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Forum dedicated to form in poetry, classical and new, and a discussion of poetic forms and poets.
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Forum dedicated to form in poetry, classical and new, and a discussion of poetic forms and poets.
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Post by Moongem » Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:45 pm

:shock: Gordy! You love! This is just what I needed, at this point in my investigations! You've always impressed me with having your spiritualism so solidly incorporated, and, I do remember how you lay in your own blood... Perhaps I am looking for the forest enveloping the trees. Too much, too soon, but, damnation, you've got to use a mind when it starts flying! You know what I mean?

Tell me, please, of other women in the Bible. Other Marys, for instance. I still see a sonnet, Sybilled.

And, I love the way you said Adam 'pulled Eve out of his side'. To me, the first reference of woman in the bible, Genesis 1:27, is innocence lost. Not the apple, the act of separation of partnership. That was the original sin. Innocuous. Unintentional. Accidental, in relation to what would come from Earth-Genesis.

And, thank you for the link, it eases my mind to have a resource for searching for the exact meaning of an olden used word. Their world was not ours, their words meant other-things.

As far as trying a 'form' of poetry, Gordy, the sonnet is supposedly specialized, but, it's just an excercise to greater freedom of poetic relief. Any attempts at forming poetry can only lead to betterment of the craft. Give it a try, would you? :)

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Post by gordy » Fri Jun 24, 2005 7:39 am

i dont have much computer time left but look up lydia, ruth, martha, many many other women but i dont have much time, i especially love the story of the woman at the well...........i think its awesome how her encounter with jesus caused him to stay in town two extra days......(i think it was two?) as for the side thing, i didnt even get to the part of how god tells moses he will keep him in the "cleft of the rock" which is another reference to God(the rock) and his people ..........or how blood and water (life and cleansing forgiveness) both poured out of jesus's side when he died on the cross........isnt it funny that it was the same mankind that stabbed him in the side but also came from his side and was redeemed through his sacrifice..........mel gibson did an awesome job when he had the roman soldier showered with the blood and water in the passion............well i am about outa time so i will talk to ya tomorrow... :mrgreen:

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Post by Eternum 1 » Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:46 am



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Post by Gillian » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:17 am

Very much enjoyed reading this thread. Beautiful poetry and interesting dialogue.

I do wish Erin would visit more often.


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