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[mrow color=indigo]Negatv Poetry[mcol]Entwined Thoughts of Love[mcol]Generally Not So Negatv Poetry
[row]<a href="#011">Cogitation</a>
<a href="#012">Even Death Leaves Me Behind</a>
<a href="#002">I Die Every Minute</a>
<a href="#007">Beneath It All</a>
<a href="#006">Comfort In A Dark Corner</a>
<a href="#002">I Die Every Minute</a>
<a href="#028">The Man In The Mirror</a>
<a href="#009">Egomaniacal Machination</a>
<a href="#013">Gouge Out My Eyes</a>
<a href="#016">Symbol Of My Life </a>
<a href="#017">The Phone Call (A Poetic Story) </a>
<a href="#018">Suicide And Subtle Comforts</a>
<a href="#019">Once Apon An Atrocity</a>
<a href="#020">Circles</a>
<a href="#022">Axiomatic Rendering</a>
<a href="#024">Ride The Lightning</a>
<a href="#025">Destine To Loose</a>
<a href="#027">Interval Of Agony</a>
<a href="#028">The Man In The Mirror</a>
[col]<a href="#029">Complete</a>
<a href="#021">Just Another Day</a>

[col]<a href="#003">A Sheep Amongst The Wolves</a>
<a href="#008">The Love Of A Mother</a>

[mrow color=indigo]Spiritual[mcol]Short Negatv Thoughts[mcol]Happy Poetry
<a href="#004">A Prayer For Hope</a>[/table]

<a href="#001">Impossibility Of Reason </a>
<a href="#002">I Die Every Minute</a>
<a href="#003">A Sheep Amongst The Wolves</a>
<a href="#004">A Prayer For Hope</a>
<a href="#005">Mental Rape</a>
<a href="#006">Comfort In A Dark Corner</a>
<a href="#007">Beneath It All</a>
<a href="#008">The Love Of A Mother</a>
<a href="#009">Egomaniacal Machination</a>
<a href="#010">Inner Conflict</a>
<a href="#011">Cogitation</a>
<a href="#012">Even Death Leaves Me Behind</a>
<a href="#013">Gouge Out My Eyes</a>
<a href="#014">My Last Breath</a>
<a href="#015">A Solemn Drink</a>
<a href="#016">Symbol Of My Life </a>
<a href="#017">The Phone Call (A Poetic Story) </a>
<a href="#018">Suicide And Subtle Comforts</a>
<a href="#019">Once Apon An Atrocity</a>
<a href="#020">Circles</a>
<a href="#021">Just Another Day</a>
<a href="#022">Axiomatic Rendering</a>
<a href="#023">Abdication </a>
<a href="#024">Ride The Lightning</a>
<a href="#025">Destine To Loose</a>
<a href="#026">Credulous Fact</a>
<a href="#027">Interval Of Agony</a>
<a href="#028">The Man In The Mirror</a>
<a href="#029">Complete</a>
<a href="#031"></a>
<a href="#032"></a>
<a href="#033"></a>
<a href="#034"></a>
<a href="#035"></a>
<a href="#036"></a>
<a href="#037"></a>
<a href="#038"></a>
<a href="#039"></a>
<a href="#040"></a>
<a href="#041"></a>

<a name="#001">Impossibility of Reason</a>

<center>Mirrors of torment surround the beckoning of a new day
Sleep is the only relief from the thrashing torment
Hold me; I’ll be waiting for the end of the movements in play
Cast your stones of want with your hands of cement

You know me all to well to hold my only desire

Sleep brings relief in the hope of a new day
Another moment left; another eternity

Your sorrow lies in your name plagued with memories
Comfort for someone else has been applauding at your door
Your deceit left to those whom hold no number of Actuaries

Destruction of innocence is in the wake of your path

What would I give; to hold the smile? The face of love
An eternity of pain would be less than this moment of agony

Stuck in this dissolution of misery I sit
Waking to the misery of being without you

When darkness falls the comfort of night holds fast
The slumber of my whole opens my eyes
I see the divine

This distance is in dissolution
The vapors hold the barrier true
Gasses of your disposition
Hold to my thought in a monstrous glue

Blackness surrounds the exterior of my domain
Shadows of hate shroud the interior of my soul
Solitude grasps the faded corners of my pain
Watch the numbered thoughts scroll</center>

<a name="#002">I Die Every Minute</a>

My will must struggle forth in this horizon
Tortured thoughts take my whole into the abyss
All hopes my path has been not labeled bedizen
I would hate to taste the thing I would miss

Death is a friend with a smile

Grin on you bitch
May your face rot off in mid smile

Hold my pain
Your palm is not that wide

Suffocate under the pressure of my innards you hold
Breathe the trail of dust I leave you in such haste

Rot alive and savor the flavor

Death holds my hand in this time of need
You hold your own wants aside your hip
Hope you drown in all your unwanted greed
Hold your breath from ever crossing your lip

Die slow and savor the pain

Some of us die every minute of every day
Hold that thought and recollect
All you ever did was trash my mind in your play
Now is the time for the reaper to collect

I hope you choke on the ashes

Hold your tongue and let the past be the past
I’m passing with a clear conscious

Hope you loved life

I have nothing more to say.

<a name="#003">A Sheep Amongst the Wolves</a>

Compromise is just another contradiction
Set in your soul; a pouring of the waters sent ahead
In your heart this seeks the repetition
Contradiction leaves the want for dead

There’s a place to be afraid and a chance to be portrayed

Look into your heart for the meaning that has been blinded
Shadows soak into the light of this offering

Unworldly desire set amongst the wolves to prey upon
Malicious and famished they devour my own words
Seeping want for hope does still creep on
Morsels of remains search for meaning of these blurs

Destiny strung high above; all I know is that you can realize

Scaring shadows of my past

Just another day left to the beckoning of a howl
A string of meat is the relish of my course
The wolves consuming into their bowel
This wicked surrender with none of its force

Wolves seek prey in dens

Home is where the enemy lies still
The field sought and again found empty
Hunting for the quench of the kill

<a name="#004">A Prayer For Hope</a>

Shroud this pain into a blissful abyss
The soul is in my head

Rest my hand till the morning is coming down on me
I pray for nightfall to cast its charms of numbness

