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hi..welcome to my page!..i love writing..also painting..im married to the most wonderful guy ever and we have 7 kids..3 still at home..these are my poems..some are true ..some are make-believe..and some are from my imagination..hey thanks for coming to my page!..i hope you enjoy your visit here...:)

Real Name: Valarie Vandegriff



1...the final gasp
2...the first tear
3...a crying heart
7...silent message
8...standing here
9...nothing to say
10..what did you say?
11..words unforgotten
12..Etching the Sketch
13..Living the Years
14..the dwelling

The Final Gasp

Wounded but still walking,
heart broken, bleeding,
but still beating.
Eyes,dry on the outside,
on the inside,flooding,
but still seeing.
Soul dying..cold,numb,
becoming frozen,
but still breathing.
Life ending,fading,
without you, dead,
but still feeling...


the first tear

the first tear slides slowly down,
forging a trail through the make-up
for the others to follow...


a crying heart

a crying heart cant be seen
it only can be felt..like pain
its tears are visible
but even then one might
just say its...rain



unspoken words
cant be heard
unasked questions
get no answers
ungiven love
can never grow
untouched hearts
remain ever cold



she stands looking into eyes
as cold as stone,
eyes reflecting the pain
that lives in her own,
eyes unforgiving and
hard..like glass...

remembering the battles
in the past she cries,
knowing she can never win,
forgiveness is just
too much to ask...

feeling her heart break
as the battle begins,
and wincing from the look
in those enemy eyes,
she feels herself start
to split apart within...

old memories, doubts,
guilt and sin
distort the only truth
that really matters..then
like the glass that
gets in the way,
she shatters...

accusations and blame
hurl through mid-air,
but still she stands
trapped, lingering there,
fighting face to face
with her living nightmare...

when the tears are spent
and all thats left is even
more pain and torment,
then this battle of the war
thats been fought before, ends...

turning her eyes now
towards the broken shards
of splintered glass,
she looks for the place
where her enemy
had been last...

and again,
all she sees
as she looks at
the fragments of
shattered glass,
is her own
shattered reflection..
still looking back...



what hurts the most
is not the fact
that you lied

and its not
the lonliness
that has settled here inside

its what i dont see
when i look
in your eyes

its the place in me
where you
used to be

its the part of me
that doesnt know
what to do

its what
i cant find
when i look
for me in you..


silent message

pain and sadness
can hide their cries
but their sorrow
leaks out
through your eyes
and falls down
on your cheeks..

silent, but speaking
tears trickle down,
transcending words,
mutely telling
the story without
a sound..

the age old tale
retold by tears,
the book of love
in silent script,
its pages torn,
its words unclear,
but its message there
for all to hear..


standing here

i stand alone
erect and tall
unable to move
i cant walk,
cant even crawl..
i surround you
in silence
week after week
for i cannot even speak
i listen in secret
to your sobs..
its a secret i keep
like a haunting
sad song
my eyes see everything
and these ears..yes
they hear it all
but i can do nothing..
nothing but stand
here, frozen, through
it all..i have no voice
im only the walls..


nothing to say

seems like we
have nothing to say
who knew that
there would come
such a day..
nothing to say
no points to make
no guilt to explain
no vows to forsake
no lies hiding the pain
the loves already dead
and the words have
already been said
and said..and said..
so now it seems like
we have..just..
nothing to say..


what did you say?

my ears hear the words
they are clear, precise
my eyes look into yours
they see coldness, ice
my fingers feel the rejection
as they reach out for your hand
my mouths stuck in this frozen smile
as my mind keeps trying to comprehend..
i know it cant be true
i know you didnt just say
"i dont wanna be with you"..
and that look on your face
as you glance away quick..
that was just my eyes playing tricks
if it was true my heart would know
yes my heart would be telling me so
how can it be that my eyes are crying?
and why do my ears hear words
that have no sounds?
where is my voice..why cant i speak?
my mind feels numb, vacant
like a blank wall
and my heart..it must have died..
cause now it feels..just..
nothing at all..


words unforgotten

the words were like arrows
pointed and sharp
they pierced deep and
became forever embedded
in my heart
never to be forgotten
or removed
but just living there
as if they somehow knew
that time
was on their side..


etching the sketch

i painted a picture today
(actually i painted three)
i painted in rhyme
i used colors of
adjectives and nouns
prepositions and verbs
hopeful that others
would see my pictures
and perhaps be stirred..
but alas..they never
got a chance to even
get a passing glance
hmmm..oh well.. back
to the drawing board..
(alias my friend, the
ol' key pad)


Living The Years

standing with eyes closed
he's all alone in the shadows,
listening to Mike And The Mechanics
singing bout' "The Living Years" and he's
trying hard to hold back his tears cause
his 'living years' are racked with pain
and he would do anything to live
them over again..but now he's old and tired
and he sits shivering in the cold..his wooly
balaclava is tattered and thin..just like
his soul..yesterday and tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow are all the
same for him..a replay of what might have
been..day after day..he knows this and so, he
has..just.. nothing to say ..his years,
such a waste..always it seemed, he was
in the wrong time, wrong place..he
reaches for the bottle as the song ends,
and with the first taste, its warming
delivery of peace begins...


the dwelling

when the words exploded
from your angry mouth
they went hurtleing across the room
at jet-paced speed
crashing with finality into my ears
causing my heart, through my eyes
to bleed

while the tears bled down
your words settled in
taking up their permanent
dwelling place within
where they still live


in Katrinas wake
for the dead and the living..
life, as they knew it




1...the greatest man
2...a simple smile
3...dancing in the sunlight
4...Night Magic
5...Dance of Life
6...memory book
8...wishful thinking
9...coming home
12..Grandmothers Quilts
13..'consolation prize'
14..My Mothers Hands
15..turn the page
17..that was then..this is now
18..dancing the dream
19..its Friday!
20..faded flowers
21..close enough
22..living on
23..lost in the dream
24..my son
25..puppy love
26..Life..and Time
28..my first hero
29..withered roses

the greatest man

he makes coffee for her every morning
he calls to say 'i love you' every day
he cooks gourmet breakfasts on the weekends
he always finds the right words to say

he brings her flowers just because
he helps with the housework when he can
he watches the kids so she can shop alone
he loves that her skin is pale, not tan

he buys her little gifts because he wants to
he makes love to her body as if he worships her
he remembers their anniversary every single year
he just smiles at her rage when she loses her temper

he taught her to cook and how to catch a fish
he takes care of the cars the garden and the yard
he makes her laugh when she REALLY doesnt want to
he thinks she can do anything-even if its too hard

he is so much more than can ever be said
by the mere words of this simple poem
he truly is the greatest man shes ever known

and she?
over the years she has
been continually reborn
like a seedling flower she has
thrived blossomed and grown..

*this poem is dedicated to my hubby..he really is the greatest man ive ever known..*


a simple smile

the music is playing
they look at each other
from across the room
they smile their special smile
their eyes are wordlessly
saying it all..that yes
the dance has been worthwhile

she wonders as she smiles at him
if he already knows, that
even now after all these years
hes still her true real-life hero
as he gazes back and winks at her,
another one of their special signs,
he wishes they could be alone and
he plays the scene in his mind

they've faced the music together
in lifes eternal dance, bending
its notes into harmonius sounds
sometimes gliding, sometimes falling,
sometimes just dancing round and round
their eyes now meeting..saying again
that yes it has been worthwhile
all mutually conveyed to each other
in a single simple smile


dancing in the sunlight

sky so clear and blue
clouds marshmallow white
birds singing their songs
breezes blowing exactly right
butterflies and dragonflies
flitting round about
you and me smiling
dancing in the sunlight..


Night Magic

The night softly speaks to me
with whispers and tender sighs
Its darkness invites me to enter within
so I nestle deep in its magic disguise

The dusky shadows surrounding me
implore me to come and dream,
so with a blink,I am transported
to nightimes magical movie screen

On stage in the land of midnight illusions
I am free to wonder at will,
I travel boldly through time and space
and I play all my parts with expert skill

Deep within the shadows of this enchanted place
my eyes are bedazzled while the magic unfolds
I yeild to fantasies that my mind embraced,
some scary, some real, some best left untold

I float through the night on pale gossamer wings,
waving and smiling to kings and moonbeams
unshackled I travel to unchartered places,
soaring in and out of magical rainbow chases

I yearn to linger forever here, but
the night,with its magic,too soon disappears,
leaving me to ponder and to meditate..
reflecting on the magic, trying to translate

As I struggle to stay in this land of pretend,
alas, daybreaking light and reality step in,
and as the velvety night slips softly away,
one last gentle whisper I hear it say:

"Dont be sad because
the magic must end,
just know that you and I
will meet again my friend"


Dance of Life

Life is a dance
on a magic stage..
We choose the steps
and how the music plays..
Sometimes we dance too fast,
so we miss the beat..
Other times so slow, that
life goes by, while we sleep..
The stage is always changing,
but the dance goes ever on..
A magical timeless circle..
Lifes ageless dance marathon..


memory book

memories are like pages
within my minds book
tokens of time written
in my souls scrapbook

each page is printed
with indelible ink
each memory immortal
powerful unique

each one when chosen
becomes a looking glass
to moments of time frozen
each a doorway to the past

i relive the memories
with my minds eye
then slowly i withdraw
from the pages
with a wistful sigh..



