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**Poetry Familia pt.1 - pt.7** Community 'Favorite

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by LadySaturn

If you were to meet me on the streets. You’d probably think that I’m some ordinary Josephine. Nothing special about me. Think again. My name is Lady Saturn. I’m the ruler of the planet Saturn and a very well known writer. I live with a group of writers in the lovely city of Boston. The writers I live with, I consider my family. Each member unique and special in their own way. Their also a group of superheroes like yours truly. You see each writer has a special power or powers that their muse gives to them, when they put their first word down on paper. Each writer’s power varies from the other, so no two writers ever have the same power. And everytime they write a poem, manuscript, essay,
what have you that power grows stronger. Some have already learned to master what was given to them. Others are just beginning to learn. I first received my powers when I was six and have been using them for the greater good ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell you that all the writers use their powers for good. Because that my dear
friend, would be a flat out lie. There are some that are bad apples, so to speak. You’ll just have to read on to find out who they are. And as for my poetry family, you’ll will also get to know them as well...

It was around two in the morning when I had stumbled through the front door. Tired and somewhat beat from dealing with the world’s b.s. I was smoking a cigar, and heading to my room. When I ran into Berlie and Heinzs. Berlie the owner of the house and leader of group. And Heinzs, second in command and who everyone around here calls “Pops”.
These two are like the glue of the group. They make sure things run smoothly and that there is peace at all times within the house. Which isn’t easy to do among writers. And following right behind them, Ven. Third in command. Who is a closet hippie and hates.. hates to be called “Auntie”. You do and you can expect to pick yourself up off the floor. Anyway,
they all stopped talking as soon as they saw me. Which usually never happens, unless something is wrong.
“What?” I asked, not having to read their mind to know.
“Kupe has been kidnapped,” Ven answered.
“What do you mean kidnapped?” I now raised an eyebrow.
“That’s exactly what I mean. He’s been kidnapped.”
“By who?”
“Don’t know,” Berlie spoke up. “That’s what we’ve been trying to find out.”
“Why would anyone want to kidnap Kupe?”
“Well, actually it’s not just Kupe. Writers and poets all over the world are being kidnapped,” Heinzs interjected. “And if my calculations are right, it’s just a matter of time before we’re all kidnapped.”
“Why though? Why a bunch of writers and poets?” I asked confused.
“I have a theory,” Heinzs replied, tapping the side of his head with his finger as he began to think.
“What is it, Pops?”
“Maybe someone is using the writers and poets to get to their muses. I mean the muses are the ones who give us not only our creative abilities but our powers as well. What if..?”
“This person wants those powers as their own,” Ven interrupted, catching on to what Heinzs was saying. “But why would anyone want the powers? I mean no one can control that much, can they?”
We all now looked over at Pops. Considering he seems to be the brains, we expected he would know. He just stared back at us, not saying a word at first.
“I don’t know,” he finally spoke, picking up on our thoughts.
“Well, this is just great,” I remarked. “There’s some crazy bastard out there kidnapping writers and poets just to get a hold of their muses and powers. So what’s your plan, Boss Lady?”
“We need to get everyone together and have a meeting. We also need to guard the most famous writers and poets. Their powers and muses are greater than ours. If this person was to get a hold of the greatest creative minds in the writing world...” Berlie started to say.
“It would be the end of the Poetry Familia,” I finished, knowing what she was thinking.
“The writing world, period.” Berlie pointed out.
It was around this time, Preston (another fellow poet and superhero) came walking through the front door, drunk and wearing a batman costume.
“What the hell?” I said, taking notice. “When did you become batman, Preston?”
“Ha.. Ha.. for your info the ladies love a man in tights. Besides, Saturn admit it, I turn you on,” he answered. “You can’t resist this. You want me, baby. Admit it.”
I let out a low almost non-human growl. Preston quickly backed away, knowing he was on the verge of crossing the line with me.
“Your loss,” he continued, as he headed down the hall to his room.
“Aren’t you going to tell him he has to share his room with Bubba?” Ven asked me.
“No, let him figure that out for himself. Shouldn’t be too hard when he wakes up in the morning and finds some big hairy dude sleeping next to him.”
“Oh my god, your terrible,” Ven giggled.
“I know. So Berlie, when do you want this meeting?”
“An hour from now. Get everyone together in the lounge.” Berlie ordered, trying not to picture Preston and Bubba. “Everyone except for Preston. We should let him sleep.”
“All right then,” I tried not to laugh, knowing that Berlie was trying to shake the image from her head.
I headed out the door and to Bags’s Pub, to tell Bags of the meeting. I walked in to the place, to find it quiet for a change. Bags was behind the counter with Q.P., working along side him. Bags is a irish man, who sometimes refuses to act his age. His irish mind can sometimes be found in the gutter, if you get my drift. He became owner of the pub a while
back, actually I gave it to him as a gift, sort of. Considering that I travel too much, I thought he’d be the right man to run it for me. And even though, he may run it, I still see a profit. Well actually the Kingdom of Saturn does. And then there’s Q.P. or Quiet Poet, I however
call him Q. Q is the kind of guy, you could kid around with but at the same time have a serious conversation with. He’s also the kind of guy you would want on your side, if you know what ever hit the fan. Anyway, Bags was busy reading the paper while, Q was cleaning some glasses. As soon as I walked in, they both looked over in my direction. I took a seat
at the bar and without saying a word, Q gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels.
“Saturn, how have you been?” Bags asked, as I took a drink from the bottle.
“Not good. Berlie has called a meeting at the poetry house,” I grumbled. “Everyone isto show an hour.. actually forty-five minutes from now.”
“Why?” Q asked.
“That’s why,” I pointed to the newspaper Bags was holding.
The front page had an article about the missing writers and poets, along with so called professional theories as to who it was and why it was happening.
“What’s worse,” I continued, “is that Kupe is one of the kidnapped.”
Bags and Q looked at each other and then at me. I could sense something was up.
“What?” I asked.
“Gillian hasn’t shown up for her shift. We called the house before you came in and they said she had already left an hour ago,” Q explained. “Meaning either she just didn’t want to come in...”
“Or she’s one of the kidnapped.” I finished to say for Q before he could.
“This isn’t good.” Bags shook his head. “You don’t suppose.. it could be one of us?”
We now all looked at each other.
“Dammit Bags, why do you have to say stuff like that?” Q
exclaimed. “You start putting that idea in everyone’s head and their going to be at each other’s throats.”
“Or afraid of one another,” I bluntly pointed out, while taking another drink of J.D.
“Yeah, that too.”
“It could be true though,” Bags replied, “think about it. Who else would want the powers from a writer than another writer. And that other writer could be one of us.”
“You’ve been drinking the green beer again, haven’t you?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Just a little. Had to taste the product though. Can’t have the customers complaining.”
“Uh huh. Got any more of it?”
“Sure.” As Bags reached under the bar, pulling out a bottle and sliding it towards my direction.
I caught it, taking a sip, only to end up spitting it out a few seconds later right on Q.
“Thanks. I needed a shower,” he sarcastically remarked, wiping the beer off his face with the bar towel he had slung over his shoulder.
“No offense Bags, but this tastes like piss water,” I commented.
“What? Give me that.” As he took the bottle and started to drink, only to end up spitting it out. “This isn’t my green beer!”
He then looked over at Q. Q knew he was in trouble, considering he was the only other one who had access to the beer. I could smell the fear rise off of him, as he tried not to look in Bags’s direction. By the way, if your wondering, that’s one of my powers. I have feral senses. I also have claws like the famous comic book superhero Wolverine. You could
thank my other muse for that. I have two muses. Saturn and Spade. Spade gave me the claws and feral senses. She just loves.. loves X-men especially Wolverine. Anyhow, Saturn gave me the gifts of causing an eclipse and whenever that happens the ground beneath my
enemy’s feet opens up and swallows them whole. I also have a little telepathic ability but, I rarely use it unless I have no other choice.
“Did you add something to the beer?” Bags asked Q.
“No.” Q lied.
Both of Bags’s hands turned in to two big metallic hammers. Q’s eyes got as big as saucers.
“Don’t mess with an Irish man’s beer.” I advised Q. “It’s like messing with their soul. By the way, if I were you, I wouldn’t be lying either. My stick may sting but if Bags was to hit you, you’d have more than one hell of a headache on your hands.”
“That old man couldn’t harm a fly,” Q retorted, as his eyes started to glow it’s purplish-red color. “Besides, with my power he should fear me.”
I could hear Bags letting out a low growl and I knew if I didn’t stop this, it could end up in someone either getting hurt or killed. Q began to surround himself with shadows, and actually becoming a shadow himself.
“Q.. Bags.. Come on guys.” I tried to talk them out of fighting but, they weren’t listening.
If Kindred hadn’t walked in when he did, these two would of probably killed each other.
“Hey Berlie wants to know where is everybody,” Kindred said, taking a seat next to me.
Floetry or Kindred as everyone called him, was young and had yet to get a taste of the world. He all though at his young age, had learned to master his power. What’s his power you may be asking? Well everytime he recites a poem or does his famous floe.. he can with the words alone bust down doors, walls, blow up cars, even make his enemies go deaf.
He’s done it a couple times before. And I always have to remind myself to never get too close or my feral hearing could easily be shot to hell. He’s assured me that he’s controlled it to were it doesn’t affect me but, still I’m taking any chances. Q and Bags stopped what they were about to do and returned to their normal selves. Kindred looked over at my bottle of
J.D. and thought he’d help himself. I grabbed his hand before he touched the bottle.
“Your too young,” I growled, not having to look in his direction, as I let go of his hand.
“Come on. Who will know?” He tried to plead for a drink.
“Don’t push it,” Bags warned him. “The lady said no.”
Kindred sat there crossing his arms and grumbling.
“This is some messed up bull....”
“Watch your language,” Bags warned him again. “There’s a woman present.”
“Where?” Kindred replied being a smartass.
“Dude, not cool.” Q pointed out.
“Why? What is she going to do?”
Bags lowered his head, shaking it. I quickly unsheathed my claws, grabbed Kindred and held his head down on the bar top, holding my claws inches away from his face.
“Don’t push it!” I snarled and, then let him go.
“ Sorry... sorry..” He tried to apologize, scared.
I headed for the door, grabbing the bottle of J.D. along the way. After I left, Kindred took his seat at the bar.
“What’s her problem?” He asked Q and Bags. “Can’t she take a joke?”
“You know how she gets at times. And besides with all that is going on, she’s probably in no mood for jokes,” Bags answered, taking another sip of the nasty green beer. “Sweet mother...”
Again Q got showered with the beer. Bags tossed the bottle away in the sink and got one of his own bottles of green beer from his stash. Opening it and taking a sip.
“Ah, that’s better,” he said, setting the bottle down on the bar top.
On my way back to the house, I ran into EE (Egyptian Eyes) and Lyric. Both very talented poets and both with some very unique powers. Lyric can communicate with nature, animals and what not. Hell, I catch her talking to the birds and even the roses in the garden behind the house sometimes. EE was given the power of beauty and love. Her beauty
alone could hypnotize any man and her kiss could either cause death or love. Depending on how she feels and wether or not you piss her off. They were on their way to the house as well and tagging along behind them was Ravyn. A poet who mostly keeps to herself but has a special gift for writing. She is the kind of writer that would rather sit in a corner of a room, writing like mad in her notebook than going around and socializing with everyone. A notebook I have found out she keeps under heavy guard by her two pet ravens. Her power you ask. She can turn herself into a raven and back again. And when she’s in combat with an enemy, her claws can release poison, something like acid. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.
“Saturn, how are you?” EE asked.
“Fine,” I grumbled, tossing the empty bottle of J.D. over my shoulder.
I now pulled a cigar and a lighter out of the inside pocket of my jacket. I lit the cigar, took a puff and, put the lighter back. Lyric started to talk to a cat that had crossed our path. Her and the cat just carried on
a conversation, as we all headed towards the house. I just shook my head, as I saw Lyric letting the cat into the house. Then again, the place was already a zoo. Everyone now gathered around in the lounge, waiting for Berlie and Heinzs to show. Apparently, they had something to take care of before the meeting. I sat there, thinking about what Bags
had said earlier. Realizing he could be right. I now looked around the room. Stopping and staring at Tom first. His power.. he can split his personality, make clones of himself. There’s actually four of him. Dr. Watson, Doc, Wats and, then Tom himself. Even though, he was a little crazy, he wasn’t capable of such a crime. It wasn’t his nature.
Moving on.. Drew.. Drew has the power to control time. Which within itself can be a very powerful ability to have. Drew however has yet to learn how to master his power.So it couldn’t be him. Next.. Val. She couldn’t do it, her power is only good. That’s all it can be. She has the power to heal the sick and actually bring someone back from the dead. As long as they haven’t been dead for too long. My eyes now fixed on Leysa
and Phoenix. Leysa has the power to control lightning and Phoenix can control thunder. It’s like the ying and yang thing. Together, they could cause some destruction. However, their hearts were far from ever going bad. Devoid. His power is of flight. Couldn’t be him. NIN.. maybe.. He did have the power of controlling darkness. And bringing upon
darkness in the middle of a lit room or during mid-day, is some pretty powerful sh.. It’s just pretty damn powerful. Libra could be another possibility. Libra can travel through phone lines, internet connections, basically control any electronic and travel through it as well. Even a cell phone. He could hide out within all the little chips and micro whatevers and just wait for you to get on and listen to your conversation. Your
personal, no one else is suppose to know conversations. Jack or SamIAm.. his power... well he is a cyborg. Superstrength, highly advanced, enough said. Debab can morph into anyone or anything but, I don’t think she could of done it. Her heart is too pure. Blaze.. no... Ehil.. no.. Jani.. no.. Slayer.. no.. Rani.. no.. MoonGem... no.. Michael.. no..
Nef.. no.. I kept looking from one poet to another before I finally laid my eyes on Thief. He could tell I was staring at him and, gave me a wink. I gave him the claw, somewhat like the finger. He has the power best known as Pyrokinetic. He can create and control fire. He can also set people up in flames, if he desires to. And knowing how he acts at
times, if he wanted to he could easily pull of a crime such as kidnapping. I knew better than to make a scene and point fingers right there and then though. I still didn’t have answers as to why he would do it. I sat there, smoking my cigar, wanting to use my telepathy but knowing I risk a chance of getting caught by Pops. He couldn’t read my mind fully but, he could pick up on bits and pieces of my thoughts. And I also could get
by Boss Lady, considering she can see bits of the future and also what is happening some where across the globe. If it’s major though of course. Like for example, she saw the Iraq War before it even happened. I still didn’t want to take any chances. She probably could see my behavior and easily put two and two together. Preston now entered the room, grumbling under his breath. I take it he wasn’t too happy sharing a bed with Bubba. He sat down in a chair next to me. I could tell he was staring
at me, without even having to look over in his direction.
“That’ll teach you to stay out of my room,” I said flat out. “And don’t even try using your power on me, it has no effect.”
By the way, in case your wondering Preston’s power is kind of... uh.. He can charm the pants off of any lady, supposedly. It works like ten percent of the time, the other ninety percent he usually ends up getting a slap across the face. I think it’s some sort of joke his
muse is playing on him. Giving him the power to charm just not be able to get lucky, so to speak. I also think his muse purposely slips at times, letting Preston have his fun but then quickly taking it back. Doesn’t stop him from having groupies, though. Yes, he has groupies. Women who literally scream his name and follow him where ever he goes.
They’ll even come to the house from time to time, ringing the doorbell and peeking through the windows to see if he’s home. It gets annoying after awhile. To the point, where I have to confront these groupies. And when I do, I’m not so nice about it. God it’s not like he’s a freaking pop star.
“We’ll see,” he answered, with a sly grin.
I unsheathed my claws and his grin quickly faded, only to be replaced with fear. He was trying his best to hide it, but I could still smell it on him like cheap booze. I now grinned some, getting a kick out of scaring him.
“Your mean,” he pouted.
“Don’t make me use my stick.” I now retracted my claws.
Preston just sat back in his chair, grumbling. My stick is actually a bo staff and it hurts like hell when I use it on someone. Just ask those who’ve I have recently hit. They probably could show you their bruises and scars. Berlie and Heinzs finally showed up, and neither of them looked happy. Something was wrong. Ven wasn’t with them.
“Where’s Ven?” I asked, staring directly at them. Both of them didn’t answer at first. They remained quiet until they realized they would
have to tell sooner or later.
“Ven’s been..” Heinzs started to say.
“Kidnapped.” I finished for him, knowing already just by how they were acting.
“Yes well... We need to find this culprit and put a stop to this before anyone else is taken,” he said.
I say we start interviewing every writer and poet,” Bags suggested. “Like I said before the kidnapper could be one of us.”
“Not this again.” Q shook his head. “Why don’t you go drink more of that green beer, I don’t think your drunk enough yet.”
“Q, Bags might be on to something,” I interrupted. “Hell, the man might even be right.”
“What!?! Have you lost your mind?”
“No, I haven’t. I mean think about it, who else would want another writer’s muse and powers but another writer.”
“But why? What would they gain?” Nef asked.
“Wealth, power, fame. Control over the entire writing world,” I pointed out. “Theycould even wipe writers like ourselves off the face of the earth and not even bat an eye.”
“So how are we going to go about interviewing everyone? I mean we can’t just come out and ask them if their the kidnapper,” Tom stated. “I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too honest.”
“No, but I have a plan.” Berlie spoke up. “So listen up...”
While Berlie spoke of her plan, on the other side of town Kupe, Ven and, Gillian were all locked up in a cage, in some abandon warehouse. Gillian tried to use her ability of turning anything into glass, into turning the bars into glass. But it didn’t work. Kupe tried to melt the bars but, that didn’t work either. Ven then tried her telekinesis to bust down the cage door. That failed as well. Whoever had built the cage, had made sure their powers couldn’t work on it.
“Well, I guess we just wait for the others to save us.” Ven sat in a corner of the cage.
“So do you think they have caught on to who the kidnapper is?”
“No.” Gillian answered. “Chances are their still trying to figure it out.”
By this time, the kidnapper made his appearance, hiding behind a hooded-cloak. He stood a few feet away from the cage.
“Your not going to get away with this.” Kupe snapped at him.
“Oh really. What makes you so sure of that, Kupe? Hmm... tell me..” the kidnapper responded, laughing a little. “Do you honestly think your fellow poets are going to be able to save you? I know what their planning and believe me when I tell you, they will fail. All of them.”
“Are you sure about that?” Ven spoke up, with a smug expression. “I can think of at least one writer who could turn you into dog chow.”
The kidnapper started to laugh out loud.
“She couldn’t harm a fly. Besides, I could easily defeat her and her wolverine wannabe powers.”
“Damn, someone sounds a little too confident for their own good.” Kupe replied. “Did we forget she could have the ground swallow you whole. By the way, which is not one of her wannabe wolverine powers, just so you know.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I know all about the powers her muses bestowed upon her. I’m very well prepared to fight her,” the kidnapped snarled.
Ven out of the corner of her eye saw a 2x4 laying up against the wall. Using her telekinesis, she lifted it up and was going to hit the kidnapper in the back of his head. He sensed it and quickly ducked before the board could touch him. He then looked over at Ven, letting out a hiss. Scared that he might actually hurt her, Gillian or Kupe, she let the board hit the floor. A devilous smile crossed the kidnapper’s face. Back at the house, everyone had decided to go along with Berlie’s plan, except yours truly. I had plans of my own. So when everyone left the house, I went in a separate direction, without letting anyone know. Well maybe except Preston and Q. Who I dragged along with me.
“What is this about?” Q asked. “Why did you drag us along anyway?”
“Berlie’s plan won’t work,” I grumbled, as we know walked through a park.
It was around eleven at night, so not too many people were out. They were probably at home, sleeping in their beds. Something I had planned on doing myself before all of this went down. Forty-eight hours without sleep is a long time and can make a person real damn grumpy, if you get my drift.
“You know I have something that could make you sleep better,” Preston said with a smug look on his face. “Maybe even let you relax.”
“Keep it in your pants. Or you and Jon Bobbit are going to have something in common,”I warned, unsheathing my claws.
“Ouch,” Q commented.
“How did you know...” Preston began to question.
“I read your mind.” I interrupted him.
“Oh really. Can you read what I’m thinking now?”
“Yeah, and I don’t think Bubba would be too happy if you decided to date BillyBob,” I sarcastically remarked, being a smartass as usual.
Q started to laugh a little and Preston just let out a sigh of disgust. I however picked up on a scent. I stopped dead in my tracks looking around, my feral senses going off like mad.
“We’re not alone.”
“Saturn, what is it?” Q asked, looking around as well.
A quick flash of light and then a smoke cloud of sulfur surrounded us. As soon as the smoke cleared, Seclude stood there with her black angel wings and her arms folded.
“And why aren’t we with the group?” She questioned.
I raised an eyebrow, while Q and Preston hid behind me. Seclude scared them and I could see why. Her entrance alone could make any grown man piss his pants.
“Berlie’s plan won’t work,” I calmly responded.
“Why not?”
“Because the kidnapper is one of us. He knows the plan.”
“I see. So what’s your plan? I assume you have one.” She now tossed her long jet black hair over her shoulder.
“Don’t have one. Well not a full proof one anyway.”
“I see. So do you at least have an inkling as to who the kidnapper is?”
“What!?!” Q exclaimed. “No way, why would he...”
“I don’t know,” I answered. “That’s what I’m still trying to figure out. There has to be more to it than we thought.”
Kindred came running up to us with Bags following behind him, trying his best to catch up. All the while, cursing under his breath like any irish man would.
“Kin... Bags.. what is it?” I asked.
“Berlie and the others have been kidnapped.” Bags wheezed in between catching his breath.
“We decided to split up,” Kindred explained, “to cover more ground. Well we heard Berlie scream, and then the others one by one. It was pure luck, Bags and I got away.”
“That’s what you think,” Jack spoke up, stepping out of the dark, in his cyborg form.
“Jack, you escaped too?” Preston asked, still hiding behind me.
“He didn’t escape.” I growled.
“Then how...”
“He’s working for the kidnapper.”
Jack smiled with satisfaction, like he was pleased at the fact that I had figured it out.
“I’m not the only one,” he finally said. “I hope you realize that.”
“Oh, trust me I know,” I continued to growl in my non-human tone. “I also know who your damn boss is too or I at least have a guess as to who. And if it’s who I think it is, he’s going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do. After I rip him a new one, of course.”
“You’ll have to get past me first,” Jack smugged.
“Shouldn’t be too hard to do, tinman,” I remarked, going after him. “ARRGGGGHH!!!”
I sliced at Jack’s side, only to watch it heal itself. I then went for one of his arms but, that too healed. Jack grabbed me by neck and lifted me off of my feet, all the whil laughing.
“Son of a...” I choked, trying to catch my breath.
Bags quickly turned his hands into metal hammers and Q turned into his shadow self. While Preston, Kindred and, Seclude got ready to attack.
“Try anything and I’ll break her neck,” Jack warned them.
“Let her go,” Q hissed.
Jack laughed. That was until something hit him in the back of his head. The pain was so great, he had to let me go. I landed on my feet like a cat, looking over at who hit him. Jeanne stood there with the baseball bat her muse had given her, in her hand. A baseball bat that could bash anything, even cyborgs.
“Want more or have we finally come to our senses?” she asked Jack.
Jack turned on her, going after her. Only to end up flying backwards in mid-air a few seconds later.
“Ouch,” Kindred said, watching. “That had to hurt like hell.”
Jack tried to get up but, Bags held him down.
“You try anything and I’ll beat you into a cyborg cube.” He glared at Jack.
Jack stayed put.
“So what do we do with him?” Q asked.
“I say we beat him down,” Jeanne exclaimed, wanting to beat the crap out of Jack.
“I say we turn him into a computer,” Kindred suggested.
“Or we could throw him in to a tub of water,” Seclude spoke up.
I lowered my head, shaking it and letting out a sigh. I retracted my claws and walked over to where Jack was laying on the ground.
“What did he offer you?” I questioned him.
Jack looked up at me, trying to play dumb. But I knew better.
“What are you talking about?”
“Look everyone has a price.” I now started to get impatient. “I just want to know, what was yours?”
“He offered a partnership.” Jack mumbled.
“What was that?”
“He offered me a partnership,” he repeated, this time a little louder. “Him and I would be the greatest writers alive. We’d be rich, famous and, have anything we wanted with a snap of our fingers.”
“So that’s...” Preston started to say.
“It’s not all of it.” Jack cut him off. “My boss has another reason as well. As to what it is, well you’ll have to ask him that.”
“We will,” Q snapped, as him and Kindred turned to walk away.
I quickly grabbed both of them by the back of their jacket collars.
“Not so fast.” I said, letting them go as soon as they realized I was holding on to them.
“Jack isn’t the only one after us.”
I started to sniff a little.
“We got company.”
Nin, Libra and, Drew appeared out of nowhere. I could understand Nin and Libra but, Drew. That’s where I was confused.
“Drew... Man, what the hell are you doing?” I asked.
“Hey, I need the extra cash,” he responded in a matter of fact tone. “Besides, chilling out all day at the house doesn’t exactly pay my bills.”
“So you work for the enemy? Have you gone insane?”
“Well, at least your honest.”
“Let’s fight!” Kindred exclaimed, getting impatient.
I grabbed him by the back of his jacket again, before he got himself hurt.
“Not so fast, kid. Not unless you want to scrap yourself off the cement,” I calmly pointed out.
“What, afraid we might beat you?” Nin retorted.
“No. Actually the other way around. Considering we need you conscious so we can find out where your weasel of a boss is,” I replied.
Jack took this opportunity to quickly get up and hit me in my back, making me fly up and hit the trunk of a tree. Only to end up laying on the ground, lifeless. No one said a word.
“She’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up,” Jeanne finally broke the silence.
“She’s dead.” Bags stated. “I highly doubt she’s waking up.”
Preston picked up a stick and gently poked my side, to see if I was alive.
“She’s road kill,” he commented, tossing the stick over his shoulder.
“Well, I guess it’s just us now,” Jack said, with an evil grin. “So where were we?”
Bags and Q went after Jack, while Jeanne and Seclude ganged up on Nin. Leaving Kindred and Libra to fight. Preston and Drew stood around, really not wanting to fight with one another, just talking if anything. All the while, watching the others beat the tar out of each other.
“So did you call your insurance company?” Drew asked Preston.
“Yeah. Apparently it’s gonna cost more than they had estimated,” Preston answered, as Seclude flew over his head, going after Jeanne who got tossed like a rag doll. Catching her before she hit the ground.
“So what did you tell them?” Drew replied.
“What do you think I told them,” Preston said. “There was no in hell I was gonna pay more.”
Before Drew could say another word, he found himself being picked up and tossed in Jack’s direction. Taking Jack down with him as they both hit the ground. Preston looked over and saw me standing there, claws and all. Growling like a wild animal, as I cracked my neck.
“Holy sh..” He started to say. “She’s pissed.”
Everyone stopped their fighting and stared over in my direction. Libra and Nin began to back away, helping Jack and Drew up. They all turned around and ran for their lives, when they saw me bare my fangs.
“Great. Their getting away.” Q spoke up.
“No, their not. Follow me.” As I began to head in the same direction they had gone.
Everyone looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and then followed.
“What’s wrong with Saturn?” Kindred asked Q.
“It’s her feral side. It’s in over-drive,” Q responded in a whisper, afraid I might over hear.
“Saturn, do you smell something?” Bags said, as I stopped for a minute.
“Yeah. Their close.. too close..” I sniffed.
Jack, Nin, Drew and, Libra now stood in front of the kidnapper, while the other poets watched on from the cage.
“It’s like this...” Jack began to explain, scared to death of his boss. “We thought she was dead. I mean she hit the tree dead on...”
“Yeah. Dead on.” Drew interrupted, repeating what Jack had just said.
“ENOUGH!” The kidnapper yelled loud enough, it shook the walls of the warehouse.
The sound also happened to reach my ears, thanks to my feral senses.
“I’m sick of excuses,” he now calmly continued. “Did it ever occur to any of you that along with the feral senses and claws, that her muse also gave her a healing factor as well. Wolverine has one, why not Saturn.”
“Meaning?” Libra asked, scared.
“Meaning it’s going to take more than a damn tree to kill her.” The kidnapper now roared.
“Feeling a little stressed?” Kupe sarcastically remarked.
“I think the pressure is getting to him,” Tom joined in.
“Shut it,” the kidnapper warned.
“What, afraid Saturn might actually stomp you,” Phoenix stated. “Because you should be. As a matter of fact, if I were you I’d be shooting bricks out of my butt right about now.”
“She can’t defeat me.” The kidnapper laughed.
“No, but I can damn well try.” I growled.
The kidnapper turned around to see yours truly standing near the entrance with Bags, Preston, Seclude, Jeanne, Q, Kindred, and Q right behind me.
“A hundred says she wipes the floor with him,” Q started a betting pool.
“Put me down for two hundred,” Bags replied.
“Same here,” Jeanne said.
Jack, Nin, Drew and, Libra backed away as I walked closer to their boss. Claws unsheathed and the feral rage running through my veins.
“Why?” I asked, growling. “Why Thief?”
He now stared at me dead in the eyes and a smile crossed his face.
“Bubba,” he said.
Bubba snuck up from behind and grabbed me, lifting me up off of my feet and, holding on to me with a death grip.
“Son of a....” I grunted trying to get free. “Not you too, Bubba. What did he offer you?”
Bubba looked over at Preston and as soon as he saw him, he let me go. And I swear to God I thought I saw those lovey-dovey hearts encircle around Bubba’s head. Everyone quickly stepped away from Preston.
“Run!” I hollered at Preston.
“Uh oh.” Preston said, as he started to run away from Bubba.
Bubba was literally chasing him around the warehouse room.
“I blame you.” Preston yelled at me, as he ran past. “I blame you. I blame you. I BLAME YOU!”
I just ignored him, looking around for Thief, who had apparently taken the opportunity to escape. I however picked up on where he was.
“Bags.. Seclude.. let the others out of the cage and get them out of here,” I ordered.
“I’m coming with you,” Q spoke up.
“No. I need to take care of this myself.”
And I disappeared in a flash before I could be stopped.
“Dammit, she’s stubborn,” Q responded.
“Yeah, but she’s always been like that,” Bags said. “It’s just Saturn.”
I ended up tracking Thief’s scent down in the alleyway, just behind the warehouse. The air was cold yet crisp and, I could tell he was trying his damnedest to hide his scent. I scraped the tips of my claws on the side of the building’s wall as I made my way down the alley. Making a sound similar to nails on a chalkboard. I stopped as soon as I got closer to
the scent. I sniffed one more time, realizing something was coming close. Something dangerous. I jumped out of the way while at the same time a fireball flew by me, hitting some cardboard boxes and setting them up in flames. Only to quickly die out a few seconds later. I looked over in the direction it had come from and a grin appeared on my face.
I slowly walked over in that direction, ready to attack anything that moved.
“Fighting like a coward,” I growled, “so unlike you, Thief. Why don’t you come out and face me. Or are you afraid to fight a woman?”
A second fireball come out of nowhere and again I stepped a side letting it pass me and, die out.
“Whoa, someone shouldn’t have had that mexican,” I sarcastically commented, being the usual smartass.
No response.
“Fine. I’ll go then.” As I now turned around to leave.
When Thief felt it was safe enough to come out, he did. And that’s when yours truly pounced on him like a wolf to it’s prey. I now came face to face with him, as I held my claws under his neck, inches away from piercing his skin.
“Long time, no see.” I snarled.
“Tell me Saturn, how well do you sleep?” He now grinned.
“Stay out of my head.”
That’s another power he has. He can steal and invade dreams. I should know, he’s tried to invade a couple of mine.
“Fine, I’ll set you up in flames,” he hissed.
“You could but I’d make damn sure you went with me,” I snarled again.
Fear now rose off of him like the smell of death.
“Answer me this,” I began to ask him, “why? Why would you do this? There has to be more to it than wanting to be the greatest writer or having money and fame. So why, Thief? Why would you hurt those who care about you?”
“For love.” He answered flat out.
At first, I didn’t know how to respond. What he had said just blew me away. I’ve heard of people doing some pretty crazy things for love but, this right here took the cake. EE, Tom and, Q had decided to come wonder out in the back alleyway. They were checking to see if I was okay.
“Saturn, don’t kill him.” EE exclaimed, as she saw Thief and I.
Thief now glanced over at EE out of the corner of his eye and a look on his face seemed all too familiar. It was the same kind of look that men in love only have.
“You did it for her!” I now growled in a whisper so only him and I could hear. “Why?”
“You wouldn’t understand,” he replied, sighing.
“Try me.”
“It’s a long story.”
“I’ve got time.”
“I had nothing. I thought if I was the greatest writer than maybe I could win her heart,”he explained.
“Let me get this straight, you were willing to risk everyone’s life to win the girl of your dreams?”
“If it came to that. Yes. I just wanted the muses, I wouldn’t of hurt nobody.”
“Wrong. You would of hurt a lot of people just by taking their muse. It’s like taking someone’s soul.”
I now could hear the sirens in the distance coming closer by the second. Someone probably Heinzs, Berlie or, Bags had called the authorities.
“Their coming, aren’t they?” Thief asked.
“Yeah.” I answered.
“Kill me. I couldn’t bare to be taken in. Kill me, please,” he pleaded.
“Why not?”
“I don’t do mercy killings. You don’t want to be taken in, you set yourself up in flames. But I refuse to kill you.”
He never did set himself up in flames. Instead, he let himself get arrested. Jack, Drew,Nin and, Libra were also taken in for their involvement. As for Bubba and Preston...
We searched for them only to find Bubba hugging Preston to death. And get this, Preston was wearing a bride’s dress.
“Isn’t that cute,” I commented.
“I blame you for this,” Preston grumbled. “I really blame you for this. And oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, I blame you for this.”

Later that night, we all celebrated at Bags’s Pub. Tom and Val were singing karaoke. God, the one time I did regret having feral hearing. Preston was trying to get away from Bubba with no such luck. Bags served up the drinks like there was no tomorrow, all the while having a political conversation with Heinzs. Everyone seemed to be having a good
time. I on the other hand, sat at one of the booths, in a dark corner of the bar. Drinking a bottle of J.D. and smoking a cigar. I never did tell them the real reason why Thief had done it. I couldn’t fault him for what he had did. If anything I knew where he was coming from. Love does make you do crazy things. EE now sat across from me.
“What?” I asked, feeling like she was trying to look deep in to my mind.
“Berlie said you lied,” she answered.
“About what?” I looked over at Berlie, who grinned at me somewhat and, then went back to talking to Ven.
Dammit. Now I knew.
“About Thief.” I heard EE say.
I looked back over at her, all the while smoking my cigar and taking sips of my J.D in between. I finally let out a sigh, realizing I’d have to answer her sooner or later.
“Look, the reason Thief did it...” I hesitated.
“Why?” EE asked.
“He just wanted some attention,” I lied, hoping Berlie hadn’t picked up on it.
“Is that it?”
“Yeah.” I lied again.
What? You don’t think I could honestly do that to Thief. Besides, it wasn’t my place to tell EE how he felt. That was his business.
“Well okay then,” she said, getting up from the booth and, heading to the bar to get a refill on her drink.
A month passed before Jack, Drew, Nin and, Libra returned to the house. The judge had given them a little sentence only because I had testified for them at their trials. I couldn’t fault them for what they had done, either. I’ve got a heart, what can I say. Before they were allowed back in the house however, they had to promise to Berlie they wouldn’t pull any
more little stunts, so to speak. As for Thief. I talked to the judge for him and he ended up only serving like six months behind bars. I visited him every chance I got. Hey, someone had to sneak him, his cigarettes and green beer. When he finally did get out and, was let back in the house, not everyone was all too happy to see him. It took some of them a while
to forgive Thief but, they eventually did. Which is a good thing, considering there was danger lurking right behind the corner. What kind of danger, you ask. Well, that’s another story. A story that I will someday tell. As for now, I’m just going to chill and hopefully get some sleep.