Grasp the thoughts and hold them till tame
I realize my own sacrifice

The concealment of a weapon has blackened my thought
Darkness is the lair that I hold so dear

Lord I’m on my way, don’t let me down

<a name="#005">Mental Rape</a>

A train of thought enters me in never-ending succession
All this hate bottled inside and surely no repression
It pulls me down and spits me out sending in depression
At this instant I know now this rape is now in session

Ranting raves send me forth in a self destruction path
My hatred runs through my mind and I know its beckoned wrath
I could have stopped at any time to haste this weary voice
In the end all this pain was actually my own choice

I could have halted the preceding with abstinence; it’s true
But in the end all would fail and the outcome would pass through
Severely this damned event my memories it leaves asunder
On quick foot I hounded flight with my mighty thunder

Racing thoughts and weary thought my daemons now released
As they sway in their path liberated was my own beast
Then a glance upon my self distributed my remorse
All the bottled inside had sewn an empty corpse

I saw my life in retrospect for all the pain inside
Forever more I'll keep it pent in memories to reside

<a name="#006">Comfort In A Dark Corner</a>

Soothe my worldly needs
I want to feel comfort for a change

One chance to close my eyes and hold darkness
Let me have a firm grasp and secure the ride
My tickets are old and in need of use
Wish I’d just disappear in mid stride

I will return; death shrugs me off in a constant
Never could hold someone close for long
My mind leaves me and sets a path so distant

They all leave at one time or another

Birth is the beginning of death
The first breath is the start of the journey for the last

Take hold of the moment and make of it what you can
I’ll make the most of anything I can at the moment

The sky bleeds tears of comfort
I soak them in to sustain life

Seek the shadows for my comfort
I shun all thoughts of light

I stand in the rain looking into the heavens
Lightning scorches my weary eyes
The burns take toll in groups of sevens
All wants for the pain suddenly dies

Shadows seep over my body and breathe my whole
In the darkness I’m free to bleed and have no remark
I can plunder the precious memories that you stole
And leave this world hastily on my embark
<a name="#007">Beneath It All</a>

Destiny he says as he turns around.
Life shunned the most insignificant parts
Falling memories hit the ground
This demeaning feeling hits all our hearts

When the down hits we tend to grasp it
Emotion takes hold and it begins to warp
All we can see is the end of the ice burg at the tip
The ending is close and apparent for this corp.

Every step I take numbs my intentions in depth
Searching for emotions lost under the surface seem buoyant
Everything I thought I was is now inept
Your ever fibbing arms reach out so flagrant

I will never know myself

I get lost in the nothingness that is lost inside of me

All I have is negativity and no one can justify the way I feel
Simplistic wounds will never heal until I find myself true

The tension builds and I really want to heal

Death is an option left vacant and rekindled in my memory.
I just want somewhere I belong.

Nothing to gain and nothing lost
I’m hollow when I’m alone
Being empty causes a tempting cost
Emotions that seem like those of a clone

The tomorrow promised stretches my soul
I have nothing to gain and nothing that seams real

I need to find the pain I’ve felt so long
Somewhere I truly belong.

The need to break away from myself seems tangible and real
Nothing can break the emotions I feel

I’m just stuck hollow and alone


<a name="#008">The Love Of A Mother</a>

Destiny…… can it be this hard
Try to relive what’s in your heart
The cannons fire without remorse on this bard
Freedom is left for an untimely depart

Sequenced shots from a firing squad shatter the silence

She walks on by, feeling into her soul
She walks alone

Love is in her heart
The past washed clean

Look into your heart
A message is left to be seen.

Blinded in the weaving of spoken lies
Voices cry for help to be shunned into the abyss
The will to live is sheltered; to fuel her unspoken cries
Torture movements of thought still persist

Squandering hope she so readily tucked away
Reaching deeply into barren pockets for reprieve
Lost is her emotion; she’s stuck for another day
Wandering hope still seeks her to believe

Everything seems so futile

Spare change found on the isolated bank of her soul
Simple pennies; a blessing so needed to ease the tension
Two cents to help fill a portion of this hole
Still, the loose change is gone without mention

Returning to the hole; in which her family now sits
She eases the famine with crumbs of her love
Still hungering for more than presented, the love still fits

Eager mouths consume the offering sent forth
The love of a mother can’t be measured in worth

<a name="#009">Egomaniacal Machination</a>

Sometimes I need a thief to steal my nightmares
Sometimes I really just sit in disbelief

I want to heal but, my mind misconstrues all I see
Now all I have is negativity stuck in this battle in my mind
I look forward to the relief

I’m tired of being what they wanted me to be
Now I just want to be more like me and less like they want

I’m just caught in the undertow of this pain
All I want to be is what you want me to be
This journey has been such a strain

I’d rather beg my way out of this misery than bend the truth

Let me take back my life rather than hold my head up in shame
Tired of being what you want me to be
Forget my possibilities. I’m the one to blame

Just give me myself back

Memories open the bandage to scorch my wounds
There’s nowhere I belong in all of my tombs

I’ve got nothing to loose in this world this is for true
I would rather beg for my life than structure a reality for you

Seeing the worst part of you licks my inner most wants
This pressure must break away and erase the pain
The pipes are so deceiving and the thought of this daunts

Sit in the shade and hope for release
Demons are at the gates
Should I open the doors for ease?
This is left in the debates

<a name="#010">Inner Conflict</a>

Her passions fire burns so bright upon this weary night
Lustful meaning longing for life to complete the venture true
Daemonic templates of lost desire pound her inner soul
Wicked memories suppressed in shadows; reap their weary toll
A single step out of hiding; light so brightly shown
Inside of her; her innards struggle to win this very fight

Turmoil of the moment has intervened in to this fight
Her hearts desire to love again will strive to see the night
So brilliantly the battle commences with such brutality shown
In the end; the hoards of memories hold her thoughts true
The rapture of the struggle shall charge her soul a toll
Before it’s over; she might as well just damn this very soul

Resistance forms against the feelings that place rapture on her soul
She stands with closed fist; her intention now to fight
On this night; she will be the one for whom the bell will toll
She beckons forth to seek the craved desire of this night
With torch in hand her path has been sent from lies into the true
Such beauty and valence is in the works to be lucidly shown

Searching in desire for the powers of the heart hidden, not shown
Enlightenment of her whole reaps the fruit upon her soul
This turmoil sent into her whole will stand true
She yearns for him; still, the will for him is left to fight
His descendant call wraps her whole in a blanket of night
A decadence of lies soon will take upon her body’s toll

Relentless battle within seeps into the casqued of its toll
She wants him to see the want and anguish to be shown
Still these thoughts are subdued into the blackness of night
Thoughts that is nothing more than tattered pages of her soul
She can not escape. She swallows her pride in this fight
This masquerade of hope; in depth, can vacantly be seen true

She rises in oppression with her head held straight and true
Emptiness of thought and the systematic bridges of toll
Wear upon her person in the inner layers of fight
In the end; her resilience will be the light shown
He will not rape and desecrate her lonesome soul
She will seclude these emotions into the comfort of night

The suppression will seek the true of her wicked night
The struggle will present on the toll of her soul
She will hide the fight that was shown.