The seguins and rhinestones
shine so bright..
Her costume, her make-up
her hair, just right.
As she dances her way
onto the lighted stage,
I watch her,entranced,
while the music plays.
She fills my heart with
pride and wonder..and
the glittering seguins and
rhinestones so bright
reflect more than her costume
to me on this night..i see
her true inner beauty
shining radiantly through..
innocent beauty thats
real, pure, and true.
To her the whole world
is a magic stage,
a place to dance
while lifes music plays..
May she ever keep her
joy..and soar and fly
and live her dreams
My daughter..
my own sweet
magical jellybean..


wishful thinking

i remember
star-kissed nights
picnics on the beach
and walking slowly
through the sand
..hand in hand..
i wish the stars
were still ours to
keep and that all
our dreams were still
within our reach..


coming home

my feet know this soil
they have walked
this ground before
my eyes remember
these sights..they're
living inside
my memorys' door
my soul recalls
being here..growing
and playing on this land
im coming home
after all these years,
coming home to where
it all began
my heart reflects
on the past as
familiar visions fill
my mind..its good
to know im home again
its good to find
what i thought id find..


is that you mama?
tonight it feels like your here
i miss you mama..


to some hes just an ordinary guy
but they dont see him through my eyes
my eyes see a hero with a heart of gold
who sings my song when the lyrics seem too old
who shares his warmth when the night is cold
he's a steady candle that burns ever bright
he's the anchor in my chaotic life
he's my hubby, my buddy, my best friend
his name is Sam...and he loves me..
(though why i sometimes cant comprehend!)
i dont feel worthy of such loving emotions
but nevertheless, i bask and glow
and i grow, living amidst such devotion..

this is dedicated to my hubby..i love him sooo much!...

grandmothers quilts

grandmother kept bits and scraps
from all our dresses shirts and pants,
literal pieces of our childhood days,
from them she created soft warm quilts
to keep the winters chill away

i recall watching her skillful hands
as they worked their magic
with the thread and bits of fabric
each snippet of cloth a living memory
preserved for my sisters, my brothers and me
she stitched her heart into every piece
creating legacies..yes, legacies of love
for us to keep

shes been gone for many years
but her beautiful quilts are still here..
cherished heirlooms, priceless gifts,
their pieces and patches now somewhat faded
but nevertheless, precious and dear,
stitched mementos surviving the hands of time
material memorials of lives entwined..

how wise she was to weave such magic..
loves immortality, woven from tiny bits of fabric
what lasting loving links she built
in the form of simple quilts..

'consolation prize'

she came to us late in our lives
(what a surprize!..we called her our
little "golden" ' consolation prize'!)
a healthy bouncy baby girl,
with flaxen hair and crystal blue
eyes, and a smile that could light up
the blackest night..
(from her birth she had me
and daddy wrapped round her
finger...tight!..we knew then that
she would soar to unknown heights!)

a shy and sweet bundle from heaven,
she grew so fast!..soon she was seven,
going to school..a straight A student!
hey...beauty AND brains?!..now thats
just sooo totally cool!
(yep that was our baby shinin'..just
like a jewel!..hey we already
knew she'd be nobody's fool!)

as she grew older she 'built' her
own tried and true style..
(she loved guitar, HATED ballet,
and ALL boys were extremly vile!)
always a tomboy, she loved sports,
she specially loved football so she tried
out for her dream..and won!..she was
the only girl player on the whole
football team!
(man we are so convinced!..this girl
can accomplish ANYTHING!)

now shes fifteen and shes still
our rising star..she talks about rock
bands..and when can she learn
to drive the car???..
shes a computer whiz,
still a straight A student
(to the envy of her sis!)
shes sharp as a tack
too young to be so wise..a
pony-tailed genius who puts
stars in our eyes..

we know with her charm
shes sure to go far..
her memory is photogenic,
her brains' without blemish,
with all her assets we're sure
she can rise to the highest
star..she can achieve, and be,
the very best of the best..
(we often have suggested
lawyers, doctors,inventors,
scientests..even president!)

but now...alas!..all our plans
and suggestions and hopes and
dreams have fled away..
its not fair and it
simply defies all logic!!

she told us just today..what
she wants to be is... a GOTHIC!

my mothers hands

i look down
at my hands..
same hands
same fingers
ive always had,
but now when
i look at them
i see more than
just my own handspan
i see..
my mothers hands


turn the page

inside of me
there is a book
its full of pictures
my memory took..

i turn the page
and take a look..

ahh..its pictures of us
when love was new,
it was spring and
the sky was sooo blue..
teenagers in love
through and through..

i turn the page
again and see..
fat curly-haired
babies and you and me..
romps at the beach
frozen in time,while
we laughed and grew in
summers golden sunshine..

turning the page again
i see..snaps of
those same,but grown,babies
and you and me..laughing,
playing football by the
old toolshed..autumns
leaves swirling
around our heads..

turning the page
again, i look..a
winter picture in
my memory book..
once again the
sky is sooo blue..
and once again its
just me and you..
playing and laughing
in the falling snow
smiling at the camera..
waving hello..

i slowly close
my book as you
come chargin' in..
you look at me, then
you wink and grin..
and i smile secretly
to myself cause i
know..that yes..
yes i'd do it
all..all over again..



playful breeze
kissing my skin like
soft gentle whispers is
so like my dreams..
sensed, felt, but...
that was then..this is now

we used to hear..
"Mommy can we get new clothes for Barbie?"
now we hear..
"but ALL our friends have belly-button
rings.. why cant we?!"

it used to be..
trips to town for candy bars or ice-cream cones
now its..
the newest CD's and weekly trips to videozone!

they used to plead..
"Daddy just one more story before i go to sleep?..please??"
just gaining entry into their rooms (their private space!) is
a major feat!

they used to beg..
"Mommy come color in my book with me"
now WE beg..
"Why cant you be happy to stay home tonight
with your family?"

they used to love..
playing games and their books and dolls
now they love..
boys, guitars, boys, new shoes, boys and BOYS!
and going to the mall...
with their friends....

we used to love..
their ringlets and curls in wispy pony-tailed hair-dos
now they want..
purple chunked hair streaks and *shudder* body tattoos!

we used to..
kiss all the boo-boos and dry all their tears
we feel lucky if they're ever even here!

yes these days are filled with
earphones and cellphones and
blasting loud music
every day they tell us that
we're waaaay too strict!
and almost daily we hear..
"when can i learn how to drive?"
and "EVERYBODY else gets to go..why cant i?"
and "why do you gotta be so old-fashioned?"
and their fav.."you just dont understand!"
ahh..sometimes it feels like we've reached the
limit of 'supply and demand'..
we keep asking ourselves..'now what was the plan?'

but with time im sure we'll find a way to show
that in the end, we ALL learn as we go..
tho it may be one step forward, two steps back
at least (we hope!) they're still on the track!


dancing the dream

the stage is lit
the dancers are ready
the moment is here
they enter..slow but steady

the music plays
they begin thier routine
spinning twirling..dancers
living thier dreams

they gracefully bow
then leave the stage
the lights are dimmed
and the music fades

now they cry..tears of
joy on each face
the votes are in..
they won 1st place!


..its Friday!..

16 year-old daughter, getting ready to meet her 'steady'
calls to me from her side of the bathroom door:
"Mom can you find me my pink sweater?..i think its in the dryer!"
my other 16 year-old daughter, with plans of her own
is calling me from school on her cell phone:
"Mom basketball practice was cancelled, i need a ride home!"
14 year-old son comes breezin in, all excited:
"Mom! Mom i need money!..Ron wants me to go to the
movies with him!"
ahhh ...the week-end begins...

faded flowers

though the roses' red color
becomes faded and pale,
the rose still scents the air
with its sweet vintaged smell..

though lifes' youthful vigor
wanes in our "golden" hours,
lifes' memories still linger...
like scents of faded flowers

close enough..

she picks up her guitar
and twangs out some chords..
to her its anger-management,
a way to cope..and she says
it keeps her sane
when shes bored..

shes young and strong but
she thinks her life is going
nowhere, so she plays her pain
with a pick and some strings..
plunking out heartwrenching
notes and tunes of despair..

i wish i could ease her pain
while she lives her 'growing pains'
i wish i could make her see
that her dreams are not
just 'pie in the sky'
i wish she could see herself
through my eyes..

she has what it takes to live
her dreams..inborn determination
to be the best, combined with
learning skills razor-sharp..
but we only see what she
chooses to express..

she hides herself behind
her eyes..what is she afraid of?
why doesnt she want the world
to see and know her beautiful
but undiscovered soul?

music is her favorite world,
its a way of escaping..its her
place to go when things get tough..
she tunes life out, then strums
her feelings with her fingers..
its not perfect..but for her
its close enough..

Living On...

