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<a href="#twenty one">Always The Doctor [To Tom Watson] </a>
<a href="#twenty two"> A Letter To A Friend [To Jade] </a>
<a href="#twenty three"> Lost In Your Flames [To ForeverFlame] </a>

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<a name="#one"> Little clips from heaven </a>

Clouds are shrouding above my head
Sky is amazingly turning red
Rain is about to fall
Wash the trees standing tall
The sun will nap in awhile
Within the skies it tile
Draw me a picture of that beautiful view
Give me the brush, don’t make me queue
The atmosphere is getting musical
Wind is making it more mystical
Rain pounding gently on the ground
Composing sweet rhythms to sound
Flowers and roses are waking up
Squirrels, ants together they sup
Colder and colder it gets
As the sun now has finally set
Small flakes falling from the soggy skies
Wetting my hair and crying my eyes
Snow! Now it’s your turn
Shiver me! as my soul for you yearns
Fall heavily; cover me up with your whiteness
Light my life; bring back its missing brightness
Let your flakes freeze my hands
Let your smell fill my glands
Make your snow man show up this night
Get me out of my misery, take off this fright
Art in my head is growing deeply
Portraits in my mind are getting steeply
The cold air is healing my senses
The frosty wind is clearing my tenses
Little angels; send your divining grace
Shed your angelical light on this heavenly place
As the rain falls, the wind blows
And the sky strongly snows
Capture this scene with your blissful shot
For now and forever on this very spot
Don’t let these little clips from heaven ever disappear
Keep them safe for next week, month and year

Originally posted at: Little clips from heaven

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<a name="#two"> She... all the year</a>

I’ve fallen in love with a strange lady
Every single month she changes
She’s different in every way
She’s different in what she does
But I find that amusing
So as it spices up our lives together

In January she gets a little magical
She dresses up like a “Fairy” spreading magical dust on everyone
She says; “it’s a happy new year for all of us
So we should expect it in a special way”
So she keeps dancing around, enjoying the New Year

Her schedule gets deeper at the beginning of February
She’s a so-called lawyer defending our love story in public
There’s no “Overruled” your honor
Uh- uh! There’s always “sustained”

In March she rests a little by pretending to be a “Mother”
As she says; “I’ve to practice maternity honey! Babies will come one day
Besides mother’s day is near”
So she sews baby clothes
And makes wooden cradles

Her mood sets on down somehow in April
Especially at the first of it
She plays an evil April’s fool on me
When she tells me;
“I’m ill, I think I have cancer”
So as for me to donate to other people
In order to feel their pain
And to testify my affection and devotion to her

In May she fills the house with all kinds of flowers
So as to feel the beauty of spring
And tells me that tulips are her favorite type
“Keep that in mind” she insinuates
Also to feel the healing breeze of the spring
That some people else where don’t appreciate

June, Man! She gets very hot
Welcomes the summer with sexy clothes
Mainly bikinis, so as to tell me that summer
Will have to be hot from the very beginning

July she byes me a Mexican hat
To cope with the melting sun
Singing me “feeling Hot, hot, hot”
And plays salsa music
Make me drink me Margarita all day
With some lemon chips on top

August’s her favorite month because it’s her birthday
Still July’s mood is stuck with her somehow
She waits impatiently to my present
That has to be a cage of birds every year
Then she flies them away
She says that; if every year I know what she wants
And what she feels when she loses her birds
That will indicate whether I’m a patient guy or not?
And will tolerate anything with her?
What a Philosophy huh?

In September it’s my birthday
She brings me a black and white striped tie
Every year as well
Because she says;
“Whenever you look at the black color
You’ll realize that life can be black sometimes
Then you turn to see white, you see that after
Black, life will regain its whiteness again”
I guess in that month she’s a psychiatrist

October, Wow!! It’s Halloween time
Though it’s at the end of the month
But she prepares herself from the beginning
She buys a wicked witch costume and lots of candy
Gives kids the candy and at the same time
She plays “Trick or Treat” herself with the neighbors
She claims that;
“Childhood is a period we should all
Live it once again
So as to cherish our adultery period
And make the right decisions”
She’s turning to “Freud”

Winter is almost ahead when it hits November
She warms the house with lots of candles
And lots of wood by the fire place
We usually sleep beside it throughout that month
Simply because she says;
“Whenever you look at the fire you’ll fear hell
As a result you won’t do me wrong
And that you’ll always be afraid of God’s punishment”
She’s gets spiritual at the end of the year

Moreover in December
When Christmas bumps in
She’s as silent and calm as a lamb
She sits by the tree and sings all Christmas songs
As we cuddle under the blanket
Looking through our yearbook
Reminisce our happy times
And thank God we’re still together
Preparing ourselves for the coming year
That hopefully will be full of...
Love, care and devotion
And above all...
Sweet weirdness
From the most strange, interesting
Adorable girl

And this is how my life goes
With her all the year
The end...