<a name="#011">Cogitation</a>

Tear this bleak reality from the vision that I see
of things that simply are and were never meant to be.
The insanity of realism begs me "hold my grip"
I turn my head to analyze and see my sanity slip
through scorching thoughts of yesterdays burning in my mind
where redemptions, burnt and ashen, are all I seem to find

Look into the eyes of a man pushed over the edge
See madness seeping in as we walk the narrowing ledge
Overstepped one, two, I laugh and take step three
Hitting my knees; I turn and see, damnation set for me
as torture screams of past events, inside I'm torn; I bleed
The possession of my body has been taken, truth indeed.

I look to the heavens and ask to end this torment’s cries
Feeling the scarring thoughts of my past I wander on
Searching my flesh for a release to all the lies
Ploys of attacks are sent for my humanity to have begun

Stop this pain, I beg. Watch me squirm in your grace
I know I’ll never have a stable place to play this damn race

Seeking retribution for all the sins I’ve committed seen as futile
Damned from birth to nomadically wander on this earth

Home lies in the abyss of my own doing and searching my own fate
Tearing at my skull for a reason the insanity stays
Still, the pain goes on in the swarming of sublime hate

<a name="#012">Even Death Leaves Me Behind</a>

This brigade of thoughts intrudes into reality
What has happened? Why did this tear arise?
It was all sufficient, and then it went to purgatory
The mere shock brought the whole into surprise

My soul weeps for this closure, so dim and true
A thought of misleading all came to pass
My limbs grew heavy and mine thoughts misconstrue
Still, my heed I knew not to last

Attainments soon did contort to a withering decay
I was paralyzed from all movement, he was near
I knew this would all end on this very day
Deep inside my truth embraced this cheer

A solace so revered and waited upon
Blackening of the sight was upon my brow
The weight on my shoulders weighed a whole ton
This weight was changed to a lifting somehow

As I reflect I mourn on those in life
Souls raped as a commodity so easily dispensed
The pillage.. the hate... the strife
This torment was eased as this passing commenced

Then a breath, a scorned moment to be abhorred
Eyes open to another glimpse of light to be
Conformation was then in disgrace, detoured
For there was still life abandoned in me

<a name="#013">Gouge Out My Eyes</a>

My lack of faith has a perfect perception of the unknown
Barbarians at the gates keep the keys of my mind in hold
If you could only see how the scornful anger has grown
You might take three steps back from the endeavoring cold

Demean my purpose as you sift through the sands of my life
Screams of solitude arise as the torment closes in
My mind quakes with the arising thought of oncoming strife
The game of madness shall surely now begin

Tremors of hatred shake the very ground I occupy

The pain takes hold for another moment to be forgiven
Minds play tricks on the unwinding audience to be seen
A pleasant folly of dementedness puts the point to be driven
Wash my hands and watch the blood come off clean

The ground starts to separate

Cataclysmic wants for sanity leave my mind with haste
The demons take a quick gathering and rush the gates

A solemn scream for reprieve has been suppressed

Solitude lies in the eyes of the beholder

<a name="#014">My Last Breath</a>

I strive to hide in her shadow
Such simplistic thoughts I derive
My intentions to comfort her sorrow
Only help the pain to arrive

I try to show her, but she looks away

Her pride shuns the glimpse of thought
She rides the waves that collide
Waters of sorrow are all my emotion has brought
Please let this monsoon soon reside

I will love her forever and a day

All my heart I gave so freely to her
In her mind it’s a sacrifice of submission
Memories of the past seem just a blur
Seeking her acceptance is my mission

A shun is all I will contrive

A mission left now verboten
Hide these tears I’ve cried
The love I showed so easily forgotten
Inside my will has died

Still I need her to survive

Her presence allows a shallow breath
Breathing in all I can hold
Passage of her winds still sustain death
Holding this thought with intent so bold

My last breath will be for her

<a name="#015">A Solemn Drink</a>

She pours another drink so she'll have company tonight
and contemplates the meaning of her life in such delight
The moment draws condensation of pleasured thoughts light
Her mind was dripping her every desire; no lust to fight

Her will is dead and in her remorse
company seeks last resource
chaperon is here and it seems bland.
Bleak it is; at last in demand.

What trials will it soon prevail to be seen by all
Her heart pounds a different obsession so true
She wants for bliss and all its destined fall
Her soul she perforates as if a meat on a skew

Thoughts of solitude rest upon her chest
She watched her beloved laid to his rest
A drink for him in wanted gathering
Not one thought of her mind's wicked spattering

Inebriation now sets in to follow the grief of love lost so dear.