The Raven flew among us
for a little while
She gave so freely of herself
Sometimes she cried,
Sometimes she smiled

Goodbye dear Raven
as you fly away
to rest in peaceful sleep
Though you had to go
you left each one of us
a piece of you to keep

Yes a part of her
still lingers here, even
though she may be gone
Its through her valiant spirit
her words and thoughts
and the memories she made,
that she will, in our hearts,
keep living on..


lost in the dream..

she dances among
moonbeams and fireflies,
embracing the magic
of the night,
twirling and spinning
as her dreams take flight...


my son

sprawled.. tall with gangly arms and legs
on the phone..eating chips while watching tv
wasn't it only yesterday that he
sat in my lap as we laughed
and learned ABC's?

he has laughing green eyes full of life
now they smile as a grin lights his face
at 15 he's sure he is 'King' of his space
he learns of life's lessons the hard way
yet to experience love's heartaches

he hauls his lean lanky self up
smiling at me as he catches my gaze
he's my boy, my son..my last born child
a superstar shining on my life's stage
gold in my 'golden' middle-age

i fear for his future in this unstable world
i wish i could insure his happiness
he always says i worry too much;
that being happy is life's easiest conquest!
(ah his youthful vision is so blessed!)

child of the past and future combined
not still a boy but not yet a man
a part of me will live on through him
fragmented immortality..natures plan
processed by Time's evermoving hands

so even though there are no guarantees
about life or love or happiness
he'll always be a success to me
my pride my joy.. my song's melody
my son for eternity


puppy love

dark and round velvet brown puppy eyes
peering out from fluffy white face
taking in the world and its sights
finding his way in this strange new place

only weeks ago life seemed safe
in a womb-encased warmer atmosphere
now puppy lives in a different space
with new (and loud!) sights and sounds everywhere

already he's learned to smell and chew
and he laps and licks quite well
his brothers and sister are learning too..
about running, wrestling, and tumbling pell-mell!

only a few more weeks, then change comes again
new homes to be found with loving children
but my velvety brown eyes gets to remain..
we've made a place in our lives for him

and my sweet little girl 'Lady'??
and 'Happy' with his lopsided grin??
and unique 'Paddles' with his funny ways??
oh how can i ever bear to part with them?!?

its too sad to think about them leaving
we've been through life, and death, together
at first there were ten, but only four survived
the bond, it grows stronger..my heart, it is grieving


Life..and Time

is circular..
Time fills labyrinths within
through the maze
we spin



when the forsythia blooms
i always think of you
oh how you loved the Spring!
you said Spring was God's plan
for renewing everything

we planted bulbs by your porch
and we smiled when Spring's first breath
coaxed the nubs into life
now, as then, they bloom
shades of pinks, purples, and white

i see your face in the flowers
i feel your touch in the soft breeze
as it teases Spring's very first plumes
your gentle spirit surrounds me
when the forsythia blooms

my first hero

well-liked by all who knew him
greatly loved by his family
he always had a smile for everyone
an honest man with a heart of gold
he worked so hard and zealously
to provide more than just necessities

his laughing green eyes
could light up my world
i was his first-born child,
his own baby girl
it was through him that i learned
golden gems about life
he taught me so much..
without even trying

he led me through childhood
with a gentle hand
when things would go wrong
he would always understand
he showed me, by his example,
the true makings of a man

its now 26 years since he died,
but i still see his face so clear
i can still feel his love
and the warmth of his smile
he's alive in my memories..
as timeless visions of reality
my very first hero..my Daddy


withered roses

roses, though withered, still cling to the vine
their haunting fragrance lost to wintery winds
so vibrant they were in their bloom of youth!
but now, like all things, they bow to Time's whims

slowly, pink blossoms lose the fight for life
as wilted rose petals fall to their death
bare stems now support only naked seed pods
within the safe, orb-shaped wombs, Spring's roses rest..




2...taking chances
3...a storm
4...time will tell


he was always there for her
she was always there for him
they've traveled through life together
down its road and back again
paving its miles as they went
with laughter, kids tears and debts
to them the journey has been worthwhile
remembering, they look back and smile
they dont regret this road they chose
they smile again, both glad to know
that they still have miles to go..

taking chances

in the soft glow of the amber lights
she looks in the mirror, trying
not to notice that hes there
she secretly watches him watching her
while she pretends to be arranging her hair
the music is slow,hauntingly sweet
couples are swaying on the worn dance floor
suddenly in the mirror their eyes meet
its as if they're magnetized by the stare
then he smiles..slow, perceptive, sweet
she turns around and finds his face as he
begins walking the distance between them
then they're standing face to face
he smiles, holds out his hand and asks "dance?"
she searches his eyes,then she smiles back
and takes a chance

..a storm..

the night was humid, with sweltering heat
the air was heavy, stagnate
the very atmosphere felt charged..
as if it were waiting..expectant..

as storm clouds brew in the smouldering sky
a hushed eerie stillness settles over the town..
it creates a mood;..strange,surreal,
a night suspended...spellbound..

through the steamy haze a stranger walks
rugged, tall, strong..he warily watches
the churning sky..it reflects how he feels on this
stormy night...restless, tense...dissatisfied..

mopping sweat from his neck, once again he
pushes on..empty inside and alone, going
nowhere, but moving on...like the gathering
momentum of the distant storm..

she sits unseen beneath the trees
moody, sticky from the heat
she sighs, longing for a
whiff of air...a breeze..

feeling the tremors of the rumbling sky
she watches in awe as it transforms..
its turbulence is reflected in her eyes as
she watches and awaits the approaching storm..

on this sizzleing night they were both alone
two hungry souls with needy hearts
hearts alive, but beating in frozen
shells, hard...like stone..

mesmerized by the aura of the pulsating sky
thier souls connect as eyes meet eyes
both pairs instantly attracted..

kindled by the heat of the evolving storm
two hearts are softened and a bond is
formed..the icy shells slowly melt..
the thaw silent, unseen...but felt..

underneath the ominous squall, he slowly
walks to where she stands, and as the rain
begins to fall he smiles at her..
then he holds out his hand..

as the storm explodes in the ignited sky, she
smiles back..hesitant, shy.. but, she takes his
hand..tonight shes just a woman, hes just a man
she doesnt care if its wrong..tomorrow she'll care..
yes tomorrow..after the storm has gone..


time will tell

he says hes in love
with my babygirl,
and she says she
loves him too
i dont wanna be the
one to rock thier world,
but ..how do they know
if this love is true?
shes just a baby,
not even sixteen
hes a highschool senior
bound for college..
full of dreams
both of them savoring
life as it comes,
both of them victims
of the game called love
so i'll just watch and smile
and sigh and pray..
cause only time will tell,
and besides..what mom
thinks makes no
difference anyway!...


1...virtual word journey
2...chat that!
3...cyber reality
4...clicking start
5...on-line predators
6...playing the game

virtual word journey

the journey of the words
from his heart to hers
traveled through space
and time,winging through
miles and miles of
virtual wires to
reach her eyes online

his message arrives
announced by the'chimes'
she pours over the
words that have traveled
these miles..she is
touched, she rereads,
then she smiles

she infuses his words
into her soul,where
they forevermore will
remain..born in her
heart is her reply..
more words to
race through space
in loves game

so the journey of the words
from his heart to hers
went hurtling through
space, time, and distance,
bypassing traditional
regulations that existed
it mattered not the route
the words took, but only that,
heart to heart they connected..


chat that!

with tears in her eyes
she asks me(her mother)to listen
while she explains the
latest chatworld transmissions,so
i hold her close,feeling her pain
while her tears fall down...
(like slow steady rain!)
she talks about how you so
cleverly disguised all
those unspoken truths...
(otherwise known as lies!)
with practiced maneuvers
designed to deceive her...
(and oh man..was she a believer!)
she said your words were so smooth
and your promises were golden...
(yep..before she knew it her heart was stolen!)
she loved you online
enlisting her keypad, and
to her it was real, so
she virtually gave you everything
that she had...
(never dreaming it would turn out bad!)
but now the truth is finally out
her make believe days are through
she knows now it was just a game...
(and she KNOWS that she WILL get over you!)
and guess what!..here in the 'real' world
shes still exactly who she was
before she knew you!
yes shes still exactly the same
as she was before CHAT...
(but she IS a little wiser..
so she thanks you for that!)


cyber reality

on-line you can
shout out loud
without making
a sound,
you can fall
in love without
sharing a kiss,
you can travel
anywhere without
leaving your chair,
you can be a hero
(even if your a zero!)
you can build
castles in the sky
you cant see
if the truth
is in someones eyes..

clicking start

two people living in separate places
scrolling through sites on the worlds wide web
browsing in rooms where names have no faces
searching for someone with whom to connect

then with a 'click' they both are logged in
instantly linked for the very first time
chatting and bridging the distance within
kindred souls touching..becoming entwined

connected invisibly, they tread space and time
each touched by words from silent lips
words transported to each other on-line..
transported by flying fingertips

now they are united within the webs maze
bound to each other heart-to-heart
two people together on the 'nets highways'
two souls who touched..just by clicking start..