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So did you honestly think I’d leave you hanging? That there wouldn’t be a sequel. I mean this is my writing familia. Life with them is a never-ending story. Or at least one long novel, split up into chapters. Last time I left you, I mentions a danger that was lurking around the corner. Well let’s just say, it didn’t take long to show it’s ugly face.. It all started as Bags’s Pub. It was a late Friday night, Bags had just locked up and left a half an hour before. Little did anyone realize that half an hour would make a world of difference from never seeing Bags again, to be being grateful that he was alive. The place blew up like it was the forth of July. I was sleeping in my bed or trying to when the wave from the explosion shook the house. I quickly sat straight up in bed, looking around.
“What the...?”
A few seconds later, Q and Ven came running in to my room.
“Someone blew up the Pub,” Q said.
I could hear Bags in the living room, raising hell like only an Irish man can.
“Bags, the Pub can be rebuilt.” Berlie tried her best to reassure him.
“That’s not what I’m mad about, woman.” Bags snapped at her. “Well actually it’s part of it. But my green beer. Why didn’t they spare my green beer? Why?”
“Same reason my J.D. went sky high,” I spoke up, walking into the living room. “Because whoever did it are heartless bastards.”
“Wait a minute, maybe it was a gas leak,” EE suggested the theory.
“Nothing in that place ran on gas,” Q pointed out. “Except for maybe Bags after a couple of burritos.”
“So who could of done it then?” Ven asked.
“Anyone really,” Q answered. “Could of been someone Bags threw out of the Pub, could have been an enemy of ours. Hell, it probably could have been the average Joe.”
“But it wasn’t,” I spoke up.
Everyone now looked over in my direction. I lowered my head, closing my eyes and letting out a sigh.
“Saturn...?” EE started to ask, worried.
“Gather everyone in the lounge an hour from now. I’ll explain then.” As I headed for the front door.
I went straight to the cemetery. I knew he’d be there, waiting underneath the statue of the Angel of Death. He stood up to greet me, when he noticed that I was approaching in his direction. His hazel eyes showing signs of concern and worry.
“Saturn.” He said.
“Michael.” I replied, smoking a cigar.
That’s right, I know an ArchAngel. The ArchAngel of War and a very close friend of mine. He saved my life once when I was nine and ever since then we’ve remained in contact. Not to many people know this but, Michael loves poetry. He loves reading as well as writing it. Funny
really, I never figured him to be the type. Underneath that rough exterior though, there’s a heart of gold. You just have to look closely to find it. He now stood there, afraid to tell me of what he knew.
“Spit it out.” I broke the silence.
“He’s back,” St. Michael answered. “Saturn, he’s doing this to lure you out. He knows your weaknesses. If he...”
“He won’t hurt them,” I growled. “I won’t let him.”
I now sniffed the air, picking up on a scent.
“We’ve got a spy.”
I unsheathed my claws, slowly creeping over to some bushes nearby. The bushes moved a little and I pounced. Landing right on Tom with my claws inches away from his face.
“Tom....Dammit!” I exclaimed.
“It’s not Tom. It’s Dr. Watson, thank you very much,” he corrected me.
“Where’s Tom?” I snarled.
“Up here.” Tom responded, sitting on one of the branches in the tree, looking down on us.
St. Michael felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to find Wats and Doc standing a few feet away.
“What in the name of all that is holy..” St. Michael began to say.
“Get rid of them.” I warned Tom.
“But Saturn...”
One by one, Doc, Dr. Watson and, Wats faded away. Tom jumped down from the tree, landing on his feet.
“Your no fun,” he pouted.
“Keep it up and I’ll send you back a certain planet,” I grumbled, retracting my claws.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.”
“Who is this?” St. Michael asked me.
“Michael meet Tom. Tom, you know the ArchAngel of War.” I introduced one another.
“Wait, you know an ArchAngel?” Tom scratched his head.
“Yeah, I do. Got a problem with that?”
“No, no, no..”
“So how much of our conversation did you hear?”
“Enough to know your hiding something.” Tom grinned some.
I let out a low growl and he started to back away a little.
“Hey, I won’t tell if you don’t want me to.”
“Fine then.”
“So Mikey wanna meet the others?” I turned my attention back to him.
“Sure, I guess. And Saturn..”
“Don’t call me Mikey.”
Tom snickered and I shot him a look. He stopped after that. We headed back to the house. At first I didn’t know what the others were going to think of Michael. And then I started to chuckle a little as I thought about it. The others were all gathered around in the lounge, when we walked
in. The room was buzzing with conversation but, it quickly died out when they saw Michael and his wings. Which he kept folded behind him.
“Uh Saturn..” Thief finally broke the silence. “I think I can speak for everyone here when I ask, what the hell is going on?”
“This is Michael,” I replied, smoking my cigar like it was my last. Trying to keep my nerves from getting the best of me. “The ArchAngel of War.”
“Holy shit,” Preston said. “Holy shit.. holy shit.. holy sh...”
“Would you stop saying that,” Deb snapped at him.
“I know, it’s overwhelming,” I continued.
“Uh yeah. Saturn, what is going on?” Berlie asked.
“Michael knows what happened to the Pub. He and I both know who did it.”
“Azazel.” Michael responded, stretching his wings.
“And uh who is Azazel?”
“A demon. Once an angel but he went bad when Lucifer turned against God.” Michael explained, folding his wings again. “Azazel is now the right hand man to the Prince of Darkness. He can also steal souls and take the form of any man.”
“So why would he blow up the Pub?” Deb questioned.
“Because of me,” I said, now just smoking the hell out of my cigar.
Everyone fixed their eyes on me. I remained quiet for a minute, trying to figure out in my head how I was going to explain what had happened. God, it was so long ago. To me, it felt as though it was another life and, maybe it was.
“A long time ago,” I finally began to say, “I was sent on a dangerous mission. A mission ordered by a higher power.”
“What sort of mission?” Heinzs raised an eyebrow.
“One that almost got me killed. I had to go into hell and retrieve the Seven Seals. The ones Lucifer had stolen from God. I was successful in the mission however, I did run across Azazel. And yes we did fight. If I hadn’t found his weakness though, I wouldn’t be standing here.”
“His weakness?” Berlie looked puzzled.
“A soldier always has a weakness. Everyone does,” I answered. “I found his and left a wound. Which did heal. But now I think he wants revenge for it considering he’s a very egotistical demon. And for a woman to defeat him, well I guess it hurts his ego a little.”
“What if he just wants the Seven Seals and not revenge?” Leysa pointed out.
“Then he needs to go confront the Boss Man upstairs because I don’t have them.” I bluntly commented.
“So let me get this straight, Azazel wants revenge for a mark you left on him a long time ago? Is he insane?” Q said, shaking his head a little, not believing what he was hearing. “Come on Saturn, this is a joke right?”
“Wish it was. Look, I’m not asking for help here.”
“Too damn bad,” Bags interrupted, “because that’s exactly what your getting. Any enemy of yours is an enemy of ours. Besides, I think I can speak for everyone when I say, if something was to happen to you, we couldn’t live with the fact knowing that we could of done something to
“Look guys...”
“Don’t argue. We’re helping and that’s final.”
“Okay, how did Bags become leader all of a sudden?” Val asked Thief.
Thief shrugged his shoulders.
“I dunno.”
“I think he’s still tanked about the green beer,” Kindred said in a whisper, afraid of Bags overhearing him.
“Bags is right,” Berlie finally spoke up. “We should help Saturn, all of us.”
Preston around this time tried to sneak out of the room but I stopped him by grabbing on to the back of his shirt.
“Where’s Bubba?” I asked, noticing that Bubba hadn’t been in the room.
“Uh...Saturn...uh...” Preston started to sweat bullets. “I... uh.. sent him to the store.”
“You lie.” I sniffed a little. “You sent him somewhere but, it wasn’t no store.”
“I sent him to Brazil,” Preston exclaimed. “Are you happy now?”
“Are you kidding me. I didn’t want to end up dancing with Bubba the rest of my life. I have a reputation to maintain with the ladies. Besides, there’s a certain lady I’ve had my eyes on.”
“Who do you think.”
“When pigs fly.” I growled, letting go of his shirt. “When pigs fly.”
“So how do we find Azazel?” Ven asked.
“You don’t.” Michael answered. “Since he can disguise himself, you can’t pinpoint who he is or where he is for that matter.”
“I can.” Tapping the side of my nose with my finger. “His scent reeks of death. I could smell the S.O.B. a mile away.”
“Then let’s find him before anyone gets hurt,” Heinzs suggested.
An hour later, we were out on the streets searching for Azazel. It was late at night, so not to many people were out wandering around. If anything they were probably at home, snuggled in
their beds dreaming away. Dammit. Me and my lack of sleep. It seems I haven’t got much sleep since my days of the mission. I saw things in hell that would make any man go insane. I guess that’s why God sent a woman. All though, I was surprised I was able to hang on to my sanity. I
don’t sleep much now a days, for fear of the nightmares. Oh yes, I do have nightmares. We stopped in front of a store window, that had some T.V.’s inside of it, turned on to the news. Within a blink of an eye that changed. Azazel’s face was plastered on every one of those sets. I
heard his laughter and quickly turned around, letting out a low growl. The others looked over at what I was growling at.
“Saturn, long time no see,” Azazel deviously grinned. “How have you been?”
“What do you want?” I snarled.
“You know.”
I unsheathed my claws and got ready to go through the glass, when Jack in his cyborg form held on to me. Making sure I wasn’t able to get loose unless he let me go.
“Now.. now Saturn. You really should watch your temper,” Azazel advised with a smug expression. “Someone might get hurt because of your actions. By the way, as long as were on the subject. You give me what I want and I won’t harm you know who.”
“Who?” Kindred asked.
“Saturn nicknamed him King Jupiter but, I’m sure you’d all know him as...”
“Don’t dare say it.” I warned Azazel, trying to get free from Jack’s hold on me.
“Jordan Knight.” Azazel laughed.
“Oh my God.” I heard Leysa say.
“So what does Saturn have a crush on him or something?” Q raised an eyebrow.
Thief started to laugh at the thought of me having a crush. If anything you would easily be fooled by my rough exterior and hot-headed temper. I’m more of a fighter than a lover.
“Say a word,” I glared at Thief, “And I’ll tell EE everything.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Try me.”
Thief crossed his arms and began to grumble a few chosen words under his breath.
“As for you,” I now looked back at Azazel, finally getting loose from Jack’s grasp. “Either you keep your damn hands off of that man or...”
“Or what?”
I punched my fist, claws and all, right through the glass and right through the T.V. Setting off a chain reaction, as the other t.v.s blew up, destroying the burglar alarm as well.
“Well you showed him,” Drew sarcastically remarked.
St. Michael just lowered his head, shaking it a little.
“So what do we do now? We don’t even know if Azazel has Jor... I mean Jupiter,” Devoid spoke up, noticing the stare I was giving him.
“He doesn’t. But it won’t take him long before he does,” I responded, trying to calm down as I retracted my claws. “Come on, we have to get to Jordan before Azazel does.”
“And what do we say when we get to his place?” Preston pointed out. “Uh excuse us Mr. Knight, but we’re here to save from Azazel who happens to be a demon from hell. Oh yeah, and Saturn over here wants to get into your pants.”
“It’s not like that!” I roared back in anger. “I think of him as a mentor. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t of been a writer.”
“Whoa, someone is moody.” Thief snickered.
I quickly unsheathed my claws and went after Thief, nailing him to the ground. My claws were only inches away from piercing his face.
“Saturn, don’t.” EE pleaded.
I stared directly into Thief’s eyes while letting out a non-human growl, all the while smelling the fear that was rising off of him.
“Consider yourself lucky.” I growled in his ear before letting him go.
“I think Preston is jealous.” Nef giggled.
“I’m not,” Preston argued back.
“Yes, you are.”
“No, I’m not.”
“ENOUGH!” Berlie hollered, getting a headache.
“Damn,” Q said, stepping away from her.
“We’re going to protect Jordan, we’re going to help Saturn and if anyone and I mean anyone so much as throws a fit, you’ll have me to answer to. Do I make myself clear?”
No one argued or said a word. It was so quiet that if it hadn’t been the dead of winter, you probably could of heard crickets.
“All right then,” she continued, “Saturn lead the way.”
“Wait, how does Saturn know where Jordan lives?” Tom asked.
“I picked up on his scent at one of his concerts,” I explained. “That and the fact that there’s about a million girls camped out on his front lawn can be a dead giveaway.”
God, I’d love to say it was easy to get in. But truth be told, the place was guarded as well as the White House. Security guards and dogs, even an electric fence not to mention cameras.
“Holy sh..” Bags started to say. “Someone is paranoid.”
“Just playing it safe,” I corrected him. “He’s probably making sure no crazies get in.”
“So how do we get in?
“Preston, Deb.. distract the guard dogs. Libra and Gilly take care of the fence and cameras. Everyone else take care of the guards.” I ordered.
“What about you?” Ven asked.
“I have something I have to do,” I responded, taking off before anyone could stop me.
Jack helped Preston and Deb get over the fence by light tossing Deb over, so she landed on her feet. Preston on the other hand, was another story. He got stuck in a snowbank. Deb morphed in to one of the security dogs, chasing after all of them. Well all but one. He was eyeing Preston
like a steak.
“Oh shit!” Preston exclaimed. “I don’t want to die! I have so much love to still give!”
Libra turned in to an electric bolt, taking care of the electricity in the fence and, then cutting the power off to the cameras as he traveled through the lines. Gillian held her hand up to a portion of the fence, turning it in to glass. Phoenix then clapped her hands together and a wave of thunder
shattered the glass, creating an entrance. The security guards around this time tried to surround them. Tom started to clone himself. Doc, Dr. Watson, and Wats all soon showed up to help with the guards. Ven used her telekinesis to stop some of the bullets that began to fly as the guards
fired. Drew then stopped time all together. Allowing him and the others to get out of harm’s way. Jack grabbed Preston and Deb returned to her human form. They all headed for the front door of the mansion, making it safely in before time started up again. Meanwhile, I was searching upstairs for Jordan. Claws unsheathed just in case Azazel showed his ugly face. I found Jordan’s room. The scent of his cologne gave him away. He was wide awake wearing nothing but sweatpants and peeking out the window behind the curtain with a baseball bat in hand. I snuck in and watched him for a second from the shadows. Amused at the fact that he
thought a baseball bat could save him. If he had Jeanne’s, then I could understand. But he didn’t. And I highly doubt an ordinary baseball bat could stop a demon from hell, let alone yours truly. I silently sheathed my claws and, that’s when he quickly turned around. He began to
sniff a little. I raised an eyebrow. Son of a.... He had feral senses. I know, I know. Writers can’t have the same power as another, same goes with actors and singers. However, it doesn’t stop a singer from having the same power as a writer, the power is just altered a little. His senses could
be more heightened than mine or the other way around. I now heard claws being unsheathed and realized it wasn’t me. I looked around noticing that where he had stood the baseball bat now laid there. I tried to track him down but he was hiding his scent. Something only a feral could do. Something I should have done and was now cursing myself for it. That’s when I felt someone breathing down the back of my neck. I quickly turned around, unsheathing my claws, coming face to face with him. Noticing my claws were a bit smaller than his. Damn Muse.
“A kitten with claws. Cute.” He commented, with a grin.
I let out a growl.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Lady Saturn.” I answered, still growling.
“Uh huh.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, what were you doing breaking in to my home?”
“Saving your butt.”
“I see.” Not believing me.
“Look, I’m not a crazed fan..”
“How did you..”
“I read your mind. Telepathy is another one of my many gifts.”
The others now came busting into the room.
“Oh my god, it’s a feral fight.” Jeanne said.
“We’re not fighting,” I corrected her.
“Who are they?” Jordan asked.
“My Poetry Familia.” I answered, putting my claws away.
“Family, except for Saint Michael. I think of him as a brother though.”
“Saint Michael?”
“ArchAngel of War.”
“So did you tell him?” Saint Michael interrupted, stretching his wings.
Jordan looked over in his direction, and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
“I’ve got to sit down.” As he sat on the edge of his bed.
“Good idea, considering what I’m about to tell you,” I replied.
I started to tell him the same thing I had told the others earlier, all the while smoking a cigar.
“Still doesn’t explain why he’s after me,” Jordan pointed out, after I had finished my story.
“Azazel has his reasons,” I answered, taking another hit off of the cigar.
“Because Saturn has the hots for you,” Preston blurted out.
I stared over at Preston, letting out a growl. He quickly hid behind Heinzs. Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t pay any attention to him,” I said, making a mental note to pin Preston’s butt to the wall later. “He still needs to get fixed.”
“So what does Azazel want exactly?” Jordan asked.
“That is a good question, considering you haven’t told us either,” EE now spoke up.
“I can’t say.” I snarled.
“Why not?”
“I just can’t.”
“It’s obvious he wants her dead.” Thief tried to make it sound as though it was that simple.
But it wasn’t. There was more. More I had purposely left out of my story. Things I had yet to come to terms with myself. Suddenly a scent hit me out of nowhere, bringing me out of my thoughts.
“Son of a...”
“What is that?” Jordan said, picking up on the scent as well.
“Azazel. He’s close. We have to get out of here.”
“But Saturn..” Q began to hesitate.
“You want to live, we leave. NOW!”
“Fine. Damn.”
“Jordan, where’s the back door out of here?”
“Follow me.” As he got up, heading out of the room.
“Uh.. shouldn’t he change or something?” Thief remarked.
“Hey, he wants to walk around like that, I see no problem with it,” Jeanne giggled, checking Jordan out.
She wasn’t the only one. A few of the other female poets were doing so as well. We all snuck out the back, while Azazel was tossing around security guards on the front lawn. We couldn’t head back to the poetry house, that was obvious. However, there was a little place in the woods
that yours truly owned. It was my safe haven from the world. I now lead the group, while talking with Jordan. When Preston noticed just how much attention I was giving Jordan instead of him, he let out a little growl. Tom heard it and looked over at Preston, a little surprised by his behavior.
“You okay?”
“Yeah fine,” Preston continued to growl. “Why?”
“No reason. Your just acting like you want to break someone’s neck,” Tom commented.
“As a matter of fact...”
“Jealousy isn’t a good thing.” Val butted in, cutting in between them on the trail. “Besides, she thinks of him as a mentor. She’s explained it before.”
We had finally reached the cabin a half an hour later. Everyone had decided to crash anywhere they could and get some sleep. While Preston kept guard on the front porch. Jordan and I on the other hand, decided to sit at the kitchen table and drink a few. I drank my J.D. smoking a cigar,
while Jordan drank some beer. I wouldn’t let him touch my J.D. Mentor or not, you don’t mess with my J.D. or my cigars. I let him know that to when he tried to grab for the bottle. I unsheathed my claws and he knew then to back off.
“You don’t take shit from no one do you?” he asked.
“No, I don’t.”
“So you still haven’t told me the real reason why Azazel is after me.”
“Don’t have to.”
“I see. Well, I’m going to go sit on the front porch.” As he got up to leave.
“Jordan..wait.” I said as he was about to leave the room.
“What?” he asked, his back turned and his hand on the door.
He left and I went back to drinking my J.D. while smoking my cigar. Jordan sat down on the steps of the front porch. While Preston was sitting in a chair at the right end corner of the porch, staring over at Jordan out of the corner of his eye.
“What?” Jordan asked, sensing his stare.
“Fine then, stay away from Saturn,” Preston threatened.
“You heard me. Keep your damn hands off of her.”
“If I were you, I’d be pretty careful who I threaten. You might just end up getting yourself hurt.”
“Why? What are you going to do? Sing me to death?” Preston laughed.
Before Preston could even blink an eye, he found himself thrown up against the wall of the cabin, with claws inches away from his face.
“Don’t push me.” Jordan warned in a growl, letting Preston go as he turned around and began to walk away.
Preston ran up behind him, tackling Jordan to the ground and swinging his fists. Jordan fought back, trying to slice at Preston. Getting a couple of swipes here and there. If I hadn’t looked out the kitchen window when I did, these two would of probably tore each other apart. I quickly ran
“ENOUGH!” I roared.
Neither of them stopped their fighting. So I had no choice. I raised my hand and closed my eyes concentrating. An eclipse started to happen with the moon while, the ground beneath their feet began to shake and split open. Only then did they stop their fighting. And that’s when I lowered
my hand, stopping the eclipse and the ground from swallowing them whole. They both stared over in my direction. I was pissed and they could tell.
“I don’t care who started it,” I snarled. “It ends right here and right now.”
“But Saturn..” Preston began to speak.
“No.” I snapped at him. “I have enough to worry about. The last damn thing I need right now is you two acting like a couple of nine year olds fighting over something that is probably petty and stupid.”
I now turned around and stormed up the steps of the front porch.
“They were fighting over you.. Kind of..” Q whispered from the shadows of the porch.
I grumbled something incoherently as I went back inside. Leaving Preston and Jordan to stand there freezing in the snow.
“Is she always like that?” Jordan asked.
“Always.” Preston answered.
I was about to walk into the bedroom when I heard Thief’s voice and then female laughter. I decided not to go in, instead I headed for the attic. I needed a little peace and quiet to think things out. An old cot laid in the far right corner of the attic, so I crashed on that. I looked up at
the ceiling and started to drift off to sleep. Visions of hell began to creep into my dreams. The smell of blood and sulfur. The sound of screaming and demons laughing. The images of death, Lucifer and Azazel. The smells, sounds and images kept repeating themselves, clashing into one
another until I jolted up in bed. Trying to get my mind together.
“You can’t run from it forever,” St. Michael spoke up, sitting in a chair from across the room.
“You have to tell them eventually.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do. They need to know. Their part of your life. You don’t, it’ll just hurt them more in the long run.”
“I’m not telling them,” I argued, getting up from the cot and heading for the stairs.
“Why not?”
“I have my reasons.”
“Your afraid of what they might think, is that it?”
Before I could answer, Gilly screamed. I quickly ran down the steps and headed outside, where everybody else was. Kupe’s body laid lifeless in the snow with the mark of hell on his forehead. Gillian couldn’t help but cry hysterically.
“Azazel came and he touched Kupe’s forehead...” she continued to cry, trying her best to explain. “Kupe tried to fight him but then something happened..”
“What happened?” Kindred asked.
“Azazel stole his soul,” I spoke up. “We need to get Kupe inside. Now.”
Jack and NIN carried Kupe’s body inside the cabin, while the others followed. I on the other hand, took off while no one was looking.
“Hey, where’s Saturn?” Thief asked, noticing I was gone.
“She’s going after Azazel,” St. Michael answered.
“But why would she...?”
“Because there’s something she doesn’t want any of us to know,” Jordan interrupted. “Am I right?”
“Yeah.” St. Michael replied, lowering his head letting out a sigh. “Look, it’s complicated...”
“Spill it.”
“I can’t. I made a promise not to. Besides, it’s something Saturn has to tell you.”
“Are you kidding me!” Bags exclaimed. “She’s never going to tell. We have a better chance of getting information on Bin Laden’s whereabouts than having Saturn telling us anything.”
“Isn’t he working at Denny’s?” Preston said.
“See what I mean!”
“So what do we do?” Leysa questioned.
“We go after her,” Berlie spoke up. “She saved us once. Now it’s our turn. Besides, she is family and we don’t abandon family. We fight even if it means our own deaths.”
Berlie looked over at Jordan.
“You don’t have to help.”
“I want to.”
“Because for some strange reason, I have this feeling that I should.”
Preston stared over at Jordan letting out a little growl.
“Try it and you’ll find yourself in a snowbank.” Jordan unsheathed his claws.
“No one wants your help, rich boy,” Preston retorted. “So why don’t you go home.”
“Preston.” Berlie warned.
“No. I’m sick of this punk thinking he can step up and play the hero and everyone will love and adore him for it.”
“Isn’t that what your trying to do as well?” Q pointed out.
“Oh, so your not trying to impress Saturn by playing the knight in shining armor?”
“If I wanted to impress Saturn, I could just use my good old southern charm.”
“Yeah.., okay. Isn’t that the same charm she’s immuned to?” Q deviously grinned.
“Shut up.”
“If you two little boys are done, we have more important things to deal with.” Jeanne interrupted.
“Like stopping Saturn from getting herself killed and hopefully getting Kupe’s soul back in his body. The only questions that remain however is where did Saturn go and most importantly where is Azazel.”
“I know,” St. Michael answered, crossing his arms and stretching his wings. “And I know how we can get there.”
I now walked through the snow, claws unsheathed as I tracked down Azazel’s scent. Every step I took made me more determined to find him. It also brought memories to resurface. Memories I had once tried so hard to bury. The sights of death began to flood my mind like a waterfall and,
before I knew it I knelt down in the snow, holding my head in my hands. Feeling a tremendous source of pain running through my brain. Suddenly I heard laughter. Looking up I saw Azazel sitting on a tree branch staring down at me. I snarled and he just smiled.
“It’s so easy to hurt you from within,” he said, as he jumped down landing on his feet and, walking over towards me. “Your going soft, Saturn. The old you wouldn’t of cared about no one but herself.”
“Stay out of my head,” I growled, still in pain.
“Give me what I want.”
“Go to hell.”
“Been there.”
I now gathered all my strength and pounced up at Azazel, swiping at his side with my claws. And leaving quite a mark.
“Arrrggghhh!” He yelled out in pain.
“Did that hurt?” I sarcastically remarked with a grin.
He let out a low demon growl as he swung at me. I leapt in mid-air, watching him fall on his face. I now sat up on a tree branch, looking down on him as he slowly got to his feet. That’s when I noticed the marks on him hadn’t healed. Which meant one thing. He was thrown out of
hell. Which would also explain why he was after me. Revenge was only part of it. Getting back in hell, now that was the other part. And the only way he could back into hell, is if he killed me and took my soul. A soul by all rights I shouldn’t have, but you’ll find more about that later in
the story. I now snapped out of my trance, and stared down where Azazel was standing. He had taken the opportunity while I was figuring everything out, to hide in the shadows. I jumped down, landing on my feet and sniffing the air for his scent.
“Do you honestly think your friends would care about you if they knew the truth.” Azazel spoke up, still remaining hidden in the shadows of the night.
“Stay out of my head.” I warned him once again with a growl.
“I can’t. You know that,” he laughed.
“Well, you better learn real damn quick.”
The moonlight hit my claws at just the right spot, so that the light seemed to reflect off of them.
“Still thinking we’re a bad ass, I see.” Azazel now calmly replied. “A shame really. You could fight for the most powerful army. Yet, you choose the loser’s side.”
“And this is coming from an egotistical demon,” I snarled. “I guess whooping your butt the first time around didn’t quite shut you up like it should have.”
“I let you beat me the first time around.”
“I did.”
“No, you didn’t.”
“Yes, I did.”
“If that isn’t a bunch of bull...”
“I DID!” He now exclaimed as he pounced on me, sending me to fall flat on my back, while he held me down.
He now had his face inches away from mind as a sly smile crept up from the corner of his mouth.
“Get off of me,” I snarled.
Azazel just laughed as a ring of fire encircled us. And before I could even blink an eye, we disappeared. Leaving behind a burnt smoldering ring in the snow. Where did we go? The same place I had tried so hard to forget about. The same place that had caused me to lose sleep. Azazel
now had a hold of me by my neck as he dragged me in front of the throne of hell. Throwing me on the ground like a rag doll. Lucifer sat back on his throne, hiding amongst the shadows.
“What is this?” Lucifer asked.
“I brought what you asked for,” Azazel answered. “We had a deal. Now let me back in.”
Lucifer began to laugh. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow as though he had totally lost his mind.
“I don’t know if I can do that, Azazel.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not Lucifer...” As Deb showed her true self.
Azazel’s eyes got big and I just smiled. The others except for St. Michael, stepped out from within the shadows, right behind Deb and the throne.
“Where’s Lucifer?” Azazel hissed.
Just then Lucifer fell through the ceiling, landing on the ground, beaten up and unconscious. St. Michael spread his wings as he floated down, landing on his feet.
“Saturn, are you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah. Um.. What happened to Lucifer?”
“He had an accident.”
“I bet.”
I now turned on Azazel.
“Game over. You lose.”
“Think again.” As he held up a small crystal ball.
“What the hell is that?” Q asked.
“Kupe’s soul,” I answered.
Azazel deviously grinned. I unsheathed my claws, letting out a growl.
“Now.. now.. Don’t try anything foolish. You know what happens if this breaks. After all, you once had collected souls yourself.”
Everyone now looked over in my direction.
“Saturn, what is he talking about?” Bags asked.
“Tell them, Saturn. Tell them about your brief fall to rise up as the greatest soldier in hell, only to end up now as a has been. TELL THEM!”
“Don’t do this, Azazel.” St. Michael warned him.
“Stay out of this, ArchAngel.” Azazel hissed back.
“Saturn...” EE spoke up worried, noticing the look on my face.
I closed my eyes, lowered my head, and let out a sigh.
“When I was fifteen I fell from God’s grace for awhile,” I began to explain. “I was recruited by Lucifer to collect souls. I was sort of a hitman but one who does more than just kill. I left two years later, when I finally saw the truth of it all, so to speak. After that, I went back working for God. But...”
“But what?” Jordan asked.
“When I had joined the army of hell, I had made an alliance with Lucifer, that if I ever left he could have possession of my soul.”
“So what happened?”
“They never got a hold of my soul. I refused to hand it over, still do. There’s a reason why I won’t. Actually two.”
“Your reasons are worthless. You owe hell, you owe Lucifer, you even owe me!” Azazel
argued. “Besides, you don’t want your friend Kupe to banish into this place.”
“Uh Saturn...” Thief started to say.
“If he breaks the crystal ball, Kupe’s soul will be trapped in hell for all of eternity,” I interrupted,
reading Thief’s mind.
“So you do remember.” Azazel grinned. “And all this time, I thought you’ve forgotten.”
It was at this moment, that every demon in hell had encircled the room waiting for either
Lucifer’s word (who had yet to wake up) or Azazel’s word to attack.
“So are you going to give me what I want? Or do I have my army to tear your friends to shred,”
Azazel pointed out.
I began to laugh.
“What’s so funny?”
“Azazel.. Azazel.. Azazel.. you never learn do you. You can’t go around underestimating your
enemy. It’ll get you in a hell of a lot of trouble,” I remarked.
Just then, the earth beneath us started to shake.
“Saturn, don’t do it.” Azazel warned.
“Isn’t me.” I smiled. “It’s actually funny really, you mess with soldiers or a soldier of God, chances are you’ll have to answer to the General. And right now, if I were you I’d be looking for ways to dig myself out of that hole. Or at least hope He goes easy on you.”
Ven now used her telekinesis to snatch the crystal ball from Azazel’s grasp.
“I’ll take this, thank you very much,” she said, as it landed in her hands.
The walls started to crack and the ceiling began to fall apart.
“Uh crap.” Q commented. “I think it’s time we left.”
“I’m with you on that one,” Tom agreed.
“Let’s go then,” I said, looking away from Azazel for a minute.
Which gave him plenty of time to tackle me to the ground. Jordan unsheathed his claws and Preston was ready to fight as well.
“Stay back.” He warned both of them.
“Let her go,” Jordan growled.
“Not until she hands over her soul,” Azazel hissed.
“Man, you don’t ever give up do you?” Preston shook his head.
I now stabbed Azazel in his side with my claws. He quickly got off of me, screaming in pain. I got up off of the ground, pissed off at the fact that he would even attempt something like that with me.
“I’m going to have to kill you for that,” I snarled.
“Saturn, what are you doing!” Tom shouted. “The place is about to cave in!”
“Go!” I hollered back.
“But Saturn...”
“I’m staying,” Jordan spoke up.
“Me too.” Preston replied.
“Either you two leave with the others or I beat the snot out of ya,” I roared.
“Whoa.” Preston took a step back.
“I’m staying,” Jordan said again, arguing.
“No, your not.” St. Michael answered. “Saturn knows what she’s doing. You on the other hand, will just get yourself killed.”
“Look, I’m not leaving her here to die.”
“She won’t.”
“I’m not leaving.”
“Michael, get them the hell out of here!” I yelled.
“You heard her,” St. Michael said, as he stretched his wings revealing a flash of light, which encircled him, Jordan and the others. Within a blink of an eye, they were gone and back at the cabin. Leaving Azazel and I to battle it out as all of hell started to fall apart.
“It’s just you and me now, Bubba,” I sneered.
“You stay here, you’ll die,” Azazel pointed out.
“So be it,” I snarled, as I pounced on Azazel, letting the ceiling crash down on us.
“We need to go back!” Jordan argued.
“No, you need to stay here.” St. Michael calmly replied.
“So that’s it. She dies.”
“She won’t die.”
“How can you be sure of that?”
“Because I’ve known Saturn longer than you have. She’s stubborn. She won’t die.”
I now fell out of the sky landing on the ground with a thud. A little battered up but, the wounds would heal. I slowly got to my feet. Standing straight up, I cracked my neck.
“Saturn, how did you..?” Heinzs began to ask.
“He pulled me out of hell,” I grumbled, pointing to the sky.
I now searched my jacket pocket for a cigar and my lighter. Only to discover my lighter was gone and the last cigar I had was ruined.
“Son of a....”
“So what happened?” Thief asked.
“Hell was temporarily shut down,” I responded., tossing the useless cigar a side.
“Your guess is as good as mine. I was knocked unconscious by a piece of falling debris.”
Out of nowhere, a scent hit me like a mack truck. I had to take a step back for a minute to gather my senses back together.
Can’t be, I thought to myself as I looked around at the others.
A smile crossed Bags’s face and I knew.
“Saturn, what is it?” Val asked.
I didn’t answer. I went straight up to Bags, unsheathed my claws and, looked him square dead in the eyes.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Bags grinned, his voice sounding demoniac. “You’d hurt him not me.”
“Get out of his body, Azazel.” I growled.
“Fine. I’ll just go into another body. Let’s see there’s Tom, Jeanne, Ven, Preston.. Q.. Thief.. hell there’s even Jordan.”
“Let me fry him,” Thief spoke up. “Please let me.”
“No. You’ll just hurt Bags,” I quickly answered.
“You know this is far from over,” Bags/Azazel spoke up. “Far from over.”
As a ring of fire started to flicker up and encircle us. I quickly jumped back. Getting the hell out of harm’s way. Within seconds, Bags/Azazel was gone.
“What the hell?” Preston remarked.
“He’ll be back.” I said. “We’ll just have to wait until then.”

Later that night, I had already taken Jordan home and St. Michael had left when I went back to the house. I was halfway inside when I could hear the others talking about me. They were all gathered in the living room.
“Why didn’t she tell us? If she had told us...” Ven started to state.
“We would of judged her,” Heinzs interrupted. “Granted, we might say that we wouldn’t but some of us would. Some of us are probably doing it right now.”
I walked past the room without getting noticed. I headed straight for my bedroom, grabbed my backpack and, started to pack with some things including a few cigars and a lighter.
“What are you doing?” Q asked, standing in the doorway.
“I need to get away for awhile. Clear my mind.” I zipped the backpack up and slung it over my shoulder.
“What about the Pub?”
“I’ll have it rebuilt.”
“And who’s going to run it? Since you know Bags isn’t around.”
“You and Thief can fight over that.”
“And the others, what do I tell them?”
“Whatever you want.”
I headed for the door, walking past Q. A few minutes later, I left on my motorcycle.
“Where is she going?” Tom asked Q, while watching me from the window as I drove off.
“To chase ghosts.” Q answered. “To chase ghosts.”
The Pub eventually did get rebuilt. Took all of a couple months to do so. Q and Thief are still fighting over as to who’s in charge. Or Berlie has told me, since the last time I called the house. Preston quickly got over me being gone. His female groupies helped him with that. Sweet Jes..
Anyway, Q was right. I was chasing ghosts, still am. Don’t get me wrong, Bags/Azazel will eventually return and I’ll be there when they do. But for now, I’ll just go chasing my ghosts... Who knows maybe I’ll stop having nightmares. Maybe...

