Still no reply.

“Why won’t you speak?” She questioned.
“Maybe you should try saying her name.” Joe answered.
“Fine. Lady Saturn.”
“What do you want?” I finally responded, in a low growl, not sounding the least bit human.
“I owe you.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“You saved my daughter’s life a long time ago and for that I owe you. You’re a hero.”
“I’m no damn hero, I was just doing my job.”
“Still..,” She began to say as I heard the lock click. “It’s time the favor was returned.”

Before anyone could say another word, she disappeared.

“Okay, that was freaking weird.” Jon commented.

I got up from where I was sitting and went over to work the door a little until it popped open.

“You and Joe get out of here.” I said, looking around for any demons while I unsheathed my claws.
“What about you?”
“I’ve gotta pay Lucy a visit.”

The Poetry Familia was gathered in Jordan’s living room, discussing on what to do exactly while Jordan himself sat behind his desk in his office drinking a bottle of scotch. He didn’t want to have any part in the conversation and Michael could understand why.

“We can’t just let Saturn die.” Gilly brought up. “She’s a part of this family.”
“Yea, but are you willing to hand over the entire earth and everyone on it to Lucy to save Saturn?” Gordy pointed out. “If Saturn was here, she’d hand over her life.”
“That’s the thing though, she isn’t. How do we know if Lucy hasn’t killed her already?” Bags brought up. “If he wanted to, he could have done so by now.”
“If he had, he’d be a fool in doing so,” Gabriel answered. “In order for any plan he has right now to succeed he needs to keep her alive and he knows it.”
“Look, Saturn has a healing factor....” Leysa tried to say.
“Which is useless against Lucy’s power.”
“So what then? What do we do because we can’t hand him over an entire planet of innocent lives and we sure the hell can’t let him kill Saturn.”

Jordan now sat back in his chair as he continued to drink from the bottle of scotch. Michael appeared in the seat in front of the desk. Not saying much but observing how Jordan was acting.

“What?” Jordan asked, feeling the stare.
“Nothing,” Michael replied. “Starting to drink out of the bottle, I see.”
“Hey, I’m just enjoying whatever little time there is left.”
“Sounds like you’re giving up.”
“I didn’t sign up for this,” Jordan said, putting the bottle on the desk. “Granted, I was willing to go along up to this point but this is too much. Damn it, why can’t everything just go back to the way things use to be when my life was normal.”
“Uh yea, so having a brother who’s a half-breed is normal?” Michael pointed out. “Or having a wife who use to be an angel is normal? Or being born with a Seal in you is just totally normal? Face it man, since the day you were born your life has been anything but normal.”
“Wait, how did you know about Jon being....?”
“Did you honestly think you could keep that a secret from Saturn? For God’s sake, she was a half-breed once. Of course, she’s gonna be able to spot one.”
“How come she never said anything?”
“She had her reasons but mostly because she figured it was none of her business. Besides, she has enough on her plate to deal with, so to speak.”

At that very moment, Jay came bursting through the door. Out of breath and barely able to stand on his feet. He and a few other angels had been keeping watch on the army of demons on the outside of town.

“They’ve moved haven’t they?” Michael asked, not budging from his seat.
“Yea.” Jay said in between catching his breath.
“What do you mean huh? What the hell is going on?” Jordan questioned.
“Seems Saturn has escaped as I knew she would and good old Lucy found out. So now....”
“Now what?”
“Now the choice is no longer ours to make.”
“Meaning we’re in trouble.”

Levi lead the army of demons through the streets killing anything that moved. Man, woman, child, animal, it didn’t matter. If it breathed, it died. Michael was right the choice was no longer theirs to make but knowing Lucy like I did. Any choice they would have made, he wouldn’t have honored. He’s a murderer and that’s always been his M.O. Besides, when have you ever known a demon to keep their word? Jon and Joe had now got out of Hell and was making their way through the alleyways of Boston, trying not to be seen by Levi or any demon for that matter. Joe kept trying to get through to his wife on his cell phone but she wasn’t answering. Which if anything was starting to worry him.

“She’s fine, Joe.” Jon tried to assure him. “Saturn probably has someone watching over her and your kids. God knows, she has connections like the freaking President.”
“I know it’s just...,” Joe stopped short from finishing as he looked over and up at the sky. “What the hell?”

The sky began to light up in an orange hue color and the smell of death soon filled the air. Choking the city with it’s stench. Jon and Joe were about to investigate what was going on until Metatron appeared before them. Stopping them dead in their tracks.

“I can’t let you see what’s going on,” Mets shook his head. “If I did, Saturn wouldn’t be the only one with nightmares. No, it’s best if you got back to the others.”
“Move.” Jon now stood up to Mets.
“Then at least tell us what’s going on?”
“They’re burning bodies.”
“That makes no sense, it they’re already killing....”
“They’re not burning the dead.”

In the distance, the screaming of those being tossed into the fire could be heard. The screams mostly sounded like that of children which got Jon and Joe’s attention real quick. Jon pushed Mets aside as him and Joe rushed towards the direction of the screams.

“Do we have a plan?” Joe asked Jon.
“Um no, kind of thought you did,” Jon answered.
“Not really.”
“Huh, I guess we’ll just wing it then.”

They both now stood in front of a handful of demons who were dragging kids towards a massive pyre that had been created in the middle of the street.

“What the....?” Jon started to say, noticing the flames shooting up towards the sky.

The demons saw Jon and Joe and had stopped what they were doing. They tried to approach but soon found themselves being lifted off the ground by some unknown force and gasping for air as their lungs tightened up. Jon looked over at Joe and noticed that he was using his Seal. One of the demons that hadn’t been caught tried to sneak up on Jon, only to end up phasing through him. The kids that had been captured around this time, took off scared.

“Not too damn smart,” Jon said, grabbing the demon by his neck and slamming him on the hood of a car nearby, holding him with one hand. “Just because I don’t carry a Seal or flash some claws, doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.”
“Leave my soldier alone, half-breed.” Jon heard someone say from a distance.

Both Jon and Joe looked over and saw Levi standing there in his true demon form with his arms crossed.

“Now that’s butt ass ugly,” Joe remarked.
“Joe.” Jon warned.
“What? You can’t honestly tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing.”
“Again. Leave my soldier alone,” Levi repeated himself. “And while we’re at it, you can drop my soldiers, Carrier.”
“And if we don’t?” Joe asked.
“Look around.”

So they did. They were surrounded by a rather large group of demons and any chance they had for an escape was long gone.

“Tell them to back off.” Jon warned, not letting go of the demon while keeping his sights on Levi.
“That’s funny, half-breed. Do you honestly think you’re in any position to make a threat? Look around, my army could kill you before you even made a move.”

Just then the pyre in the middle of the street quickly exploded causing the fire to die out. In the distance, Levi saw Jordan, Berls and basically the others standing there, staring him down.

“Well, well if it isn’t God’s little army of rejects,” Levi retorted.
“Wait, did he just call us....” Bags raised an eyebrow. “Has he taken a good look at himself lately? My God, it looks like he’s got some sort of disease.”
“Slap a dress on him and he’d be one ugly woman,” Nega remarked. “Come to think of it, then him and the Texan would have something in common.”
“HEY! Damn it.” Preston shook his head, grumbling under his breath.
“I thought we had a choice.” Berls said to Levi. “Lucy gave us...”
“Yea, well since your little Seraphim of Death escaped, the game plan has changed and the choice is no longer yours to make,” Levi deviously grinned. “Then again, whatever made you naive people think that you had a choice at all is beyond me.”
“So where is he?” Michael asked.

As soon as Jordan began to pick up on Lucy’s scent, he felt someone lifting him up by his neck.

“What the hell?” Phoenix said.
“Surprise,” Lucy appeared with a devious grin on his face as he continued to hold Jordan up in mid-air by the neck.
“You can go...” Jordan started to choke, trying to break free.
“Such language coming from a Carrier. Tsk, tsk. Then again, your little friend had quite a mouth on her as well. Speaking of which where is she?”
“We don’t know,” Berls answered. “Now let him go.”
“Oh, but there’s two of you here that do.” He now focused his attention on Jon and Joe. “Speak or the Carrier dies.”
“They’re not gonna talk,” Azrael interrupted. “No one is. And as far as you killing Richie-Rich.... Well, that’s just a dumb move on your part. I mean if I were you I’d look at your hand.”
“What does...?” Lucy stopped short from finishing, when he felt the intense burning of his hand, noticing that it was glowing a red hue and that smoke was rising off it.

He quickly threw Jordan a side like a rag doll while looking at the burns on his hand.

“You little....” He focused his attention back on Jordan.
“Berls?” Pops spoke up.
“Now.” She gave the order.

A fight broke out and it looked like a war in the middle of downtown Boston. While Lucy and Jordan fought, the others took care of the army of demons and Levi. During the on going fighting a little demon made his way through the ruckus and up to Lucy. Sitting on his shoulder and whispering something in his ear. Something that caused Lucy to stop fighting Jordan and in turn caused everyone else to stop fighting as well. Michael had a feeling what he had been told and couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

“She killed off your armies, didn’t she?” Michael asked, still chuckling. “And chances are all of your Generals of course except for the General of Generals himself, Levi over there.”
“I don’t need armies to defeat her,” Lucy growled.
“Uh huh. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Samael.”

Lucy was about to go after Michael when the ground beneath their feet started to shake violently.

“EARTHQUAKE!” Duchess shouted.

The ground soon stopped shaking and everyone looked over at Tom.

“It wasn’t me,” He responded, having an idea as to what they were thinking.
“Then what....” Nega started to say when he noticed the ground beginning to crack. “What the hell?”

The head of one of Lucy’s Generals rolled right in front of him. He quickly kicked it aside, letting out a low growl while looking around.

“Oh Saturn, where are you?” He mockingly called out to me.

The ground began to shake again, this time splitting open under neath the feet of his army. Swallowing the demons whole. All except for Levi, who quickly got out of the way before falling in. A few seconds passed before the awful sounds of screaming could be heard coming from the hole.

“What in God’s name was that?” Gordy asked.
“She killed the last of his army.” Azrael calmly answered, sensing the deaths.

Lucy walked over to the hole and was about to reach the edge when something with wings flew up out of it and knocked him off his feet. Lucy looked up at who was holding him down, only to see a set of glowing, blood stained claws pointed right at him.

“Miss me?” I sneered.
“I could kill you,” He replied.
“Same old song and dance with you, huh Samael?”
“That’s not my name.”
“It was at one point. As a matter of fact, why don’t you lose the disguise. I so miss seeing the demon I fought in the Israel desert so long ago.”
“You’ve lost your mind.”
“I have you to thank for that. Never thought it would back fire in your face, now did you Lucinda? Now why not showing that ugly demon face of yours.”
“Screw you.”
“Have it your way.”

I spread out my wings, grabbed Lucy by his neck and, took to the sky.

“SATURN!” I heard Dena cry out.
“What the hell is she doing?” Drew asked.

I flew as high as I could before the air got too thin to breath. Lucy all the while looked at me like I was insane.

“If you won’t show your ugly face willing, I’ll force it out of you,” I growled as I began to head straight down towards the earth, keeping a hold of Lucy.

“Oh no,” Berls uttered, realizing what I was going to do. “TAKE COVER!”

Which everyone did and rather quickly seeing as there was little time to act. As I picked up speed the glow of my Seal surrounded both Lucy and I, causing what looked like from a distance one massive white fireball falling out of the sky. Only seconds had passed until both Lucy and I slammed right into the ground, creating a massive explosion. When the dust settled, everyone came out of hiding.

“Where’s Saturn?” E.T. looked around.

I stumbled up and out of the rubble, coughing as I did so.

“Damn it, I’m getting to old for this....” I grumbled before getting hugged to death by Dena.
“Where’s Lucy?” Jordan asked.
“Nice to see you too, Richie-Rich,” I calmly responded. “Wouldn’t have a cigar on you by any chance?”
“Give it a sec.”

No sooner had I say that then the ground beneath our feet began to rumble.

“Ah, he’s getting up as we speak,” I remarked, heading back over towards the hole left from the massive explosion.

A black shadow quickly flew up out of the hole and landed in front of the others and I. The all too familiar sight of the wings made out of skeleton bones and souls of the damned along with his shark like teeth and the eyes that spoke of hate, violence, and death brought back memories of when I fought him during the days of Gesu. It had been awhile since he showed his true ugly side and I almost forgot what it looked like. Almost.

