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Poetry Familia (Family)

If you were to meet me on the streets. You’d probably think that I’m some ordinary Josephine. Nothing special about me. Think again. My name is Lady Saturn. I’m the ruler of the planet Saturn and a very well known writer. I live with a group of writers in the lovely city of Boston. The writers I live with I consider my family. Each member unique and special in their own way. Their also a group of superheroes like yours truly. You see each writer has a special power or powers that their muse gives to them when they put their first word down on paper. Each writer’s power varies from the other, so no two writers ever have the same power. And every time they write a poem, manuscript, essay, what have you that power grows stronger. Some have already learned to master what was given to them. Others are just beginning to learn. I first received my powers when I was six and have been using them for the greater good ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell you that all the writers use their powers for good. Because that my dear friend, would be a flat out lie. There are some that are bad apples, so to speak. You’ll just have to read on to find out who they are. And as for my poetry family, you’ll will also get to know them as well....

It was around two in the morning when I had stumbled through the front door. Tired and somewhat beat from dealing with the world’s B.S. I was smoking a cigar, and heading to my room. When I ran into Berlie and Heinzs. Berlie the owner of the house and leader of group. And Heinzs, second in command and who everyone around here calls “Pops”. These two are like the glue of the group. They make sure things run smoothly and that there is peace at all times within the house. Which isn’t easy to do among writers. And following right behind them, Ven. Third in command. Who is a closet hippie and hates.. hates to be called “Auntie”. You do and you can expect to pick yourself up off the floor. Anyway, they all stopped talking as soon as they saw me. Which usually never happens, unless something is wrong.
“What?” I asked, not having to read their minds to know.
“Kupe has been kidnaped.” Ven answered.
“What do you mean kidnaped?” I now raised an eyebrow.
“That’s exactly what I mean. He’s been kidnaped.”
“By who?”
“Don’t know.” Berlie spoke up. “That’s what we’ve been trying to find out.”
“Why would anyone want to kidnap Kupe?”
“Well, actually it’s not just Kupe. Writers and poets all over the world are being kidnaped.” Heinzs interjected. “And if my calculations are right, it’s just a matter of time before we’re all kidnaped.”
“Why though? Why a bunch of writers and poets?” I asked confused.
“I have a theory.” Heinzs replied, tapping the side of his head with his finger as he began to think.
“What is it, Pops?”
“Maybe someone is using the writers and poets to get to their muses. I mean the muses are the ones who give us not only our creative abilities but our powers as well. What if...?”
“This person wants those powers as their own.” Ven interrupted, catching on to what Heinzs was saying. “But why would anyone want the powers? I mean no one can control that much, can they?”
We all now looked over at Pops. Considering he seems to be the brains we expected he would know. He just stared back at us. Not saying a word at first.
“I don’t know.” he finally spoke, picking up on our thoughts.
“Well, this is just great.” I remarked. “There’s some crazy bastard out there kidnaping writers and poets just to get a hold of their muses and powers.”

