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Proud Pagan

Post by poeticpiers » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:28 pm

Proud Pagan

Sky clad we dance the circle round.
Sing hymns of praise to Mother Moon.
The sacred grove was filled with sound
as we gave thanks for good fortune.

We harm no one, this is our law
but rather helped all whom we could.
We are well versed in herbal lore.
because Goddess ruled that we should,

The Christians came and tried by force
to make us change our allegiance
With dire penalties of course
if we refused obedience.

We quickly learnt how to deceive
the foreign priests, seem to obey.
But secretly we still believe
and worship in the age old way.

The Christians may rule the land
but can’t command our loyalty.
We know they do not understand.
They will not change us easily.

The old religion did not die
although the Christians thought it would.
The Goddess’ symbol in the sky
made certain that it never could..

So we still worshipped secretly
Still sky clad danced beneath the moon.
Pretending Christianity
but dancing to an older tune.

Although this happened long ago
The goddess rules us still today.
Deep in their hearts the faithful know.
The old way is a better way.

Today we worship openly
as we have every right to do.
Protected constitutionally
we need not hide from public view.

We face no persecution
except from fundamentalists.
Bigots of all religions,
who show that hatred still persists.

We do our best to do no harm
to anyone in any way.
Though some still view us with alarm
This is still true I’m sad to say.

I am a pagan proud to be.
A family tradition
I try to follow faithfully
the laws of my religion.

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Re: Proud Pagan

Post by Queen » Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:58 pm

the flow of your wording is very well put together and reads smoothly. and to each his/her own, thats what i think, if what you do gets you through life and keeps your mind and soul joyfull and good, well who are we to judge :hello:
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