How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

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How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

Post by Leysa » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:39 pm


David knows the dates better than I. He’s like that, holding onto memories tightly, cherishing them. Evidence of that sits on his dresser: a Styrofoam cup from Sonic, a memento from the first time we shared a Diet Coke with cherry at the fast food drive-in.

He has other bits of memorabilia: a bow from a Christmas gift, sticky notes I hid around the room for him, cards expressing my growing feelings. David is a memory keeper and I love that characteristic. It is part of his romantic nature, something I had searched for in a man nearly my entire adult life. A romantic who would speak to the poet inside me.

Speaking of romance, he tells the story of seeing my photo on a dating web site for the first time, of keeping that photo on the screen of his daughter’s computer. She would switch to another site, only to have him change the desktop back to my photograph. That was weeks before we actually met, days before our first exchange on the internet.

He told me he knew when he saw the photo we would be “right” for each other.

I nearly ruined that expectation for him. Our first exchange involved him contacting me only to find me unavailable. I had just started seeing another guy and so thanked David for the kind words, but because I didn’t date two guys at the same time, I wouldn’t be going out with him. How close to the precipice I walked that day!

But I kept his phone number. Not really sure what motivated me to do so; I like to think it was divine intervention.

A month later, October 11, a Saturday night I spent home alone because that “other guy” didn’t work out (he wasn’t supposed to, I know now), I remembered that phone number kept in my cell phone’s address book.

There he was, Dave, Electron Blue. I wondered about the Electron Blue handle from the dating site, curious of its significance, but I sent the text message anyway. I asked Mr. Electron Blue if he remembered me (my handle was “Reach for the Stars) and if he might still be interested in talking.

I got nothing back. Nada. Zilch. Okay, I thought, no reaching for the stars with this guy.
That’s how the dating cookie crumbles.

Hours later, however, my phone gave off its funny little message sound, and there was David’s text. He had been away from his phone, working on his hobby and he did remember me. We texted back and forth a bit, then I suggested he call me the next day.

And he did. We talked for hours on that Sunday, and again on Monday. On Tuesday I sent him a message saying my horoscope said we should meet. In fact it read, "Right now you need to set your sights on a new fun adventure. Start planning your next vacation, your next date, or just your next nap! It's time to schedule something to look forward to, because your future is bright."

David agreed. That night, October 14, we had our first date at On the Border: Leo and Libra, Electron Blue meets Reaching for the Stars.

I beat him to the restaurant and waited in the bar. I really wanted to have at least one beer before meeting this new guy. I thought I needed courage for I already liked him so much from our phone conversations. My hopes were high, which frightened me. I knew from past dating site experiences, that first dates could be tragic and painfully boring.

When he walked in the bar, I was so relieved to see he was attractive and tall. You never know with dating sites, photos can be old, faked, photo-shopped. People lie, mislead. His picture had been almost accurate – he was much better looking in person.

He smiled at me and my heart warmed. When David got to the table he held out his hand for a handshake. I laughed, making light of the handshake greeting. He was nervous, his hands were shaking. Suddenly I was calm. I spent the next hour trying to calm him.

We talked. And talked. Eventually we went for a ride in his Corvette which is painted the remarkable shade of electron blue. Finally an explanation of his handle on the dating site. It also explained his hobby which involves taking great care of his prized show car.

We drove through town, feeling the wind on our faces, blowing through our hair. It was a remarkable ride. He took me to Hot Springs Mountain to overlook the city lights. Again we talked. The conversation flowed freely and easily. The stars, the ones I only dreamed of reaching, were sparkling in the night sky before us. I knew I could touch them.

There was, however no touching between us. He was a gentleman. Yet the conversation was personal and revealing. I knew this was a truly good man in just a few hours. I wanted to know David better, spend more time. I was very attracted to him as well, but pleased that he made no move.

The Park Rangers let us know the mountain was closing, bringing our remarkable evening to an end. He drove me back to the restaurant and to my car. Suddenly the comfort we enjoyed became awkwardness again. The age old question on first dates: to kiss or not to kiss. He seemed nervous about it, so I told him he could wait until the next date for that first kiss, hoping that would ease his mind.

David smiled, then told me he didn’t want to wait. Our first kiss followed. The Kiss. Capital T, Capital K.

And what a kiss. It told me all I needed to know: I had finally found a man I could fall in love with deeply and completely. I later told a friend that I knew already I would marry David. My friend laughed, told me I was crazy. Yet I knew. God had answered the prayers I had said night after night for years. Here was the man I had hoped He would send to me. Amazingly enough, David had prayed the same prayers and felt the same about me. It was our miracle.

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Re: How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

Post by nekot » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:24 am

Beautiful Leysa!!

I feel like I got to know David through your description. What a wonderful man!

T.K. .... :hearts: :grin:

And my mind wonders, Have they had their first argument yet? :wink:
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Re: How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

Post by gordy » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:55 am


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Re: How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

Post by Leysa » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:22 pm

Thanks, folks. And life is even better, four months into this marriage. I am blessed!

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Re: How Do I Pen the Living of a Dream?

Post by Spazway » Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:32 am

Simply beautiful, Leysa. Can't wait to read the next segment. I am so happy for you and David! :hugs:
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