So what’s your plan, Boss Lady?” Ven asked Berlie.
“We need to get everyone together and have a meeting. We also need to guard the most famous writers and poets. Their powers and muses are greater than ours. If this person was to get a hold of the greatest creative minds in the writing world....” Berlie started to say.
“It would be the end of the Poetry Familia.” I finished, knowing what she was thinking.
“The writing world, period.” Berlie pointed out.
It was around this time, Preston ,another fellow poet and super-hero, came walking through the front door drunk and wearing a Batman costume.
“What the hell?” I said, taking notice. “When did you become Batman, Preston?”
“Ha.... Ha.... for your info the ladies love a man in tights. Besides, Saturn admit it, I turn you on.” he answered. “You can’t resist this. You want me, baby. Admit it.”
I let out a low almost non-human growl. Preston quickly backed away, knowing he was on the verge of crossing the line with me.
“Your loss.” he continued, as he headed down the hall to his room.
“Aren’t you going to tell him he has to share his room with Bubba?” Ven asked me.
“No, let him figure that out for himself. Shouldn’t be too hard when he wakes up in the morning and finds some big hairy dude sleeping next to him.”
“Oh my god, you’re terrible.” Ven giggled.
“I know. So Berlie, when do you want this meeting?”
“An hour from now. Get everyone together in the lounge.” Berlie ordered, trying not to picture Preston and Bubba. “Everyone except for Preston. We should let him sleep.”
“All right then.” I tried not to laugh, knowing that Berlie was trying to shake the image from her head.
I headed out the door and to Bags’s Pub to tell Bags of the meeting. I walked in to the place to find it quiet for a change. Bags was behind the counter with Q.P. working along side him. Bags is a irish man who sometimes refuses to act his age. His irish mind can sometimes be found in the gutter, if you get my drift. He became owner of the pub a while back. Actually I gave it to him as a gift. Sort of. Considering that I travel too much, I thought he’d be the right man to run it for me. And even though, he may run it I still see a profit. Well actually the Kingdom of Saturn does. And then there’s Q.P. or Quiet Poet. I however call him Q. Q is the kind of guy you could kid around with but at the same time have a serious conversation with. He’s also the kind of guy you would want on your side. If you know what ever hit the fan. Anyway, Bags was busy reading the paper while Q was cleaning some glasses. As soon as I walked in they both looked over in my direction. I took a seat at the bar and without saying a word. Q gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels.
“Saturn, how have you been?” Bags asked, as I took a drink from the bottle.
“Not good. Berlie has called a meeting at the poetry house.” I grumbled. “Everyone is to show an hour.... actually forty-five minutes from now.”
“Why?” Q asked.
“That’s why.” I pointed to the newspaper Bags was holding.
The front page had an article about the missing writers and poets along with so called professional theories as to who it was and why it was happening.
“What’s worse.” I continued, “is that Kupe is one of the kidnaped.”
Bags and Q looked at each other and then at me. I could sense something was up.
“What?” I asked.
“Gillian hasn’t shown up for her shift. We called the house before you came in and they said she had already left an hour ago.” Q explained. “Meaning either she just didn’t want to come in....”
“Or she’s one of the kidnaped.” I finished to say for Q before he could.
“This isn’t good.” Bags shook his head. “You don’t suppose.... it could be one of us?”
We now all looked at each other.
“Dammit Bags, why do you have to say stuff like that?” Q exclaimed. “You start putting that idea in everyone’s head and their going to be at each other’s throats.”
“Or afraid of one another.” I bluntly pointed out, while taking another drink of J.D.
“Yeah, that too.”
“It could be true though.” Bags replied. “Think about it. Who else would want the powers from a writer than another writer. And that other writer could be one of us.”
“You’ve been drinking the green beer again, haven’t you?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Just a little. Had to taste the product though. Can’t have the customers complaining.”
“Uh huh. Got any more of it?”
“Sure.” As Bags reached under the bar pulling out a bottle and sliding it towards my direction.
I caught it. Taking a sip. Only to end up spitting it out a few seconds later right on Q.
“Thanks. I needed a shower.” he sarcastically remarked, wiping the beer off his face with the bar towel he had slung over his shoulder earlier.
“No offense Bags, but this tastes like piss water.” I commented.
“What? Give me that.” As he took the bottle and started to drink, only to end up spitting it out. “This isn’t my green beer!”
He then looked over at Q. Q knew he was in trouble considering he was the only other one who had access to the beer. I could smell the fear rise off of him as he tried not to look in Bags’s direction. By the way, if your wondering, that’s one of my powers. I have feral senses. I also have claws like the famous comic book super-hero Wolverine. You could thank my other muse for that. I have two muses. Saturn and Spade. Spade gave me the claws and feral senses. She just loves.... loves X-men especially Wolverine. Anyhow, Saturn gave me the gifts of causing an eclipse and whenever that happens the ground beneath my enemy’s feet opens up and swallows them whole. I also have a little telepathic ability but I rarely use it unless I have no other choice.
“Did you add something to the beer?” Bags asked Q.
“No.” Q lied.
Both of Bags’s hands turned in to two big metallic hammers. Q’s eyes got as big as saucers.
“Don’t mess with an Irish man’s beer.” I advised Q. “It’s like messing with their soul. By the way, if I were you I wouldn’t be lying either. My stick may sting but if Bags was to hit you, you’d have more than one hell of a headache on your hands.”
“That old man couldn’t harm a fly.” Q retorted, as his eyes started to glow it’s purplish-red color. “Besides, with my power he should fear me.”
I could hear Bags letting out a low growl and I knew if I didn’t stop this it could end up in someone either getting hurt or killed. Q began to surround himself with shadows and actually became a shadow himself.
“Q.... Bags.... Come on guys.” I tried to talk them out of fighting but, they weren’t listening.
If Kindred hadn’t walked in when he did these two would of probably killed each other.
“Hey Berlie wants to know where is everybody.” Kindred said, taking a seat next to me.