Originally posted at: She... all the year

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<a name="#three"> The streets are wet </a>

The vision is foggy as it can be
The sun is up
But heading towards down
Rain starting to fall
People starting to leave
Lonely me standing
Showering under the rain
Sniffing its soothing smell
Holding its breezing wind
With my soaking wet hands

Yet it’s time for the night
But the moon is still asleep
Anxiously waiting for its light
To guide me through the rain
Show me the right way home
Maybe take off the loneliness
Perhaps remove all the fears

My eyes are crying the rain drops
But my soul is feeling okay
My heart doesn’t wanna feel sad
My body just wants to feel warm

If I walk I’ll slip away
‘Cause the streets are very wet
Though it would feel like skating
Only without the ice
Just with the rainy rivers
And my black drenched boots

Birds are escaping to their nests
Wanting to reserve their homes
Wanting to catch the warmness left
Hoping they get there on time
While I’m watching their organized departure

The moon is finally beginning to wake
But I’m still waiting in my place
Guess I’m fascinated by the misty view
And the non-stop rain drops
Every drop is a healing item
Every slump is a curing point

As I’m left alone in this dark night
I’ll shout out my voice
I‘ll speak out my mind
As the wet street is my witness
The moon is my observer
And the rain is my audience
Please moon!
Shed your glowing light only on me
And please rain!
Just fall forever on my empty life
Fill it with your haunting scent
And your ever-soothing feeling

Originally posted at: The streets are wet

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<center>Image~~Love And Romance~~Image</center>


<a name="#four"> Simply In Love </a>

Body shivering
Soul shaking
Heart giving
Love taking

Hardly breathing
Barely talking
Rapid heart beats
Happily walking

Life changed
Better way
Spirit free
Own say

Walls painted
Bright white
Blue sky
Shining light

Strength again
Grieving none
Joy all over
Tears done

Passion ahead
Up high above
Finally saying
Simply in love

Originally posted at: Simply In Love

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<a name="#five"> Garden Of Love </a>

Cover me up with roses
Fill my senses with devotions
Straighten up my curly petals

With your daisy kisses shower me
And with your scanty fingers tickle my hands
As I will pamper you with my jasmine treatment

Furnish our house with lilies
So that happiness will always spread
And our lives will forever be white

Wrap me up round your blossomy arms
Make me feel your flowery heart
Which I know is my safe home

In the night we don’t need lights
‘Cause we have our sun-flowered souls
Along with our pure love that glows the night through

Your pansy sense of humor blows me away
When you tell me I have grassy eyes and a Daffodil nose
After that you say I have a cyclamen smell

Then your pinky smile let me know that you’re just teasing me
I love it when your rosy cheeks turn red
Oh! I could stare at them for hours, just too see the innocence of your face

I love you so much my dear ivy
Like the flowers love its leaves
I need you to water my world
Like the rain water the trees

Nominated for Poem of the Week on 10/26/2004

Originally posted at: Garden Of Love

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<a name="#six"> Was it me..Was it you?</a>

I loved you … like the birds love its nest
I cared for you … like the mother care for her children
I touched you gently … like the dew touches the leaves

You loved me … like the flower loves its petals
You cared for me … like the ant cares for its food
You touched me tenderly …like the clouds touch the sky

I trusted you …like the saint trusts his god
I felt you …like the ground feels the rain
I contained you …like the sea contains its water

You trusted me … like the client trusts his attorney
You felt me …like the trees feel the wind
You contained me … like the tube contains its solution

I breathed your soul … like the moon breathes the night
You held my heart …like the heavens hold the stars
I caressed your life …like the snail caresses its shell
You lighted up my world …like the sun lights up the earth

Darkened years went by… but our love was still a glowing candle
Cold night s passed by …but our passion warmed us through

My soul was your home
Your heart was my shield

Now emptiness is where I live in
Sadness is where I belong to

My body is so fragile
My mind is hurting me

What happened to our legendary fairy tale?
Where did our promises go?
Why did our love fade away?
Was it you? Was it me?

Originally posted at: Was it me..Was it you?

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<a name="#seven"> Would You Cry For Me? </a>

When you told me that you loved me
Your eyes shined with happiness
Your tears were about to fall
But your strong manhood held them back

When you first kissed me
Your lips trembled
As your heartbeats were loudly heard
Your hands were shaking from passion
And your eyes were dancing with teary joy

When you held me close
I felt your unrevealed side of love
That was clearly felt through your touch
Your taste is still tinged on my lips
And my shivering body is calling for you
Though you’re right in front me
I still want to see your deep inner feelings
I still want to sense your other side of tenderness
Would you play my soul’s song?
The one you sang for me
When our eyes first met on that rainy day

When you wrapped your arms around my waste
Asked me to dance
Under the silvery moonlight
While the wind played us the rhythm
And the stars were shining on your glowing face
To bring out your secreted charm

Oh! Planets will you revolve only around us tonight?
To guide us with your sparkling magic
Please God!! Save this breath
Just to enjoy this magical moment
Just to see his precious tears fall
Filling my endless river of love for him
Please! let him know that he’ll be my destiny
Even if it’s not in this world
Even if I wasn’t his right now
With everything that I am
With everything that I’ll be
If my time is now?
Sweetheart! Would you cry for me?

