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Post by Spazway » Tue Sep 14, 2004 7:59 pm

Spaz's World
(enter the mind)

General Poetry
Love and Romance
Poetry from the Darkside
"Mature" Poetry (or Erotica)

General Poetry

Stone Wall
My Special Friend


Somewhere there is an answer
To every question in the world.
Somewhere there is a mate
For every lonely person on the planet.

There is a cure for every disease,
A solution to every problem,
An end to every war,
Somewhere in this world.

Somewhere in this world
There is hope strong enough
For the depressed, abandoned
And desperate.

Somewhere in this world
There are people who care.
Somwhere there is love -
Something to believe in.
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Stone Wall[/anchor]

I see you sitting
In the corner of the room.
Staring into the distance,
Physically there, but not mentally.

You look so lonely,
As if you don't have a friend
In the world.
I reach out to you, but you are untouchable.

What can I do? What can I say?
To break through that
Icy barrier which encompasses
Your body, your soul, and your heart?

I try to talk to you,
To let you know that I
Would like to be your friend
If you'd only let me in--but I fail.

I want you to know if you
Need someone because I will
Always love and care for you--
No matter what.
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My Special Friend[/anchor]

You are the sunshine
that brightens my day.
You are the laughter
that fills my heart with endless joy.
The very sight of you makes me smile.
You lift me up
when I’m feeling down.
When I’m lost you take my hand
And show me the way.
When I feel like I no longer
have the ability to go on,
you give me the strength to persevere.
When I fall, you pick me up.
You stand behind me no matter what.
Without you, my life would be empty.
You are my hope, my inspiration,
my reason for living.
You are my special friend.

And I love you.

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Reminders [/anchor]

They are everywhere:
A food commercial on TV
A screensaver on the computer
Magnets on the fridge
Toys on the floor
A message on the answering machine
Announcing the arrival of a newborn.
Of a little girl’s dream
That will never see the light of day
Every reminder cuts like a knife
The pain so deep, so powerful
It steals my breath away
Knowing I will never feel the flutter
Of a new life within
Never experience late-night feedings
Or sleepless colicky nights
Never be called “Mommy”
Or “Nana” later on.
Fill me with guilt
For feeling the way I do:
Jealous and inadequate
Feelings of guilt consume me
Because I don’t appear to appreciate
The small ones that I do have in my life
Of three little angels
Whom I love with all my heart
And who light up my life.
And yet they remind me
Of the child of my own
That I want one day
But will never have.

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Love and Romance[/anchor]

In Over My Head
Je t'aime
A Vision in the Night
I Should Have Known
No Other Man
Dance With Me (Revised Version)
Missing You
A Thought Before Sleep


I see your smile so clearly in my mind
But it’s been so long since I’ve seen it on your face.
I remember when I used to make you laugh and smile,
Now I only make you scowl and frown.

I remember how your face used to light up
Whenever I entered a room.
Now you look like you want to run for your life,
Flee as though a ghost is on your heels.

Am I that ghost?
Do I haunt your days and make your nights hell?
Do you think of me at all? Do you remember what we had?
Or do you look back upon those days with disdain and shame?

Are you ashamed of having once loved me?
Do you regret holding me in your arms, so close to your warm body?
Are you sorry that you told me you’d always be there for me?
Have I hurt you as deeply as you have me?

I remember those days when we’d sit for hours
Doing nothing but holding hands and
We could talk to each other about anything--
And everything.

Whatever happened to those days
When all we cared about was each other?
We used to lose ourselves in each other’s eyes.
Remember those long summer afternoons?

I remember holding hands with you while we watched TV,
All the while wanting you to kiss me.
How tender your lips felt against my forehead and neck.
How I longed to feel them elsewhere on my body.

I remember the last time you loved me:
You were sprawled across my bed, looking so inviting.
I just wanted to curl up beside you, my head on your chest,
And let Fate dictate what came next.

Please believe me when I say
That I wish I could have felt you
Buried deep inside of me, loving me,
Making me yours.

I guess those days are long gone.
I don’t know why, but I still love you.
Lord knows you’ve given me every chance to give up on you,
But I can’t bring myself to do that.

Part of me hopes you’ll come back to me,
And love me like before.
Yet I know that you never will.
You don’t feel that way anymore.