Floetry or Kindred as everyone called him was young and had yet to get a taste of the world. He all though at his young age had learned to master his power. What’s his power you may be asking? Well every time he recites a poem or does his famous floe he can with the words alone bust down doors, walls, blow up cars, even make his enemies go deaf. He’s done it a couple times before. And I always have to remind myself to never get too close or my feral hearing could easily be shot to hell. He’s assured me that he’s controlled it to were it doesn’t affect me but, still I’m not taking any chances. Q and Bags stopped what they were about to do and returned to their normal selves. Kindred looked over at my bottle of J.D. and thought he’d help himself. I grabbed his hand before he touched the bottle.
“You’re too young.” I growled, not having to look in his direction as I let go of his hand.
“Come on. Who will know?” He tried to plead for a drink.
“Don’t push it.” Bags warned him. “The lady said no.”
Kindred sat there crossing his arms and grumbling.
“This is some messed up bull....”
“Watch your language.” Bags warned him again. “There’s a woman present.”
“Where?” Kindred replied being a smartass.
“Dude, not cool.” Q pointed out.
“Why? What is she going to do?”
Bags lowered his head, shaking it. I quickly unsheathed my claws, grabbed Kindred and held his head down on the bar top. Holding my claws inches away from his face.
“Don’t push it!” I snarled and, then let him go.
“ Sorry.... sorry....” He tried to apologize, scared.
I headed for the door, grabbing the bottle of J.D. along the way. After I left, Kindred took his seat at the bar.
“What’s her problem?” He asked Q and Bags. “Can’t she take a joke?”
“You know how she gets at times. And besides with all that is going on she’s probably in no mood for jokes,” Bags answered, taking another sip of the nasty green beer. “Sweet mother....”
Again Q got showered with the beer. Bags tossed the bottle away in the sink and got one of his own bottles of green beer from his stash. Opening it and taking a sip.
“Ah, that’s better.” He said, setting the bottle down on the bar top.
On my way back to the house, I ran into EE and Lyric. Both very talented poets and both with some very unique powers. Lyric can communicate with nature, animals and, what not. Hell, I catch her talking to the birds and even the roses in the garden behind the house sometimes. EE was given the power of beauty and love. Her beauty alone could hypnotize any man and her kiss could either cause death or love. Depending on how she feels and wether or not you piss her off. They were on their way to the house as well and tagging along behind them was Ravyn. A poet who mostly keeps to herself but has a special gift for writing. She is the kind of writer that would rather sit in a corner of a room writing like mad in her notebook than going around and socializing with everyone. A notebook I have found out she keeps under heavy guard by her two pet ravens. Her power you ask. She can turn herself into a raven and back again. And when she’s in combat with an enemy her claws can release poison. Something like acid. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.
“Saturn, how are you?” EE asked.
“Fine.” I grumbled, tossing the empty bottle of J.D. over my shoulder.
I now pulled a cigar and a lighter out of the inside pocket of my jacket. I lit the cigar, took a puff and put the lighter back. Lyric started to talk to a cat that had crossed our path. Her and the cat just carried on a conversation as we all headed towards the house. I just shook my head as I saw Lyric letting the cat into the house. Then again, the place was already a zoo. Everyone now gathered around in the lounge waiting for Berlie and Heinzs to show. Apparently, they had something to take care of before the meeting. I sat there thinking about what Bags had said earlier. Realizing he could be right. I now looked around the room. Stopping and staring at Tom first. His power.... he can split his personality. Make clones of himself. There’s actually four of him. Dr. Watson, Doc, Wats and, then Tom himself. Even though, he was a little crazy he wasn’t capable of such a crime. It wasn’t his nature. Moving on. Drew.... Drew has the power to control time. Which within itself can be a very powerful ability to have. Drew however has yet to learn how to master his power. So it couldn’t be him. Next. Val. She couldn’t do it her power is only good. That’s all it can be. She has the power to heal the sick and actually bring someone back from the dead. As long as they haven’t been dead for too long. My eyes now fixed on Leysa
and Phoenix. Leysa has the power to control lightning and Phoenix can control thunder. It’s like the yin and yang thing. Together, they could cause some destruction. However, their hearts were far from ever going bad. Devoid. His power is of flight. Couldn’t be him. NIN. Maybe. He did have the power of controlling darkness. And bringing upon darkness in the middle of a lit room or during mid-day, is some pretty powerful sh.... It’s just pretty damn powerful. Libra could be another possibility. Libra can travel through phone lines, internet connections, basically control any thing electronic and travel through it as well. Even a cell phone. He could hide out within all the little chips and micro what ever and just wait for you to get on and listen to your conversation. Your personal no one else is suppose to know conversations. Jack or SamIAm. his power... well he is a cyborg. Super strength, highly advanced. Enough said. Debab can morph into anyone or anything but, I don’t think she could of done it. Her heart is too pure. Blaze. No. Ehil. No. Jani. No. Slayer. No. Rani. No. MoonGem. No. Michael. No. Nef. No. I kept looking from one poet to another before I finally laid my eyes on Thief. He could tell I was staring at him and gave me a wink. I gave him the claw. Somewhat like the finger. He has the power best known as pyro kinetic. He can create and control fire. He can also set people up in flames if he desires to. And knowing how he acts at times if he wanted to he could easily pull of a crime such as kidnaping. I knew better than to make a scene and point fingers right there and then though. I still didn’t have answers as to why he would do it. I sat there smoking my cigar. Wanting to use my telepathy but knowing I risk a chance of getting caught by Pops. He couldn’t read my mind fully but he could pick up on bits and pieces of my thoughts. And I also could get by Boss Lady considering she can see bits of the future and also what is happening some where across the globe. If it’s major though of course. Like for example, she saw the Iraq War before it even happened. I still didn’t want to take any chances. She probably could see my behavior and easily put two and two together. Preston now entered the room, grumbling under his breath. I take it he wasn’t too happy sharing a bed with Bubba. He sat down in a chair next to me. I could tell he was staring at me without even having to look over in his direction.
“That’ll teach you to stay out of my room.” I said flat out. “And don’t even try using your power on me. It has no effect.”