..on-line predators..

always lurking in the background
silently they creep from room to room
ghost-like, they hover all around
itching to spread their doom and gloom
always there, hiding in the shadows
they sneak through each crack and crevice
delivering messages 'blow by blow'
malicious demons just waiting for access
concealed, invisible to human eyes,
oh those pop-ups i DESPISE!!!


playing the game

everywhere on the wide worlds web
faceless identities travel on-line
nameless and voiceless they click and connect
while searching for something they hope they'll find

naive' souls are captured by the web
becoming addicted to its magic
they surf the pages and play online
letting others become what they imagine

chat rooms with user-friendly tools
can produce perfection in a flash
typed words create the perfect face
imagination supplies bodies to match

innocent young ones chat in these rooms
where players and cyber-games abound
then with a click they return to reality
dreaming about what they think they've found...


poetry pages.com
where words fly us
to the stars...and beyond




1...magic wings
2...moms just wanna have fun
3...makeover magic
4...plastic and silver paint
5...the search is on!
6...writing the words
7...afternoon nap..(previously 'amusing musings')
8...has anybody got a pencil?
9...first day back to school
10..daughters and sons
13..tax-free shopping spree
14..Home Alone!
15..the stalker..
16..thank you Muse!
17..midnight visitor
18..Time marches on!

magic wings

butterfly soaring free
with no thoughts
of whats to be
would that i
could have such wings
to carry me away...
away to a place
where i can bring
just myself and
my magic wings
no cares or fears
but only me
just flying..
soaring free


moms just wanna have fun

the tv is silent
my radio is off
the kids are in bed
the house..its so quiet!

then the box beckons
get on..come and play
so here i sit
captured,clicking away!

logging in, logging out
accessing and connecting
albeit with guilt because
i should be resting!

but moms need to play too!
so tonight ill surf the web
one on one..hey
sleep can wait..
im havin fun!


makeover magic

daughter anticipates
with great excitment
the makeover..
the day is here
shes in the chair
getting sunlight
put in her hair
then layers are
added for sexy depth
nails and make-up
completed next..
she doesnt look
like herself anymore
she looks at least
18...or more!
she smiles so bright
she loves the results
get used to it mom..
shes almost adult!


plastic and silver paint

my cars made of
plastic and silver paint!
it beautifully disguises
the things that it aint!
like "real" steel and
bonofide chrome..but
oh well..it gets me home..

the search is on!

uh-oh..hubby's pet peeve
has come to pass..
the remote is lost!
its really gone..
the search is on!
the snack bar is where
its usually tossed..
but hubby looked
and its not there!
we have to search
the entire house,
behind the cushions,
under the couch,
on top of the tv,
in the toybox.
i wonder and ponder
over where it can be,
while hubby mumbles
about how it always
gets lost,and "who
was the last one
who used it anyway?
and has anyone seen it today?"
we search all over
looking high and low,
why this ALWAYS happens
i'll never know.
finally a shout..look
i found it!
and where was
it hiding?..
on the snack bar
under hubby's cap!!
a sheepish grin
on hubby's face
marks the end
of this
wild goose chase!
so, peace restored
the house returns
to normal once more..
til the next time,when
someone loses
the remote again!


i wrote this in response to a challenge about what thoughts feelings emotions that we ,as poets,experience while we are writing a poem..was supposed to be truthful exact and detailed..in poem form!..so i wrote this about what its like for me when im writing..(i think it'd be interesting to hear what its like for some of ya'll too..in poem form..or not)..this is not my usual style of writing but sometimes its fun to try something new..so anyways, heres what i wrote..its soooo long!..
writing the words

The trick about poetry is getting these feelings
and thoughts from my head,relocated as words
onto my paper instead
A single sheet waits, like a blank canvas
waiting for paint
Im thinking of ways to convey all of the things
that I want to say
To me, poems are pictures, painted with
words...symbols of language..nouns, verbs..
So to paint the right mood. which words
should I choose?..HELP!..(where IS my muse!?)
This poem begins like any other..first a
black and white draft, then splashes onto
the paper of bright verbal color
Selecting the words with care, I write,
trying to mix and blend my 'paint' just right,
hoping that the picture Im painting, in the
end will be, the same as the one
my mind now sees
Rearranging this, repainting that..ahh, its
all coming together at last!..yay!..
I read what Ive written..so far okay!
I read it again, asking myself, now what
is this REALLY tryin to say?
I try to feel if the right shade
of emotions are expressed..I read
it some more, then I wonder..too vague,
too short?..I can always start over as a
last resort..but nah..i think its okay..
Ive just read it too much today!..but maybe
this one little part right here is too wordy..?
After reading and editing for the gazillionth
time, I think its done..and it even rhymes!
Ive painted out and blended in all the
changes that I thought were needed..I feel
happy, knowing its completed, but i remove
it from my sight for awhile..later i retrieve
it, reread it, (yet again!) then I smile..
cause hey, I think maybe its really okay..
yes I think its ready to go on display..but wait!..
Will they read it? What will they think?
Will they 'feel' the message that i tried
to create? Will they sense the suffering..will
they relate? Will the emotions really come
through?..and oh!..What if
they hiss and boo? Is this picture that they're
going to 'see' the same as the one I
intended it to be?
After reading my work one last time, I
find that Im content with my words in rhyme,
So to my own self and the world I announce:
hey..my heart loves this, and
isnt that all that counts?


afternoon nap..(previously 'amusing musings')

snuggling and nestled
in our favorite spot
we muse and daydream
the time away..thoughts
meandering in and out
both of us lazy,
content, reluctant to move..
(here on the couch
we're so "in our groove")
briefly our eyes open and meet
green looking into green,
then they close once again..
the two of us are a well
suited pair, as our love and
companionship we share..
i stroke your back,
you play with my hair..
then you decide to vacate
our spot..i watch you stretch
and arch your back, then you leave
my side and go sauntering away
and i say stop and try to get
you to stay..but nooooo!...
darn cat anyway!

has anybody got a pencil?

in my lifetime
i bet ive spent
hundreds of dollars
on pencils and pens
cuz i write ALL the time
(from the a.m. to the p.m.)..
and in our house where
theres three school-age kids
(who im always and always buying
pencils for-over and over again!)...
wouldnt you kinda think that a pencil could
be found..at least.. just.. every now and then?..

first day back to school

im home alone!
at last..
yay!..its only me
they've just now gone,
hubby to work, kids to school,
im here all alone..
how different it seems
with no one here..
almost toooo quiet..wait,
is this tears??
i guess im sad because
they're gone-(after wishing
for it all summer long!)
its soooo quiet..like a tomb,
with traces of them all
in every room..
hey!..snap out of it!.. i
tell myself..its not
like they're dead!..they'll be back
yes, thats what i said..they'll
be back with stories to tell
about whos lookin' great..(and who aint!)
who likes who,and, oh now, well,
enough of this tears being shed!
while they're gone ,
i'll just have some fun
i'll play on the web!

daughters and sons

daughters are sweet
with their charming wiles
their dancing ways
and enchanting smiles

sons are sweet too
but in different guises
grubby hands, bug pets,
impish grins, pocket surprizes!

to have some of each
is the best of both worlds

.....except for today.....

today the boys chased the girls
around the whole house
with frogs in their hands, playing
cat and mouse, shouting
and stalking them
while they screamed...

.....then the girls hatched
out their little scheme.....

vowing to get even, they tied up
the boys,kicking and begging,
to the post on the porch..and then
poured blue kool-aid in their shorts!

its been "one of those days"
(and summers just beginning!)
sometimes its really hard
to tell who's winning!

but now at last
they're all quiet
in their beds...
i gaze at their
faces while they're
aww heck...
i guess i'll keep em'!



one itty-bitty
playful calico kitty
wreaked havoc today


muscles: aching,strained
illusion: no pain,no gain
fact: more pain than gain!

tax-free shopping spree

once again as summer vacation
nears its end, its time to buy
school supplies..and clothes
and shoes..(and some of
those extra 'gotta-haves' too)
so i load us all up and off we go..
(Wally-World watch out!)
we arrive early
(just like everyone else!)
trying to beat the crowds

we fight our way up and down
each aisle..and traffic moves ever
so SLOWLY!..(cuz its so crowded that
we're trudging along single file!) behind
kids and parents just like us..reading
the lists, scanning the shelves,
looking (in vain!!) for some assistance!..

every year when we shop for school
im awed by all the 'new inventions'..
this year is no exception!..this year
EVERYTHING lights up!
(electric promotions for the electronic generation!)
yep..the little blinking blips were EVERYWHERE!
we saw light-up shirts, hats, jeans, and shoes..
(even light-up underwear!)

there were backpacks with built-in pockets
for CD players, complete with earphones,
and flashing red light-up speakers!..zipper
notebooks containing mirrors that light with
just a touch, with secret hiding places
for pencils, money, jewelry,.. (and 'other stuff')

when they were looking at pencils and pens, i
became so amused..cuz even the pencils and
ink-pens light up when in use!..how funny!
(now i ask ya..are light-up pens really a neccessity?)
when i asked them, all three of them just looked
at me perplexed,.."of course they are mom!..ya dont
want us to be different than everyone else!!"

finally, MANY MANY hours (and dollars!!) later, our
shopping is done..we're all exhausted, ready
to drop, so we head for home..tired but happy
that once again we persevered..and i think
to myself 'im sooo glad that school only
starts once a year!'