I just ask you to do one thing for me:
Remember me from time to time
And think about what we had,
As well as my love for you.
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Sometimes I think
We'd be better off
If we could choose
Who we fell in love with
It would be easier on our hearts
If we could stop ourselves
Before we fell for those
Who were wrong for us:
The indecisive one
Who can't make up their minds
About what they really want
The "party-hearty" type
Who never takes anything seriously
The married one
Whose love we can never have
Sometimes I wonder
Why we even bother falling in love
It's scary and confusing
And it messes with our heads
Does he love me?
Do I love him?
Then I realise something:
We have no say in the matter
It's just something that happens
Whether we want it to or not
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In Over My Head[/anchor]

I can lock my door
And shut the world away
But I can't run
Nor can I hide
From the thoughts
And feelings
Deep in my heart
I'm torn between the two of you

My feelings for you
Don't affect my love for him
He's the man I want
With my heart, body and soul
For the rest of my life

You are my wild oats
My rebellion
You've taken me places
I've never been before.
My crush on you has developed
Into something more
But I know we can never be
Anything more than friends
Nor do I want to be.
Or do I?

I don't know!
My head is swimming
With unanswered questions:
Do I love you?
Is it just lust?
Do you feel the same?
If we were single
Would I stand a chance?
I'm so confused!
All I know for sure is this
I'm in over my head.
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Je t'aime[/anchor]

When I was in OAC (grade 13) French, we had to write a poem in French. This was mine.

Je te vois debout dans la couloir.
Tu mets tous tes livres dans ton casier.
Tu es grand et beau.
Mais toutes mes amies me disent:
“N’y viens pas!”
Mais, je t’aime.

Elles disent que tu es un mechant,
Tu es un maniaque.
Elles pensent que tu es dangereux
Mais je pense qu’elles sont faussees
Je pense que tu es sympa et gentil.
Et je t’aime.

Mes amies disent que
Tu es tres violent.
Je ne crois pas.
Tu ne ferais pas de mal a une mouche.
Mais les meurtrissures que je porte
Disent la verite.
Mes amies disent que tu es infidele.
Ca, c’est vrai.

I Love You (English translation)

I see you standing in the hallway,
You are putting all your books in your locker.
You are tall and handsome.
All of my friends say to me:
"Stay away from him!"
But I love you.

They say that you are a monster,
You are a maniac.
They think that you are dangerous.
But I think they are wrong.
I think you are sympathetic, gentle,
And I love you.

My friends say that
You are very violent.
But I don't believe that.
You wouldn't hurt a fly.
But the bruises that I wear
Speak the truth.
My friends say that
You are unfaithful.
That's true.
But I love you just the same.
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A Vision in the Night[/anchor]

The wind howls outside my window,
Fierce and unhappy,
Chilling me to the bone.
I curl up on my side
In this lonely bed of mine,
As I close my eyes and try to sleep,
An image of you forms in my mind.
I see your smile,
Which brightens my world.
I hear your rich laughter,
And my heart races.
I hear your deep voice,
Making my body tingle.
Your lips touch mine in a feathery kiss,
Taking my breath away.
As I fall into a peaceful slumber,
I can almost feel you beside me,
Holding me.
Loving me.
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I Should Have Known[/anchor]

We were friends
You and I
Once upon a time
We could talk for hours
About everything:
Love, life, our dreams
Nothing was off-limits
Then everything changed
You asked me a question
As you were wont to do
I answered it honestly
After a brief hesitation
Knowing that once I did
Nothing would be the same
I confessed my true feelings
Which you already knew
We talked it over
And agreed we were cool
That nothing would end
The friendship we shared
Weeks have passed
With barely a word
Every moment of silence
Feels like a knife to my heart
Are you just busy
Or are you avoiding me?
I should never have admitted
That I love you.
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No Other Man[/anchor]

My heart and self-esteem
had taken a severe beating
I didn't think I'd ever recover

Then you came into my life
and melted those feelings away
healing my shattered heart

Whenever we kiss
I see desire reflected
in your eyes.
Just as I know
you can see it in mine

When you touch me
my pulse kicks into overdrive
and heat floods my veins
Making me shiver
in sweet anticipation.

I never knew
it could be this way:
serious yet playful
powerful yet gentle
overwhelming but calming
all at once.