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Poetry Familia 3

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote. A lot has changed since then. My nightmares have gotten worse. I haven’t been home since the incident with Bags/Azazel. Hasn’t stopped me from calling every now and then though. That’s how I found out that half of the familia had decided to join forces with Bags/Azazel. And it’s also when I decided it
would be best for everyone if I came back and sort out what was now starting to become one big mess. It was a Sunday night and raining like cats and dogs, when I entered the Pub. I thought it would be best to stop in there first and see how things were doing. Q was the only one working behind the bar. Which was odd considering Thief should have been there too. I took a seat at the bar and, waited for Q to see me. He was busy chit chatting with some young woman at the other end of the bar..
“So what are you doing later tonight?” I overhead him asking her.
“Playa.” I coughed.
Q looked over in my direction to see who had said it. I was still drenched from the rain. Didn’t stop me from smoking my cigar, though.
“I wondered when you’d get back,” Q replied, walking over towards me.
“Yeah, well I’ve heard there’s trouble. So where’s Thief?”
“Didn’t you hear? Him and EE got married.”
“Well I’ll be… I guess I have been gone too long.”
“A year and two months,” Q answered. “So did you find those ghosts you were chasing?”
“You don’t want to know. So I heard the family has split. How did it happen?”
“Well after you left, a major fight broke out with everyone. Berlie and Heinzs tried to control it but it was out of their hands. It was like a war had erupted.” Q explained.
“A few of the family members couldn’t understand how you could just walk away after all that had happened. They were mad. Their hearts grew cold and they left the family only to join Bags’s/Azazel’s army.”
“So it was my fault for not sticking around basically,” I calmly said, smoking my cigar even more.
“No, no, no.. Saturn, no one blames you for what happened. Even if you had stuck around, it still would of happened. You know that. There were a lot of problems within in the family even before all that stuff went down with Azazel. Uh, by the way, who’s Matt?”
“Seems a guy by the name of Matt has stopped by the house a couple of times looking for you. And he hasn’t been the only one.”
I raised an eyebrow, somewhat curious.
“Jordan has been by the house as well and, around here a few times.” Q continued.
“Uh huh.” I tried to play it cool. “What did he want?”
“Which one?” Q asked, trying to find a bottle of J.D for me behind the counter.
“Both of them.”
“Well, Matt wanted to know what had happened and if you were okay. Jordan on the other hand wanted to know if you’d be coming back.”
A smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth as I heard this.
“But oh wait.. it gets better,” Q said, finally finding a bottle of J.D. and handing it over
to me. “Jordan met Matt and they started to fight. And then Matt met Preston and they started to fight. And you know Jordan and Preston still aren’t getting along. So now Preston, Matt and, Jordan are fighting with each other every time they cross paths.”
“I wonder why that is?” I replied, taking a drink from the bottle.
“Uh duh, it’s so obvious. They’re fighting over you. Whatever you did Saturn, you’ve got grown men acting like little boys fighting over a toy.”
“I didn’t do anything,” I growled. “Their acting the way they want to, I can’t control that.”
Preston around this time came strolling into the Pub. A few minutes later, Matt and a few seconds after that, Jordan. Each one keeping their distance from the other two.
“Uh, I need to get something from the back,” Q spoke up, quickly heading to the storage room in the back of the Pub.
Preston took a seat next to me, while Matt and Jordan lingered around in the shadows.
“How do you know she wants you sitting next to her,” Matt snapped at Preston out of nowhere.
“Watch it.” Preston warned, “or you’ll be kissing the floor again.”
A green plasma blast barely missed Preston, hitting the shelf behind the bar and blowing up a few bottles.
“Cute. Plasma boy still can’t aim,” Preston remarked. “Much good he’d be protecting the world.”
“Oh and like your power of so-called charm could be any useful,” Matt sarcastically retorted.
“That does it!”
Within seconds Preston and Matt were at each other’s throats. I let them go. There was nothing I could do or say to stop them from beating the tar out of each other, so I wasn’t going to even try. Jordan walked over and took Preston’s seat. I continued to smoke my cigar, not paying much mind to him either. He stared at me out of the corner of his eye.
“What?” I finally asked, getting sick of the staring.
“Nothing,” he answered.
“I was told you went off to find some ghosts.”
“Yeah, so?”
“So did you?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“But Saturn…”
“Look you wouldn’t understand. Besides, some things I need to keep to myself,” I responded, putting the cigar out in the ashtray in front of me.
“I see. So I heard what happened with some of the other poets. How they switched sides. Must be tough for everyone right now, I would imagine. I mean everyone thinking one another as family and what not.”
“Is that why you came back?”
“Partly. I came back because I figured out a way to get Azazel out of Bags’s body.
It’s risky though.”
“How risky?”
“To the point of death.”
“Saturn, are you…?”
“It’s the only way, Richie-Rich.”
“Richie-Rich?” Jordan looked confused.
“I give everyone nicknames,” I explained.
“Oh really. Funny, I thought I was King Jupiter,” he remarked, with a smug look on his face.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Uh huh.”
Libra, NIN, Drew, Nef, Devoid, and Jay all walked into the Pub. All dressed as though they belonged to a certain army. And I knew exactly which army. Matt and Preston now stopped their fighting and, watched on from a dark corner of the room. Q had also returned from being in the back, only to end up dropping a bundle of napkins as he saw the little group.
“We’ve got company,” Jordan said.
Saint Michael appeared out of nowhere next to me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him.
“Thought you could use the help. I also have back up, if you need it. Just say the word,” he replied.
“Saturn.” Jay spoke up.
I ignored him.
“SATURN!” He now sounded a little more demanding.
I finally turned around to stare at all of them.
“You hollered,” I finally answered.
“We have a message for you from Bags,” Jay responded, as he took a step forward.
“Spill it.”
“Get out of town.”
“Can’t do that,” I calmly replied.
“Why not?”
“I have my reasons.”
“I see. Well either you leave or a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt.”
I lowered my head, shaking it a little as I chuckled some.
“What’s so funny?” Drew asked.
“Nothing. It’s just ironic that a supposed all-powerful demon sends someone else to deliver his messages. I always thought he was a coward, this just proves it. By the way,
it’s not Bags your working for geniuses, it’s Azazel.”
“It’s Bags.”
“Actually it’s both.” Bags/Azazel said, appearing from within a ring of fire in the middle of the Pub. “There’s no use in talking them into coming back, Saturn. Seeing as their minds have been altered.”
“Still screwing with people’s heads, Azazel. And all this time I thought you grew out of that phase,” I sarcastically remarked, getting to my feet and unsheathing my claws.
“Saturn, Saturn, Saturn.. You can’t kill me or did you forget.” Azazel smiled.
“Don’t do it.” Jordan grabbed me by my arm, holding me back.
“I know what I’m doing,” I growled.
“Do you?”
I looked over at Jordan for a minute before finally retracting my claws.
“Funny, I always thought it was beauty that tamed the beast,” Azazel commented.
“Anyway, you have twenty-four hours to get out of town, Saturn.”
“And if I refuse?” Now looking back at Azazel, as Jordan let me go.
“A lot of people you care about will die, even your little familia.”
And within a ring of fire, Azazel, Devoid, Nef, Drew, NIN, Jay and Libra were gone.
“So what do we do now?” Q asked.
“We go to the house. The others need to know.” I responded, heading for the door.
“I want to help,” Jordan interrupted.
I stopped dead in my tracks, keeping my back turned.
“But Saturn…”
“Go home. This doesn’t involve you.”
“Why not?”
“Your not a writer, that’s why.”
“Like hell…”
“You know what I mean.”
I left before Jordan could argue any further. Preston and Matt started to laugh at him, until they found themselves being thrown across the room. I arrived at the house, not knowing what to expect when I walked through that front door. The first sound that came to my ears when I did enter was that of a baby crying. I found EE holding a baby as she sat in a rocking chair in the living room. She was trying to feed it a bottle but it was being fussy. The crying seized however when the baby noticed I was in the room.
She looked over at with her bright green eyes and began to giggle as all babies do.
“Saturn, your back,” EE said with a smile. “I wondered how long you’d be gone.”
“Yeah, well you know,” I answered, “I heard you and Thief got married.”
“A month after you left.”
“So I take it that’s your kid?”
“Good God, Thief is a daddy. I never thought I’d see the day.” Shaking my head in disbelief. “So what’s her name?”
“Isis,” EE replied, as Isis started to drift off to sleep letting out a little yawn.
“Cute,” I bluntly responded. “I just hope she doesn’t pick up any of her daddy’s bad habits.”
“Same here.”
“So where is everybody?” I asked, looking around.
“Out doing their thing, I suppose. Why?”
“No reason. Just have everyone meet me in the lounge when they get home.”
“Why Saturn? What’s going on?”
“Azazel.” I said, as I headed for my room.
I closed the door behind me, tossing my backpack in to a corner. I walked over to my bed and crashed. I began to drift off to sleep, only to have my nightmares creep up on me once again. I sat up in bed when my feral senses began to go off like mad. It was Bright Mind. She had snuck into my room to see if I was up. Her power, she could make things grow. Plants, trees, and vegetation. Which doesn’t seem like much but when the bad guys out number you, it kind of helps to have a growing vine nearby to capture them. She also has some mermaid qualities to her, or so I like to call them that. She basically can breath under water for long periods of time. She is also one of the many younger familia members that look up to me as a role model. Which I don’t mind. I mean she’s a good kid and all. Besides, someone has to play the older sister and make sure these kids stay out of trouble. I now got out of bed, yawning a little. Duchess and Barbs around this time, decided to enter my room as well. Duchess was playing with a small purple ball of energy. Her power is kinetic. She can also engulf her enemy in a purple bubble, cutting off their air supply. Barbs on the other hand, calls herself an Angelic Witch in training. Meaning she’s one of those good witches, that apparently works for the Greater Good. She however has yet to master her powers. Just ask Preston. He was a gerbil for a week. I should know, I kept finding little surprises around the house. Anyway, they all were preoccupied now with their teenage chatter, they didn’t even notice me standing there with my arms folded.
“And I was like no way.” Barbs said to Duchess and BrightMind. “And she said yes way, that’s why he wanted your number.”
I coughed, trying to get their attention. That however did no good.
“So what did you say?” BrightMind squealed, being her bubbly self.
“ENOUGH!” I roared.
They all stopped talking and looked over in my direction, wide-eyed and scared to death.
“What do you want?” I growled in a low tone.
Both BrightMind and Barbs hid behind Duchess, peeking out to look at me.
“The others are waiting in the lounge,” Duchess answered, scared somewhat herself by my temper.
“And it took three of you to tell me this why?”
“Berlie wanted to make sure one of us remembered,” Barbs whispered in response, still hiding behind Duchess.
“Uh huh.” I began to head for the door.
Duchess, Barbs, and BrightMind followed behind me but made sure to keep their distance. I entered the lounge, which was filled with conversation. Only to die out a few seconds later. Everyone looked over at me, as I leaned up against the wall smoking a cigar.
“Saturn, what’s up?” Val broke the silence.
“I know how to get Bags back as well as the others Azazel has taken away from the familia,” I calmly responded. “It might be dangerous though.”
“That’s never stopped us before,” Thief said with a smug expression.
“True but now there’s more at stake. And a couple of you just had kids. Or did we forget that Daddy Thief?” I remarked, pointing over to Isis who was sleeping in EE’s arms.
Heinzs tried to read bits and pieces of my mind to see what I was up to, but I blocked him out of my head.
“You know better, Pops,” I warned.
“So your not going to let us help?” he asked, feeling somewhat hurt by what I had done.
“I didn’t say that. I’m just saying that I don’t want anyone to feel that they have to help especially when they have a lot to risk.”
“Saturn, you know we’d help no matter what,” Tom interrupted. “Like you said we’re familia. Family sticks together and we also help each other. That’s just the way it is.”
“Uh huh.”
“So what’s your plan?”
“Can’t say.”
“Why not?”
“Because it involves her,” Berlie spoke up, “Saturn plans on trading places with Bags, am I right?”
“Yeah.” I answered, letting the smoke from my cigar encircle around me.
I was trying to make sure it didn’t float over in Isis’s direction. Seeing as EE would probably have my arse for it.
“Saturn, are you crazy!” Q exclaimed. “That’s exactly what Azazel wants you to do.”
“I know.”
“And you still plan on going through with this?”
“Uh huh.”
“Because I need to.”
“You can’t do it!” Jeanne protested. “I won’t let you. We won’t let you.”
“I have to,” I replied. “If we want to get Bags and the others back, I have to do this. Besides, I’ve known Azazel longer than any of you. This is the only way I can get rid of him.”
“Get rid of him? Saturn, I don’t understand…” Deb started to say.
“If I can trap Azazel inside my body, I can have him killed.”
“By shutting off my healing factor.”
“You can do that?” Thief raised an eyebrow.
“But if you shut it off…. Then how would you…” Preston began to ask.
“I wouldn’t.” I answered, knowing what he was going to say.
“Saturn, no. Saving Bags and the others are one thing but, willing to kill yourself.” Ven argued.
“I wouldn’t be killing myself.” I corrected her. “One of you would have to kill me.”
“Saturn, no…” Jeanne started to protest.
“Look, if you guys don’t then Azazel can run free in my body. Meaning he can use my powers for his own dirty work, even kill.” I argued back.
“There has to be another way.”
“There is no other way!”
“Do you even realize what your asking?” Tom spoke up. “It means your very own death.”
“I know.”
“And your still willing to go through with this? Why? Why would you do this?”
“I have my reasons,” I bluntly replied. “Look, I’ll give you guys some time to thing about this..”
“Why? Where are you going?” Q asked.
“Out to see someone.” I headed for the door.
“Who?” Preston questioned, with a raised eyebrow.
“Just someone.”
I left before anyone could stop me. I knew what I was asking them to do was a lot to handle, let alone take in. But it was the only way to get Bags and the others back. And to fix all the wrongs in my past that I had done.
“So Berlie, what do we do?” Thief asked.
“What else, help her.” Berlie answered.
I knew exactly where I was going. I had to go apologize to someone. I knew he’d be up writing, in his journal. Seems he did a lot of writing in that journal. I should know. There had been times when I’d be sitting on the ledge next to his bedroom window, just watching him write in that damn journal or notebook while he sat at his desk. He is a writer. He just isn’t part of the familia. I couldn’t bare to see him get hurt, though. I couldn’t bare to even see the familia get hurt. If anything what I was doing was actually saving them from Azazel, even Lucifer. If Azazel would succeed in his plans, then Lucifer would soon follow. Which would mean death and destruction to all of mankind, even those I cared about. I couldn’t let that happen. I now hid in the shadows of his room, watching him write in his journal. And as usual, I’m always wondering what he’s writing about.
“What do you want?” Jordan stopped what he was writing and picked up on my scent. The only time I did forget to hide it.
“I came to uh.. well that is.. I want to apologize for blowing up like I did. It’s just that.. I have a lot to worry about,” I hesitated.
“Uh huh.”
“And I don’t need one more person to be looking out for when I have to fight Azazel.”
“Uh huh.”
“Anyway, you would be putting a lot at risk if you helped and, I don’t want you doing that.”
“Uh huh.”
By now, I had a gut feeling he was seeing right through my excuses. I tried to remain calm however.
“Look, I’ve got to go.” I finally broke the silence, getting ready to leave.
“Saturn, wait.”
“What?” I asked, remaining hidden in the shadows.
I left, leaving Jordan to go back writing in his journal, or so I thought. I headed back to the house, only to be stopped along the way by Jay and Drew.
“And what do we have here?” Drew deviously grinned. “A kitten with claws, perhaps. Bags is really disappointed that you refuse to leave.”
“I bet he is.” I said, not showing any signs of fear.
Jay now turned his hand in to a metallic sword. Which was only part of his powers. The other part, he could turn his skin into poisonous liquid metal, which if you just happened to touch would kill you on the spot. He also had the skills of a highly trained military man, which made him twice as dangerous.
“I say we do Bags a favor and get rid of her ourselves,” Jay suggested to Drew.
“Yeah, we should,” Drew agreed.
I raised an eyebrow, not believing what I was hearing.
“Damn, you two have gotten stupid,” Seclude spoke up, as her and Ravyn stepped out from the shadows. “Did we forget about her healing factor? You try to kill her, chances your just more likely to piss her off, not to mention us.”
“And besides, it looks as though your out numbered,” Ravyn pointed out.
“That’s what you think. Nef.” Jay said with a smug look.
Within seconds, Nef crawled out in her half human, half snake form. Hissing as she rattled her tail.
“Oh sh..” Seclude started to say.
Ravyn turned into her bird form, while I unsheathed my claws.
“Remember their under Azazel’s control.” I stated. “So don’t hurt them.”
“So what, we let them kill us? Not all of us have a healing factor, Saturn.” Seclude had to make it a point to remind me.
“I know. Just be careful.”
Ravyn fought Nef, while Seclude took on Drew. Leaving me with Jay.
“Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” Jay said in a mocking tone.
I let out a growl, as I crouched down getting ready to attack. Jay charged after me, swiping at side, slicing at my arm, which quickly healed.
“My turn,” I snarled, as I pounced on Jay landing on top of him as I pinned him to the ground.
“You know I could poison you to death.” Jay snapped at me, with a grin.
“Did we forget, your poison has no affect on me. Besides, haven’t you heard this kitty has nine lives.” I now held my claws inches away from his neck.
He started to sweat and I could smell the fear rise off of him like cheap booze. That’s when Devoid flew out of nowhere, knocking me off of Jay and flat on my butt. I quickly got to m feet, letting out a low growl. Until I felt something hit me on the back of my head, knocking me out completely. An hour later, Berlie could be heard screaming at the house, as she received the news. Ravyn, Seclude and, yours truly had been kidnapped. Preston left the house, while everyone else was busy trying to calm Berlie down. Hey you mess with a lioness’s cubs, expect you know what to hit the fan. Berlie was bouncing off the walls, wanting to tear Azazel a new one. She wasn’t the only one.
“This can’t be happening,” Q kept saying, as he sat down on the couch in the living room, his head in his hands. “How could this have happened? Matt went after her to make sure.. son of a …”
“Q, what is it?” Gilly asked.
“Matt is working for Azazel,” Q answered, looking up at her.
“How do you know?”
“That’s just it. I don’t know but I have this feeling”
“Q, come on.”
“No, he’s right.” Berlie closed her eyes.
“Berlie?” Ven sounded worried.
“Matt is working for Azazel.” Berlie opened her eyes as they began to glow a bright golden hue.
She could see Bags/Azazel and Matt laughing it up over their little small victory. Hey kidnapping yours truly is a victory all by itself. Berlie let out a banshee scream when she saw my lifeless body.
“No.” Thief slowly shook his head, not wanting to believe. “Berlie, your wrong.”
Jordan was sitting at his desk, not writing in his journal but actually going over some files he had found. They were about yours truly. Seems like everybody is trying to figure out the story to my past now a days. Anyway, he was halfway through reading one file, when someone began to pound on the front door. Jordan went downstairs to see who it was. When he did open the door, he found Preston standing on the front porch with his hands in his pockets, looking like he had lost his puppy.]
“What the..?” Jordan started to say.
“Saturn is in trouble,” Preston interrupted.
“What sort of trouble?”
“Azazel’s kidnapped her. Seclude and Ravyn as well.”
“And your here why?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“I need your help saving them. I figured with your feral senses, it would be easy to track them down. That and while your getting your butt kicked by Azazel, I could save Saturn.”
“Uh huh. Look, I’ve got other things to do, so if you don’t mind..”
“All right, all right.” Preston said, giving up. “Truth is, I know how much Saturn looks up to and I thought that you might want to help. But if not…”
“I will on one condition,” Jordan replied.
“And that would be?”
“We put our petty differences aside. Meaning no cheat shots. If we’re to save Saturn,
there can’t be any conflict what so ever.”
Preston thought about it for a minute.
“Fine,” he finally answered, through clenched teeth, not liking the idea but seeing no other alternative. “For Saturn’s sake.”
I now woke up locked in a cage with Seclude and Ravyn in what seemed to be an abandon warehouse.
“Is she alive?” I could hear Ravyn ask as I started to come to.
“Yeah,” Seclude said. “Her healing factor is kicking in.”
“What the hell happened?” I slowly sat up, feeling the pains of a headache.
“Well, the blow to your head almost killed you,” Seclude explained. “But your back with the living. Almost.”
I got to my feet and chuckled a little as I looked at the bars in front of me. I unsheathed my claws and cut through them like paper.
“Let’s get out of here,” I grumbled, stepping out of the cage.
“Not so fast.” I heard Bags/Azazel speak up from behind me, as Matt, Drew, Nin, Nef, Devoid, Libra, and Jay stood right behind him.
“What? No Lucifer?” I sarcastically remarked, as I turned around to face him.
“Funny, ha, ha.” Bags/Azazel retorted. “No. Thanks to you and your group of misfits and what happened last time, I’ve been kicked out of hell, again.”
“That would explain why you started your own little army.” I began putting the pieces together. “Of course you have to play with someone’s mind in order to get them to work for you.”
“Tell me Saturn, have you been sleeping well lately?” Bags/Azazel deviously grinned.
I growled.
The others along with Jordan and Preston all showed up a few seconds later.
“How did you find me?” I asked them, still keeping my eyes on Bags/Azazel.
“Jordan sniffed you out,” Preston replied.
“The scent of your perfume mixed with cigar smoke,” Jordan explained. “By the way, you spend more money on that perfume than you do those cigars.”
“Bite your tongue.” I growled.
“Yeah she does, doesn’t she,” Preston agreed.
“Shut it.”
“So finally the whole gang is here,” Bags/Azazel wickedly smiled.
“Leave them out of this,” I snarled. “It’s between you and me.”
I now leapt after Bags/Azazel knocking him to the ground as my claws went through his chest. He screamed out in great pain. At that moment, a ring of fire surrounded us, blocking the view of the others.
“Okay, what the hell just happened?” Jay shook his head, asking.
As him, Devoid, Nef, Drew, Nin, Libra and even Matt snapped out of their trances.
Val headed for the ring of fire but Tom quickly held her back before the flames could touch her.
“Let me go.” She struggled to get free. “I promised Saturn.”
“Promise her what?” Gilly questioned, with an eyebrow raised.
“To bring Bags back to life,” Val answered.
“And Saturn?”
“I can’t say.”
The fire now died out and both Bags and myself lay on the floor unconscious, blood pouring out of Bags’s wounds. My claws unsheathed by themselves, as I lay there.
Jordan walked over to check my pulse.
“Is she?” Heinzs asked sounding worried.
“No, she’s alive. Barely. Val, whatever you have to do to bring Bags’s back to life, do it now.”
“What about Azazel?” Deb spoke up.
“He isn’t around.” Jordan replied, picking me up off the floor and holding me in his arms.
Preston let out a growl when he saw this. He quickly stopped however when Jeanne smacked him in the back of his head.
“Behave.” She warned him.
Val knelt down near Bags’s body, putting her hands on the wound. Within seconds, her hands began to glow a bright blue as the blood reversed itself in to the wound and the wound itself started to heal quickly. When Val was done, Bags began to cough as he opened his eyes.
“What the..?” He started to say, sitting up slowly. “What happened?”
“Azazel.” Q answered.
“It’s a long story.”
A couple of days had past since the incident. Bags and those that were under Azazel’s spell had been told the whole story. While yours truly remained unconscious, laying in my bed, still trying to heal. Jordan sat by my bedside the whole time. Falling asleep when he would get tired. And when he did, Matt or Preston would come in to check on me. None of them felt much like fighting with one another and they tried their damnedest to avoid each other. Jordan always knew when they or someone else walked into the room however, his feral senses. He would just ignore them.
“God, why doesn’t he go home?” Preston grumbled, as he stood in the hallway talking to Tom.
Tom just shrugged his shoulders.
“Got me. It’s a feral thing, probably.”
“You men.” Leysa giggled, as she walked down the hall towards them.
“What’s so funny?” Preston quickly asked, feeling somewhat offended.
“Nothing. If you can’t see it for yourself, there’s no use in me explaining,” Leysa answered, as she headed for her room.
“Women.” Preston said, lowering his head and shaking it a little.
It was around two in the morning, when I finally woke up. I slowly sat up feeling like hell. I looked over and saw Jordan sleeping in a chair at my bedside. Shaking off a headache that was starting up, I got out of bed, covered up Jordan with a blanket and headed for the kitchen. Q had his head in the refrigerator, holding the door open with his left hand, he rummaged through the contents in the fridge with his right hand. I leaned up against the wall near the fridge watching him for a few.
“Crap, crap, crap,” he kept saying as he went through everything in the fridge. “Oh wait.. Never mind that belongs to Preston and it has fur. We’ll just put that in the way back.”
“And you’ll get busted for doing so,” I finally spoke up.
Q somewhat startled, hit the back of his head as he quickly tried to look up.
“Son of a..”
I just laughed a little.
“Glad to know you find it so damn funny,” he grumbled.
“Aww, I’m sorry Q,” I replied, as I kissed him on his cheek.
“SATURN!” Q exclaimed, looking stunned.
I just walked away, giggling. I headed for Preston’s room, bumping into Matt in the hallway. I flirted with him a little, leaving him to stand there staring at me in shock. I went into Preston’s room, closing the door behind me. Preston was typing at his computer, to pre-occupied with creating his latest piece of work to even notice that I had snuck up behind him.
“Boo.” I leaned over and whispered in his ear.
He almost fell over in his chair, startled a little. I just laughed as I grabbed him by his arm and threw him on the bed, climbing on top of him.
“Saturn, what are you doing?” Preston asked, somewhat freaked out by my behavior.
“Having fun.” I devilishly smiled, as I started to kiss Preston.
“Hey whatever. I knew you would eventually come around. After all unlike those little boys you play with I’m a real man.” He now began to sound too boastful.
“Don’t flatter yourself.” My tone quickly changed as I let out a growl. “To me your just a pawn in my game.”
“What sort of game?”
“You’ll see.”
I got up off of Preston and left him laying there with a confused look on his face. I went back to my room and crashed on my bed. Falling asleep. I awoke the next morning to find Jordan gone and the whole house talking about me. I left the house dressed in a tight leather cat suit, looking a little like Cat Woman.
“What is she wearing?” Ven raised an eyebrow.
“Who cares, she looks damn hot.” Preston grinned.
“Down Texan, she could turn you into dog good,” Phoenix pointed out.
Both Thief and Kindred walked by me as I headed out the door. They stopped to look and both their jaws dropped, almost hitting the ground. I giggled as I continued to walk on. I went to Jordan’s house, sneak in through his bedroom window. He was fast asleep in his bed. The alarm clock wasn’t set to go off till noon. Must have been one of his days off from the studio. I slowly walked over to the edge of the bed, climbing on top of him. As I began to lightly kiss his lips, he started to wake up.
“Saturn, what the..?” he muffled, somewhat surprised.
“Shhh..” I purred, still kissing him as I now pinned him down on the bed.
When I began to reach down to undo his pants, he threw me off of him. Making me tumble to the floor.
“NO!” He roared out in anger. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”
I quickly got to my feet and pounced on him again. Making him fall flat on his back, right back on the bed. I now pinned him down to were he couldn’t move. Unsheathing one of my claws, I let the tip slide across the right cheek of his face, barely piercing the skin.
“What do you want?” he growled.
“You know what I want.” I purred as softly as a kitten.
“Saturn, don’t.”
“And I thought all this time you wanted me,” I teased, sliding my claw down his bare chest, again barely touching his skin.
“Saturn.” He began to groan, sounding feral.
I giggled a little as I started to kiss Jordan again, this time with pure passion.
“What are they doing?” Preston asked as Jeanne stood on his shoulders peeking in the window, all the while standing on the ledge, a floor below Jordan’s bedroom.
“Oh my god!” Jeanne replied.
“What? What is it?”
“Their making out and Jordan’s half-naked.”
“What!?!” Preston exclaimed. “Why would Saturn…”
“Jealous are we,” Jeanne interrupted.
“Shut up,” he grumbled.
Jordan now rolled me over on my back, unsheathing one of his claws, slicing down the front of my leather cat suit being careful not to touch the skin.
“Uh oh.” Jeanne said, watching.
“What?” Preston asked.
“I think we stumbled across the animal mating channel,” Jeanne laughed a little.
“What are they doing?”
“You don’t want to know.”
“Tell me!”
“Well, Jordan is on top of Saturn and he’s pretty much sliced through her clothing…” Jeanne started to explain.
“Uh, I think I’ve heard enough,” Preston replied.
“And Jordan is somewhat naked.” Jeanne continued, now giggling.
“ENOUGH!” Preston yelled.
“Shh.. your going to get us busted. Uh oh…”
“What? What?”
“Jordan just stopped.”
“Say what?”
“He just got off of Saturn and he just threw his bathrobe at her.”
“I can’t do this,” Jordan said, turning his back on me.
“Why not? What you don’t find me attractive?” Sounding somewhat hurt.
“No.. yes.. I mean no.. Dammit.. Look Saturn, I just can’t.”
“She was right,” I laughed.
“Who?” Jordan asked as he turned around, sounding confused.
“Saturn.” As my eyes began to glow a bright red.
“What the..?” Jordan replied, taking a step back.
That’s when the scent of death hit him.
“Azazel,” he growled, unsheathing his claws.
“Actually, it’s so refreshing to be back in a female body,” Azazel commented.
“Say what?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, that’s right Saturn probably never told you. My demonic body wasn’t my own, it was just many that I have snatched so to speak.” Azazel explained.
“So what happened to your original body?”
“It was destroyed thanks to Saturn. After that, I’ve been switching from one demonic body to another. Until now, this is the first time I’ve been able to snatch a body of my own gender. Don’t care too much for the species, however. I sort of miss my black wings.”
“So what do you want?” Jordan asked
“Everything,” Azazel deviously grinned.
“Where’s Saturn?”
“She’s around. But let’s stop talking about her, let’s talk about us instead.”
“There is no us.”
“There could be.”
“When hell freezes.”
“I could make that happen.”
“Over our dead bodies,” a voice could be heard within the shadows of the room.
Both Jordan and Azazel looked around. Spade stepped out of the shadows wearing black baggy jeans, a black raider’s jersey, a pair of black tims, and a pair of sunglasses. Her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, looking like one of those badass chicks you only read about in novels or see in the movies. She stood there, smoking a cigar while another figure stepped out of the shadows along side her. This figure had long autumn colored hair and green emerald eyes. She wore stars in her hair, a white flowing dress of satin and, a thin gold belt of chains around her waist. She looked somewhat like a greek goddess and resembled yours truly a little. Her name Lady Saturn. Yes, you heard right.
She’s part of me and I’m part of her. In other words, she’s more than my muse she’s my soul. A soul that at one point ruled a kingdom on the planet of Saturn. Still does, just not as a mortal. She is in fact part of a life I had once lived long ago. Same goes with Spade. All though Spade’s past still remains a mystery. She likes to keep it that way. Which I am so “kindly” reminded of from time to time. Doesn’t stop me from trying to figure it out though.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Saturn’s muses. Spade and well Lady Saturn.” Azazel remarked.
Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“It’s a long story,” Saturn spoke up, reading his thoughts. “Let’s just say I was one of many lives she had once lived. Again, it’s a long story.”
“So what brings you two here?” Azazel asked with a devilish smile.
“Let’s cut the crap,” Spade responded, smoking her cigar. “You get out of Saturn’s body, go away and promise to never come back and we can all go home.”
“Can’t. As a matter of fact, I won’t do it.”
The poetry familia around this time showed up, busting through Jordan’s bedroom door.
“What the hell?” Thief looked over at Spade and Lady Saturn. “Who are they?”
“Saturn’s muses,” Jordan replied.
Jeanne and a few of the other female poets noticed that Jordan was only wearing sweatpants and couldn’t help but stare.
“Uh.. can we get back to the problem at hand” Q spoke up, getting sick of the women drooling.
“We could, if Azazel hadn’t vanished,” Spade pointed out.
A gust of wind rushed through out the room, slamming and locking all the doors and windows.
“I don’t like this at all,” Duchess said, looking around.
“There has to be a way out of here,” Drew interrupted.
“There is,” Jordan spoke up, heading over towards the bookcase, which was built in to the wall.
He took a book of poetry out of its place and the whole unit opened to reveal a secret passageway and the Archangel Michael standing there with arms crossed. Jordan raised an eyebrow and the others stood there confused. Spade and Saturn were use to seeing him however. Considering muses spend most of their time hanging out in heaven.
“So Mikey you have that twenty you still owe me from the poker game?” Spade asked, with a sly expression.
“We’ve got a problem,” Michael answered, not phased at all by what Spade had said.
The doors to the poetry house flew open and Azazel floated in looking around. EE had decided to stay home with Isis. She had just put Isis down for a nap in her crib, when she turned around and saw the “supposedly” me standing in the doorway of the nursery.
“Saturn.” She looked puzzled.
I unsheathed my claws and let out a low demonic growl. EE right there and then, knew it wasn’t me.
“Azazel don’t.” She warned.
Azazel just let out a laugh as she raised her hand making EE float off of her feet in mid-air. Azazel went over to the crib, watching Isis for a minute before feeling a sharp pain shot through her mind. It was yours truly, resurfacing and pushing Azazel out of my body.
“You little..” Azazel growled, fighting me back.
A few seconds later, I came forth. Screaming out in pure anger waking up Isis.
She looked into my eyes seeing I was in pain, she put her little hand on mine. Before I knew what hit me, I felt a bolt of electricity going through my body, lifting me off my feet and shooting me across the room. Only to land on the ground, unconscious. EE fell to the ground around the same time. Isis raised her little hand as a bright purple hue started to glow from within her hand, a demonic scream could be heard through out the room as a gust of wind started blowing through out the room causing a whirlwind. Which would quickly die out along with the demonic screaming. The bright purple hue faded and Isis lowered her little hand, giggling. EE checked on Isis and then walked over to my lifeless body, checking for a pulse. By this time, the others showed up, looking around at the mess in the nursery.
“What the hell happened?” Q asked.
“Isis.” The Archangel Michael smiled.
Everyone looked over at him, like he had lost his mind.
“Maybe I should explain,” he felt the pressure of the stares.
“Yeah, maybe you should.” Tom replied.
“Isis has the powers of a Seraphim, the highest of high ranks in heaven. The ultimate in angels and the only ones who can truly destroy demons and make sure they can’t come back from the dead.”
“So my kid is a demon hunter?” Thief scratched his head.
“That and then some.”
“But Saturn…”
“She knew. She also knew that Azazel wanted to kill Isis because Isis was a threat. That’s why I imagine she tried to trap Azazel in her body. She wasn’t only saving Bags and the familia, she was saving Isis as well.”
“Speaking of Saturn.. is she?” Matt was afraid to ask.
Preston around this time came over and knelt down beside my body. I quickly grabbed his throat with one bare hand, cutting off the air to his lungs.
“She’s alive.” He choked, trying to breath.
I quickly tossed him a side, and slowly got to my feet.
“What the hell happened?” I asked, sounding like a grouch.
Everyone looked at each other and then back at me.

Later that night, I was in my room crashed on my bed watching TV. An hour before Matt, my muses Saturn and Spade, and the Archangel Michael all left. Jordan disappeared, so everyone assumed he went home. Preston now came walking into my room without knocking. I raised an eyebrow and looked over at him like he had lost his mind.
“Saturn, can I ask you something?” He now stood in front of the TV.
“What?” I growled, not to happy that he was interrupting my show.
“Azazel said she had plans for me. What were they?”
“She was screwing with your head.”
“Look, she was screwing with your head. Besides, you don’t want to know what her plans were for you, trust me.”
“You just don’t. Now move it, my program is on.”
“Fine.” Preston said, storming out of my room being a grump.
A couple of minutes later, someone was knocking on my bedroom door.
“What?” I grumbled, getting irritated.
The door slowly opened and Jordan walked in, closing the door behind him. He sat down in the chair next to the bed, not saying anything at first. Just staring at me out of the corner of his eye.
“What?” I finally broke the silence, turning the TV off with the remote.
“We need to talk.” He finally answered, facing me.
“No, we don’t.”
“Yes, we do. What happened…”
“Was Azazel’s doing not mine, so drop it.”
“Dammit Saturn, look I didn’t mean for things to happen the way that they did. If I had known it was Azazel before..”
“You wouldn’t of saw me naked.” I bluntly pointed out.
“Yeah.. well.. um.” Jordan began to feel somewhat embarrassed but he was trying to hide it. “I’ve got to go. So are you staying around for awhile or are you going to hit the road?”
“I’ll be around for awhile, why?”
“No reason. Just curious.”
I knew he was sniffing around in my past, trying to find things out. Putting bits and pieces together so to speak, I just never let him know that I knew what he was doing.
Sounds confusing I know. Jordan now got up to leave, I turned the TV on. It was now on the news. Apparently, a battle was breaking out between the writing world and the entertainment business. Writers feeling like their not being respected and singers acting like the world revolves around them. Jordan stopped for a minute to watch it and just let out a laugh.
“What?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.
“After what I’ve seen, this right here is petty,” he answered. “If they only knew.”
“But they don’t and that’s the problem,” I replied, lighting up a cigar. “I think however that’s going to change.”
“What makes you say that?”
“The Devil’s running loose and things like this feed his hunger. I have a feeling we’re going to see him show his ugly face sooner or later.”
“I hope your wrong.”
“I hope so too. Dealing with Azazel is a picnic compared to Lucifer.”
Jordan looked over in my direction with a raised eyebrow.
“You don’t want to know,” I said, reading his thoughts.
“Yeah, well I’ll see you around.” He responded, as he left.
Tom, Wats, Dr. Watson, Doc and Deb all showed up in my room.
“He likes you. You should ask him out.” Wats said.
“He seems like a good man, Saturn.” Doc added.
“All four of you out.. NOW!” I roared.
“What a grouch.” Tom commented as him and his other three sides left.
“I could ask him out for you,” Deb suggested morphing into me.
Deb left still morphed as yours truly.
“Hey Preston..” I could hear her say in the hall, knowing she couldn’t resist messing with his head.
I put the cigar out in the ashtray that was lying on the floor next to the bed. Turning the TV off, I lay back in bed and began to drift off to sleep. Wouldn’t be to long before something else would happen. Wouldn’t be to long before I’d have to go play the hero again. Wouldn’t be to long before you know what would hit the fan. Until then I need my rest…maybe now I wouldn’t have those nightmares.. Oh hell, who am I kidding..

