You see?

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You see?

Post by Kaylakakes97 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:43 am

Fat. Ew, she's fat. Gross, she has cellulite. She has stretch marks, that's nasty. Ugly. She's so ugly, her thighs are so big. Yuck, her stomach jiggles she needs to lose weight. Starve yourself, pig. Fat? yeah, she's fat. Cellulite? Barely. Stretch marks? She has dark red stretch marks on her arms and tummy.... beautiful. Big thighs? She can hold more cats on her lap than you. Ugly? No, beauty. Her tummy jiggles? good. Lose weight? Starve herself? No way! Beautiful? Different? Confident? Yeah, that's more like it. She's a size 13 wearing shorts and a crop top, and she rocks it better than you! Judgmental? You? Why of course! You may be a size 3, but you see, it is you who is ugly. Not because you're skinny, have a thigh gap, flat tummy, a model body and no stretch marks, but because you're judging a woman 10 sizes bigger than you. She's not affecting your life, She's done nothing wrong, so why judge her? You see, she's not built to meet your standards. She's not built to impress you. She's not built to be judged. You don't think she knows she's fat? She's happy and healthy, so why deprive her of that? Society has such horrible standards on the human body and how it should look: flat tummy, big butt, thigh gaps, perfect makeup, and model bodies. But you see, not everyone is the same, I mean how boring would that be?You're as small as a flower, while she's as big as a beautiful tree. Leave her be! Don't worry about her and her body, she loves herself and her size, so what right do you have to be so judgmental and mean?

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