Home Alone

Oh No!!..Just look at my kitchen!
Now how did it get to be such a mess?!
What i need is a Kitchen Magician!

I see sticky jelly smears of purple..
and is that melted butter?..dripping onto the floor?!
and what do you mean you made 'maple slurple'??

Now who left this gallon of milk sitting out?
You put HOW MANY eggs in the pancake batter??
Ya'll made breakfast for all your friends?..on the house?!

Just look at these piles of dirty dishes!
and WHY did you let them eat in the living room??
I think all three of you must of had death wishes!!

Three pairs of eyes look at me perplexed,
then my youngest son (the peacemaker) says..
its okay mom..chill..we were just getting ready
to clean up the mess!..

argghh!..i MUST REMEMBER to never
leave them home alone with food
in the house ever again!!


..the stalker..

crouched, with twitching tail
my kitty stalks backyard 'prey'
leaves, bugs, sprint away


thank you Muse!

the Muse, she dances through my head
dropping words and phrases here and there
she hopes they will find some rich, fertile soil
in which they can root and grow into something 'rare'

now how can she know that the 'soil' is depleted?
(she never sticks around long enough to see!)
for her words to grow and become a 'write'
they need constant attention, day and night!

life is filled with stress, and 'chasing the dream'
no time to 'plant', no time for 'nurturing'
so the words just keep dancing around, to and fro..
some give up and dance away, but others
persist, and they find a spot to bloom and grow..

so i thank you my Muse, for searching me out..
for graciously lending me your inspirations
your words and phrases have found a home
yes i know, i know.. now you're once again..
on vacation!


midnight visitor

wakened in the night by footsteps
shuffeling along the hallway's floor
moving shadows flicker
shaking me to the core!

suddenly there she was, all clad in white
outlined in the frame of my bedroom door
sleepy-eyed and tousle-haired
she wants a drink...she is but four.


Time marches on!

bonding and growing
sharing our lives with
dogs and cats
and kids and bills
on Life's wide-screen format
for the busy active years...
then one by one
they all leave the stage
and all thats left is
you and me
the only thing is...
my, how we've aged!!



i really didnt want to
make a scene
but, she pinched my arm..
really hard!
i asked just who did she think she was
and just what did that pinch mean?
she said it was because
i failed the test..in the
wearin' of the green



1...which way is out?
2...rooms with a view
3...weeping window
Which Way is Out?

Which way is out?
Where is the door?
I dont wanna
be here anymore!
I wanna leave
I hate what i see,
when you live inside
BLACK is all
there is to be.
No light, no hope
No dreams to share,
even if there were,
who would care?
Im trapped inside
this twisted core,
I dont wanna
stay here anymore!
WHY cant i ever
find that door?

rooms with a view

she sits alone and cold on the noisy crowded street
surrounded by her 'rooms' of discarded boxes
and old wooden peach crates
she watches people as they pass her by,
seeing them from a secret place behind
her laughing but bewildered eyes
shes old and tired and slow, with skin thats wrinkle-creased
and her hair, once golden-flecked, now lies in wispy gray coils
braided and woven at her neck
she lives her fate because she could never rejuvenate
lifes gifts of bitter lemons..and now its too late
the labyrinth hand of time has touched her life, working
its transformation, and tho shes sad she does not weep..
she just takes the blindfold off of her imagination and
goes to the room where her memories lie..memories
that shine like diamonds clear and bright, hiding behind
those laughing but bewildered eyes
it grows late but she lingers for she has nowhere else to go
shes not fainthearted, but still she shivers as
winter binds itself to her soul
she hugs herself to keep out the cold as she
gathers her 'rooms' around her..she moves in time to
the music of life..to her its a game of chance
and now, settled inside her 'rooms' she hums its tune..
embracing the dance...

weeping window

drops of rain slide down
window panes cry silently,
weeping without sound


life's song, still playing on
five years after the music changed..
an unforgettable melody of pain




2...Its Spring!



springtime breezes
gentle, soft
kissing the earths
changing face,
touching the land
and the rocks,
as winters grip

sunwarmed landscapes
profuse, green
evolving into spring
they're letting go
of winters hold
allowing the sun
to steal the show

newborn flowers
untouched, fresh
gracing the earths
valleys and hills
spreading their colors
with finesse'
as mother earth
changes her dress..

Its Spring!!

soft breezes fluttering
wispy and warm
twittering birds, buzzing bees
all singing Springs song
tulips and pansies dance
in this sun-filled morn
frog ponds reverberate,
all the earth is celebrating
that, finally, at last..
Spring is born!




1...mother nature stirs
3...unspoken message
4..Autumn sings
5..Autumn sings again

mother nature stirs

somewhere else in the world
its still the dog days of summer
with long hot lazy days
mother natures at ease and content
happy in her summer dress
dispensing warmth to the land
conferring to it her very best

but here in east texas
shes moving at a different pace
yep..ma nature is stirring
leaving summer behind..
regenerating autumn in its place
in her annual dance
with father time

shes touching texas
with her own hand
coaxing the leaves
from their mother trees
bringing colors and changes
to the air and land..
changes felt as well as seen


the leaves go floating
past my window
fluttering, swirling,
wending their way
through this crispy day..
now captured by a
bold puff of wind
that wants to play,
they go skipping and
dancing..whirling away
playing hide and seek
with the sassy breeze..
they look like
they're having fun..
from their trees

unspoken message

leaves fluttering down
autumns message without sound:
winters on the way

Autumn sings..

Autumn, in all her glory,
sings to me the secret
she's known all along:
that the circle of life is
turning, moving,
changing the singers..
but not the song


Autumn sings again

Autumn sings and paints her world
with orange and red and gold,
creating her yearly miracle
like shes done over a
thousand times before

Her woodsy scent once again
perfumes her atmosphere,
as wisps of smoke drift up
from smouldering leaves,
permeating her crispy air

She invokes anticipations in me
that fill my senses one by one..
cozy crackeling fires
football games, the homey
smell of cinnamon

She sings her song while painting
her world with colors of boldest hues
she strives to sing slowly, knowing
that soon, another singer
will be singing her tune



1...one tiny snowflake
2...one perfect snowflake
3...Winters Gift

one tiny snowflake

one tiny snowflake
falling softly down
just one little snowflake
floating earthbound

exquisite and beautiful
in glistening white
tumbling ever so gently
on its downwardly flight

only one, but then another
then yet, still more
magically the sky is filled..
visually transformed

as swirling flakes
drift slowly down,
the world is frosted
without a sound

dancing down throughout
the night, they
transform the earth
into a vision in white

piling and drifting
into magical shapes,
gently changing the
face of natures landscape..


one perfect snowflake

one perfect snowflake
alighted on my window
icy, wintery masterpiece,
exquisite in its beauty

it stayed for
only a moment
frozen onto the glass
then it was just a memory,
fading with a gentle splash

gone but not forgotten
its perfection
etched in time
recorded in my brain
forever.. an eternal
freeze-frame in my mind

Winters gift

Winter arrives softly
with gentle flakes of falling snow
she's beautifying Mother Natures face
in the only way that she knows..

silently she works her magic
painting the land in purest white
giving it as a gift from her heart
sending it down throughout the night

then,gift-wrapped in dawns box of bluest sky
and tied with gold ribbons from the sun,
Winter offers her tribute..and she smiles
as Mother Nature softly whispers..'well done!'

white work of art
sifting wafting drifting
a winter wonderland ballet


frosty visions
twirling spinning dancing
creating a white wonderland



2...wild geese
4...night train
5...last..but not least
7...fish pond
8...Seasons of Tom and Moonflower
11..crackle pop fizz
12..moonlight magic
14..Storm of all Storms
15..whispered secrets
19..water smileys
20..morning harvest
21..face painting
22..when the sky speaks
24..two cinquains
25..osmosis..(or cosmosis?)
26..which way?
28..weeping windows
30..November 04'
31..December 04'
32..January 05'
33..February 05'
34..March 05'
35..April 05'
36..whispering shadows
37..melodies within..(miku)
39..tyburn attempt
40..nights song
41..high and dry
42..free ride
43..written in stone
44..the hunted
45..quiet meadow
46..when its raining..monostich
47..at my daughters dance class..monostich
50..plastic flowers
54..my garden grows..
58..liquid gold (miku)
64..dust devils
65..January 06'
69..ghost dancers
70..'tight squeeze'
71..starlight, starbright..
72..May 06
73..June 06
74..July 06
75..August 06
76..September 06
77..October 06
78..November 06
79..December 06
80..January 07
81..February 07
82..March 07
83..April 07
84..May 07
85..June 07
86..midnight rendezvous

coffees smell wafting
coaxing the world.."awaken!"
inhaling, i rise


wild geese

watching wild geese fly
trumpeting cries echoing
i smile..warm and dry


winters icicles
melting one drop at a time
slow death by sunshine

night train

forlorn train whistles
cry throughout this lonely night..
we snuggle closer

last..but not least

late blooming blossom
flawless..most vibrant of all
the last bloom to fall


hearty stew, cornbread
silent humble words of thanks
body and soul..fed

fish pond

winter moon rising
winking stars twinkling shining
mirrored reflections
The Seasons of Tom and Moonflower

soft whispered secrets
to trees from a playful breeze
the trees whisper back..