Originally posted at: Would You Cry For Me?

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<a name="#eight"> Forgive me </a>

Hey my friends please read thins poem carefully and tell me what you understood ?cuz it's not what you think .. there's something between the lines .. see who will figure it out...
those who replied would either reply again or not , up to you ..
thank you


Following your shadows
Tracing your footsteps
I just want again to touch you
I just want again to feel you

I missed your eyes
I missed your smile
I’m longing for your soul

Next to you again I’m whole
Please get me out of this ditch
It’s cold …it’s dark
It’s scary… it’s quiet

I can see you looking happy
But still you don’t feel my sadness

In the night you cry
As if something’s missing
I pray it’s me you still want
I wish it’s me you still desire
I’m burning with anger
I’m sweltering with irritation
‘Cause I want to dry your tears
Everywhere you go I’m your guide

I always try to spoil your dates
I always try to mess up your life
That’s because …
I struggle to get into your arms once more
I fight to make you mine again

Whenever you kiss someone else
I feel insanely jealous
‘Cause your love still shines in my heart
When I see roses in your hands
I anticipate they’re mine
I think them for myself
I believe they’re for my memory

Oh!!Please dearest forgive me
For whatever I’ve done
‘Cause I’m simply not human
I’m just a soulless person
Who you used to call honey
Who I used to consider lover

Originally posted at: Forgive me

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<a name="#nine"> What Do Men Want From Us?!! </a>

Men are the most mysterious creatures
They have weird basics and strange features

Sometimes they can be really sweet
That they can make your heart quickly beat

They have the ability to make you fly
And they definitely know how to lie

From the outside they seem so attractive and cute
But when it comes to saying “I love you” they become mute

They always state orders and give us rules to obey
And if you do that they say; “I’m not your damn prey”

They want you to look beautiful, glamorous and pretty
And if you tell him that you changed he says; “You’re not that witty”

Men claims that too much passion is too lame
But that's because their feelings are never the same

Their feelings are so contradicting and confusing
Their mixed loving and hatred feelings could lead to misusing

One day they are those lovable and caring living things
But in other times their horrible words constantly in your ear rings

Which side of us do they want us to show?
Who do they want us to be? You’ll never know

Too many strange questions you ask yourself
I have no answers or clues to relieve myself

I asked a man once; “Do you love me?”
He said “How silly can you possibly turn to be?

Did I say something bad or was I wrong?
Or is it how they show us that they’re strong?

And if it was the other way around
I’ll definitely say “This is too sweet to sound”

For me I think he just wants me to reassure my love to him
But from his point of view, he thinks my mood is definitely dim

See how weird, strange and bizarre are men
Before you say anything to them you have to count from one to ten

This could sound funny and amusing to you
But in a relationship it’s too painful to be true

Did you girls ever try to figure them out?
Try to know what’s in their minds and what are they thinking about?

My advice to you is; don’t waste your time or tire your mind
They’re an endless river, a sole island that’s hard to reach or find

Men are never pleased and satisfied, that’s all I got to say
If you get involved with them in a relationship it’s a train with only one way

Originally posted at: What Do Men Want From Us?!!

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<a name="#ten"> Floating Angel(Midnight Love) </a>

Loving you was the best decision ever
When you filled my void life with passion

Meeting you was the most magical thing
When you torched my life with your warm light

Under the bright moonlight
Rays shows our glowing future

Beneath the snow at midnight
Small flakes cover our hair

Shows a perfect picture of us
Growing old together

Right at the wind we’re standing
Exchanging kisses

Caressing the fresh night air
As we silently stare at each other’s eyes

Look ahead to the sky
As it sends us guiding cupids

Revolving around us gently
Bringing up the happiness

To our unique love
To our special bond

Part of me says; it’s a dream
Other says; no it’s the plain reality

‘Cause when your heart knocked my door
My soul quickly opened

And when my heart tapped yours
You serenely let me in
Closed the door
Locked it tightly
Threw away the key
As I wonder why?
You simply told me;
‘”Cause you’re my floating angel
That God sent me to take care of
May you forever be safe and protected
In my loving heart
That was created just to
For always”

Originally posted at: Floating Angel(Midnight Love)

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<a name="#eleven"> Love Is.......?!! </a>

LOVE IS……………?
Love is sharing
Sometimes daring
Love is blind
Sometimes kind
Love is care
Sometimes hard to bear
Love is weakness
Sometimes faithfulness
Love is great
Sometimes if it’s straight
Love is fair
Sometimes it’s your air
Love is life
Sometimes it could cut like a knife
Love is mysterious
Sometimes it’s serious
Love is sorrow
Sometimes it’s better tomorrow
Love is a song
Sometimes it’s wrong
Love is a promise
Sometimes it’s a compromise
Love is…………………..?

Originally posted at: [Love Is.......?!!