“Good God, it looks like someone smacked him into the land of ugly,” Preston remarked.
“You see that’s butt ugliness there,” Bags pointed out. “If anyone asks, that’s it right there.”
“Eh, nothing new. Seen it before,” Michael shrugged his shoulders.
“Now see was that so hard to do?” I mocked Lucy, while my claws started to glow a bright white hue.
“You pathetic excuse of a Seraphim. You can’t defeat me,” Lucy sneered.
“Wasn’t thinking about defeating you.” As my claws continued to glow even brighter.

Lucy raised an eyebrow, noticing the look on my face.

“And how do you propose on killing me?” He asked. “I am equally matched with you in the powers department.”
“Actually, you were,” I deviously grinned as I took a swing at Lucy and sent him flying backwards only to land with a thud. “I found out your little flaw. Seems your new little powers do you no good in your demon form. Why the hell do you think I was so eager for you to show your true self? You don’t honestly think it was because I thought you looked good, you ugly....”

Before I could finish the sentence, Lucy came out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground, holding his talons inches from my face.

“Die Seraphim,” He hissed.
“Don’t feel like it.” As I kneed him in a place that made all the guys winch in pain.
“She just didn’t....” Leysa began to ask
“Yea, she did,” Michael replied.

Lucy quickly let go of me as he fell over on the ground in pain. I got to my feet and brushed myself off.

“That’s what you get for screwing with my head,” I remarked.

Lucy slowly got back on his feet, staring me down like I was dead already.

“Let’s play.” I deviously grinned, spreading my wings and taking to the sky once more.

Lucy followed and as we fought it out in the sky. Everyone below watched and a few couldn’t help but wonder what I was up to exactly. For me to take Lucy on like this, surprised them.

“Mikey, you don’t think....” Azrael started to ask.
“I don’t know, Az.” Michael interrupted him, shaking his head. “I just don’t know.”
“LOOK OUT!” Drew hollered, while I crashed to the ground.
“SATURN!” Dena cried out.

While I laid there coughing up blood, Lucy landed on his feet, folding his wings behind him.

“You’re playing with the big boys now, Seraphim.” Lucy hissed.

I laughed out loud, choking and still coughing on my blood in the process. Lucy looked at me once again like I was insane and maybe, just maybe I was.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“You,” I replied. “You’re right, I am playing with the big boys now. The only difference is I’ve stepped up my game unlike you.”
“What are you talking about?”
“When you asked how I proposed on killing you.” I bluntly responded, as my entire being began to glow again while I slowly got to my feet. “Didn’t want to answer at first but now... Well now I should.”

Lucy looked into my eyes and caught on to what I was planning to do exactly. It scared him a little to think that I was capable but then again, he also knew my weaknesses and a group of them were watching us right now. Well all except for Levi and Jon. Levi was trying to sneak up on me from behind and Jon decided to stop him from doing so.

“You’d kill them in the process,” Lucy pointed out. “And I know you wouldn’t want that.”
“Don’t worry, they wouldn’t,” I calmly responded.
“Then that means.... That’s suicide.”
“You catch on quick.” I deviously grinned. “See you on the other side, Lucinda.”

I quickly slammed my fist into the ground in front of Lucy causing a chain reaction as a bright white light started to shoot up out of the ground in front of Lucy and I. Around the same time, Levi threw Jon by accident in my direction. Jon phased through yours truly which then caused another reaction and within seconds a white blinding light spread out. The others quickly covered their eyes and shield themselves from the light. When it was safe to look again neither Jon nor Lucy nor I were anywhere to be seen.

“Where the hell are they?” Jordan demanded to know from Michael.
“Well that,” Michael kicked the pile of dust that was now where Lucy had once stood. “Is what remains of Lucy. As to where your brother and Saturn are. That remains a mystery.”
“Are you sure they’re not...?” Berls began to ask.
“Well, if Johnny-Boy hadn’t accidentally phased through Saturn and caused another reaction. Saturn’s ashes would be on the ground as well and seeing as there is only one pile of ashes.... Yea, I’m pretty sure.”
“Those could be Saturn’s though...”
“Highly doubt it. Thanks to Johnny-Boy’s ability to control the Astral Plane somewhat chances are Saturn’s Seal picked that up and well let’s just say good old Johnny-Boy saved Saturn’s butt.”
“So where are they?” Pops questioned.
“Somewhere,” Azrael spoke up.
“But where? Maybe we can find them.”
“Again, highly doubt it. Where ever they are it isn’t on this planet.”
“Holy crap,” Jay said, remembering of how many other worlds and universes in the Astral Plane that he was told about.
“We’ll look for them then,” Ven interrupted.
“Yea, good luck with that,” Michael remarked. “Hey Gabs, wanna tell them how many other worlds and universes there are exactly in the Astral Plane?”

Gabriel didn’t respond, he was too busy noticing Joe standing there staring at the spot that Lucy and I were at. Gabs knew Joe’s Seal was showing him the death of Lucy amongst other things. He couldn’t help but notice Jordan out of the corner of his eye staring at Joe too and then looking over at him the same way Gabs was. Neither one said a word because they knew what the other one was thinking.

“Gabs?” Michael asked. “Are you okay?”
“Yea. Fine.”

Joe shook his head a little as he started to walk away.

“What’s wrong with him?” Sam asked.
“He just needs to be alone for a bit,” Gabriel answered
“So how do we go about finding Saturn and Jon?” Leysa questioned Gabriel.
“We can’t. There’s way too many other worlds and universes.”
“We wait. And pray that they can find their way back home.”
“And if they can’t?”
“I don’t know.”

Levi around this time was trying to sneak away but Jordan quickly got in his way.

“Move mortal,” Levi warned in a snarl.

Jordan didn’t move. Just stared Levi down as his claws began to glow a bright red hue.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Levi deviously laughed. “I just saved your precious little Seraphim from sacrificing herself. As I see it, you owe me.”

Jordan stood there for a minute before sheathing his claws.

“You’re absolutely right,” He responded, as a smile appeared out of corner of his mouth. “I do owe you.”

Before Levi knew what hit him, he found himself on the ground with blood dripping out of the side of his mouth.

“Damn,” Nega remarked, under his breath.
“You broke my jaw!” Levi exclaimed, wiping the blood from his mouth.
“You’re lucky that’s all I broke,” Jordan growled. “By the way, now we’re even.”

Meanwhile, in another place and time a couple of lifeless bodies laid in a field. Only to be discovered and sent to the hospital.

“So what do we have?” The doctor asked the nurse, as he looked over the chart.
“Apparently, they were found in a field,” The nurse answered. “Both were badly injured and are now in stable condition. However....”
“However what?”
“It seems the female is healing herself somehow and quite rapidly I might add.”
“That’s impossible....” The doctor stopped short from finishing when he saw the female patient.
“Doctor?” The nurse began to ask.
“We have to get a hold of the President. Right now.”

A couple of months past and as the world tried to fix itself up, the Familia were still living with Richie-Rich. Seeing though as he was spending most of his time down at the Pub, he could have really cared less who was living in his home at that point. He was too preoccupied with finding Johnny-Boy and yours truly. He now sat in a booth in a dark corner of the Pub, drinking down scotch like there was no tomorrow.

“Nothing like drowning your sorrows,” Michael remarked, as he appeared across from Jordan. “I take it we’re trying the “Saturn One Step Program” to dealing with problems.”
“Did you find them?” Jordan bluntly asked.
“Nope. Still looking.”
“Are you sure there even....”
“They’re alive, Richie-Rich. If they weren’t, your brother would be wandering around in Heaven while Saturn would be getting her ear chewed off by God.”

Jordan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow and Michael knew why.

“Yea, He isn’t too happy with what she did.” Michael calmly stated. “But then again, Saturn never plays by the rules and He knows it.”
“Then, why does He let her continue to do it?”
“Because her heart’s in the right place and He can’t punish her for that. Besides, she isn’t the first Seraphim not to play by the rules. If I’m not mistaken I do believe her father wasn’t into following rules either.”
“I should have done something,” Jordan said, taking another drink of his scotch. “I was right there. We all were.”
“You did what you could besides if you had interfered Saturn would have... Well, you know how she reacts. Besides, you’ve got to be leader and look out for the other Carriers until she gets back.”
“I’m not a leader. Tell God He made a mistake.” Jordan remarked, staring down at his glass of scotch and seeing that it was empty. “Looks like I could use a refill.”
“God doesn’t make mistakes,” Michael responded, not seeming the least bit amused. “There’s a reason why he picks the less than perfect. I mean look at Saturn. Granted, she’s a Seraphim now but she still is far from being perfect and God accepts that even though mankind tries to paint Seraphims in a different light, so to speak.”
“Okay then, I can’t.. I’ve got...”
“God knows what you’ve got going on in your life. He also knows if you couldn’t handle it He wouldn’t have appointed you leader to begin with. And anyway it’s the order of things, if the First Seal Carrier is dead or absentee for awhile, the Second Seal Carrier either becomes permanent leader or temporary depending on if the First comes back.”
“I’m not Saturn though. I wouldn’t even know what to do or how to... She always knew what to do, I don’t.”
“True, but she wasn’t always like that,” Michael pointed out. “There was a time that she was just like you.”

Jordan sat back a little in his seat. Somewhat taken back that Michael would say such a thing.

“It’s true.” Michael continued, knowing what he was thinking. “And if Saturn ever found out I told you, she’d have my wings for it. So keep your mouth shut.”
“And if I don’t?” Jordan asked, somewhat curious.
“I’ll look the other way while Uriel beats the crap out of you.” Michael bluntly answered.
“Michael.” They both heard someone speak up in a warning tone.

Both Jordan and Michael looked over at Metatron who was sitting at the bar a few feet away and overhearing the whole conversation.

“Seriously Mets, can you for once mind your own business?” Michael retorted.
“Your business is my business.” Mets calmly answered. “Besides, you forget I’m the one who has to record what the rest of you do and report back to God.”
“Yea, well you could slack once in awhile.”
“Then, I wouldn’t be doing my job.”
“And I would care why?”
“Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Keep it up and He’ll put you on baby-sitting duty again.”
“Baby-sitting duty?” Jordan raised an eyebrow, a little bit confused.
“Yea, training rookie angels.” Michael started to explain. “We call it baby-sitting because no one wants to do it.”
“You don’t want to know. Trust me.”

Preston now entered the bar with a lady on each arm while he folded his wings behind him. The young ladies looked like they could be in their twenties and way too young for the Texan. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and stared at him and the young ladies he brought in.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Phoenix said under her breath, shaking her head.

Azrael and Uriel showed up out of nowhere, in front of the Texan and the young ladies.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Preston tried to act cool.
“Outside. Now.” Uriel growled at him.
“I wouldn’t argue with him, Texan.” Azrael advised, lighting up a cigarette. “He’s still got some of that fighting Irish in him.”

Preston excused himself as he stepped outside with Uriel and Azrael. Leaving the girls to stand there by themselves.

“Oh wow, is this that Westies Pub.” One of the girls said, sounding a little to much like a high school cheerleader.
“I use to beat the crap out of chicks like them in high school.” Phoenix remarked, getting a drink from behind the bar.
“Now be nice.” Bags chuckled some as he continued to dry some glasses behind the bar. “They’re not that bad.”

Even though Jordan was right in view of the girls, they ended up spotting Joe sitting at the bar and talking to Tom.

“Oh my god, is that? IT IS!” One of the girls shrieked.
“What the hell?” Nega covered his ears. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Phoenix quickly grabbed Joe by his shirt collars and literally lifted him over the bar. Hiding him behind the bar.

“Damn, Wonder Woman.” Sam said, shaking his head a bit.

When the girls tried to look behind the bar, they couldn’t find Joe.

“Can I help you?” Bags asked, standing before them.
“Where did he go?” They both asked in unison.
“Where did who go?”
“That guy that was sitting at the bar. We saw your waitress lift him over the bar and....”
“You must be imagining things. That didn’t happen.”
“But we saw....”
“Sorry ladies.”

Both of the girls walked away from the bar disappointed until they spotted Jordan.

“He’s not who you think he is.” Michael spoke up, reading their minds.
“But he looks like...”
“Not him.”

