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Post by LadySaturn » Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:53 pm

Saturn's Manifesto: Scene Three

Rome is nothing more than ashes.
Political views have become nothing more than comic relief.
Future generations are nothing more than brain-dead zombies.
While those before them are wondering what the hell went wrong.
So damn over sensitive
we've forgotten what it's like to truly feel.
Letting our minds become censored
that we've forgotten how to speak.
We've fallen asleep
and in the process become victims of our own circumstances.
Everybody wants to be right
and yet nobody wants to listen.
Ignorance spreading like wildfire
while egos continue to inflate.
How the hell can you tell me you know what's best for mankind
when you can't even take care of the mess in your own backyard.
We continue to fall for the same magic tricks.
In hopes that maybe this time it'll be different.
But it's just the same old served a different way.
Dear God,
if this is only the beginning of "birth pains" like you said.
I sure as hell don't care to see the ending.
By your design, it wasn't supposed to be like this.
But like foolish children,
we took what you have given us
and screwed it up beyond the point of no return.
So brothers and sisters,
what do we do now?
When the world is on life support
and the extinction of man is at hand.
We can't rely on the future generation to save us.
Not when we raised them with no morals.
So do we continue to stay deaf, dumb and, blind
while we catch our own death?
Is it too late to make amends
for all the mistakes we have made?
Have we already sealed our own fate?
Becoming slaves to those we elect.
Treating them like Messiahs
that'll bring us back from the dead.
The days of virtue are gone.
Society would much rather play with the fires of corruption.
Letting sin to ruin not only them
but everyone around.
In order to be a leader,
the new status quo is to be a fool.
Running at the mouth
instead of gaining an ounce of wisdom.
It's hard to climb uphill
and easier to fall just as fast.
Seems we keep choosing the latter.
Or at least we have always been programmed to.
This play is becoming more and more like a Greek tragedy.
With no real hero in sight.
Doesn't stop the spectators from placing bets.
Seeing how all of this will play out.
So where do we go from here?
After all, this is only act three.

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Post by audiofool » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:12 pm

Good reading. Difficult thoughts, but worth the thinking. :thumbsup:

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