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<a name="#twelve"> When Will You Come Back?!! </a>

When will you come back?

When will you come back to me?
Hold me tight and set me free
My eyes need to search, my soul need to explore
My heart needs yours to give it more
From your deep down love well
That place that gives me what no one could tell
What you say to make me smile
It’s a nice feeling that lasts more than a while

When will you come back in my life?
I’m hurting I feel like I’m cut by a knife
That took me by sudden and left me to bleed
I feel helpless, I feel sad indeed
My soul is hurting, my heart is breaking
My soul is giving, my heart is not taking
My wounds needs to heal
My heart needs to feel

When will you come back and light my sky?
With your sincere looks that never lie
You’re a man that knows the meaning of manhood
When I’m with you I feel a part of something good
Please don’t take your love away
Because it gives me hope, it makes me sway
Can I be yours forever and always?
Try to please you and love you in all ways

When will you come back to my heart?
Because you made me write this from the start

Originally posted at: When Will You Come Back?!!

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<a name="#thirteen"> Why?... When! </a>

Why you let go your love?
When I thought I’m your sweet gentle dove

Why did you always smile at my face?
When you knew that beside me wasn’t your place

Why did you tremble whenever you heard my name?
When all I have left is my self to blame

Why did you turn around to look at me?
When you made feel that we’re meant to be

Why did u look like you’re kind?
When I was convinced that you’re hard to find

Why did you act like you’re jealous?
When I felt that for you I’m so precious

Why did you go on and break my heart?
When you knew that you’re gonna do this from the start

Why did you make your feelings disappear?
When you loved me I forgot the word fear

Why did you not act like a man?
When I tried to love you strongly as I can

Why did you take me off your mind?
When you made me think that love isn’t blind

Why did you make me think I’m the girl of your dreams?
When I spend every night waking up with screams

Why didn’t you mean every word you said?
When your feelings seemed true and easily read

Why did you hurt my soul?
When you think now you achieved your goal

Why did you that? Why did you this?
When I thought your love was my bliss

Why did your love turn out to be a lie?
When all that you left me with are tears to cry

Originally posted at: Why?... When!

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<center>Image~~Darkest Side~~Image</center>

<a name="#fourteen"> Shakespeare and I </a>

Endeavoring love, passion and deep emotions
Enduring pain, suffering fake-devotions
Love is a diamond
Hate is a broom
Contraries taken place
With no transparency, no grace
Romeo adored Juliet
Anthony sacrificed for Cleopatra
I gave up my heart
I surrendered from the start
Shakespeare was a blazing poet
I’m just not known yet
He said;
"They do not love that do not show their love"
But I did, I showed my love
I revealed my true feelings
Instead no space for healings
He believed in happy love
He sought its eternity
I was a believer
But he wasn’t a reliever
Thought he was a hero
Turned out to be
Just an expert
In torturing
A perfect villain
In suffering
I used to wander in the world of Shakespeare
Think about his philosophies
Clinging strongly to them
That’s before when my life became dim
When love was a clear crystal
And conscience was a white rose
Our story was more of an inspirational prose
Presently it is a hopeless dissertation
Delirious I was like you William
Passion was my guiding light
Now tears are blocking my sight
Oh! William if only you were still alive
To write me a story about my heartbreaks
Tell the world how innocent my love was
Declare my purity
Clear my sanity
If only your Romeo was under my balcony
Waving his loving hands to my apple face
Dancing with joy biting a red rose in his mouth
Blowing me sweet kisses
And if I die he’ll die too
‘Cause he can’t imagine our love to be through
Don’t blame me for being romantic
It’s my nature
It’s what makes me breathe
But after my heart has broken
And my wounds have spoken
“No to love” will be my label
“No more romance” will be my sign
I’ll still read your novels
I’ll still believe in your words
Until the day I die
Where I can meet with you
And by then you’ll help me write
My story that would be called;
“Shakespeare and I”
And that’s when the truth won’t be a lie

Originally posted at: Shakespeare and I

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<a name="#fifteen"> Who is this? </a>

There‘s a shadow walking beside me
It follows me everywhere
It can’t seem to disappear
It’s a pretty girl
She has a very pretty smile
But can’t be clearly seen through her sadness
Her eyes are red
Her nose too
She cries every night
‘Cause her sun never woke up
And her moon never shined
When she wipes her tears
She’s not relieved
‘Cause she’s sinking inside her pain
Her pale cheeks have watery- dried marks
From those painful tears she sheds
Everyday is a living misery to her
As she can’t find her home
She lives in her own little mind
But it’s not very warming
She’s searching for a torch
To light her darkened life
She’s looking for a bed
To rest her hurting mind
She wants to clear away her old thoughts
And replace them with new ones
But people don’t give her a chance
She’s going crazy
She asks herself the same question
“Is it me or the world that’s wrong?”
And is it me who’s been writing all that?
Or my suffering subconscious
Who was rambling all the way through?
The sun has set my way
To reveal the hidden shadow
To expose my lonely ME!!