No other man has made me feel
as safe and secure as you have.
No other man has made me feel
cherished or love.
There is no one for me
but you.
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Dance With Me[/anchor]

Across a crowded room,
our eyes meet.
I shyly smile,
you stride with purpose.
In front of me, you stop
offering your hand.

My heart stirs,
I glance up.
Mouth dry,
I moisten my lips.

Gentle baritone,
"May I have this dance?"

Nervously I place
my hand in yours
in silent acceptance.
A light squeeze
as you pull me up.

Your arms encircle my waist,
you draw me near.
The nape of your neck,
warm beneath my fingers.
You draw me closer,
my heart pounds.

My head upon your shoulder
As so many times before
One with the music

Your tender voice,
"Look at me."

I lift my head.
Gentle brown eyes
hold my gaze.
Countenance of steel and velvet
enraptures me.
Time stops.

Soft whispers,
"I love you..."
"And I you..."

You breathe
my breath,
a kiss of passion.
This dance of love.
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Missing You[/anchor]

I miss you.
Oh God do I miss you!
I miss your smile
so bright and contagious
I miss your humour
and how you could
reduce me to tears
from laughing so hard.
I miss how much you wanted me
how you could arouse me
with the faintest of touches
and the sexiest of words.
You always made me feel
like the only woman on Earth.
You held me when I cried
and rejoiced when I celebrated.
I loved you so much.
God help me but I still do.
The pain of our separation
is still so very fresh
yet it lessens with each passing day.
But the truth remains forever in my heart:
I miss you.

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A Thought Before Sleep[/anchor]

Night has once again fallen
silent and dark
I sit here in bed
knowing I should be sleeping
and yet my thoughts are on you
I wonder where you are:
Are you walking the dog
or are you lying in your bed?
Are you dreaming of me
as I often dream of you?
My eyes grow heavy
as sleep begins to call
I curl up under the covers
wishing you were with me...
holding me...
As I fall asleep
one last thought lingers...
I hope you know how much
I love you.
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Poetry From The Darkside



Darkness surrounds me
As I sink into this feeling...
No one to turn to...
No one cares:
Deserted by family...
Friends don't realize I'm gone...
I've disappeared,
unnoticed into the abyss.
Loneliness overwhelms me.
A door's been slammed in my face...
I can't open it.
My busy friends have the key...
To my heart... my soul.
Nothing left to do
But sit in my darkness and watch them go by
Oblivious, In their own little worlds.

He's there... loving another...
It seems I've only been gone a few moments
And he's already found someone else
To take my place.

Long endless tunnels
With no light and no one to guide me through...
I never wanted to come here...
Any place is better than this.
I need help, support, kindness... love!
But they don't know.
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In Tribute[/anchor]

Memories of Peri[/anchor]

I sit here and stare out the window
Each rain drop on the pane mirrors the tears that fall.
These droplets that fall from the sky and my eyes
Are symbols of the pain I feel inside.
When I'm around others I appear happy, almost carefree
But I’m not. Inside I'm a mess. I'm falling apart.
You’ve been gone for some time now,
Yet it feels as though it were only yesterday.
I think of you at least twice a day.
I remember how it used to be:
You were always smiling and laughing.
Always singing off-key,
But you always put some of yourself into every song.
I remember your sympathetic ear and broad shoulder.
You always knew when to kick my butt in gear
And never took “I can’t” or “It’s hopeless” as an excuse
For any failure, whether your own or someone else’s.
You joie de vivre was contagious and so was your courage.
I wish I had some of that courage because I need it
To help me move on with my life.
Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever be able to
Live my life without you by my side.
I know in my mind that I will be able to do that
Yet my heart, well, that’s a different story.
I know the pain is going to ease a little more each day
But sometimes I wish it would go away completely.
I know it won’t go away completely until I join you
Because until you and I are reunited in “Paradise”
You will live here on earth through me
Because I will always carry our memories and moments in my heart.