The girls left disappointed and somewhat sad. Phoenix made sure the coast was clear before opening the trap door behind the bar.

“Hey, you okay Joe?” She asked.
“Fine, now that I know where you guys stash the liquor.” Joe hollered back.
“Stay out of that. That’s the bar’s stash.”
“Not for long.”
“Spoken like a true Westie.” E.T. chuckled a little, reading his newspaper in the corner.

Jordan walked behind the bar and noticed the trap door.

“It leads to the basement.” Bags said, noticing him staring at it. “We stash the bar’s liquor supply down there. Saturn also has an office down there as well.”
“Is it unlocked?” Jordan asked.
“Uh, nope. She has that locked up tighter than Fort Knox.”

Sam and Nega soon headed for the trap door and Phoenix quickly shut it.

“No.” She shook her head. “Bad Westie Boys. Go back to your seats.”
“Please, we just want to peek,” Nega pleaded.
“Uh huh. Last time you boys were down there you almost drank the Pub under.”
“But Joe might need help drinking all that liquor.” Sam pointed out.
“The way he’s been drinking lately. I highly doubt it,” Tom answered. “Then again I guess we all have been drowning in the sauce a little more than usual. I mean ever since....”

Tom couldn’t finish saying it. The very thought that neither Johnny-Boy nor I were around was something they couldn’t handle. Or the fact that we may never make it back. At that point to them, we might as well have been dead. A silence lingered over the Pub as everyone were left with their thoughts. And outside of the Pub, the world was slowly rebuilding itself back up. Erasing all signs of what Lucy and his army had done but not forgetting what had happened or those that were lost. Healing but not forgetting.

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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by LadySaturn » 01 May 2010 06:09:pm


1. Foo Fighters- "Wheels", "ComeBack"
2. 3 Doors Down- "Pages"
3. The Fray- "Some Trust"
4. Rob Thomas- "Fire On The Mountain"
5. ColdPlay- "Violet Hill", "42"
6.Beyonce- "Halo"
7. 30 Seconds To Mars- "Kings And Queens"
8. Staind- "Price To Play"
9. Goo Goo Dolls- "All Eyes On Me"
10. Three Days Grace- "Burn"
11. NickelBack- "If Today Was Your Last Day"
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

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By LadySaturn 31 December 2010

Someone once told me heroes aren’t born. That they are created by circumstance. It was either Lucy or I. And I had made that call and by all rights I even sacrificed my own life in hopes that others would be able to live theirs. I’ve been through war, Hell and even death. I knew what had to be done and I did it. So I defeated Lucy in the process and the nightmares that had haunt me since day one, willing and able to accept my own death in the process. Only to be accidentally saved by a half-breed and his astral power. The others really didn’t know what had happened to Johnny-Boy and I. And could only assume that his power had somehow sent us into an alternative universe. At least that’s what they were hoping. And so they keep on searching and doing everything they can to find us. But with a billion different universes, the search was endless if not impossible....

As I slowly opened my eyes I couldn’t help but look around. I could hear machines beeping and I saw an I.V. stuck in my arm. I put two and two together and it didn’t take long to figure out that I was in a hospital. The last damn place I ever wanted to be.

“Must have been one hell of a party,” I grumbled, getting up.

I ripped the I.V. out of my arm and anything else that was attached to me. I checked out the room a little more and noticed that Johnny-Boy was laying in the bed next to mine. Unconscious and looking like hell, I might add. Then again, anyone would with what we had gone through. It looked as though every machine in the hospital was attached to him and the machines were trying their damndest to keep him alive.

“Why did you do it, Johnny-Boy?” I asked, taking a seat in a chair next to his bed. “You royally screwed up, I hope you realize that. Hell, I’d expect your brother to interfere but not you. And then to phase through me on top of it. As many times as I told you not to because it freaked me out and well because I had secrets I wanted to keep and I knew that if you did this, this would happen. And I was right and now here you lay hanging on by a thread. I should kick your sorry....”

That’s when he began to flat line and before I knew it nurses and doctors were rushing in to save him. Pushing me a side in the process. A few minutes passed when they finally stopped and the head doctor noticed me out of the corner of his eye. He looked over at me as I stood there watching. The other nurses and doctors soon followed his lead. All realizing that I was their other patient.

“You’re alive... how did you?” One of the nurses tried to make sense of it.
“It’s magic. Now move.” I responded, heading back over to Jon’s bedside.
“He’s dead.” The head doctor spoke up.

Without responding I just put my hand on Jon’s forehead. My hand started to glow a bright white hue and every doctor and nurse watched on in complete silence. None of them could believe what they were seeing. Jon slowly started to wake up, coughing as he did so. I took my hand off his forehead and the glow quickly died out.

“What happened?” Jon asked.
“You died” One of the nurses replied. “But she....”
“She what?” He now slowly got out of bed, ripping whatever was attached to him off his arms and chest.
“You’re alive. Leave it alone.” I interrupted, being blunt. “Besides, we need to....”

Before I could finish my sentence about several armed men dressed like the Secret Service stormed the room. I raised an eyebrow at the sight, wondering if they knew how ridiculous they looked.

“Get these people out of here!” The leader of the armed group ordered.

So a couple of the armed men escorted the nurses and doctors out of the room. Jon tried to take a step and found four guns pointed in his face. I slowly unsheathed my claws as I kept my eyes on the armed men.

“Saturn...” Jon started to say.
“Don’t move, Johnny-Boy.” I growled.
“Just don’t move.”

The leader of the little group approached me. Standing only a feet away from yours truly.

“So how is your terrorist boyfriend doing?” He asked me.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about. “ I sneered.
“Sure you do, traitor.”
“Who the hell do you think I am?”
“You tell me.”
“Well, I’m the person who is about to make you part of that wall behind you.” I remarked. “And you need to tell your bloodhounds to back the hell off.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Again, you’ll be part of that wall along with anyone else who tries to attack either myself or Johnny-Boy.”
“Is that some sort of threat?” The leader questioned, taking a step towards me.
“I don’t make threats.” I growled, not sounding human as my claws started to glow a white hue once again.

The leader noticed my claws and the glowing but he also happened to notice something else as well. Something that caused him to take a step back in fear as he looked dead into my eyes. A smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth as my claws stopped glowing.

“Who the hell are you?” The leader asked, still somewhat shaken up.
“Oh, I think you know.” I calmly responded. “Now are you gonna call off your bloodhounds or do I have to prove who I really am”
“Sir....” One of the armed men tried to speak up.
“Put your weapons away.” The leader ordered.
“But sir....”
“That’s an order.”

So they did but not without some hesitation.

“Now answer me this, who do you work for?” I questioned the leader.
“We work for the President of the United States.” The leader answered. “We were ordered to bring you and your friend back to him alive.”
“Then why the guns?”
“For your protection.”

I looked over at Jon out of the corner of my eye and he did the same. We both knew what the other one was thinking without even saying it.

“What? What is it?” The leader asked.
“Oh, nothing. Just if we were to rely on you and your little group of friends for protection, we’d be dead by now.” I flat out responded. “And I highly doubt Johnny-Boy wants to be dead.... again.”
“Who the hell do you think you...” One of the men spoke up but was quickly silenced as the leader put up his hand.
“And what makes you say that?” The leader questioned.
“Simple. If I could wipe you and your little friends out with a wave of my hand. You don’t stand a chance against anything or anyone that would be after me or Johnny-Boy. Human or Demon.”

The man who had spoken up now tried to attack me, only to end up finding himself being held up against a wall with a set of glowing white claws at his neck. Everyone else except for Jon were trying to understand how I could move so fast.

“Big mistake.” I growled as I continued to hold up the man.
“Look, he didn’t mean it.” Someone spoke up out of nowhere. “Please let him go.”

When I looked over at who had said it, I immediately dropped the man. Jon saw as well and could not believe what he was seeing. The person standing there was no other than the Texan himself. Dressed in a three piece suit with a bodyguard on each side.

“Mr. President.” The Leader quickly greeted him.
“You’ve got to be....” Jon began to say. “I need a drink.”
“That makes two of us, Johnny-Boy.” I remarked.

Preston walked over towards me, extending out his hand in a peaceful gesture. Much like all politicians do. I of course just raised an eyebrow at the sight of this. Not the least bit amused.

“I want to apologize for the behavior of my men.” He said with a sly smile.
“What do you want?” I bluntly asked.
“I want to know if you and your friend over there are a threat to my country.”
“You tell me.” I now stared Preston down.
“Touche. Then, are you willing to come back to the White House for a drink and at least talk.”
“And if we say no, what then?”
“Nothing. That’s your choice and right. However, I should warn you that since you and your little friend showed up out of nowhere you have caused unwanted attention from a group that is well less than law biding.”
“So your life and his might be in danger.”
“We can take care of ourselves.”
“I’m sure you can but at least humor me for the moment and come back to the White House. Please.”
“It’s your call, Johnny-Boy.” I said to him, keeping my eyes on Preston. “Should we go?”
“Why the hell is it up to me?” Jon replied.
“Just answer the question.”
“Fine. Let’s go.”
“Awful damn quick with the response, Johnny-Boy.”
“Look, you said....”
“Still could have gave it some thought. But we’ll go.”

Jon just lowered his head, letting out a sigh and muttering a few words under his breath.

Meanwhile in the normal universe, Michael received word of me using my Seal or at least a signal like a beacon indicating that I’ve used it.

“They’re alive!” He announced, busting through the Pub doors while everyone sat around drinking and chit-chatting.

The Pub soon fell quiet as all eyes focused on Michael.

“What do you mean they’re alive?” Bags asked.
“Saturn and Jon. They’re alive.” Michael answered. “Her Seal has been used.”
“Mikey, are you sure?” Azrael questioned. “You’re not mistaking it for something else?”
“No, look her Seal gave out a small faint signal that was picked up in Heaven and the only way that could happen....”
“Is if she used her Seal.”
“Wait, our Seals give out signals?” Tom raised an eyebrow, looking at his hand.
“Yea, every time one of you use your Seal it gives off a signal. Sort of like a beacon. It was one of God’s little insurances in case something like this happened.”
“How can you be sure that Johnny-boy is alive as well though?” Bags pointed out.
“Because the signal shows that she used her combined power of her Seal and as Seraphim of Death to bring someone back from the dead. And I highly doubt it was Lucy.”
“Holy crap. Well, do you know where they are?”
“No, that’s still being figured out. The signal was so faint, it was hard to tell where it was coming from,” Michael looked around. “Where’s Richie-Rich? He has to know.”
“Back at his house.” Leysa responded.

Michael quickly left the Pub, spreading his wings and taking to the sky as he headed for Jordan’s house. When he got there, Jordan was passed out in his bed with a book laying next to him. Michael picked it up and noticed that it was my journal.

“Huh.” Michael said, putting my journal on the nightstand.

Jordan woke up and looked over at Michael, surprised to see him standing there. He got up out of bed without saying a word to Michael while he headed for the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Only to re-emerge a few minutes later with the sound of a flushing toilet echoing in the bathroom.

“So what brings you here?” He finally asked Michael, while going through a drawer to find a shirt.
“They’re alive.” Michael flat out replied.

Jordan stopped what he was doing, keeping his back turned and not saying a word.

“There was a faint signal from Saturn’s Seal.” Michael continued, explaining. “She used her power as the Seraphim of Death and her Seal together to bring someone back from the dead. It’s believed that it was Jon.”
“Where are they?” Jordan asked, still not facing Michael.
“That’s just it the signal was so faint no one has been able to pin point it. Everyone in Heaven including God Himself is trying to figure it out.”

Jon and I now sat in front of Preston’s desk in the oval office while he sat behind his desk. Sitting back in his chair and staring at both Jon and I.

“We’re not museum exhibits. You’ve got questions then ask.” I bluntly remarked.
“You’re the Angel of Death, are you not?” Preston asked.
“Actually, if you must know the Seraphim of Death.” I flat out responded.
“What’s the difference?”
“Difference is I’m higher ranked and I could send your butt to the Abyss if I wanted to.”
“Would you?”
“Not as long as you don’t do anything that deserves a one way trip.”
“So who are you?” Preston now questioned Jon.
“He’s an angel as well.” I interrupted, not giving Jon a chance to say anything.

Jon looked over at me with an eyebrow raised but I just ignored him.