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Poetry Familia 4

So you thought part three was it. That everyone would be living happily ever after. Well truth be told. This isn’t one of those fairytales you were told as a kid. This right here folks is the lives of many poets put into one house. Which at times can be hell.
“Your on Saturn’s motorcycle,” Thief said, as he came out to the garage to take put the trash in the can.
Preston was sitting on my bike. He had decided to take it out for a spin without my permission. Which is a big no-no. Even the younger members of the house know better than to even think about touching my bike.
“I know,” Preston answered, as he polished up the chrome with a rag.
“She’s going to kill you if she catches you, I hope you realize that.”
“I know.”
“And you still sit on her bike knowing it could mean your very own death.” Thief raised an eyebrow.
“So where do you want your body buried?” Thief asked.
I now walked in to the garage, smoking a cigar. I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed Preston sitting on my bike.
“Hey EE honey,” Thief shouted as he went back in to the house. “Do we have the number to the funeral home?”
“Off the bike, Texan.” I warned as I unsheathed my claws.
“Make me,” Preston said, not making an attempt to even move.
I now let out a low growl and Preston just smiled.
“Your charm has no affect on me. You should know that by now,” I snarled. “Now get off my bike or they’ll be picking out your burial plot.”
“Why? So you can go see what’s his face.” Preston answered in disgust.
“None of your damn business.”
“What do you see in him anyway?”
“I don’t know what your talking about.”
“Like hell. God, you and him almost…”
“That was Azazel,” I quickly interrupted with a growl. “Get that through your head.”
“Yeah, well you didn’t try to stop her,” Preston tried to argue.
“Look are you going to get off my bike or not?”
“Fine. Have it your way.”
A few seconds later, Preston found himself flying in mid-air across the garage. While I got on my bike, started it up and left. I headed to the Pub to meet Jordan for our weekly chitchat. Just to see how the other one is doing. Nothing special. It’s been kind of hard to stay in touch though. I mean with all that’s been going between the writing world and the entertainment world. It’s like a war has broken out between the two worlds. Singers and actors thinking they have a right to do whatever they want even put down the writers. The writers claiming that their not getting the respect they should. Petty B.S. basically. However, it has recently started to get out of hand. Now everyone from both sides seem to be using their powers, the ones their muses gave them, against one another. Hell, Stephen King took a blast at Ben Affleck at one of his movie premieres. Which is kind of funny because instead of hitting Ben, he blew up the marquee. To be honest, I don’t think some of these writers, singers and, actors should have any powers. To them, it’s just adding fuel to their ego. I now parked my bike and headed right in to the Pub. It was a Tuesday night, so it wasn’t that busy. Q was working behind the counter training Nef how to serve up the drinks. Bags, Tom, and, Kupe were sitting at the end of the bar, drinking and having a good old time. Jordan was sitting in a booth, in a dark corner of the Pub. He looked like hell. Which meant he was working over time in the studio. Something I find myself doing at times with my writing. So I could relate somewhat.
I sat down across from him as Gilly came over to take my order.
“A bottle of J.D.” I said to her.
Gilly left and I lit up a cigar.
“Do you always have to smoke?” he asked.
“You look like hell,” I commented, ignoring his question.
“Saturn, can I ask you something?”
“Hasn’t stopped you before,” I remarked.
“Why don’t you want to talk about your past?” He asked as bluntly as he could.
“I collected souls for hell. What is there to talk about,” I answered, as Gilly came back to the table to give me the bottle of J.D.
“I’ve heard some things.” Jordan continued.
“Like what?”
“Like you have possession of the Seven Seals. That God put you in charge of protecting them from Hell. That you and Lucifer went head to head at one point for the Seals. And that you almost destroyed all of Hell by yourself because of it,” Jordan said.
“Lies, lies, lies.” I responded, drinking some J.D.
“Then what is the truth?”
“You don’t want to know.”
“Tell me.”
“Why? Why the hell is it so important to know my past?” I growled. “Fine, you want to know. I killed people and took their souls. I was cold and heartless. Enough said.”
“There’s more to it. I mean why did you decide to change sides and work for God all of a sudden?”
“I woke up and find out the truth,” I retorted.
“Bull. There’s something more to it, I can tell,” he pointed out.
“Look, I told you before some things in my past I’d like to keep to myself. Maybe I should have hung out with Preston. At least, he doesn’t ask me so many damn questions.” I remarked.
Jordan let out a low growl.
“I take it Preston and you still aren’t getting along.” I smiled some.
Jordan growled even more.
“Fine. I’ll drop it.”
Bags was now arm wrestling Kupe for some green beer. I watched them as silence fell over the table. Jordan just sat there, fiddling with the label on his beer bottle. Out of nowhere it started to storm outside, which was kind of odd. But would make complete sense once the stranger walked through the doors. He was dressed like a hitman for the mafia. His hazel eyes revealing no emotion. His short black hair barely wet from the rain or was it blood? He looked different from his demonic form but his scent was the same. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch him. I got to my feet and unsheathed my claws.
“Saturn?” Jordan looked confused.
“It’s Lucifer.” I snarled.
“Saturn, is that any way to greet an old friend?” Lucifer deviously grinned.
“What the hell do you want?” I growled.
“You know what I want.”
“I don’t have the Seals.”
“Saturn, Saturn, Saturn, do I look like an idiot to you?”
“Now that you mentioned it,” I sarcastically remarked, “you kind of do.”
Q in his shadow form, tried to sneak up behind Lucifer but that plan soon failed. Without laying a hand on him, Lucifer threw Q across the bar and up against the wall, cutting the air off to his lungs so he couldn’t breathe.
“Q!” Gilly screamed.
“Lucifer, are you mad? He doesn’t have a healing factor.” I snarled.
“So you’ll kill him.”
“And I should care why?”
“Because if you kill him, I’ll destroy the seals.”
“Your bluffing.”
“Try me.”
“Fine.” Lucifer answered, letting go of his grasp on Q.
Q dropped to floor, starting to breathe again while coughing.
“I want the Seals.” Lucifer demanded of me.
“And I want you to take a breath mint, Lucy.” I sarcastically remarked. “But neither of us are getting what we want.”
“Don’t call me that.” He growled in a low demonic tone.
“Lucy.” I said, as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.
“I’ll kill you.”
“You’ve tried before. Face it Lucy, you can’t.”
Lucifer’s face turned a brick red and I could tell I was getting under his skin.
“Either it’s the Seals or the child,” Lucifer responded through clenched teeth.
“Child? What child?” Gilly spoke up, scratching her head.
“The one that killed my sister. I believe the child’s name is Isis.” Lucifer grinned.
“No way in hell,” I snarled, clenching my fists.
“Either it’s the child, the seals, or…” He stalled.
“Or what?”
“Or a lot of people will get hurt.” He looked over at Gilly, Bags, Kupe, Q and Tom.
Jordan was hiding in the shadows of the room and there was probably a good chance he was hiding his scent from Lucifer. Seeing as Lucy had some feral in him.
“By the way, where is your boy toy?” he asked.
“Boy toy?”
“He’s not my boy toy. Where the hell did you get that idea?”
“From Azazel.” Lucifer replied.
“Yeah, well your sister was a nut job.” I retorted.
“Anyway, where is he?”
“Around. Why?” I raised an eyebrow.
“No reason. Just have to add him on to the list is all.” Lucifer deviously grinned.
“Leave him alone. Leave the familia alone and leave Isis alone or, I’ll make damn sure you’ll never see those Seals. Ever.” I growled in a tone that wasn’t my own.
Lucifer laughed.
“Oh really. Well if you do that then I’ll have no choice but to kill Preston,” he grinned.
“What? How can you kill..” Nef began to ask.
“Because he’s kidnapped Preston,” I interrupted still growling, reading Lucifer’s mind.
“Actually, that’s only part of it.” Lucifer spoke up.
“So what’s the other part?” Bags questioned, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms.
“I’ll show you. Preston.”
A few seconds later, Preston appeared from within a ring of fire. He was dressed in all black military gear and had a cross necklace on with the cross hanging upside down.
“What the..?” Bags began to say.
“You son of a bitch.” I snapped at Lucifer, snarling.
“Hey Preston, it’s me Tom.” Tom approached Preston, noticing the dazed look in Preston’s eyes.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Lucifer advised Tom.
“What have you done to him?” Gilly demanded to know.
“He works for me. Well at least for now.”
I lunged at Lucifer, knocking him to the ground as I held my claws inches away from his jugular.
“You kill me, Preston dies,” he warned me.
“Go to hell,” I growled back.
“You forget I own hell.” His eyes now glowing a bright red as he disappeared along with Preston. “You have forty-eight hours to decide, Saturn.”
“Saturn?” Gilly spoke up afraid to come near me, as I just stood there with my claws still unsheathed.
“We need to get to the house,” I answered, lowering my head and closing my eyes.
“What the hell is going on?” Jordan demanded to know, finally stepping out from the shadows. “I thought you didn’t have the Seals.”
“I lied.” I replied, not looking over in his direction.
I didn’t answer. Just started to walk away. Jordan quickly grabbed me by my arm before I could leave.
“Damn it Saturn, look at me.”
“Let go of my arm.” I growled, refusing to look into his eyes.
“Saturn, I need to understand. Please.”
“We need to get to the house,” I said, getting free from his grasp as I left.
“Don’t feel bad. Your not the only one she keeps secrets from,” Tom spoke up.
A half an hour later, I walked through the front door of the house with Nef, Q, Tom, Bags, Gilly and, Jordan following right behind me. The house was trashed and most of the family members were hiding. You might be wondering from what. From Thief. He just snapped and went crazy, probably with Lucifer’s help.
“Saturn…” Q started to say.
I held up a hand as to say stay back, as I slowly approached Thief. Who by now stood in the middle of the living room, looking around like a crazed person.
“Thief.” I said, stopping a few feet away from him.
He looked dead into my eyes and that’s when I knew. Flashes of my past filled my mind like empty pages of a scrapbook. Then something caught my eye. A necklace Thief was wearing, the same one Preston had on. The same one that all soldiers of hell wear and, believe me I know.
“Thief, you didn’t.”
A sly smile crossed Thief’s face as he raised one of his hands, which held a fireball.
“Thief, don’t.” Knowing what he planned on doing. “I won’t let you.”
“I have to, Saturn.”
The house started to go up in flames.
“EVERYONE OUT!” I yelled.
Everyone ran out the front door, EE holding tight to Isis. I quickly ran to my room and grabbed my backpack. Berlie and Heinzs grabbed the floppy disks that held the writing of every family member and got the hell out. I stopped back in the living room to see Thief wasn’t moving.
“Thief, come on,” I hollered.
“I can’t. Saturn, stop him.” Thief’s eyes filled with tears. “And promise me one thing.”
“What?” I asked.
“Don’t let Isis and EE forget me. Tell Isis who I was. Who her father was.”
The walls started to crumble and fall apart. I looked at Thief one last time before getting the hell out of there. As soon as I caught up with the others outside, the roof to the house caved in.
“THIEF.. NO..!!” EE cried hysterically, holding tight to Isis.
EE now looked over at me with rage filling her eyes. She handed Isis to Leysa and walked over to me. Standing a few feet away.
“Why didn’t you save him?” She asked me, her voice trembling with anger.
“He didn’t want me to,” I answered bluntly.
“You know the answer to that.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do. Leysa is holding it.”
Tears started to fill EE’s eyes again but soon the anger appeared out nowhere. This time it wasn’t directed towards me. EE turned around and began to walk away.
“Where are you going?” I quickly stopped her, by leaping in mid-air and landing before her.
“Whoa! That was cool!” Kindred exclaimed.
“Saturn, move.” EE ordered.
“No. Look, you can’t go after Lucifer.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’ll be damned if I let Isis become an orphan. She already lost her father, she doesn’t need to lose her mother.”
“He needs to pay, Saturn.” EE said through clenched teeth, as she balled her hands into fists.
“He will. Believe me, he will. But let me worry about Lucy, you’ve got the little one over there to take care of.”
“Fine.” She threw her hands up in the air, giving in.
“Good, now that’s settled. Where are we going to stay considering we no longer have a house,” Jay pointed out.
“You guys can stay at my place if you want.” Jordan offered.
I looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.
“What?” he asked.
“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean are you really sure? These people can sometimes be…”
“Be what?” Barbs snapped at me.
“No, you were going to say something. Now say it!”
“Fine. The familia can sometimes be unbearable to live with.”
“Your no saint.” Barbs pointed out.
“Didn’t say I was. Just wanted to make sure Jordan knew what he was getting himself in to.” I calmly replied.
“Look, it’s no problem.” Jordan started to say.
“Uh huh. Well, don’t come crying to me when they drive you crazy,” I bluntly retorted.
“I won’t.”
“Uh huh.”
By this time, the Archangel Michael appeared out of nowhere. His wings were bloody and torn. His clothes were filthy and covered with blood. He basically looked like hell. He collapsed to the ground and I quickly went over to help him up. He lifted his head and looked directly into my eyes.
“Michael..” I began to sound worried.
“It’s happening, Saturn.” He said, his voice trembling with fear.
“What’s happening?” Val spoke up. “Saturn, what is going on?”
“Watch Michael. I’ve got to go do something.”
As I let Seclude hold on to Michael, I started to walk away. Jordan grabbed my arm before I could reach my bike.
“I need to know.” He growled in a non-human tone.
“No, you don’t.” Getting my arm free from his grip.
I got on my bike, started it up and took off. I headed down the long stretch of road, heading for my fate. Getting ready to go and close all the chapters of my past. Even if it meant my very own death.
“She’s going to get herself killed,” Jay spoke up, “we’ve got to stop her.”
“No. We’ve got to help her.” Heinzs corrected him.
“I don’t know.”
I was now halfway to the cemetery when a flash of light caught me off guard, almost making me crash. I parked my bike on the side of the road and headed towards the woods where the flash had come from. With every step I took bits and pieces of my past started to replay themselves in my mind. Funny thing is no matter how hard I try to forget my past, it always seems to only come back and bite me in the arse later on. I now approached the middle of the woods, where the flash of light had come from. Only to end up finding nothing.
“What the hell?” I grumbled.
My feral senses now began to go off like crazy. I quickly unsheathed my claws and spun around to see a hooded figure stand before me. I let out a low growl and the hooded figure just crossed it’s arms.
“Still have that temper, I see.” The hooded figure spoke, laughing a little.
I now had a confused look on my face.
“Saturn, it’s me.” The figure now revealed itself.
“Son of a..” As I took a step back.
His name is Shane and he was once a friend of mine. We even at one point fought hell side by side. Until his accident. He now looked at me with his hazel eyes and I knew he was trying to read my mind. Of course he didn’t have to, to find out what I was thinking. He was just one out of a few who truly knew me and all I’ve been through.
“I thought you were…” I started to say, as I sheathed my claws.
“I am,” he interrupted. “Saturn, what happened with me, it wasn’t your fault.”
“Like hell it wasn’t. I let my guard down and you died.”
“You did what you had to. You weren’t letting your guard down.”
“I didn’t do enough.” I lowered my head, closing my eyes as visions of my past ran through my mind. “I let everyone down. You, my family, my friends, everyone.”
“Lucifer tricked you. He played with your mind and took the opportunity to kill those you loved.”
“I was a collector of souls for hell. I made a pack with the Devil and because of it the blood of those I loved are on my hands,” I snarled.
“Bull. And you know it. It’s not your fault Lucifer would of done it anyway, even if you hadn’t worked for him that short amount of time that you did.”
“True, but I caused your…”
“No, you didn’t,” Shane tried to make me understand. “Bad blood was boiling between Lucifer and I, even before you rejoined forces with God. Besides, you didn’t honestly think I’d be around forever. Some of us don’t have a healing factor, Saturn.”
“Don’t remind me.” I growled. “So why have you decided to show up now?”
“There’s something you need to know. Something about your familia.”
“There’s a Judas.”
“Yeah. Preston. But he’s brainwashed or something.”
“No, it isn’t him. Look, if you don’t get back Isis is good as dead.”
Meanwhile at Jordan’s place, the others were all gathered around in the living room trying to figure out a plan, because you can’t just bust in to hell. The Archangel Michael was slowly recovering from his wounds. Actually, his wounds were pretty much fading, as he sat on the couch listening to everyone bicker. He also noticed that Jordan wasn’t around. Michael slowly got to his feet and began looking of him. He found Jordan in his room, staring out the window while holding Isis in his arms as she slept.
“What do you want?” Jordan asked, sensing Michael.
“Did you talk to him?” Michael asked.
“She’s on her way back.”
Isis now woke up, yawning a little as opened her eyes. She looked up at Jordan and started to giggle.
“What’s so fun., oh never mind. Where’s EE?” Jordan asked Michael.
“Isis needs her diaper changed.”
“I’ll get EE,” Michael said, as he turned around to leave. “By the way, are you ever going to tell Saturn you know?”
“I don’t know.”
“You should.”
I now parked in the driveway, in front of Jordan’s house. I had left Shane back in the woods. Well, actually he disappeared. Anyway, I turned off my bike and sat there thinking. I couldn’t go in, not just yet. Q was in his shadow form watching from the porch. I could easily pick up on his scent but I didn’t care. I finally made my way up to the steps, to the porch.
“Something is wrong, isn’t it?” he asked out of nowhere.
I didn’t answer at first, just stared straight ahead at the door.
“Have everyone gather in the living room. I have to talk to them,” I ordered, as I continued to go inside.
I found a bathroom and closed the door behind me, locking it. I leaned over the sink, looking in the mirror. Trying to still gather my thoughts. My past around this time began to resurface. And for a moment, I found myself in the past, watching those I loved die at the hands of Lucifer. Watching Shane risk his life for mine. Hearing Lucifer laugh as he shed the blood of the innocent. Watching the life I once had slip away. Feeling anger. Feeling helpless. My hand started to glow a bright white and I quickly closed it. Making it stop. It was time to face the music, so to speak. I opened the door and headed to the living room where everyone was waiting. If there was a Judas, they were hiding their betrayal pretty damn well. So well in fact, that I couldn’t even pick up on it.
“Saturn, are you okay?” Deb asked.
I didn’t answer, just looked at everyone scanning the room.
“Where’s EE?” I questioned, noticing she wasn’t around.
“She’s changing Isis’s diaper.” Berlie answered. “Saturn, what’s going on? Your scaring the hell out of us.”
“I ran in to an old friend of mine recently” I began to explain. “Isis is in danger.”
“Saturn, I don’t understand..” Drew tried to speak up.
“Lucifer’s deal of one or the other is a lie. He wants the Seals but he wants Isis more.”
“To destroy the only thing next to the Seals, that could stop him.” Jordan spoke up.
I looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.
“How did you..?”
“Shane told me.”
“But Shane is dead. How could you possibly..?”
That’s when I looked over at the Archangel Michael.
“We’ll talk later.” I said in a tone that made that Michael shiver in fear.
“So we’ll just protect Isis and the Seals. Saturn, where are the seals? Are they in your backpack?” Heinzs asked.
“Uh.. yeah.. there’s something I have to tell you guys,” I replied, scratching my head a little. “The Seals aren’t Seals. Well, they are but…”
“But what?”
“God gave seven people before they were born a Seal. Each one has a different Seal. Only a few people know they have it, the rest don’t.” I explained.
“Wait, how do you know this?” Q interrupted.
That’s when the inside of my hand started to glow again.
“Your one of them, aren’t you?” Ven asked.
“No.” I tried to lie.
“Saturn.” Berlie shook her head, knowing better.
“Yeah, I am.” I gave in, realizing Berlie could nail me to the wall for lying. “I also know who the other six are. That’s why Lucifer has been after me about the Seals. And the fact, that I have a past… let’s just say I seem to be his main target.”
“So who are the other six?” Heinzs spoke up.
“I can’t say.”
Before anyone could respond, EE let out a banshee scream. We all rushed upstairs. I was the first one to bust down the door. EE stood in the middle of the bedroom, shaking with fear and crying hysterically.
“He took her!” She cried out.
“Who? Lucifer?” Bags asked.
“No. Thief. He took Isis.” EE wailed.
“EE, Thief is dead.” Leysa pointed out.
“No, he isn’t.” I said, as I sniffed a little, picking up on his scent. “He’s alive.”
“Why would he? How could he?” Tom scratched his head, confused by the situation.
“He faked his death.. that son of a..” I started to put the pieces together. “He knew about the Judas.”
“The what?” Gilly asked.
Tom’s other three sides now appeared. Doc, Dr.Watson and, Wats.
“You know it seems to me,” Dr. Watson began to speak up, “that you are holding back valuable information the rest of us should know.”
“Tom, tell your other halves to shut it.” I warned him in a growl.
“There’s nothing you can do to us,” Wats retorted.
“Wanna bet.” As I unsheathed my claws.
It soon got quiet after that.
“So what’s the game plan?” Kindred asked.
“We find Thief before Lucy does.”
I now looked around and noticed Jordan had snuck away.
“Uh guys, stay here. I’ve gotta go do something.”
“Saturn, is something wrong?”
“I don’t know.”
Both Val and Seclude were trying to console EE, as I left to find Jordan. I knew his office was downstairs somewhere. The scent of his expensive cologne along with his own natural scent seemed to linger in the air and my senses quickly picked up on it. I could also tell he needed to lay off the cologne a bit. What the hell was he trying to do, gag every person to death with that crap. I now entered his office and found him sitting at his desk, looking out the window. A pretty hefty folder sat on his desk and I had a feeling what it was about and, who it was about. I hid in the shadows of the room, not saying a word. Wondering if I could get a peak at the folder without him noticing.
“I dare you to try,” he spoke up, still looking out the window.
“What did Shane tell you?” I asked in a low growl.
“Not much, only bits and pieces. Some things he felt it up to you to tell me, that’s if you ever wanted to.”
“So what do you know?”
“I know what happened to your parents, to your old crew, to your fiancée.”
I now raised an eyebrow.
“I also know you blame yourself for their deaths. And I know this feud with Lucifer goes back farther than you in your family. Actually, if I’m not mistaken I was told your father had crossed paths with Lucifer a couple of times,” he continued.
“You could say that,” I calmly answered.
“I even know about your past life on Saturn. How you died in a major war against Lucifer in order to save your planet. Only to be reincarnated as who you are now. Which would explain why your muse Lady Saturn is also your soul. Spade however, still remains a mystery. I can’t figure her out.”
“Join the club,” I remarked.
“Shane never did tell me what happened after you lost your family and your crew. Where you went and what you did.” Jordan said.
“I traveled.”
“Besides that.”
“Look, are you going to help us find Thief or not?” I now changed the subject, as I started to make my way to the door.
“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute. Saturn, can I ask you something?” He now turned around in his chair.
“What?” I stopped myself from leaving but still kept my back turned.
“Who was he?”
“Your fiancée. What was his name?”
“Shane didn’t tell you?”
“No. So who was he?”
No one.” As I began to leave, before Jordan could get the chance to push the subject any further.
I stopped myself short from opening the door.
“By the way,” I spoke up. “I know you carry the second seal and I know that you know.”
Jordan didn’t answer and I just left after that. I headed back down to where everyone else was. They were still gathered in the living room, forming a plan.
“So is Jordan coming?” Barbs asked.
“Yeah, he’s coming,” I answered, sounding somewhat short with her.
“You know she’s never gonna tell you who he is,” Shane spoke up, appearing before Jordan as he was about to leave.
“I know, I know, it’s because she’s stubborn.”
“No, actually it’s not that. She just has yet to let go of her past. Some would say her heart still aches.”
“Yeah, well it’s kind of hard to tell,” Jordan retorted, grumbling.
“You know Saturn,” Shane replied. “She always has to keep everything bottled up and to herself.”
“True, but she had no problem telling me she knew I carried the second seal. And that she knew I knew.”
“Uh huh, well that’s just Saturn busting your balls, so to speak. She sort of does that from time to time,” Shane chuckled some.
“Tell me something I don’t know.”
Jordan’s hand started to glow a red hue. He closed his hand quickly trying to make it stop. A few seconds later, the glow went away.
“So what do we do?” Deb asked, sitting on the couch in the living room. “We don’t even know where Thief is.”
“I do.” I answered, crossing my arms as I leaned up against a wall.
Everyone looked over at me.
“How?” Bags asked.
“His scent,” I responded in a calm manner.
Jordan now came in to the room without Shane. But I knew he had talked to him after I left. The scent of a ghost is stronger than that of a human. I just didn’t want to say anything, I had enough to deal with. As soon as Jordan entered the room, a familiar scent hit me out of nowhere. It was Preston. Before I could react, Preston ran up behind Jordan and stabbed him in the back. Jordan let out a howling roar of pain. The others stood there wide-eyed, not believing what they were seeing. The wound in Jordan’s back quickly healed. He spun around, unsheathing his claws and, getting ready to attack Preston. I got in the middle, so neither one could have a chance to attack.
“Saturn, he’s dangerous,” Jordan growled.
“He’s also part of the familia,” I replied. “Don’t Jordan, please.”
Jordan looked at Preston and then back at me. For the first time since he met me, he saw another side of me. A side I rarely show. And he wasn’t quite sure if anyone else saw it but he did. He sheathed his claws. I now looked over at Preston, who was still holding the knife with Jordan’s blood on it in his hand. I now stared directly into his eyes. He was about to raise the knife but then dropped it.
“What’s happening?” Bright asked.
“Saturn is using her telepathy,” Ven guessed.
“No,” Berlie interrupted, “it’s something else.”
Preston fell to his knees, grabbed me by my waist and started to cry like a baby.
“I’m sorry.” He kept saying. “I didn’t mean to…”
“I know. I know.” I whispered in his ear, as I tried to comfort him.
“How sickening.” Lucifer commented as he stepped out of the darkness of the room.
“You killed one family,” I said, as I let Preston grab a hold of Libra, as he continued to cry. “You won’t kill another.”
“Oh for crying out loud,” Libra exclaimed. “Why me?”
“Why not,” Drew sarcastically remarked.
“Bite me.”
“Sorry bro, I only bite chicks.”
“T.M.I.” Seclude shook her head, trying to get the image out of her head.
I now faced Lucy, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Shouldn’t you be stealing candy from children or something,” I bluntly said, unsheathing my claws.
“Funny but no.” he responded, crossing his arms. “Actually, I’m looking for Thief. You wouldn’t happen to know where he is?”
“How come I have a feeling your lying?”
“Got me.”
Jordan’s hand began to glow again. He tried to hide it but Lucifer caught it out of the corner of his eye.
“Well, well the second Seal,” he commented.
“Leave him alone.” I growled, blocking Lucifer from Jordan. “Or you’ll get a taste of what it feels like to die.”
“You can’t kill me.”
“With the first Seal, you bet your sweet arse I can. So if I were you, I’d be real careful, bubba.”
“Beauty protecting the beast. Funny, I always thought it was the other way around. No bother. I don’t have time to play silly games, I have a child to look for.”
“Thief can kick your ass.” Jay spoke up.
“We’ll see.” As Lucifer vanished in a ring of fire.
“Saturn…” Jeanne said, noticing how quiet I got.
“We need to find Thief and Isis now before he does.”
“Why? What did you see?”
“I know what she saw,” Heinzs answered.
“I told you to stay out of my head.” I snarled.
“I know. But I was worried. Besides, I’m Pops it’s my job to worry about the familia that includes you.”
Ravyn fell to her knees, holding her head in her hands, letting out a scream sounding similar to well a raven.
“Ravyn, are you okay?” Ven rushed to her side.
Before she could answer, her hand started to glow a black-grayish hue.
“The Poet.” The Archangel Michael whispered, his eyes wide.
“Saturn!” Ravyn started to cry, somewhat scared.
I looked over at Jordan for help but he just stood there surprised by what was happening. He was no use.
“Men.” I grumbled.
The glowing stopped and Ravyn slowly got up off the floor with the help of Ven.
“What the hell is happening?” Q now demanded to know from me. “What just happened to Ravyn?”
“She’s the third Seal,” The Archangel Michael responded for me, in a calm manner.
“But why would…” Kindred started to question.
“Because Ravyn is a poet,” I pointed out.
“So it goes writer, singer, poet, actor, lawyer, doctor and, philosopher.” I said, now lighting up a cigar.
“The order of people who carry Seals. God’s idea, not mine.” I explained.
“Why would He do that?” Tom asked.
“Why don’t you ask Him.”
“So who’s next?” Jeanne questioned.
“Can’t say. I said that before,” I answered.
“Why not?”
“Because we have a Judas among us.”
The others looked at me like I had lost my mind.
“Are you saying someone from the familia is working for Lucifer? Saturn, why would anyone do such a thing?” Bags asked.
“Yes, and you got me,” I calmly responded.
“You know it’s pretty strange how a few of the members just disappear and reappear,” Bags pointed out, scratching his head. “Now that I think about it, Q and Nef were missing for a bit.”
That’s when Q began to blush a brick red.
“More than any of us,” Bags continued.
“Bags.” Berlie warned.
“All I’m saying is..” He tried to push the subject further but Leysa quickly covered his mouth.
“Shut it,” she said. “Or Berlie is going to pound you.”
“Can we please get back to trying to find Thief,” EE spoke up. “Instead of turning this in to a witch hunt.”
“Yeah, we should.” I replied, agreeing with her. “But someone has to stay here with Preston. He’s still too shaken up to go with us.”
“I’ll stay,” Deb volunteered.
“Are you sure?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah. Go find Thief. I can take care of Preston.”
So the others and I left. Leaving Preston in Deb’s care. Which I had a feeling was a bad idea, considering Deb loves to torture the hell out of Preston. But what can you do. I quickly picked up on Thief’s scent. Isis was with him as well and they were on the other side of town. However, they weren’t alone. Kupe was with them. Or at least, at the same place they were.
“I think I know who our Judas is,” I remarked, as the others followed me, heading deep in to the heart of the city.
“Who?” Val asked.
“Kupe.” I bluntly answered.
“No way,” Kindred argued. “Why would Kupe betray the family like that?”
“Lucy has ways of making people do things. He especially knows how to get inside their head.” I explained, smoking my cigar while trying to keep track of Thief’s scent.
That’s when I picked up on another scent.
“Dammit Bags!”
“What?” Bags tried to play dumb.
“You know what.”
“Oh yeah.. uh.. sorry.”
Meanwhile back at Jordan’s house, Preston had finally fallen asleep. When someone looking like me, slowly climbed on top of him. Making sure not to make a sound as she slowly unsheathed a set of claws. Gently gliding a tip of a claw down the side of his face. Not piercing the skin but making sure he felt the coldness of the claw.
“Wake up, Texan.” She whispered in his ear. “Time to play.”
Preston slowly opened his eyes to see who he thought was me, pinning him down on the couch.
“Saturn, what the…”
“Shh.” The mysterious figure said, putting a finger to his lips.
“What about Jordan?”
“What about him?” She smiled, sounding somewhat seductive, as she leaned over to kiss Preston.
Preston didn’t know what to think. The supposed me stopped kissing him long enough to cut open his shirt and run a finger gently down his chest. Preston let out a sigh and closed his eyes with a smile appearing out of the corner of his mouth. The supposed me began to kiss Preston again, with a bit more passion. Only to end up a few seconds later, morphing in to EE. Knocking Preston out with the kiss, but making sure not to kill him.
“Sleep tight, Texan.”
“Are you sure he’s here?” Duchess asked, as we stood in the middle of an abandon church.
“Yeah, but for some strange reason Kupe is gone.” I now sniffed the air a little.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive. Everybody spread out, we can find Thief faster that way.”
We searched the entire church only to come up empty handed.
“Saturn, I thought you said he was here,” Bright Heart pointed out.
“He is.” I sniffed the air. “The basement.”
“Do churches even have basements?” Drew said sounding confused.
“Yeah, they do.” Tom replied.
I found the entranceway to the basement and headed down the steps. There were cobwebs and old religious things like pews, statues and boxes of bibles, even a jug of holy water.
“Hey, why don’t we just throw some holy water on Lucifer,” Kindred suggested.
“It wouldn’t work.” I growled in a low tone.
“How do you know?”
“I’ve seen many religious men try. And die.”
“But it says..” Tom tried to argue.
“Look, Lucy was once an angel. He was around that stuff before he turned evil. Do you honestly think that stuff has any affect on him now? If anything he’s immune.” I explained. “Especially as the Prince of Darkness.”
“But the water is blessed. It’s pure. Free from evil.” Heinzs pointed out.
“Not unless the religious one blessing the water has skeletons in their closet. If you know what I mean.”
“Oh, I see.”
We were now deeper in the depths of the basement, when a fireball whizzed by me. Barely missing the others and I.
“What the hell was that?” Jordan asked, as the fireball died out.
“Thief.” I answered. “He’s scared.”
“Scared, why? We wouldn’t hurt him.”
“He doesn’t know that. He thinks we’re Kupe.”
“Why would he…”
“Because Kupe has Isis. Son of a… That’s why he isn’t around. He took Isis.”
“But we’re not Kupe.”
“Something must have happened to him to think we are.”
“I don’t know.”
Thief now wondered out to the open. His clothes were torn and his skin was covered with blood and bruises. The smell of burnt flesh rising off of him like death. He fell to his knees and EE soon ran to his side, trying to help him.
“Thief.” She said, with tears in her eyes.
“EE?” he responded, not quite sure if it was her.
“What happened?”
“Kupe took Isis, he also took my sight.”
“Kupe doesn’t have the power to take sight.” Ven spoke up.
“Val, can you heal Thief?” I asked her.
“Yeah, but I don’t know about his sight. I mean if it was taken away from him…” She began to answer. “My power can do so much.”
“I know. Just try.” I now headed for the stairs.
“Why? Where are you going?” Q asked.
“I’ve got to take care of something.”
I walked up the stairs and down the aisle of the church, only to stop a few feet from entering the front hall of the church. I picked up on a scent, an all too familiar scent.
I quickly turned around coming face to face with Jordan.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m coming with you,” he answered.
“Like hell, bubba. Your staying with the familia.”
“This is something I have to do alone.”
And I left before he could argue any further. I headed back to Jordan’s house. I had a strange feeling something had happened while we were gone. I was hoping to be wrong but when I walked through the front door, I was anything but wrong. The place was trashed. Preston was missing. Deb’s scent however I could pick up on. I headed upstairs to a hall closet, were something kept thumping on the door. I opened the door and Deb tied up fell flat on her face. I unsheathed my claws and cut through the ropes, helping her up to her feet. She untied the handkerchief that had been used to gag her mouth shut.
“Lucifer has Preston,” she said.
“Your half right,” I grumbled.
“Saturn, what’s going on?”
Before I could answer a dark figure rushed me in my side, knocking me threw the banister with it. I fell to the floor with a thud. The dark figure unsheathed its bird like talons, holding them inches away from my neck.
“SATURN!!!” Deb screamed.
“Long time no see, Saturn.” The figure hissed in my ear.
I looked the demon in his green eyes, letting out a low growl. His human disguise couldn’t fool me, nor could that false scent he tried to pass off as human.
“Get off of me, Azer.” I continued to growl.
“Actually, I like seeing you on the bottom for a change.” He grinned like only a demon would.
Azer is a demon from hell. He was originally a soldier for Lucifer’s army but decided a while back he didn’t care too much for Lucifer or Lucifer’s cracked ideas. He now wanders the earth causing trouble when he can but mostly just being a pain in the butt. He’s somewhat like the annoying little brother you stuff in the laundry hamper when he tends to get on your nerves.
“Azer, off now.” I warned, unsheathing my claws.
“Your no fun,” he said with a frown, now helping me up.
“What do you want?”
“You know the answer to that one.” He grinned.
Deb now came down the steps, shaking her head a little.
“Let me guess Saturn, another admirer.” She couldn’t help but laugh a little.
“Not funny.” I growled. “No, he’s more along the lines of a pain in my ass. Always has been as long as I can remember.”
“Saturn, is that any way to talk about your future husband?” Azer replied, with a smile appearing out of the corner of his mouth.
“And Preston has a twin.” Deb sarcastically remarked.
“Speaking of Preston, I know something you don’t know.” Azer said.
“Spill it.” I growled.
“Not until you ask nicely.”
A few seconds later, Azer found himself being lifted off his feet as I held him by his neck with one hand.
“Okay… I’ll tell you…” He tried to say, choking for air.
I let him go. He fell to the ground on his butt.
“Talk.” I now demanded.
Azer got to his feet and brushed himself off.
“Azazel is back. She took Preston. She also kidnapped Kupe and she has Isis not Lucy.”
“Say what? How is that possible, Isis killed her,” Deb argued.
“Uh well, Deb it’s like this.” I began to explain. “When a demon hunter kills a demon, the demon ends up trapped in the abyss. Which is far worse than hell. Actually, it’s a hell for demons. And supposedly they can’t get out. Supposedly.”
“There’s more…” Azer spoke up.
“What?” I asked, really not wanting to.
“Her powers have grown stronger. She is untouchable to any demon hunter including Isis. And she can now mimic anyone’s powers including yours and your little poetry familia’s.”
“Oh, well that’s just great.” Deb grumbled.
Before I could say another word, the front door swung open and Ravyn walked in trying to help Jordan from falling on his face. Who was badly beaten up but his wounds were slowly healing.
“The familia, they’ve been kidnapped.” Ravyn said, as Jordan leaned up against a wall in pain.
“I know, Azazel’s back.” I replied.
“What is she up to?” Jordan asked.
“Hell, with Azazel who knows,” I answered. “Right now, we need to find her because whatever she’s up to, it isn’t good.”
“Easier said then done.” Deb spoke up. “We don’t know where she is.”
“I do.” Azer responded, folding his arms.
“No offense but I think with both Saturn’s feral senses and mine we can find her.” Jordan interrupted.
“Not if she can hide her scent.” I pointed out. “Hell, if she can mimic powers, she sure the hell can hide her scent. So Azer, where’s the nutcase hiding?”
“The same place you buried your past.” He smiled.
“She didn’t.”
“She did.”
“Saturn, what is it?” Ravyn asked with a worried look on her face.
“There’s an underground lair beneath the cemetery. The same cemetery where…” I stopped myself short from finishing the sentence.
“We should get going.” Not wanting to talk about it.
I started to head for the front door but Jordan grabbed my hand before I could reach for the knob.
“Saturn, what is it?”
“Let go.” I growled.
He did and I left. As soon as I stepped outside, Ravyn, Deb and Jordan looked over at Azer.
“Her parents are buried there.” Azer said, reading their thoughts.
An hour later, we were at the cemetery. Azer lead us to a tomb or the house of the dead, as some would call it, which held a secret passageway to the underground lair. Once inside the lair, we could hear Lucy and Azazel arguing. We could also see the others locked up in a cage in the corner. Isis however was nowhere to be found.
“Your not getting my throne.” Lucifer yelled at Azazel. “Now why don’t you be a good little sister and hand over the child.”
“Go to hell!” She yelled back at him.
“You forget,” Lucifer laughed, “I own hell.”
Ravyn now turned into a bird, flying around and looking for the key to the cage. While Jordan, Deb, Azer, and I made our presence known.
“Saturn?!?” Lucifer said sounding surprised.
Azazel crossed her arms and smiled however. She looked at me and then over at Jordan.
“Wanna play some more I see, feral man.” She smiled. “Well, at least your more fun than the Texan.”
“If you hurt Preston…” Deb growled.
“Don’t worry, your little friend Val healed him up pretty nicely. Thief seemed to have recovered nicely as well. Never thought she could restore his sight. Now Jordan, how about we get rid of everybody and have our own little fun.”
“How about you keep your damn hands off of him or I’ll tear you a new one.” I snarled.
“Oooh, catfight.” Thief said.
“I’ve got fifty that says Saturn wipes the floor with her,” Bags replied.
“I wouldn’t mind seeing some hair pulling,” Preston remarked.
“Oh my god, you guys are pigs.” Jeanne retorted.
“No, we’re Westies.” Bags corrected her.
“Westies.. what the… uh no, your pigs.”
Ravyn now found the key to the cage and flew down giving it to Berlie.
“Get away from there you damn bird.” Azazel roared trying to go after Ravyn but I quickly stopped her by throwing her up against a wall.
“Touch the bird.” I unsheathed my claws. “And you’ll discover what you look like on the inside. Now where’s Isis?”
That’s when a small portion of the floor opened up and a baby cradle popped up with Isis in it. She was asleep and unaware of what was going on. EE quickly ran over to see if she was okay.
“You can have the child if you want now, Lucifer. She’s powerless and absolutely no use to me,” Azazel pointed out.
“What do you mean powerless?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow.
“I figured out how to take the little demon hunter’s powers and use them as my own. But now, now I can take anyone’s soul.” She hysterically laughed.
Lucifer looked over at me and I looked at him.
“Your right Saturn, my sister is a nutcase.” Lucifer commented, before returning his attention to his sister. “There’s no way you can steal a demon hunter’s power, Azazel.”
“Wanna bet.” She grinned as she raised her hand.
Her hand began to glow a bright purple and within seconds Lucifer passed out and fell to the floor, his soul being absorbed into Azazel’s hand. She now moved on to Jordan and the familia but I quickly stood in her way, which I would pay the price for. I could feel myself being lifted off the ground as Azazel tried to take my soul. I held on as long as I could, only to give up in the end. I let out a terrifying roar before hitting the ground.
“SATURN!!!” EE screamed. “NO!!!”
She now turned her attention to Azazel, handing Isis over to Thief.
“You promised no one would get hurt,” EE now said to Azazel, as rage filled her eyes.
Everyone now looked over at EE.
“It was Lucifer the Judas was working for, it was Azazel. I’ll be..” The Archangel Michael began to say.
“I’m not a Judas!” EE snapped at him. “You wouldn’t understand.”
“EE, why did you do it?” Berlie asked.
EE looked over at Thief and Isis.
“I didn’t think the Seals were part of actually human beings,” she began to explain. “I thought that if I handed over the Seals my family would be spared. They would be safe. I thought… I don’t know anymore. This wasn’t suppose to happen.”
Jordan now unsheathed his claws as he stared down Azazel, he wasn’t the only one however.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she advised him, reading his thoughts.
Preston tired to sneak up from behind and tackle Azazel but soon found himself being thrown across the room.
“Hey Bags, you know when I asked you if I could borrow your car and you said when Texans fly.” Drew spoke up.
“Yeah.” Bags replied.
“Does that count?” Drew asked, pointing to Preston who was flying overhead.
“Maybe.” Bags answered.
“It’s time we teach this demon a lesson,” Jeanne said, holding her baseball bat.
“And that would be?” Azazel questioned, not amused at all.
“You don’t screw with the familia.” Jeanne replied.
Everyone started to charge after Azazel. And one by one, they began to drop like flies. Until the only ones left were Azazel and Ravyn. Who was still a bird but now transformed into her human form. She looked around at the family as they lay on the ground and then she looked up at Azazel.
“It’s just you and I, little birdie.” Azazel grinned. “So any famous last words before you die?”
“No, not really. Then again, what is it that Saturn always says? Oh yeah… like hell, bubba.” Ravyn smiled some as a dark grayish aura began to glow and surround her.
Azazel held up her hand trying to steal Ravyn’s soul but finding it difficult. As if something was stopping her from doing so. The dark grayish aura now turned golden. Ravyn’s eyes started to shine a bright white and Azazel knew she was in trouble. Ravyn walked closer to her as the golden aura stared to glow brighter, spreading throughout the room.
“You do this, you’ll be killing yourself as well,” Azazel pointed out in a panic.
“So be it.” Ravyn replied through clenched teeth.
Within seconds, Azazel let out a terrifying cry as the light engulfed her and Ravyn. After that, the light quickly died and everyone including yours truly started to slowly wake up. I got up and went over to where Ravyn had stood, noticing the little necklace with the raven charm lying on the ground. I picked it up and just stared at it.
“Where’s Ravyn?” Thief asked.
I didn’t answer.
“Saturn, where is she?”
I looked over at him and seeing the expression on my face, he knew.
“No. Saturn… no. She can’t be,” he started to tremble with sadness and anger. “Why would she..?”
“She loved us.” I answered. “We were her familia. Not by blood but we were still familia.”
“This is my fault.” EE began to cry holding Isis tight, as Isis tried to touch Lucifer.
Lucifer kept his distance, fearing Isis might have gotten her powers back. Which she had.
“What’s the matter Lucifer, afraid of a baby? I thought you were the mighty prince of darkness.” The Archangel Michael sarcastically remarked.
“Yeah, well I’m leaving. I can’t stand it when humans act like this. It’s too sappy for me,” he answered. “Mark my words though, I shall return.”
“Of course you will, Lucy.” I finally spoke up, putting the necklace in my pocket. “You always do. You have no choice but to be a pain in my ass.”
“One of these days, Saturn.” Lucifer growled, as he disappeared in a ring of fire.
A few days later at Jordan’s house, I was in the driveway working on my bike when Jordan came outside. He stood on the porch watching me for a bit before finally coming over.
“You know her death isn’t your fault.” Jordan said.
“Uh huh.” I responded, smoking a cigar as I checked the brakes.
“I’m busy.”
“Damn it Saturn, you can’t save everyone.”
I now stopped what I was doing, stood up and looked over at Jordan.
“Uh huh. So is EE still crying her eyes out?”
“Yeah,” he answered, knowing not to push the subject any further with me.
“So I heard Berlie is going to have the poetry house rebuilt, might take a while though. You sure it’s okay if the family lives here with you for a while. I mean it might get a little crazy,” I said, as I began to work on my bike again.
“Yeah, it’s fine with me,” Jordan answered. “Who knows maybe they’ll be able to tell me a few things I don’t know about you.”
“Highly doubt it,” I laughed. “They hardly know who I am.”
“So are you gonna stick around or what?” he asked.
“No. I need to get away for a bit. I have some things to do.” I answered.
“What sort of things?”
Preston and Ven now stood on the front porch watching Jordan and I.
“God, what does he have that I don’t?” Preston grumbled, crossing his arms.
“Jealous are we?” Ven smiled some.
“Bite me.”
An hour later, I found myself on the road heading out of town but not before stopping by someone’s house, Ravyn’s sister Annie. She answered the door and I gave her Ravyn’s necklace.
“I don’t understand…” she began to say.
“She died protecting those she loved,” I interrupted. “She died a hero.”
I turned around and walked away, getting on my bike, starting it up and leaving. As I left town, I noticed a raven flying overhead following me. I just smiled some as I continued to drive on. Remembering Ravyn and what she had done and the sacrifice she had made.

