The Scale

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The Scale

Post by Yorkie » Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:19 am

I rise out of bed
What do I find?
My bathroom scales
Are first on my mind!

My daily routine
Is get out of bed
Then to the bathroom
Is where I’ll head

I tread ever so gently
Onto the scale
Then say a prayer
Whilst a breath I inhale

Please dear lord
The pounds I am needing
Are a little bit lower
Than yesterdays reading

Now when I think of
yesterdays calorie intake
A good weight loss reading
I have to forsake

Eat less and exercise
And drink no wine
I’ll then lose some weight
And I’ll be on cloud nine

So now here we have
A brand new day
Today I’ll be good
Come what may!

Hmmmm, we'll see :lol:

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