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Tom Watson
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Post by Tom Watson » Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:09 pm

There is a darkness approaching...
Not to the vision of my eyes
But in the songs I heard you sing...
For they hold words disguised
As honest, loving, cherishing the past
Whose shadows are scattered among
The fallen winter leaves, lost;
Carrying hope to never be in your lyrics sung
Among the drying colors; waiting to return
To echo past refrains, in emotional winds twisted,
Expecting finally to fall to ash and burn
Yet, again, only to be soaked in those memory mists...

Letting go has always seemed so simple...
Close my eyes to the burning glow
That carries the past filled with pills
To encourage pain and memory to grow.

There are more shadows drawing near.
Reflections of dances in the bar's dim lights,
Love and hate mingling without fear
Of what awaits the following night, the coming nights...
Because the rains cannot cool the past fires,
And they will not soothe the sweat soaked dreams
Mingling about empty sheets of music and lyrical lies,
Unchanging in the attempts to contrive and scheme
My way away from a past I can no longer, by choice, pick...

Walk away? That I could never do.
Try as I might, it would never be enough
Because the light and shadows hold you,
And, yes, even this anniversary, I am soaked in your love.

Tom Watson
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Post by Serenem » Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:19 am

Hello, Tom.

This tugged at my heart, at my soul. It's so beautiful, so full of love and longing despite the memories, good and bad, the sadness and loss, for the dream of all that was. The rhyme is well done here; it is subtle without being simple and it enhances the poem without being obvious or overpowering.

Yes, I guess that I could say the this is a good one-- a VERY good one!

Thank you,


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