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Crystal Compass

Post by Floetry Spades » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:23 am

I'm making my way to the stage
I have to own the moment
I'll be on in a few minutes
To spin a few lines
Sing a few bars

So let me hold your crystal compass
I'm chasing after the sun
I'm a full moon, milk glow,
And I have a few secrets you ought to know
Listen closely while I let them go:
I think I can feel the metaphysical
I'm chasing after the spiritual
My body but a faint glow
I'm using my dreams as a catapult
For a celestial adventure

So hold your dreams to the light
Until they crystallize
Into crystal stairs; take your ascent
Confess them to the stars; cross your heart,
And if you believe in spring
You'll bloom throughout winter

Hold them in your hand
Do they still move?
Do they bear resemblance to your soul?
Do they have a pull on your conscious?
Are they still believable?
And exceptional?

I'm holding my own dream to the light
Like a beautiful child of spring
With rays of healthy sunshine from the womb of my mind

So let me spin your crystal compass
I'm shooting across the horizon
I'm a star clustered, milky way,
And I have a few things I ought to say,
And I'm taking the wheel of my own fate,
And my body is but a faint glow,
Because I'm in the middle of a spell
Cast on the tip of my nose
I'm halfway disappeared,
And halfway gone,
I'm careening through the skyline,
And taking my place amongst the stars

I'll need to be perfect,
Even if that's out of my element
I'll be on in thirty seconds
To share my magic
I'm prepared to bear my soul
I'm prepared to be exceptional

My fingertips need to be full of magic
My top hat needs to be full of rabbits
My whole presentation needs to be classic
And fantastic

So let me borrow your crystal compass
I'm navigating through the Atlantic
I've sealed my fate in the stars,
And I'm holding my dreams in my heart

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Re: Crystal Compass

Post by LadySaturn » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:23 am

Yes, Floe is back! About time. Welcome home, Floe. :hello:

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