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Erotic Poetry and Prose

Lost in a Dream
Feel Me
My Sweet Addiction

Lost in a Dream[/anchor]

I'm lying on the bed
My eyes closed
Breathing slowly
Lost in a dream of you.
You place a kiss
On the back of my neck
You slide your fingers
Along my bare arm
I sigh in my sleep
As your warm hand
Cups my breast
My nipple hardens
Beneath your fingers
I moan softly
As you glide your hand
Over my stomach
Moving lower
And lower
My breath quickens
I feel your hand
On my waist
You turn me over
From my side to my back
Your lips meet mine
In a loving kiss
Our tongues begin to duel
I put my arms
Around your neck
As our bodies join
In love and passion
I open my eyes and realize
That I'm no longer
Lost in a dream of you
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Feel Me[/anchor]

Close your eyes my love
Feel my hands on your body
Tenderly caressing your flesh
Kneading the tension
From your muscles
I press my lips gently
To the sensitive skin
At the back of your neck
My teeth lovingly nip your skin
As I taste you
Feel my lips touch your mouth
My tongue sneaking past your lips
I take your hand in mine
Squeezing it gently
Before placing it on my breast
Feel the beat of my heart
Strong and steady
Feel it quicken
As I welcome you inside
Open your eyes and see
My emotions play across my face
Feel how much I love you
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My Sweet Addiction[/anchor]

I am addicted to you.
There’s no other way to explain why
I ache for your touch
Your fingers brushing over my body
Making me shiver as you find my most secret, sensitive spots
Teasing me before you enter me
Pushing me higher and higher.
I crave your kiss.
Whether it’s a tender hello
Or a passionate devouring of my mouth
Your lips against my skin, teeth occasionally nipping me.
A sweet addiction is the only explanation
For the way my heart races and my knees weaken
Whenever I’m with you
And why I feel as though something is missing
Whenever we’re apart.
I want to feel you twitch beneath my hands
As I explore your sexy masculine form
Delighting in watching your body shudder in release
I need you beside me, inside me,
Filling me with your heat and love.
There is no 12-step program
For this sweet addiction to you.
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A Vision in the Night

Post by Spazway » Wed Sep 15, 2004 7:00 pm


The Accident
The Truth

The Accident

The sun was bright and the temperature warm on that Sunday evening in 1985. March tenth, the start of spring break. Yippee! No school for a week! Little did I know there'd be no school for the next six months for me.

It started out like any other Sunday. We'd all gotten up, dressed and had breakfast before heading to dance lessons. I'd just started learning modern dance (or jazz dancing as they called it back then). Before then I'd done ballet and tap. I was seven-and-a-half, my little sister almost five.

It was six o'clock in the evening. My family had just finished dinner and my sister and I went out to play on the swings. We had had the swings for six years. Steph went into the house to ask my mom something. I wasn't going very high on the swing. I was pushing myself with my legs. I leaned back while holding onto the chains that hold the swing up so that I could pick up speed, the same thing millions of other people on swings have done millions of times before. The same thing I had done numerous times.

Suddenly while I was swinging, I fell. First my back, then my head, then my butt, then my legs hit the ground. I was in a lot of pain. I got up and sat in front of the swing and cried. I got up and walked into the house. went into the living room. I sat down on the chesterfield. Standing up didn't help, neither did sitting. Everything I did hurt like hell. When I told my mom that I'd fallen and that I was really sore, she suggested a warm bath because I'd probably just bruised some muscles.

I sat in the water for a while after I'd gotten washed. I was one of those kids who loved to play in the bath.

"Time to get out," my mother told me when the water had started to get too cold. I started to stand but I couldn't. My legs wouldn't cooperate with me. "No time for games."

I told my parents that I wasn't playing this time, I honestly couldn't stand. My father picked me up out of the tub and put me on my feet. My legs were like jelly and wouldn't hold me. Like a ragdoll I fell to the floor. Dad picked me up and carried me to my room where he tried to get me to stand again. Once more I fell to the floor. My father went to start the car while Mom helped me into my pajamas. Dad came back in and carried me out to the car and took me to the hospital.

Once in the ER, he asked if I wanted to sit in a wheelchair or a regular chair. Something told me that I wasn't in good shape so I told him I'd like to sit in the wheelchair. He put me in one and then went to the nurses' station to register. He came to sit beside me and I told him that my legs felt funny. He asked how they felt funny and I told him that they were pins-and-needles and numb. He put his hand on my leg and I told him that I couldn't really feel his hand. I knew that something was seriously wrong with me then. Every few minutes he would put his hand on my leg and each time I felt it less and less.

