Unit 2 Love Melody

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Unit 2 Love Melody

Post by enchantingvamp » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:04 pm

Ok, so just a few "clues" about the terms you will here in this "song." I wrote this while I was sitting in jail, lol, and you should keep in mind that when you read it, it should be sung to the tune of "She'll be coming around the mountain." Kinda.

** Unit 2 = this is the name of the housing unit all the women offenders live in.
** upstairs = the housing unit is divided into two floors, upper and lower. Offenders are supposed to say on their own floor assignments but women who "date" each other and live on different floors often make visits to restricted floors or cells to "visit." lol
** showers = showers are single units and women are NOT to be found together in the showers or it is an automatic PREA RED LOCK DOWN.
** skuff my knuckles = refers to a fight
** shackle shuffle = this refers to being put in leg and hand shackles for the purpose of being escorted to the RED LOCK DOWN unit.
** PREA = Prison Rape Elimination Act. If you are caught in any sexual situation either consentual or not you will get a PREA charge. This is bad, very bad.
**the bubble = this is a segregation lock down unit. Basically a jail within a jail. We're talking hard time here people, no bunk mat, no free time, no commissary, no phones, no tv, no visits, no nada, and you're probably going o be stuck there for a very very long time. Months. And most judges won't even deal with your case if you are " in red" they will just "continue" your case indefinitely.

Ok, I think I thought of everything. If I didn't and you need a term or word or concept explained, just ask, I'll clue ya in.
Please enjoy this little ditty. I wrote it to make fun of all the drama and love affairs going on between women in jail. It really is classically hilarious.

My girlfriend lives upstairs, lock me down.
I can't shower with my girlfriend, lock me down
let me find out she's cheating and I'll give her *** a beating
my girlfriend lives upstairs, lock me down.

My girlfriend loves another, lock me down
that "hoe" looks like my brother, lock me down
I don't wanna skuff my knuckles or do the shackle-shuffle
but my girlfriend loves another, lock me down.

Now I'm in the bubble, I'm locked down
I can't talk to another lock me down
I done caught myself a PREA
How, I have no idea,
my girlfriend loves another, I'm locked down.
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Re: Unit 2 Love Melody

Post by heinzs » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:40 pm

Missed it... had to search.

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