By the way, in case your wondering Preston’s power is kind of.... uh.... He can charm the pants off of any lady. Supposedly. It works like ten percent of the time. The other ninety percent he usually ends up getting a slap across the face. I think it’s some sort of joke his muse is playing on him. Giving him the power to charm just not be able to get lucky, so to speak. I also think his muse purposely slips at times. Letting Preston have his fun but then quickly taking it back. Doesn’t stop him from having groupies, though. Yes, he has groupies. Women who literally scream his name and follow him where ever he goes. They’ll even come to the house from time to time. Ringing the doorbell and peeking through the windows to see if he’s home. It gets annoying after awhile. To the point where I have to confront these groupies. And when I do I’m not so nice about it. God it’s not like he’s a freaking pop star.
“We’ll see.” he answered, with a sly grin.
I unsheathed my claws and his grin quickly faded only to be replaced with fear. He was trying his best to hide it but I could still smell it on him like cheap booze. I now grinned some. Getting a kick out of scaring him.
“You’re mean.” he pouted.
“Don’t make me use my stick.” I now retracted my claws.
My stick is actually a bo staff and it hurts like hell when I use it on someone. Just ask those who’ve I have recently hit. They probably could show you their bruises and scars. Berlie and Heinzs finally showed up. And neither of them looked happy. Something was wrong. Ven wasn’t with them.
“Where’s Ven?” I asked, staring directly at them. Both of them didn’t answer at first. They remained quiet until they realized they would have to tell sooner or later.
“Ven’s been....” Heinzs started to say.
“Kidnaped.” I finished for him, knowing already just by how they were acting.
“Yes well.... We need to find this culprit and put a stop to this before anyone else is taken,” he said.
I say we start interviewing every writer and poet.” Bags suggested. “Like I said before the kidnapper could be one of us.”
“Not this again.” Q shook his head. “Why don’t you go drink more of that green beer, I don’t think you’re drunk enough yet.”
“Q, Bags might be on to something.” I interrupted. “Hell, the man might even be right.”
“What!?! Have you lost your mind?”
“No, I haven’t. I mean think about it who else would want another writer’s muse and powers but another writer.”
“But why? What would they gain?” Nef asked.
“Wealth, power, fame. Control over the entire writing world.” I pointed out. “They could even wipe writers like ourselves off the face of the earth and not even bat an eye.”
“So how are we going to go about interviewing everyone? I mean we can’t just come out and ask them if their the kidnapper.” Tom stated. “I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too honest.”
“No, but I have a plan.” Berlie spoke up. “So listen up....”
While Berlie spoke of her plan, on the other side of town Kupe, Ven and, Gillian were all locked up in a cage, in some abandon warehouse. Gillian tried to use her ability of turning anything into glass in to turning the bars into glass. But it didn’t work. Kupe tried to melt the bars but, that didn’t work either. Ven then tried her telekinesis to bust down the cage door. That failed as well. Whoever had built the cage had made sure their powers couldn’t work on it.
“Well, I guess we just wait for the others to save us.” Ven sat in a corner of the cage.
“So do you think they have caught on to who the kidnapper is?”
“No.” Gillian answered. “Chances are their still trying to figure it out.”
By this time, the kidnapper made his appearance. Hiding behind a hooded-cloak. He stood a few feet away from the cage.
“You’re not going to get away with this.” Kupe snapped at him.
“Oh really. What makes you so sure of that, Kupe? Hmm, tell me.” the kidnapper responded, laughing a little. “Do you honestly think your fellow poets are going to be able to save you? I know what their planning and believe me when I tell you they will fail. All of them.”
“Are you sure about that?” Ven spoke up, with a smug expression. “I can think of at least one writer who could turn you into dog chow.”
The kidnapper started to laugh out loud.
“She couldn’t harm a fly. Besides, I could easily defeat her and her Wolverine wannabe powers.”
“Damn, someone sounds a little too confident for their own good.” Kupe replied. “Did we forget she could have the ground swallow you whole. By the way, which is not one of her wannabe Wolverine powers. Just so you know.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I know all about the powers her muses bestowed upon her. I’m very well prepared to fight her.” The kidnaper snarled.
Ven out of the corner of her eye saw a 2x4 laying up against the wall. Using her telekinesis she lifted it up and was going to hit the kidnapper in the back of his head. He sensed it and quickly ducked before the board could touch him. He then looked over at Ven letting out a hiss. Scared that he might actually hurt her, Gillian or Kupe, she let the board hit the floor. A devious smile crossed the kidnapper’s face. Back at the house, everyone had decided to go along with Berlie’s plan. Except yours truly. I had plans of my own. So when everyone left the house. I went in a separate direction without letting anyone know. Well maybe except Preston and Q. Who I dragged along with me.
“What is this about?” Q asked. “Why did you drag us along anyway?”
“Berlie’s plan won’t work.” I grumbled, as we know walked through a park.
It was around eleven at night, so not too many people were out. They were probably at home, sleeping in their beds. Something I had planned on doing myself before all of this went down. Forty-eight hours without sleep is a long time and can make a person real damn grumpy, if you get my drift.
“You know I have something that could make you sleep better.” Preston said with a smug look on his face. “Maybe even let you relax.”
“Keep it in your pants. Or you and Jon Bobbitt are going to have something in common.”I warned, unsheathing my claws.
“Ouch.” Q commented.
“How did you know....” Preston began to question.
“I read your mind.” I interrupted him.
“Oh really. Can you read what I’m thinking now?”
“Yeah, and I don’t think Bubba would be too happy if you decided to date Billy Bob.” I sarcastically remarked, being a smartass as usual.
Q started to laugh a little and Preston just let out a sigh of disgust. I however picked up on a scent. I stopped dead in my tracks looking around. My feral senses going off like mad.
“We’re not alone.”
“Saturn, what is it?” Q asked, looking around as well.
A quick flash of light and then a smoke cloud of sulfur surrounded us. As soon as the smoke cleared, Seclude stood there with her black angel wings and her arms folded.
“And why aren’t we with the group?” She questioned.
I raised an eyebrow while Q and Preston hid behind me. Seclude scared them and I could see why. Her entrance alone could make any grown man piss his pants.
“Berlie’s plan won’t work.” I calmly responded.
“Why not?”
“Because the kidnapper is one of us. He knows the plan.”
