The Basics: Metaphor and Simile

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The Basics: Metaphor and Simile

Post by Drew Rush » Tue Mar 30, 2004 6:04 pm

A lot of potentially good poets are only a few steps away from being very good. I've seen a lot of people just be so blunt and straight forward in a poem that it ruins the whole thing. Metaphors and Similes can help you be a little mysterious and deep with your writing.

Metaphor - usually a short phrase or word that literally means something else but is used in the context to mean something specific to the writing. More simply put, you use one thing to describe something else.

Example: "Her milky white skin..." or "You are my sunshine..." or "The black shadow of night has been cast over my heart"

Simile - (yes, you pronouce that 'E' on the end) This is like a metaphor but you use specific words within the phrase. "the ____ is as ____ as _____." Or "____ like ____."

Example - "The sky is as black as death." or "Her eyes burned like fire."

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