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Mpumelelo Rantsolase

Post by Mpumelelo Rantsolase » Fri Apr 23, 2004 3:02 am

<center><a name="#top">Poetry by Lelo </a></center>

<a href="#minotaur1">Sleepless Minotaur 1</a>
<a href="#minotaur2">Sleepless Minotaur 2</a>
<a href="#minotaur3">Sleepless Minotaur 3</a>
<a href="#tears">Tears of a Devil</a>
<a href="#storm">The Storm</a>
<a href="#heart">Buying a Heart</a>
<a href="#herethere">Here & There</a>
<a href="#scum">Scum of the Earth</a>
<a href="#message">Message to a Friend</a>

<a href="#one"> My Belief </a>
<a href="#two"> Pyxis </a>
<a href="#three"> Yesterday </a>
<a href="#four"> I Surrender </a>
<a href="#five"> Here nor There </a>
<a href="#six"> Crystal Dragon </a>
<a href="#seven"> Chaos </a>

Sorry my replies take so long, it's just that at this stage I'm only on line once every 3 - 4 days. It's good to be home :lol:

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Post by heinzs » Sat May 08, 2004 10:00 pm

<a name="#minotaur1">Sleepless Minotaur 1 </a>

My eyes are heavy,
My breath shallower
By every heart beat,
My mind is numb,
Yes I must sleep.
Yet something stirs
Dead within me,
It's my restless soul,
It seeks to destroy all.
With my war hammer
I hunt down ghosts,
Chopping their tormented
Souls to please mine.
I charge at nighmares
for they are lazy.
Gore demons to heaven,
Their blood flowing over
The tainted angels wings,
My fiery breath as a storm,
Ravaging the heavens above
The earth below and
All of the hells within.
My scream echoes through
the whispering storms,
Just as my cries feel
the night with dread,
I raise my sword high
and cut myself open,
only to bleed the souls
of all the consumed virgins
and destroyed unborns.
My tears are blood pains
of the butchered heroes,
and my sorrow is just
the screams of widows.
As my life slips away
I hear the gods,
They are laughing
rejoicing at my demise,
with my last breath
I soar to the heavens
and slay the gods,
their screams as wild
as their wicked laugh.
Yet all I see is me,
In every face I split,
Every heart I crush,
All bones I break,
My face stares back
and my fears return,
I wait for death,
as it grips me
I scream out wildly,
They think I'm afraid
and they are right,
I fear reincarnation
I slip into the underworld,
Blood,pain and gore,
endless suffering...
eternal missery....
where else can a
Sleepless minotaur be.
Here I am happy.
Then I scream,
I try to hold on,
I'm wrenced away,
I'm awake, reincarnarted.
Please let me sleep
I do not belong here,
The underworld awaits,
The sleepless minotaur

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<a name="#minotaur2">Sleepless Minotaur 2 </a>

My wounds appear shallow
Yet I bleed quiet deep,
The heart is drained of blood
And the veins are empty.
My own soul
Sucks me dry,
It swallows all hope,
eats up all possibilities
Be they encouraging.
My Destiny is fixed,
I shall not perish
Nor will I ever be born
The promises of rebirth
Are tempting yet not.
How I can ever live
For I faced death,
It came to claim me
And I slaughtered it,
I recall its face
The disbelief…
(How can he do this)
The shock..........
(I am death, I can’t die)
The end............
(Somebody help me)
More than all
I remember the relief,
(I’m free from claiming lives)
The burden.........
(Now it’s your turn)
(You will suffer as I have)
(For all of eternity)
I remember my war hammer,
Rising up and deep in Death
It screamed with delight,
The hammer sunk deep.
From within deaths soul
All the claimed souls
Were released to Lucifer.
Now I wonder........
Should I claim them back,
For I have released them.
I lift my war hammer
And charge into the inferno,
To claim the souls from Lucifer
He can not have them
The moon howls.......
The sleepless minotaur

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<a name="#minotaur3">Sleepless Minotaur 3 </a>

