Poem(s) of the Week: October 31

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Poem(s) of the Week: October 31

Post by heinzs » Sat Oct 30, 2004 10:06 pm

Both nominees for this week received 3 votes, so both are winners!

Congratulations Candy_Cane and Storyteller!

Winner: Poem of the Week: Oct 31, 2004

Garden of love
by Candy_Cane

Cover me up with roses
Fill my senses with devotions
Straighten up my curly petals

With your daisy kisses shower me
And with your scanty fingers tickle my hands
As I will pamper you with my jasmine treatment

Furnish our house with lilies
So that happiness will always spread
And our lives will forever be white

Wrap me up round your blossomy arms
Make me feel your flowery heart
Which I know is my safe home

In the night we don’t need lights
‘Cause we have our sun-flowered souls
Along with our pure love that glows the night through

Your pansy sense of humor blows me away
When you tell me I have grassy eyes and a Daffodil nose
After that you say I have a cyclamen smell

Then your pinky smile let me know that you’re just teasing me
I love it when your rosy cheeks turn red
Oh! I could stare at them for hours, just too see the innocence of your face

I love you so much my dear ivy
Like the flowers love its leaves
I need you to water my world
Like the rain water the trees


Winner: Poem of the Week: Oct 31, 2004

Don't Cry
by Storyteller

A tear forms,
somewhere between leaving and a park bench
overlooking a midnight ocean and yesterdays farewell.
It rolls down, candle lit,
between pages of poetry sprawled across your gentle cheek
and navigates through memories
and pauses at streaks
to take note.

It rolls down, waterslide,
gliding past forgotten smiles,
wading around for a dimples sign
and rests heavily upon your lip
(where we last kissed)

The teardrop sits, quivering,
awaiting it's long leap.
Salting up a tale told tongue
remembering your blue eyes.

And as it falls, all is forgot.
No more streams to form
or waterslides.
It's lost it's grip to your soft skin.
It's gone...It's left...It's lonely too.

And as it splashes onto a page,
resting on a cluttered desk,
it lies...
looking up it says
don't cry.
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Post by Spazway » Sun Oct 31, 2004 12:39 pm

Congratulations Candy_Cane & Storyteller! :cheers: Both are well-deserving poems.

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Post by jhanke » Sun Oct 31, 2004 3:26 pm

congrats to the both of you!

Maybe I should of buried the butterfly instead of picking it apart.

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Post by buttterflies » Mon Nov 01, 2004 9:06 pm

congratumalationsss! well done, both of you. :mrgreen:
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