Abandoned from love her thought does reside
Another drink and soon she will collide

One more she requests with desire
No more after this; or she will expire

<a name="#016">Symbol Of My Life</a>

Hold my head for another moment to let the pain ease
Let my soul fly freely amongst the tribulations of the now
Awake this day to find another final rising of one to please
Crust captures the tears that I keep somehow

It’s deep in the mind
I seep into desire
I serve myself to sleep

Praise with chains
I accept this will I once regarded

Now it seems that changes must be made
Don’t mystify your love of torment

Leaves will change
I accept the will that is regarded

Terrify me and hold my life in your palm
A simple lie brings you down in an ordinary way
Freeze the chilling before the calm

I sit in the mist of the calm
The thrill that is so misguided

Changes have been made
Terrify me and please yourself with my pain

This is the symbol of my life

<a name="#017">The Phone Call</a>

Interior walls collapse to reveal the view
Torments are made apparent to plain sight
Feelings arouse in the bleakness of the new
In the conversation of this blackened night

Hatred is steamed off lips of the kettle left to burn
Scornful statements breathe through her lips
Impedance of the needing memories left to learn
Leaves me to find the plight that was left in her grips

The game was called because of rain
Sincerities of my past draw me close
These awful tears drawn out of pain
The end of sanity looks at me so close

Imprisoned feeling take their place
Gathering in the lost, dreadful thoughts
Leaving me waiting for my disgrace
Of my grievous, worldly wants

<a name="#018">Suicide And Subtle Comforts</a>

Looking into the mirror I realize it’s time
Glancing to my hand I see the instrument
Pondering how now everything is going be fine
Not knowing the actions dark implement

Structured self loathing dwells in the thought
While looking at the destruction I have bought
My head swells with agony streaming so pure
Within my sight I have the simplest cure

Retribution has come one day to late to douse this hell
Sick of feeding to the attention of the damned bell
Let me release the thoughts in my sickened, blackened head
I’m prepared to stick my needles in and see the world of the dead

Just one puncture away from rest and my children see the dollars
Comfort settles as my memories fade to a blur of pastel colors
Memories hold me entranced with the thought of the comfort
This perilous thought of suicide and other comforts to distort

The “lack of pain” holds my mind at ease for another moment
I am aware now that everything will be fine. One minute late; just as well
Now I can sigh again as the death relieves me of this torment
In silence I can surely seek my true place to dwell

Now it seems everyone will be fine with my absence known

I find comfort in my own version of sweet tormented hell.


<a name="#019">Once Upon An Atrocity</a>

Sew me deeply my little drop
Seal my lips with this little crop
Finding the moisture I can relate
To all my thoughts left to reinstate

To kiss you once is to hold you an eternity
The fragrance you hold has captured the whole of me

Heaven sends me dreams of your fragrance, so light
Let me dwell in this delight
This memory haunts me for one more night

I kiss the petals to taste the dew of you
The taste has left me in thoughts, so true

I caress the pillow to find a sent
Searching for time well spent

Lost in thoughts, I find a familiar smell
Something for my memory to dwell
This rendition of living hell
Now I must just relive times that fell

Seeing the atrocity of my own doing, I reside
Haunting passions of my own pride
Hoping to catch a ride
On the river that my torment has cried.

<center><a name="#020">Circles</a>

Lost in patience demeaning my own reasoning
My mind so tired, still trying to expire from reality
Cooking the torment in like a delicate seasoning
Gazing in on the systematic consistency of the brutality

Silently waiting for a moment of reprieve

Inside an empty hole that closes and ends up suffocating
I talk with my self and find out that I’m not debating
I see that in time all will fall
For death will soon call

Screaming to myself; I see it all that all will fall
Barricades hold the sanity for the time now
In the darkness of silence, mental ears hear it all
The whispers of insanity’s eternal vow

Another circle takes hold of the truth seen
This simple chance to wipe the slate clean
Heaven sends peace with you that tend to be the flame for me
It’s all a circle that we tend to make for ourselves with this plea

Granted sanctuary on another rendition of the revolution
We will make it out of this step by step as our eyes are set
Grasping tightly on this ride; searching for the solution

Finding the frailty of my own structure as smooth as the inner windings
Feeling the coarseness of the ride unfold into blurs of comprehension
Loosening my grip on reality and all of its bindings
Keeping the gyration in desperately needed retention

Another pass in this ecliptic leaves me pondering again
With this new found sense of zen</center>

<center><a name="#021">Just Another Day</a>

Just another day that passes by
One more melody to swarm my heart
Rhythmic streams engulf my sky
Hoping your love will never depart

Just another day

I’ll never let this go
Grasping for the life I so desire

Just another day to share this sun
One more moment to hold you in my arms
With your absence my body lay in stun
Still, my body shudders in all your charms

Just another day to share the sky

Holding on so tightly, I grasp your light
I know that empty sands count on me
Sands of time that I so valiantly fight
Holding you forever is my destiny

When you are with me I feel so secure

Thoughts of your passing I must endure
Seeking your essence to fill this abyss
Drinking from your fountain so pure
In the end I must submit

Just another day to hold you close

A melody with pain left out
When you are gone I feel it
Angels sought you with a valiant scout
To keep me conscious, and in mind fit

Just another day you grace my presence
Longing for your lips to hold my captivity
Dripping sweat of your passions rain in its essence
Hoping my love is not perceived as serenity

Just another day we merge into one

Violent forces come crashing forth
Can we captivate this one more day?
For all it’s worth

<a name="#022">Axiomatic Rendering</a>

Pretending to capture life for what it should be
I find myself
Looking on
Learning from others, repenting
On this new found dawn

This isn’t what I ever dreamed you would want from me
I never thought I’d have to run just to be
I stand, alone within a place for the dead, overcome by woe.
I've grown so fond of this dread that I swear its heaven’s righteous tow

Bless my steps in your eternal damnation for all to see
Kick me to the side and make them all believe

Sucked in the undertow of life’s grasp
I look for the means of my loss. A simple hasp
Something to release and let it flow
Release me into this undertow

Something has been taken deep from inside of me
A secret that no one was ever meant to ever see
Looking at this darkened sky
This is the day that all laughter

So much have I tried
to bury her from my mind
Fate's tourniquet was tied, so her memory just died

Looking into this abyss, I see
We tend to be nothing more than a memory
I shun all that some day, might be
Harboring my pain as empathy

<a name="#023"><center>Abdication</a>

Peering into oceans past
A gentle breeze across the mast
Captured wind into my sails
Knowing now that time prevails

Looking over the timeless space
As my hand caresses your face
Knowing that the feeling has met
In our own hearts we know our debt

The treasures we hold so close and dear
A simple world without the fear
Of loosing ourselves in discomposure
Flowing our hearts into closure

Gentile kisses of our eyes
Holding back so we both don’t cry
Keeping fast our thoughts; so dear
Reminiscing the times of cheer

Watching you as we depart
Holding you deep within my heart

<a name="#024">Ride The Lightning</a>

Feel the emotion take the hold
Kissing winds so thrashing, bold
Telling stories in the days of old
Seeking the notion of sanity; bold

Nothing more than a whimper
Upon the flames we find the shimmer
A kiss of death that’s of a thief
Emotions left …… in misbelieve