“Like I said before we’re not a threat.” I continued to talk to Preston.
“I know.... it’s just maybe you should look at this.” As he leaned over and handed me a photo.

The photo was of a woman that looked like me who had her arms wrapped around someone that looked like Richie-Rich, hugging him. I handed the photo to Jon without so much as saying a word.

“She was our President. She ended up disappearing a while ago.” Preston explained. “We think she ran off with the guy in the picture.”
“Who is he?” I asked.
“His name is Jordan. And he’s the leader of a terrorist group known as the Poetry Familia.”
“You can’t be serious?” Jon shook his head, somewhat in disbelief. “They’re not...”
“Don’t Jon.” I said, giving him a look.
“Not now.”

Jon sat back in his seat, still shaking his head a little as he continued to look at the picture.

“What makes them such a threat?” I questioned Preston.
“They have been attempting to destroy the American Government from the inside out.” Preston explained. “Emptying the Federal Reserve of any funds, screwing with IRS records, stealing top secret files and even stealing some military arsenal as well. At first we thought, they were gaining access through his brother who happened to be a Senator but that turned out to be a bust.”
“His brother?”
“Yea, he looked like your friend over there.”
“What do you mean looked?”
“He was killed a year ago before the President went missing. There was a break in and he got caught in the line of fire.”
“And just because we look like them you think that this terrorist group will be after us?” Jon bluntly responded. “Even though this other me is dead and the other her ran off with the leader of this group.”
“We think she did, we don’t know. If she hadn’t, then yea they’d be after the both of you.” Preston said, pulling out a file from the desk. “They’d kill you if they thought you kidnaped her. Apparently, she was their access to anything government related and once that was taken away they were less than happy. That and the Leader and our President were having a fling so to speak. She always had a thing for bad boys.”

Jon looked over at me while a smile crept up out of the corner of his mouth.

“You enjoy breathing, you’ll keep it shut.” I warned him.

One of the secret service men from earlier, entered the oval office and looking somewhat in a panic. I could quickly sense something was wrong.

“Mr. President, we’re under attack.” The Secret Service man began to explain. “They’ve gotten past the front doors and are now heading this way. We have to get you and your guests to safety quickly.”
“We better go then.” Preston replied. “Shall we?”
“You can but I’m staying.” I remarked.
“You can’t. They’re dangerous, you’d get hurt.”
“Uh huh.”
“And what if they do decide to kill you. I can’t live with myself....”
“Uh huh. Look, get yourself and Johnny-Boy to safety. I’ll take care of this terrorist group.”
“I’m not hiding like a coward.” Jon spoke up.
“Damn it, now isn’t the time to play hero.” I retorted.
“I’m not. I just refuse to hide.”
“And I thought your brother was a pain in the ass.” I remarked, letting out a sigh. “Fine, you wanna stay and catch your death. Be my guest.”

Preston left with the Secret Service man while I took a seat behind the desk. Jon turned his seat around and set it next to the desk. We both sat there and waited.

“So do you have a plan?” Jon asked.
“Always do.” I answered. “You still have time to get out.”
“I’m not leaving.”
“Hey, I just thought I’d give you the opportunity.”

It didn’t take the terrorist group long to find the oval office and kick down the door. As soon as about six or seven of the members entered the room, the leader entered right behind them. He looked exactly like Jordan from head to toe. Something however seemed a little off. And that’s when it hit me. He didn’t have the claws or feral senses. He did carry something however that caught my eye. Something I thought had long ago been lost in a forgotten war.

“Huh.” I remarked.
“Saturn?” Jon began to ask, noticing the expression on my face.
“He has my father’s sword, Johnny-Boy.”

Jordan looked at both Jon and I in shock. Not believing what he was seeing. It didn’t take long to figure out what he was thinking.

“We’re not who you think we are.” I calmly stated, not having to read his mind.
“Wait, what? Then who the hell are you?”
“Oh, you could say we’re universal travelers.”
“Where’s the President?”
“He’s safe.”
“Look, either you tell me or you and your little friend over there will die.”

I looked over at Jon out of the corner of my eye and he did the same. Neither of us were really amused by the threat.

“Too late, genius.” I retorted, getting to my feet and walking around the desk, standing in front of it and leaning back while crossing my arms. “Johnny-Boy has already died and well... I guess you could say I am death. So it would rather be pointless to even try to kill us. I mean knock yourself out if it makes feel like a bad ass but honestly you’d be wasting your time.”
“You’re lying.” Jordan responded, flat out.
“Am I? Or are you betting that I am?”
“You have no right to talk to him like that.” Someone looking like Jay interrupted. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
“I told you I’m death.”

Jay pointed his gun in my face and I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Jon got to his feet and was about to do something but I quickly shot him a look out of the corner of my eye and he backed off.

“Put it away before you get hurt, boy.” I warned in a low growl, lowering my head a bit and closing my eyes.
“Apologize.” Jay demanded.
“I’m telling you again to put it away.”
“Screw you.”

Before Jay knew what hit him, his gun was sliced in half and he found himself being held up by his throat. His breathing getting shorter with every breath while he struggled. By this time, both my claws and wings were exposed for all to see while my entire being was glowing a bright white hue.

“Huh, I guess she isn’t lying.” Jordan calmly stated.
“Saturn....” Jon spoke up, noticing the Jay look-a-like turning blue.
“Apologize.” I sneered at the Jay look-a-like.
“Go to hell!” Jay choked.
“Either apologize or die.”
“Man, just apologize already.” I heard one of the other members say.

Realizing I was serious with my threat and just how much trouble he was in. He finally gave in.

“I’m....so..rry....” He choked out.

I quickly let go of him as the white hue surrounding me died out. Jay fell to the floor, trying to catch his breath. Thinking twice about ever confronting me like that again but at the same time pissed off that he had his butt handed to him by a woman.

“So tell me, where’s the former President?” I now focused my attention back on Jordan.
“Why is it any of your concern?” Jordan retorted.
“It’s not. But since Johnny-Boy and I are stuck here until he figures out a way to open a portal to our world and get us back home. I thought why not right a few wrongs. Isn’t that right, Johnny-Boy?”
“Saturn, we shouldn’t...” Jon began to point out.
“Have you figured out how to open a portal back to our world?”
“Well no.”
“Then, we’re righting a few wrongs until you do. Besides, I feel like playing hero for a bit.” I sarcastically remarked.

Jon just gave me a look and shook his head.

“Look Lady, if you want to know what happened to the former President then you need to ask the current President.” The look a like Jay spoke up.
“Really? And why is that?” I questioned.
“Because he’s the one that caused her death.” Jordan answered.
“And why should I believe a group of terrorists?”
“If we were terrorists we wouldn’t be talking to you.”
“Good point.” I said in a rather calm manner. “Actually, I kind of had a feeling you weren’t terrorists. Considering that terrorists usually wear masks to hide their identity.”
“Some don’t.”
“True, but those who don’t strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves and anyone around them up.”

Around this time, a group of secret service men flooded the room with guns drawn. A few were even aimed at Jon and I.

“FREEZE!” They shouted.
“Not this crap again.” I grumbled, lowering my head and letting out a sigh. “Look, put the guns away....”
“We don’t take orders from terrorists.” One of the armed service men retorted.
“We were brought here by the President, geniuses.” Jon spoke up.

The Jay look-a-like jumped one of the secret service men, causing the service man’s gun to fire. The bullet flew through the air and hit me dead on. I looked down at the bullet sticking out of my chest and then back up, letting out a low growl as I did so. Jon quickly dived behind the desk when he noticed the look on my face. Taking cover from what was about to happen.

“Why isn’t she dead?” One of the secret service men asked, terrified to see the bullet plop out of my chest and hit the floor while my wound healed up completely.

My entire being began to glow once more while I spread out my wings and arms. My claws still unsheathed, I started to slice through the secret service men’s weapons and toss them around like rag dolls. Jordan and the Familia tried their best to get out of my way but got caught in the middle of it all. I didn’t stop until I came face to face with the tip of a sword blade. The sword began to let off a faint glow and make a sound like that of a heartbeat.

“What the hell?” Jordan said, surprised by the sword’s response to me.
“Boy, you really don’t know what you have there do you?” I sneered, noticing his confusion.

Before he could respond, the echoing sound of military forces heading towards the office could be heard. Jordan and the Familia, quickly made an exit. Leaving Johnny-Boy and I to fend for ourselves.

“So what do we do?” Jon asked.
“We get outta here.” I went over and kicked out one of the windows.
“Oh no. No way in hell I’m....”
“You don’t have a choice.” I growled, grabbing Jon by the back of his jacket and dragging him to the window.

A few seconds later, soldiers filled the room only to find the bodies of the secret service men and a busted window.

“Are they?” One of the soldiers asked another who was checking the pulse of the secret service men.
“No. They’re alive. Barely.”

Jon and I now walked through the back alleyways of D.C., trying to remain out of sight from the public.

“So I need to know.” Jon spoke up. “Why the hell are we getting involved?”
“I told you to right a few wrongs and play hero for a bit.” I answered.
“No, there has to be more to it than that. You didn’t really want to get involved until you saw your father’s sword.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and lowered my head for a minute, letting out a sigh.

“And again, I thought your brother was a pain in the ass.” I remarked under my breath.
“I want to know, Saturn.”

I looked over at Jon and raised an eyebrow. Staring at him like he had lost his mind.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound....” He started to apologize.
“Forget it.” I brushed him off as I turned around and started to walk again.

Jon followed behind me, keeping his distance. I searched my jacket pockets for a cigar, only to remember that I didn’t have any on me.

“Damn it.” I swore under my breath.
“So are you going to tell me or what?” Jon asked.
“Don’t know when to drop it, do you Johnny-Boy,” I calmly responded. “Look, you don’t need to know.”
“Hey, if you’re getting me involved in this mess I have every right to know.” Jon demanded.
“Wow, standing up to the Seraphim of Death. That’s never happened before.” I sarcastically remarked. “Don’t get your big boy undies in a bunch, Johnny-boy. It’s not worth it. Besides, it’s my problem not yours and until you open the right portal back home, you’ll end up being in the middle of this mess no matter what. But you’re right, you have a right to know.”
“So what?”
“So are you going to tell me?”

Jon just shook his head, grumbling a few chosen words under his breath while I spotted a very old church across the way.

“We can rest there for awhile.” I said.

As we entered the church we walked down the aisle and past the pews. Seeing a priest knelt at the front praying. Jon and I quietly sat down in the first row pews. The priest got to his feet and looked over at us. Both Jon and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It was Bags.

“You’ve got to be...” Jon shook his head in disbelief.
“I need you to do me a favor.” I whispered to Jon, keeping an eye on Bags.
“I need you to get him out of here. Distract him somehow.”
“Why? What are you...?”
“Just do it.”
“If you want to continue to breath, you’ll get the priest out of here.” I sneered.
“You can never say please, can you? You’ve got to always be a bully.” Jon sarcastically remarked.
“Dam... Just go.”

Jon just responded with a sly smile as he got up and went over to talk to the priest.

“If we weren’t in a church...” I grumbled under my breath.

Jon soon left the room with the priest and I quietly approached the cross in the front. I looked up at the statue of Gesu hanging there and then down at my hand.

“I hope you were right about this.” I said, touching the foot of the cross.

My entire being began to glow and the glow soon traveled through out the cross. I closed my eyes and in a heartbeat images of my days with Gesu up to then flashed before my eyes like a movie. I quickly felt myself sliding backwards a little by the power of both my Seal and the cross. I stretched out my wings and firmly planted myself as I inched back towards the cross. A few seconds later, the glow from both the cross and my being died out and I found myself falling to my knees in pain. I began to cough and when I finally spit, I saw the blood on the floor before me.

“Thanks for warning me.” I sarcastically remarked, letting out a little chuckle.
“Are you okay?” I heard someone asked as I felt them near my side.

I looked over and saw a priest that looked like Tom. I tried not to laugh but found it hard not to.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“Nothing.” I now tried to get to my feet without falling over.
“Maybe you should rest.”

I looked at Tom for a minute with a raised eyebrow, realizing that he had probably seen everything that had went on. Anybody else would have run away after witnessing something like that but for some odd reason he didn’t.

“He told me you’d show up.” Tom answered, looking up at the cross.
“Wait, God told you...”
“No, your father did.”
“How do you know...”
“Oh, he came through the very same doors you did long ago. Carried a sword with him.”