Originally posted at: Who is this?

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<a name="#sixteen"> Disturbing Images</a>

Bats dancing
Wolves singing
Blood splashing
Walls dissolving
Awaken corpses
Live cemeteries
Body parts
Scattered around
Hardly breathing
Continuous sweating
Strange noises
Satans visiting
Devils chanting
Red candles
Yellow lights
Trees sneezing
Leaves melting
Blood Rivers
Black seas
Grave yards
Shinning mummies
Skies ripped
Clouds crying
Gory tears
Stars falling
Moon sleeping
Raining thorns
Snowing blades
Petals sticky
Roses bleeding
Humans transforming
Frightening looks
Claws growing
Teeth sharpened
Eyes red
Face whitened
Vampires jumping
Blood thirsty
Hardly breathing
Continuous sweating
Grotesque night
Monstrous monsters
Flesh seekers
Preys searchers
Smoke bursting
Misty fog
Frogs swaying
Poisoned liquors
Snakes stinging
Bees breeding
Bloody honey
Sour tasting
Hardly breathing
Continuous sweating

Originally posted at: Disturbing Images

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<a name="#seventeen"> Hearing me…? </a>

Nights move
Lonely always
Empty bed
Just me
Love vanished
Conformability missing
Mind aggravated
Body cold
Warmness left
Partial existence
Truth extricated
Last breath
Wishing so
Distant security
Far blessings
Lifeless life
Nearly dead
Bury me?
Guess no!
Heart wasted
Wrong emotions
Soul weak
Wants revenge
But can’t
Too hard?
Or impossible?
Either ways
"STOP" sign
Lightless candles
Only burning
Failing? Yes
Trying? No
Very tired
Heavily bleeding
Don’t help!
No use
Loneliness guiding
Abandoned forever
This is
My destiny
That is
My fate
Can’t change
So sorry
Eventually saying
Did I make sense?
Was I clear?
Shall I say more?
Are you hearing me?

Originally posted at: Hearing me…?

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<a name="#eighteen"> Romeo and Juliet's Last Words </a>

Standing under your balcony
Waiting for you to show
The rain is falling
And the wind is blowing
Whereas my heart is dying
Your roses have dried
And my eyes for you have constantly cried

Roots inside me stopped growing
My love to you is still inside me
Even though I know you’re dead
But your angelical face’s still asleep in my head

You drank the poison
You killed your innocent soul
You left me alone in this life
As if you hardily stabbed me with a sharp knife

Oh my dear Juliet!
Your soul is breathing emptiness
Your blood has disappeared from your body
Oh! How I want to deeply suck what’s left
And let it forever run free in my veins
Maybe it will release me from these tainted chains

Your smile is broken now
Your lips will be sealed for eternity
And your body will be frozen infinitely
Please time go back
To heal my heart from this incurable crack

Your hands are still warm
As I’m holding them tightly and gently
I’m exhaling my loving breath into you
I’m kissing your white numb lips
To bring life to you down to your finger tips

But still...
So hopeless!
So useless!

I can’t live life without you
I can’t breathe while you’re gone
I can’t smell the wind
I can’t taste the rain
I can’t stand this horrible pain

So I’ll stop my life’s clock
I’ll bring my time to end
And I’ll save this breath for you
Until I meet you in our destined place
Where our unhampered dreams
Where our complete pure sanity
And where our true love is lying

So I’ll take that poison
That’s still kept in your hand
Fill my spirit with its bitterness
So I’ll drink that dreadful pain away
Until I reach your arms where forever I shall stay

Originally posted at: Romeo and Juliet's Last Words

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<a name="#nineteen"> My Inside Feelings </a>

Those feelings inside me I just can’t hide
This sense of fear and passion that I can’t put aside
The fear of sensation
With a sense of frustration
One versus the other all inside me
In my heart I’m like a prisoner that can’t be free
What shall I do? Does somebody know?
Shall I go on and continue with this flow?
That’s taking me to an unknown place
Along with the bitter truth that I have to face
I don’t know how I got there
This bad hurting feeling I can no longer bear
I’m screaming but my voice isn’t heard
No human, no animal, not even a bird
That can hear or even feel what I’m feeling
But then I realized that my inside feelings was in my sleeping

Originally posted at: My Inside Feelings

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<a name="#twenty"> Pieces Of My Heart </a>

You showed me love
But now you made it flee away

You told me meaningful words
But now I have nothing left to say

You made me feel very secure
But now I’m surrounded with fears

You used to put a smile on my face
But now my eyes are always shedding tears

You gave me confidence and faith
But now you betrayed me

You were my only sight
But now without you I can’t see

You were there for me from the start
But now I’m collecting the broken pieces of my heart

Originally posted at: Pieces Of My Heart

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<center>ImageTribute [To My Dear Friends]Image</center>

<a name="#twenty one">Always The Doctor [To Tom Watson] </a>

When I’m in pain
I know where to go
When I’m down
I know what to read
The doctor’s prescription
Is all I need
And with his holy wisdom
My soul can breathe once more
And with his sacred insight
My heart can survive again
His words heals my heart
His patience cures my soul
When I read his signature
I feel more and more spiritual
I get more and more conceptual
Beginning to read your writes
Spins my world around
Turns my life upside down
I know that your works are masterpieces
I know that whatever you say relieves me
What ever you write comes from heaven
What ever you say originates from paradise
Writing this took me a lot of courage
Expressing these words was a hard thing to do
‘Cause I know I’m writing for someone so true
Someone so special, someone so fine
Last but definitely not least
Your kind soul is so hard to find
And your thoughtful words are tattooed in my mind

Hey Doc hope u like it , although I know that's not as good and sweet as what u wrote to me and continue to write.
But no matter what u're always be the doctor.