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Poetry Familia 5

When I told you the last story, I thought well this would be it. There would be no reason to tell you anymore. I left town and that was it. Apparently, that’s not the case. Not with these people.
Something always brings me back. It’s like I can’t live for long periods of time without coming back to the familia. Each one of these people hold a special place in my heart. I guess that’s why I consider them familia. Granted, the correct italian spelling for it is familiga but, I spell it a little different for a reason. Mostly because familia sounds more like a family word. Or what I would like to call a familiar family. A family that you have such close ties with, it almost seems familiar to you, like a home you know you belong in but never have been able to get to until now. But don’t tell them that or I’ll cut out your tongue. Anyway, it was around four in the morning when Jordan walked through the front door of his home. The familia was still living with him and a few of them especially Preston was getting on his last good nerve. Which is why Jordan found himself spending more and more time in the recording studio. He now headed up to his room. After closing the door behind him, he changed his clothes and slipped into bed. He didn’t even notice the other person sleeping next to him until he closed his eyes and picked up on their scent. He quickly got out of bed, unsheathed his claws, all the while not making a sound
as he sneaked up on the figure sleeping in his bed. When the figure moved a little Jordan stopped dead in his tracks sniffing the air a little. The scent seemed familiar, feminine as a matter of fact but, he couldn’t pinpoint it. He slowly crept up on the figure, gently sliding the covers back.
“What the hell?” he began to whisper under his breath. “Saturn?”
As soon as he uttered those words, the figure vanished into thin air. And at the same time, Berlie who was in the kitchen making herself something to eat suddenly felt a sharp pain hit her mind in a flash. She fell to the floor on her knees, holding her head in her hands and screaming out in agony. Ven was the first one to rush to her side. Shortly after, the others including Jordan rushed into the kitchen.
“Berlie, what is it?” Ven asked.
“It’s... it’s..” Berlie tried to answer through clenched teeth but was still in too much pain to talk.
“It’s Saturn.” Jordan spoke up. “She’s in trouble.”
“How do you know?” Preston snapped at him.
“Because her ghost was in my bed,” Jordan replied, now understanding why my scent seemed off.
My ghost couldn’t carry the scent of my cigar smoke. It’s a feral thing.
“What?!? Why would Saturn be in your bed?” Preston argued.
“Not Saturn, Saturn’s ghost.” Jordan now spoke slow enough so Preston could understand.
“I’m not an idiot you don’t have to treat me like one.”
“Whatever Texan.”
Preston let out a growl and Jordan unsheathed his claws, letting out a low non-human growl in return. Both were now staring down one another wanting to tear each other to shreds.
“Boys, boys, boys,” Jeanne intervened. “We have enough to worry about without you two wanting to tear each other new ones. So knock it off.”
“Where’s Saturn?” Ven asked Berlie as Berlie’s eyes began to glow a bright white.
“What?!?” Why would she be in Israel?” Bags exclaimed.
Two of the newbies to the familia now came into the kitchen. Their names are Buttterfly and KillerFox. They joined the familia a few weeks after I had left, so they had yet to meet me. You probably wondering what their powers are. Well Buttters has the power to shoot out metallic butterflies from her hands, which when they become attached to an enemy, bury themselves inside the enemy’s skin releasing an unknown toxicant which eats the enemy from the inside out. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. She also has something called a water butterfly, which is less harmful than her metallic butterflies. Her water butterfly just temporarily knocks out any enemy. And as if that isn’t enough, she has wings of a butterfly made out of water, which she uses for defense purposes to block any attack from an enemy. Now Fox on the other hand, is a Biochemist. Meaning if any problem has to do with bio-chemistry, he’s the man to go to. His power basically that he can break down his form into molecular state, which allows him to transform his DNA into copying and duplicating anyone’s powers almost. Unlike Deb, he can’t transform into anyone and his duplicating has a time limit. Meaning he can’t copy or duplicate anyone’s powers for no more than a short amount of time. He can also turn his body into rock or liquid form, depending on the situation. They now listened on as the others began to talk amongst each other.
“So who’s Saturn?” Buttters asked.
“She’s.. uh well....” Bags tried to explain. “She’s a member of the family of course. She’s a writer too but that’s obvious. She also has claws.”
“Claws?” Fox raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, like Jordan’s but.. a wee bit smaller. She also has a healing factor and a few other powers.”
“Don’t forget she also carries the first seal,” Tom spoke up. “That has some power within itself or so I would imagine.”
“Yeah that too.” Bags said.
“Wait, is she the one that smokes cigars?” Buttters asked, remembering conversations other members of the familia had about me.
“Yeah. She also drinks Jack Daniels, swears like a sailor and...”Bags stopped short of finishing.
“And what?”
“Has a temper that even the devil fears.” Preston remarked.
Well, it’s nice to know that I’m being talked about.” Lucifer appeared out of nowhere in front of everybody.
Jordan let out a growl. Preston clenched his fists. And Lucy just stood there with a grin as he folded his arms.
“And to think,” he continued. “I thought no one cared about little old me.”
“What do you want?” Ven snapped at him.
“Tsk, tsk. I’ve come to help,” Lucifer replied calmly.
“Why would we want your help?” Deb snarled.
“Because I know exactly where Saturn is in Israel. And who’s after her.”
Before Lucifer could take another breath, Jordan slammed him up against the wall. Holding his claws inches away from Lucifer’s face.
“Spill it,” Jordan growled.
“You can’t kill me, you foolish feral.” Lucifer laughed. “I’m immortal.”
“Wanna bet.” As Jordan’s claws began to glow a bright red.
Lucifer let out a demon laugh.
“You Seals, so weak and pathetic. It’s so sad that God would trust you with the most powerful weapons when your tiny little brains can’t even truly understand how to use them.” Lucifer retorted.
“Oh that does it!” Jeannie exclaimed in rage. “Break his neck.”
“Stupid mortals.” Lucifer hissed.
“I’ll show you stupid,” Jeannie said as she held her baseball bat in hand, ready to go after Lucifer.
It took Bags, Thief, Heinzs and, Drew to hold her back. Jordan now got impatient with Lucy, letting out a furious growl.
“Where is she?” He now demanded to know.
“Israel.” Lucifer tried to be a smartass.
“Don’t.” Jordan warned him.
“Fine. She’s in Jerusalem but she isn’t alone. A demon by the name of Beburos is after her.”
“Why?” Gilly questioned.
“Because Saturn has the most powerful seal. She can...” He stopped short of saying.
“She can what?”
“Nothing. Look it isn’t important.”
“Well, if it isn’t so important why is Beburos after her?”
The Archangel of Michael now appeared from within a flash of light.
“What do you want?” Jordan asked Michael in a growl, not taking his eyes off of Lucy or letting him go for that matter.
“I thought I’d help. Saturn is after all a friend of mine as well. Besides, someone has to kick your butt since Saturn isn’t around to do so.”
Jordan let out a low growl and Michael took a step back.
“Look, I’m worried about her like you are,” he continued.
“I’m not worried!” Jordan snarled at him.
“Oh really. Could of fooled me considering your so quick to break Lucy’s neck there.”
Jordan now let Lucy go, sheathing his claws as he did so.
“So who is this Beburos?” Jordan asked.
Lucy looked at Michael and Michael looked over at him out of the corner of his eye. Neither one wanted to answer.
“What? What is it?” Bags now asked, noticing how Michael and Lucy were not saying a word.
“Beburos is...”Michael started to respond.
“Is evil.. pure evil.” Lucifer interrupted.
“So are you,” Tom pointed out.
“Actually,” Michael said. “Beburos makes Lucy over there look like a saint.”
“So who is he exactly?” Berlie asked.
“He was the original King of Hell before God kicked him out and had me send Lucy into the depths of hell.” Michael explained. “He’s been wandering the earth ever since causing confusion and war amongst mankind. Some say he’s just nothing more a nuisance. But others.. others have been saying that he has secretly rebuilt his army and is just waiting for the day when God isn’t looking so he can strike.”
“Why did God kick him out of hell?” Val asked.
“He wasn’t doing his job in hell. Hell was suppose to originally be a place where fallen angels couldn’t escape from, meaning they weren’t allowed to wander around on earth. Well, Beburos decided to write his own set of rules. Long story short, thanks to him that’s why hell is the way it is. And that’s why demons are now allowed to roam anywhere except heaven but, that might change.”
“What do you mean might change?”
“Saturn’s Seal has more power than the other six. Not just because it’s the first but, because she is protector of all the Seals and those who carry them.”
“Wait a minute,” Thief interrupted. “Ravyn’s dead. How can Saturn be the protector of the Seals when she didn’t protect Ravyn from Azazel.”
“She’s a protector, she doesn’t however interfere with whatever a person carrying a Seal might decide to do especially if that person decided to sacrifice themself for the lives of others.” Michael pointed out, trying to be nice about it without losing his cool. “Besides, there’s something else you guys need to know.”
Before Michael could say another word, a raven flew into the room. Landing on the counter right next to Jordan. It stared at everyone as it’s wings began to glow. A little Seal like symbol with the number 3 appeared on it’s forehead.
“Can’t be,” Berlie whispered.
“It is.” Michael spoke up as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Ravyn, is that you?” Thief asked, slowly approaching the bird.
The raven stared directly at Thief as though it understood exactly what he had said.
“How could she.. Why... What the hell!?!” Preston finally managed to say.
“A Seal doesn’t die, well not forever.” Michael explained. “Their eventually reborn into a whole new life.”
“You mean to tell us this Ravyn.” Tom raised an eyebrow.
Ravyn now flew up and sat on Thief’s shoulder.
“Okay, so how do we get to Israel?” Barbs spoke up.
“Uh, I think I know how to take care of that.” Jordan answered.
An hour later, Jordan, Lucy, the Archangel Michael and the poetry familia, except for EE who decided to stay home with Isis, were on a private plane and on their way to Israel. Tel Aviv to be exact.
“So Jordan where did you get the plane from?” Duchess was interested to know. “Is it yours?”
“No, it belongs to a friend of mine.”
Before Jordan could reply, someone stepped out from behind the curtain. The stranger had been in the back of the plane, making sure things were okay before he met everyone. He sat down next to Barbs, looked over in her direction and gave one of his all too famous smiles. Barbs giggled and almost fell out of her seat.
“Hey, you aren’t...?” Butters began to ask.
“He is.” Jordan responded, speaking up. “Known to the public as Joe Mac but, you can call him Joe. He’s also our actor which means...”
“He carries the fourth Seal.” Berlie finished, interrupting Jordan.
“No way,” Drew argued. “Why would he...”
Joe raised his hand as it started to glow a blue hue, his eyes began to glow the same color as well.
“Holy crap.” Thief replied.
Bags laughed at the sight of this. Everyone looked over at him, like he was drunk out of his mind. And sometimes usually he is but this wasn’t one of those times.
“Hey, this just proves God is Irish.” Bags said, wiping a tear from his eye.
“He isn’t Irish,”Jeannie snapped at Bags.
“I am.” Joe answered, as the flow from both his hand and eyes died out.
“Wait a minute, I thought Saturn only knew who carried the Seals.” Tom pointed out.
“Yeah, well.. It wouldn’t be any fun if Saturn knew that I knew,” Jordan grinned some.
“That’s just so wrong,” Preston retorted. “I’d never do that to Saturn. Hiding things from her like that.”
“So Preston did you ever tell Saturn you’ve been the one getting into her J.D.” Ven brought up.
Preston shot a look to Ven that would kill if it could.
“Or that you’ve been taking joyrides on her bike while she comes home from time to time,” she continued. “Or you’ve been trying to max out her credit cards just so she could come home for a bit to get things situated with the credit card company. Or that you’ve been sneaking into her room while she’s gone and...”
“ENOUGH!” Preston yelled at her.
“Hey, I’m just speaking the truth.”
“And busting Preston’s balls in the process,” Thief grinned some.
Jordan now headed to the back of the plane to be alone for a bit. The Archangel Michael noticed this and soon followed. Jordan was now reading my journal. The one he snuck out of my backpack without me noticing, the last time I had been home.
“She finds out you took her journal, she’s gonna break your neck.” Michael pointed out calmly, as he took a seat across from Jordan. “She doesn’t like people snooping into her business. Especially if it involves her past.”
“I know.” Jordan answered, turning a page as he continued to read.
“And you still read her journal, knowing this?”
“You’re a brave man.”
“Look, someone has to find some clues. Some answers.”
“And reading Saturn’s journal would help how?”
“Maybe she knows this Beburos and has written about him. Maybe she knows his weaknesses or something,” Jordan answered.
“Well, as a matter of fact...” Michael started to say but quickly stopped himself.
Jordan looked up from reading my journal and raised an eyebrow.
“Your hiding something, spill it.”
“Beburos was the one who actually...”
Lucifer now walked through the curtain before Michael could finish.
“Michael, are we spilling secrets again,” Lucifer smiled deviously.
“Get lost, Lucy,” Michael growled back.
“Wish I could but I’ve been kicked out of first class by everyone.”
“What did you do?”
“He was getting on everyone’s last good nerve,” Jeanne hollered from first class.
“Oh, tell it like it is woman,” Bags spoke up. “He was being an ass.”
“When isn’t he.” Michael commented under his breath.
“I heard that,” Lucifer growled.
“Anyway, Beburos was the one who actually did what?” Jordan asked, bringing the topic back up.
Michael looked at Lucifer out of the corner of his eye and he in return looked at Michael. Neither one wanted to say a word. Both were scared to and Jordan could sense it.
“Saturn doesn’t know...”Michael began to explain. “If she ever had..my god I don’t want to even think about what would have happened.”
“What? What is it?”
“Beburos was the one who killed Kris.” Lucifer cut right to the chase.
“But I thought..”
“I only took the blame for the sake of Saturn. Granted, we may fight on opposite sides but no one deserves what Beburos does to them not even Saturn.”
“I didn’t think the devil had feelings,” Jordan remarked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, well I just don’t care for how Beburos does things.”
“This coming from someone who killed her parents,” Michael pointed out.
“Don’t test me, Archangel.” Lucifer warned.
“Don’t even start. I wiped the floor with you once,” Michael calmly responded. “I can do it again.”
“You fight in one war against hell and you let it go to your head,” Lucifer snarled back, as his eyes began to glow a bright red.
“I won, didn’t I?”
Lucifer grumbled, storming off and heading to the very back of the plane.
“So why did Beburos kill Kris?” Jordan questioned Michael.
“He was jealous,” Michael answered flat out.
“Jealous of what?”
“Of Kris. Beburos had fallen in love with Saturn.”
Jordan now raised an eyebrow.
“Oh yes, a demon can fall in love,” Michael responded, reading Jordan’s thoughts. “It rarely happens but it’s possible.”
“Does he still have feelings for her?”
“No one knows.”
Eighteen hours later, they finally arrived in Tel-Aviv. Taking a bus to Jerusalem and checking into a hotel. While they were at the front desk, people in the lobby couldn’t help but stop and stare. Especially since Thief kept playing with a little flame in between his fingers, showing off as usual.
“Stop it,” Ven whispered to him. “We don’t need to be attracting any attention especially if Beburos is around.”
“Hey, I’d be more worried about Michael and Lucy over there. They stand out more than the rest of us.” Thief pointed out.
Tom around this time sat down in one of the chairs across the way. He was starting to feel somewhat light headed. Nef sat down next to him.
“You okay?” she asked.
“I’m fine. Just a little headache,” he lied.
Tom’s hand started to glow a orange hand and he quickly hid it.
“You’re a seal!?!” Nef said, noticing his hand.
“Actually, the good Doctor is,” he answered, “but since the good doctor is part of me and I’m part of him then this Seal is part of us.”
“So long have you known?”
“Just recently. I was going to talk to Saturn about it when she got back but, you know.”
“Yeah. So are you going to tell the others?”
“No, not right now. With Lucifer around I don’t think it would be smart to do so. Granted, he might be helping us now but I’m pretty sure he’s keeping track as to who the Seals are.”
Val now walked over to where they were sitting, giving them their hotel keys. Q, Thief, Bags, Jay, Drew, Kindred, Preston and a couple other Westies had already planned out what they were going to do.
“Hey Berl, we’ll be back,” Jay spoke up. “We’re just going to look around.”
“Stay out of trouble,” she warned them.
“We will,” Q replied, with a sly grin.
“No, I mean it. No fighting or drinking while you look around.”
“Then what are we suppose to do?” Thief asked.
“Oh for the love of..come on.” Bags grabbed him by the back of his jacket, as they headed for the door.
“Behave.” Berlie warned them one more time before they were gone.
Everybody else headed upstairs to their rooms. Ravyn flew into Jordan’s room and landed on top of the T.V. Jordan crashed out on the bed and began to read my journal again. A few minutes later, Ravyn let out a caw and flapped her wings. Jordan looked up from what he had been reading and saw Lucifer sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, stretching his black wings some. Ravyn cawed again.
“I see him,” Jordan told her.
Ravyn flapped her wings, flying over to Lucifer and landing before his feet. She looked up at him, letting out yet another caw. This time sounding fierce.
“What’s this bird’s problem?” Lucifer asked in a snarl.
“She doesn’t like you and she isn’t the only one,” Jordan answered, putting my journal down on the night stand as he got up. “What do you want?”
“Your lying.”
“Well, I was curious to know considering your reading Saturn’s journal, if she mentions all Seven of the Seals?” Lucifer calmly said.
“No.” Jordan replied in a low growl. “Why still keeping track?”
“You could say that. So if I may be so bold as to ask, what does she write about?”
“None of your damn business.”
The Archangel Michael now appeared within a flash of light. He looked over at Lucifer and Lucifer stared right back.
“Get out.” Michael sternly said.
“Huh?” Lucifer now looked puzzled.
“Out. Now.” Michael raised his voice a little.
“Okay, okay, I’m going.” As Lucifer got up to leave. “Damn angels, always moody.”
“Don’t start.” Michael warned him.
Lucifer grumbled as he left, slamming the door behind him.
“Are you okay?” Michael asked Jordan.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“Well, I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news.”
“What’s the good news?”
“EE sent someone to help us out considering she can’t be here.”
“Me.” Vampyr Slayer appeared from within the shadows of the room.
She was dressed in all black and looked like one of those kick ass female superheroes you see in comic books. The kind that doesn’t take crap from no one but at the same time knows how t use her sex appeal to her advantage. Especially when dealing with one of her many male enemies. Hell, the girl could be an international spy. She is a member of the poetry familia but is rarely around the house. Due to the simple fact, she’s a Demon Hunter like Isis but, she’s a Power not a Seraphim. Meaning it’s her job to protect souls from evil and keep the demons of hell from taking over heaven. Before I worked for God again and joined the familia, I fought her a few times. Being a soul collector/hitman for hell at the time, of course our paths would have eventually crossed. That’s all water under the bridge now though. As for her powers, she carries a crossbow with arrows that can turn any demon into dust on impact. Her second weapon of choice, a dagger that’s indestructible and can slice through anything. And I do mean anything. She also can hypnotize and put people in this trance. Long enough to control their minds. She has super-speed when fighting and is highly trained in hand to hand combat. Basically, she could kick your ass and still have time to get her nails done. She now looked over in Jordan’s direction and a smile appeared out of the corner of her mouth.
“Saturn was right about you. You are kind of cute,” Slayer said.
Jordan now crossed his arms and stood there not the least bit amused. Acting as if he could care less but, Slayer could see past the front he was putting up.
“I know Saturn, she wouldn’t say that,” Jordan disagreed.
“She didn’t have to say anything,” Slayer smiled. “And you don’t know her as well as you think you do.”
“Yeah, well we don’t need your help.” He now growled. “The others and I can find Saturn by ourselves.”
“True, but you don’t know Beburos. You’d be walking right into your own deaths.”
“I can handle Beburos.”
“Wanna bet. I’ve heard many men say the same thing, some were even kings, and they all ended up dying as they tried to.”
“So what makes you think...” Jordan started to say.
“Because I know Beburos’s weaknesses,” Slayer cut him off. “Especially his one main weakness.”
“You don’t mean...”
“Yeah, I do.”
“Wait, how could you know that?” Michael asked. “I don’t even know that”
“Maybe that’s because I’m a Power and you’re a mere Archangel,” she pointed out.
“What does that have to do with anything?” Jordan replied.
“She out ranks me,” Michael grumbled.
“Tell me about it.”
“So are you going to tell Jordan the bad news?” Slayer quickly changed the subject.
“Not unless you know where she is.” Michael raised an eyebrow.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Then it’s still bad news?”
“What’s the bad news?” Jordan growled, getting impatient.
“No one knows where Saturn is. God has every angel searching the city and no one can find,” Michael answered.
“Wait, I thought Beburos had her.”
“No, he doesn’t. He does however have every demon that is working for him, looking for her as well.”
“Well, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones,” Jordan sarcastically remarked.
Meanwhile in the heart of Jerusalem, Bags and the other bad boys of the familia decided they were going to have a little fun. Granted, Berlie warned them to behave but come on. Do you honestly think they could possibly stay out of trouble? I mean they live to cause trouble, it’s the one thing they do best.
“I say we find Beburos and pound the crap out of him ourselves,” Drew suggested, looking for a fight.
“Yeah.” Kindred agreed.
“Look, we don’t even know if he actually has Saturn,” Q pointed out. “And even if he does have her, we don’t know where he is exactly. Besides, we promised Berlie we’d behave.”
“So?” Thief said, raising an eyebrow. “We’re Westies. When have we ever behaved. Q, don’t tell me your getting all goody two shoes on us, man.”
“I’m not,” Q argued. “I just don’t think we should rush to meet death.”
“Aww, come on man we live for danger.” Jay responded.
“And that’s why Saturn sent me.” A hooded figure spoke up, appearing out of nowhere in front of them. “To make sure you stay out of danger.”
“Who the hell are you?” Jay asked.
“A friend.” The stranger now stretched it’s wings.
“What the...?” Thief began to reply.
The hooded figure folded it’s wings behind itself. Not seeming at all surprised by the behavior of the others.
“Where is Saturn?” Bags questioned.
“She’s safe,” the hooded figure answered.
“When can we see her?” Preston asked. “I mean is she...”
“She can’t see any of the familia right now for fear that Beburos spies might tell him your all here. And Saturn wants to make sure none of you fall prey to that demon.”
“Okay, exactly what the hell is going on here exactly?” Thief sounded frustrated. “I mean why is Saturn here to begin with? Why is Beburos after her?”
“That will soon be explained but, we must head back to the hotel now.”
“Too many of Beburos spies are wandering the streets.”
Back at the hotel, a group of demons started to raid the halls and lobby of the hotel. Jordan, Joe, Slayer, Ravyn, the Archangel Michael, Deb, and Ven all had a chance to escape. The others including Lucy however weren’t so lucky. Jordan and the other six ran into the hooded stranger and the Westies only a few blocks away. All ducking into an alleyway, so they wouldn’t be caught.
“What happened?” Q asked.
“Beburos.” Jordan replied, picking up on the demon’s scent. “He’s insane.”
“I could of told you that,” Slayer smiled some.
Michael now looked over at the hooded figure and started to laugh a little.
“Nice threads, Gab. New fashion statement.”
“Gabs?” Preston scratched his head.
The Archangel Gabrielle finally pulled his hood back, revealing his identity. He looked somewhat rough, like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. He also looked much older than any of the others angels in heaven. His hair was gray and his eyes were a piercing blue. And unlike any of the other angels, he wore the old biblical garments, not giving into the world’s idea of mainstream fashion. Ven couldn’t help but stare and Gabs couldn’t help but notice.
“So what were you going to tell ?” Thief asked him, breaking the silence.
“About what?” Gabs kept looking over at Ven.
“About why Beburos is after Saturn.”
That’s when Michael and Slayer began to cough. Jordan shot both of them a look and raised an eyebrow.
“Might as well tell them,” Gabs said, ignoring the fact that Slayer and Michael didn’t want him to. “Their going to find out sooner or later.”
“Tell us what?” Jordan asked.
“Saturn’s Seal because it’s the first, it literally holds..well it’s actually...” Michael tried to explain.
“It’s the key to the gates of heaven.” Gabs bluntly said. “Actually it’s only a major piece of the key.”
“What are the other parts?” Bags questioned.
“The other six Seals and...” Gabs now looked over at Thief.
“Isis.” Thief blurted out without realizing it.
“Why s she..?” Preston seemed to not quite understand.
“She’s a Seraphim and she’s also the...” Gabs stopped himself from saying as he looked at Thief.
“Spill it,” Thief grumbled.
“Isis is destined to be the one to destroy hell.”
“Then why isn’t Beburos after..” Q began to ask.
“That’s so obvious,” Preston replied. “Isis could destroy Beburos with her demon hunter powers.”
“Actually, no.” Michael spoke up. “No demon hunter not even Isis could him. However..”
“Saturn could.” Jordan interrupted, knowing what he was going to say.
“So why doesn’t she just do so?” Jay asked.
“Easier said than done.” Slayer pointed out. “Beburos is one hell of a demon to defeat let alone destroy.”
“So let me get this straight,” Bags responded, trying to figure out. “As long as Saturn is alive Beburos can’t touch Isis.”
“And the other six Seals,” Gabs reminded him.
“So does Saturn know all this?”
“Yeah but she just found out recently after Azazel was destroyed.”
“Then why does she want us here? Why did she make it seem like she was in trouble? And for the love of all that is irish, why did she show up in that man’s bed?” Bags pointed over to Jordan.
“Yeah, why did she?” Preston spoke up, sounding jealous or at least that’s what Ven thought.
“Jealous are we?” She said to him with a smile.
“I’m not.” Preston snapped at her. “It’s just why would she want a boy when she could have a man. A man with class and experience.”
Jordan looked over at Preston out of the corner of his eye, letting out a low growl.
“Well then wouldn’t that eliminate you too, Preston.” Jay remarked, being a smartass as usual.
“Of course unless by class you mean a bottle of moonshine and a beat up truck with a bumper sticker that reads honk if you like hairy chicks.”
“Oh my god,” Deb replied, trying not to laugh.
“Hey, I wasn’t talking to you!” Preston argued.
“I know you weren’t,” Jay calmly answered. “But someone has to keep you in line since Saturn isn’t around to do so.”
“That’s why we’re here.” Both my muses, Lady Saturn and Spade interrupted, stepping out from the shadows. “We were the ones that wanted you guys here.”
“Why?” Thief asked.
“Because Saturn can’t fight Beburos and his army all by herself. She needs you guys. Stubborn as she is, she’ll never admit it but, she does,” Lady Saturn explained.
“Hey Spade, you have yet to show me your tattoo,” Preston said, trying to hit on her.
Spade quickly threw a dagger at him, missing his head only by inches as it hit and stuck into the side of a building right next to him.
“Feisty, I like that.” Preston purred with a cheshire grin.
Spade let out a growl.
“So what brings you two here?” Jay questioned. “Besides, the fact that you can’t get enough of us Westies.”
Easy boy,” Bags advised him. “Unless you want a dagger sticking out of your head.”
“Please. They can’t hurt me.”
“Their Saturn’s muses,” Bags reminded him.
“Well..um..anyway what are we suppose to do?” Jay quickly changed the subject.
“Save the familia.” Jordan said.
“Saturn told me not to let you go after Beburos,” Gabs interfered. “It’s too dangerous.”
“We’re not going after Beburos.”
“Then how will we save the familia without..”
“I have a plan.”
Deep under the city of Jerusalem, Beburos had rebuilt his own little kingdom, with an army that could take on every country’s military force and then some. Beburos now sat on his throne, not in demonic but rather human form. His looks would be hard to describe, considering he loves to change them all the time. But if I had to, I’d say he’s a cross between a Hugh Jackman and a Ben Affleck with a little of boyish charm added in. He wore all black and his black wings were folded behind him. That’s the one thing he never tries to hide are his wings. He can have them become sharp as razor blades if he wanted to. For being an ex-king of hell he still has a lot of power and most of it comes from those wings. Those damn wings. The familia was brought before him. He just smiled as he could sense the fear rise off of them. He was somewhat surprised however to see Lucifer.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Prince of Darkness himself,” Beburos said in a demonic tone. “Don’t tell me you decided to switch sides, Lucy.”
“I’ll rip your heart out,” Lucifer growled.
“Oh for the sake of...it’s been centuries since you first started making that threat. When are you going to finally give it up?”
“When your good and dead.”
“Wait a minute, who is this guy?” Fox asked.
“He’s Beburos,” Lucifer answered.
“Look, Beburos is it,” Berlie now stepped forward. “I’m sure you don’t want to hurt anyone, so why don’t you let us and Saturn go.”
“I don’t have Saturn,” Beburos responded in a snarl.
“Then where is she?”
“Your guess is as good as mine. That’s why I had you brought here though. I’m pretty sure when Saturn hears I have her precious familia, she will of course come running.” Beburos grinned. “Especially since one of you carry a Seal.”
He now looked over at Tom whose hand couldn’t stop glowing.
“No way,” Leysa said. “Not Tom.”
“No, not me but Dr. Watson, yes.” Tom replied, his hand shaking a little from fear.
Beburos just sat on his throne with a devious smile.
“I’m not afraid of you,” Tom yelled at him.
“None of us are.” Berlie added.
“You should be,” Beburos snarled. “You should be.”
Jordan and the others had now found out where Beburos and his army was hiding. Thanks to a few priests who told them the of the secret passageway under ground. Little did they realize however just what they’d be getting themselves into.
“Hey, where’s Deb?” Bags asked, noticing she was missing.
“Joe is missing too not to mention Jay.” Ven pointed out.
“Well this is just great!” Preston exclaimed. “Everyone just keeps on disappearing.”
“That’s when Preston’s hand began to glow a green hue. Jordan raised an eyebrow and just shook his head.
“This can’t be happening.”
“Cool, I’m a Seal.” Preston said, checking out his hand.
“He isn’t..” Thief started to say.
“The Philosopher.” Gabs interrupted.
“Philosopher of what?” Thief exclaimed. “What does a Texan know about philosophy. He can’t even spell it without a dictionary.”
“Well, it’s official.” Q replied. “God’s a comedian.”
“Hey, does this mean I have access to heaven?” Preston asked Michael.
“Unfortunately, yes.” Michael replied.
“Oh that is just great!” Thief started up again. “A Texan is going to ruin heaven for the rest of us.”
“Hey, I wouldn’t ruin it as bad as you irish people.” Preston argued.
“Bags, he didn’t just.. Thief looked over at him.
“He did,” Bags responded, changing his fists into sledge hammers.
Thief now created a large fireball within his hand. Preston raised his hand to both of them. A few seconds later, they were all at each others throats. Jordan roared, knocking them all on their butts with a blast of his Seal hand.
“Whoa!” Drew exclaimed. “Did you see that? Did you?”
“I saw.” Gabs rolled his eyes. “Humans can so easily be entertained by the most simple things.”
Jordan now closed his hand, clenching his teeth in pain.
“Are you okay?” Slayer asked.
“Fine.” He said, still clenching his teeth.
She could tell he was lying. She also knew he was stubborn as hell, considering most ferals are, including yours truly. And that he wasn’t going to let a little pain get to him.
“Uh guys, we’ve got company,” Kindred said, pointing over his shoulder as Beburos’s army encircled them.
“Well, this isn’t good,” Bags remarked.
“What do we do?” Ven asked.
“We fight.” Jordan unsheathed his claws.
Thief set a couple of demons up in flames as Slayer sent a few arrows into the chests of some demons, turning them into dust. Ven lifted Gabs, Michael, Kindred and Drew out of harms way using her telekinesis to set them down somewhere to the side. Bags hammered his way through demons, while Jordan went into feral mode tossing some demons around like rag dolls. The army however soon overpowered them and, they found themselves being brought before Beburos as the other members of the familia watched on from their imprisonment in a cage.
“Tom, do something,” Nef whispered to him.
“I don’t know. Use your Seal somehow.”
“Easier said than done. I still haven’t figured out how to use it.”
“Well, what do we have here? Two Archangels, two muses, a group of Westies, a bird, and a couple of Seal carriers.” Beburos now said, as he walked by each one, stopping in front of Jordan and facing him. “Well, well if it isn’t Saturn’s boy toy.”
Jordan let out a low feral growl. Ravyn now flew over landing on Jordan’s shoulder as she stared at Beburos.
“Isn’t that sweet. The little bird thinks she can protect you,” Beburos sarcastically remarked.
Now some of the members of the familia would never tell what happened next while others would only be able to explain it the best they could but not fully. Either way, you would never really grasp at what happened. It’s one of those things you’d just had to be there to see for yourself. A bright greyish almost silver hue of light shot out of Ravyn hitting Beburos and sending him backwards, knocking him off his feet.
“What the hell?” Thief exclaimed. “What was that?”
“A small amount of power,” Gabs answered.
“From what?”
“Ravyn’s Seal.”
Q began to pick at the lock on the cage door, freeing the other familia members. Beburos quickly got to his feet as his army of demons surrounded the familia. Lucy tried to stop Beburos by attacking him from behind but, Lucy found himself flying across the room in mid-air. Beburos heard the sound of claws being unsheathed, he quickly turned around and saw me standing there.
“Saturn, I thought you’d never show up.”
I let out a growl as I charged after Beburos, slicing at his side. His wound quickly healed. Which usually doesn’t happen when he fights yours truly considering I can kill him. Beburos grabbed my by my neck, lifting me off of my feet and tossing me aside. I laid on the ground, looking up at Beburos as I turned into Deb. Or I should say as she transformed back to herself.
A bright blue glow surrounded the door as it exploded. After the dust settled, everyone could see Joe standing there. Both his hand and eyes glowing a blue hue. I stood next to Joe, smoking a cigar. Jay stood next to me, throwing an unconscious demon before Beburos’s feet.
“Not much of an army if you ask me,” Jay sarcastically remarked.
“What’s Joe’s power again?” Thief asked Jordan.
“It’s kinetic, I think.” Jordan replied.
“Saturn, looking lovely as always. You know there’s no smoking in my kingdom,” Beburos pointed out.
I unsheathed my claws calmly as I continued to smoke my cigar.
“So what brings you here?” he asked, trying to figure out what I was up to.
“You know why.” I answered, stepping forward as I put my cigar out on the ground.
Beburos raised an eyebrow and I just smiled. I now stood face to face with him, looking directly into his eyes.
“I know you’re the one who killed Kris.” I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “And I know why.”
Before Beburos had a chance to react, he found himself flying in mid-air, backwards. My claws began to glow a white hue as I walked towards Beburos.
“Uh oh.” Tom spoke up. “This can’t be good.”
“Don’t take another step,” Beburos said, getting to his feet. “Or else.”
“Or else what?” I asked, as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.
The next thing I knew I was entrapped in a sphere of fire. The fire barely touching me.
“What the...” Jordan said, looking over at the one who had created it.
She looked about eighteen with auburn color hair and bright green eyes. She wore a black leather cat-suit which complimented her porcelain skin. She seemed to look familiar, as if he knew her from somewhere. It didn’t take him long to figure it out.
“Isis.” Jordan blurted out.
Isis looked over at him as a little smile appeared out of the side of her mouth.
“No way!” Thief exclaimed. “That can’t be my daughter!”
“It is.” Beburos laughed.
“How can he do that?” Thief now turned on both Michael and Gabs. “I thought he couldn’t touch her.”
“He can’t but...” Michael hesitated.
“But what?”
“He can tap into her evil side and get to her that way. Which would explain why she isn’t a child anymore.”
“Damn, she looks hot!” Drew responded, checking Isis out.
Gilly smacked Drew in the back of his head.
“Ouch! What did you do that for?”
“That’s Thief’s daughter your talking about. Shut it.”
“What have you done?” I asked Beburos.
“Oh, come on now, dear Saturn. You should know better than to ask that question.”
“How were you able to get Isis away from Ellie?” Ven interrupted.
“It was real simple.” Beburos grinned. “Considering she didn’t put up much of a fight.”
“If you have harmed her in anyway,” Thief started to growl, as his eyes filled with rage.
“Don’t worry, I’ve only messed with her mind,” Beburos answered.
What did you do exactly?”
“He drove her insane.” Heinzs spoke up, reading Beburos’s thoughts.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Thief roared going after him but, Bags, Jay and , Q held Thief back before he could do any harm.
“Don’t do it, Thief,” Q tried to talk him out of it. “He’d kill you.”
“I don’t care.” Thief snarled as his blood boiled.
“Think about Isis, then. He probably has her under his control. You do something stupid like going after him and he could harm her.”
Thief looked at Beburos and then over at Isis before finally realizing Q was right. Barbs around this time tried to talk to Isis.
“Isis, it’s me Barbs. Remember, I use to change your diapers.”
Isis looked over at her, letting out a low growl.
“You use to call me Babbies,” Barbs continued.
Isis quickly picked up Barbs by her neck, tossing her in the air like a rag doll. Jordan went into feral mode, jumping in mid-air and catching Barbs. Landing on his feet while holding her in his arms.
“Shouldn’t you be saving Saturn?” Barbs blushed.
“Joe is taking care of that.”
“Well, then could you put me down.”
So he did. Joe on the other hand, was trying to get me out the sphere.
“I’ll blast it,” Joe said. “but you’ll probably have to duck.”
“Uh..think about this one, Joe. Seriously.” I replied.
“What if it doesn’t work.”
“It’ll work.”
“Are you sure? I mean cause if it doesn’t your risking a lot of lives including mine.”
“You have a healing factor, you’ll recover.”
I now raised an eyebrow.
“Remind me to kick your ass later,” I retorted.
“Saturn, it’s gonna work.” Joe tried to reassure me.
“Just remind me later.”
“Trust me. Now duck.”
So I hit the ground as Joe blasted the sphere, destroying it.
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah.” As I got to my feet. “And I’m still kicking your ass later.”
I now focused my attention on Beburos as the familia began to fight with his army of demons.
“You can’t kill me!” Beburos yelled at me. “I’m a God!”
“Let me rip his heart out,” Slayer growled.
The familia was now slowly defeating his army.
“No, this isn’t your fight.” I calmly replied.
“But Saturn...”
Isis now walked in front of me, standing face to face with me.
“Kill her.” Beburos ordered Isis, as he coward behind his throne.
Isis took a step forward but stopped, shaking her head a little. My eyes all the while along with my claws started to glow a white hue.
“What the?” She began to say. “What happened? Where am I?”
“I’ll explain later,” I replied. “Jordan, get her and everybody else out of here.”
“What about you?”
“I have some unfinished business to take care of.” As I now directed my attention back on Beburos.
“Just do it!”
So him, Isis and everybody else left.
“And then there was two.” I said, closing in on Beburos.
As soon as Jordan, Isis and the others stepped through the entrance to the tunnel, a bright white flash followed right behind them.
“What about Saturn? She isn’t...she can’t be,” Jeanne cried.
Everyone stood there silent. Not knowing what to do or say.
“So are we gonna go home or what?” They heard someone say behind them.
They all turned around and saw me standing there, smoking a cigar.
“What?” I asked, noticing the stares.
“What happened?” Berlie answered.
“You don’t want to know. So can we go home?”
On the plane ride home Jordan kept wanting to know what happened. I wouldn’t tell him though. I wouldn’t be able to speak about it for awhile because truth be told I didn’t even know what had happened. It was like some force had taken over my body and I just blanked out. When we finally got home, we headed straight to Jordan’s house to see if EE was still there. She wasn’t but the place was trashed.
“Damn,” Preston said, looking around. “Good thing I don’t own this place.”
Jordan let out a growl, looking over at him out of the corner of his eye.
Later that night, I had explained to Isis what had happened to her. I also had a talk with Tom, Wats, Watson, and the good old Doctor about their seal. Lucifer, Gabs, Spade, Saturn and, Michael after hanging around for awhile, decided to leave. And as for the others, they were pretty much cleaning up the place. After my talk with Tom and his other sides, I decided to re-pack my backpack. I was going to find EE. I promised Isis and Thief I would. Jordan caught wind of me leaving and decided to come see me.
“Saturn?” He knocked as he opened the door.
“What?” I asked, as I continued packing.
“I heard your leaving.”
“Yeah, so?”
“So I thought you were going to stick around for awhile.”
“Can’t. Have to find EE.”
“Saturn, what happened to Beburos?”
“He’s dead.”
“Besides that.”
“I told you before I don’t know. And if by some small miracle I do find out, you’ll probably end up reading it my journal, like you always do.”
Jordan now looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
“I haven’t been reading your journal.” He tried to play it off by lying.
“Uh huh.” Not believing him for one second.
I now slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the door.
“Hey, weren’t you going to kick Joe’s butt?”
“I’ll do that when I get back.”
“Then what about Preston, if your gone you know..”
“Don’t.” I said, not looking at Jordan. “I know what your trying to do.”
“Do what?”
“Just don’t. I have to do this.”
I closed the door behind me and headed down the steps. Thief tried everything in the book to tag along but I wouldn’t cave in. I did however let Ravyn stay with him and Isis. I needed to find EE alone. How I would find her and in what condition would be yet another story. Hell, I looked at it this way, someone had to fix the mess Beburos caused. Besides, I had to straighten a few things out within my own mind. It’s not everyday you destroy a demon but don’t remember how you did it. I did know this however, I was able to find peace with a small piece of my past. And to be honest, I hadn’t been able to do that in a long time. Find peace. Maybe now I could finally come to terms with all that I had done and all that had happened to me in my life. Maybe now I could finally get some sleep. Maybe...

