The Basics: Parts of a Poem Defined

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The Basics: Parts of a Poem Defined

Post by Drew Rush » Tue Mar 30, 2004 10:25 pm

There's a lot of weird vocabulary for the specific parts of a poem.

If you've ever listened to music you know what a chorus is. It's the part of a poem that repeats itself, usually without any change in wording but not always, and almost always the most important piece of a poem for it usually reveals the main point or subject. The chorus is usually a shorter stanza than the rest of the poem. Not all poems have a chorus.

Free Verse (also known as free form) is the type of poetry that has no form or rhyme scheme.

Simplest of all is the line. A line is so simple its hard to explain in words. Time to go back to grade school if you dont know that one :lol:

Meter is another word for the rhythm of a stanza. In iambic pentameter for example, it has 5 pairs of beats in each line that go "de DUM, de DUM, de DUM, de DUM, de DUM" (de is a unstressed beat, DUM a is stressed beat)

A group of lines (or verse) forms a stanza.

Verse is language cut up into lines. Tip: most poetry is best read in verse, rarely does it ever work in a paragraph form.

anything else you dont know what it means? just ask.

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