I looked at Tom in disbelief.

“That’s right.” Tom continued. “Your father was here at one point. And the one who carries your father’s sword use to be a priest of this church and he also knew your father as well.”
“But why would my father give him the sword?” I asked. “And why bring it here?”
“Because in your universe it would have been dangerous.” Tom calmly replied. “From my understanding in your world Lucifer was a major threat to you and those around you. Your father searched every world, every universe until he chose this one. He knew this would be the last place that Lucifer would ever look. That’s if Lucifer was ever able to gain complete control of the Astral Plane.”
“Hold on, you know about the Astral Plane?”
“I know many things, Seraphim.”

Jon around this time returned alone and Tom quickly excused himself.

“So are you done with whatever you had to do?” Jon asked me.
“Yea.” I answered, sitting down in the front row pew again.
“Saturn, are you okay?” Jon asked, sitting down next to me.

I didn’t respond at first just stared off in the distance as though I was in another world.

“Saturn?” Jon said, noticing the look on my face.

I still didn’t answer. Just sat there in stone cold silence as I tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together in my head.

“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Joe exclaimed as he busted through the front doors of Jordan’s home.
“Dude, seriously. You can’t just bust into someone’s home like that.” Drew remarked, sitting on the couch while flipping through stations on the T.V.
“Where is everybody?” Joe asked.
“Out in the back yard having a meeting of some sort. I guess the Seal Carriers’ Seals were glowing for no apparent reason. What are you doing here?”
“Guess.” As Joe held up his hand which was glowing a bright blue hue.
“Oh, not good. You might want to join in on the meeting then.”
“Ya think.” Joe remarked, heading for the backyard through the kitchen.

The others except for Jordan were sitting around on the back deck talking away. It seems what was happening to Joe’s Seal was happening to the other Seals as well. No one knew what to make of it but everyone had a feeling it had to do with yours truly.

“So when’s Mikey gonna get here?” Bags asked.
“Soon.” Berls answered. “He said he’d explain what’s going on once he got here.”

Joe stepped out onto the deck and everyone quickly fell silent. They couldn’t help but notice his hand was glowing the all familiar blue hue.

“Huh. So it’s happening to you too.” Preston commented, as him and Tom both held their hands up, which were glowing a bright orange and green hue.

Before Joe could respond, Michael appeared in front of everyone within a flash of light. Folding his wings behind him as the light faded out. Ravyn flew up and landed on his shoulder while her birdie being continued to glow a bright greyish-purple hue.

“Nice to see almost everyone could make it.” He sarcastically remarked, looking around before spotting Joe. “What brings you here?”
“Guess.” Joe held up his hand which was still glowing. “Funny thing, I was doing an interview for a national magazine when the damn thing started to glow. Have any idea as to why that is, Mikey? I mean usually I can control it but for some odd reason it’s not letting me. Can you tell me why that is, Mikey? Because I’d like to know why the hell I had to run out of my interview to begin with without having twenty freaking questions thrown at me about why my hand is freaking glowing.”
“It’s Saturn.” Michael calmly replied. “She used her Seal to contact your Seals. Sort of like a SOS call. The good news is because she did that, the signal was able to be traced clearly and....”
“And what?”
“Her and Jon are somewhere in what God likes to call Universe Yosef.”
“Why would he...?” Duchess began to ask.
“He names each universe after one of His angels.” Michael interrupted, shaking his head. “I don’t know why the old man does it but He does.”
“So wait.” Preston deviously grinned. “There’s a universe Michael?’
“Well, in that case would there also be a universe Saturn?”
“Why not?”
“You have to be a full fledge angel from birth to get a universe named after you, Texan. Why would you want to know anyway?”
“No reason. I just thought if there was a universe named after her then that universe could have clones of her as well.”
“Are you serious?” Michael raised his eyebrow, not believing what he was hearing. “Why would.. you know what never mind.”

Berls sat there for a minute in stone cold silence thinking something over in her mind.

“What is it?” Ven asked, noticing the look on her face.
“Saturn’s father was named Yosef.” Berls answered.
“Her and Jon are in a universe named after her father. You put it together, Ven.”
“You don’t think....”
“I do.”

Michael overheard what Berl had said to Ven and couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. There was something he knew that he refused to tell them about. They didn’t need to know just yet and he wanted to keep it that way.

“So has Jordan been told any of this?” Tom questioned.
“Yea, Az is telling him right now.” Michael answered, looking up over at Jordan’s office window.
“Mikey, what is it?” Phoenix asked.
“Nothing.” He responded, lowering his head and closing his eyes for a minute as he felt a headache coming on.

Azrael had just finished telling Jordan the same thing that Michael had told the others . Jordan sat back in his chair behind his desk. Not saying a word but rather just staring at Azrael. Jordan’s hand wasn’t glowing which Azrael thought was odd but made sure not to mention it. Seeing as there were more important matters at hand.

“Are they safe?” Jordan finally asked.
“I can’t answer that.” Azrael shook his head.
“Why not? Why can’t I know if my brother and Saturn are safe?”
“Because I’ve been ordered to only tell you what Michael has told the others and nothing more.”
“By who? God?”
“I’m not allowed to say.”

Before Azrael knew what hit him, he found himself being held up against a wall with a red glowing hand grabbing his neck and a set of red glowing claws near his jugular. He was surprised to see how Jordan was reacting.

“Taking lessons from Saturn, I see.” Azrael sarcastically remarked, finding it hard to breathe.
“Talk.” Jordan growled.
“I have my....”
“DA HELL WITH YOUR ORDERS!” Jordan roared, slamming Azrael against the wall again.
“Drop him.” Someone spoke up from behind.

Without hesitation Jordan quickly let go of Azrael and turned around to attack the person behind him. Only to end up not being able to move at all. Gabriel stood there with his arms crossed and shaking his head.

“And I thought Saturn had a temper.” He remarked.

Jordan stared Gabriel down like he wanted to rip him to shreds.

“Calm down first and I’ll unfreeze you.” Gabriel pointed out. “However, you keep acting like Saturn and flying off the handle like an animal and I will leave you like that.”
“Gabs, you can’t do that.” Azrael pointed out.
“I put up with Saturn’s outbursts because I choose to, I don’t have to put up with his. Besides, if he wants answers then he better calm down.”
“Gabs, the order was not....”
“I don’t care who gave that order. He has a right to know.”
“God wants him to know. And what God says goes. So drop it, Azrael.”

Azrael backed off while keeping his mouth shut. He knew Gabriel was right and there was no point in arguing. He just hoped that the one who gave him the orders to begin with would be as understanding as he was.

“Okay so where are we going now?” Jon asked, as we left the church.
“We’re going to find some place safe you can hide so you can figure out a right portal home while I go figure this whole mess out.” I answered.
“So wait, you’re just going to ditch me while you go and play hero. What happened to me being in the middle of this mess no matter what?”
“I’m not a babysitter, half-breed. Besides, I don’t think your brother would be too happy if I let something happen to you.”
“I’m a grown man.”
“Who sometimes acts like a child.” I pointed out.
“Do you really wanna go there?” Jon retorted.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to face Jon. He stood there with a sly smile and somewhat cocky attitude.

“”Really?” I finally replied. “Do you honestly think you’re the first smart ass I’ve had to deal with?
“Look...” Jon began to say.
“No, you shut the hell up and listen because I’m only gonna tell you once. I have a short fuse but it’s even shorter when I have to deal with smart asses such as yourself. Keep it up and you’ll end up as part of that wall over there.”

Jon look over at the wall and then back at me.

“So will I be in the wall or...?” Jon started to ask.
“Don’t.” I warned, not sounding the least bit human.

I turned back around and began to walk away. Not giving him the opportunity to argue. It remained quiet for an hour as Johnny-Boy followed behind me. I was deep in thought still trying to figure out some sort of plan and I was starting to get frustrated that I hadn’t had a cigar or a drink in awhile. And that’s when I noticed a Pub out of the corner of my eye.

“Saturn?” Jon said.
“We’re going in.” I replied.

The place was dead which was fine by me. Never was much for crowds. Someone who looked like Berls was behind the counter, drying off glasses. She looked at both Jon and I as we sat down at the bar.

“What can I get you?” She asked the both of us.
“Jack. No ice.” I answered. “And he’ll have the same.”
“How do you....” Jon began to say.
“Trust me, I know what you drink.” I interrupted him. “I wouldn’t however if you didn’t keep taking from my stash every time you visit your brother.”
“How do you know it’s me. It could be somebody else in the house.”
“Yea, I would believe that. Except you forgot one thing, genius.”
“What’s that?”
“Seems it never occurred to you to wipe your prints off the bottle.”
“They could have been....”
“Do you want to be part of that wall?”
“Well no but...” Jon started to dispute.
“Then don’t play me for a fool.” I interrupted. “Or you will be.”
“So where are you two from?” The Berls look a like asked.

I looked over at Jon out of the corner of my eye and he did the same. Neither of us really wanted to answer the question.

“We’re from Canada.” I finally answered. “Well he is. I’m from Israel.”

As I continued to talk with Berls, Jon watched the t.v. that was sitting up in a corner of the bar. It was turned onto some sitcom until a special news report interrupted the program. Funny thing, seems they have cameras in the oval office and you’ll never guess whose pictures were being plastered over the news. Johnny-Boy and yours truly. Seems President Preston wanted us back alive, he even offered a reward as to our whereabouts. I guess that sort of happens when you beat the crap out of the secret service.

“Saturn.” Jon said, keeping his eyes on the t.v.

I tried to ignore him so no one would be drawn to the attention of what was being played on the news. He began to say something again and I quickly covered his mouth with my hand. It’s not until the Berls look alike went to the back that I took my hand away.

“What the hell was that for?” Jon said.
“You need to know when not to draw attention.” I sneered. “Unless you want to fight everyone in here.”
“I take it it’s not the first time you’ve had a bounty on your head?” Jon smiled a little.
“You could say that, Johnny-boy. You could say that.” I drank down the rest of my Jack.

Around this time someone came up from behind and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hey you!” I heard the stranger say.
“Jon, is there a jackass behind me?” I asked.
“Yup.” He calmly replied, taking a drink from his glass.
“HEY,I’M TALKING TO YOU!” The stranger now shouted.
“Get lost.” I brushed the stranger off, keeping my back turned.
“I have something to say to you.”

I now grabbed the bottle of Jack that had been left in front of me, refilling my glass.

“What?” I asked, still keeping my back turned.
“I want to talk to you face to face.” The stranger answered.
“Not gonna happen, chief. State your business or scram.” I remarked.
“I was told to give this to you.” He tossed a piece of paper in front of me.

I took the piece of paper and unfolded it. When I read what it said, I turned on the stranger and slammed his face sideways on the bar counter. Jon quickly jumped up and out of the way around the same time.

“How did he know we were here?” I demanded to know, foaming at the mouth.
“He has spies. They’ve been following you since the escape from the White House.” The stranger replied, clenching his teeth and struggling.
“You know the answer to that.”
“Saturn, what the hell...?” Jon began to question until I tossed him the note.

As Jon read it, I let go of the stranger tossing him aside and giving him a kick in the rear.
The stranger scrambled to his feet as he quickly left.

“We’ve got to go.” I said to Jon.
“But....” He hesitated.
“Now Johnny-Boy.”

As soon as we stepped onto the sidewalk, a van pulled up in front of us screeching it’s tires. Seven armed swat team members got out with weapons drawn. All aimed at Jon and I.

“FREEZE!” One of them shouted.
“Big mistake.” I growled.
“Saturn.” Jon said, looking around as an army with tanks rolled in.
“Cute.” I remarked. “Jon, go back into the Pub and hide.”
“Forget it, I’m staying.” Jon stared down the armed swat team.

I looked at Jon out of the corner of my eye and I could tell there was no way I would win the argument with him on this. Besides, we were surrounded as it was and there was no way I could just say time out and argue with him. We had guns aimed at us for God’s sake.

“Fine.” I sneered, shaking my head a little, letting out a sigh.
“HANDS UP!” One of the swat members shouted.
“Rather not.” I responded with a sly smile as my hand began to glow the usual white hue.

The white hue quickly went throughout my body. Touching the ground and spreading out towards everyone around Jon and I.

“What the hell?” One of the swat members said in fear, trying to back away.
“FIRE!” One of the commanders in charge yelled.