An hour after we got to the hospital I was taken into the exam room and lifted onto the stretcher. They did a pinprick test where they run the point of a safety pin over areas of skin to check whether you can feel it. The results were not good. Four hours from the fall to the exam. That's all it took for all movement and feeling from my waist to my toes to be gone. After many tests and x-rays they couldn't tell us why I could no longer feel or move my legs.

My grandfather arrived and brought my mom to the hospital, my grandmother was with my sister. He and my dad went home and I was transferred by ambulance to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for further testing. Mom and I played the Alphabet Game all the way from Richmond Hill to Toronto. I was so tired. It was after 10 p.m. Way past this little girl's bedtime.

The rest of what happened over the next four months (actually most of the next year) is fuzzy, not because of any head injury or temporary amnesia. It's more likely because of the fact that seven-and-a-half-year-olds can only handle so much before their minds begin to protect them from trauma.

I do remember the giant Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal on the wall outside the door of the exam room at Sick Kids. I remember being so tired and cranky and they wouldn't let me sleep because they were afraid of brain injury. I remember my legs being black-and-blue with bruises from the pinprick tests because I'm so fair-skinned and bruise easily.

I remember the ambulance ride from Sick Kids to the rehab centre at the end of March. That I remember because my uncle was the paramedic who drove me and my mom to the rehab hospital and we stopped at McDonald's for Chicken McNuggets on the way.

Twenty-one years ago today it happened. Twenty-one years, countless x-rays and blood tests. Twenty-three operations. The bicycle that I had just started to learn to ride without training wheels has been replaced by first a manual wheelchair and now a motorised one. My vacations have been spent in hospitals, including my 16th birthday.

It's funny how something so innocent as a fall from a swing can change one's life so drastically forever.
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The Truth

Post by Spazway » Sun Sep 19, 2004 9:57 am

The Truth

It was a warm and breezy spring evening when Callie McAllister and her boyfriend, Shane, decided to go for a walk along the otherwise deserted beach. Callie needed to think. So much had happened to her in the last couple of weeks, impairing her ability to think clearly. First, the acceptances to all the universities she had applied to, then the announcement that she was valedictorian for the graduating class of 1996, her grandmother was dying in the hospital, and then there was Shane. Callie was surprised to realize the thing bothering her the most was Shane.

They walked slowly along the shore, admiring the way the dying rays of sun reflected off the water. Callie stole a sideways glance at Shane.

Aside from being her boyfriend, Shane Forester was Callie’s best friend. They had known each other for three years, ever since he was in grade nine. Now he was in grade twelve, she in OAC. Their age difference wasn’t what was bothering her, though. Two more important things were bothering her now: her relationship with Shane and something that had happened several years ago that she'd kept from him.

“Let’s sit,” Shane suggested.

“All right,” Callie said, sitting on the sand. She sat facing the cool, crisp-looking lake and admired the beautiful sunset. Callie picked up a handful of sand and let it trickle through her fingers.

She thought hard about her relationship with Shane. She knew how she felt about him: she loved him. They had both said they loved each other. Sometimes, though, it seemed Shane was very unsure about their relationship, and of himself. Those were the times that were hardest on Callie because Shane would isolate himself from everybody, including her.

Why do you put up with it? some of her friends would ask her.

Why do you let him shut you out without an explanation? others would ask.

Because, she would reply, I love him and he’s always been there for me. He understands when I need to be on my own and now it’s my turn to be there for him. If it means letting him shut me out of his life for a while every now and again, so be it.

Shane was there when her sister tried to run away and then finally went to live with her father. He had been her shoulder to cry on when both her father and sister were killed in a car accident last year. He had been there when she’d tried to kill herself. Now, she wanted to be there when he needed somebody.

But how do I tell him about the past? Callie thought to herself as she glanced over at Shane. How do I tell him that I am not the innocent person he thinks I am?

“Hey, you’re extremely quiet, Little One,” Shane said, reaching for her hand. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Callie said, squeezing his hand gently.

“Are you sure?” Shane asked. “I'm here if you want to talk." Callie nodded. He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. Callie drew back quickly.

"Let's walk some more," she said, scrambling to her feet. She brushed the sand off her jeans and began walking along the beach.

Tell him, Callie, a little voice in the back of her mind said.

