A Complex Series of Thought (Sestina)

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A Complex Series of Thought (Sestina)

Post by negatvone » Mon May 18, 2015 1:58 pm

A Complex Series of Thought (Sestina)

Woman in the clouds, so profound as I find
Something sublime inside words unspoken refined
A Woman's breath seen as nothing but defined
Solemn whisper inside the soul of man, sublime
Captured thoughts within this solemn time
Raptures inside the winds of change's chime

For within this whisper inside of a chime
A parallelogram inside the thoughts, I find
Captioned within timeless bought we find time
Structured thoughts of Man, seen as refined
Squandering through mind drifts, defined
Captivation of all rendered, so sublime

Imagination seem set true, so defined
As the wind whisps 'cross mind, a chime
Settlments of thought captured, sublime
Within these moments, our truth, we find
Meloncoly found inept as all is refined
Just as it all stands still this slice, time

At the end of the day, that's all it is, time
Something that holds us close, keeps us defined
No matter how we stroke time's sands it's refined
Set to hold silence inside, nothing, no chime
Solitude hits within these moments we find
Solitude inside empty thoughts; so sublime

Brain structured, reformed, and refined
The calming seen as nothing but sublime
Not one drop of sweat hindered bot one chime
It's the moment it all stood still; time
Rapture of cognitation now seen defined
Inside ourselves, tranquility we find

Within the refined sight we find
The entrancment of the chime, sublime
This time of query we find defined
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