40 lifetimes ago
That is when he came,
He was just a mortal
Yet he came to me,
He came to challenge me.
Even now I can see him,
He shattered the barrier
Stubbornly breaking through,
He forced his way into HELL.
Where all desire to leave
He fought to get in.
My minions...........
I can still hear them screaming
Surprised at the pain,
Shocked to feel pain,
Terrified of the pain
Even more of HIM,
For he inflicted it,
They were demons
They died screaming.
Last they saw
Their souls.
My Arch Prince.
His self shattered,
His soul destroyed.
His last words
Screaming in pain,
Mere mortals,
Tormented souls
He completely ignored.
My children,
Evil immortals
He completely vanquished
My kingdom,
A house of terror
Filled with screams.
The walls around me
“Your time has come”
First I saw,
Tearing through my being,
Forging pain into me.
First I heard
“Give my souls back”
First I felt,
A sense of ease,
My self was ending
I was dying
“It can’t be”
A voice
I looked..........
The door........
The door between my dungeon home
And the eternal paradise heaven,
Was open.......
“Take my hand”
An armada of Angels.
I took Jesus’s hand.
He rose towards me
A blinding light.
At last he was destroyed.
40 lifetimes later
The warhammer on my wall
A trophy more a reminder
I blinked
The warhammer
I heared screams,
I felt tremors,
A tortured voice
Bellowing in pain
“The sleepless minotaur”

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<a name="#tears">Tears of a Devil </a>

The sun runs west
"Thank God"
"Thank God"
"Thank God"
The moon peeks.......
looks around.........
Sighs with relief,
"The devil is not here!"
It calls out to the stars.
The stars twinkle galdly.
A fork,
pierces the depths,
of the night sky
Setting the sky alight.
The moon heads for
the blurry horizon
only to be cut open
by the cries of the
burning stars...........
As my fire consumes all
I look down
Towards the earth
Mortals walk below
Oblivious to my woes
Ignorant to my pleas.
I raise my eyes upwards
and I hear the sounds of life
life that was and never will be
life that I destroyed.
My gaze returns down
What happened to my tears?
"Shame", I was hoping
to ruin someones life tonight
maybe tomorrow then.
The sun creeps up east
it mourns for the moon and stars
only if it knew about the man.

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<a name="#storm">The Storm </a>

Winds of freedom,
plummetting me to the ends
tossing me from peace to fear
destroying my existence
yet not deminishing me
more as letting me suffer
as the storm whips my heart
tearing it to shreds
which regenerate to a soul
the one I lost when I ate my body
As the soul stares to life
It demands a body
yet there is only one body
we can not share
"Everyone to his own"
I scream at it
Then I realise with shock
I am the soul
Then who is in my body
Or is it my body?
I jump at the body
fighting to get in,
With success at hand
the storm arises,
"Let me in"
I scream out,
Then it dawns on me
That wasn't me screaming
It was the soul
struggling to enter the body
The storm arises!!!

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<a name="#heart">Buy a Heart </a>

Words said so carelessly
Thought worded so playfully
Emotions expressed so easily,
Only if you knew
For everyword I hang on,
With every thought I die,
Now and again I live
Yet mostly I am dead.
Beliefs of a child
Shattered by reality.
Hopes of a lover
scorched by the sun.
Now I walk outside
with my heart in one hand
And my soul in my pocket.
I stand by the corner
Do you want to buy my heart
You get a soul for free?

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<a name="#herethere">Here & There </a>

The distance is there
I could conquer it
yet how do u kill a mile?
is it destructible?
I should hope so
cause if not then.......

Yet I know this much
Be it here and there
Be wherever you are
I will be here
Go now and leave all
As u know that
I will find you,
I will be here and there
I will be waiting.

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<a name="#scum">Scum of the Earth </a>

You walk with me
Love in your voice
Care in your touch.

I walk up straight
Pride in my strides
Bounce in my steps.

I promised forever
You promised eternity
We guaranteed infinity.

I love you dearly
You love me deeply
We love seriously.

I crawl the earth
As I scavenge the world
For I'm "scum of the earth"
Thinks your mother........

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<a name="#message">Message to a Friend </a>

"Mpumeleo The name is a song"
These are the words I saw
From here a friend there
It was more of a connection
Expressed with words
Across the digital link
We met as strangers
One move on a chessboard
No wait
It was one click of a mouse
yes it moved a chess piece
just as it strengthened the bond,
could have been the word on the screen
could it have fodged the friendship,
electronics they say
some say world wide web
while others sleek it WWW
and most improvise the net.
Now I stare at the match
an old chess match
never finished
thinking to myself
where are the words
where is the click
then I realised
I have them right here
I only have to click here
And they will surely return
Now I think
It is quiet funny
Even without them
I can still see the respect
The respect of old friends.
Now I will claim them back
I will arise and get them
they were my friends,
am I to lose them to worries
am I to give them up for depression
I need friends to live
and I Have friends.
I have clicked
I have typed,
They will click
They will type.