And this soft whisper
brought, too, a carressing touch
of love eternal

loves carressing touch
felt by earths buds and blossoms
spring is in the air

Below verdant grass
small yellow flowers seek light
finding fuel of life

earths face turned upwards
receiving suns gift of life
dewberries unfurl

the winds spin and bend
swaying meadows of flowers;
Earth's rainbow fields

meadows and fields grow
spinning winds give birth to change
time paints a new page

Bees busily buzz,
feed and spread blooms' love seeds;
future is insured

bright sunny season
warmth, wrought by earths changing face
magnolias bloom

Spring and Summer share
sunlight as heat overtakes
precious water flees.

watermelon seeds
chicken-fried crumbs, spilled wine, scraps
picnic time for ants

Beyond ant picnic
the pond follows Springs going,
leaves behind lost frogs.

dry waterless bed
full of heat-wave mirages
grasshoppers playground

The heat lay dry brown,
but for shade of the evergreen
morning dew is seen

scent of burning leaves
lingers heavy as time flies..
going up in smoke

the fires of summer
natures way of cleaning old
to bring the new Fall.

Autumn hues woven
burgundy, goldish green, brown..
patchwork quilt for earth

Morning mists of Fall
from Summer Moon's final flight
seek last Summer Sun

the garden at night
feeling Autumns' crispy chill
awaits morning sun

leaves swing and sway, fall
seasonal dance to meet earth;
yearly love affair

pumpkins ripening
waiting in vined fields of orange
for thier new faces

full harvest moon smiles
on the parade down below
ghosts, goblins, some fake

scarecrows straw-filled arms
flapping in Hallows-Eve breeze
frightens birds and 'beasts'

Moon clouds, wispy mists,
builds shadow of broomstick witch;
wind blown to nothing

sing-song sound of katydids..
music of the night

the rhythmic twinkle
leaving powdery stardust
Fall's Winter prelude

Jack Frost's powdered glaze
makes ice-rinks of porches, lanes
winter arrives..cold

Snowflakes fall to ice
none the same as the other
clinging as brothers

crystal solo flights
white flakes piling and drifting..
snow ice-cream tonight!

the mountains rumble...
Nature shifts her snowy weight;
the fell fall again.

fireplace logs burning
popped corn, hot cocoa for two..
wintery perfumes

Winter winds journey
toward the Spring just ahead..
not felt by hands held

gentle zephyr breeze
broadcasting new-born Springs song
manna to the trees..


a pale fragile rose
yearning for the sunlights warmth
shrinks from winter snows


fluffy small duckling
splashing in spring-rains puddles
dancing there as king
crackle pop fizz

crackle pop fizz fizz
as ice, spirits, bubbles mix
parched, i take a sip

moonlight magic

night..lit by moons hand
transforms mysterious earth
into fairyland


sunshine and birdsong
greets each new day as it dawns
awakening earth


Storm of All Storms

sea-scented breezes
whispering soft to the shore..
i try to listen

Listen..Sun glistens
As spray chatters with gulls cries
Sea and tears salt eyes...

Eyes of storm brewing
mutely imploring the sea:
follow me.. follow me..

Safety in a swell,
Sea birds dart inside to hide
and dine on locals

hermits and sandcrabs,
tumbled ashore by the swells,
dig furiously

Homes on rocky cliff
overlooking surge of surf
expect destiny

Destiny arrives
waves crash against rocks and coast
altering the shore

Crashing waves, drums pound;
Wind cymbals match chimes of rain..
God's orchestra plays

gusting squalls dance as
Mother Nature sings the words
of His symphony

As He lifts sea high
to crash upon rock and sand;
Crescendo of love.

sea-swept beach murmurs
last notes of final refrain..
songs message remains

Echoes of power
rumble with His lasting love
in the coming rays

healing sunbeams bathe
sand and sea with bursting light
His will.. glorified


whispered secrets

soft gentle breezes
whisper their secrets to me
eyes closed, i listen


pink cherryblossoms
scenting the early spring air,
earths soul breathes deeply


nightingale singing
echoing nights lonesome song
my heart sings along


blizzard winds howling
world outside ice-glazed, frozen
warm, i sip hot tea


water smileys

stone tossed in still pond
playful waves circle the spot..
the circles widen
morning harvest

fence-row fruit sunkissed
clustered bunches hang heavy
red wine on the vine


stars play hide-and-seek
soft shadows paint the landscape..
night puts on her face

when the sky speaks

currents-cold and warm

sun in back of clouds
seeking path for sunbeams rays
ahh..hello sunshine

greenbacked wishes
talking floating bouncing
always burning holes in pockets


waxy colorful
illuminating burning dripping
a light in the dark
osmosis..or cosmosis?

wind sighing softly
absorbs moonlit summer night
captured stars twinkle

which way?

far in the mist..light
illuminating the spot
but pathway still lost..


fireflies glowing bright
dots of neon in the night
lighting up the dark

weeping window

drops of rain slide down
window panes cry silently..
weeping without sound



kids and dogs haunt shade
of slow golden lazy days..
Indian Summer



she creeps from the North
shes November...drifting in,
stealing Autumn's warmth



written by Winter:
book of snow-flaked fairytales
title: December



picturesque but...brrrr!!
iced roads, raw winds, frozen toes
Winters here for sure!!



Winters grip lingers
blizzard winds..icy, scary
white February



shy violets dance
soft breeze flutters..wispy, warm
once more, Spring is born



brown gives way to green
Spring arrives and rules as 'queen'
April steals the show


whispering shadows

night shadows dancing
weaving in and out of
MoonKings magic rays
reaching me
touching me
calling softly
come away,
come away


melodies within


haunted house


haunted house has squeaky, creaky face
doors and windows leaky..freaky place!



children..always sighing, crying, then
laughing, their spirits rising...flying


nights song

nights end: a sweet song
natures singers harmonize,
escorting the dawn..


high and dry

dragonfly soars high
flitting darting through the sky
but he never swims


free ride

orange blossoms drifting
sailing on fluttering breeze..
coasting to the sea


written in stone

old hieroglyphics
ancient secrets discovered,
stone-ciphers' challenge


the hunted

shadowed pond ripples,
hunted ones become hunters
fishing for supper


quiet meadow

clover-scented grass
honeybees buzzing en masse'
bunny's nose twitches


~when its raining~

I read my book and I fly away.


..at my daughters ballet class..

my heart waltzes



blowing dancing bouncing
magical floating dreamcircles





plastic flowers

bright blossoms, man-made
strive to shame earths reddest rose..
fake blooms are so vain!

Seas waves crash, scattering sand.
Will the beach tame seas'
mighty hand?


The midnight moon shines so bright.
Do the fairys dance
in its light?


Silver moon lights up the night.
Is that bunnies in
my garden?!


Moths flutter haphazardly.
Perhaps they're blinded
by the light?



rose-colored visions
amplified by star-struck eyes..
truth..or illusion?



musings and daydreams
floating gently through my head
soothing illusions


..my garden grows..

ripe sun-scorched melons
fruit fermenting on the vine
watermelon wine



bluebirds twittering
fuzzy bees buzzing, humming
both singing May's song



rose-scented breezes
ice-cream, weddings, songbird tunes..
earth says: hello June!



hot blazing landscapes
summer winds, hazy blue skies
earth recieves July


liquid gold




pink lemonade thirst
longest hottest summer days
August heat sizzles



leaves begin to fall
back-to-school is in the air
September fanfare



fickle October
scents of changes in the air
also cinnamon


Autumn's colors fade
sweaters reclaimed from moth balls
frosty November



candle-lit windows
warm fire, hot cocoa for two
December's embers


dust devils

dried tumbleweeds blow
hot dusty wind kicks up sand
one-eyed lizard blinks



winter's heart beats cold
flakes of frozen ice fall down
January tears



chilled days tinged with warmth
February's hues linger
Spring paints with cramped strokes



refreshing breezes
warmth flowing like golden sun
yay! March has begun!



trees, plants, draped in green
color-splashed, like bright prisms
sweet April visions


ghost dancers

silent sentinels
never still
haunters of the barren waste
deserts ghost dancers


'tight squeeze'

toes tap to the blues
cramped, throbbing in stiff leather
old feet in new shoes


..starlight, starbright..

starshine lights night's sky
flashing orbs to wish upon
but, even stars die



flowers everywhere
green tomatoes on the vine..
resplendent, May shines!



season for weddings,
home-made popsicles, sand dunes,
vacations!...its June!



long warm lazy days
iced lemonade in the shade
July's dance is hot!



floating on the wind..
cottonwood seeds, seeking soil
sailing August's seas



season wrought with change
switching gears, changing lanes
September...and me



Earth wears Autumn's face
painted by October's hand
..Jack Frost waits in line..



curling chimney smoke
scents the brisk November wind
implanting winter



Winter holds it's breath
crystal clear icicles form
..December is born..


snow boots, warm mittens
cold noses red as cherries

heres another version..(this one is more accurate for the kind of January we've been having so far! )..

it's January??

sunglasses, iced tea
Barbeques in shorts and tees..
It's January???



