The Great Wizard

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The Great Wizard

Post by JukotoxKanashimi » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:18 pm

On the long road
One day we set off to the find the wizard with
The four wheels of my training bike going over
Dirt mounds, little elven cities where their buildings
grew as tall as the stubbled sunburnt grass
That tickled and scratched at thighs | calves.
We were on the look out for the great wizard, so
Elusive was he, who rode on a cloud and never
came down.
Cherry red popsicles needed to be rationed
That summer I remember
Rains coming down hard on the plastic seat
Of my bike, and your hand cold and slippery
On top of mine on the handlebars that would take
Us to see the angels, those faraway stars.
All the while we were becoming small
smaller than even the smallest
Particles that came together to make up primordial Earth.

The definition of the wizard is that the wizard can and should exist everywhere.

But who was it that said, “I had blindly parked my youth on each evening street…”?
And was it said only because they recognized the finite end of such infinite action?
Was not counting each summer worse than counting each summer like
I greedily counted the smarties on my string bracelet when I was eight
and you a
Sickly seven?

Tell me.
What is the Wizard like? I wonder.

One day you will get back to me. Or I will see you
Again on that bike. You will tell me down what roads you have been.
You will show me those elven cities and that magic again. And the Wizard!
Tell me.
How broad
And gentle
his arms
How kind his face.

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