What's your preference?

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What's your preference?

Post by MJPease » Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:19 am

Hello All, I recently received an IPad Air 2 from the VA as part of the cognitive rehab program for my memory problems. This is my first experience with an Apple product and it's format. That's not true, I owned an Apple 2-C back in the stone age. So on with my question what's your preference ? I have to confess the IPad is nice but right now I'm using my tried and true lap top PC with Windows 7. Thanks and Take Care
Take me back, so far back, adjust this fate. Afeared lately of pen, in abscence of light. The fear I might stumble upon a plagiarized soul. Wipe this dark slate clean, regain my thought. Add the words that rekindle my depth of soul.

From: Summers Discontent 7-24-02


Michael J Pease

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