“I see. So what’s your plan? I assume you have one.” She now tossed her long jet black hair over her shoulder.
“Don’t have one. Well not a full proof one anyway.”
“I see. So do you at least have an inkling as to who the kidnapper is?”
“What!?!” Q exclaimed. “No way, why would he....”
“I don’t know.” I answered. “That’s what I’m still trying to figure out. There has to be more to it than we thought.”
Kindred came running up to us with Bags following behind him. Trying his best to catch up. All the while cursing under his breath like any irish man would.
“Kin, Bags, what is it?” I asked.
“Berlie and the others have been kidnaped.” Bags wheezed in between catching his breath.
“We decided to split up.” Kindred explained, “to cover more ground. Well we heard Berlie scream, and then the others one by one. It was pure luck Bags and I got away.”
“That’s what you think.” Jack spoke up, stepping out of the dark in his cyborg form.
“Jack, you escaped too?” Preston asked, still hiding behind me.
“He didn’t escape.” I growled.
“Then how....”
“He’s working for the kidnapper.”
Jack smiled with satisfaction, like he was pleased at the fact that I had figured it out.
“I’m not the only one,” he finally said. “I hope you realize that.”
“Oh, trust me I know.” I continued to growl in my non-human tone. “I also know who your damn boss is too or I at least have a guess as to who. And if it’s who I think it is he’s going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do. After I rip him a new one, of course.”
“You’ll have to get past me first.” Jack smug.
“Shouldn’t be too hard to do, Tin man.” I remarked, going after him. “ARRGGGGHH!!!”
I sliced at Jack’s side. Only to watch it heal itself. I then went for one of his arms but that too healed. Jack grabbed me by neck and lifted me off of my feet, all the while laughing.
“Son of a....” I choked, trying to catch my breath.
Bags quickly turned his hands into metal hammers and Q turned into his shadow self. While Preston, Kindred and, Seclude got ready to attack.
“Try anything and I’ll break her neck.” Jack warned them.
“Let her go.” Q hissed.
Jack laughed. That was until something hit him in the back of his head. The pain was so great he had to let me go. I landed on my feet like a cat looking over at who hit him. Jeanne stood there with the baseball bat her muse had given her in her hand. A baseball bat that could bash anything. Even cyborgs.
“Want more or have we finally come to our senses?” she asked Jack.
Jack turned on her. Going after her. Only to end up flying backwards in mid-air a few seconds later.
“Ouch.” Kindred said, watching. “That had to hurt like hell.”
Jack tried to get up but Bags held him down.
“You try anything and I’ll beat you into a cyborg cube.” He glared at Jack.
Jack stayed put.
“So what do we do with him?” Q asked.
“I say we beat him down.” Jeanne exclaimed, wanting to beat the crap out of Jack.
“I say we turn him into a computer.” Kindred suggested.
“Or we could throw him in to a tub of water.” Seclude spoke up.
I lowered my head. Shaking it and letting out a sigh. I retracted my claws and walked over to where Jack was laying on the ground.
“What did he offer you?” I questioned him.
Jack looked up at me trying to play dumb. But I knew better.
“What are you talking about?”
“Look everyone has a price.” I now started to get impatient. “I just want to know what was yours?”
“He offered a partnership.” Jack mumbled.
“What was that?”
“He offered me a partnership.” he repeated, this time a little louder. “Him and I would be the greatest writers alive. We’d be rich, famous and, have anything we wanted with a snap of our fingers.”
“So that’s....” Preston started to say.
“It’s not all of it.” Jack cut him off. “My boss has another reason as well. As to what it is, well you’ll have to ask him that.”
“We will.” Q snapped, as him and Kindred turned to walk away.
I quickly grabbed both of them by the back of their jacket collars.
“Not so fast.” I said, letting them go as soon as they realized I was holding on to them.
“Jack isn’t the only one after us.”
I started to sniff a little.
“We got company.”
Nin, Libra and, Drew appeared out of nowhere. I could understand Nin and Libra but, Drew. That’s where I was confused.
“Drew.... Man, what the hell are you doing?” I asked.
“Hey, I need the extra cash.” he responded in a matter of fact tone. “Besides, chilling out all day at the house doesn’t exactly pay my bills.”
“So you work for the enemy? Have you gone insane?”
“Well, at least you’re honest.”
“Let’s fight!” Kindred exclaimed, getting impatient.
I grabbed him by the back of his jacket again before he got himself hurt.
“Not so fast, kid. Not unless you want to scrap yourself off the cement.” I calmly pointed out.
“What, afraid we might beat you?” Nin retorted.
“No. Actually the other way around. Considering we need you conscious so we can find out where your weasel of a boss is.” I replied.
Jack took this opportunity to quickly get up and hit me in my back. Making me fly up and hit the trunk of a tree. Only to end up laying on the ground, lifeless. No one said a word.
“She’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up.” Jeanne finally broke the silence.
“She’s dead.” Bags stated. “I highly doubt she’s waking up.”
Preston picked up a stick and gently poked my side to see if I was alive.
“She’s road kill,” he commented, tossing the stick over his shoulder.
“Well, I guess it’s just us now,” Jack said, with an evil grin. “So where were we?”
Bags and Q went after Jack, while Jeanne and Seclude ganged up on Nin. Leaving Kindred and Libra to fight. Preston and Drew stood around. Really not wanting to fight with one another. Just talking if anything. All the while, watching the others beat the tar out of each other.
“So did you call your insurance company?” Drew asked Preston.
“Yeah. Apparently it’s gonna cost more than they had estimated.” Preston answered, as Seclude flew over his head, going after Jeanne who got tossed like a rag doll. Catching her before she hit the ground.
“So what did you tell them?” Drew replied.
“What do you think I told them.” Preston said. “There was no in hell I was gonna pay more.”
Before Drew could say another word, he found himself being picked up and tossed in Jack’s direction. Taking Jack down with him as they both hit the ground. Preston looked over and saw me standing there, claws and all. Growling like a wild animal as I cracked my neck.
“Holy sh....” He started to say. “She’s pissed.”
Everyone stopped their fighting and stared over in my direction. Libra and Nin began to back away helping Jack and Drew up. They all turned around and ran for their lives when they saw me bare my fangs.
“Great. Their getting away.” Q spoke up.
“No, their not. Follow me.” As I began to head in the same direction they had gone.
Everyone looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and, then followed.
“What’s wrong with Saturn?” Kindred asked Q.
“It’s her feral side. It’s in over-drive.” Q responded in a whisper, afraid I might over hear.
“Saturn, do you smell something?” Bags said, as I stopped for a minute.