Originally posted at: Always The Doctor [To Tom Watson]

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<a name="#twenty two"> A Letter To A Friend [To Jade] </a>

Dear friend;

Writing you this took me a lot of courage
A lot of thinking what to write?
Where to start?
And what to begin with?
Beginnings are hard to rightly fit
Especially with our cherished bond
Specifically with our respected relation
When we first met I knew you’re an angel
Your words to me was more than any sweet words to tell
Though I haven’t seen you yet
But I saw your soul through your writings
And I sensed your heart through your emotions
That showed how a great, sincere person you are
When I’m down you pull me up
When I’m frustrated you lift me high
When I’m having a problem, you have the solution
And when I need to talk
Your words are like opened wide arms
And your feelings are felt from where you are
Transferring to me here, with all the sweetness to hear
We share common interests, views and perspectives
That gives our friendship a special flavor
And makes us laugh all the way through
We even love the same movies, actors and events
That makes our conversations funny and interesting
And makes us happy all along
What can I say about your thoughtfulness?
What more can I tell about you considerations?
I’m speechless, I’m stumbled , I’m numb
When I think about the words you said
And the precious advices you wrote
That gives me wings, helps me to fly
Whatever you say can never be a lie
I feel like I can see it on your eyes
You’re the one true thing in my empty life
And you’re the only light to my blinded world
With your loving heart to accompany me
I know I’ll always be happy, glad and free
One thing for sure I know it’s true
Is that our friendship will never ever fade through
When you open this letter you’ll find my heart
When you read these words you’ll find my soul
Yours sincerely;
“A true faithful friend”.
This poem is for Jade my dear friend who I truly love but lately she wouldn't return my messages or even say hi I don't know what's wrong ... but for what it's worth I just wanted to tell her that I love her so much and that she'll always be kept inside my heart no matter what!!

Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 9/28/2004

Originally posted at: A Letter To A Friend [To Jade]

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<a name="#twenty three"> Lost In Your Flames [To ForeverFlame] </a>

When I read your name
“Forever flame”
I feel warm
Your encouraging words
Strike me like a storm
Your smart writings
Hit me like lightning
Whatever you say
Comes gently my way
Whenever I read your replies
I feel that your heart truly implies
What a great person you are
Whether you’re near or far
Your flames shine my soul
Your heat melts my wall
Your light is all I see
And your love is always free
Your kindness’s shown with your candle
Oh! Your inspirational poetry I can’t handle
What I feel when I read your art
My heart feels like it’s about to part
No matter what I write
I won’t be able to fight
The fact that I’m lost in your warm flames
And that’s where I’ll end up with no room left for blames

This poem is for ForverFlame .. my great freind who was always supportive , I actually was going to post it in the August challenge but instead I posted Tom's (Always the Doctor) here it is ...I hope u like it Carlos and the rest of my dear poetry freinds..
Let me know what u think!!

Originally posted at: Lost In Your Flames [To ForeverFlame]

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<center>ImageThe Spiritual AtmosphereImage</center>

<a name="#twenty four"> Simple Heart Prayers </a>

Oh God! How I feel so depressed
I can’t seem to settle
I can’t seem to rest
The world’s leverage has lost its balance
And my perspectives lost its glamour
I try to change to cope with the surroundings
But instead I end up more pained and more suffered

I pray every second that the world will find peace
That war will end and love would come along
But I wake up to find everything’s the same
And I am the one who’s left to blame
Because I still believe in you
And have strong faith in what you do
That you’ll rebalance the world
And bring peace back again

So I pray just not to see children suffer
Homeless people find a safe shelter
And people would be happy
Life filled with joy and laughter

I pray to see myself a better person
My wounded heart wants to heal
I can’t forget the terrible things I was put through
And I definitely never forget you
Although I make mistakes
Although I sin a lot
But I know that the goodness left in my heart
Will make you forgive me
Will heal me and rest me always
Maybe for a while
But it sure will have an effect

I pray that deceit will vanish
And that honesty will replace it
I’m sick of being betrayed
I’m tired of being fooled
I used to think that being naïve would the best thing
But people started getting me wrong
Accuse me of the purity in the heart
Condemn me for being nice and polite