Bullets filled the air along with gun smoke. A few seconds had past before a cease fire was called. When the smoke cleared, Jon and I stood there unharmed. The bullets that had been fired laid all around us on the ground.

“Impossible.” One of the commanders remarked.
“My turn.” I said with the same sly smile as before.

I raised my hand and the bullets lifted up off the ground and quickly flew in front of the faces of everyone around us. Stopping only inches away from going into them.

“Saturn.” Jon began to interrupt.
“Don’t worry, Johnny-Boy. Just gonna teach them a lesson is all.” I answered, while spreading out my wings. “You might want to get ready though.”
“Ready for what?”

Before Jon could even blink, he found himself being dragged up by the back of his jacket towards the sky. As soon as him and I were out of sight, the bullets fell to the ground.

“What was that?” One of the swat team members asked his commander.
“That was death.” The commander replied, looking down at the bullets. “And we were spared.”

After Jordan had calmed down, Gabriel kept his word and un-froze him. Jordan took a seat behind his desk once more while Azrael and Gabriel sat down in the chairs in front of his desk.

“Well, it’s like this....” Gabriel began to explain.

As he started to tell Jordan the story, certain members of the Familia started listening in at the door.

“What if we get caught?” Duchess whispered.
“We’re not going to get caught if you just keep your mouth shut.” Buttters whispered back. “Now shut it.”

While they continued to listen on they failed to notice someone sneaking up from behind.

“BOO!” The person shouted, giving Buttters and Duchess a heart attack as they both jumped out of their skin.
“Not funny!” Duchess hit Nega when she realized it was him. “What is wrong with you?”

Jordan’s office door opened up and both Duchess and Buttters took off. Leaving Nega to stand there and shake his head.

“What’s going on out here?” Azrael asked.
“Just the norm.” Nega answered, still shaking his head somewhat. “So what’s going on in there?”
“Nothing. Look just keep it down out here.” Azrael said, before shutting the door.
“Well, all righty then. Nice talking to you too.” Nega sarcastically remarked, walking away.

Jon fell to the ground with a thud, landing hard on his bottom. I landed a few feet away, folding my wings behind me. We were now in a cemetery on the far west side of town and I was starting to have one of my cigar fits.

“You didn’t have to drop me like that.” Jon complained, as he got to his feet and brushed himself off. “I think you broke my ass.”
“You’re lucky that’s all I broke.” I grumbled, searching my pockets again for a cigar and finding nothing. “Damn it!”
“What’s wrong?”
“I need a freaking cigar that’s what’s wrong. I’m going through with drawls.”

And that’s when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I walked closer to the tombstone. I was at a loss for words at what I was seeing. Jon followed behind me and noticed the same thing.

“Is that your....?” He started to ask.
“Not mine, Johnny-Boy. Her’s.” I replied. “But it is down right damn eerie all the same.”
“Like looking into a mirror.” Both Jon and I heard someone say from within the shadows of the cemetery.

I quickly unsheathed my claws and stood my ground as I looked around.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to harm you two.” The person came out of the shadows, holding up his hands.

It was Jordan’s look a like. He had a couple of his members one on each side of him, following him and making sure no one was coming.

“What the hell do you want?” I sneered. “And why the hell did you have us followed?”
“I want to make sure you two were safe.” He calmly answered.
“Huh. Is that why we were left to save our own butts from the entire freaking army.” I pointed out.
“Please give me a chance to explain.”
“To explain what exactly?”
“To explain what is going on and what really happened to the other yous. And why I have your father’s sword. Really didn’t have a chance to before seeing as we were interrupted.”

I raised an eyebrow in response. Not showing any signs of being the least bit amused.

“Don’t worry,” He continued. “I kind of figured you were his kid after seeing the way the sword had reacted to you. That and well you did mention that you were death.”
“So what do you have to tell us?” I interrupted, not in the mood for his games.
“Not here. They’ll be looking for you here.”
“In a cemetery? Are you serious?” Jon remarked.
“They don’t care.” The Phoenix look a like spoke up. “They want someone they search everywhere and anywhere.”

Just then a helicopter with a spotlight started to fly above us, searching throughout the cemetery. Everyone quickly scattered.

The Familia were now in the living room trying to find a way to get to Jon and I. Everyone was talking up a storm. That was until Jordan came downstairs with Azrael and Gabriel right behind him. The room fell dead quiet as everyone stared at Jordan.

“Well, if isn’t the great leader.” Preston sarcastically remarked. “Wow, it’s amazing you put the scotch down long enough to grace us with your presence.”
“Preston, don’t.” Berls shook her head.
“I’m just...”
“I know what you’re trying to do and I’m telling you don’t.”

Raphael around this time appeared within a flash of light. Folding his wings behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Ven asked.
“I asked him to come.” Michael spoke up.
“Because I’m the answer to your travels.” Raphael interrupted with a smile.

Jon and I had now been taken to Boston. Far away from D.C. and any attention we might attract. We arrived in Boston, only to look around and see that it was a wasteland. Walking through the streets we couldn’t help but notice that it just wasn’t the same as home.

“What the hell happened?” Jon asked, shaking his head.
“There was a war long ago.” Jordan began to explain. “Nukes were dropped and well this is the end result.”
“But D.C....”
“D.C. was rebuilt. It was one of the few cities that was.”
“Man, I’d hate to see what happened to the West Coast.”
“There is no West Coast.”
“Well, yea I could imagine that it’s just as worse as....”
“No, I mean it’s gone.”

Jon looked over at me out of the corner of his eye. I kept looking around, taking notice but not saying a word. Everything I was seeing was just bring back memories of what had happened in another life. Funny thing is I killed the one who caused those memories and yet the memories still remain after his death. Nightmares gone but memories still in tack.

“I’m so damn tired of the ghosts.” I muttered under my breath and not realizing it.
“What?” Jon asked, hearing some of it.

We arrived at an abandon warehouse on the other side of town. Not much to it really. It look like some old run down factory from long ago. It did however have some top notch security to it. The Phoenix look alike went over to a wall and touched it with her hand, only to have an elevator appear and the wall disappear.

“Saturn...” Jon began to say.
“I see, Johnny-boy.” I replied, not the least bit amused.
“We keep our weapons and supplies underground.” Jordan explained. “Have to considering there’s always scavengers around.”
“Huh.” I remarked.
“You have a flaw.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Your security system has a flaw.”
“How can you tell?”
“Trust me, I know these things. There’s a flaw.”

Just then, the Phoenix look alike could be heard screaming from underground. Everyone except Jon and myself went to see what the screaming was about. I sniffed a little and Jon looked over at me.

“Saturn.” He started to say.
“Told him there was a flaw.” I calmly answered, as a smile crept out of the corner of my mouth.

Something quickly ran past Jon and I. Almost knocking us off our feet.

“What the hell was that?!?” Jon exclaimed.
“I don’t know.” I growled, unsheathing my claws. “But I’m about to find out.”

I quickly followed the flash and pounced on it. Sending it to the ground as I landed on top of it. The flash quickly died and a little demon was revealed. Hissing and swearing up a storm.

“I’m going to kill you.” It kept saying to me.
“Wanna bet?” As I spread out my wings and my entire being started to glow a white hue.
“Can’t be...” The little demon responded, wide-eyed. “You’re not suppose to be here. Levi said you wouldn’t be.”
“Levi? He’s here?”

The look alike Jordan and Familia showed up around this time. Still looking for the little demon I now had a hold of.

“I can’t tell you.” It answered me.
“Talk or die.”
“I’d tell her if I were you.” Jon spoke up.
“He’s with the President.” The little demon said.
“Why would he...?” And that’s when it hit me.

I let go of the demon, letting it run away as I sheathed my claws.

“He didn’t just pick this world did he?” I asked Jordan.
“Who?” He replied.
“You know who.”
“No, he didn’t.”
“And Levi has been here before hasn’t he?”
“Saturn, what the hell is going on?” Jon asked.
“We’re in deep, Johnny-Boy.” I lowered my head, shaking it. “We’re in way too deep.”

The Preston look a like and Levi were sitting across from each other in the oval office. Levi in his usual human disguise, trying to be his cunning self.

“You can’t merely stop her with an army.” Levi pointed out. “It takes more than what you have, my friend.”
“You under estimate me.” Preston answered.
“No, you under estimate her. If you honestly think you can stop her, you are sadly mistaken. She’s killed Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. Snapping your neck would be a walk in the park for her.”
“Look, I can handle her. Why don’t you....”

That’s when Levi leapt out of his seat and knocked Preston out of his. Lifting him up by his neck and slamming him up against the wall.

“I don’t take orders from humans!” Levi snarled. “Besides you forget Mr. President, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have control over a nation. Or did we forget that?”

Preston shook his head as to say no and Levi quickly let him go.

“Now this is what you’re going to do.” Levi said, regaining his composure.

“What the hell is going on?” Jon now demanded to know, finally breaking the silence that had filled the room.
“Hold on.” I answered, now walking over towards the Jordan look a like and coming face to face with him. “Talk. Now.”
“Both the other you and him knew about the sword. Your father first trusted them to protect it. It was originally locked away in a vault under the White House for safe keeping. However, when he found out that Levi was looking for it, he showed up at the church and gave it to me.”
“Why you though? Why give the sword to a...?” I started to ask and then quickly fell silent.
“Saturn?” Jon spoke up, noticing the look on my face.
“It’s nothing, Johnny-Boy. I just about stuck my foot in my mouth is all.” I shook my head a little, looking at my hand. “So why was Johnny-Boy’s twin and my other self killed?”
“My brother’s death was planned from day one. There are quite a few of people working for Levi out of fear and in order to save their own skin they’d do anything.” Jordan answered. “They found out when we’d break into the White House and made sure he got in the line of fire. Hell, even if we hadn’t broken into the White House, they still would have killed him. He was a marked man from the word go. And she knew.”
“What happened to her?” I asked, sensing the sadness in his heart.
“She found out who was behind the plot to kill my brother. She tried to come and inform me but before she could she ran into him.”
“Levi. He killed her and then had it covered up. Having the finger pointed at yours truly as the murderer. After that the others and I had to go into hiding. And then not long after that Levi turned the countries against each other in hopes of finding me. And when he couldn’t... well you saw the end result of what happened.”
“For a sword? Why not just....” Jon began to say.
“Don’t.” I warned, looking over at him out of the corner of my eye.
“Why? What the hell is so damn important about this sword that people have to die?”
“Because the sword originally didn’t belong to my father.” I let out a sigh, lowering my head and closing my eyes.
“It belongs to God.”
“But then why did your father have it?”
“It was too dangerous to keep it in Heaven seeing as Lucy and his army of rejects would constantly attack the gates of Heaven. So God gave my father the sword and made him Guardian of it.”
“Then since your father is gone wouldn’t that make you the Guardian?”
“I wish. Doesn’t work that way. Actually, if something was to happen. Then the Guardian could hand over the job to someone else they saw fit to handle it. As is the case with Richie-Rich number two over here.”
“So is that what you were trying to hide from me?” Jon questioned.
“Part of it.”
“What’s the other part?”
“What Richie-Rich number two over there is carrying is a double edge sword.”
“Meaning if we don’t want to catch our death we have to make damn sure Levi doesn’t get a hold of it.”
“We? But you’re a....”
“It can even kill a Seraphim, Johnny-Boy.”

Jon noticed my hand shaking a little and wondered if anybody else had saw it. I quickly clenched my fist when I realized what he was staring at.

“It’s nothing.” I said, walking away and heading outside to get some air.

No sooner had I stepped outside when Richie-Rich number two decided to follow. I was going for a walk to calm my nerves down. Usually a cigar would do it but seeing as I didn’t have one, this was my only other option. I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I picked up on his scent.

“Go back.” I growled.

No answer. I stopped and turned around to face him. Neither one of us saying a word at first. I could sense the fear rising off of him even though he was trying his damndest to hide it. It was the same kind of fear that anyone now a days would feel when facing death. So it was nothing new to me.

“What do you want?” I finally asked, breaking the silence that was driving me crazy.
“Nothing. I just wanted to talk.” He answered.
“About what?”

That’s when he pulled a picture out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was a wedding photo of him and the other I.