“Yeah. Their close. Too close.” I sniffed.
Jack, Nin, Drew and, Libra now stood in front of the kidnapper while the other poets watched on from the cage.
“It’s like this....” Jack began to explain, scared to death of his boss. “We thought she was dead. I mean she hit the tree dead on....”
“Yeah. Dead on.” Drew interrupted, repeating what Jack had just said.
“ENOUGH!” The kidnapper yelled loud enough it shook the walls of the warehouse.
The sound also happened to reach my ears, thanks to my feral senses.
“I’m sick of excuses.” He now calmly continued. “Did it ever occur to any of you that along with the feral senses and claws that her muse also gave her a healing factor as well. Wolverine has one why not Saturn.”
“Meaning?” Libra asked, scared.
“Meaning it’s going to take more than a damn tree to kill her.” The kidnapper now roared.
“Feeling a little stressed?” Kupe sarcastically remarked.
“I think the pressure is getting to him.” Tom joined in.
“Shut it.” the kidnapper warned.
“What afraid Saturn might actually stomp you?” Phoenix stated. “Because you should be. As a matter of fact if I were you I’d be shooting bricks out of my butt right about now.”
“She can’t defeat me.” The kidnapper laughed.
“No, but I can damn well try.” I growled.
The kidnapper turned around to see yours truly standing near the entrance with Bags, Preston, Seclude, Jeanne, Q, Kindred, and Q right behind me.
“A hundred says she wipes the floor with him.” Q started a betting pool.
“Put me down for two hundred.” Bags replied.
“Same here.” Jeanne said.
Jack, Nin, Drew and, Libra backed away as I walked closer to their boss. Claws unsheathed and the feral rage running through my veins.
“Why?” I asked, growling. “Why Thief?”
He now stared at me dead in the eyes and a smile crossed his face.
“Bubba.” he said.
Bubba snuck up from behind and grabbed me, lifting me up off of my feet and, holding on to me with a death grip. And being the big burly dude that he is it felt like my life was being squeezed out of me.
“Son of a....” I grunted trying to get free. “Not you too, Bubba. What did he offer you?”
Bubba looked over at Preston and as soon as he saw him, he let me go. And I swear to God I thought I saw those lovey-dovey hearts encircle around Bubba’s head. Everyone quickly stepped away from Preston.
“Run!” I hollered at Preston.
“Uh oh.” Preston said, as he started to run away from Bubba.
Bubba was literally chasing him around the warehouse room.
“I blame you.” Preston yelled at me, as he ran past. “I blame you. I blame you. I BLAME YOU!”
I just ignored him. Looking around for Thief who had apparently taken the opportunity to escape. I however picked up on where he was.
“Bags.... Seclude.... let the others out of the cage and get them out of here,” I ordered.
“I’m coming with you.” Q spoke up.
“No. I need to take care of this myself.”
And I disappeared in a flash before I could be stopped.
“Dammit, she’s stubborn.” Q responded.
“Yeah, but she’s always been like that.” Bags said. “It’s just Saturn.”
I ended up tracking Thief’s scent down in the alleyway just behind the warehouse. The air was cold yet crisp and, I could tell he was trying his damndest to hide his scent. I scraped the tips of my claws on the side of the building’s wall as I made my way down the alley. Making a sound similar to nails on a chalkboard. I stopped as soon as I got closer to the scent. I sniffed one more time realizing something was coming close. Something dangerous. I jumped out of the way while at the same time a fireball flew by me. Hitting some cardboard boxes and setting them up in flames. Only to quickly die out a few seconds later. I looked over in the direction it had come from and a grin appeared on my face. I slowly walked over in that direction. Ready to attack anything that moved.
“Fighting like a coward.” I growled, “so unlike you, Thief. Why don’t you come out and face me. Or are you afraid to fight a woman?”
A second fireball come out of nowhere and again I stepped a side letting it pass me and, die out.
“Whoa, someone shouldn’t have had that mexican.” I sarcastically commented, being the usual smartass.
No response.
“Fine. I’ll go then.” As I now turned around to leave.
When Thief felt it was safe enough to come out, he did. And that’s when yours truly pounced on him like a wolf to it’s prey. I now came face to face with him as I held my claws under his neck. Inches away from piercing his skin.
“Long time, no see.” I snarled.
“Tell me Saturn, how well do you sleep?” He now grinned.
“Stay out of my head.”
That’s another power he has. He can steal and invade dreams. I should know he’s tried to invade a couple of mine.
“Fine, I’ll set you up in flames.” he hissed.
“You could but I’d make damn sure you went with me.” I snarled again.
Fear now rose off of him like the smell of death.
“Answer me this,” I began to ask him, “why? Why would you do this? There has to be more to it than wanting to be the greatest writer or having money and fame. So why, Thief? Why would you hurt those who care about you?”
“For love.” He answered flat out.
At first, I didn’t know how to respond. What he had said just blew me away. I’ve heard of people doing some pretty crazy things for love but this right here took the cake. EE, Tom and, Q had decided to come wonder out in the back alleyway. They were checking to see if I was okay.
“Saturn, don’t kill him.” EE exclaimed, as she saw Thief and I.
Thief now glanced over at EE out of the corner of his eye and a look on his face seemed all too familiar. It was the same kind of look that men in love only have.
“You did it for her!” I now growled in a whisper so only him and I could hear. “Why?”
“You wouldn’t understand.” he replied, sighing.
“Try me.”
“It’s a long story.”
“I’ve got time.”
“I had nothing. I thought if I was the greatest writer than maybe I could win her heart.”He explained.
“Let me get this straight, you were willing to risk everyone’s life to win the girl of your dreams?”
“If it came to that. Yes. I just wanted the muses, I wouldn’t of hurt nobody.”
“Wrong. You would of hurt a lot of people just by taking their muse. It’s like taking someone’s soul.”
I now could hear the sirens in the distance coming closer by the second. Someone probably Heinzs, Berlie or, Bags had called the authorities.
“Their coming aren’t they?” Thief asked.
“Yeah.” I answered.
“Kill me. I can’t bare to be taken in. Kill me, please.” He pleaded.
“Why not?”
“I don’t do mercy killings. You don’t want to be taken in you set yourself up in flames. But I refuse to kill you.”
He never did set himself up in flames. Instead, he let himself get arrested. Jack, Drew, Nin and, Libra were also taken in for their involvement. As for Bubba and Preston.We searched for them only to find Bubba hugging Preston to death. And get this, Preston was wearing a bride’s dress.
“Isn’t that cute.” I commented.
“I blame you for this.” Preston grumbled. “I really blame you for this. And oh yeah, in case you didn’t know I blame you for this.”