I pray that love once again will knock my door
But this time along with a gentle spring breeze
That will cure my soul and brighten my life
I want to see the rising of a pure sun
And sleep with a clear shining moon
Wake up with a smile on my innocent face
Knowing that today will bring me serenity and grace

I pray to find peace in my own humble life
Rest with a non-hating conscience
With no intention to harm anyone
Without a will to not make myself suffer
I never wanted to be like this
Having too many holy moments to miss

I pray to you my dear God to fix what’s broken
Since you have the remedy to my confusions
And you have the answers to all the questions
I plea to you with my simple heart prayers
I supplicate to you with my heart full of regret
Hoping you would forgive me
Wishing you would remake my life
Make it peaceful this time
Tell me what’s right
And forgive me for what’s wrong
I have the will to change
I really want to be grateful
To you for creating me in such shape
And for keeping me alive till now
For saving this breath to say that
And for providing me with strength to write this prayer

P.S .---> This is my first spiritual poem , it may sound a little childish but this is what I could come up with .
Thank u .

Originally posted at: Simple Heart Prayers

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<center>ImageOther Forms of PoetryImage</center>

<a name="#twenty five"> Haiku# 1 [My 1st Haiku] </a>

* This is my 1st Haiku ever ... I hope it's written in the right form ..

Shiny moonlight above
squirrels sleeping
in their warm nests

Originally posted at: Haiku# 1 [My 1st Haiku]

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<a name="#twenty six"> Haiku#2 </a>

Bees working hard
Spilling honey my way
The road is sticky now

Originally posted at: Haiku#2

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<a name="#twenty seven"> Haiku#3 </a>

Cold winter ahead
Snow balls scattered around
To build the road within

Originally posted at: Haiku#3

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<a name="#twenty eight"> Haiku#4 </a>

Birds humming gently
Sending melodies
Directly to my heart

Originally posted at: Haiku#4

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<a name="#twenty nine"> Haiku#5 </a>

This is wrote with the help of Val [MoonFlower] thanx to her.. she's the best..

leaning on the tree
singing a song to myself
need to nap awhile

Originally posted at: Haiku#5

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<a name="#thirty"> Haiku#6 </a>

Fall calls on gently
Leaves are falling around now
Sky is turning red

Originally posted at: Haiku#6

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<a name="#thirty one"> Haiku#8 </a>

Butterflies are near
My lonely heart sitting here
Does anyone hear?

[Revised] Thanx to the my friend Val...

Originally posted at: Haiku#8

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<a name="#thirty two"> Haiku#9 </a>

Rain is falling down
Grey clouds shrouding above me
It’s getting so cold

Originally posted at: Haiku#9

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<a name="#thirty three"> Haiku#10 </a>

Kiss me near the sea
Hold me under the warm rain
Never let me go

Originally posted at: Haiku#10

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<a name="#thirty four"> The Woods </a>

Lying asleep in
The dark misty woods breathing
Reflecting my dreams

Originally posted at: The Woods

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<a name="#thirty five"> Night Falls </a>

Silver glowing light
Never-ending agony
Awaiting the dawn’s crack
Come and save me!

Originally posted at: Night Falls

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<a name="#thirty six"> Hush! </a>

I guess this is a Miku
Calmness heard

Originally posted at: Hush!

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<a name="#thirty seven"> Tears </a>


Originally posted at: Tears

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<a name="#thirty eight"> Reds </a>


Originally posted at: Reds

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<a name="#thirty nine"> Fragility </a>

Lately face turned pink
Blood disappeared so quickly
Eyes lost their shinning
Weak bones can hardly move now
Body fragile so plainly

I believe this is Tanka ...sorry for making it a little depressing ... hope it's right...

Originally posted at: Fragility

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Post by Friend_forever » Thu Aug 19, 2004 6:10 am

:cool: Wish I had the energy required to do something like yours!!

Cool archive tho...
And as I watch you in this light
I never realized your eyes were full of
So many colors.
~ Jadynara

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Post by Candy_Cane » Wed Aug 25, 2004 7:16 pm

Thanx Nosh glad u enjoyed it .


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~~Please Don't Say Goodbye...~*~

Post by Candy_Cane » Thu Sep 09, 2004 6:41 pm

<center><a name="#forty"> Please Don’t Say Goodbye…. </a>

As the sun sheds its light through
Tell me your love is really true
As we drive slowly through the valleys
Whisper softly in my ears
As we listen to our song on the radio
Tell me gently, loudly
As we talk about love
Sing me a love divining song
As I touch your soft beardy face
Ask me to keep my grace
As I gaze into your deep blue eyes
Our hearts tenderly sighs
As the road becomes long
Passionately hold me so strong
As secrets are kept inside
From my genuine heart
As the rain falls down
Wash away my fears
As the sun begins to fall
Dry out my tears
As the car’s engine cools
My heart for you drools
As the night’s at its first bang
After all the songs we sang
After all the laughter we had
After how you made me so glad
Don’t leave my heart here alone
Don’t take away the light you’ve shown
As the skies make us a vow
As my crying soul for you bow
As that twinkling star is our witness
As you healed my heart from sickness
As the moon draws us a subliminal line
As the birds around us quietly pine
Please don’t pass your love by
Oh Baby!! Please don’t say goodbye
Nota: I posted this poem during the downtime but ofcourse it was lost so if anyone replied before plz reply again if u want to.
thank u :cheers:

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~*~Accidental love~*~ [Do u belive in it?]