Sitting upon my throne at now
Wishing I knew just my query. How?
These nails have driven in my flesh
My soul has torment, no time for rest

Lay my head upon death’s breath

Blow along in subtle course
Find the misery at the source

For everyone looks past me now
So close to rendering
But lost somehow

We meet in sight but I’m a ghost
To your vision…. A loss at most
No matter how many times we pass
Your vision on me…. Will never last

So, kiss the sky and tuck me in
And ride the lightning
Soul free from sin
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<a name="#025">Destine To Loose</a>

Somehow no matter how hard I try
All the tears I cry
The time that passes by
I always come in last

Through all the thick and thin
The battles that we win
As the lights grow so dim
I always come in last

The pain I went through
The gusty winds that blew
The promises I held true
I always come in last

Standing by your side
Swallowing all my pride
The way I feel inside
I always come in last

In a hope for at least second place
Just to finish the race
To see the look upon your face
I always come in last

Feel the pain I go through
As my heart feels blue
Now my thoughts misconstrue
I always come in last

<a name="#026">Credulous Fact</a>

Simply hard to find
The treasures that remind
The reaches of our mind
That structures us so kind

Founding of our youth
Designed to see the truth
Measures of the proof
Like of the wisdom tooth

Raptures of our days
Holding our own ways
That never truly pays
Just simply sits and sways

Alone upon the wind
For all of us have sinned
Only to see the end
Of what our minds could bend.

<a name="#027">Interval Of Agony</a>

Silence sits vaguely in the mind as the time tolls on
Memories of the past lurk over the shoulder of the present
Droves of thought impale movement to a stillborn freedom gone
Bondage holds all rendered in abhorred resentment

Timely losses fall into perfect placement
Holding reality in vague displacement
Capturing our souls in all the torment

Silence holds fast

Glancing throughout memory; the effect takes hold
The turn of the tides that grasps my innards and just releases
Letting my thoughts wander so quickly and so bold
Tearing all structure into shredded, buoyant pieces

Something to float on the surface held down by more
More than the surface can fathom to share space with
Something to hold the agony in a cup and let it pour
Stretching the whispers of sanity like a myth

Holding the silence we all weep
Praying for our sanity to keep

Silence surrounds this asylum of hope
Rendering everything with systematic reason
Giving reasons to hold up our hope
Holding on is seen as treason

Hide your thoughts from pain’s annual season

<a name="#028">The Man In The Mirror</a>

<center>Torn form reality my soul weeps for closure
Could be the last drink or the last couple pills
Who knows? I just got to gain composure
Leave my soul free upon time’s winds wheels

Looking in the mirror; I see but a ghost
Nothing but shadows; a silhouette at most
A darkened refection of my lost time spent
The blackened composure that this time has sent

This drunk and this idiot that this time has now
How did I get here? Just tell me….how?
Was time so cruel to make this that bad?
Forgetting the fun and the love that we had?

Did I miss the train as it hit the station?
Was I left out in thought within this great nation?

What have I done to deserve this; I try.
To the reflection on sand will sit there and cry
The man looks familiar but has no reflection
I will not see him within my selection

For, I have accepted the pain and the loss
I will hold my shadows

No matter the cost.


<a name="#029">Complete</a>

<center>I’ve tried to say the words a thousand times
Words that will make you see
There is a hole in my heart
All comprehension declines
One day.. just wait…
you’ll see

I’ve closed my eyes and visioned you again
Perfection that makes me whole
Enough power in knowing you
My friend
I hope this feeling
Is true

Encompassing warmth spreads out from your touch
Making me whole on more moment
Never wanting to open my eyes again
Knowing the world will shatter the dream

I’ve tried to tell you everyday
We pass and our eyes meet
One day soon you will too know
For my feelings are real
Not for show.</center>

<a name="#030">Things That Shall Not Be</a>

<center>Loosing all we are inside this hopeless plea
Hoping to never become the things we are meant to be

Blinding shadows hold me back from speaking all my truth
Barring my mind from all we see but, memories of our youth
Nothing more than thoughts and sculptures hold my weary ways
For the anticipation and the hunger for our coming days

Soothing all the worries as they come along
Finding something that we wanted for so very long
The will to speak aloud of our love so strong
Hoping to our very best that nothing will go wrong

Inebriating all thought with unhampered glee
Striving to change the way it must be
Loosing all we are inside this hopeless plea
Hoping to never become the things we are meant to be

Holding myself so tight that we break
On this ground that the pledges we make
Will scatter the ground and be long lost
Harbor the hatred no matter the cost

Loosing all we are inside this hopeless plea
Hoping to never become the things we are meant to be

Hold on my coat-tail as we travel on
To find the essence that I do belong
The long lost thought that renders me
To be all the things I just must be

Hatred, remember me?

Old friend caress me close
All of my matters; I will disclose
The Witch that has burned me is now on my stake
Watching the ashes flow down and just flake

Away from my mind as we sit in glee
Just thinking of how this daemon sits in me.
Release me somehow and let me free-flow
Open my innards for all to see the show

Mercy must fill me in my ocean’s sea
Hear me my hatred in my solemn plea

To be all the things that I must just be
Let all my life


Shallow remnance of my eternal plea
To harbor my hope that should not be

Hear me, oh now, my Gods of the sea
Rapture my oars in my tear to be
Stride along in pride left to be free
Of these things that shall not be

Kiss the dark wind and set me free</center>

<a name="#031">A Dark Wing Of Love</a>

Desolately my heart contrives a moment of sanity
Reaching deep; I find a handle to grasp tight
Trying not to feel this prized calamity
I close my eyes and embrace the dark of night

When you're down you'll feel it

Just a melody of sharing stars
The breath of life like winding bars

Destiny can replace my wants in due time
For the moment I shiver in delight, so sublime

Your memory takes me over and over again
My love is for you; my one and only friend

Masses would gather to see your morning smile
A gift from above is what they would say
I've had you on the tip of my tongue for a while
Can I have you completely for just one day?