Winter delivers
candy hearts and red bouquets
February days



wella!...Spring is born
Earth is overnight transformed
March blooms everywhere!



Spring showers today
baby ducklings splash and play
April steals the show



petal-scented air
May's blossoms are everywhere..



garden tomatoes
wet fights with water-balloons
summer 'perks' of June!


midnight rendezvous

quiet forest sleeps
teasing breeze nudges flowers
..they dance in the dark..



ghost bones
desert phantoms




1...beside the sea
2...me and the sea
3...seashell songs
5...the sea whispers
6...side by side
8...the Sea and the Sky
9...we danced
10..sea mist
11..seaside sunset

beside the sea

walking beside the sea alone
walking slowly through the sand
i see a shell and pick it up
i love the feel
of it in my hands
i marvel at the beauty of
this treasure from the sea
so smooth and cool and
beautiful...i have to
take it home with me!


me and the sea

i close my eyes and
raise the heavy pink
shell to my ear then
i listen in awe to
the sounds of
the sea..rising
swelling talking
to me..whispering
secrets in my ear
of legends mermaids
mythical lore...its
as if im there..


seashell songs

seashell chimes singing
their unique song
for the breeze
clinking tinkling plinkety
reaching out touching me
making me lonesome
for the sea..



the ocean..so
deep and vast
always moving
what secrets
does it know
what legends
yet to be
i love its
mythical lore..

the sea whispers

the sea has no words
with which to speak
but it speaks just the same..
whispering to a special place
inside of me that gives birth
to this melancholy yearning
to be by the sea..

side by side

i love being
beside the sea,
heeding the oceans voice,
as it rushes ashore
with secrets for me..
secrets that waft
into my ears,
secrets that only i
am able to hear..
with every caress
of the constant tide,
the mighty sea and i
become intertwined,
bonded by time
forever linked
the sea is water...
i am the sand



the sea


the Sea and the Sky

in the hazy far horizen
King Sea greets his lady
the Queen of the Sky
both rulers of vast expanses
shes his girl he's her guy
sometimes they laugh
sometimes they make
each other cry

they're like two lovers dancing
face to face, eye to eye
sometimes its a waltz
sometimes its a tango
at times their music
is booming and loud
other times soft like the
glow of a candle

where water and air
live side by side
they dance their dance
the Sea and the Sky
swirling and twirling
on the horizen they glide
their song always reflected
in each others eyes


we danced

twilight advances softly
across the vacant beach
i follow her dancing shadows
to the edge of the playful sea

deepening blue horizens
far as my eyes can see
dark sea and dark sky melding
blending in perfect harmony

quiet thoughts meander
drifting in and out like the waves
seas rhythm dancing softly
to the tune Mother Nature plays

soothing aura surrounds us all
the sky the sea and me
it beckons me to dance along
inviting me to take the lead

so i skip across the crystal sand
waltzing with the teasing waves
i touch the sky with outstretched arms
welcoming her soft embrace

the mighty sea and the majestic sky
created their magic stage for me
and on this night we danced as one
the sky the sea and me


sea mist

salty ocean spray
blowing wafting clinging
covering the seashore..and me


seaside sunset

westerly winds blowing soft
as the sun slowly sets
twilight shadows lengthen,
creating purple images

pastel tints of pink and gold
enhance the far horizons
while seashore whispers to the sea,
compelling her waves to listen

secrets of the sand and sea
safeguarded by a dusk-filled sky
warm sleepy atmosphere prevails
as gentle sea croons her lullaby

the pace of earth's gait is slowed
as Mother Nature 'steers' her way
hushed peaceful aura surrounds all
another end of a perfect day



2...Ode to a Tree
4...tree seeds
5...Beneath the Snow
6...on stage
10..when the sky speaks
11..18 days
12..Seasons of Time
13..survival of the fittest
14..somber sunrise
15..moonlight magic

ahh the night,
lit by the moon,
scented by the
roses' sweet perfume.
kissed by the breeze,
adored by lovers,poets,
and dreamers like me.
ode to a tree

nurtured by earth
you grow tall and strong
with arms reaching upwards
you stand on your own

carressed by soft winds
kissed by the sun
your roots burrow deep
feeding the giant you'll become

thriving through time
as she changes your face
you live where your planted
you bloom in your place

cleaving to earth
you absorb her nutrients
then you give back life
to all her inhabitants

your history's been repeated
ever since time began
ingesting life..then giving life
i guess thats why a tree
lives longer than a man..


fireflies in the night
flickering dots of magic
lighting up the dark

tree seeds

stately tall oak trees
more tiny acorns than leaves..
seeds to grow forests

beneath the snow-revised

sleeping seeds, frozen
await their birth in spring
dreaming of waking..

on stage

pale moon hanging low
crickets singing to the stars
nights free magic show


Summertimes' magic
Unchangable, eternal
Never-ending light


soft whispered secrets
to trees from a playful breeze..
the trees whisper back


sticky humid air
stifling unmoving
distant rumblings
gather momentum
as squall-line moves
ever nearer

disturbance brewing
with wind gusts
and lightening flashes
churning masses collide
producing noisy

storm-darkened sky
crackling, vibrating
blows the fronts
both cold and warm
to their final
thunderstorm is born!


when the sky speaks

currents-cold and warm


18 days

for 18 days its rained!
we're droownnnding!
is the sun EVER going
to shine again?
my yard is a lake!
my driveways submerged!
frogs live on our porch!
(and how we love hearing
THIER nightly dirge!!)
the weatherman says
the end is in sight
man...do i ever hope hes right!
oh wait..whats this i see?!
its blinding my eyes!.. could it be?
wheres it coming from?
its light..and its bright..
hey!!..yay!! its the sun!


Seasons of Time

daffodilled meadows
waving in the morning breeze..
encroaching Spring smiles

bright rays of sunlight
beaming life upon the land..
earth is Summers' child

rich warm-colored leaves
flutter in the crispy air..
Autumn's flags unfurled

white snow falls silent
embellishing hills and trees..
Winter paints its world

survival of the fittest

savage beasts attack
alert eyes watch from dark trees
forest primeval


somber sunrise

storm clouds moving in
lightening cracks, then thunder rolls
sunless morning dawns


moonlight magic

night..lit by moons hand
transforms mysterious earth
into fairyland



1...flight of the night fairy
2...Walkin' in Memphis
5...Midnight Waltz

flight of the night fairy

silvery moonbeams
and twinkles shine
from her eyes,
fairy dust wafts
around her
as she flies,
iridescent wings
so tiny, but strong,
beating and fluttering,
carry her along as
she sprinkles her
magic throughout the
night,zig-zagging here
and darting there
in her glowing
neon flight..then
with a yawn, and
a final touch
of her magic wand, she
folds up her wings..
and disappears
into the dawn...

Walkin in Memphis"

this is a story of two *contumacious* boys who had an adventure
on a cold Memphis night in the dead of winter..
on *Merry Christmas* night they were walking the streets,it was very dark,
no moonlight... on this cold *black velvet* night, they were walking
past Graceland..suddenly they heard the voice of a man....singing!..
“ hey it sounds like *elvis*” they both said “but that couldnt be...elvis is dead!”
but the *wonderful* voice kept chiming out..oh yes! the voice was elvis..there was
no doubt!..the boys looked at each other..feeling a chill...it seemed to them
that time had been suddenly stopped..stilled....like *a broken clock*..
not believing what they were hearing, they climbed the mansions gates,
ignoring the sign; *Caution..risk of electric shock!* but...there was no shock!..
and no burgler alarm rang!..they thought...'how very strange!'..

cold and scared, but wanting satisfaction, the boys hid by the *gurgling*
water fountain, beside a noseless snowman holding a sign, crudely done,
with words that said *“Blame It On Preston!"*
still hearing the singing of the king, they cautiously crept out of the
shadows, passing the snowman, they placed a rock between his eyes
and just below...now *the snowman has a nose*..
then, walking on, suddenly they see him!..its elvis! in Gracelands own garden
cemetary..there he was!.. in front of a grave, kneeling down on one knee...singing!..
the boys move in closer..'hey its really him!..hes not dead!” both of them said..