“Damn.” I whispered under my breath as I lowered my head. “Even in this world....”
“Even in this world what?”
“It’s not important. What do you want to know?”
“Well, I was wondering have you come across... that is have you seen her...?”
“No, I haven’t.” I interrupted, knowing what he was going to ask. “It doesn’t mean she isn’t there though. To be honest, it’s a big place so I have to imagine she’s somewhere.”
“I see.” He said, as his heart sank.
“Trust me, she’s there.” I tried to reassure him while handing the picture back to him. “And I bet she misses you as much as you miss her.”
“It’s not that... it’s just...”
“I know death is difficult for anyone to deal with especially when the one they love is taken before their time.” I shook my head. “Hell, no matter how many times I’ve seen or experienced it myself it’s never easy.”
“You’re a Seraphim and yet you swore.”
“So I didn’t think angels could swear.” He replied, with a sly smile.
“Not this crap again.” I lowered my head shaking it.

That’s when a familiar scent filled my lungs and caused my senses to go crazy. I immediately knew what it was and took off, heading back to the warehouse.

“What is it?” Jordan asked.
“LEVI!” I hollered.

As soon as we reached the warehouse, we found the place in ruins and signs that the others had been taken. The scent of both demon and human were pretty heavy. I wouldn’t have thought nothing of the human scent except that I picked up on Preston’s as well. Mr. President himself.

“Damn it.” I whispered under my breath, looking around.
“I’ll check upstairs.” Jordan said, leaving me to go through the rubble.

I took a few steps before I felt something phase through me. Johnny-Boy appeared in front of me. Scaring me half to death as I tried not to fall over.

“Boo.” He said with a grin.
“Do it again, Johnny-Boy.” I unsheathed my claws. “I dare ya.”
“If I was my brother....” He started to say.
“You can still become part of that wall.” I warned in a low growl.

Jordan now came back downstairs and I quickly sheathed my claws.

“Did you find anything?” He asked me.
“No, not really. Unless of course you count Johnny-Boy over here.” I sarcastically remarked. “By the way, what the hell happened, Johnny-Boy?”
“Levi and Preston showed up with an army.” Jon answered.
“And you escaped how?”
“I hid.”
“Huh, so did Levi say anything?”
“Not really. He was pretty pissed off when he couldn’t find the sword or you. He even blew a hole in the wall over there.”

I walked over at the wall Jon pointed at, noticing the crater size hole in it. I examined if for a minute before lowering my head and letting out a sigh.

“So what do we do?” Jordan asked.
“We pay the President a visit.” I calmly answered, keeping my back turned.

As Raphael stepped through the portal with the others behind him, they couldn’t help but look around at all the devastation. The world they had now traveled to seemed anything but real.

“Welcome to Wonderland.” Raphael remarked, closing the portal behind them with a wave of his hand.
“No way.” Gordy replied, in disbelief. “This can’t be....”
“But it is. Isn’t that right, Mikey?”
“Let’s just find Saturn and Jon.” Michael grumbled.
“Hey, um where did Jordan go?” Ven asked, looking around. “And where’s Preston, Joe, Tom and Ravyn for that matter?”
“Oh, this is just great not two minutes on this God forsaken planet and everyone is wandering off.” Nega remarked. “What else is going to happen while we’re at it?”
“Um Jim....”
“No, I”m sick and tired of everyone thinking that they...”
“Let me finish.”
“I would love to but uh look behind you.”

Nega turned around and soon saw what the others were staring at. There was an army of demons with a look alike Pops standing in the front of them.

“What the hell?” Bags said. “Pops, I didn’t know you had a twin.”
“I don’t.” Pops answered. “That’s a demon impersonating me.”
“Sure about that. I mean it looks like you.”
“Yea, Bagsy and while we’re at it. Explain that.” Leysa pointed over at the look alike Bags looking out through the church window down at them.
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Bags as a priest.” Jay shook his head. “That’s just... it’s not possible.”
“And why not?” Bags raised an eyebrow, staring Jay down. “I think I’d make a pretty damn good priest.”
“Uh huh.”
“Can we please get back to the matter at hand here.” Ven spoke up. “Or have we forgotten we’ve got an army of demons staring us down.”
“We don’t make a move until they do.” Michael said, spreading out his wings.

No sooner had Michael spoken those words then a fight broke out. Causing anyone that was around to quickly find shelter. Meanwhile, Tom, Ravyn who was perched on Tom’s shoulder and, Preston wandered through the streets trying to figure where Jordan and Joe went to but most importantly looking for yours truly.

“You know we’re never gonna find her.” Preston remarked, in his thick southern accent.
“If we use your Seal we can.” Tom replied.
“Yea, there’s a problem with that, Tom.”
“And that is?”
“My Seal isn’t working.”

Tom stopped dead in his tracks and looked over at Preston with a raised eyebrow.

“What do you mean it’s not working.”
“Exactly what I mean.” Preston held up his hand. “It won’t glow or anything.”
“Huh.” Tom now looked down at his hand and tried to get his Seal to react but it didn’t. “Seems Saturn is temporarily borrowing the powers of our Seals.”
“But why?”
“I don’t know but something tells me Michael does and he isn’t telling anyone.” Tom shook his head a bit.
“How do you know that?” Preston asked.
“Let’s just say a little bird informed me of some things.” Tom patted Ravyn’s head.

Richie-Rich number two, Jon and I had now snuck into the White House undetected. Making our way to the Oval Office, I quickly picked up on the scent of not just the President but of Levi as well. I quietly and slowly unsheathed my claws as I opened the door to the Oval Office a crack to see Levi sitting behind the President’s desk with his feet up. I motioned for Richie-Rich number two and Jon to get on the other side of the door while I got ready to kick it in. I silently counted to three in the back of my mind before kicking it down. Levi didn’t move a muscle as we entered.

“Took you long enough.” He said with a devious grin.
“Where are they?” I demanded to know.
“Don’t play dumb, Levi. You know exactly who the hell I’m talking about!” I growled.
“Oh, them. Huh. They’re around but let’s talk about something I want.”
“You’re in damn position to be making demands.”
“Oh, but I think you’re wrong. Take a look for yourself.” As he pointed over to the big screen T.V. hanging on the wall.

It showed a room like that of an asylum and not only was there one set of Poetry Familia members but two along with Azrael and Raphael.

“Seems you’re Familia has shown up to save the day. To bad they couldn’t save themselves from getting caught.” Levi laughed.
“Saturn...” Jon began to say, noticing his brother and a few others were missing.

I just shook my head in response and he fell quiet.

“Oh, that’s right your human boy toy and a few others are missing.” Levi pointed out. “But don’t worry I have my demons looking for them. So now about my demands.”
“You’re not getting the sword.” I clenched my fist while continuing to growl.
“But I am. You owe me that much, dear sweet niece. Considering all the hassle I’ve had to go through to get it.”
“Do you honestly think it was an accident that your brother found you? Or how about destroying his Seal and bring back Lucy from the dead? Who do you think was behind that?” Levi continued to deviously grin. “I mean really, Saturn. You of anyone should have known better.”
“You Son of a....”
“Now is that any way to talk to family.”
“You’re no damn blood of mine.”
“Funny, your father said the same thing before he died. Oops, seems I’ve let the cat out of the bag on that one.”
“Wait, Cain didn’t kill my father?” I looked puzzled.
“Afraid not, little Seraphim. Cain was never much for getting his hands dirty just like his daddy. However, when the order was set forth guess who eagerly accepted?”

I clenched my fists even tighter, trying not to go after Levi and break his neck. Even though every fiber of my being wanted to.

“He was your brother.” I said, through clenched teeth. “How could you...?”
“If someone gets in my way they have to be dealt with. Plain and simple.”
“Just like his wife and Johnny-Boy’s twin, I take it.”
“But of course.” He laughed. “I wonder when I kill you if you’ll cry like the other you did. You should have seen it, begging for the life of her unborn child. Pathetic.”

That’s when I noticed Richie-Rich number two going after Levi. Before Jon or I could react, he had grabbed a hold of Levi and they both went through the window and fell to the ground below.

“Oh sh...” Jon started to say.
“Come on.” I grabbed Jon and spread out my wings.

I flew down and dropped Jon a few feet away from me as I landed safely on my feet looking around.

“Where the hell are they?” Jon asked.
“Shh.” I responded, hearing something in the distance.

I quickly followed the noise to discover Levi with God’s sword in hand and getting ready to end the life of Richie-Rich number two as he laid motionless on the ground. Without even thinking about it, I tackled Levi to the ground. Holding my claws inches away from his jugular as they glowed the all familiar white hue.

“I dare you to move.” I snarled. “Go ahead, give me a reason.”

Levi laughed as he quickly tossed me a side like a rag doll. His strength as a demon had grown that was for sure. And if it wasn’t for the tree stopping me, I probably could have ended up on the other side of the city. Levi walked over to where I laid on the ground. Grabbing me by my neck as he pulled me up to his face, holding the sword inches away from me.

“You’re no damn Seraphim of Death. To me you’re still nothing more than a rejected half-breed. You were born as one and you will die like one.” Levi hissed.
“Let her go.” Levi heard someone say on his right side.

He looked over out of the corner of his eye and saw Jordan standing there with a set of red glowing claws pointed at him.

“What the hell could you possibly do, human?”
“I could cut your damn head off. Now let her go.” Jordan replied.
“I’d do what he says.” Joe spoke up standing on Levi’s left side, with his hand glowing a bright blue.
“Hey, look we got our powers back, Tom.” Preston said, as him, Tom and Ravyn all walked out from the bushes.
“Yea, but at what cost.” Tom nodded over to where Levi was, noticing that he had a hold of me and that I was unconscious.

In the distance the sound of fighting could be heard and Levi had an idea as to what was going on. Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Azrael, Ariel, Metatron and, Raphael appeared within a flash of light, folding their wings behind them. Levi let out a low growl at the sight of them.

“It’s over, Levi.” Michael spoke up. “Both sets of the Familia are defeating your army as we speak.”
“You forget I have the President and his army in my back pocket.” Levi hissed.
“Oh, did I forget to mention someone had a sit down with the President.” Michael responded, with a sly smile. “You’ll never guess who it was.”
“Why would Jesus...?”
“Oh, so close but no cigar. I’ll give you a hint, you’re holding His sword.”
“God would never leave Heaven.”
“He would if some demon was waving His sword around and threatening to kill all of His Seraphims especially her. You messed up big time, Levi.”
“She’s no damn Seraphim. She’s still a half-breed.”
“Blinded by hate. Not to becoming of you, Levi. I mean you’re a General of Hell, you’re suppose to have some class.”
“Screw you, Michael.” Levi snarled.
“No thanks.” Michael sarcastically remarked. “Rather not.”
“So where is God?” Levi began to mock him.
“Oh, He’s coming. And in the meantime if I were you, I’d drop both the sword and Saturn if I were you.” Uriel interrupted.
“And if I don’t? If I chose to wipe out everyone of you, then what?”
“You could try but you won’t succeed.”

Both set of Familia members showed up around this time. Catching on quickly to what was going on.

“Hey, there’s a flash of light coming across the horizon.” Nega pointed out. “Anyone know what it is?”

Jon noticed the flash of light out of the corner of his eye. It was literally flying through and over the land, engulfing everything in it’s path. Not so much destroying it as embracing it. It’s not until he noticed the light engulf and pass through a bird that was flying, that it had caused the bird to literally freeze in mid-air. Jon wanted to run and hide and he wasn’t the only one.

“Don’t move.” Gabriel told Jon and the others. “Trust me.”
“What is that?” Spaz stood there in awe.
“That’s God.” Azrael flat out answered, as Levi let go of me and God’s sword, slowly backing away while doing so.

Levi tried to run but where ever he turned a group of angels would appear.

“That’s right, I forgot.” Michael said. “The Familias had a little help defeating your army. You can thank Yahweh for that one too when He gets here.”

The light soon hovered over everyone in the sky before finally tightening up into a ball of lightning and striking the ground with great force. When the dust settled everyone stood in silence waiting. What came forth from the dust was a golden winged being in golden armor. He had a human form like the other angels. Looking as young as Michael and some of the others.

“Hiding behind your angel disguise again.” Levi hissed. “Afraid to show your true form, old man?”
“You know if He did, you’d go blind.” Metatron retorted.
“But I’m sure these humans would love to know what their God looks like.”
“You know the rules, Levi. Drop it.”