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Poetry Familia 6

So a lot has happened since the Westies had their little adventure in Vegas. Berl finally got the new poetry house built and finished. One problem however, the foundation had shifted a little underneath. Which meant the entire familia wouldn’t be able to move in until the problem was taken care of, which can take up to a year. Or so Buttters told me when I had called Jordan’s place to check in on everyone. Kind of made me feel sorry for Jordan. To put up with the familia for this long and not have any privacy could drive anyone insane. I also found out that Jay hadn’t left his room since the incident in Vegas. I guess he just stocked up on scotch and locked the world out. And even though, I was out on the road looking for Thief and EE, I still thought about Jay. The secret he had yet to be told and how he would react once he finally knew. I also thought about the Texan. I know, shocker. At first, I though God had made a mistake giving the Texan a Seal. However, I began to think differently after he stood up to Lucifer in Vegas. I mean when your willing to fight the Devil even if in your boxers. Yeah, that takes a lot of guts to do. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I’ll start falling for the guy and marry him. I just have a new found respect for him, that’s all. Besides, even though I have found some peace, I still wrestle with some things in my mind. I still have a past I have to remember and deal with. And right now, I couldn’t see myself in a relationship dragging the other person through that crap. Not only that you know how I said that maybe I could finally get some sleep and just maybe the nightmares would stop. Well hell, that was wishful thinking. If anything the nightmares have gotten worse especially since what had happened in Vegas. Anyway, I did eventually find Thief. Not in the best conditions though. What happened to EE had sort of messed up Thief some. Almost drove him to going totally insane. If I wasn’t there to remind him of Isis, he probably would have snapped. We tracked down EE’s whereabouts for six months, only to be lead back to Boston. There were reports that EE had been spotted wandering around the city. She wasn’t the only one though. I was informed personally by a few Arch Angels that Lucy was wandering around the city as well. Probably looking for the last Seal. It was the dead of winter when Thief and I arrived back in town. Barbs, Duchess and, Seclude were sitting on the couch watching T.V. as Thief and I walked through the front door. Isis at the same time was coming down the steps. As soon as she noticed Thief, she ran over giving him a hug. He almost collapsed in her arms, tired from searching.
“Did you find mom?” she asked.
“No.” Thief answered letting out a sigh, as he started to remember just how much Isis looked like EE.
“You look like hell,” Seclude commented, noticing the dark circles under my eyes.
“Where is everybody?” I asked.
“Jordan is at the studio, Jay is upstairs and everyone else is out doing their thing.” Barbs answered.
“I want everyone including Jordan back here in an hour.” I said, heading for the steps to go upstairs.
“Why?” Seclude asked.
“I’ll explain everything later when everyone is here. Now go.”
“Fine. Come on Barbs, let’s go.”
“I wouldn’t go to Jay’s room if I were you,” Duchess spoke up.
“Why not?” I now stopped at the foot of the steps, keeping my back turned.
“He says if anyone disturbs him he’s gonna break their neck.”
I now chuckled a little as I headed up the steps and towards Jay’s room. His door was shut and he had posted a note not to enter. I entered anyway. Jay was passed out on the bed with an empty bottle of scotch laying on the floor next to the bed. He had left his bedroom window open letting the cold of the outside in along with the snow. From the looks of it he was trying to slowly freeze himself to death while remaining drunk out of his mind. Which would work if it wasn’t for his metallic form power, which sort of made him invulnerable, so to speak. It’s like trying to freeze metal that is always heated, isn’t going to happen. You might get the metal a little cold but it will likely remain warm because of the heat. I went over and closed the window, being quiet as I did so. Considering Jay has somewhat of an army background I knew if I made the slightest noise, even with him passed out drunk, he would have still woken up. I now stood at the edge of the bed, watching Jay lay there. He sort of reminded me of someone I knew. Someone who had wings and who was thought of as a ladies man in heaven but that’s not important. At least not now. I snuck up on Jay, climbing on top of him, making sure not to wake him up yet. I quickly unsheathed a set of claws, holding them inches away at the right side of Jay’s face. Jay quickly opened his eyes when he heard the sound.
“Saturn, what the hell...” he started to say.
“Boo.” I deviously grinned. “I heard you had locked yourself up in this room. I just came to see if you were still alive, soldier boy.”
“Yeah..well..um..” He began to feel uncomfortable. “Could you like get off of me?”
“Aww, I’m hurt, Jay. I thought you liked it when a woman was on top.” I remarked, purring in his ear.
Jay was now sweating bullets and seemed nervous. I took one of my claws and slide it down the middle of his bare chest, barely touching the skin. I stopped inches away from the waistband of his sweat pants. Jay couldn’t help but let out a sigh. I quickly got off of him and headed toward the door.
“Hey, what the..!” Jay looked confused.
“That’s what you get for telling the other Westies you saw me naked, soldier boy.”
“But how did you..?”
“Be downstairs in five minutes.”
Jay quickly looked under the covers and then back over at me as I stood in the doorway.
“I’m gonna need a little bit more time,” Jay replied.
“Fine. Just get your bony butt downstairs as soon as you can.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I’ll have Bubba finish what I started.” I answered, as I turned around and left.
“I’ll be downstairs in a minute,” Jay grumbled.
I headed down the steps and towards the kitchen. Hiding behind a wall in one of the cupboards was a secret stash. My stash of Jack Daniels and cigars. I had to create a secret stash awhile back considering a majority of the Westies love to raid my room. Hell, for some of them it’s their favorite past time. As I sat at the kitchen table, I kicked back plopping my feet up on the table while drinking my of J.D. and smoking a cigar. I looked down at my wrist which had a piece of black cloth wrapped around it. My healing factor took care of the wound however a scar for some strange reason still remained. Which I thought was odd but then again I’ve always seen stranger things. Jordan now walked through the back door, looking like hell. Chances are he had pulled an all-nighter in the studio. He looked over at me and a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“What brings you here? I thought you were out looking for EE,” he said, as he went over to raid the fridge.
“Still am.” I answered.
“How can you..?”
“She’s in the city or so rumor has it. Look, there’s gonna be a meeting in a half an hour.” I now took another sip of J.D.
“About what?” Jordan sat across from me at the table as he opened up a can of pop.
“What, no scotch?” I sarcastically remarked.
Jordan raised an eyebrow, staring at me.
“Unlike some people I know how to control my drinking,” he calmly pointed out.
“I don’t drink all the time,” I growled back.
“Could have fooled me. Every time I see you a bottle of Jack isn’t too far from your grasp.”
“God doesn’t have a problem with it. Why do you? Besides, I have a healing factor I can’t exactly die from it.”
“No, but you can’t keep using it as a way to escape from your memories. From your past.”
Preston now walked into the kitchen to get something to eat. Tom and Bags soon followed afterwards.
“What the hell do you know about my past?” I snapped back at him.
“Look, I’m just worried.” Jordan replied.
“Oh, that’s funny,” I retorted. “Richie-Rich is worried about me. Newsflash for you Richie-Rich, I’m a grown woman I can take care of myself. So mind your own damn business.”
“Yeah, your taking care of yourself so good you depend on a bottle of whiskey.”
“Go to hell.” I got up and left, storming out of the kitchen and almost breaking the kitchen door in the process.
“You shouldn’t have gotten down on her like that,” Tom said.
“I’m worried..” Jordan began to answer.
“I know you are.” Tom interrupted. “But you should know by now that Saturn can be very defensive if she’s approached the wrong way.”
“You know you wouldn’t have that problem if you were a Texan.” Preston spoke up. “It’s a known fact women can’t resist a good southern man.”
“Is that why Saturn keeps kicking your ass.” Jordan bluntly remarked.
“Please your just jealous of the love her and I have for one another,” Preston argued.
“You haven’t been making moonshine out of that old gas tank again, have you?” Bags responded, taking a drink of green beer from the bottle he was holding.
“Look, it was that one time,” Preston started to say.
“And you almost blew up the Pub,” Bags interrupted, bluntly pointing out.
Jay now walked into the kitchen looking for his bottle of scotch. He searched every cupboard only to end up finding it in the fridge. Which was kind of strange considering he never refrigerates his scotch. He likes his scotch like I like my whiskey. Warm and straight out of the bottle.
“God, I hate it cold.” Jay grumbled, still remembering the party the Westies had thrown the night before.
“You left your underwear in the freezer by the way,” Bags spoke up.
“What? When the hell did I..?”
“Told you to stay away from that moonshine.”
Jay watched as Jordan and Preston arguing for a minute before raising an eyebrow.
“What are they fighting about?” He asked Tom.
“More like who are they fighting about,” Tom replied.
“There fighting over Saturn.” Bags answered, looking for something to eat in one of the cupboards. “About which one she likes more than the other.”
“Well hell is that all,” Jay said, taking a drink a scotch. “My god it’s so simple. She likes me.”
Both Jordan and Preston stopped arguing and looked over at Jay at the same time.
“What?” Preston asked, sounding confused.
“Saturn likes me,” Jay repeated.
“How could she..” Jordan began to argue.
“She came to see me.” Jay beamed.
“In my bedroom.”
“While I was laying on my bed asleep.”
“She climbed on top of me.”
“She had me pinned down while she was purring.”
The room went silent as all eyes were on Jay. No one knew what to say. It wasn’t the fact that I had pinned him down but I had purred. I never purr.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Preston jumped Jay, knocking him on to the floor as Preston started to swing his fists.
Jay threw Preston off of him and across the kitchen. Preston got to his feet as quickly as Jay did.
“Shouldn’t we stop them?” Tom asked Bags.
“Hell no.” Bags responded, heating up a burrito in the microwave. “It’s entertainment.”
Jordan now got in the middle of Jay and Preston.
“Look, let’s see Saturn and finally settle this. Ask her who she likes.” Jordan suggested.
“Don’t need Saturn to answer that. I mean it’s obvious who she wants.” Jay grinned.
“Just because she purred for you doesn’t mean a damn thing,” Preston argued back.
“That’s where your wrong. She got sick of playing with you boys and decided to get with a real man. One who can be all he can be in bed.”
“So what that’s like a minute for you.” Preston retorted.
“Funny Texan. Don’t you have a cousin you should be marrying or something.”
“ENOUGH!” Jordan roared, rubbing his forehead. “Now I know why Saturn gets those headaches.”
Thief now stood in the doorway to Isis’s room with his arms folded, leaning sideways on the door frame, watching her paint. Her back was turned so she couldn’t see him. Ever since EE had gone mad and took off, Isis took up painting to deal with her emotions. Ravyn was perched on Isis’s shoulder watching her paint. Ravyn would caw every now and then if she thought something needed more color. And funny thing, Isis knew exactly what Ravyn was cawing about. Ever since the thing with EE, it’s like Isis and Ravyn have formed this bond. A tight little friendship that no one can break. It is kind of hilarious to see a young woman talking to a bird but, hey they understand what the other one is saying. Which if you were to watch after awhile would seem pretty extraordinary. Then again, if you’ve been through what Isis has chances are you’d trust an animal more with your secrets than you would a human. Ravyn now sensed someone watching. She flew off of Isis’s shoulder and went over to Thief, staying airborne in front of Thief’s face as she continued to flap her wings and letting out a caw.
“Nice to see you too, Ravyn.” Thief answered back.
Isis turned around to see Thief standing there. She dropped what she was doing, ran over and hugged him. She loved her father and you could tell. In Isis’s eyes, Thief could do no wrong. Or at least that’s what I picked up from what I saw every now and then.
“How’s my little girl doing?” Thief asked hugging Isis back and not wanting to let her go.
“Dad..” Isis started to say.
“Sorry.” Thief finally let her go. “It’s just you won’t be my little girl forever. Pretty soon, you’ll find someone, get married, have kids.”
“And you’ll be a Grandpa.” Thief heard someone say from behind him.
He turned around to see Q standing there in the doorway with a grin on his face.
“What do you want?” Thief growled.
“I’ve come to see Isis, if that’s all right with you.” Q answered calmly.
“Step one foot in her room and I’ll break your neck.”
“Too late.” Q deviously smiled. “Didn’t Isis tell you?”
“Tell me what?” Thief now looked over at Isis.
“Q and I have been seeing each other.” Isis tried to explain. “Actually we have built a loving relationship and..”
“YOU SLEPT WITH Q!” Thief exclaimed.
“Dad, it’s no big deal. I love Q and he loves me.” Isis replied.
“For God’s sake Isis, he’s a damn Westie.”
“So are you.”
“Isis, that’s not the point. Look, he’s wrong for you.”
“And I’m sure when mom brought you home to meet her parents, they said the same thing about you.” Isis argued back, crossing her arms. “God Dad, I thought you would understand.”
Ravyn now took off to find yours truly. I knew by her cawing that something was up. I headed towards Isis’s room, smoking a cigar and grumbling. I was still pretty much mad at Jordan.
“Thinks he knows me. He’s doesn’t know nothing.” I continued to grumble. “Richie-rich can kiss my..”
I now stopped dead in my tracks as Thief’s voice traveled out into the hallway.
“YOUR WHAT?!?” Thief yelled.
“Getting married.” Isis answered, as I entered her room.
Thief’s face went white and his right eye began to twitch.
“Funny, that’s the same reaction my father had when I brought home Kris.” I spoke up. “He even had that twitch. So what’s going on?”
“Q and I are getting married.” Isis said.
“Say what? You can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“Uh one your father could kill Q. And two your father could kill Q.”
“Thief can’t hurt me,” Q protested.
“Really. Well, when Thief snaps out of it and sets your ass up in flames, I’d like to see you talk that crap then.” I pointed out. “Q, for God’s sake man, do you like playing with fire? Do you have a death wish or something?”
Deb now entered the room to tell me that everybody was waiting downstairs. She noticed Thief just standing there looking like a ghost while his eye kept twitching.
“Is he okay?”she asked. “It looks like he’s having a stroke.”
I now went up to Thief, snapping my fingers in front of his face. He didn’t react.
“I think your right, Deb.” I said, raising an eyebrow. “Anyway, we’ll have to deal with this later. Right now, I’ve got some important news to discuss with everyone. So let’s get downstairs, pronto.”
Thief now walked over to Q, looking him dead in the eyes.
“Saturn.” Isis sounded worried noticing the look on her father’s face.
“Thief not now.” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.
Thief kept staring at Q in the eyes, creating a flame in his hand. Q started to shake with fear.
“Thief. Don’t.” I now tried to get through to him. “You want to kick his ass later, fine. But right now we’ve got something else to take care of.”
Thief let the flame die out.
“Later.” He said to Q. “Later.”
Thief now turned around and left, leaving Q to stand there sweating with fear, afraid to move.
“Are you okay?” Isis asked him.
“Fine.” He tried to hide his fear from her. “Let’s get downstairs.”
Everyone was gathered in the living room, waiting for me. I had decided to go outside and smoke a cigar before the meeting. Not twenty-four hours back and I was already dealing with more things than I could handle. I now came inside, walking into the living room. I walked right past Jordan, giving him the cold shoulder.
“Damn, is it me or did it just get cold in here?” Preston remarked, being a smartass.
Jeannie smacked him in the back of his head.
“So what’s up, Saturn?” Berl asked.
“EE might be in town.” I answered.
“Is that all. We can just find her and..”
“It’s not that simple. Her power it’s..”
“Saturn, what is it?”
“It’s grown stronger.” Thief spoke up, seeing how hard it was for me to explain. “She almost killed me in Arizona and she also almost blasted Saturn into the Pacific Ocean.”
“Thank you for telling everyone that, Thief.” I growled in a low tone.
“Your welcome.” He grinned.
“Naturally born, baby.”
“Anyway, there’s more,” I continued. “Lucy is also in town looking for the Seventh Seal.”
“Wait isn’t Preston...” Pops began to reply.
“Um..that’s the thing. There was a mix-up. Preston..you see the philosopher is actually the Fifth Seal.” I tried my best to explain. “The Seventh Seal has yet to be discovered.”
“But Saturn you know who the Seventh Seal is,” Ven pointed out.
“Yeah, I do.” I now lowered my head, closing my eyes. “God, I’m getting too old for this.”
“Your only twenty-five.” Bags scoffed rolling his eyes.
“On the outside, old man. On the outside.”
“Saturn, who is the Seventh Seal?” Jeannie asked.
I stayed quiet for a minute. Debating in my own mind if I should tell them. I knew if I did, I’d probably risk their lives, putting them in the line of danger. Something I didn’t want to do.
“Saturn.” Pops said, reading my mind.
“I told you before to say out of my head.” I grumbled.
“I know but I worry.”
I continued to grumble, this time under my breath. Pops just smiled.
“I think the Seventh Seal is another Westie. That’s why she isn’t saying anything,” Bags said with a devious grin.
“Oh my god, no way.” Barbs responded. “One as a Seal is bad enough.”
“It’s not another Westie.” I growled. “It’s EE.”
Silence filled the room. I looked over at Thief and thought for sure he’d yell or something. Just because of the simple fact, that all this time I knew and didn’t tell him until now. Hell, I expected some sort of rage. Instead he got up from where he was sitting and walked out the front door, not saying a word. Which went way beyond bad and I knew it. Isis soon followed him.
“Shit.” Jay finally managed to say.
“Wait a minute, Ellie isn’t a lawyer.” Gilly responded, thinking about it.
“Not yet.” I answered.
“Saturn, what the hell?”
“Nothing. Look, she’s the Seventh Seal but, that’s not all..”
“My god, how much more is there?” Fox retorted.
“Lucy is after Michael’s child.” Ignoring what Fox had said.
“Wait. Our Mike the poet?” Deb looked confused.
“No. My Mikey. The Archangel.”
“Hold on. How can an Archangel have a child?” Tom questioned. “That’s impossible.”
“One, it’s a long story. And two, no it’s not.”
“Why would Lucifer be after Michael’s child?” Jordan asked.
I now looked over at Jordan and raised an eyebrow.
“Your kidding right? I mean have you ever picked up a bible and read it or is that not your cup of tea, Richie-Rich? And you should know picture bible books don’t count.”
A few of the familia members snickered a little.
“I’m not like the Texan, I can read.”
“HEY!” Preston protested.
“Surprise, surprise,” I sarcastically remarked. “So you know Lucy isn’t going to be so forgiving for being banished into hell especially since Michael threw him down there.”
“You mean fought him.” Tom interrupted.
“No, he pretty much threw Lucy into the depths of hell. Wasn’t much of a fight.”
“So he’s after Michael’s child because of what happened some thousands of years ago. Makes no sense.” Jeannie remarked.
“Makes prefect sense when your looking for revenge. Not only that but Michael is the only angel besides God and Gesu that know how to get the Seals out of the carriers.”
“Why would Lucifer...?” Kindred began to ask.
“If Lucy finds out who all the Seven Seal carriers are, which he knows six already, he can kidnap Michael’s child in order to not only get revenge but any information he wants out of Michael. Including how to extract all Seven Seals out of their carriers,” I explained. “And then he could be untouchable, unstoppable. Meaning Isis not even God could destroy him. It would be the end of Heaven and earth. The end of mankind. The end of you and I.”
“How can a Seal be extract?” Berl spoke up. “ I thought that was something the carrier was born with.”
“It is.”
“Then how can it be extracted?”
“Michael told me how it can be extracted through the soul. You just don’t want to know how.”
“Why not?” Jordan now asked.
“Because the carrier doesn’t revive from it. If anything they die.”
“Then they come back to life, right?” Preston sounded nervous, looking at his hand.
“No, they stay dead.”
“Look, Lucifer doesn’t know EE carries the Seventh Seal,” Bags pointed out. “And I’m pretty sure he had no clue in Vegas when she was with him. So we have an advantage there.”
“Unless EE stops making the waves she does.” I replied. “Then we have something to worry about. Because it won’t take Lucy long to put two and two together. That’s why we have to find her before he does.”
“So who is Michael’s child?” Buttters questioned, curious to know.
“I don’t know.”
“Honestly, I don’t know.”
“I’m sure Saturn had a good reason to keep it from you, dad.” Isis said to Thief as they stood on the front porch.
“Like what? I mean what possible reason could she have had to hide it from me?” Thief argued. “For six months while I was with her, she could have told me.”
“No, I couldn’t have.” I spoke up from behind them.
Isis looked over at me but Thief kept his back turned.
“I have something to do inside. So yeah, I’ll be going in.” She said as she headed towards the front door, leaving Thief and I alone.
He didn’t say a word and I could sense his anger. I lit up a cigar and began to smoke it.
“It might rain.” I finally said, not able to stand the silence any longer.
“Why couldn’t you have told me?” he questioned me bluntly.
“Because I knew what would have happened. You would have lost your mind. I mean your wife goes insane, do you honestly think you would have been able to handle the news that she was also a carrier. You know what risk carriers have. For God’s sake, look at what happened to Ravyn. The same thing could happen to EE, if she risked her life. Do you truly think you could handle that if god forbid it should happen? Thief, I was trying to protect you. I didn’t want to see you..”
“I know.” Thief interrupted, walking down the steps to the sidewalk. “ I know you were trying to protect me from getting hurt, but she’s my wife. I had a right to know.”
“Where are you going?”
“For a walk.”
“I’m just going for a walk.”
“Your lying.” I could sense it.
“No, I’m not.” As he began to walk away, not facing me.
He stopped dead in his tracks.
“It’s just a walk.” He said, keeping his back turned. “Don’t worry.”
“I’m not worried.” I responded, still smoking my cigar.
“You could have fooled me,” he sarcastically remarked as he began to walk away.
Q now appeared from within the shadows of the porch.
“You know he’s going after EE, right?” Q remained in his shadow form.
“Yeah, I know.” As I continued to watch Thief walk away and out of sight as he rounded the corner.
“So I guess your out of the picture as far as Saturn is concerned.” Preston grinned as he leaned against the door frame to Jordan’s office.
Jordan was sitting behind his desk, surfing the internet on his computer when Preston showed up. He now looked at Preston, leaning back in his chair.
“You really blew it in the kitchen.” Preston continued.
“Didn’t we have this argument already.” Jordan calmly replied.
“Yes, but I thought I should kindly remind you. You know after all I have to be a southern gentleman about this.” Preston now took a seat from across Jordan’s desk.
“Shouldn’t you be going to a shotgun wedding or something?” Jordan remarked.
“Funny but no. Seems to me Yankee, that I have beaten you and all I had to do was wait for you to do something stupid.”
“You forget one thing.”
“What’s that?”
That’s when Jordan jumped over his desk, unsheathing his claws and knocking Preston over onto the floor. Holding his claws inches away from Preston’s jugular.
“I could easily kill you if I wanted to,” Jordan growled. “Hell, if it wasn’t for Saturn you’d be a dead Texan.”
“Go to hell.” Preston snapped back, as his hand began to glow.
Ven walked by, looked in Jordan’s office real quick and ended up stepping back and stopping right in the doorway, walking into the office. She noticed Jordan with his claws inches away from Preston’s throat and Preston’s hand glowing.
“Am I interrupting something?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “Cause if you two want to be alone..”
“The boy here can’t seem to understand that Saturn wants a real man. One who has experience.” Preston snarled.
“Keep dreaming, Texan.” Jordan growled in a low feral tone. “Why would she want a moonshine, cousin marrying hillbilly when she can have a man of class.”
“Actually both of you are dead wrong.” Ven replied.
They now both looked over at her.
“I think Saturn prefers the G.I. Joe kind,” she continued, crossing her arms.
“What?” Both Jordan and Preston responded at the same time.
“I saw her going into Jay’s room a few minutes ago.”
“Son of a..” Preston uttered.
Jordan got up off of Preston and walked right past Ven. Preston followed right behind him. Both rushed right past Pops who was on his way to the study.
“What is going on?” He asked Ven.
“They just found out Saturn went into Jay’s room,” Ven answered.
“So why are they..uh-oh. Ven, be a dear and go get Berl.”
Joe around this time, knocked on the front door. I had called him earlier to come on over, considering he is after all a carrier. He needed to know what was going on. Drew answered the door, letting Joe in. A few seconds later, they heard some noise coming from Jay’s room.
“What’s that?” Joe asked.
“My guess someone is beating the crap out of someone else.” Drew shrugged his shoulders as he went back to playing video games with Duchess.
Barbs walked into the room and noticed Joe right off the bat. He smiled at her and she began to giggle a little. Drew just rolled his eyes, making a disgusted face.
“Someone’s jealous,” Duchess said, noticing Drew’s reaction.
“Hardly. I just can’t stand it when she goes ga-ga over a guy.” Drew responded.
“Unless the guy is you,” Duchess remarked.
“Shut up.” He grumbled.
Meanwhile in Jay’s room, Jordan and Jay were fighting while Preston stood back letting them beat the tar out of each other. Jordan was about to go after Jay, this time with his claws unsheathed when I stopped him dead in his tracks. Standing between him and Jay.
“Saturn. Move.” Jordan growled.
“No, this has to stop now.” I snapped back at him. “I’m sick of you, Preston and, Jay fighting. There are more important things to worry about. So grow the hell up.”
Berl, Ven and, Pops now all appeared in the doorway.
“Is everything okay?” Berl asked.
“Fine.” I replied as Jordan retracted his claws. “Can I talk to Jay alone or is this going to be a social meeting?”
“Let’s go, guys.” Berl said to the others.
Everyone began to leave except Jordan and Preston.
“Leave.” I said to the both of them.
“No, I’m staying.” Jordan argued. “Whatever you have to talk about with Jay you can do so in front of us.”
“Jealous are we?” I now crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow.
“We’re not jealous,” Preston interrupted. “We just don’t trust Jay.”
“OUT!” I now roared, pointing to the door.
Jordan left grumbling under his breath while Preston stood where he was.
“Either leave Texan or your gonna know what it feels like to be a bird,” I said, not in the mood for games.
“You wouldn’t dare.” Preston replied.
A few seconds later, Jay’s bedroom door flung open and Preston found himself airborne. Flying right over Bags’s head.
“You pissed her off again, didn’t you?” Bags said, not the least bit surprised to see Preston flying in mid-air and landing across the hall.
He now laid upside down looking up at Bags.
“She wants me.” Preston replied. “She just doesn’t know it yet.”
Bags lowered his head, shaking it a little.
After I closed the door, I turned my attention back on Jay.
“So have you decided to come back and finish what you started.” Jay grinned. “After all I wouldn’t blame you if you found it hard to resist a man of military expertise.”
“I’m not in the mood, soldier boy.” I retorted.
“I have ways of solving that.”
“If you want to keep your pickle, then keep it in the jar.” I warned in a growl. “If not..”
That’s when I unsheathed a set of claws as a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.
“Fair enough. So what do you want?”
“We need to talk.” I now sat on the edge of his bed.
Jay raised an eyebrow at the sight of this. I knew what he was thinking, just by the devious expression he had on his face.
“Well, it’s nice to know you inherited some things from your father.” I continued in a growl tone.
“Nothing. Your mother never did tell you who your father was did she?” I now lit up a cigar, smoking it.
“No, she didn’t.”
“Did you ever ask her?”
“Once but..”
“But what?”
“She changed the subject. She didn’t want to talk about it, I guess. Saturn, why are you asking me all this?”
“Because I know who your father is,” I answered as I kept on smoking my cigar.
Jay got wide-eyed all of a sudden, staring at me in complete shock.
“Who?” he finally managed to ask.
“I think we both know who it is.”
“Michael.” Jay sounded confused. “The Archangel but how could that..”
“He was human the year you were conceived,” I began to explain. “God had to decided to bring your father down a bit from his egotistical trip. Because long after your father had sent Lucy to hell, he thought he was better than any other angel in heaven. And he really didn’t have much respect for humans, except yours truly but, that’s only because I whooped his arse in a fight. Anyway, the year he was human he met your mother. At first, it was anything but love. I think the words your father used to describe your mother when he first met her were spit-fire, hot-tempered woman. And the words your mother used to describe your father... Yeah, they were pretty bad.”
“Why? What did she call him?”
“Well for starters, egotistical bastard came up a lot. And that was the nicest one of them all believe it or not.”
“Yeah. She verbally busted your father’s balls, you could say. Your father didn’t like it one bit. After all this is Michael we’re talking about, no one not even a woman talks to him like your mother did and lives to tell about it but she did. I think she without even knowing it secretly captured Michael’s heart.” I now smiled a little, remembering it like it was yesterday. “He never came across a woman like your mother who had so much spunk, as he put it. Hell, after awhile he thought it was kind of cute. Eventually he began to fall for her. Sending her flowers and writing poetry.”
“Wait a minute. He wrote poetry?” Jay interrupted.
“Still does.”
“So I take it my mom fell for his charm.”
“Eventually she did. Took a while though considering that ego of his.”
“So why wasn’t I ever told this before?” Jay asked.
“Both of your parents wanted to make sure you were protected from Lucy. I mean if he had ever found out about you while you were growing up it would have been no problem for him to brainwash your undeveloped mind. It is so easy to influence a child after all.” I answered.
“So does Michael know your telling me now?”
“Yeah, so does your mother. Lucy is getting close to finding out your Mikey’s kid. Besides, you’re a grown man, it’s about time you knew.”
“I want to talk to Michael.” Jay said, trying to understand things. “I need to talk to him.”
“I’ll go find him.” I responded, as I got up and headed for the door.
“Saturn, can I ask you something?” Jay spoke up.
“What?” I now stopped dead in my tracks, keeping my back turned.
“Do you think if this stuff with Michael and Lucifer hadn’t happened that maybe..”
“He couldn’t have stayed, Jay. No matter how much he would have wanted to. He had an obligation to God.” I now looked over my shoulder at Jay. “I do know though he would have fought like hell if he thought he had a chance. He loved you both. Still does.”
I left before Jay could say another word. I now went to my room where Slayer was waiting for me.
“He’s gone after her, hasn’t he?” Slayer asked before I could say anything.
“Yeah.” Knowing she was talking about Thief.
“I want you to follow him. Make sure he stays out of trouble. And if you come across EE...” I began to say.
“I know, Saturn.” She interrupted me. “I can handle it.”
“Are you sure? This is your sister we’re talking about here.”
“I can handle it.”
Slayer quickly left with the help of the shadows within the room. I crashed on the bed, hoping to get some sleep. That was however short lived.
“So their sisters,” I heard Jordan speak up. “I would have never guessed it.”
He was sitting in a chair, in a dark corner of the room. That much I could sense.
“Yeah,” I grumbled.
“So that would mean EE is a Power too.”
“Uh no. There can only be one from their family and Slayer was chosen for that job.”
“So did you tell Jay about his father?”
“God, you just know everything don’t you?” As I now opened my eyes and looked over at him.
“Do you have spies or what?”
A smile formed at the corner of his mouth.
“Don’t need spies. This is my home and the walls do talk.” He replied.
“In other words, you were playing spy.”
“Like I said the walls do talk.”
The Archangel Michael now appeared from within a flash of light. He looked at me and then over at Jordan.
“I need to talk to her,” he said to Jordan.
“So go ahead.”
“I got it. I’ll leave.” Jordan got up and headed for the door, closing it behind him.
“So did you tell him?” Michael asked me.
“Yeah, I did.” I now got up, grabbing a bottle of J.D. off of my night stand.
“And what?”
“Saturn.” Knowing full well I was trying to hide something from him.
“He wants to talk to you,” I said, taking a drink from the bottle. “And I think you should. It’s time he knew his father. You even said so yourself. I’m afraid of one thing though.”
“What’s that?”
“That you’ll go in there and act not as a father but more as an Archangel. A very egotistical angel.” I pointed out.
“No. I know you, Michael. You can sometimes come off as well an ass. Even if you try not to be. You always think your right or at least what you say is. Your also stubborn as hell. And knowing Jay those are two qualities he inherited from you.”
“Saturn, get to the point.”
“I’m afraid you two might actually bump heads, so to speak, before you even have a chance to have a father/son relationship. Not only that, but things like that can draw attention even that of a demon’s.”
“Saturn, I promise that won’t happen.”
“I hope not or we’re all screwed.”
Michael was about to say something when someone knocked on the door.
“What?” I answered loudly.
“Can I come in?” Jay asked from the other side.
Jay walked in closing the door behind him. It didn’t take him long to notice Michael.
“Um...I have to go talk to a certain Texan about something,” I started to say, as I headed for the door.
After I left, Jay kept staring at Michael. Not saying a word at first, just kept on staring. There were so many emotions running through him. So many questions running through his mind. He just didn’t know where to begin.
“I know your mad, I can sense that.” Michael spoke up. “But you have to know I loved your mother, still do. And a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t thought about her or about you.”
“Funny, can’t say the same about you,” Jay sarcastically remarked as he lit up a cigarette.
“You smoke?”
“Yeah. What? Have a problem with that?”
“No, no. I just didn’t know you smoked.”
“Yeah, well there’s a lot about me you don’t know. Maybe if you would of stayed around instead of splitting, you would have found that out.”
“I had no choice. My time as a human had expired and besides if Lucifer had...” Michael began to explain.
“Don’t.” Jay argued back. “Don’t make up excuses. If you had wanted to, you could have.”
“What you don’t think I fought to stay? You don’t think it killed me to leave you and your mother behind. I had obligations, responsibilities to God. I couldn’t just walk away, it wasn’t that simple.”
“You could have if you wanted to.” Jay snarled. “You could have..you know what forget it now. I’m a grown man, I don’t need my father. I don’t need you.”
“Yes, you do. You don’t realize it but you do. Grown or not.” Michael calmly responded.
“Your wrong. I don’t need you. Not for a damn thing.” Jay growled back, leaving before Michael could stop him.
I now stood out in the hallway, waiting for their conversation to end. Jay stopped in front of me, looking directly in my eyes.
“Keep him away from me,” Jay warned in a growl. “Keep him far away.”
He began to head for the steps to go downstairs and I just stood there, shaking my head somewhat. Sensing the anger rising off of him. Michael stepped out into the hallway while I continued to smoke my cigar.
“Where did he go?” Michael asked.
“Downstairs.” I answered.
Michael started to head for the steps but I quickly stopped him.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I pointed out.
“Do what?”
“Chase after him. He needs time alone.”
“I’m his father.” Michael protested.
“I know.” I continued. “But how would you feel if your world just got flipped upside-down. He needs time to think.”
“Give him time, Michael.”
He looked over at me and a sly grin quickly appeared on his face.
“Ironic.” He said.
“What is?” I asked.
“That a human helps an angel out for once.”
“I help my friends out, you know that Mikey.”
Both Jordan and Joe now came out of Jordan’s office. Walking towards Michael and I.
“We’ve got a problem,” Jordan said, sticking his cell phone in his back pocket. “That was Slayer. EE has Thief.”
“Like we didn’t see that coming.” Michael sarcastically remarked.
“There’s more. She also has Lucifer.” Jordan continued.
“No way.” Michael responded with a raised eyebrow. “How did she..how could she..”
“She’s the Seventh Seal,” I spoke up. “She’s has the power to do what she wants. Hell, she has access to heaven. Let’s just hope she doesn’t know about that yet or else we’re good as dead.”
“So what do you want to do?” Joe asked.
“Get the others together. We’re going after EE.”
“What about Jay?” Michael asked.
“I’ll go get him. Shouldn’t be too hard to find him. Hell, all I have to do is follow the trail of cigarette butts and empty bottles of scotch.” I remarked.
Michael and Joe went off to find the others, while I headed downstairs. Jordan started to follow me and I stopped dead in my tracks before I went out the back door.
“I can find Jay by myself.” I said, keeping my back turned.
“I want to help.”
“Why afraid I might fall over drunk before I even get a chance to save the day.” I retorted.
“Look about that. I shouldn’t have said what I did. I’m..”
“Forget it.” I cut him off, opening the back door. “Just stay here. I’ll find Jay alone.”
As soon as I left, Preston could be heard on the other side of the kitchen door, coughing.
“Dead man.” Preston coughed.
Jordan walked over to the kitchen door, kicking it open as it swung in Preston’s direction smacking him in the face.
“OW! DAMMIT!” Preston exclaimed.
A smile appeared out of the corner of Jordan’s mouth. I was now heading towards the back of the place where a trail of cigarette butts were. The smell of Jay’s cheap cologne along with his anger filled the night sky and intoxicated my feral senses.
“Damn cheap..” I growled as Ravyn flew in front of me, flapping her wings and letting out a caw.
“Where is he?” I asked her.
She flew up into the sky and then down a small trail leading into the woods. I didn’t hesitate to follow. At the end of the trail was a little area where a large rock laid in the middle of it. Jay was laying up against the rock, sitting on the ground and drinking a bottle of scotch. Ravyn landed on top of the rock, looking down at Jay. Jay stared up at me and shook his head a little.
“If you’re here to give me a speech, save it.” he grumbled.
“Actually, I just found out EE has got Thief and Lucy. The others and I are going to save them. I just thought you might want to help but if your just gonna drink yourself past the point of no return..”
“Hey, how the hell would you feel if your world got turned upside-down?” Jay argued.
“It already did.” I calmly responded, crossing my arms as I leaned against the side of a tree.
“Let me guess, when you found out you were a carrier,” Jay retorted.
“No. When I lost my family.”
Jay didn’t know what to say. He felt like an ass for acting the way he did and I could pretty much sense it.
“Saturn, I didn’t mean to..”
“Forget it. Jay, you have a chance to get to know your father. Don’t blow it. If you do, you’ll regret it,” I interrupted him. “So are you gonna help us out or do you still need time to think?”
“I still need time. There’s a lot to think about.”
“Yeah, well I gotta go.” I now turned around to walk away.
“What?” I asked, keeping my back turned away from him.
“I know there was a war and that Lucy killed your family but you’ve never really told anyone exactly what happened. So what did happen?”
“You don’t want to know,” I responded, walking away. “You don’t want to know.”
Thief now woke up to find himself in a very large room, somewhat looking like part of a sewer. Tied up to a stone wall by iron chains.
“Morning Sunshine.” Lucy sarcastically remarked, tied up to the wall only a few feet away from Thief.
“Where’s EE? And what the hell are you doing here?” Thief questioned.
“She’s around. Probably planning our deaths.”
“Not exactly.” EE stepped out of the shadows, dressed in a long flowing black satin gown, which complimented the curves of her body when she moved.
“Ellie.” Thief whispered.
Slayer now appeared before EE, stepping out of hiding.
“Sis, you’ve got to stop this.” She pleaded with her.
“And why would I want to do that?” EE laughed. “Especially since I’m having so much fun.”
“I AM NOT YOUR SISTER!” EE exclaimed, as she raised her hand up, using the power of her Seal to throw Slayer across the room.
Slayer ended up laying on the floor unconscious.
“I guess she knows how to use her Seal.” Lucy said, looking over at where Slayer was laying.
“You think.” Thief snapped back at him. “Wait, you know she carries a Seal?”
“Uh duh. Pretty much figured it out when her hand started to glow earlier.”
“You were still in la-la land when it happened. Nothing to sweat over really. She just made it clear she could stop me from breathing if she wanted to.”
Slayer slowly got to her feet, shaking her head a little. She stumbled backwards bumping into something. She turned around to see two red eyes glowing from the darkness. Before Slayer could react, the creature grabbed her by her neck lifting her off of the ground.
“What the hell?” Thief said under his breath as the creature stepped into the light of the room, still holding onto Slayer.
“Something Beburos left for Saturn.” Lucifer replied. “Not only did he drive your dear wife insane, he had her team up with that thing. Kind of puts a damn kink in my plans, if you ask me.”
“Beburos was a fool.” The creature roared.
“Yes, I’ll give you that,” Lucifer replied. “He was a fool. A inconsiderate fool.”
“Do I sense anger in your tone?” Thief remarked.
“Was it that obvious?”
The others and I now wandered through the sewers looking for EE, Thief, Slayer and, Lucy.
“Are you sure their down here, Saturn?” Jeannie asked.
“Yeah.” I answered, using my feral senses to track their scents.
When I finally found their scents, we ended up at a wall. Literally.
“Saturn hon, I think your senses might be off a little.” Deb spoke up.
“No. She’s right on the mark. I can sense them too.” Jordan replied. “Their behind the wall.”
“How can that be?”
“Because there’s a room on the other side,” Berl said, using her power to see what was going on, on the other side of wall. “There’s also something else. Something.. AUGGGHH!!!”
Before anyone knew what had happened, she fell to her knees, holding her head in her hands as she rocked back and forth.
“Berl, are you okay?” Kindred asked.
“I’m fine. There’s something on the other side though. Something evil.”
“I’ll just blast the wall..” Joe started to say.
“No.” I interrupted him. “Whoever is on the other side is probably expecting that.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Because whatever is evil on the other side can sense us. It’s feral.”
“Then what do we do?” Q asked.
“We need something to distract it while we try to get in. We need to have...”
That’s when a smile appeared on my face as I stared directly at Preston.
“Oh no. I know that look.” Preston crossed his arms, shaking his head. “No way.”
I now walked over to him with a sly grin.
“But why not?” I asked seductively. “I thought you always wanted to play the big strong hero and save the day.”
“Uh..um..uh..um..” Preston began to sweat a little.
“Besides, if you do this Presty-Westy, I’ll repay the favor later.” I purred in his ear.
“I’m in.” He quickly said. “What do I have to do?”
“Oh, you’ll see.” I grinned as I walked away. “You’ll see.”
We eventually found a way in through a tunnel and had Preston go in first. That way, it gave us the chance to sneak in undetected. Preston wearing a tutu now appeared before EE, Thief, the creature, Lucy and Slayer. Slayer of course was tied up to the wall.
“What the hell?” Thief said, raising an eyebrow.
“He isn’t wearing what I think he is, is he?” Lucifer asked, just as surprised as Slayer and Thief.
“Yeah.” Thief answered. “Now the question is, what did Saturn say to him to even think about putting that tutu on?”
“What is this?” The creature growled in a low tone. “Some sort of joke?”
“I will now dance my version of the swan lake,” Preston announced.
“OH HELL NO!” Thief exclaimed. “You do that and I’ll set this whole place up in flames. Last thing I want to see is a grown man dancing around in some damn tutu. “
“I’m hurt, Thief.” Preston sarcastically remarked. “I thought you liked my dancing.”
“Don’t go there, Prestina.”
“ENOUGH!” The creature roared, sniffing a little. “Well, well she did show up after all. Oh Saturn come out, come out where ever you are.”
The sound of claws being unsheathed could be heard throughout the room. The creature deviously grinned hearing this.
“Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” He mockingly said.
“ROARRRRR!!!!” I cried out as I jumped the creature from behind, knocking him to the ground and holding my claws inches away from his jugular.
“Beautiful but deadly.” The creature grinned. “God knows how to pick them.”
The others now stepped out of the shadows and were about to get closer when some sort of force field of a wall appeared in front of them. Cutting the creature and I off from anyone else.
“What the...” Q said, getting ready to touch the force field.
“DON’T” Isis quickly grabbed his hand. “You might get hurt.”
“Are we just a tad bit worried, doll.” Q replied with a sly grin.
“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”
“You should know by now nothing can harm me. Except maybe Thief. Even then I could take him on.”
“I heard that.” Thief spoke up, glaring at Q.
“What do you want?” I now asked the creature in a low growl.
“I already have what I want.” He smiled. “Come on Saturn, don’t tell me you forgot your first love?”
I looked into his eyes and could see something familiar.
“Kris?” I whispered under my breath.
“In the flesh, baby.”
“Impossible.” I argued. “He’s dead.”
“Just an illusion.”
“I don’t believe you.” I now held my claws even closer to his jugular. “And even if you are, you got ugly real quick.”
“I’m hurt. I mean after all the time and love we had put in our relationship, Saturn. Or should I say Melissa.”
“Melissa?” Thief raised an eyebrow.
I now got off of the creature, letting him go.
“It’s her real name.” He stood up, as he replied.
“It use to be.” I corrected him. “But that name along with the life died a long time ago.”
“So you have changed. How have you been?”
“Why did you do this?” I asked. “Why would you work for the likes of Beburos?”
“Why don’t you ask Lucifer. He after all originally brought me back to life.”
“Then how did Beburos...?”
“He stole control of my mind from Lucifer. However that was short lived. I soon overpowered Beburos not just physically but mentally. I had him working for me not long after. Along with Azazel, Isis and, of course your precious EE.”
“Wait a minute, you can control minds?” Ven asked, feeling somewhat confused by the whole situation.
“With ease, my dear. With ease. All though, I do prefer the young female minds over the male.”
Thief now looked over at EE who hadn’t moved a muscle this whole time. He then looked back over at the creature. And that’s when something snapped in him.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Thief roared. “YOUR DEAD!”
The creature just laughed at Thief’s anger.
“I could easily make you think you’re a puppy and have you lick yourself before you ever got the chance to lay a hand on me, boy.”
“Why Kris?” I questioned. “Why did you use so many innocent people to get to me? Why didn’t you just come directly after me?”
“You and I both know that wouldn’t have been any fun. You would of knew I was coming from a mile away before I even got the chance to surprise you. It would have ruined my plans. And speaking of plans, I wouldn’t mind fulfilling one of them right now.” Kris grinned.
“Go to hell,” I growled.
“Tsk, tsk and I thought you so wanted to be with me.” Kris now pulled me close to him, stroking the side of my face and getting ready to kiss me.
“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Jay roared as he appeared out of the darkness.
Kris quickly let me go to attack Jay but found himself being knocked across the room by soldier boy.
“Stay out of the way, if you know what’s good for you, boy.” Kris got to his feet.
Jay now stood his ground. Standing in front of me, so Kris couldn’t touch me.
“Jay.” I began to say.
“I’m not moving,” he interrupted me.
“I don’t need to see you get hurt.” I argued. “I can take care of him myself.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you did.” Kris deviously grinned.
“My god, what a pig!” Duchess exclaimed. “Hey Saturn, what the hell did you ever see in him? For the love of all that is poetic, he makes the Texan look like a Saint.”
“Apologize.” Jay now demanded of Kris.
“Or what?” Kris retorted in a snarl.
Jay now turned his hand into a metallic sword, charging after Kris. Only to end up being tossed across the room like a rag doll. I ran to Jay’s side to see if he was okay. He just looked up at me and a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth. I helped him to his feet as he now began to slowly stand on his own.
Now I don’t know what possessed Jay to do what he did next but let me tell you something it took me by total surprise. He grabbed my by my waist, pulled me close to him and began to kiss me.
“OH MY GOD!” Barbs exclaimed.
After Jay was done, he let me go and I just stood there dazed with a goofy smile on my face.
“There she’s no longer yours,” Jay sarcastically remarked with a sly grin.
“Saturn, are you okay?” Slayer asked.
I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. I was in la-la land and floating on cloud nine. Kris now attacked Jay, knocking him to the ground.
“Uh Saturn..” Tom said trying to snap me out of it. “SATURN!”
“Huh what?” I replied, coming to.
“You might want to help Jay out. He’s getting the tar beat out of him.”
Before I could even get the chance to do so, Kris let out a cry of pain as Jay stabbed him through the chest. A ring of fire surrounded both of them and within seconds they vanished right before our eyes. The ring of fire and the force field disappeared around the same time. Isis and Joe now went over to free Lucy, Slayer and Thief from their chains. EE fainted only to come to a few seconds later with Thief right by her side.
“Thief?” She said confused, shaking her head a little. “What happened?”
“Long story.” Thief answered, silently thanking the heavens to have his wife back.
“Saturn?” Jordan spoke up, noticing how I was just standing there looking at the spot where the ring of fire had been.
“He took my place.” I responded, trying to understand what had just happened. “That was suppose to be me. I was suppose to sacrifice myself. I was suppose to die and he knew it.”
“Saturn, it’s not your fault.”
I just began to walk away from him and the others. Leaving the room. Jordan began to follow but Pops stopped him.
“Don’t. Let her go. She needs to be alone.”
A few days later, I laid on my bed looking up at the ceiling, drinking a bottle of J.D. as Michael appeared out of nowhere. He had been spending the past two days looking for Jay’s soul but without luck.
“He could still be alive,” Michael said. “You and I both know that. Saturn, look I don’t blame you. You can’t save...”
“Don’t.” I now took another drink. “Just don’t.”
“So your not going to listen to what I have to say?”
“Fine, I’m leaving. I can’t talk to you when your like this.”
He left within a flash of light. Leaving me to drink myself into unconsciousness. Hours passed before I awoke to finding my bedroom window wide open as the snow blew in, landing on the floor underneath the window. I got up to go close the window only to find wet footprints leading to my bedside. I closed the window and just as I did so I felt something brush up against my back. I quickly turned around to see no one or at least nothing. Jordan now knocked on the door.
“Can I come in?”
“It’s your house, isn’t it?” I went over and sat back down on the bed.
Jordan walked in, noticing the empty bottles of J.D. on the floor next to the bed. He didn’t say anything however. Even though I knew he wanted to.
“So did Q and Thief have their talk?” I asked him.
“Yeah. After a few hours of Thief banging Q’s head against the wall, they finally talked it out.” Jordan answered. “By the way, EE has been told everything. Preston is still pissed that Jay kissed you. Also that you sent Bubba to repay that favor. And the familia is worried about you.”
“And you?”
“I’m still trying to comprehend what happened. Saturn, was it Kris?”
“Yeah, it was.”
“How did Jay know you were going to..”
“Between you and me, I think you weren’t the only one reading my journal. I think he knew all this time what I was going to do. This might sound crazy Richie-Rich, but I have a feeling he’s still alive.”
“Saturn, we saw him...”
“He’s alive.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“What else, find him.”
“What if Lucy decides to pull something while your away?”
“He won’t.” I answered, now lighting up a cigar. “If anything he’ll stay low for awhile.”
“How can you be sure of that”
“Because he knows I’m pissed at him.”
Later that night, I left on my motorcycle. Reassuring the family before leaving that I was fine. Last thing I wanted was them to worry about me while I was away. Ravyn decided to come along with me. Which I didn’t mind considering I didn’t think she would have wanted to hang around all the mess that was happening between Thief and Q. Granted, they have talked things out but it doesn’t take long before Q will go and say something to piss Thief off. It’s a Westie thing. As I left, Jordan watched from his office window. I knew he was worried. I could sense it. But he had to realize I had to do this. If Jay was alive then I had to know. Because to be honest, I had a few questions he only had answers to. And I needed to know the answers.