"Cal, what's wrong?" Shane asked, catching up to her.

"Nothing's wrong," Callie said, forcing herself to calm down.

"Then what spooked you back there?"

"Nothing, I was just getting a cramp in my legs, that's all."

Liar, the logical side of her mind said. He has a right to know, Callie, why you keep pulling away from him.

Yeah, but what happens if I lose him? What will I do then? her emotional side said.

Callie stopped suddenly, causing Shane to bump into her.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing. You're 'IT,'" Callie said, tapping him on the shoulder. She started running ahead of him.

"You little--" Shane said, laughing. He ran after her. "Gotcha! You're 'IT.'" He tapped her on the shoulder blade.

"Whoa! Time out! I've got to take my shoes off. I'm getting sand in them!" Callie laughed. She slipped out of her Nikes and ran after Shane. She caught him easily, because although he was taller, she was more agile. He ran after her again, this time 'accidentally' pushing her to the ground.

"Gotcha!" he said, as he pinned her arms gently over her head and kissed her quickly on the cheek.

Panic engulfed Callie. "Let me up," she whispered, making a feeble attempt to free her arms. Shane didn't hear her. Tears welled in her eyes. She began to struggle beneath him. "LET ME UP!" Shane released her immediately and Callie jumped to her feet.

"Callie, what happened? What's wrong?" Shane reached out to touch her but she pulled away. Callie folded her arms across her breasts and turned away from him. "Did I hurt you? If I did, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Tell him Callie! she scolded herself. "No," Callie said, "you didn't hurt me." My next door neighbour did.

"Did I frighten you?" Shane asked, concerned. Callie was so pale it worried him.

"A little," Callie admitted. You have to tell him that Mark raped you, Callie. It's the only way to continue with this relationship, she told herself. But that was years ago. I was twelve years old. Besides, it's in the past. What if he blames me like others have? Grief filled her heart at the prospect of Shane blaming her for her neighbour's actions. Then he's not worth it. If he truly cares about you, he'll believe you and he'll understand that you had nothing to do with what Mark did to you, the rational voice said.

I can't tell him, Callie thought. Mark said that if I ever told anybody, he'd find out and he'd kill me.

He's already done that, Callie, she reminded herself, he killed the little girl you once were. Now, he is dead. He can't hurt you anymore.

"Callie, tell me what's wrong," Shane said. "Please, I want to help but I can't if you don't tell me what's frightened you so badly."

Tears slowly crept down Callie's cheeks. "I can't tell you," she said, wiping the tears away stubbornly. Tell him!

"Why not?”

"I'm afraid." The two words came out as little more than a whisper, but Shane heard them.

"Of what? Of whom?" He turned Callie around to face him and lifted her chin up so that she met his gaze. "Are you afraid of me?" Callie shook her head. "Please, Callie, tell me. Who are you afraid of?”

Callie took a deep breath. "Shane, I have to talk to you. It's important."

This was written about 11 years ago as an OAC (grade 13) Writer's Craft assignment.
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Title: My Always
Forum: Love And Romance


When we kiss
I feel as though
I am melting into you…

When you look at me
I can see the unconditional love
Glowing in your eyes…

You touch me
And my skin catches fire
With waves of passion’s flame…

When we make love
The world disappears
And I have come home…

You say “I love you”
And it wraps me in warmth
From my heart to my soul…

When I look at you
I see my future
I no longer see the past…

When I tell you I love you
I mean it with every fibre of my being
My emotions overwhelm me…

When we talk, we share so deeply
No matter how private
No matter how uncomfortable it might be…

I love your smile and your laugh
The way your eyes twinkle with mischief
And how they soften with love…

I love the way our bodies fit
So perfectly together
As though we were created solely for one another…

I love our long conversations
And even the comfortable silences
I love everything about you, everything about us.

You are my today, my tomorrow, my always…
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It looks great, Jim. :grin: Thank you.

Again, thank you for all your hard work.

:bow: To everyone who has worked on this. It looks wonderful and I am so very grateful that you've done it. Thank you. :hearts:

Reserved with note.

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Heinz, I have nothing but grins after looking at this.

Heinz gets all the credit for this one.

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Actually Jim did all the editing and preliminary formatting and I just added formatting on top of his handiwork.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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