Refreshing Pools

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Refreshing Pools

Post by Odd D » Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:18 am

Refreshing Pools
By Davin Casey

Refreshing pools,
Twins upon this magnificent glen -
Inside of these,
I have seen unexposed compassion.
Beautiful gold,
The light inside rejuvenates me.
Wakening cold,
Their waters break the mundane cycle.

A nurturing
Spirit bathes within their mirrored face.
Her lullabies
Have soothed the cries of diseased titans,
And, from her eyes,
The thieves stealing my mind cannot hide.

We soldiers, you know,
We tried to set fire to muses and sirens
Which bathe within their mirrored face.
My brothers were slain.

My soul was lost.

Something smolders deep beneath the surface of these pools;
Something alive but smothered by the comfort of these pools.
Something aches to truly break the confines of these pools.
Something died to live inside these restful, hurtful pools.




These pools are not my home.
"No one ultimately knows what they're saying anyway. Are we really making art? Art doesn't belong to us. It doesn't belong to people, it belongs to the universe. It comes FROM the universe. It comes THROUGH us. When I write something, I think I know what I'm saying, but I never pretend to know the full meaning of the words."
- Serj Tankian

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