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Poetry Familia 7

Since the last time I left all of you. Jay had taken over for his father in heaven as Arch Angel of War. Q had been killed. Isis’s heart had been broken. Love had been found among a few Westie members. And yours truly was still trying to get over the death of the Arch Angel Michael, while trying to understand who Jay was by reading his journal. Yea, a lot had happened. Too much to keep track of. But when you live with this familia, everyday brings something. Laughter, tears, joy, pain, love, hate and, even insanity. Especially the insanity.
“KEEP IT DOWN!” I now banged on my bedroom wall as Fox and Shawna were having too much fun in his room.
The noise and giggling stopped for a minute, giving me a chance to close my eyes before it started up again.
“That does it.” I grumbled, climbing out of bed, grabbing my pillow and blanket as I headed for the door.
I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. Laying my head down as I crashed, I was soon getting to fall asleep when Drew, Dena, Blaze, Duchess, Libra and Barbs all showed up. Chit chatting away like a bunch of squirrels on an ultimate sugar high and doing what kids their age do. Crash in front of the T.V., talk up a storm and, munch on junk food.
“Damn.” I began to grumble, heading somewhere else to sleep.
“Saturn, we’re sorry. We didn’t..” Dena started to apologize.
“Forget it.” I interrupted her, still grumbling.
I looked everywhere to find a place to sleep before only having two options to choose from. Crash in Jordan’s room or Preston’s. Uh yea, Jordan’s room. That’s the last place I’d ever consider going in. Nothing against him, it’s just if people found out they would draw their own conclusions and the rumor mill would begin to fly. So I was left with the only alternative. Which I hated. I knocked on Preston’s bedroom door, grumbling under my breath as I did so. I could hear jazz music playing and a woman giggling behind the door. Which is not out of the ordinary, considering the power Preston has to charm women. However, it was quite surprising to see who he was entertaining when he opened the door. Preston stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist while Gilly laid on his bed with only a sheet covering her. I now raised an eyebrow, having somewhat of an idea as to what had been going on.
“Saturn, this is a surprise. What can I do to help you?” Preston asked, with a sly southern boy grin.
“Nothing.”I answered, starting to walk away but stopping to say something quick before I continued to leave. “Uh by the way, you two just gave me a mental image.”
“So I’ve got another reason to drink.”
“Saturn.” Gilly began to reply.
“I’m gone.” I said with a devious grin. “Just don’t hurt yourselves.”
Preston closed the door as I continued to walk away, heading towards Jordan’s room. I knocked on the door. Only to have no answer. Figuring he was still working in the recording studio. I entered his room and crashed on his bed. Drifting off into dreamland. An hour later, I felt someone covering me up with a blanket.
“Try anything and you’ll be living the rest of your life as woman.” I warned, keeping my eyes closed as I yawned.
“Don’t worry. That was the farthest thing from my mind. Just would like to know why you’re in my room?” Jordan asked.
“Frank and Shawna couldn’t keep it down.” I yawned again. “Couldn’t sleep with the noise they were...”
“Saturn?” Noticing that I was beginning to fall back asleep.
“Huh? What?” I answered in a sleepy tone.
Jordan pulled back the covers a little to see me curled up in a ball, sleeping soundly. A smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Night Saturn.” As he laid down next to him, drifting off to sleep himself.
A few minutes passed and Ravyn flew in through the window, landing on top of the dresser. Watching Jordan and I as we slept peacefully. She flew out the window only to return with wild flowers in her beak. She placed them at our feet and then flew back on to the dresser. Nestling her beak into her left wing before quickly falling fast asleep.
Meanwhile, downstairs in EE and Thief’s room, Thief was sitting on the edge of the bed reading the letter EE had written him. A few moments passed before he started to flip out, throwing things around the room. Nega was the first to rush in and see him go berserk.
“T... Dammit T, what is it man?” Nega asked, as he dunked so a vase wouldn’t hit him in the head.
“She left.” Thief growled. “Look, here.”
Nega took the letter from him and began to read it silently.
“Whoa. Saturn is gonna be pissed.” Nega remarked.
“Hello? The Lucifer thing. Not to mention your..uh.. EE carries the Seventh Seal.”
“True but how could she do this to me. To Isis even. I thought she loved me.” Thief now sat on the floor, feeling his world beginning to fall apart.
Berls, Ven, Heinzs a.k.a. Pops and, Bags all showed up at the same time. Looking around the room as they entered.
“Redecorating I see.” Bags sarcastically remarked.
“Not now, man.” Nega responded.
“Okay, what is going on?” Berls asked.
Nega handed her the letter. And as she read it, Pops and Ven looked over her shoulder. After she was done reading, she let out a sigh.
“This isn’t good.”
“Thief, if there’s anything you need.” Pops began to say. “You know we’re here for you.”
“Should I wake up Saturn?” Ven asked Berls in a whisper.
“No, let her sleep. She’s been up for the past thirty-six hours. We’ll tell her in the morning,” Berls answered back in a low whisper.
“Does Isis know?” Pops asked Thief.
“No.” Thief now lowered his head, trying to hide the hurt he was feeling.
“It’s not the end of the world. Who knows, maybe this is one of Lucifer’s tricks.” Nega suggested, speaking up.
“And if it isn’t?”
“Then, I don’t know.”
“Exactly, you don’t.” Thief stood up, heading for the door.
“Where are you going?” Ven questioned.
“Well, this isn’t good.” Bags shook his head.
The sun rose and Ravyn woke up, stretching her wings. She looked over to see that sometime during the night I had snuggled up to Jordan, putting my head on his chest while laying my arm across him. Berls now knocked lightly on the door, hoping to get an answer. When she didn’t get one she carefully opened the door to see the same scene Ravyn was witnessing.
“I’ll be.” Berls whispered under her breath.
“What? What is it?” Ven asked, who was standing in the hallway, waiting.
“Shh Ven. Look.”
Ven now entered the room as Berls pointed over to Jordan and I sleeping.
“Aww.” Ven whispered with a smile.
“It was only a matter of time.” Berls said, smiling somewhat.
“You have to admit they do look cute together.” Ven replied, keeping her voice to a whisper.
“What are you two talking about?” Bags spoke up, entering the room.
He noticed Jordan and I and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.
“What the hell is going on here? I thought Saturn...”
“Would you keep your voice down.” Ven snapped at Bags, still in a whisper. “We don’t want to wake them up.”
“Why not?”
That’s when Ven smacked Bags in the back of his head and kept pushing him out the door as she began to leave as well.
“I swear sometimes you irish men can be such...” She started to go off on Bags in the hallway.
Berls stood there for a few seconds before going over to Ravyn and patting her on the head as she left. Making sure to close the door behind her.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Preston was becoming quite popular with the women in the familia. Gilly was cooking him breakfast while Jeannie, Val, Phoenix and, Leysa were all sitting around the kitchen table staring at him like love sick puppies as he read his paper. Tom and Nega both walked in to the kitchen, looking around and then at each other.
“What the..?” Nega started to say.
“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Tom replied. “We try to figure it out and we’ll just end up with massive headaches.”
“But Tom, their staring at Preston like he’s an Adonis.” Nega now whispered to him. “And Gilly is cooking him breakfast? Come on, something is definitely up.”
“It seems gentlemen.” Preston responded, putting his paper down. “That the women in the familia prefer a southern gentleman.”
“Uh huh. What did you do?” Nega asked.
“I swear I did nothing. It’s not my fault these lovely ladies are attracted to my southern charm.”
“You used your power on them, didn’t you?” Nega now crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow.
“You and I both know I promised Berlie to never use my power on a female familia member.” Preston calmly replied. “She’d kick my rear if I ever did.”
“True. But it’s never stopped you from trying to use it on Saturn.” Tom pointed out.
“Oh that. That was for mere fun.”
Ven now walked into the kitchen and unlike the other women in the room, she wasn’t at all attracted to Preston. Tom and Nega were kind of surprised by this.
“How is..” Nega began to ask.
“I don’t even want to know.” Tom rubbed his forehead.
“So what are you guys talking about?” As Ven got something to drink out of the fridge.
“Preston just said that he used his power of charm on Saturn for mere fun.” Nega explained.
“Oh really?”
“Yea.” Preston said, trying to play it smooth. “All out of fun. Was never really interested in her. Just liked driving her insane.”
“So you have absolutely no feelings for her?”
“No, none.”
“Then, it wouldn’t bother you if I told you she’s sleeping in Jordan’s room.” Ven deviously smiled.
“So she’s not sleeping alone.”
“Uh oh.” Tom remarked, noticing the look that washed over Preston’s face.
“What do you mean she’s not alone?” Preston now questioned Ven, trying to remain calm and cool.
“I mean Jordan is sleeping with her.” Ven replied.
“Do you mean sleep or sleep sleep?”
“How am I suppose to know. I just saw them sleeping together in bed.”
Preston got up and headed for the door.
“Where are you going?” Tom asked.
“I’ve got something to take care of.” Preston now left.
“Chances are that something includes break the neck of a rich boy.” Nega commented. “Who wants to go watch?”
“Nega.” Ven warned.
“What? It’s entertainment. Besides, we could get a betting pool started and make a little money..”
“Fine. Sheesh. It was just an idea.”
Preston now snuck into Jordan’s room to see Ravyn perched on the window sill as yours truly was sleeping in Jordan’s bed. However, there was no sign of Jordan himself. A devious grin crossed Preston’s face as he quietly made his way to the bed. He didn’t even get a chance to touch the bed before he found himself being held up against a wall by his neck and a set of claws pointed at his jugular.
“Is this really necessary. I mean come on.” Preston tried to act cool.
“Leave her alone.” Jordan warned in a growl.
“I wasn’t going to do anything.” Preston argued back. “Unlike you I know how to act like a gentleman.”
Jordan began to snarl. Showing a not so nice side of him and Preston began to sweat. Ravyn let out a caw and I quickly woke up looking over at Jordan and Preston.
“What the..?” I began to raise an eyebrow. “Jordan?”
“It’s nothing.” He lied, knowing what I was going to ask as he let go of Preston. “We were just having a little talk.”
Preston got to his feet and brushed himself off as Jordan sheathed his claws.
“Are you okay?” I asked Preston.
He looked at me and then over at Jordan and then back at me.
“Never better.” He finally answered, noticing the stare Jordan was giving him out of the corner of his eye.
“Uh huh. Well, I’m going downstairs. Can you boys possibly play nice while I’m gone?” I remarked, getting out of bed.
“Saturn, are you up?” Pops now knocked on the door.
“Yea, come in.”
Pops opened the door and Ravyn quickly flew over, landing on his shoulder.
“What’s up?” I asked him.
“”Berls needs to talk to you.” He answered. “Am I interrupting something?”
“No, not really.” As I now walked past Pops. “Their just trying to kill each other.”
I found Berls sitting in a chair on the front porch talking to Erika, Nega and, Buttters.
“So Pops said you needed to talk to me.” I walked on to the porch, closing the front door behind me.
“Sleep well?” Nega asked, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth.
“Nega.” Berls warned.
“What? I just asked her a question.” He tried to sound innocent.
“Just don’t.”
I raised an eyebrow, looking somewhat puzzled.
“Saturn, it’s Thief.” Berls changed the subject.
“What about T?”
That’s when Berls handed me the letter.
“Where’s T?” I questioned after reading it.
“He took off last night.” Erika replied. “No one has seem him since or knows where he is.”
“I do.”
Meanwhile in the depths of hell, Lucifer sat on his throne, plotting in his mind on how to make mankind suffer as usual. Until someone decided to pay him an unexpected visit. The demon stood before him dressed in a black army uniform, with a cross hanging upside-down on a necklace chain. In his human disguise he’d be a ladies man. As a demon however, that was a different story. Let’s just say if there was a contest for ugliest demon, he’d win it. In his past life he was human and a poet with a life of happiness. Now all he knew was misery.
“You’re going to need my help.” The demon spoke up.
“What makes you say that?” Lucifer snarled.
“Easy. I know how to work on the inside of the familia. I know how to play with weaknesses.”
“So in order to get to Saturn, you need to get a hold of her precious familia and the Westies. Especially those damn Westies. To her, their her lion cubs.”
“Their harmless then.”
“Actually, no. But that’s what they want you to think. Trust me their anything but. Especially those boys. They’ll kill anyone who dares mess with their familia. And considering Saturn is not only a member of the familia but the First Lady of the Westies, I’d hate to see anyone try to mess with them.”
“So what is your plan? I assume you do have one.” Lucifer raised an eyebrow.
“That I do but we’re going to need some assistance.” The demon snapped his fingers.
EE stepped out of the shadows wearing a mini black dress and a cross necklace the same as the demon’s.
“It’s a Seal Carrier.” Lucifer now shifted uncomfortable in his seat, growling. “What is she doing here?”
“She isn’t a carrier.” The demon calmly responded. “Apparently, that was a lie.”
“But why...?”
“So God could throw you off track and I’m pretty sure Saturn knew about it.”
“But she had the powers.” Lucifer now pointed at EE. “She even beat the tar out of Saturn once.”
“All for show and all to fool you.”
“How do you know all of this?”
“I have my ways of finding out things.”
“So who carries the Seventh Seal?” Lucifer now questioned, curious to hear the response.
“I don’t know. Whoever it is, Saturn is keeping their identity on the down low.”
“Only her and God knows who carries the Seven Seal. And since God isn’t talking, we have to go after Saturn.”
“What makes you think she’ll talk?”
“Like I said before I know weaknesses. Her familia and her Westies are her weaknesses. Get a hold of them, she’ll talk.”
I now found Thief down at the Pub. Bags always kept it closed on sundays but, Thief had a key just in case. Erika and Nega both had decided to come along with me. I told them I could handle Thief on my own but neither of them wanted to hear it. Not only that but Berls wanted them to tag along. Which in her own sweet words meant I either let them come with me or she would make my life a living hell. Which I had no doubt she would. Just for the simple fact she’s considered the mama of the familia. And we all know how mothers can be. They’ll put a band-aid on your boo boo when you get hurt but tink them off just once and they’ll rip that same damn band-aid off just as fast as they had put it on.
“So where do you think he is?” Erika asked, as we stood in the doorway to the Pub.
I began to sniff the air a little before seeing a bottle cap fly over the bar. If I hadn’t caught it in my hand when I did it would have hit Erika in the side of her face.
“You’re good.” Nega commented. “You’re just too damn good.”
I walked over to the bar and looked over the counter, seeing Thief sitting on the floor and drinking himself in to oblivion.
“Boo.” I said, with a devious grin.
Thief somewhat startled looked up at me and shook his head a little.
“Get the hell out of here,”he growled. “Leave me alone.”
“I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“You’ve got too many people who are worried about you. They wanted me to check on you. To see if you were okay.”
Thief now stumbled to his feet, coming out from behind the bar. He was about to fall flat on his face but I quickly caught him before he did. Helping him to stand up, he quickly pushed me away and I could sense the anger rising off of him.
“It’s your fault.” He now snarled. “She left because you had to tell her. Why couldn’t you have kept your mouth shut about her being a carrier. Why couldn’t you let her live a normal life? Why did you have to screw everything up?”
“T, your drunk, man. Look, it isn’t Saturn’s fault..” Nega began to say.
“It is. Ever since she’s arrived into the familia we started losing people. First, it was Ravyn. Then Jay, Q and now.. Now Ellie.” Thief argued. “Who’s next, Saturn? How many have to die or do you have to drive away before your satisfied?”
“Don’t, T.” I warned in a low growl.
“Or what? Your gonna kill me? Go ahead. I’d like to see you try.” Thief now let a flame of fire grow in his hand.
“I’m not going to fight you.” I said, not making a move.
“Guess what Saturnite, you don’t have a choice!” Thief roared as he threw a ball of fire at me.
It hit me dead on, sending me backwards. I ended up slamming up against the wall and falling to the floor, laying there in pain.
“What the hell is wrong with you, T?” Nega now stood before him, blocking Thief from getting near me.
“Move.” Thief growled, not sounding at all human.
“Can’t do that, bro. Not if your going to hurt the lady.” Nega began to change into his skeleton form.
Thief now took a swing at Nega. Nega ducked, giving Thief an upper cut to the chin, sending him to stumble backwards. All the while, Erika was looking for a phone behind the bar to call Berls and the familia. She knew things were getting way out of hand and decided it was time to get help. She scattered behind the bar with phone in hand, dialing like crazy. Nega by this time was sent flying in mid-air over the bar by a flame of fire. Erika dropped the phone and crawled over to Nega to make sure he was okay.
“Nega, can you hear me? Nega?”
“Protect Saturn.” Nega groaned in pain. “He’s gonna kill her.”
I now slowly got to my feet, still refusing to fight Thief.
“What? Are you scared to fight me?” he said in a mocking tone.
“I don’t fight friends.” I responded through clenched teeth, still feeling the sting of the blast. “I don’t fight familia.”
A devious grin formed on Thief’s face as his eyes began to fill with rage. I could sense a strange smell of evil that had been near him. Not that of Lucy but a demon no doubt.
“T, who came to see you?” I asked in a low growl.
“Someone.” He continued to grin. “Someone who told me the secrets you were keeping. Secrets you kept from me. Why didn’t you tell me EE was a decoy?”
“She didn’t want me to.”
“Oh, so she knew too.”
“Decoy?” Erika now scratched her head.
“Seems our dear sweet little Saturnite knew that EE wasn’t the real Seventh Seal carrier. It was all a ruse to throw Lucifer off from finding out the real identity of the Seventh Seal.” Thief sneered. “However, our dear old pal Lucy has now kidnaped EE and knows the truth. Well, most of it.”
“T.” I warned in a growl, knowing what he was trying to do.
“So you and God are the only two who knows the true identity of the Seventh Seal. Damn shame you keep it from the other Seals. Then again, you could never be trusted. Not totally. Not with a shady past as yours.”
“You should talk.” I snarled. “Or have we forgotten oh thee of little mind.”
“No. But unlike you, I don’t hide things from friends.”
“Bull. You’ve hidden a lot. More than me even. Funny thing is though T, you make think you’re good at hiding your secrets but truth be told I can read your mind like an open book.”
“I thought you didn’t like invading minds because you didn’t like to invade other people’s privacy?” Thief’s eyes now began to spark flames.
“Usually I don’t but when I was with you searching for EE, I just couldn’t help myself. Besides, for someone who has played the innocent party in all of this should take a good hard look at themself, Judas.”
“You little bi...”
“You made a deal with Lucifer once before in your life. Do you honestly think he wouldn’t expect to get paid. Granted, he may want the Seventh Seal. Hell, let’s be honest he probably wants all of them but mostly the Seventh since that holds the key to heaven. But to have EE would be an extra bonus for him not to mention a debt you would be paying him back.”
“I don’t have to pay him back for nothing.”
“No, you do. I understand you were young and foolish. To be honest, I’m far from being a saint as well but I don’t fault you for what you did. If I were I would have probably.., no I know I would have done the same thing. However, it doesn’t give you a right to start blaming everyone while acting innocent. We’re all to blame hon, in one way or another. Including you”
“So who is the Seventh carrier?” Erika questioned.
“I can’t say.” I answered.
“Why not?” Thief now raised an eyebrow.
“Because I took vows.”
“Da hell with the vows, woman. Who is it?”
“Okay, let me put it this way so you can understand, you drunken jackass.” I now snapped at him.
“Whoa, I heard that.” Nega began to laugh a little behind the bar, coughing somewhat.
“I can’t say because if I do I put everyone’s life and all of heaven at risk.”
“And if you don’t, we die anyway.” Thief pointed out.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Lucy is willing to make a deal. You give him what he wants he leaves us alone, gives EE back and, won’t dare to lay a hand on Isis.”
“Are you mad? I can’t do that.”
“No. Sorry, T. But no. Besides, EE knew the risk she was taking when she volunteered to be a decoy.”
“Then why did she do it?”
“Because she loved you, Isis and, the familia.”
The expression on Thief’s face went soft for a moment before turning back to the rage it had been before. He quickly slammed me up against the wall, holding his hand near my face.
“Tell me the Seventh Seal!” He now demanded from me.
“I can’t.” I calmly replied.
“You’ll burn to death if you don’t.” Thief snarled.
“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Erika yelled, knocking Thief to the ground and away from me.
She had now turned into her flaming feline form, pinning Thief to the ground and making sure he couldn’t move. He looked up at her letting out a low growl.
“Get off of me, you damn cat.”
“That’s funny, men usually purr-fer me on top.” Erika purred with a devious grin. “Why don’t you forget about killing Saturn over there and be a good boy and actually help us in stopping Lucy.”
“Get the hell off of me.” He snarled.
“Or what?”
“Erika.” I warned, realizing what she was doing.
“Aww, come on, Saturn. Can’t I at least have a little fun.”
“Fine.” She sounded disgusted, climbing off of Thief.
Thief got to his feet as I now stood face to face with him.
“To me you’re dead,” he snarled. “You hear me, dead.”
Before anyone could stop him, he left. Slamming the door behind him. Erika looked over at me as I stood in the shadows of the Pub smoking a cigar.
“He needs time to cool off,” I said, reading her thoughts.
“We need to get back to the others.” I quickly changed the subject.
Blaze around this time came running in through the Pub door. Almost out of breath, she was about to pass out.
“Blaze, what the hell?” Erika began to ask, as Nega slowly got to his feet still in pain.
“It’s....” Blaze tried to say but was still catching her breath, pointing over her shoulder. “Look.”
Erika went over to the window, pulling back the curtain. Outside was a massive army of demons.
“Saturn, you should take a look at this.”
“So Lucy is going all out. I’ll be. Didn’t think he had it in him to flex any muscle. He must want that Seal real bad.” I remarked, still smoking my cigar. “We need to get back to the house because I think this is only a preview of what’s about to come. Hell, I know it is.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because this right here isn’t even one third of his army.”
“Yea. Damn.”
Thief now headed towards the cemetery to meet with a certain demon.
“I confronted her.” Thief spoke up.
“And let me guess.” The demon hissed from within the shadows. “She refused to give you the identity of the Seventh Seal.”
“Thief, Thief, Thief. You really disappoint me. I mean how do you expect to get EE back if you don’t do your part.”
“I can. I just need more time.” Thief sneered, clenching his fists.
“Fine. Look, Lucifer is willing to give you twenty-four hours. If you fail after that time, say bye- bye to your precious EE and of course all of humanity.” The demon responded calmly.
“I can do it.” Thief snarled.
“For your sake, I hope so.”
I now stood near the window in my room, watching the rain fall as I started to lose myself in my thoughts.
“Saturn?” I heard someone say from behind me.
I looked over my shoulder to see Jordan standing there.
“What?” I asked.
“Everyone is downstairs waiting. Are you okay?” He now had a look of worry on his face.
“The world is about to come to an end. What do you think?”
“What are you going to do?”
“That’s just it Richie-Rich, I don’t know.”
I now headed for the door, feeling a sudden chill down the back of my spine. I shivered a little, trying to ignore it. I knew what it was but I didn’t want to think about it.
“It’s nothing.”
Everyone except for Thief and EE were waiting for me in the living room. Even Joe was called to come over. As I entered the room with Jordan following right behind me, I could sense the anger rising off of Isis. She stared me down like she wanted me dead.
“How could you?” She raised her voice, not giving me a chance to speak. “How could you not tell any of us?”
“I was told not to.” I answered, trying to remain calm.
“By who?” She demanded to know.
“Who do you think.” I now snapped back at her.
She took a step back, noticing the look in my eyes.
“Do you honestly think it’s been easy for me,” I continued. “Having to live day by day keeping Lucifer away from the gates of Heaven. Wondering if I’m going to be able to survive the hell and turmoil of seeing another day. Wondering if by some small chance my life could have been different. Every day I live with memories of guilt for all the things I have done. All the while trying to keep it together long enough to stop hell from destroying this world like it did... Look, you have no idea or even a clue for that matter, so sit down and shut the hell up.”
“Saturn..” Berls started to interrupt.
“No, I’m sick of it.” I now yelled. I’m sick of having everyone jump down my throat because they have no clue, no damn idea what their talking about. If anyone thinks they can do what I do and take on Lucy, go right ahead. Just don’t come crying to me when you get your ass kicked or worse, end up dead.”
“No, you know what forget this.” I now turned around and headed for the front door, slamming it behind me as I left.
“Well, that went smooth.” Preston sarcastically remarked.
“Good riddance.” Isis crossed her arms.
“Excuse me? Good what?” Fox now snapped at her. “If it wasn’t for Saturn, little girl, you would have lost your parents a long time ago. She at one point or another has saved each of them from the dangers of hell, not to mention your butt. She’s also best friends with both your mother and father and, an important part of this familia. If I were you I’d count my blessings and thank god for what Saturn has done for you.”
“Oh like causing me pain and misery.” Isis pointed out, arguing. “And causing Q’s death.”
“You ungrateful little...” Jordan growled, having to stop himself from finishing.
Everyone looked over at him, somewhat surprised. He turned around and left before anyone could say a word.
“Whoa.” Fox said. “What the hell?”
“He has feelings.” Pops spoke up with a smile forming out of the corner of his mouth.
“What?” Jeanne scratched her head.
“”I think I know what Pops means,” Tom responded. “Jordan has feelings for Saturn.”
“Well yea, duh. We kind of already knew that.” Preston remarked. “Why do you think some of us have been...”
“It’s more than what you think.” Pops explained. “It’s more than the childish flirting you have done with her or have at least tried. It’s more than just a fling. His feelings run much deeper than that.”
“Oh well, that’s just great.” Preston retorted. “I finally don’t have to worry about soldier boy in the picture and now I have to deal with the Yankee having serious feelings for the feral.”
“Uh yea.” Bags now raised an eyebrow. “You do realize that some of us don’t speak Texan, Preston me boy.”
“Some of us don’t speak Irish either, what’s your point?” Preston grumbled.
“Never mind. And I thought you and Gilly had something going on.”
“We did but..”
“He left me up in a tree.” Gilly remarked.
“Uh huh.”
“I didn’t leave you up there, woman.” Preston argued.
“Uh huh.” Bags kept saying with his eyebrow still raised.
“Like hell you didn’t. Just like you didn’t fall asleep when we were...”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Fox spoke up. “I don’t think we need to be hearing this.”
“Speak for yourself,” Nega deviously grinned.
“You’re sick, get help man.”
“I tried.”
“The doctors said I’m sane, it’s the rest of the world that’s gone insane.”
“Go figure.”
“Saturn, wait!” Jordan tried to catch up to me as I headed down the end of the driveway.
I now stopped dead in my tracks, keeping my back turned.
“Where are you going?”
“Where do you think.”
“Saturn, you can’t fight him alone.”
“Why not? I’ve been doing it alone long before I joined the familia. Even after.”
“I can take care of myself.” I growled in a non-human tone.
“I know you can. It’s just...”
“Save your feelings.” I interrupted him, knowing what he was going to say. “You don’t know me.”
I looked over at him.
“I’m not going to stand by and watch you get yourself killed,” he said continuing.
“Then don’t.” I remarked.
“Dammit Saturn.” He began to argue.
A smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth.
“What?” He asked, noticing.
“Nothing.” I said, as I began to walk away.
“Melissa.” He now grabbed my arm before I could take another step.
“She died a long time ago.” I growled, keeping my back turned as he held on to my arm.
“Then why do you still let her past haunt you?” He asked.
“I don’t.”
“Could have fooled me.”
“Like I said before,” I retorted. “You don’t know me.”
“Actually, I do. You don’t let anyone get too close to you for fear that they might get hurt or not completely understand you. Your try to drown your past in Jack Daniels and you hide your feelings behind a tough facade and a cloud of cigar smoke. But..”
“But what?” I snarled.
“But I’ve seen another side of you. The side you try to hide from everyone else.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Oh, but I think you do.”
“I’ve gotta go.” I growled, now getting free from his grasp as I started to walk away again.
Nega was now in his room looking for his journal, when a certain demon made his presence known.
“What do you want?” Nega asked, smelling the stench of hell all around him.
The same kind of stench of sulfur and brimstone Nega releases on his enemies when he’s in his skeleton form. The only difference between hell’s stench and his is that his was more than just for show.
“You still owe Lucifer.” The demon hissed from within in the shadows.
“I don’t owe him a damn thing.” Nega snarled, turning in to his skeleton form as he took a swing at the demon in the shadows.
The demon blocked his attack, holding his hand up and catching Nega’s thrown punch. Almost crushing Nega’s skeleton fist in the process.
“I can easily turn your bones into dust.” The demon continued to hiss. “You’re going to pay Lucifer the debt you owe him.”
“Go to hell.” Nega clenched his teeth in pain.
“Actually, I don’t feel like going home right now.” The demon deviously grinned. “But thanks for the suggestion.”
The demon now tossed Nega across the room like a rag doll. The other members of the familia who had heard the commotion coming from his room, now rushed in to see Nega laying on the floor in pain as a demon walked towards him.
“Hey, leave him alone!” Butters yelled, as she used her metallic butterflies to attack the demon.
The demon however let the metallic butterflies enter in to his skin as he laughed. Not at all affecting him.
“Shit, that’s not good.” Fox remarked.
Slayer tried to sneak attack the demon and found herself ending up the same way Nega did.
“Damn.” Drew shook his head.
Leysa now stepped up to the plate. Raising her hand at the demon, her eyes and hand began to spark flashes of lightning. She shot a flash of lightning at the demon and he just had it bounce off of him, which then ended up flying towards Preston.
“Oh sh..” Preston started to say, diving to the floor.
The lightning crashed into the wall behind him. Exploding and creating a crater of a hole in the wall.
“Well, the Yankee isn’t going to be too happy about that one.” Preston bluntly said, coughing somewhat as the dust from the wall settled.
“Don’t you get it.” The demon laughed. “None of you can stop me.”
“Wanna bet?” He heard someone speak up from behind him.
The demon turned around to see a winged angel dressed in a uniform only a General of Heaven’s army would wear. Something that would demand nothing but utter and totally respect.
“Can’t be.” Tom said as Wats, Doc, and Dr.Watson all appeared beside him, just as surprised as Tom and the other familia members to see this angelic figure.
“You’re suppose to be in Heaven.” Preston finally broke the silence. “Damn it and all I had to worry about was the Yankee and now..”
Before he could finish the sentence, Ven smacked him in the back of his head using her telekinesis, sending him flat on his face. He got up a few seconds later, rubbing the back of his head.
“Woman, what did you do that for?” He began to argue with her.
“Someone had to shut you up.” Ven pointed out. “And since Saturn isn’t around to do so, I decided to.”
“Well, you didn’t have to hit me that hard.”
“Yes, I did.”
“Because you’re a Texan.”
“So Texan men are thick-headed.”
“We have to be. So we can put up with you Brit women.”
“I thought you preferred Saturnite?”
“Hey, I’m a man of many tastes. I like to try all thirty-two flavors.”
“Well..” Ven began to blush.
“And another one falls for his charm.” Bags said, shaking his head.
Nega and Slayer both now slowly got up off the ground, helping each other to stand. As the demon just kept standing his ground, staring down the angel while growling.
“Damn Arch Angel” He cursed under his breath. “I could so easily break your neck.”
“Bring it.” The angelic figure said, with a sly smile.
The demon charged after the angelic figure only to find himself being slammed to the ground face first. The angelic figure had a hold of him by the back of his neck, making sure he couldn’t get up. The demon just winced a little in pain.
“So tell me something, angel” The demon began to say through clenched teeth. “Do you still watch the Lady when she bathes?”
“The name is Jay.” Jay sneered. “And that’s none of your damn business.”
“Oh, an angel who cusses. What would God think?”
“He’d think you’d need to shut hell up.”
“Wait a minute.” Preston spoke up. “You still watch Saturn when she..”
“You see everything in Heaven.” Jay grumbled.
“Yea, but you’ve been watching Saturn taking..”
“This is not the time, Texan.” Jay roared.
Preston took a few steps back, noticing the anger and feeling somewhat scared. Jay focused his attention on the demon once more.
“I know all about you and Lucy’s plans. Or should I say your sick twisted plan.” Jay snarled. Did you honestly think you could get away with plotting against God’s number one Seal Carrier and He wouldn’t find out?”
“Actually, yes.” The demon laughed a little.
“Jay picked up the back of the demon’s head by his hair and slammed his face down on the floor. Breaking the demon’s nose.
“Damn.” Erika remarked. “That had to hurt.”
“Wrong answer.” Jay growled.
“And to think I’ll have twice as much fun later with Saturn.” The demon deviously retorted, as the blood dripped down from his nose. “I wonder exactly where that birthmark of hers is? Hmm, might have to do some exploring.”
“You son of a..” Jay began to say.
“Kick his ass, Jay!” Nega spoke up.
“I’ll help if you want me to.” Preston volunteered, clenching his fists into a ball.
“Yea, Preston can leave him up in a tree.” Gilly sarcastically remarked.
“Shut it, woman.”
“Well, you can’t exactly help. I mean what are you going to do, charm the demon to death?”
“Damn Westie Women.” Preston grumbled.
The demon now took the opportunity to vanish and get free from Jay’s grasp, only to reappear behind him. Jay quickly got to his feet and turned around only to be grabbed by his neck and lifted off the ground.
“At least your father knew how to fight.” The demon snarled. “You’re weak compared to him.”
The demon threw Jay a side like he was nothing more than trash.
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some chaos to cause.” The demon began to vanish once more. “I ‘ll have a friend come and talk to you later, Nega When there are no interferences around.”
As soon as the demon disappeared, Jay got to his feet shaking his head a little, trying to clear his senses.
“Jay, are you okay?” Berls asked.
“We need to find Saturn,” he answered.