Later that night, we all celebrated at Bags’s Pub. Tom and Val were singing karaoke. God, the one time I did regret having feral hearing. Preston was trying to get away from Bubba with no such luck. Bags served up the drinks like there was no tomorrow, all the while having a political conversation with Heinzs. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I on the other hand, sat at one of the booths, in a dark corner of the bar. Drinking a bottle of J.D. and smoking a cigar. I never did tell them the real reason why Thief had done it. I couldn’t fault him for what he had did. If anything I knew where he was coming from. Love does make you do crazy things. EE now sat across from me.
“What?” I asked, feeling like she was trying to look deep in to my mind.
“Berlie said you lied.” She answered.
“About what?” I looked over at Berlie who grinned at me somewhat and, then went back to talking to Ven.
“About Thief.” I heard EE say.
I looked back over at her, all the while smoking my cigar and taking sips of my J.D in between. I finally let out a sigh realizing I’d have to answer her sooner or later.
“Look, the reason Thief did it....” I hesitated.
“Why?” EE asked.
“He just wanted some attention.” I lied, hoping Berlie hadn’t picked up on it.
“Is that it?”
“Yeah.” I lied again.
What? You don’t think I could honestly do that to Thief. Besides, it wasn’t my place to tell EE how he felt. That was his business.
“Well okay then.” She said, getting up from the booth and, heading to the bar to get a refill on her drink.
A month passed before Jack, Drew, Nin and, Libra returned to the house. The judge had given them a little sentence only because I had testified for them at their trials. I couldn’t fault them for what they had done either. I’ve got a heart what can I say. Before they were allowed back in the house however, they had to promise to Berlie they wouldn’t pull any more little stunts, so to speak. As for Thief. I talked to the judge for him and he ended up only serving like six months behind bars. I visited him every chance I got. Hey, someone had to sneak him his cigarettes and green beer. When he finally did get out and was let back in the house not everyone was all too happy to see him. It took some of them a while to forgive Thief but, they eventually did. Which is a good thing. Considering there was danger lurking right behind the corner. What kind of danger you ask. Well, that’s another story. A story that I will someday tell. As for now I’m just going to chill and hopefully get some sleep.