Pleasure is only measured when there is not enough to go around
The abundance of euphoria settles when you leave my side
Now I'm so exhausted I must lie on the ground

Bless me with your presence and allow the dissolution to spread
With a new day to abolish a memory of being; only to be read

Sunlight glistens on open peers
Left to view open eyes lent to tears
These wings of love caress me now
With this thought; I'll take flight somehow

<a name="#032">Dark Enchantress</a>

Dark enchantress; why such hate in those angel eyes
Beyond the pale horizon the grievances set into play
These winds may sway the heart far away

Enter the night
So lost and tearful I seek restrain
Reveal thy dusk
Soothe my wants

Unto the night it strikes an angel
So lost in all the folly of strain

Run from me; soothe thy dark
I’ve been freed
In my solidity

Run from me; soothe my wants.
Darken my fire in your eclipse of the light
For me alone
Pieces torn and leaves me all alone

Streams of an angel left lost in this strain
Still tearful for the domain
Scriptures of the pain leave the heart to remain

Into the night I disgrace an angel
Heads hung low
So lost and tearful; I’m the one to blame

The heart is left the same desire to burn till left with no flame
I’ve been freed; my sorrow and my greed

Run from me; grievances are the whole
Seek refuge into another’s arms
So lost and tearful the strain that was stole
Bells send forth the screaming alarm

In this odyssey; may I overcome
The shadows evoke my presence

<a name="#033">Unsucessfully Coping With Nature</a>

Nipping at the sheets of time
Reliving these thoughts
In my mind

Holding close these times of dear
Memories resurface to bring a tear

Bliss with a whisper.

These walls are closing in.
To bring torment of another time
Splitting the sheets… soon thin
Bringing distraught beyond the line

No grip on to this rim
It’s too much to take in
How do I ignore the past?
Holding these thoughts to last

I can’t hold on

For this thrill thought is seeking.
Call me cancer. Buried within the answer
Searching for the tumor, peeking

Manifesting these perpetual sounds
Wondering of life.. the lost and founds

All grip has gone From this mountain

Breaking of this mission
Enduring for a revolution
Of retention….

Searching for a space
<center>To hide these memories
Time can replace</center>

Somewhere so sacred a God himself find only sands
The hourglass has drawn me in
To caress these empty fingers of demands

Lost within these hands

It’s easier to run
Finding the fun

<pre> In the place of this hypocrisy
I’d just love to find me</pre>

When things go wrong, I think of the past that is real
Drowning in the memories that are me.. within the feel

A false reality of loathing and life
Times bought within the shadows
Blackened expressions of strife
<pre> Misery
My wife</pre>

I can’t wait to see tomorrow

<pre> It just won’t last</pre>

The greetings of Shadows within life
Support the wind beneath these masts.

Against my will; looking at this reflection
A deep puddle that casqued all retention

Retention for a moment lost beneath the surface
The surface of these lines

<pre>W i t h i n r e a l i t y . . . . . . . .There is Misery. You just have
to add a Ms. to it.</pre>

Think about it. Shuffle it around.

<a name="#034"></a>

<a name="#035"></a>
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<center>Enter Shadows

The sun burns
I squander for the shadow
To repent freely


Stariing at sky
I see the depth of eons
Pass right by


Generating hell
We search for our salvation
To never be found
Entering the sanctuary of my mind may lead to perils of unknown magnitude.......... hold on and embrace the ride. Feel the tolls as we pass from existance into my sought domain of twisted reality. -negatv: 5/05-

If I changed anything I have done in my life I wouldn't be me. Personally, I kinda like me. I'm an asshole, but I'm my kind of asshole.

Friends are what help me guide myself through life. I just have to find the right direction first. -negatv- 10/06


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Post by heinzs » Thu Aug 11, 2005 1:57 pm

Good job jim. I deleted my superfluous comments and made an "open topic" just above the added haiku for you to fill in at your leisure.

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Supressed Emotion

My thoughts grow cold in this endeavoring wait
Passings of you I do see lost in mine thought
Such tension, such stress mine own does debate
I gladly dispense of you and all your knowing
I loathe the ground you possess in all its distraught

You shunned my every thought; mine own simple being
I strived to please you but you looked away from me
If the hands of time turned back, would you see what I'm seeing?
Simply I strive to be all left of me

The glimpse of what I am not dead on site
The battle is on and to you I pronounce "This is true. Be in fear"
By haunting your thoughts.... for now you must fight
May your hand stead and your blade steer clear

Such a flighty retort to your unsqued location
I shall haunt you and your entire nation
Till my last breath and my final notation
I'll damn you; I'll find you with no hesitation
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A Breeze

<center>Watch the wind kiss flowing hair
Seeing innocence without a care
Just to have this day again
With this thought; left on end.

Dedicated to Gillian Chae Lowe. My precious daughter.
Daddy will always love you.


Winds of Change

<center>Simple butterfly
Caught in the ravishing winds
Of society</center>



<center>The tide rises soon
These memories will abstain
Regaining the calm</center>

Showdown At High Noon

I want to die
Just let me
My guns are empty

Showdown at high noon
I came unprepared
I draw.......



Aspects of bieng alone.
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Lost Within a Gaze

Stretching for the boundaries, I try
To follow the glimmer in your eye
Only to find that with every move
Contours of light dance and soothe

Swimming endlessly into the mind of man
Wrapping tighter in a designed out plan
To capture the essence of the moment
Taking all my attention, like I’ve disowned it

Gripping this reality, so miraculously exposed
Feeding the fire as the passion restlessly grows
Until it consumes me within this gaze
Trapped within imagination
As a rat in a maze

Through out a blink that lasts for eternity
The rays from the portals show the divinity
Of the beauty possessed deep within
Where the boundaries of my whole
Stop… and ….. begin

The place where the sun rests it’s head
Within the lines where temptations are fed
To utilize this feeling that has held so true
Every time I get lost in your eyes
When you catch me
Looking at you



Within the tides of grassy knolls
My heart resides with thee
To find the way inside my soul
The answer is left to see

Through whispers wind
With stained glass thought
emotions vividly
Of this plague upon my mind
Resides most poignantly

Between the lines throughout the sky
Setting borders on sanity
For all the times the ground stood still
Displayed for all to see

The docile touch of your grasp
Strokes the day, oh so carefully
A jubilant smile comes ‘cross my mind
Bridging this gap inside of me

A photograph of you upon my brow
Shall rest all thought of strain
To relax my soul into this void
Of timelessness’ lost remains

The place where all I know will live
Disturbing not one blade of grass
Where nothing comes and nothing goes
Still, all will come to pass