hearing their voices, elvis approaches..he says “what ya’ll boys doin’ in heah?”
they wanted to run but they couldnt 'bail'..they were surrounded by the cemetary
fence..it was high and chain linked *rail-to-rail*...
awestruck and speechless, the boys just stared, all they could hope for
was *eleemosynary* mercy...then elvis spoke..he said “dont be scared, come
on over, sit with me, and i’ll tell you the secret of this mystery"...
spellbound, they sat down..silently noting that his features seemed a bit different..
then, in a low sad voice, elvis began.."try to understand boys.. .
my funeral was fake, my death is a hoax...i just wanted a 'normal' life son...
so i 'bought' one...i had some ‘work’ done on my face..i moved closer
to the equator, and these days, i now work as an ‘elvis impersonator’..
i have the 'normal' life i always wanted”...

and then a tear rolls down his face as he continues his saga.. “but, once a year,
i come back to this place...to visit and sing to my mama”, then standing,
he points to a marker.. "she's here..look and see” the boys read the engraved
stone at his feet..it said ‘ Gladys Love Presley’

after reading the words they looked up..and elvis wasnt there! but they could
hear his voice singing, lingering in the air...they looked everyplace, while the
magnificent voice sang on..but he was gone..vanished away..without a trace..
the boys raced away from the scene, soon walking the streets of Memphis again,
they talked about what they’d seen..had it been real..or was it all just a
make-believe dream?

rattled and shaken, and cold as ice, the boys tried to make sense of it all..
had it really been elvis?..or worse thought..had it been his ghost they saw?..
they didnt know..the whole thing seemed like a strange, spooky sci-fi show..
when they told their experience to family and friends, no one believed
a single word!..they said the boys made it all up.."elvis is dead!" they said..
"and its a very bad joke..and quite absurd!"

now some say the king lives.. others say hes dead..some say he's a ghost
who haunts the mansion.. but whatever the truth, in the final outcome, the boys
only know what they saw and heard...and to them one thing is specifically clear...
they will go back! ... same time, same place, next year! ....


hushed dark starry night
velvety canvas with lights
i gaze..mesmerized

i wanna go where the night goes
stardancing across the endless sky
i wanna know what the night knows
and be enlightened with moondust in my eyes

i wanna feel the gentle nightwinds song
carressing my skin soft and slow
i wanna peer into nights misty dawn
and be enchanted by her magic show

i wanna hear the music of the night
as it sings the earth to sleep
i wanna dream along in nights moonlight
and know the dreams are mine to keep

midnight waltz

the Night approaches softly
falling gently on the land
caressing Earths blooming fields
and flowered lawns as it
gathers them up in its arms

Earths face is slowly changed
by the fragile touch of Nights'
magic wand as expanding
shadows embrace the terrain
in this nightly liaison

Earth graces the air with fragrant
perfume and patiently watches
as Night hangs up the moon then
sprinkles an endless supply of
twinkling stars across the sky

dressed in her best evening costume
Earth now composes sweet music
for this recurring nocturnal rendezvous
it hums and buzzes in the background
singing to Night in live surround-sound

hidden eyes and ears observe
the presentation that occurs..
installed at the very beginning of time
it plays out night after night
as Night and Earth intertwine

at last all is ready
the midnight stage is now
set and it waits for romance..
Night tenderly looks at Earth
then softly chants..lets dance..lets dance..



2...once again
3...the ballet shoes
4...the inventor
5...Being Free
7...i wish
8...pink and white
9...and so it goes
10..high and dry
11..Writing the Words
14..one and the same
15..just when..


powerful, strong
changing minds
righting wrongs
moving hearts
causing smiles
removing doubts
making peace
bridging miles
producing prose
making rhyme
imparting hope
spanning time
composing song
soothing balm


once again

rain falls
cold gray
night comes
ending day
all alone
yet again
loves gone
life ends
sun rises
day begins
hope returns
earth spins
love lives..
once again


the ballet shoes

she looks at the shoes
with sparkles in her eyes
they are ballet point' shoes
with pink ribbon ties
its her dream come true
to dance in these shoes
and today her instructor
gave her the good news:
shes ready to dance!
shes eager to try
she goes to sleep
and dreams she can fly..

the inventor

when i was just a boy in school i wanted to be an inventor
yep..i always knew thats what i wanted to do..and well.. it
started off alright..my first invention was a glow-in-the-dark
"Fly By Night Kite"..made from string, four brass buttons,
and my dads favorite green-lensed flashlight..hey it was a huge
success! and it set the precedent for what i made next; my
unique bottled and sealed "Magic Dream Potion"..made from
mouthwash, water and my moms pearliest hand lotion..
i grew older and became more dedicated than before..
inventing so many things that i couldnt keep score!
i created a game called "Can You See What They See?"
i invented my own special version of "Green Tea Aromatherapy"
now remember what i said about how i always knew that being
an inventor is what i wanted to do?..well hey now i wanted more!..
i wanted to be rich.. i wanted to be famous..like einstein..or plato!..
but my family just laughed at me..they said "thats impossible boy!
..cause your noggin aint full of nothin but play-dough!" yep they said,
in their soft texas drawls.. "that boys dreams are too big..and its likely
to be his downfall!" but i just smile.. cause just as sure as 2+2=4
my current invention will change thier minds forevermore..yep..they'll
be eating out of my hand cause i have constructed..a
mechanical aardvark that eats texas fireants on command!

.......remote controlled..ah yes i can see it now..shining steel......
.......heartless, cold.. "Robotec Aardi" ..a wonder to behold.........

so let them laugh and have their say.. because i just sold my
"Robotec Aardy" invention today...and yep..this inventor just got paid!

Being Free

Freedom is shooting for the moon
because you just want to.
It's longing eyes gazing with hope,
because they believe.
It's daring to dream,
then, living that dream.
It's taking a chance and
risking it all.
It's knowing you can dance,
even if you fall.
It's believing in yourself and
knowing you can fly...
its reaching, soaring,
touching the sky...

ladybug on a stem
hurrying on your way..
crawling up, crawling down,
is it a game you play?

i wish

i wish
i was
the wind..

pink and white

pastel pink roses
growing on my fence
pink splashes on white
..with scent..
beautiful sight!

and so it goes

inevitable friction..

high and dry

dragonfly soars high
flitting darting through the sky
but he never swims

Writing the Words

verbs, adjectives, nouns,
transform feelings into words
moved,inspired..i write


musings and daydreams
floating gently through my head
soothing illusions


life seems like a river
timeless everflowing
tho its destiny is unknown
like a river it
keeps on going
surging continuous

rivers endure
times and seasons
floods and drought the
same way life weathers
its storms..sometimes
by staying on course
sometimes by forging
brand new routes

the way a river flows
seems to be
the way life goes
moving pulsing ever on
always changing
always unpredictable
boundless free and strong


one and the same

everybody has stories to tell
tapestries to weave
everyone has bridges to burn
and secrets to keep..

who of us doesnt make wishes
and who doesnt plan and scheme
arent we all touched by hugs and kisses
and dont we all dream?

we're more alike than different
we all wear human skin
all of us the same, yet unique..
trying to find our way
through this maze of Time
that we're living in..


..just when..

just when i think i know..
thats when everything changes once again!
cannibal thoughts gobble my beliefs..yep,there they go!
just when i think i know..
my minds eye becomes dazed, (submerged in 12 cups of 'Joe'!)
all my trust in my convictions is now 'gone with the wind'
just when i think i know..
thats when everything changes once again!



if life was a book
and if we could read
the last page first..
would we?





strawberry ice cream
is pink...and yummy too!
so is the bubblegum
that i chew..

its pencil erasers
ten tiny toes
satin ballet slippers
one perfect rose..

pink is fairy-wings
little girls hairbows
puppy dog tongues
a white bunnys nose

if hugs were a color
they'd be pink i think
if i could be a color
i would choose to be pink!


red is for apples
shiny and sweet
and for the bright
polish on the toes
of my feet!

cherries are red
and strawberries too
so are firetrucks stop signs
and big round balloons

red is for tulips
that sway in the breeze
also for poppies mid'
bright shiny leaves

red pencils gumballs
and lollipops!
its my favorite color
in the crayon box!



leaves are green
grass is too
so are seedless grapes
and sweet honeydews

four leaf clovers
bikes and trikes
singing katydids
and meteorites

its oozing slime,
sticky and gross,
gooseberries, emeralds
and frogs and toads

green means growth
for our earth
its a color i'd choose first..
its the inspiration
for this verse!



blue is the color
of cloudless skies
morning glories,mailboxes
and bluebirds as they fly!

the ink is blue
that flows from my pen
so are marbles, bluejeans
and the newest color of m&m's!

blue is for eyes
that shine like jewels
and jelled globs of toothpaste
minty and cool!

its forget-me-nots
bright twinkling stars
misty far horizens
and our earth..
when seen from afar

blue could be the color
of dreams that come true
and soft happy wishes
from me to you!



yellow is the color
of bright sunlight
taxi-cabs, smileys,
mustard and butterflies

its Big Bird's feathers
blond sunkissed hair
lemonade and schoolbuses
ripe juicy pears

its the golden eye of a pansy
road signs and canaries
daffodills and cheddar cheese
fuzzy, buzzing bumblebees

yellow is the color
that laughter would be
its warmth hugs the world
in perfect harmony!


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