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Post by LadySaturn » Wed Dec 10, 2003 3:39 am

I did it this way to save space, but here it is... TA DA MY GIFT TO THE POETRY PAGES!! 30 some pages written out, 16 pages typed.. and la la la...

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Post by Ven » Wed Dec 10, 2003 5:07 am

:bow: :bow: :bow: WOW !!! Oh Saturn, that's absolutely F :badword: NG brilliant. I was totally engrossed from the first word to the very last. I can't wait for my other half to get in from work so I can make him read this. :mrgreen:

What a brilliant Christmas present. I'm grinning all over my face here. Words just can't express how much I love this. :bow:

Gonna print it out now :mrgreen:
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:bow: ....speechless and impressed. Very impressed. And I've also gotta say I'm ecstatic I'm a bad guy! That kicks ass! :mrgreen:
Amazing :cheers:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:03 am

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!..this is absolutely brilliant saturn! you are a great storyteller/writer!..and i loved my part!..i was hooked totally from the very first sentence...i bow to the queen!.. :bow: i cant wait for the sequel!.... say there will be a sequel..there has to be a sequel!...lol... i love how you made us all seem like family!.. simply a fantastic piece of work!... for real this is some seriously good writing saturn!!
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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Post by the quiet poet » Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:24 am

Someone needs to illustrate this, turn it into a graphic novel, ya know? Awesome write Saturn! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Post by Ellie » Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:47 am

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

We are not worthy Oh no we are not!!!!!! Saturn you kick ass!!!!! I can't believe you wrote this....Well yes I can, I mean how long did this take you? This is so so so soooooooooooooooooooooo Awsome...lol...you made me beautiful...oh and my powers yes hehehe my powers...I love them...They Rock...why? you ask ...Well let me tell you lol.....I can kiss someone and kill them, if that's not power I don't know what is... They would think they are getting lucky and end up dead.lmao thats great... I too can't wait to read more...Hey get some sleep first ok? You need it, You've earned it. Great Job Lady...
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Post by LadySaturn » Wed Dec 10, 2003 11:01 am

There will be a sequel folks... I have the plot already in my head... I need to work on some of my poetry first however.. Spade has been screaming for me to write some poetry and my other muse Saturn wants me to do the sequel now. God, I'm getting pulled in two freaking directions.. AHHHHH!!!! Thank you everyone and yes, I did get some sleep. Now, I'm just waiting for everyone else's reply especially Preston's... heh heh heh and Thief... heh heh heh and Bags... bloody daniels, everybody else basically... heh heh heh

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i really enjoyed your story lady s. thanks for including me! =)
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Post by heinzs » Wed Dec 10, 2003 11:51 am

All I can do is add my :bow: :bow: :bow:

:cool: :lol: :shock: :cheers: :mrgreen:

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Post by debab » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:31 pm

LadyS!---:bow: to your fabulous writing :computer:

You had my attention from the first sentence and thoroughly enjoyed it to the end. excellent !!! Nice xmas present, thanks! :cheers:

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Post by Berlie » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:35 pm



Yes, definately need to turn this into a little graphic novel!
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Post by LadySaturn » Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:07 pm

thank you. Image
I wonder why Thief, Bags, and Preston haven't said anything.. Maybe their speechless... :shock: Omg... I did the impossible...

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Post by jeannerené » Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:53 pm


Been itching to read this all day.... got to fight for the computer around here... so I'm sitting here laughing and my son keeps going....what?...what?....read some of it to him....all I can say is SEQUEL....keep it coming....and thanks for the bat.

:cheers: *bow* *bow* *bow* *bow*(everytime I use the View more Emoticons...the computer freezes...hum.....give me my bat!)

Great stuff Lady.

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Post by BrightMindDarkHeart » Wed Dec 10, 2003 9:58 pm

*slips twig in back pocket* they need a clapping icon...bravo Lady Saturn
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