Translucent rides upon these waves
Shadowing into opaque
Reminisce of these times the world stood still
Every moment was ours to make</center>



Lost in translation
A word
A moment
This time

Fading gracefully into the shadows of grace
Losing my skin with tattered bones to replace
Think not of my soul; just being cut away
Leaving this corpse hollow; left on display

Plucking sanity for a challenge of longevity
Searing hoards of torture in the stillborn serenity

Cut away
One more day

Resurrecting my frame for another chance
To come forth and relive this macabre dance
Brought down in ashes of deficiency
Acquiescent with its efficiency

Complying to the structure of this succession
Darkening my soul without any discretion
Tempting the hand of fate as I play
Infecting all I know with this malady

Cut away
No time to play

Think not of my soul for it is lost
Reality bears down and collects the cost
Of every sin ever I’ve been hand with
Dissolving yearnings in the smoke of the myth
Feeling smoke roll of the frost

This cold, yet temperate covenant still stands tall
For all the years; the rain in my head must fall
Droning melancholy as I become the Thrall

Cut me away
Let my mind play


From One Father To Another

Breathe in the moment
Hold it


Beyond the pale horizon
Lies a truth to be seen

One of a man with a smile

Reflecting on the past days
Gone by

As the tattered ends fray
The dust flies

A mirror shatters
Another day swept clean

Holding barren arms, He weeps
For the sins of mankind
Still, in his heart, he keeps
A way left to find

Broken memories
Shattered dreams

All of this; to us
Tears reality by its seams

To him, this is another morning to stretch his arms.
The strum of a guitar, the span of a beat
All of these known within his charms

He weeps more
For the love
It shall pour

Regardless of rain, snow, or shine
Within the lines
I shall define

The weight of the world must be enough
Within a father’s heart
There is nothing, but trust


Love at First Sight

I gaze into a thing of splendor
This one captive thing that my all must render
Losses of words as our eyes meet first time
All comprehension is lost; no sense of time

Twirling across the galaxy we go
Something more than my words can show
Imagery so profound and vividly seen
We glance into the lines and in-between

To see ourselves in what we need
Ravishing our tides in envy’s greed
The taste of you is on my mind
Simple words are hard to find

Expressions of these twilight eyes
And the emotion comes as surprise
To the mind of me as we gently part
Silent to me it’s in my heart



</a>My skin crawls
No matter how deep I scratch
Track marks left by my nails enthralls
Me to make another patch

Absence of life killing me within
False sense of hope to make it through

Feeling surrender with skin fire paved
Shaking profusely with madness displayed

Feeling like you must rip your own head off
To fight the urge
Nowing if it reoccurs; the deep end, you’ll go off
Keep thinking purge

Sitting in a corner trying to abstain
Never wanting to live like that again
Hating yourself as well as others
Wishing you could fight with even your brothers

Nothing helps this madness
Drawn within a pit of sadness

Things that surround me all day
No longer; these things can I tolerate
This feeling appalls me

How many times will this change?
How long will I feel this strain?

My life is now over to make way for clarity.</a>


Damnation......... and a Day (within a day)

Kiss the mark upon my brow
Steal the sweat from me somehow
Feeling fragile in the youth
Savoring the pain of unending truth

Devil’s own want and desire
Wish me now upon this fire
To never see the light of day
Killing softly the kids at play

Children in their absent mind
Finding the world as seen

Nothing more than rust and decay
To kiss the wind in this dismay

Sanctuary from one’s mind is within reach
Stretching forth this barrier breach
To allow the world to tumble in
And see the insanity taken within

Madness resides within us all
Tread gently and try not to fall
Into this world’s unending greed
Hold these words within your heed.

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Communion in Midian

Grip me alone
In this place overcome with woe
And see
The bare intentions
Where love goes without mention

Hold me eternally without sleep
For my soul will hold damnation to keep

Sever thought as it will die

Angels of Hell may just cry

Oh, Mother Mary hear the damnation?

Severed in the light
Intent that came out right
The bastard son of right
Heals my worldly night

To turn me toward redemption

Shine the blade and in turn embrace
The timely turn of this dark grace

Oh, Mother Mary see our sins

Rape our souls into disgrace
Find that we can replace
Sudden things that we can replace
I look into your face
Just to seem defaced

Split the skull and sever ties
A need for them may not arise

Oh, Mother Mary see the inflammation?
Set to motion due to your son’s damnation
Seeing all thought as soul intention
I see now there is no redemption

Kiss my weary head as the tolls
Now pass

Nothing more for me to grasp

Oh, Mother I cry to feel the womb

Staring at the light
Angels in my sight
I still feel the fright
Of this damnations light
Only left in plight
To welcome the delight
Of my wanted


To hold my tension
Things that lose the mention
Found in the soul’s retention

Oh, Mother Mary search your wicked womb
To find the things that I might
Just once


The Hell in me


Simple Prayer

God give me guidance for I have strayed
Give me forgiveness in all my ways

Find a shimmer of hope left amongst my tears
Give me some sort of reasoning for all these years

God, give me guidance for all my follies
I’ll need them in the days to come


Broken Knees

I will crawl on broken knees
Just to be welcome in the gates
Drag me down to my elbows if that is what it needs

Don’t lock me out

I’d crawl on broken knees
Just to find the light.
One more reason to fight

I’d crawl on broken knees
Just because I know you’d make me walk

A Prayer Outside the Gates

These hollow walls


Reminiscence of past days
Gone by
Frailty of our ways
On this
We dine

Severed ties within our way’s set the days
Of slaughtered calf
All of this
Distractions in our ways

For the purity of our souls lost in composure
Flowing the sheets
In ravished discomposure

Of sins left to be
Guarded silence
Within our soul’s plea

Heaven has no mercy to the cunning
For within their words
Our plea has been left running

For a tree to climb in the mass
Docile strokes of Heaven
Within our grasp.