Post by Candy_Cane » Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:40 pm

<center><a name="#forty one"> Accidental love</a>

On a misty afternoon
In the train station
Two trains meeting
Different rails
A handsome man bumped into me
Words began to slip my mind
Feelings began to fall through
His great charming looks
And his well-dressings
From his black coat
To his old-style hat
Poetic speeches filled my head
Trying to find the right words
I finally came up with;
“When I passed you by
I felt your gracious prevalence
I couldn’t let my eyes off you
I lost motion
Although I was walking
I lost my senses
Despite I smelled your light mannish perfume
Your black leather gloves were elegantly worn
And with your smile I was completely torn
Shakily walking
I bumped into another man
This time an old one
Not of course like you
You laughed at my misplacement
I awkwardly grinned at you back
Wishing you won’t see my red cheeks
Or sense my silent quick admiration
The old man dropped my luggage
And he gently helped pick them up
You came in to me soothingly
And helped me out too
You thanked the old man
As he quietly bowed to me
And calmly left
Now it’s just me and you
It’s time to shed my feelings through
Again your smile blew me
Again you managed to make my day
He asked what my name was
Hearing this made my mouth pause
I said my name is Sarah
He lifted his hat
And sweetly bowed
What a nice name
I simply thanked him
As I turned around to ask him; “And yours sir?”
I couldn’t see him
He disappeared from my sight
I only saw the passing passengers
Him I can’t seem to find
Not even from a distance
I insanely looked around for him
But my searching was in vain
I lost hope in finding him
But I’ll always remember his face
I’ll never forget this fortunate place
And I’ll never forget that day when we first met
Do you remember my love?
Where we first saw our love ahead
But I wonder why you disappeared instead?
My answer to you could be confusing
Could make you feel weird
Could make you change your mind
But I think it’s time to reveal who I am
It’s time to heal your heart from its scar
Alright my dear;
I’m an angel sent to you from heaven
To make you believe in love once more
To assure you that you could be loved
Even within a second time
Even with some simple words for you to rhyme
Now you want to know how we ended up together?
Well I wanted to know if I disappear
Will you look for me?
Would you turn your head and search?
Or will you simply walk away and leave?
Do you still believe in love at first sight?
Or your pains shadowed your light?
I was the love symbol
Sent to strengthen your faith
Now I’m your really lifetime true love
That if you hadn’t search for that day
You’d have been left loveless and hopeless
So now my love do you believe in accidental love?

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Post by Candy_Cane » Tue Sep 14, 2004 10:44 am

Cool Pops thanx . :cheers:

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~~I Regret~~ [Summer Love]

Post by Candy_Cane » Tue Sep 21, 2004 4:52 pm

<center><a name="#forty two">I regret</a>

Warm summer sun
Passing by the shed
Waving green grasses
Air swaying through
Along the wide watery fields
Walking quietly
But humming to myself
I think I saw something
It’s someone
It’s a pretty girl
No it’s an angel
For a minute
I thought it was a mirage
Since the sun is too hot
But still sends some breezes
It sent me a beautiful one
That very hot day
That very boiling second
She approached me
To ask for something
She asked for a ranch near by
Her voice was softer than a canary
And her eyes were greener than grass
Her face heavenly glowed
Almost blinding me
She dressed like a little girl
So simple and bright
She kept talking
As I kept staring
As her lips moved
My heart paced
As she gestured
As my mind wandered off
To a silent sentimental place
Where my soul was searching for my body
Finally I was able to speak
I showed her the directions
She thanked me and left
I stood still
Not a muscle moving
She disappeared like so
I let her go
I made her leave
Now my selfishness is all I hate
Now my self is all I blame
I’m helpless
Nothing but the shinning sun
Nothing but my sad remorse
Oh! my dear Kate
How I regret leaving you behind
Not listening to you
When you needed somebody to
I regret letting you go
When you’re my only sun
You’re my only healer
You’re my only rescuer
Here I am nostalgias all over
Sweet memories of you and me
Running free this moment
That day like today
Where the sun was the only light
Where your heart was in my hands
Where your love was flowing through my veins
Where your smile was my inspiration
Now I’m empty
Now I’m vulnerable
Now I’m crying
Now I’m lost
Please come back my kitty Kate
Remember that nick you used to like
Remember that day when we first met
Talk to your heart once again
Maybe it’ll lead you back to me
Whisper to your soul once more
Maybe it’ll bring me back to life

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Post by GoddessErika » Mon Aug 15, 2005 3:59 am

<center>Edit complete 8/15/2005 ~GoddessErika</center>

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Post by heinzs » Sat Apr 21, 2007 5:16 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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