God walked over to where His sword and I were laying on the ground. He then noticed Richie-Rich number two laying lifeless. He went over to him and put His hand on his head.
Within seconds Richie-Rich number two woke up, gasping for air.

“What about Saturn?” Phoenix pointed out.

God looked over at Phoenix and a smile appeared out of the corner of His mouth as everyone heard me coughing and saw my entire being glowing a bright white hue. I slowly got to my feet, shaking my head a bit. I noticed Levi out of the corner of my eye and got ready to pounce before God stepped in front of me. Holding his hand up to prevent my attack.

“But he...” I began to argue.

God gave me a look that quickly made me calm down and back away a bit.

“Did you see that?” Spaz whispered to Berls.
“Yea, I did.” Berls answered back in a whisper.
“That’s right you be a good little puppet and obey your master.” Levi mocked me.

God said something that didn’t quite sound like any language ever heard before but more or less like babel. Levi understood what he was saying however and quickly had the look of fright wash over his face.

“Saturn.” Jordan began to say.
“You don’t want to know, Richie-Rich.” I responded, keeping my sights on God and shaking my head a little.
“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Levi argued with God.
“Oh, now telling God what He can and can’t do. Smart move, Levi.” Azrael remarked.

God walked over to get His sword and Joe quickly picked it up and handed it to Him. He took it from Joe with a smile. Noticing that Joe was nervous and somewhat afraid. God smiled in response as of His way of reassuring Joe not to be.. Levi saw this as his opportunity to attack God and he would have if he hadn’t saw a pair of white glowing claws at the side of his head.

“Sit.” I growled.

Levi just snarled in response while God walked back over to him. God set His
hand on my claws as He looked at me and shook His head.

“He tried to attack you.” I explained. “I wasn’t going to let him....”

God patted my claws with His hand and I backed off. Letting out a sigh as I did so. God struck the ground with His sword and in doing so caused the earth to shake and split open behind Levi. Raising a door up out of the ground that looked like it had belong to a temple of some sort. On the door itself were symbols and drawings painted in gold and on either side of the doors were statues of angels.

“Saturn....” Tom said, his eyes wide as he continued to stare at the door.
“It’s the door that leads to something worse than Hell and the Abyss combined.” I interrupted, knowing what he was going to ask while I kept my eyes fixed on the door.

I had seen it once before in this lifetime but Gesu had raised it out of the ground not God. To see God actually raise it up out of the ground was a whole other experience within itself. I saw out of the corner of my eye Johnny-Boy staring at the door scared out of his mind and I had a feeling he wasn’t the only one as I looked around at the others.

“Yahweh.” I said.

God looked over at me out of the corner of His eye and I knew right there and then what He planned on doing with Levi. I also noticed groups of angels standing before the others as to block them from what was about to happen.

“I’ll just escape, old man.” Levi laughed it off.

God ignored his threat and struck the ground again with His sword. This time leaving it in the ground. An earthquake erupted as the doors opened. I quickly stood in front of Johnny-Boy to protect him and he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow of how I was reacting.

“Saturn...?” He began to ask.
“Just stay behind me, Jon.” I replied, keeping my eyes on the door.
“Dena.” Levi now tried to talk to her.

Dena just turned her back on him in response. I knew she was deeply hurt and I was angry at Levi for now trying to act like he cared about her.

“I am your father. You are to obey me.” He now demanded of her.
“You’re no damn father of mine.” She whispered under her breath, trying not to cry.
“Dena, you need to....”
“Shut up.” I roared.

Levi glared over at me and I glared right back. He then focused his attention back at the door as he heard what sounded like a tornado. The wind around us began to pick up and that’s when the opened door showed a vortex like a black hole sucking anything it could within it. Levi quickly felt himself being pulled back and he literally fell to the ground, crawling and trying to fight against all odds of being sucked in. God stood in front of Levi, looking down at him.

“I’ll be back.” Levi hissed, looking up at Him. “I’ll kill every angel, those Seal Carriers, Your Son and You, old man. Mark my words, I will be back.”

Levi finally let go and got sucked into the vortex. As soon as he was sucked in the doors slammed shut. God pulled His sword out of the ground and the doors sunk back into the ground and the opening in the earth quickly mended itself.

“What the...!?!” Bags started to say before both Gordy and E.T. covered his mouth.
“Not wise to be swearing in front of you know who.” E.T. advised him.

God nodded at Michael and he went over to Richie-Rich number two.

“God’s taking His sword back.” Michael said to him. “He wants you to know however He is appreciative of all you done in protecting it. He also was able to get you a meeting with the President. He wants you two to sit down and come to some sort of terms of peace. That’s if you’d be willing. It’s totally up to you but God has giving you this opportunity if you want it.”
“What do you think?” Richie-Rich number two looked over at me.
“I can’t tell you what to do.” I answered. “But if I were you I’d take it.”
“I know but....”
“Okay, let me make it simple. What would your wife do or say if she was here?”

He thought about it for a second before realizing that I was right. He agreed to the meeting and Michael had one of his angels take Richie-Rich number two and his Familia to meet the President. God now walked over to me.

“I know, I know.” I said, noticing the look He was giving me.

He didn’t respond just handed me a cigar. I raised an eyebrow while a smile appeared out of the corner of His mouth.

“Thanks.” Taking the cigar and lighting it up. “By the way, took you long enough to get here.”

He just chuckled a little in response. I began to speak in Aramaic and He answered back in Aramaic. Pretty soon we were having our own little conversation while the others stood around looking puzzled and trying to figure out what we were talking about. A few minutes later, God disappeared within a flash of light and I just stood there smoking my cigar.

“Saturn, what was that...?” Duchess began to ask.
“Nothing.“ I answered.

Pops put his hand on Duchess’s arm and she knew then to drop it.

“Look, have Raph over there take you guys home. I’ve got something I have to do.” I said, starting to walk away.
“But how are you going to get home?” Tom questioned.
“Don’t worry. Raph will come back to get me.”

Jordan began to follow me and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“You can’t come along, Richie-Rich.” I said, keeping my back turned. “Go home with your brother. That way you two can talk and he can tell you how many times I was close to making him part of a wall.”
“I’m not...”
“I’ve gotta do this on my own, Jordan.” I interrupted him, turning my head and looking at him out of the corner of my eye. “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself.”
“I know you can it’s just...”
“I know what Gabs told you. You don’t need to worry.”
“How did....? Did someone tell you?” He raised an eyebrow.
“No one had to tell me. The look on your face said it all. Speaking of which..., Gabs.”
“What?” Gabriel asked.
“You’re coming with me. We need to have a talk.” I responded, as I continued to walk away.
“But I thought you wanted me to go home with the others?”
“Now Gabs!” I hollered.

The tone of my voice made him almost jump out of his skin. He quickly followed behind me while Uriel, Azrael and, Michael snickered, trying not to laugh. He shot them a look as he walked past them.

“Hey, we were able to keep our mouths shut.” Azrael flat out responded.

A few days later, I showed up at the Pub. I found Joe, Tom and Spaz sitting at the bar and sat down with the rest of them.

“Back so soon.” Joe remarked, with a coy smile.
“Been back for awhile. Berls told me about your Seal glowing during an interview. Sorry about that.” I replied, gesturing at Bags for my usual.
“Eh, You didn’t know. Besides, I should be use to it by now.” He shrugged his shoulders.
“I saw Gabs.” Spaz interrupted. “He didn’t look too happy.”
“Yea, well he needs to know when to keep his mouth shut.” I answered, taking a drink from the glass that Bags set before me.

Both Joe and Tom began to laugh a little. I finished up my drink and left the Pub. Heading for Johnny-Boy’s house. He was in his garage trying to fix something under the hood of his truck. He was getting frustrated and swearing like a sailor and I couldn’t help but laugh somewhat. He looked up and noticed me standing in the doorway of the garage.

“When did you get back?” He asked, using an old rag to wipe his hands as he walked over to greet me.
“Few hours ago. Haven’t slept yet.” I responded, walking over to my parked bike. “Got something for you by the way. Actually, God thought you might could be of help and well...”

That’s when I unwrapped God’s sword from the cloth that was protecting it. Jon had a puzzled look cross his face and I pretty much knew why.

“With the threat of Cain still coming back and every other little demon still running loose. He thought it would be better if it was placed in the hands of someone who could easily transfer it to another planet or universe if need be.” I began to explain. “Don’t ask me why He picked you because I have no clue.”
“And what if I don’t want it?” Jon questioned.
“Hey, it’s totally up to you. But if you do decide not to, you can explain to Him as to why because I’m in enough trouble as it is.” I shook my head a little while wrapping the sword back up in the cloth. “Of course He won’t be the only one unhappy with your decision. But then again, it’s totally up to you.”
“You’re gonna bust my balls til I say yes, aren’t you?”

Jon lowered his head, shaking it and letting out a sigh.

“Now I know how bro feels.” He remarked under his breath.
“What was that?” I asked.
“Nothing. Fine, I’ll take it.”
“See. Now was that so hard.” I said, handing him the wrapped sword and getting back on my bike.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Why didn’t you volunteer to protect the sword?”
“Like I told you before God wanted you to.”
“Yea, but...”
“Look, I’d love to stay and chit chat but I’ve got to go talk to your brother and hopefully get some sleep.” I now started up my bike. “If you want to talk tomorrow we can then. Just give me a call.”

I drove off and headed to Jordan’s place. When I walked through the front door it was nothing but silence. Which was out of the norm considering the level of noise the Familia makes. I found Jordan in his office, sitting behind his desk and working on his computer.
I took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk without saying a word.

“What?” He asked, looking over at me out of the corner of his eye.
“I want to talk about what Gabs told you.” I calmly replied.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You had enough to deal with. I didn’t need you worrying about me on top of it.” I explained. “Granted, you already do.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Bull. I can read you like an open book, Richie-Rich. This would have just added more to the fire.”
“Yea, but to not tell me about God’s sword and how it could kill you. And then not to tell me about your little episodes.” He now looked right at me.
“You knew my time was limited. Seraphims aren’t suppose to walk the earth. They are suppose to remain in Heaven.” I pointed out.
“But you carry the First Seal...”
“And it’s by the grace of that Seal that I’m able to stay here. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t even have human blood running through my veins.”
“Yea, but you’ve done what you’re suppose to. So why are you still here?”
“Because plans change.” I sat back in the chair. “Cain is still a threat not to mention a list of other demons running around. You are still learning the ropes as a leader. Then there are the other Carriers and the Familia. And your brother....”
“What about Jon?”
“Nothing. Look, I’m not going anywhere for awhile. However, when the day comes the last thing I want you to be is pissed off at me or God for that matter.”
“I won’t be.” He replied, sounding angry.
“Sure about that.” I calmly replied. “You’re pretty mad right now.”
“Yea, I’m mad that you didn’t tell me.”
“And when have you known me to tell you everything?”

Jordan fell silent and a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.

“Exactly.” I continued. “If there’s something I don’t tell you or don’t want you to know. You’ve got to trust me when I say there’s a reason for it.”

Jordan looked back at his computer screen and pretty much didn’t say another word. I knew he’d still be worried. It’s all part of being human. I got up to leave, letting out a sigh as I did so.

“So you going to try and get some sleep?” He asked, changing the subject.
“Hopefully. Where’s the Familia?”
“All out doing their own thing. I’ll make sure to tell them to keep quiet when they get back.”
“Thanks.” I said, as I left.

I dragged myself down the hall. Feeling like I had just been through Hell and back. I decided to check in on Dena. Only to see that she had gone to bed for the night. I then headed for my room and crashed on my bed. Michael showed up a few seconds later and tried to wake me up but soon found himself being hit in the head with a book. He left rubbing his forehead and saying a few words under his breath. A smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth as I fell asleep.

The End
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Poetry Familia #8-15

Post by heinzs » Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:22 pm

Music List For Poetry Familia 16:

1. GodSmack- "Good Day To Die", "Saints And Sinners"
2. Three Days Grace- "Born Like This"
3. 30 Seconds To Mars- "Alibi"
4. Seether- "Out Of My Way" (Levi's Theme Song)
5. Finger Eleven- "Drag You Down"
6. One Republic- "All The Right Moves"
7. ColdPlay- "Death And All His Friends"
8. Linkin Park- "The Catalyst"
9. Evanescence- "AnyWhere" (Alternative Saturn and Jordan's Theme Song)
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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