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Poetry Book Creator for Microsoft Word

Post by Berlie » Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:16 am

Hi all,

The following is an advertisment for my Poetry Book Creator that I sell on my Self-Pub.net website. I am posting it here in hopes of generating some sales that will help cover the costs of running the Poetry Pages website.

In addition to the Poetry Book Creator I also offer full book formatting services, cover design and eBook formatting for the Kindle and Nook as well as information and resources on hw to self-publish a book.

Visit Self-Pub.net for more information.

:computer: - Berlie

Poetry Book Creator for Microsoft Word

Designing your poetry book's interior is one of the most difficult things to do when you self-publish. Hiring an interior book designer can be expensive, especially if you are on a budget. Save yourself the time, hassle and money and use our affordable Poetry Book Creator to easily create a customizable poetry book layout in Microsoft® Word.

Created for the self-publishing poet our Poetry Book Creator 2.0 will create a customized poetry book format using Microsoft® Word. It goes beyond a typical poetry book template by allowing you to customize the style and formatting options of your poetry book's layout automatically and offers many tools to use after the initial poetry book 'template' is created.

With the Poetry Book Creator you enter in the information and formatting options for your book of poetry in an easy to use form. After you enter in the required information simply click 'Create Book' and the Poetry Book Creator will take the information you provided and create a professional looking poetry book layout in Microsoft® Word.

After your initial poetry book layout is created you can use the Poetry Book Creator's tools to insert poems into your book of poetry, add images, add additional sections, delete sections, change the book size or margins, change the fonts used, the style and more.

Poetry Book Creator 2.0 Features:
Read on for what the Poetry Book Creator will do to make your life easier when creating your book of poetry...

[*]User Friendly: Features an easy to use form for you to enter in the book's information and choose the items to include, fonts and style choices. Standard, default choices are set when possible for you to move through the form quickly.[*]
[*]Booklet/Book Fold Printing Option: Choose either to have the poetry book formatted in a layout suitable for a professional book printer or formatted to print on your desktop printer in a book fold format on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. *Book Fold format not supported in Microsoft® Word 2000.[*]
[*]Any Book Size You Need: Enter the size of the poetry book when filling out the initial form. The book size can be changed after the the layout is created if needed by using the included 'Change Book Size' tool. *Book Fold formats cannot change the book size.[*]
[*]Your Choice of Fonts: Choose what fonts and font sizes to use for different areas of the poetry book from a list of available fonts found on your computer. Includes a 'Font Previewer' tool that lets you preview the fonts to help you decide which to use. Standard fonts that are installed with Microsoft® Word are listed first in the list.[*]
[*]Custom Page Headers: Select what you want to be displayed in the chapter page headers, also called running headers. You can select a different choice for the left (even) and right (odd) side pages. Choose either the poet's name, book title, current section title, text of your choosing or leave blank.[*][*]Easy Page Number Placement: You decide where you want you page numbers to be inserted. Choose to place them at the top of the page, bottom of the page on the outside edges or centered on the bottom of the page.[*]
[*]Automatic Book Creation: Fill out the user friendly form and click "Create Book" and the Poetry Book Creator will automatically create the book's title page with the book title, subtitle and author name; a copyright page on the back side of the title page with the book title, author name, copyright year, standard copyright notice and ISBN if you supplied one; front and back sections that you can choose to include when filling out the initial form including a dedication page, acknowledgments page, foreword page and table of contents and/or about the author. Additional front and back sections can be inserted after the book is created by using the 'Add a Front or Back Section' tool. [*]
[*]Add Poems & Sections: Add new poems into your book by using the 'Add New Poem' tool which will ask you for the poem title, where you want to insert the poem and the poem's alignment on the page (left, centered, right). Choose to insert the new poem immediately after the poem before it or to insert it on a new page. The tool will then insert the poem with the proper styling and placement in your book. Adding a new poetry section is just as easy by using the 'Add New Poetry Section' tool. Enter the name of your new section and it will create the proper section breaks and formatting of your new section and make it ready to start adding poems. If you choose to have a Table of Contents the new Poem titles and Section titles will automatically be added and page numbers adjusted when you use either of these tools.[*]
[*]Easily Change Book Margins & Size: You may change the default book margins or book size at any time after the book is created by using the 'Change Book Margins' tool or 'Change Book Size' tool[*][*]Quickly Insert Images: Allows you to easily insert Images into your book by using the 'Insert Image from File' tool. [*]
[*]Easy to Use Tools: Includes a floating toolbar that can be docked within Microsoft® Word that includes all of the Poetry Book Creator 2.0 tools and other Microsoft® Word tools that you may find useful in working with your book of poetry.[*]
[*]Help and Support: Comes with an extensive help file that is easily accessible on any Poetry Book Creator 2.0 tool or form. An online support website at http://www.bookdesignwizard.com/support is also available.[*]
[*]Edit In Word: Lets you edit the book document created by the Poetry Book Creator 2.0 as needed within Microsoft® Word using any of Microsoft® Word's built in features.[*]

Software Requirements:
In order to use Poetry Book Creator 2.0 you must have either Microsoft® Word 2003, 2007, or 2010 (32bit) for the PC. The computer needs to be using the English language.

The Poetry Book Creator 2.0 will not work with any other word processing program and it will not work on a Macintosh.

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