Meanwhile yours truly was on her way to finding Lucy. Chances are if his poor excuse of an army was on earth than he wasn’t too far to be found. There are many places he can hide and I knew where to look. Problem is I also knew Jordan was following me. Even though, I kind of wish he hadn’t but, men even those who have feral qualities about them can be stubborn and for some odd reason feel the need to play hero. Even if they do something stupid and get themselves killed. Which I knew would happen if he went toe to toe with Lucy. Granted, Jordan may carry the Second Seal, that’s all fine and dandy. But he has yet to see the other side of Lucy. The non-human side. A side which I knew about and dealt with many times before. Even gave that side of Lucy a nickname a while back, which you’ll find out soon enough. I started to take the back alleyways to lay low and remain out of sight. Trying my best to stay off of Lucy’s feral radar. The last thing I wanted was to have him know I was coming. I now stopped dead in my tracks, feeling a sharp pain from my wrist. The same wrist that had a nail put through it and because of it left a scar that never did heal completely with my healing factor. A scar that I hid with a black piece of cloth wrapped around it.
“What the?” I clenched my teeth, still in pain.
“SATURN!” I heard someone yell from behind me.
I turned around only to come face to face with Thief.
“T.” I now calmly replied.
“He wants the Seventh Seal. Give him the Seal and all of this will go away. No one will get hurt and no one will die.” Thief answered.
“Can’t do that. I told you before.” I now saw something shine on Thief’s forehead.
Three symbols which I knew in some way could be translated to numbers started to illuminate a bright red.
“You’re losing your soul, T.” I began to say. “You trade sides completely and I can’t help you if your soul becomes damned.”
“It’s already damned.” Thief growled.
“No, not yet. But if it does, then I can’t save you from your own freewill. Don’t get me wrong I could try and you know I would but each attempt I’d make would fail.”
“Then why would you even try? Why even bother?”
“Because you’re familia.”
“I can’t give the Seal, T.” Reading his mind.
Flames started to shoot up all around me, encircling me in a ring of fire. I raised an eyebrow, somewhat amused .
“I’m not going to fight you. I thought we’ve been through this before.” I said, standing my ground.
“Then die.”
The ring now began to slowly close in on me. I had to switch over into feral mode if I was going to make it out alive. I tried to jump over the ring of fire but it grew higher and almost touched me if it wasn’t for someone quickly grabbing me by my waist and, out of harm’s way. At first, I thought it was Jordan but he was busy fighting Thief. As soon as we landed on the ground, I looked over to see who it was. Jay stood there with his wings folded and a grin on his face.
“Missed me?” he asked.
That’s when I slapped him across his face, leaving a mark. Jordan and Thief both stopped fighting as soon as they saw this.
“Dammit woman, what was that for?” Jay asked, rubbing the side of his face.
“Are you stupid?”I argued. “You could have gotten yourself killed.”
“I was saving YOU!” Jay argued back. “If I hadn’t saved YOU, YOU would have been a fried feral.”
“No, I wouldn’t have.”
“Yes, you would have.”
“No, I wouldn’t...”
“You know what, forget it. And by the way, you’re welcome.”
The others now showed up as the ring of flame died out and Jay stood there grumbling as the red mark on his face was still visible. Thief had now taken the opportunity to leave without being noticed.
“What the hell happened?” Nega asked.
“Thief tried to kill Saturn.” Jay replied.
“What happened to your face?”
“Saturn slapped me.”
“Cause I saved her.”
“You didn’t save me,” I started to argue again. “You almost got yourself killed but you didn’t save me. And anyway, what the hell are all of you doing here?”
“You didn’t tell her?” Bags said to Jay.
“Tell me what?”
“You’re in danger.” Jay answered.
“Look, Jay...”
“Saturn, it’s not Thief. It’s someone else. Someone working for Lucy. Someone from our past.”
“I know.” I interrupted Jay.
“You do?”
“Yea. I know who it is. He’s been sniffing around for the Seventh Seal for some time. I caught his scent a while back and put two and two together. It also helps to have spies.”
“Yea, I know what you’ve been up to as well and I think you know what I’m talking about.”
Jay now began to blush a brick red, trying to hide it from the others as he did.
“Take the familia home.” I quickly changed the subject. “I can handle Lucy and this demon on my own.
“I’m going with you,” Jordan spoke up.
“Like hell, you need to go home and protect your son.”
“Why do I need to..?”
That’s when he saw the look I was giving him.
“Saturn. No. Why would...?”
“He has His reasons, Richie-Rich. He has His reasons.”
A scent soon began to fill the air. A scent I knew all too well as it began to fill my lungs.
“GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” I ordered Jay, quickly unsheathing my claws.
Lucy’s army of demons started to appear from the left entrance of the alleyway. Jay tried to get the familia out at the right entrance but that soon became blocked with demons as well. They were all around.
“We’re screwed.” Fox remarked.
“What do we do?” Blaze cried.
“We fight.” Shawna snarled, blasting some demons with a cloud of pyroclastic flow, knocking them out. Only to have them be replaced with more demons. “Hmm, maybe I should blast them with a little bit of a surge.”
“No, don’t.” I spoke up. “Stay here. All of you.”
“Saturn, what are you..?”
I now walked over to the demons on my left. The leader of the group stood his ground as I came face to face with him. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours but was only minutes.
He finally stepped a side along with the other demons.
“Saturn.” Jeanne whispered, worried about my safety.
“Come on.”
“What about...?”
“They won’t do nothing. Lucy knows he can’t find the Seventh Seal without the information I have. He won’t try anything stupid, believe me.”
The others started to follow me but the demons stopped them dead in their tracks. I raised an eyebrow at the sight of this.
“I stand corrected.”
“Saturn.” Leysa began to sound scared.
“Look, we’re with her,” Tom tried to explain to the leader of the demons. “So if you’ll kindly let us pass.”
The demon pushed Tom back and at the same time Wats, Dr. Watson and, Doc all appeared out of nowhere. While Dr. Watson and Doc stopped Tom from falling, Wats went after the demon with all he had.
“Say nighty night.” As he hit the demon dead on in the face.
The demon didn’t even flinch and Wats’s fist started to swell up.
“Damn, that’s gotta hurt.” Drew remarked.
Nega went up to the demon changing into his oh so lovely skeleton form and stinking to high heaven of sulfur.
“Watch it, Soul Stealer.” The demon hissed. “Or I can make your death very unpleasant.”
“Soul Stealer?” I raised an eyebrow.
Nega let out a low growl, clenching his fists.
“That was long ago. I don’t do that kind of crap anymore.”
“Saturn...” Val began to ask as I laughed a little.
“Go freaking figure. Lucy not only had his collectors but stealers as well.” I responded, shaking my head a little. “So Neggie do you owe Lucy your soul like I do? Or did he let you off the hook?”
“No.” The demon now turned on me. “He owes Lucy YOURS!”
“No surprise there.” I calmly stated.
“I’d never do it, Saturn.” Nega tried to reassure me. “I’d never hand you over to these bastards.”
“I know you wouldn’t, Jim.”
A look appeared on Nega’s face like he had seen a ghost. He was surprised that I would say his real name considering I never have before.
“Saturn..” Nega began to reply.
The demon tried to attack Nega while he was distracted but that plan soon fell short. As soon as he tried to lay a hand on Nega the demon’s hand began to burn like acid.
“Stupid move.” Nega growled as he swung and hit the demon, sending him backwards on to the ground.
The other demons began to move in until something I couldn’t even begin to comprehend started to happen. My hand, the one with the wrist wrapped up in a black piece of cloth, began to glow a bright white. The demons backed away seeing this as a look of fear fell on each one of their faces.
“Saturn.” Jordan spoke up, noticing the pain on my face, which I was trying to hide.
“GET AWAY!” I roared at him, sensing that he was walking towards me.
My wrist started to drip a drop of blood as the light died out. The blood landed on the ground and as it did the earth began to shake beneath our feet. The demons scattered like flies as lightning flew out of the sky, striking the ground and causing the earth to split open creating an even bigger earthquake. The ground swallowed the demons whole, leaving no trace. And when every demon had been devoured, the earthquake stopped and the ground healed itself up.
“What the hell was that?” Phoenix asked.
“Beats me.” Tom replied, “but whatever it was I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more of it.”
“Wait, where’s Saturn?” Pops spoke up, looking around.
Jordan stepped out of the shadows holding my lifeless body in his arms.
“Is she?” Ven was afraid to ask.
Jordan didn’t answer just walked past them. Jay stepped in front of Jordan stopping him dead in his tracks.
“Move.” Jordan growled in a non-human tone, showing his feral side.
“No. Give her to me.”
“What for?”
“Look, her healing factor can’t heal all the damage done. Just trust me.”
Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“”If she needs to be healed, Val could do it.” Berls interrupted.
“It’s not as simple as that.” Jay replied, keeping his sight on Jordan.
“You’ve been hiding things, haven’t you?” Jordan now demanded to know.
“Because like Saturn once said before there are orders that have to be followed. Some things mankind aren’t able or even ready to comprehend let alone understand.”
“You’ve got to trust me. If you care about Saturn, then you would.”
Jordan looked down at me still laying lifeless in his arms. He knew Jay was right. My healing factor wasn’t able to heal all the damage, not if most of the damage was caused by something unknown. Something related to that Seal of mine not to mention my wrist.
“Her wrist. Why does it bleed like that every now and then?” Jordan asked. “Why hasn’t the scar healed by now?”
“Jordan, don’t.” Jay replied, shaking his head a little. “Don’t do this to yourself, man.”
“I need to know. I need to understand.”
“Her soul is still damned.” Jay lowered his head, letting out a sigh.
“I don’t...?”
“It was explained to me this way she wasn’t born with her Seal. It was given to her as punishment for the things she had done for hell. And it was the only way she could have her soul cleansed. Which it was after a while. Well apparently after Lucy put that hole in her wrist, he damned her soul again because the nail had been made in the deepest, darkest regions of hell. It was poison and he had put that poison in her. So now..”
“Now what?”
“Her soul and her Seal are fighting with one another and Saturn is caught in the middle of it all. That’s why you have to give her to me.”
“Because if you don’t, Lucy could snatch her soul. And you and I both know if he does so , he can also get a hold of her Seal and the secrets it carries. Even the one about your son.”
“He wouldn’t.”
“He would. He’s a cold-hearted bastard. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants.”
Jordan looked down at me again before finally handing me over to Jay.
“Here. Do what you have to.”
Jay took my body into his arms and vanished within a flash of light as he spread his wings.
“Well, that was weird.” Bags commented. “So what do we do now?”
“We go after Lucifer,” Jordan answered, keeping his back turned from the others.
“How are we suppose to do that? We don’t have Saturn to help us.” Drew pointed out.
“No, but we do have something he’s deadly afraid of besides Saturn.” Jordan now looked over at Isis.
“Wait just a minute.” Isis began to protest. “I don’t know how to fight him.”
“You wouldn’t have to. Your presence alone would be enough to scare him.”
“But how would that...?”
“We need to buy time until Jay brings Saturn back. You’ll get us that time we need.”
“Man, you’re starting to sound like Saturn,” Fox observed.
“Scary thought.” Seclude shuddered. “Hey, where’s Erika?”
Meanwhile in the cemetery, Thief was near the statue of the Angel of Death on his knees and crying his eyes out.
“What am I doing?” He argued with himself. “I can’t go back. I refuse to.”
“You have to go back.” He heard someone speak up from behind him.
He quickly got to his feet and turned around to see EE standing there dressed in a black flowing dress.
“E, is that you?” He asked, barely able to speak.
She walked over to him, gently touching the side of his face with her hand.
“You need to go back. They need you.” She said with a certain softness in her voice. “Our daughter needs you.”
“What about...?” That’s when he noticed the stain on her dress near her heart. “What happened?”
She collapsed in his arms, looking up at him.
“They know. Lucy. That demon that came to see you. They knew I was spying...” She gasped for air, choking on the blood that was slowly filling her lungs. “That demon he did this. That demon, he’s.. he’s.. he’s...”
“He’s what?” Thief asked.
“He’s Q.” She whispered with her last breath.
Thief fell to his knees, holding onto EE and feeling his blood boil with rage.
“Thief?” He heard someone say.
He looked over his shoulder and saw Erika standing there.
“Is she okay?” Erika asked.
“She’s dead.” He bluntly answered.
“Oh god. Thief, look...”
“Go away.”
“You heard me. Go away. Get lost.”
“I wanna help.”
“You can help by leaving me the hell alone.”
Thief now got to his feet, picking up EE in his arms and carrying her. Keeping his back turned, he walked away from Erika.
Jordan and the rest of the familia had now decided to go home and try to figure out a plan.
“So do you have any bright ideas, Yankee? I mean we can’t exactly let Isis go into Lucy’s domain alone.” Preston pointed out.
“We’re not going to. We just have to sneak in undetected. Lucy has some feral in him, so it wouldn’t take him long to sniff us out. That’s why we have to be careful on how we go in or else...” Jordan began to reply.
“We’ll be floating on clouds and playing harps.” Nega finished for him. “Or in Bags’s case, bagpipes.”
“Ha. Ha. So funny. You’re a real comedian.” Bags sarcastically remarked. “I especially like your routine where you get your arse kicked by a demon. Classic material.”
“Piss off.”
“Ha. Ha. There you go again being funny. Keep it up and you might win an award.”
“Listen here you old irish fart...”
“Ooh, now impersonating Saturn. I’m impressed.”
“Would you two shut it.” Gilly snapped at the both of them.
“Damn, someone’s moody,” Preston commented.
“I’m what?” She now turned on him.
“Dead Texan walking.” Fox said, hiding it while coughing.
“You’re a beautiful peach ripening in the sun.” Preston tried to sweet talk his way out of trouble with a sly Texan grin.
“Uh huh.”
“You know I love it when you’re angry. You look so cute.”
“Uh huh.”
“I love you.”
“Uh huh.”
“He’s a dead man.” Fox stated.
Uh guys, you might want to check this out.” Deb spoke up, as she sat on the couch watching the news on the T.V.
Millions upon millions of demons worldwide were dressed in hell’s army fatigue ready to do battle with anyone who dared to attack. Which many countries found out the hard way when their armies were wiped out by these demons.
“Holy sh...” Nega began to exclaim.
“Wait, I thought Saturn already destroyed Lucifer’s army.” Tom scratched his head, confused.
“It seems that was only a small portion of his forces,” Slayer spoke up. “A decoy and we fell for it. Well actually Saturn did as he was probably hoping for.”
“But why would he do that? I mean doesn’t he need Saturn to know who the Seventh Seal is?” Buttters asked.
“Not if he already found out somehow.” Slayer responded, afraid of the thought. “Jordan, where is your son?”
“He’s safe.”
“Okay, but where...?”
“Look, he’s safe. That’s all anyone needs to know.” Jordan growled.
“Fine. I just hope for everyone’s sake you’re right or we’re all royally screwed.”
Erika now walked through the front door, cursing under her breath.
“Where have you been?” Bags asked.
“I found Thief.”
She looked over at Slayer and Isis before lowering her head.
“Erika?” Tom sounded worried.
“EE is dead.” Erika bluntly said.
Isis began to cry and Slayer stood there in shock.
“Are you sure?” Phoenix questioned.
“I saw her body. I guess Lucy found out she was spying and had her killed.” Erika answered.
“Damn.” Nega shook his head a little, not believing what he was hearing.
“That’s it, we need Saturn.” Leysa spoke up.
“Look, we can do this,” Jordan reassured everyone. “Besides, we can’t always depend on Saturn or run to her when a problem arises. I mean she’s put her life on the line more times than she’s had to. All because we were afraid to confront hell without her. Well, now we have a situation were we have to and I don’t know about any of you but I’m not willing to hand over the world willingly to the hands of the devil.”
The Arch Angel Gabrielle now appeared before the others within a flash of light.
“Where’s Saturn?” Berls questioned him. “Where’s Jay for that matter?”
“You tell me.” Gabs answered. “They were suppose to show up in heaven.”
“Wait, their not there?” Pops asked.
Preston quickly stepped away from Jordan after seeing how red his face was getting.
“Look out, the Yankee is about to blow.”
“Jordan?” Ven began to speak up.
“I’m fine.” He interrupted in a growl, clenching his fists so tight that his claws unsheathed.
“Whoa! Okay then.” Fox raised an eyebrow. “Well as long as you’re fine.”
Jay had now taken my body into the depths of a forest. I was still unconscious as my healing factor tried to repair the damage that had been done but not being able to repair all of it.
“God, I hope you’re right about this.” Jay whispered under his breath, as he knelt down beside my body, putting his hand on my chest right where my heart was.
His eyes and hand began to glow a bright gold. The glow entered my body, illuminating my whole being before slowly dying out. Both of Jay’s eyes and hand stopped glowing and he almost collapsed next to me.
“Saturn.” He whispered in my ear. “Wake up.”
“Dammit woman, either you get up or I’ll kick the crap out of your soul till hell won’t have it.”
Still nothing.
“Fine, you leave me no choice.”
He bent over to kiss me and as soon as he did, he found himself flying in mid-air without his wings. Hitting up against a tree and landing upside-down.
“Ow.” He said in pain. “Damn. Ow.”
I now slowly floated up off the ground. Floating right side up. I opened my eyes and a white light within me started to illuminate growing brighter and brighter.
“What the..?” Jay began to say before the light engulfed him and the entire forest, spreading out.
Lucifer now sat on his throne in hell when he received an unexpected visitor. Isis walked in noticing the demons watching from every dark corner of the room. She made sure however to keep her sight on Lucifer as he sat on his throne.
“Well, this is a surprise,” he said, raising an eyebrow. “What have I done to deserve such a visit from a Seraphim. A beautiful one I might add.”
“Cut the crap. You know why I’m here.” Isis sneered.
“Picked up a little of Saturn’s attitude I see,” Lucy deviously grinned. “By the way, how is Saturn? Oh that’s right, she’s dead.”
“She could live, you don’t know...”
“No, she’s good as dead. Trust me, she couldn’t handle the power of her Seal. Then again, she should have never been given it to begin with. To think God could take one of my former soldiers from me and I wouldn’t do a damn thing about it. Well, I showed Him. And to think all I had to do to damn her soul again was put a hole in her wrist.”
Isis let out a low growl, trying to remain calm but finding it difficult.
“And what about my mother? Did you need to kill her?”
“Actually, you might want to talk to my demon friend considering he’s the one with your mother’s blood on his hands.”
Lucifer now stepped down off his throne, getting closer to Isis.
“And where is your partner in crime?” Isis demanded to know.
“Around. I don’t really keep track of his whereabouts. I have more important things to take care of.”
“Like what?”
“What do you think?” He whispered in her ear.
“Aren’t you afraid I might kill you?” Isis bluntly retorted.
“Why not?”
“Because if you wanted to kill me, you would have done so by now.”
“I still could.”
“No, you couldn’t. You care too much about life. Why else would you still carry Q’s unborn child when you and I both know you could have aborted it if you wanted to.”
Isis now looked at him with shock.
“Oh, I know everything.” He continued to whisper in her ear, reading her mind.
“Leave her alone.” Someone growled from within the shadows of the room.
“I wondered when you were going to show up.” Lucy replied.
“I’m not the only one who’s decided to show up.” The demon now appeared from out of the shadows.
“What do you mean?”
“Look around, notice anything?”
Lucifer took a look around the room to see every demon that was hiding within the shadows, gone.
“What the..?”
“Their here. You messed up big time. You weren’t suppose to go directly after Saturn. I told you what would happen if you did.” The demon stated.
“I didn’t.” Lucifer protested.
“Bull. You did and now their here. Didn’t I tell you to wait until I had everything situated on my half.”
“I got sick of waiting.”
“We’re going to die because of your stupidity, I hope you realize this.”
“No, we won’t there is nothing they can do. Their helpless without Saturn.”
The sound of claws being unsheathed could be heard through out the room. Jordan now made his presence known as he stepped forth with the others right behind him.
“Helpless, really?” Jordan said with a raised eyebrow. “You do realize Saturn wasn’t the only one with a Seal?”
Nega now tapped the shoulder of the demon as the demon turned around to face him. As soon as he did, he found himself flying across the room as Nega hit him dead on in his face.
“That’s for earlier.” Nega snarled.
The demon got to his feet, charging after Nega and only to be stopped by Thief who appeared out of nowhere. Throwing the demon back up against the wall, holding his hand which now had a flame visible from it, inches away from the demon’s face.
“Hey Q, long time no see.” Thief growled in a low tone.
“Q?” Berls now looked surprised.
“Holy crap!” Fox said.
“Can’t be.” Bags shook his head.
“But it is,” Q laughed evilly. “It’s so nice to see my familia again. Even my Westies.”
“Why don’t you rot you bastard.” Thief sneered.
“I can make that happen if you like,” Nega volunteered.
“Now T, would you really wanna hurt the father of your grandchild.” Q grinned.
“Oh, Isis didn’t tell you.”
Thief now looked over at Isis as he kept his hold on Q.
“She’s carrying my child.” Q continued.
“Oh my god.” Blaze uttered from her lips.
“Wait, T’s a granddaddy.” Preston raised an eyebrow. “I’ll be damned.”
“You’re suppose to be dead.” Thief now changed the subject, focusing on Q once more.
“What can I say? When you’re soul enters hell you have two choices, suffer or serve. I chose to serve.” Q answered.
“So you sold out to Lucifer, that’s weak.”
“Not Lucifer. Hell. Lucy may run the place but he has yet to fully own it. Just one of many secrets kept from you human filth.”
“You should talk. You were once human yourself.” Thief pointed out.
“True, but I learned my error. The error of being human. Something I plan on not having my child go through.”
“Oh, haven’t you heard. I plan on having my child become a full fledge demon. And maybe I can get Isis to trade sides.” Q said, grinning somewhat.
“Not if I burn you to death first.” Thief replied in a snarl.
“You can’t kill me.”
“Wanna bet? EE told me your little secret.”
“What secret?”
“How to burn a demon to death. It just takes enough amount of fire to do so. An amount I’m willing to provide.” As the fire in Thief’s hand started to grow.
“That’s suicide and you know it. You’d burn up.”
“So be it.” Thief’s eyes now began to glow with fire raging in them.
“T. DON’T!” Nega tried to stop him.
Thief turned began to engulf Q in a ring of fire, engulfing himself as well. Thief was pushing his power to the limit and everyone knew it. His skin began to sizzle and actually start to burn up.
“DAD!” Isis cried.
“I’ll be damned. He’s that crazy.” Lucy remarked. “I didn’t think he’d do it. Damn humans always full of surprises.”
Q began to scream in pure pain as the fire started to burn his flesh, filling the air with a terrible smell.
“Damn, that’s just as bad as what Bags leaves in the bathroom at home.” Gilly held her nose.
“Hey, it’s not that bad, woman.” Bags retorted.
Q finally caught on fire burning into ash and letting out a horrible scream as he did, rocking all of hell with the sound. Everyone had to cover their ears afraid their eardrums might bust. Thief let the fire die out, ready to pass out from his wounds. Erika ran over and caught him in her arms before he could hit the ground. He was barely hanging onto consciousness as his breathing became heavier by the minute. Everyone knew this wasn’t good especially Erika who held on to him while Val walked over to help.
“We’ve got to get him out of here.” She said, looking over at Jordan.
“Not yet. We have to take care of something first.” Jordan now directed his attention back to Lucifer.
“Why don’t you listen to your little friend there, feral. He’s in need of medical help. Why don’t you get out of here and save him while you still can.” Lucifer growled.
Val now tried to heal Thief’s wounds but finding out she couldn’t quite heal all of them.
“He’s right, Jordan.” She spoke up. “I can’t undue all the damage. My power..it has it’s limits.”
Jordan didn’t answer just kept staring Lucifer down.
“Get him out of here, I’m staying.”
“That’s crazy. He’ll kill you.”
“No, he won’t.”
“He’s right, I won’t.” Lucifer grinned as he went over to a cage and pulled the curtain back.
Inside the cage was the Seventh Seal carrier, Jordan’s son. Laying unconscious and totally unaware of what was going on around him.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Jordan roared, going after Lucifer.
It took Bags, Preston, Nega, Tom, Joe, Pops and even Fox to hold Jordan back.
“Make another move and the boy dies.” Lucifer deviously grinned.
“Let him go.” Jordan growled.
“Uh, let me think about
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continued....“Oh, so you think all of you can take me on. Fine, I’ll let all of you have a shot at me. Go ahead.” Lucifer said calmly.
Everyone started to go at Lucifer all at once only to find a wave of death surround them. Nega knew quickly what it was. Burning sulfur. He was immune to it but he knew the others without healing factors or powers like his wouldn’t be.
“HIT THE FLOOR!” He yelled but to no avail.
The sulfur had already claimed it’s victims and one by one members of the familia started to fall. The only ones left standing were him, Lucifer, Jordan, the Arch Angel Gabrielle and, Shawna.
“What the hell?” Shawna said looking around. “What happened?”
“Death, you foolish woman.” Lucifer sneered, turning into his true demon form. “I was hoping it would take the rest of you except for Gabs and the feral over there since their naturally immune but no matter I’ll have my army take care of you while I finish off the feral.”
“Isn’t going to happen.” Jay spoke up, appearing within a flash of light, folding his wings behind him. “Didn’t anyone tell you? Your army has been destroyed.”
“Impossible. How could you accomplish such a task?”
“I didn’t do it.”
A lightning type of arrow flew past Lucy barely touching him as it hit the lock on the cage, opening the door.
“What the?” Lucifer eyes got wide.
“Oh yea, did I forget to mention Saturn is alive.” Jay pointed out. “And she’s pissed.”
“I’ll be.” Gabrielle said with a smile on his face. “It has finally happened.”
“What has happened?” Jordan asked.
“You’ll see soon enough.” Gabs answered.
“I don’t care. You hear me, I don’t.” Lucifer growled. “If she’s so sure she can defeat me however, why does she feel the need to hide? Answer me that.”
“Because she wants to see the devil sweat.” Jay replied with a sly grin. “And for some reason, I can see why now. Oh by the way, I can see also why she calls you pit bull cause you look like one”
“Unless of course you’re lying and she’s afraid of what I might do to her feral boy toy over there.” Lucifer laughed. “Also, don’t ever, ever, ever call me that. That damn bi... ”
Another lightning arrow flew by Lucifer, just grazing his skin but leaving just a tad bit of pain for him to feel. He started to curse under his breath holding his arm.
“I wouldn’t push my luck if I were you.” Jay said bluntly. “She isn’t in the mood for games.”
“Why does she continue to hide?”
“I already told you. She wants to see you sweat, pit bull. ”
“Really. Well, it sounds to me like she’s nothing more than a coward.” Lucifer shouted so I could hear.
A third lightning arrow flew, this time directly at him only stopping inches away from him as I stepped out of the shadows. I was dressed in an all white amazon type of warrior uniform. I held a bow in my right hand and my claws were unsheathed. The mark of my Seal shining bright on my forehead.
“The true power of the First Seal.” Gabs whispered under his breath, excited.
“What?” Nega stared over at him with a puzzled look.
“Just watch.”
“Saturn, it’s nice to see you’re in such perfect health.” Lucifer said, noticing the arrow still floating in front of him. “You do realize however you are late, your precious familia is dead.”
“Their sleeping.” I corrected him.
“Oh, it’s so cute when you’re naive. No my dear, their dead. Just like your family before them.”
“Sure about that? Might want to take a look again, Lucy.”
That’s when the familia started to stir. Each member slowly waking up, even Joe. Thief however was still suffering from his wounds but he even began to wake up a little. Preston looked over at yours truly and couldn’t believe what I was wearing. My warrior outfit was so tight it was hugging every curve, almost outlining everything.
“Damn. Thank you dear Lord for blessing me with such a sight.” Preston kept staring. “And what a sight it is.”
“Down boy.” Bags advised him. “I have a feeling Saturn would take your sight she heard you speak like that.”
“Saturn..” Berls began to say.
“Gabs, Jay, get them out of here.” I ordered, keeping my eyes on Lucifer.
“I’m staying.” Jordan spoke up.
“No, you’re getting your son and getting the hell out of here.” I replied flat out.
“Please. I’ve got to do this alone. Besides, your boy needs you.” I now looked over at him with a softness in my voice.
“Saturn, I...”
“I know, Richie-Rich. I know. Now go.”
“YOU CAN’T DESTROY ME!” Lucifer exclaimed. “Only Isis can.”
“Think again, Lucy.” I growled as I focused my attention on him again. “She isn’t the only one.”
Gabs now created a portal out of hell scooting the others through it. Jay helped Erika with Thief while Jordan carried his son in his arms. Jordan looked over his shoulder one last time at me before entering the portal. When I was sure everyone was through, I let the Seal on my forehead grow even brighter.
“You’re crazy.” Lucy said, reading my mind.
“How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my HEAD!” I now roared as I let the arrow pierce through Lucifer’s chest right to his black heart.
Lucifer let out a horrifying scream as his body began to turn to dust and the glow from the arrow started to spread through out hell, destroying every region of hell and leaving demons to quickly flee from it’s wrath. Those demons that could survive it’s wrath, that is. As soon as the others stepped through the portal a burst of demon spirits escaped behind them only to be followed by a bright white light which in turn destroyed the portal.
“What the hell was that?” Nega now said, ducking somewhat from the flying demon spirits. “What the hell are those?”
“Demon spirits. Their fleeing.” Gabrielle answered.
“Maybe because Saturn killed Lucy,” Preston pointed out. “Duh.”
“No, it’s more than that.” Gabrielle interrupted him. “She’s destroyed hell.”
Jordan now handed his son over to Leysa as he approached Gabrielle.
“Spill it, angel. What kind of power did her Seal carry?” He now demanded to know.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Like hell you don’t. I know each Seal carries a different power, what was hers?”
Gabrielle lowered his head, letting out a sigh as he did so. Wishing silently he was in heaven instead of on earth, now having to explain to Jordan and the others the power of my Seal. .
“Her’s was of God’s Wrath. It was also that of conquering Hell.”
“In other words destruction?”
“Hey, where’s Jay?” Buttters asked, looking around.
Jay now appeared within a flash of light, his eyes red from crying he held something lifeless in his arms.
“No, it can’t be.” Fox whispered under his breath.
“She’s dead.” Jay said, trying to keep his composure but finding it difficult to do so.
“No, her healing factor..”
“It’s not working.”
“Then she’ll come back as something else..”
“No, she won’t.” Gabrielle spoke up.
Everyone looked over at him.
“She wasn’t born with her Seal.” He continued, explaining. “It was different for her because she wasn’t born with it.”
“So she’s..” Blaze began to say as tears filled her eyes.
“She’s gone.”
Jordan now walked over towards Jay with a worried look on his face. Sensing how Jay was about to fall apart.
“I want to take her home.” Jordan said. “Is that okay?”
“I saw her die. I saw her..” Jay answered, looking down at me. “It wasn’t Saturn after awhile. It was someone else.”
“Don’t do this to yourself, man. Don’t. It’ll just drive you insane.”
“Here, take her. Give her the funeral she deserves.” Jay handed me over to Jordan.
Jordan stood there holding me in his arms, not believing how cold my skin had gotten or how I looked as white as a ghost. I almost looked like a porcelain doll.
“Jordan?” He heard Tom say.
But Jordan didn’t answer, he was to lost in his own thoughts to do so.
A few hours later, Thief was taken to the hospital and was found to be in critical condition. He was slowly improving however which within itself was a miracle. Jordan’s son finally awoke from his slumber. And as Berls made funeral plans, Jordan sat by my bed side staring at my lifeless body.
“Dammit, why did you do it? If you knew why would you...”
“She didn’t want what happened on Saturn to repeat again.” He could hear some reply from a dark corner of the room. “She didn’t want millions of lives being lost. She cared about the familia, your son and you.”
Jordan looked over to see Gabrielle stepping out of the shadows.
“She did what she had to, to ensure everyone was safe from the devil and Hell,” he continued.
“She didn’t have to sacrifice herself though.” Jordan argued.
“Yea, she did and you know it. If she hadn’t, Lucy would still be breathing.”
“I wanna be left alone.” Jordan now turned his back on Gabrielle.
“Jordan, I know you don’t like..”
So Gabrielle did. A few minutes later, Ravyn flew in through the window landing on top of the headboard to the bed, looking over at Jordan and letting out a caw.
“She isn’t coming back, little bird,” he said. “It’s just you and I from now on.”
Ravyn let out another caw and then flew back out the window.
“Don’t blame ya, little bird.” Jordan responded, as he began to fall asleep. “Don’t blame ya at all.”
The morning came and with it a horrific discovery. Jordan opened his eyes to find my body missing. At first, he thought that maybe I had been taken but then a familiar smell hit his senses. He looked down at my journal which was opened on his lap. Reading the page it was opened to.
Berls walked in to tell Jordan of the funeral plans and she stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed my body missing.
“What happened? Where’s..?”
“She’s alive.” Jordan said, getting to his feet and setting the journal on the bed.
“Then where is she?”
“She left.”
“Your guess is as good as mine.”
“How do you know she’s alive though?”
“Take a sniff, Berls.”
So she did. The faint smell of cigar smoke and perfume quickly hit her out of nowhere.
“Maybe it’s an old scent?” She suggested.
“No, it’s new.” Jordan answered, as he headed for the door. “I’m going after her. Watch my son.”
“What about the others?”
“Tell them if you want.”
After Jordan left, Berls walked over to the bed and picked up my journal. Reading the page he had just read.
“If it seems that I’m dead.” She read out loud. “Remember this, I may kiss the lips of the angel of death but death will never have it’s hold on me. Also remember that nothing is what it seems to be. Your eyes can play tricks and your mind can fool you but listen to your heart. For it’s the only true thing that can guide you and lead you to the truth. And to me.”
Pops entered the room looking for Berls and was surprise to see her standing there reading my journal.
“Berls, what is it?” He asked her.
“She’s alive. Saturn is alive.”
Thief awoke to the sound of what seemed to be a nurse checking in on him. He really couldn’t make out the nurse since his sight was still blurry but he did pick up on a familiar scent. That of cigar smoke and perfume.
“Saturn?” He whispered under his breath.
Not getting no response, he fell back asleep but not before feeling someone kissing him on his forehead. A few hours later, he would tell Erika of what had happened and she would then go and call the house only to discover that in fact I might well be alive. As to where I was however would remain a mystery but not for long. They would soon know. All of them.

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