It seems that everyday is the same
We are left to discover our own
Something left to blame
All light turns to grey

There’s nothing left to hold upon

Tattered across the bridge
We burden on

Seeking retribution for our follies

In this distance of the expanse
Linked to Heavenly memories
Dissolving all categories
From the distance

Thunder strikes aloft
Bringing in the touch of nature

From beyond the plot

Ease me into comfort
For the days to come

Saturate my soul with serenity
Within the blissful Trinity

Wipe the slate clean

Father, forgive this man
On broken knees, I stand

Waiting to see the Gates
And their gleam


I am nothing more than a simple man
Wishing upon the clouds in this storm
Can it all be repaired, once again
I say amen

Raising my hands
Father feel my wounds
Heal them through
Time’s sands

You know my heart is torn

I need passage out of this torrential downpour

So, now I surrender it all
Take my pride, my sorrow, my joy
Take it all before I fall

It’s in your hands now, Lord
Everything inside of me
Everything you can afford

Carry me in this plea

Listening for the whispers to guide
Hoping not to backslide
Giving all I have in me

To keep me going in mid stride

I surrender it all
Before I fall

Guide me through this life
I’ve already lost one wife

It must’ve been you plan
After all….
I’m nothing more than a man

Something better has to be in store for me
Designed perfect in your plot of destiny

I surrender it all to you
I know that purity is true
Even though I have no clue
I surrender it all to you

Hold my hand, and walk me through

I surrender it all
Just to you

Collect this rain

Take it away
From a face defined

Grant me this one day
To say

I’ll be your humble servant
Wipe all the tears away
Beckoning this very day

The storm moves in
And still
I feel the begin…

Out of this exodus

Souls tattered and raped away
Sins of today

No more

Forgiven in our own fruit
We sit


As the storm hits ground
Pleasures all around
And abound

As the tears roll on
Warships become bards
In this timeless toll
Anything, anyone can afford

Treasures so deep that one can only imagine
Still, we sit
Trapped within our own humanity’s prism

God, hear our cry
To purify

Something of our own

Severed in the thought
Of what our life has bought

Mankind walks tall now
Inside of our own whispers

A phoenix drops a tear tonight
One that burn through
The fabrics of time
And all forthright

Hear the cries in the skies
The ashes of repent.
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Reserved for future use.

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Post by heinzs » Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:43 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Negatvone

Post by negatvone » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:42 am

Entranced Memories
Postby negatvone » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:31 am

You may say you do not believe me
Hear the whispers in the tree

As it bends in the wind
The way it contorts
The way it might bend

Winds of change blow upon our face
Mostly mine
In our new found grace

I ready the sails for this ship to sail
Into bliss, straight out of hell

My mind trembles of memories lost
The hell we went through
We both paid the cost

I'll pay the ferry toll to the other side
Just to have one more chance
A hope, a gleam
For our worlds to collide

Within this thought is a timely pace
Things prudent
Something our minds can not erase

That moment of extacy sitting in our minds
When the heart searches
Bliss is what it finds
Entering the sanctuary of my mind may lead to perils of unknown magnitude.......... hold on and embrace the ride. Feel the tolls as we pass from existance into my sought domain of twisted reality. -negatv: 5/05-

If I changed anything I have done in my life I wouldn't be me. Personally, I kinda like me. I'm an asshole, but I'm my kind of asshole.

Friends are what help me guide myself through life. I just have to find the right direction first. -negatv- 10/06


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Re: Negatvone

Post by negatvone » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:20 am

Embers in the dark

In silent mystery you sit upon this log
Wondering why you ever
Kissed this frog

Transformed from heinous into view of sight
Your hair brilliantly traps the light

Something the blind can even see

Within each heart there is a boundary
You exceed them all
Entrapped in your mystery

Snared off my path, I find my self attracted
All my evil thoughts; simply retracted
Within your hair the wind gets lost
Feeling the toll
Trying to not get lost

To see you smile is a gift of grace
Just on smile drops a man
Puts him in his place

It might be dark, but these things we feel
We always know

That smile is real
Entering the sanctuary of my mind may lead to perils of unknown magnitude.......... hold on and embrace the ride. Feel the tolls as we pass from existance into my sought domain of twisted reality. -negatv: 5/05-

If I changed anything I have done in my life I wouldn't be me. Personally, I kinda like me. I'm an asshole, but I'm my kind of asshole.

Friends are what help me guide myself through life. I just have to find the right direction first. -negatv- 10/06


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Re: Negatvone

Post by negatvone » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:21 am

Pain in my Soul

Pain in my Soul
Skies paved with the fires
Solemn embers to scream for mercy
Oh simple heart's cries
Leaves them on the floor whimpering
looking for something more singling
The one time we shared the lust in our eyes
My soul slowly dies
Pain, and torture so sweet it might just decay
My mind upon this very day.
I was warned, but heeds dismissed.
These times my mind totally miss
The scent of you as you enter the room.
Kicking me in the sinuses with a boom!
To this day I remember dancing with your shadow.
A gentile waltz with this wayward fellow.
Times of cheer, glee, and bliss
Inside of me, the times are missed.
With time's sands, we all find our grave.
Keep it true to the end
Real for life
Baby, please be brave
Entering the sanctuary of my mind may lead to perils of unknown magnitude.......... hold on and embrace the ride. Feel the tolls as we pass from existance into my sought domain of twisted reality. -negatv: 5/05-

If I changed anything I have done in my life I wouldn't be me. Personally, I kinda like me. I'm an asshole, but I'm my kind of asshole.

Friends are what help me guide myself through life. I just have to find the right direction first. -negatv- 10/06


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Re: Negatvone

Post by negatvone » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:35 am


A ship sets sail within my heart
Simple quest; searching 'round
Exquisite pleasures seen as art
On oceans free, nothing abound

This is where we shall start

Voyages of bliss upon the horizon
Adventures of love abound
Setting focus on a fixed mizen
Gentile winds we have found

Casting off into these unknown seas
Thrills with no limit placed
Swarming content holds me at ease
All other forms of thought


Sailing off into this ocean of rapture
All cares cast overboard with haste
As; within this voyage we capture
Everything loves sails have placed

The winds have once again cast
Allowing me brilliance of flight
Leaving shores that hold down; past

Keeping You within my sight.
Entering the sanctuary of my mind may lead to perils of unknown magnitude.......... hold on and embrace the ride. Feel the tolls as we pass from existance into my sought domain of twisted reality. -negatv: 5/05-

If I changed anything I have done in my life I wouldn't be me. Personally, I kinda like me. I'm an asshole, but I'm my kind of asshole.

Friends are what help me guide myself through life. I just have to find the right direction first. -negatv- 10/06


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