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An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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from my hard drive

Post by heinzs » Sat Sep 03, 2005 12:46 pm

A few more by Lelo from my hard drive:

<a name="#one"> My Belief </a>

Mpumelelo Rantsolase
on 10.12.2001

I believe in the goodness of all,
I believe you willnot kill me.
I believe if you kill me
You will not torture me,
I believe if you torture me
you will not prolong it,
I believe if you prolong it
you will not be good.
I believe if you are not good
You are definitely bad,
I believe if you are bad
you will be killed,
I believe if I kill you
You will forgive me.

As It Is So It Was

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<a name="#two"> Pyxis </a>

Mpumelelo Rantsolase
on 10.21.2001

The words jumped at me,
I swerved to the left.
Yet I moved to slow
for the anger grabbed me.

It shook me to the right
yes the fight was tight,
I lost quiet miserably
I am a lousy loser.

The words sank in my heart,
Punctured my soul,
Seeing my fears on paper,
My shame on the world,
My sweet jesus sacrificed.

The truth I know forced
itself on me...
My screams stuttered
As my plea for help
was met by hot fires.
Heinzs it was clear
I Shannon suffer alone.

To my darkened cave
I swiftly escaped,
A single voice screaming
I licked my wounds
kicked my sounds,
a blessing???
Yes the truth out,
out where I can see it,
If all can see it then
how will I justify it,
My weapons fell away
This is no war
This is no bar
This is family
I spoke & choked,
darn pride blinded me.

Did I say wounds,
No you are mistaken,
I didn't sustain injury
I've grown a bit more for it.

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<a name="#three"> Yesterday </a>

Mpumelelo Rantsolase
on 10.13.2001

I hear the cries of yesterday,
The words said wrong,
The emotions expressed late,
The gratitude shown awkward,
The steps taken out of time.
Yesterday cries for another chance
For it has learnt it's mistakes,
It can now rectify them.
It begs for a second chance,
A chance it will never get,
For time has no regrets,
It gives no second chances,
It has no remorse nor pity,
It only goes ahead without regret.

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<a name="#four"> I Surrender </a>

I Surrender
(Started by Mpumelelo Rantsolase)
on 10.12.2001

I will go
With my head high,
For many have gone,
and many will go,
As all must go.

I will go quietly
for them to forget me,
for you to honour me.
Honour me you must,
for I come to you
with no fear in my heart,
Yet with victorious surrender.
I am victorious
as you are victorious.

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<a name="#five"> Here nor There </a>

Here nor There
(Started by Mpumelelo Rantsolase)
on 10.13.2001

Be wherever I have to be,
Understandably here nor there,
Here is the forever land
Low or high can't be reached,
Eternity is a distinct possibility.

Beware of the thirsty lips
Unrecognisable yet really here,
high are the expectations,
Low are the possibilities,
Exquisite are the desires.

Be it for now or then
Unrelenting are the desires,
Hot are the visions,
Limited are the wishes
Eternal is the patience.

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<a name="#six"> Crystal Dragon </a>

by Mpumelelo Rantsolase
on 10.10.2001

Children of the moon,
Brothers of the light,
The sun will set,
So as to allow the moon
to reclaim the sky,
The clouds will rise
And conquer the skies from the moon.
Worshippers of light,
Murderers of darkness,
I will wait in vain,
For I can't compete with the sun
And I can't be confused with the moon,
I will wait in vain,
For I'm the mother of all that is light,
The father of all that was darkness.
I will wait in vain,
For my time is past
and my destiny is eternal.
When your god the sun dies
And your kindred the moon fades,
I will arise from here,
I will posess your futures
And enlighten your souls.
In me you will find death
And your joys will be released.
I am the end of darkness
And the destroyer of light.
I am the crystal dragon!!!

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<a name="#seven"> Chaos </a>

by Mpumelelo Rantsolase
on 10.10.2001

In The Beginning
There Was Chaos,
Out Of Chaos,
HE created all there is.
It all began in chaos,
It all shall end in chaos
Before the first day,
HE created the Wizard of Chaos,
So as to make sure that
It all shall end
As it all should end
In pure chaos.

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Post by GoddessErika » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:55 am

<center>Edit complete 9/6/2005 ~GoddessErika</center>

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Post by heinzs » Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:44 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: Mpumelelo Rantsolase

Post by Mpumelelo Rantsolase » Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:25 am

Thank You, for this I didn't even know it was here, you really are a good friend Heinzs and I pray our friendship stays true :thumbsup:

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Re: Mpumelelo Rantsolase

Post by heinzs » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:48 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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